The suite saga 85

“Are You okay?” Gervais asks Chris when Blue drops them back on campus.


“I don’t know. I don’t know who to believe. I can’t believe my parents pissed away my college fund, guess Clara has got me by the balls. Her way or debt.” Chris says.


“She can be difficult but she’s not asking much from you and she’s buying a house for you and your friends.” Gervais says.


“I know. I’ll be flush charging them rent.” Chris grins.


“Want me to come over?” Gervais asks.


“No I need to talk to Bea. She is a pain but she’s my sister and I don’t want her to miss out. I’ll call you.” Chris says.


Gervais feels sick. Not ever having a mom he doesn’t know for sure how he’s have reacted but he’s pretty certain that he’d understand a roof over their head and medical bills came ahead of clothes and phones. But he accepts money has never really been a worry. He’d have swapped all of it for a week of the sort of attention Lana gives Chris and Bea.


“Your mom gone?” Gervais asks Robin who is watching TV with DeShawn and George.


“Yeah just now. You need me?” Robin asks and Gervais nods.


“Chris is a major douche and I don’t know what to do.” Gervais says.


“End it. What did he do?” Robin asks and Gervais describes lunch.


“I’d be pretty annoyed if my parents had done that. Even now if my parents lost their jobs and couldn’t cover me in order to keep a roof over my sisters heads I’d understand but I’d also resent it a little.” Robin says.


“I know its easier to think well of ourselves when we’re well off. I did think about how Elliot or Jesse might react and I am pretty sure they would never have been so entitled about it all. I want to end it, I do. I really do, it isn’t for me. But if I do he will unleash on Blue, they both will.” Gervais says.


“Look it is weird you are dating at all. You don’t love him and you never have. You have told yourself that you do to justify breaking Blue’s heart every day. You’re not moving on by dating Chris. You need to have a word with yourself.” Robin says.


“I don’t think all that is true but some is I know. Part of me doesn’t want to rock the boat because of my relationship with Clara. She’s my mom now too and because things are not unconditional

between her and Blue, at least not right now I worry that if I cause hurt between Blue and Chris I will lose her.” Gervais admits feeling awful.


“The problem is at first you stayed with Chris because you knew breaking up would stop him and

Blue being friends. You now want to break up because Chris is a prick, nothing to do with Blue at all, you wouldn’t be leaving to go back to Blue. Chris will see it as Blue’s fault regardless and you want to protect Blue from more pain.” Robin says.


“Right. So what do I do?” Gervais asks.


“The thing you have forgotten is Blue doesn’t like Chris. Blue really, really won’t like him after what happened at lunch. He’s making an effort for your sake nothing else. Have you thought about how bad Blue would feel if he knew you felt trapped in a relationship with someone because of him?” Robin asks.


“l know what its like to have little to no family. I know that Blue and Chris don’t get on right now but chances are Chris will grow up and in a few years be someone worth knowing. I would hate for Blue to not have the chance at a real relatives down the line.” Gervais says.


“Are you asking me to come up with a plan to get Chris to dump you? Because my plans, whether I intend for them to happen or not tend to cause shit.” Robin says and they both fall about laughing.


“Blue seems a lot better since he got back.” Gervais says.


“I hope Clara doesn’t beat him back down tonight. She was crazy over break.” Robin says.


“I know, he could do no right. Made us all feel like shit.” Gervais says.


“Was it a ploy to do that, to make everyone like him more?” Robin asks.


“She’s devious but if that was her plan she went much too far.” Gervais says.


“Sounds like she went pretty far with Chris today for a first meeting.” Robin says.


“She also bought him a house, where he’ll no doubt make his friends pay a hefty amount to stay in.” Gervais says.


“Wow. I’d never even considered that.” Robin smiles.


“Your mom is so excited that she can do this for us. Its nice. Different to how Clara is doing it and

Spence left to make the decision alone. You mom is like I worked hard for my kids and I love to see them happy. Its sweet and you are not at all obnoxious.” Gervais says.


“Why would I be? I’m happy and loved. I get frustrated with my sisters not knowing how good we have it but they will turn out okay. Blue was great with my sisters and he is with Ocean and Katelyn, he’s a born big brother without knowing it. It is Bea and Chris who missed out not Blue.” Robin suddenly says.


“I think it would be healthy for Blue if we switched our attitude to that. It is Chris and Bea missing out now not Blue. He said after the lunch with their parents that he has no need of a relationship with them and he’s right. He has your parents, Cheryl and Roe in his life if he needs an extra parent and he can trust them.” Gervais says.


“So you’ve just about run out of reasons to stay with Chris.” Robin says.


