What do the boys look like? Over to you

So C B has sent me pictures of what he thinks some of the guys look like and others have asked for more.

I’ve said before I kept the description low this time around as everyone has different ideas of attractive. We know Gervais is a tiny blonde and Robin is also small, Blue is tall and he and Spence are muscular. Deke a string bean redhead and Birch has dimples.

So post some picks or links to what you think the guys are like and see if you’re thinking the same or different.

46 thoughts on “What do the boys look like? Over to you

      1. Well after watching one of his scenes, I now like Gervais a whole lot more lol. And I think feet are kind of sexy, so I like that Blue loves Gervais’ little feet haha.


      2. Very true. If I had him in my bed, we would never leave lol. So needless to say, now that I’ve seen “Gervais”, I like him a lot more haha. I still think he’s been a horrid, destructive force in Blues life. But…damn he’s hot so I can see he and Blue being happy haha.


      3. Oh Lord that did sound shallow didn’t it?? Hahaha, I didn’t mean they could only be happy because he’s hot. I meant that now that I’ve put a face to the character, and I can see why Blue is so attracted to him, it makes more sense. :). Im really not that shallow I promise lol

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