The suite saga 87

Blue is about to drift off when Gervais comes in.


“Not staying with his tonight?” Blue asks


“We broke up. I thought I better warn you as he might come after you.” Gervais says.


“It’s not my fault. Is it?” Blue asks.


” I made my mind up at lunch yesterday, I couldn’t believe he could be so cavalier about his mom’s health. Not when it’s so insensitive to me. I hate the dead mom card but dammit he has no fucking clue.” Gervais says.


“I thought you melted for him when he talked about being a vet. I thought you two were on track. I hated it but you seemed closer.” Blue says.


“Yeah for a minute I thought maybe there is more to him, maybe this is more than a college convenience. But then he reacted that way and I saw the true him. I knew at once you hadn’t exaggerated anything. I was going to wait a few days until things had settled down from Clara leaving.” Gervais says.


“So what happened?” Blue asks.


“When I knew you were holding a dinner I suggested we exchanged Christmas gifts after, as it would be like our Christmas meal. This was before I knew I was breaking up with him. Anyway I got  him what I thought were some pretty nice gifts, some concert tickets, nice underwear and a Louis Vuitton wallet that was so expensive I nearly puked buying it.” Gervais says.


“What did he do complain it wasn’t a full set of luggage?” Blue laughs.


“He went on and on about needing a new bag for this semester and how I should get him the messenger bag to match his wallet. The two thousand dollar messenger bag. Is he fucking insane. So I said I don’t have that kind of money, that would actually be my allowance for the whole semester and he said he knew I had more than I was letting on. He knew I had thousands in the bank and I was just a miser and he only stayed with me because I was rich. I said I knew 200 as week was more allowance than lots of people got but I didn’t have any more.” Blue says.


“He knows?” Blue asks.


“No, he knows what I got from my dad, he looked up the will and he worked out what the death in service benefits might be. He doesn’t know about the money from my mother.” Gervais says.


“And he feels entitled to it? He’s such a douche. Momma said you were worried about it when I said I felt protective about it.” Blue says.


“Yeah I just don’t think he gets it that I only have money because I don’t have parents. And he money from my dad isn’t masses. I mean the house did well nut that’s all invested until I finish school. I can’t even imagine Spence dropping 2k on a gift for Andy. I mean he’d spend the money on a party or a TV or something but not a bag or jewellery or anything.” Gervais says.


“Did he complain about lack of jewellery too?” Blue asks.


“Yeah and I lost it and we’re done.” Gervais says.


“Out of interest. What did he get you?” Blue asks.


“Starbucks gift card and underwear. Which I would have been ecstatic with if the underwear were in my size. He clearly just regifted the to me. I know that Bea got the same gift card from their aunt. Do you want to get to know your aunt and cousins? They actually sound nice. I think Dylan might know them as Chris mentioned them going to camp together.” Gervais asks.


“I’ve enough of family for now. If they were so nice she’d have reached out before.” Blue says.


“I guess. Things looked better with momma and you. Are you okay?” Gervais asks.


“No but we both said all the shit we wanted to. Lots of pain for each of us and we can’t unsay anything but we can salvage something I think. She’s given me the summer off to travel. Want to come?” Blue asks.


“What are you thinking?” Gervais asks very keen.


“Australia. I know it’ll be their winter but I thought I could visit a bunch of wineries as well as all the big sights. Plus I’m old enough to drink there.” Blue says.


“Not France?” Gervais asks.


“My French isn’t strong enough to hold a technical conversation and you’ve already done Paris with Fergus. It would be painful.” Blue says.


“I am in. I am so in. I would love it. As long as I get some relaxation time. I want to do all the tourist stuff, boats, reefs, opera house, take a crazy long train ride. All of it.” Gervais says.


“Just as friends.” Blue says.


“Yes just as friends.” Gervais says.


“Good. I had Andy in here earlier suggesting we could be something down the road and I shut him right down. I think he’s pretty hurt and I’d tell you the same. You cheated on Chris with me and you dumped me for Fergus. I deserve someone better than that.” Blue says.


“Someone like Birch?” Gervais asks.


“We’re just friends and I have no idea how he’s treated his boyfriends in the past.” Blue says.


“You won’t always get to know in advance, you have to live without those sort of fears.” Gervais says.


“I intend to. But that means moving beyond this comfy circle for my sex and dating life.” Blue says.


“Oh me too. Oh I am so glad to be single. Me, you, Spence, Andy we are going to be a formidable squad.” Gervais laughs.


“Do you think Spence and George?” Blue asks.


“No I don’t. I think Spence has the measure of George and won’t let it go beyond friends who fuck.” Gervais says.


“I have to sleep. I am going to yoga will willow first thing.” Blue says.


“I’ll come too. I love that class.” Gervais says.


“We’re us again. Feels easier to be over you with us both single.” Blue says.


“I like the sound of that. I’m sorry I carried this Chris thing on so long. I was stupid and I am really sorry.” Gervais says.


“You were an utter dick but I forgive you. After all it just means I am really, really your type.” Blue laughs.