“I have. I really have. Blue and I fooled around again the other night and it was great.” Gervais admits.


“You can’t just expect to get him back.” Robin says.


“l don’t. I absolutely won’t go there. But I might spend some more time in his bed. I need to be single just like he does. All of us need to sort ourselves out, you, Spence, Andy, me and Blue. Hell George too.” Gervais says.


“So go and do it then. Go end it.” Robin says.


“After Clara has gone home.” Gervais says.


“I thought you said Chris and Bea were spoiled. Didn’t sound like it today.” Blue says.


“Bea told me lots of stories about growing up that I think were meant to be cute but were just revolting to me. Refusing the meal that their mother prepared and regularly making her cook others, making themselves sick if she refused. The sibling rivalry which made their parents over indulge them both when it came to hobbies and sports, dropping commitments for no reason, no continuity.

If they had attention from one parent each they wouldn’t stop playing up until they had the attention of two. Their parents were scared of them and they took advantage.” Clara says.


“And you call me over indulged and selfish. Momma I think it is time we parted ways completely.”

Blue says quietly.


“You think you can go it alone, with only a high school diploma and three semesters of college?”

Clara asks.


“I think it would be best for me. I don’t ever want to feel as low as I did over break. I’ve been in a fog ever since I found out your secret. Letting Cheryl tell your side was low. Not talking to me over break, excluding me, pushing me out the house that was unforgivable. Never mind the way you bad mouthed me at every opportunity and supported my friends who were behaving badly. What exactly did I do to warrant all that?” Blue asks.


“Dropping out of college and working won’t change any of what has happened. It will all still be true. You sill still have a father and two siblings that you only just met. If you go now then you will never be able to come home.” Clara says.


“What home? Your house was a nightmare for me this break. You know what they did to me and you still supported them and not me.” Blue complains.


“From what I understand they didn’t actually do anything to you. You are being a dramaqueen and that is why you struggle to maintain friendships. If you can’t keep college friends for five minutes how will you maintain relationships in the workplace? How will you keep clients? You have a lot of growing up to do and the sooner you stopped blaming everyone else and being so dramatic the sooner things will be on an even keel.” Clara says.


“You are never going to talk to me about why you kept everything a secret are you? You are never going to talk to me about it at all. Deflect, deflect, deflect.” Blue screams.


“I am not going to justify my life choices to you. No.” Clara says.


“Then why bother to come down? To buy Chris a house?” Blue asks.


“Are you jealous? Is that what this is?” Clara asks.


“I am jealous you spent all that time with Bea and didn’t include me. I am not jealous you bought

Chris a house. I’m embarrassed that you went so far to get him on side and embarrassed about the way you trashed his parents. I am jealous that they got to grow up with an extended family and I was hidden away like a shameful secret. At least I know now why I was never good enough. I wasn’t the one you wanted. I don’t know if it was Bea or Chris you originally chose but I know it wasn’t me, I know that the baby that Paul shoved at you that night wasn’t the one you had been feeding and nurturing from birth. I’ve been a cuckoo this whole time. If I was perfect you might bring yourself to love me but I wasn’t. Nothing was enough for you. Even now when I am offering to go it isn’t good enough because it is not your decision. Let me go. Go be a mother to Chris and Bea.” Blue says and storms out the door. Blue steps out the emergency exit onto the roof of the hotel and jumps.


66 thoughts on “The suite saga 85

  1. Look it is weird you are dating at all. You don’t love him and you never have. You have told yourself that you do to justify breaking Blue’s heart every day. You’re not moving on by dating Chris. You need to have a word with yourself.” Robin says.


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    1. I hope so but then the chapter where Gervais and Blue broke up I thought was a dream and was proven to be wrong in that account lol

      Be strange if Blue has been killed off since he went to all the trouble of introducing two new characters only to have the character they were to interact with killed off.


  2. After rethinking things that Clara has done she really is sadistic of you think about it.

    When the news of Blue’s siblings came out she had no time in her busy schedule and simply delegated that task to Cheryl yet comes down all this way to meet Chris and shower him with gifts heck for a first time meeting buys him a house.

    Then when you think about it inviting Blue to lunch with Gervais and Chris was merely an afterthought anyway.


    1. Seriously, Sam? If Blue is dead, I’m done with this story. Completely done. What a complete waste of time. He was the only one I really had any care about – the only truly nice one. The rest have been scum at one time or another. This really seems like taking the easy way out of dealing with him and his issues. He’s the only one who truly deserves a happy ending, and death isn’t part of that equation. Please prove me wrong.


