Woke in a terrible mood, surprising given I’ve a few days off and so had no alarm.

It’s hard to reply to the messages right now and I shouldnt have started.

Was surprised at all the hate for Gervais when he’s trying to get back on track. Highlights how my perception can be so off (reiterates why I don’t date 😜). 

Having a think about what’s next. This is not me flouncing off or fishing for compliments. I’m not looking for attention. These fictional guys have taken over my head the last few weeks and I need to rebalance. 

Sorry for being mean this morning. Will find coffee before posting again.
Sam xxx

11 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Why is everyone acting like Chapter 85 was the last that Sam will ever write? Give Sam some time to real life situated and I am sure the Suite-life will be back. We love you Sam.


  2. We all have characters we love to hate, and others we hate to love. It’s been a fun escape and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the characters. I think we all see a bit of ourselves and our own insecurities sometimes and that makes the emotion go up a notch.

    I’ve also enjoyed ranting, raving, guessing, and hypothesizing with the other readers on the forum. You’ve developed quite a loyal following and it’s been fun getting to talk to so many people on here.

    Thanks for the story, the characters, and the escape! It’s been a great ride!


  3. Everyone has those days.

    Remember, perception is reality and everyone’s perception is different. There are so many ways to read the characters actions and our own life experiences and biases color the motivation we assign to those actions. You’re the only one that can truely know what your characters are thinking, and like most good writers I’m betting that sometimes they surprise even you.

    All of the strong emotions and reactions are a product of your loyal fans being way more invested in this story than is probably healthy for us. We love you and what you do even we complain you’re a sadistic bastard for leaving us hanging.

    Take your time to regroup, get your real life adulting done, and refocus yourself. We’ll be here waiting for you when you come back.


  4. WOW – just finished reading all the comments…so this is how it ends…too bad…it was a great story and had great long term potential.


      1. Agreed. I made an assumption, based upon other comments that Sam had made – won’t kill off any of the original 5 – Blue was done – that the story was done, but maybe he’ll survive some how. Or maybe it will go in another direction? My bad for making an assumption.

        Like others have said, I love this story Sam! Great work!


  5. Everyone has their view of characters Sam…you’ve done a great job with this story! We’re all very ‘attached’. It is a compliment to your writing and thank you.

    Guess Blue’s not going to find his happiness though. Have a good break!


    1. I think it’s been the opposite of burned out. I’ve wanted to just write and write, so much to get out but real life exists and my accountant is back from holiday with a big to do list for me and I can’t tell him to bugger off I’m writing.


      1. Just letting you know we don’t take you and your great writing for granted so if you need a break do so 🙂

        Yeah real life can be annoying at times I think it’s why I love your stories as it allows me into a world to distract from my real life problems lol


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