“Ahh man I wish we’d always been just friends. I like it when you’re not all serious.” Gervais says.


“Loving you was not a mistake.” Blue says.


“No.” Gervais smiles.



“You okay?” Robin asks Andy who is eating leftovers on the couch.


“No. I went to Blue for a bit of comfort and he told me we have no chance of ever being together and brought up loads of shit for reasons and it fucking sucks. I am so not the guy who cheated on Spence any more but that is how he sees me.” Andy rants.


“You just split with your boyfriend of four and a half years. Blue is doing you a favor not letting you jump in to something with him.” Robin says shaking his head.


“I didn’t say right now, I just said someday down the line. We have so much in common and I’ve always been attracted to him.” Andy says.


“But he sees you as a brother and friend.” Robin says.


“But we had sex.” Andy says.


“So what. You’ve had sex with Elliot, Dylan and even George. Fuck you had sex with George when he was with Blue. How can you even ask Blue to trust you as a boyfriend? You are delusional.” Robin says.


“I just think we’d be good together. Really good. That he won’t even consider me because of my past is disappointing given how open and forgiving he usually is.” Andy says.


“You and Spence had issues but mostly you had a great relationship, Blue has had 3 bad relationships in a row. He hasn’t had a good one yet. He needs a lot of space and time to understand what he wants. Be his friend because he’s a great guy, not because you think maybe he’ll be yours one day.” Blue says.


“Why can’t I have both a friend and a future boyfriend? I’d be serious about him.” Andy says.


“Blue gets a say and right now it’s a no and you are sounding like a douche the more insistent you are being.” Robin says and leaves Andy with his thoughts feeling pretty protective of Blue. He’s surprised Andy has gone from not talking to Blue to expecting everything in the space of a few days.


Gervais and Blue drag themselves out of bed early and head to meet Willow. They didn’t do anything more than cuddle overnight and they are happy with that more comfortable around each other than they have been since Gervais left with Fergus.


“I don’t believe in all that spirituality shit but I still feel like I stretched all yesterday’s negativity out of me. I feel good.” Gervais says after class.


“You cope with breakups so much better than me. Probably as you always do the dumping.” Blue says.


“You broke up with Chris?” Willow asks.


“Yesterday evening.” Gervais says.


“Thank fuck for that. I really like you but he was a dick. When Ocean screamed to get away from him I totally got it.” Willow says.


“I did prepare him for meeting Chris but he wasn’t happy even talking about it. He’s not usually like that, he’s generally such an easy going kid.” Blue says.


“He probably saw Chris as the evil comic book twin.” Gervais says.


“Now you broke up I don’t need to work on it with him. I can forget it.” Blue says.


“True. We can pretend you don’t have siblings again.” Gervais says.


“Its so weird. I’d love to meet your sister to sus her out.” Willow says.


“You are already part of Blue’s army.” Gervais laughs.


“Oh I am certain he has my back too.” Willow says.


“For sure.” Blue grins.


That evening when Spence finishes work he and Blue meet for dinner together in the dining hall.


“I’m glad it was just wrestling tonight. Much earlier finish.” Spence says sitting down with a mountain of food.


“I was thinking after dinner we could sort our hookup profiles again. I know I failed last time but this time its sex I’m after.” Blue says.


“Me too. Last time Andy and I split I didn’t want to be with anyone else. This time I am ready for a long drink.” Spence says.


“Gervais and Chris broke up yesterday.” Blue says.


“Oh that’s too bad.” Spence says and breaks into a big grin.


“Has George started to suggest I shouldn’t live with you next semester?” Blue asks.


“Yes and I told him to shut the fuck up.” Spence says.


“I told momma that I thought down the road George will get his way. I should never have agreed because it just puts you in the middle.” Blue says.


“I know we’ve been up and down this year but you have had my back so many times. You took physical care of me after the crash and all that you did for Andy and Katelyn was incredible. I forgot a lot and took you for granted and I frankly feel like a dick. But what I mean is George cannot push you out, I want my live in chef dammit. If it came to it he has to find somewhere else. I’ve told him you come first. He is mad as hell at me.” Spence says rolling his eyes.


“I don’t want to come between you.” Blue says.


“Are you kidding? He’s showing who he is and I don’t like it.” Spence says.


“You are stronger than me.” Blue says.


“I know what a good relationship is and why the fuck would I settle for someone like George?” Spence asks.


“So you’re up for fucking around?” Blue asks.


“Yes, we are going to find hot guys and have great sex and shit sex and we’re going to be stood up and we’ll be clung to and stalked.” Spence says.


“And we have each other when we strike out.” Blue says.


“We are hot and rich and have mighty fine asses. Striking out is not an option.” Spence laughs and Blue joins in.


“I upset Andy last night when he’s usually laugh it off. Was it bad with his mom?” Blue asks.


“He made me stay outside but it wasn’t good when he came back out.” Spence says.


“Should I give him space or badger him about it?” Blue asks.


“Leave it for now. He has been talking to me and Robin. He’ll be okay.” Spence says.


