Married 2

I wake to the smell off coffee and see a steaming mug is next to me along with some toast. How Peter timed it so I’d wake before it got cold is a mystery and another reason why I love him. I love my husband and I smile every day with him. We are enjoying every moment together, we are quite sickening.

I sit up in bed and read the latest draft of one of the books we wrote together on the island. We’ve not had any business meetings since getting back, we’ve still only seen Felix and Gavin. We’re pretending we’re not back.

I can hear Peter running round the house and in and out of the house. I know he’s up to something and I leave him to it. I step out onto our bedroom balcony to finish my coffee. I love getting the sea air just like mornings on the island.

We are hosting Felix wedding in a week and I am terrified that we’ll have to see people, that we’ll be photographed, that our house won’t be a sanctuary any more. I have been slightly worried about not working but getting this house furnished and ready has been a full time job.

“Put this on.” Peter says coming out and handing me an eye shade to use as a blindfold.

“I love you.” I say and kiss him before putting it on. He takes my coffee and puts it down and then leads me by the shoulders inside and through the house.

“What are you doing baby?” I ask.

“It’s a surprise. Duh.” Peter says kissing my cheek from behind.

“I’m not sure I like surprises.” I say.

“Here we are.” Peter says and slips off my blindfold.

“It’s not Christmas.” I say looking at a pile of gifts under an inflatable palm tree.

“It’s I love to make my man happy day.” Peter grins.

“When did you have time to shop?” I ask.

“Its been delivered the last few days. Come on sit down and get unwrapping.” Peter says pulling two brightly colored beanbags over.

“I’m getting too old to climb out of these.” I laugh.

“I can think of lots we can do on the floor.” Peter laughs.

Peter starts passing me gifts and I begin unwrapping he has bought me loads of kids toys, a massive train set with lots of accessories, legos, puzzles, hot wheels. It’s a crazy wonderful and very thoughtful gift.

“I thought you needed a playroom. Not the sex sort. Just somewhere to chill out and have silly fun. A rainy day room. Though I can’t guarantee what state the toys will be in when Felix family get their hands on it.” Peter smiles.

“I couldn’t ask for a better husband. You get me like no one ever has. I love this. You know I will come in here and build things and you won’t see me for hours.” I say.

“I’ll be right here with you. I bought myself a whistle.” Peter says.

“You know you don’t need to try so hard.” I say not ungrateful I love it but worried that Peter will wear himself out trying to come up with more and more ideas.

“I don’t want you to go to work because you’re bored. I want you to have rainy day options. Plus I love puzzles and we can do one over a bottle of wine some nights. It’ll be nice.” Peter says.

“Sounds perfect.” I say and hug him so hard we end up rolling round the floor.

We go outside, I go back to reading our book while peter swims. Watching Peter swim nude is one of my favorite pastimes. His body looks amazing ripping through the water. He stops for a rest and I just stare at his glistening body.

It’s the last time I see him naked outside the bedroom for a week as the wedding preparations begin and there are people everywhere setting everything up.

Felix has so many friends from college and from out here from all the schools he’s worked with and parents of students that wanted to wish them well that ended up having a daylong potluck at their home with people dropping in all day instead of a traditional bachelor or rehearsal dinner. We were able to drop by early and take a few dishes Peter had prepared and a tonne of booze.

Gavin says some of the guys complained about not having a blowout but he had exactly the day he wanted and Felix just wanted to see everyone. It’s lovely to see social Felix more than happy with a low key day that makes his man happy.

“Everything was perfect. My family are loving it.” Felix says.

“Go spend time with them.” Peter laughs.

“It looks like the two families are getting along.” I say.

“Yeah we just wanted to say thanks before we got too drunk.” Gavin says.

“We plan on doing the same.” Peter laughs.

The speeches are wonderful and both Peter and I get teary.

“Are you sad we didn’t do things this way? That we’re hosting what we planned for us tomorrow?” Peter asks in bed later.

“Our wedding was perfect. If we had done it like this it would have just highlighted my total lack of family again. This is the right wedding for Felix but our was right for us.” I say.