  3. I’m the same way. I was a total sucker for the Blue/Gervais romance and constantly was hoping they would get together. Once Gervais left with Fergus, he’s proven time and time again he’s nothing more than a selfish asshole who just uses Blue as his own safety net. He doesn’t know how to love, and doesn’t know how to be supportive. He “supports” Blue by fucking him. It’s all so self-serving. I can’t stand to even read the parts Gervais is in. He just irks me.


    1. It’s quite ironic how Gervais always used the excuse he can’t date Blue as he would never survive the breakup.

      Although one thing he said back then may end up being true when he said once Blue gets his confidence he will get with other 10s lol


  4. I hate that Gervais straight away said he’d be spending more nights in Blues bed. Little bastard needs to go jump himself.
    And notice that Sam has not replied to a single comment and normally he comments on everyone. He is extremely sadistic and enjoying watching us struggle with this cliffhanger or he is (hopefully) busy getting the next chapter ready for us.


    1. Exactly!! I’m so glad others see Gervais as a little prick too. I can’t stand him and he’s the worst person in the world for Blue!


      1. I haven’t liked him from the start, from the first party where he dissed how Blue wasn’t happy, from that point on he was enemy number 1.
        I know Clara is being a bitch to Blue but at least she sticks to her guns. Gervais just keeps playing with poor Blue.
        And I’m hating that George made such an easy comeback into Blues life.

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    2. Gervais is nothing but an entitled little asshole. He’s milked his bad past for all it’s worth, and just thinks he can play boy to boy whenever he wants. Oh, consciously he thinks this bullshit with Chris is all about Blue and protecting him, but the truth is Gervais doesn’t want to have to deal with the hassles and emotions. He like’s being supported when he wants it, but he’s shit at being supportive himself.

      It’s so funny because I started out the story liking Gervais, but he’s done nothing but make bad decision after bad decision and expects everyone around him to just forgive and forgive and forgive again. If he gets burned by Chris, he deserves it.


      1. What he went through would of been quite traumatic so it’s hard to say he is milking it he may just be soooo broken he may not ever be fixed so to speak.

        I remember on numerous occasions he has told Blue he deserves someone better he has said this both pre and post relationship with Blue.


  5. Guys what is your opinion does Clara have any redeeming qualities left after this.

    It’s like in one afternoon she has undone all the good work Spence has done in getting Blue confident and feeling good about himself again 😦


      1. After last chapter I was kinda hoping Clara was about to accept responsibility for what she has done to our Blue and give him the answers he needs to move on.

        Maybe she did it out of massive ego and rage when Blue suggested she cut him off and he walks his own road from here.


  6. Im really thinking he didnt jump off the roof… There is either a pool up there or he just jumped thru the door way… Sam didnt say he jumped off… Although thats normally what comes to mind when someone is on the roof and jumps.

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    1. Or he jumped up and down in a snit. Or he jumped onto the fire escape and went down that way. Or jumped into the elevator and took it to the lobby. Sam’s just a sadistic bastard to leave us on that note.

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      1. Hahaha. And he’s no where to be found today. I bet he’s enjoying watching all of us lose our minds over the cliffhanger. Sadistic Sam!! 😉

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  8. Okay, what the fuck?!

    I’m sorry, but after last chapter I don’t get this. Blue was raising himself up above all of this with his own power and with Spence’s support, he has new friends and maybe a potential new boyfriend – why is he suddenly committing suicide? He’s struggling, yeah, but there hasn’t been anything to indicate he was this bad. This just does not make any sense to me.

    I agree with KkP about Robin and Blue, and Andy and Spence. Gervais should be nowhere near Blue ever again. Period. Whether Robin and Blue just stay on as close friends or develop into something more is fine. Blue has lots of potential possibilities everywhere. Even Andy and Blue together is a hell of a lot better than anything Gervais could give him. Codependency to the max with Gervais. Gross.


    1. I feel the same! I can’t stomach Gervais. He needs to stay totally away from Blue, even as friends. He acts like he’s supporting Blue but in reality he just keeps Blue around for his own comfort. He is such a user and a total dick.

      I hope Blue and Birch hit it off. I think they would be so cool together and so good for each other.


      1. Yea totally agree. And in the meantime they can date and take it slowly and get to know each other. And while dating, Blue can be sleeping his way through the suitemates hahaha. And anyone else he happens to pick up!! Spread some of that Blue love around lol


      2. I love seeing Blue sexing it up with his friends. I’m sure he has a line of men just waiting to get his ass in bed. He deserves the fun after having Gervais rip his heart out and George turning psycho. Now he can be single and do a lot of mingling!


    1. I couldn’t agree more. What a shitty mother. I don’t care whether or not she’d been good and responsible with him for the most part of his life, she’s beaten her son’s independence and sense of agency away bit by bit his entire life. She’s made it clear that she’s a control freak and cannot stand being out of control.