“Good. We’re on such shaky ground and I have my own shit going on.” Blue says.


“Come on lets go take a million pics so we can get laid.” Spence says and they happily go up to Blue’s room and snap away.


“You’re so hot.” Blue says as they run through the pictures together.


“You too.” Spence smiles.


They lie back on Blue’s bed together and flick through the options. Neither are too impressed.


“It’s Monday.” Blue says.


“Right.” Spence says running his hand over Blue’s belly.


Andy knocks and Blue shouts to come in.


“This explains why you shot me down.” Andy says looking at the two of them.


“We’re trolling for cock. We just put ourselves out there.” Blue says and Andy smiles, he’s actually delighted Blue and Spence are friends again. He wishes they had been before.


“If you need Blue I can disappear to enjoy the dick pics that will soon be coming our way.” Spence says.


“Just feeling a bit lonely.” Andy says.


“Is George in?” Blue asks.


“No. Ooo okay yeah my bed has more room.” Spence grins and the three switch rooms and snuggle together.


“I miss you.” Andy says kissing Spence’s shoulder.


“Miss you too.” Spence says kissing Andy back.


“Maybe I should leave you to it.” Blue says.


“No stay. I want double cuddles.” Andy says kissing Blue.


“Whats up babe?” Blue asks.


“My mom was mad when I wouldn’t give her money. It’s not my money and Katelyn hates her, if she’d contested the will it would have been so much easier and she fucking got some money and Clara has been paying her rent anyway.” Andy grumbles.


“So I take it she’s not happy to be moving.” Blue says.


“I don’t think she gives a shit about Katelyn. Clara and Roe seem to think that she’ll be less bitter in her own home with a business. Clara has arranged some weird hippie therapy training shit at the retreat. Your mom doesn’t believe in but knows it will sell in summer.” Andy laughs.


“Momma is usually good at helping people like your mom find their way. I don’t trust momma with my feelings but I trust her with other women who need help. Momma does that thing and reaches straight in.” Blue says.


“I know I trust her too. I think just being around Roe and Clara will help. She just isn’t taking it well after saying it was all she wanted before.” Andy says.


“I think we should make you feel better.” Spence says.


“I’ll lock the door from George.” Blue says.


Andy smiles broadly. For him everything feels better when you’re getting some and Spence and Blue are the best. The three kiss and touch and start gently, slowly and grow into a huge ball of fire. Andy fucking Spence and being fucked by Blue is in heaven and loudly lets the world know how good he feels.


They go to the bathroom together after, letting their streams of piss cross streams, not wanting a second apart.


“We can all sleep in my bed, they’re still pushed together.” Andy says.


“We cant leave the bed in the state it is for George. He can use another bed. I’ll text him now.” Spence says.


“You’re playing with fire.” Blue says.


“Its my fucking bed I bought it and I want my men tonight. I need to be with my men.” Spence says his arrogance shining through and for once Blue is totally turned on by it and kisses Spence hard.


“Round two already?” Andy asks.


“Whatever you want you get tonight.” Blue says.



16 thoughts on “The suite saga 87

  1. I kinda hope Blue and Birch just stays friends. As much as I love the sex part it will be nice for them to form some kind of brother-family releatheship. 😄😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just hope Blue and Gervais stay away from any relationship! FWB is cool, but just not boyfriends. 😎


        1. Can he do anything to Blue really at this point. May of been easier while Blue was isolated but he does seem to have his support network back up and running now 🙂


      1. I don’t. I think he’s been calculating and planning his revenge before Gervais even broke up with him. He knew it was coming, but was happy to stay as long as he could and get as much out of Gervais as he could. But I think he’s just demented enough to want revenge even though he really didn’t care for Gervais. But I could be wrong. He may be happy enough knowing he’s getting a house haha


    2. I don’t want Blue with anyone right now, I want him to build on the confidence he’s found playing around a bit while he deals with the fallout of his family issues.


  2. I’m totally horny after reading that! Hard to type with just one hand now lol

    Anyway….George is so freaking weird. Already getting possessive of Spence. He is totally co-dependent and can’t stand being alone. I hope he is one who just fades away into the history books.

    Gervais and Blue on a trip as friends would be nice, as long as they can just remain friends. Both are starting to find themselves and their happiness, and lord knows they are poison for each other as anything but friends. I’m really liking the new single Blue, Andy, and Spence. I think they are all much happier single and it shows.


      1. Exactly!! I would have been all over it just like Andy was! I think it was really a good thing for all of them. Keeps it as caring about each other, having great sex but not at all related to relationships. Just three friends enjoying some “bro time”. 👍🏻


  3. Hell yes those four on the prowl gets me all hot. Gervais finally put his brain back in his head. I have to say though Andy Spence and Blue together it awesome. I kinda hope it doesn’t go anywhere with tree boy maybe him and George could get together. Am I the only one who thinks Blue and Gervais on a trip isn’t gonna end up with them back together?


    1. I planned for the yoga class with Birch and Friday clubbing this chapter but got distracted. They are ready to be out there for sure but the do have quality beef at home too…


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