“That’s how I feel. And everything since that day has been perfect. I know we need to reintegrate with the real world sometime but I love that you’re not pushing me.” Peter says.

“Hey I was worried that I was going to want to get back to work before long but I just don’t want to get back to acting at all. This is working for us.” I say.

“I love you baby.” Peter says and wraps me in his arms.



I was worried about Felix and Gavin having our wedding day but Alexander seems fine with it. He loves to entertain and this is a lovely way to do it. Not having to worry about the guest list as its not our party, just making sure everyone has a good time.

The ceremony on the lawn first thing is beautiful. We watch from inside. It is just the two of them and their immediate family and the minister. They decided that it was easier not to deal with best men and groomsmen. They know we’ll be watching and wave up to us once they’ve said their vows.

We join them for champagne and congratulate them before the photographer starts. We leave them to it and go and check on the caterers and florist. The reception is incredible I love that we have this house, the outdoor space is amazing. We spend most our time keeping everything running smoothly so we minimize contact with any of the college guys.

I guess it’s time for new friends.

“Did you have a fun day?” I ask as we snuggle up in bed.

“Yeah it was okay and I think they had a great time. We avoided everyone annoying.” Alexander says.

“I’ve been thinking I’m okay to start trying to get these books sold. It was a lot of work and I think we should try. Is it okay to send to my publisher?” Peter asks.

“Yes, I think so, might as well wait for an editor to help us rather than overwork it ourselves. I don’t want to act any more. I think that’s obvious since the second we got married. I just don’t want to. Writing sounds good to fill the time and maybe some other project.” Alexander says.

“I want to do triathlons. Want to try with me? Or train me?” I ask suddenly.

“Oh me too sounds fun.” Alexander says.

“Now let me at that ass.” I say with a grin and Alexander gives me a huge grin before kissing me and riding me. He always looks so hot up there. So fucking sexy. I love filling him up.

Exhausted we sleep deeply.

The following day is a mass of people taking down the tents and clearing the chairs and catering equipment. Felix and Gavin are enjoying a day with their families and friends on the beach and we join them for some of the time.

The next day we take Gavin and Felix to the airport, they are off to the island for 2 weeks. We’re utterly jealous. I wish we were still there.

Two days later we venture out to a coffee place, babysteps to reintegrate with the real world. I see a flash of someones magazine they are reading at the next table. We’re on the cover. Shit, shit, shit.

“Fuck!” I say angrily slamming my fist on the table.

“Fuck.” Alexander says seeing what we do.

I search for us on my phone. Holy hell.

“Listen babe it is not good. Sandy Green dramatically quits acting to become triathlete. They must have bugged our bedroom. We need a lawyer and a security person and somewhere to stay.” I say trying not to cry.

“I’m calling Blair. He’ll know people.” Alexander says not bothering to hide his tears.

“From the car?” I ask.

“Yeah. Fuck why did this happen.” Alexander says white with anger.

“We can go to Felixes for a few days.” I say.

“How do we know for sure it wasn’t them?” Alexander asks.

“We know.” I say.

“I guess.” Alexander says and we go to the car slowly, sunglasses on, trying not to look at anyone.

We sit together angry, Alexander calls Blair and I watch, hoping he’ll take the call given the way we walked out on our lives.

“I’ll put you on speaker.” Alexander says.

“I’ll send a security team in. They will be there within the hour so go home and let them in. You need to hire publicists again. You can’t leave me to clean up these messes, you’re taking up time from working, paying clients.” Blair says.

“So put us on a show and take the fee. Give us our chance for rebuttal.” I hear myself saying.

“Are you sure? It will invite more.” Blair says.

“Come on someone must be offering big money. Take whatever cut you want and donate the rest to one of those liberty groups.” I say and Alexander laughs then Blair joins in.

“Hey we wrote a bunch of stuff when we were away that we were going to send to Peter’s publisher. If you want to put an agent on it instead we’d be okay with that.” Alexander says.

“What sort of material?” Blair asks.

“Well like any actor I can be a total narcissist at times so we wrote the story of us. Sanitized but we cover the big events. And I wrote a couple of one act plays and we collaborated on a longer one. Plus Peter wrote a novel set in space.” Alexander says.