      You want to know why Blue can’t let go of Gervais? It’s because of what Clara did to his psyche. She’s fucked him up good. Look at how her behaviour and Gervais’ are paralleled!

      Blue needs someone who loves unconditionally, treats him with respect and doesn’t hold back because things aren’t going to *their* agenda. Fuck you, Clara, and fuck you, Gervais.


  9. Seriously Robin&Blue and also Andy&Spence are amazing as a unit. All the others are just so calculative and selfish. The couples I just named are the only ones who really deeply care about each other. Gervais is in a serious denial, I think he is only drawn to blue because it is a comfortable situation not because he loves him(maybe he doesn’t even know how to ,if we take in to account how he grow up).


    1. I don’t think Gervais is capable of love honestly. It’s too easily thrown away. I don’t think he loves Blue, I think he loves how much better he feels when Blue is around. It’s all selfish and totally based on what Blue can do for him. He’s a total prick lol.


      1. Is it possible we may of underestimated exactly how broken Gervais is if you consider his family situation, his schooling life and his childhood.

        Not trying to completely exonerate him but could be a reason why he did self sabotage his relationship with Blue?


  10. WOW How can you leave us with a cliff hanger like that Sam… I am all for cliff hangers but something like that??? WOW…..

    I wish Clara would just keel over and die she is something else. I no longer hate anyone in the story as much as I hate Clara.

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  11. I can’t deal with Blue and his final act. I’m just distraught.

    How can Clara be such a cold, uncaring bitch? I don’t understand parents like her who drive their children to doing something rash. She seriously needs mental help and soon or she is going to drive Blue insane.

    And freaking Gervais. He’s such a prick. He knows he doesn’t love Chris and that dating him hurts Blue but he’s so selfish and self centered he hasn’t ended it because he might lose Clara??? What a fucking loser! Good God he needs to stay the hell away from Blue.


    1. I think Gervais is the lesser issue at this point it’s Clara who is going out of her way to trivialise Blue’s feelings, insecurities and other problems. Basically telling him he can’t join the workforce as he is too immature, laying all the blame on him for his spats with his friends and then answering the question on the ultimate betrayal by stating she won’t justify her actions to Blue 😦


    2. Roe warned her. She’s going to have to deal with the consequences. I CANNOT wait to see what happens.

      Sam …let Peter and Alexander be happy… give us more Suite Saga!!


      1. As much as I LOVE Peter and Alexander, I agree lol. Let them enjoy their newlywed phase and give us more of this story!!! 🙂


  12. Clara is a proper cunt whose as horrid a person as I’ve known. I simply can’t abide her and they way she treats Blue so unfairly. And Be and Chris who are both a total arse get all of her attention. Boggles the brain how someone could be so keen to destroy their own child. I hope she dies in an aeroplane crash on her way home. good riddance to the cunt. And my baby Blue…..he best be fine or I’m going to wail out loud.


      1. I know. I wanted to believe she actually had a little bit of decency left in her. Now, I don’t think so at all. I think she’s evil.


    1. I’m shaking I’m so mad at that bitch. And I can’t believe this chapter ended this way. It’s going to be a long wait until the next chapter! Unless Sam takes pity on us and let’s us have the next chapter later today 🙂


      1. Sam is wicked for doing this to us :). But you have to admit, this chapter definitely has ignited the passion we all feel for this story and the characters he’s created.


  13. Just when I thought Clara was trying to be a human, she goes and does this. What is wrong with that woman? I mean surely something is bothering her because she’s not always been this psycho. She’s just a pathetic parent and an even worse person. And yes as previously stated…..a cunt!

    Finally Gervais pulls his head out of his ass and realizes how bizarre it is that he’s dating Chris. And if Clara finds out he’s charging rent, I hope she nails Chris to the wall by his balls.

    And poor Blue…..will that poor boy ever get life to stop shitting on him? He just can’t get a break and get everything to go right at the same time. My heart hurts for him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can’t believe Gervais didn’t have the fortitude or the balls to tell Chris how disgusting he was for wanting to pocket what he charges for rent, and for making it seem like Clara had out some weird strings to it. She just asked him to volunteer, but he feels she is controlling him? I seriously can’t stand that guy, or Gervais either.


      1. He thinks she is controlling ha he should ask Blue what controlling is really like.

        Basically all Chris has to do is what he is doing already….. Look at all stuff Blue is expected to do to avoid getting cut off by comparison.


  14. What the fuck please tell me there is a pool on the roof! I only use the following word to describe people I absolutely despise. Clara is a cunt.plain and simple I hate the bitch. Blue has her on the dot.


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