“Send it all over. Man you too are prolific when you want to be. I thought it was just Peter writing all those science books. By the way a science series is still on the cards if you want it.” Blair says.

“This whole situation has totally fucked everything up and we might need to take off again.” Alexander says.

“Go home and think about it. Come in and see me tomorrow, I’ll call if we have anything before then.” Blair says.

“Shall we book a hotel?” I ask.

“Home might be safest after the security team sweep it.” Alexander says.

“Maybe I just feel sick at what they’ve done. They will have recorded us fucking.” I say.

“Hopefully its just audio. Lets go find out.” Alexander says.

We wait in the car by the gate not daring to go inside. Helicopters buzz overhead. Our sanctuary is gone. Over. I love this house so much. I love our beach and pool and the view. We’ve not been able to do any of things we planned.


The security guys find 2 bugs in our bedroom, a few in plant pots around the pool.

“Cheap spy store stuff. Nothing government or too sinister.” The security guy says.

“But they still got in and did it.” I say.

“These guys will know the florists and caterers and have a regular gig at big deal weddings. They get lucky sometimes like they did here.” The security guy says.

“Do we need to worry about anything else? Our phones or computers?” Alexander asks.

“Wouldn’t hurt to change it all.” The guy says.

“It was all in the safe.” I say.

“Oh baby your paranoia saved us some hassle.” Alexander says with a smile.

“If only I’d locked the bedroom door.” I say.

“Change all your security codes and consider a better system. While no one knew you lived here you were fine but you’ll need an upgrade now. Your gates are fantastic though, I love the double gate only letting one car in at a time.” The security guy says.

“Thanks.” I say with a shrug.

“Now what?” Alexander asks after they leave.

“Do we trust them? Do we trust the house is safe? Man people can just drop devices in the grounds with drones. I can’t stay here. It’s our dream but it isn’t safe.” I say panicking.

“We’re not that interesting. We could fake move out and then come back in a year.” Alexander says.

“Back to the island?” I ask.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea right now. We don’t want to be followed or have someone sell us out.” Alexander says.

“Lets go to a hotel. We can buy new clothes.” I say.

“We might as well head up to LA. You drive I’ll book somewhere on the way.” Alexander says.

We don’t talk much on the drive. Then Blair calls and gives us a choice of interview options and tells us to go straight to the office.

“Here’s a drive with our writing on. We didn’t want to send it.” I say sitting down.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Blair ask.
“We were just living.” Alexander says.

“Your wedding videos went viral and your disappearing act fueled the flames you must have known it would.” Blair says.

“We’ve been shopping and had no hassle until we saw the magazine today.” I say.

“Yeah our friends told us all was clear.” Alexander says.

“Every show in town will shift someone off schedule for you. Do you want to do this or not?” Blair asks.

“I want to. I think hiding just makes it worse. Plus I want to call them out.” Alexander says.

“Is there anything we can do to dampen all flames? For good? I know it’s the opposite of what you do. But we want more time, more time just us.” I say.

“You two are still the craziest mofos in this town.” Blair says laughing.




21 thoughts on “Married 2

  1. Just binge re read the story, just so you know we are missing some chapters I think it happen during some of the site shut downs, missing the time in australia with the attack or the security, chapter with Alexander really left cause right now it reads as if he left right at hong kong and doesnt have philips murder. Also missing the incident at peters family place where they get mobbed and then finally the story of Peters full breakdown and how he tried to kill himself. but again love the story just had to re read the whole thing again over the last 2 days lol I really hope the bug bites to continue the story lol


  2. Well Sam. I just got done binge reading this series. You are truly amazing. You come up with the best stories to pull a reader in. You are amazing. This, Blue, and the high school club story!! amazing truly amazing. Can’t wait to read more of your writing no matter what it is! You are the best. One of favorite authors ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww you’re such a sweetie. Glad you’ve enjoyed it. Had a day off writing today, but I’ll be back at it tomorrow. I love Peter and Alexander together. I never planned it but the second they started sharing a room it just happened, totally out of my control.

      Liked by 1 person

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