The suite saga 88

Willow joins Blue’s advanced class on Thursday and enjoys it very much. In the short time they have known each other they have become fast friends. In some ways Willow is filling the place that Bea has left.


Blue is upset that Bea dropped him the second they got home over break and is surprised that she hasn’t been back in touch over the money issue. To fight her corner. Ha maybe she saw Blue has no pull with his mother whatsoever.


Blue is surprised that Birch arrives for the kids class with Gervais and Deke but delighted. He’s great with the kids and Ocean as usual delighted to show off another big brother. After the main class they all stay to dinner with Cheryl.


“Chris and I broke up. I’m really sorry if it causes more confusion for Ocean.” Gervais says.


“I think we’ll just not tell him. He’ll only expect you and Blue to get back together.” Cheryl says.


“Sure no need to mention him.” Gervais smiles.


“So Birch I saw you talking ten miles an hour to Roe at dinner. These pieces are hers.” Cheryl says pointing to some large canvases behind her.


“Did she just bring those down? The lake looks amazing.” Blue says.


“She told me about the light up there. You guys have to have me to stay.” Birch says.


“Well Gervais and I are travelling this summer but I’m sure Andy and Deke would be glad of the company.” Blue says.


“For sure. Always good to have more people. It can be a ghost world at times even in summer if everyone is on vacation or working.” Deke says.


“They have great parties though.” Gervais grins.


“I’d love a few weeks at the retreat. I spoke to your mom and she thought I would be able to live there in exchange for work no problem.” Willow says.


“Ocean how would you feel about Willow being your teacher this summer?” Blue asks.


“Yes please but Spence too I want to go to gym camp and the retreat.” Ocean says.


“You have to be very good if you want to go to gym camp.” Cheryl says.


“I am good. I am the goodness boy ever.” Ocean says dancing around the room.


“Is it the cost?” Blue asks.


“Spence has offered already. If he can do the first two weeks then we’ll just go up a little later. I’m using it as a carrot.” Cheryl says.


“This dinner is so good. Two great meals in on week. I might actually gain a pound.” Birch laughs.


“Please you love being super skinny, plays into your starving artist fantasy.” Willow laughs.


“Deke how are you coping?” Blue asks.


“Not great, I always thought if we went from 3 to 2 it would be Dylan who got axed. I’m really surprised.” Deke says.


“You going to try with Andy?” Gervais asks.


“I think I need some time to get over this. I liked Andy a lot and we had a lot of fun but I really fell for Dylan and DeShawn and I miss them.” Deke says.


“Welcome to the breakup club.” Birch laughs.


“Ugh we’re a sad bunch.” Blue says.


“Who would have believed that Jesse and Elliot would be the ones to last.” Gervais shakes his head.


“Not Robin tonight?” Cheryl asks.


“I’ve barely seen him this week.” Blue says.


“Me either.” says Gervais.


“He is super cute. I can’t believe he’s the straight one.” Willow laughs.


“Any girls on the horizon?” Blue asks.


“No but I have heard there are some cute ones at your climbing club.” Willow hints.


“Come. You don’t have to go clubbing if you don’t want. I bet you’d be great.” Gervais says.


“You can come too. It’s open to students from other schools, almost all clubs are officially but no one comes.” Blue says.


“Thanks but I’ll just join for the clubbing I think.” Birch says.


“Call me, we can go together. I’ll not be going to climbing because of Dylan. I went to the other club yesterday.” Deke says.


“Cool I will.” Birch says and Blue feels so thing verging on jealousy. He snaps himself out of it. It’s not a date.


“You might be pretty sore tomorrow night. You went for it in class.” Blue says.


“Yeah it felt good, I was creaky but didn’t overdo it. You guys are all amazing. Deke I did not expect that from you, no offence as you’re built like me and I know how hard it is to control our limbs of but you are a total pretzel.” Birch says.


“Blue will have told you we didn’t have sports at school. Occasionally we’d have a casual soccer game but we all sucked. We did yoga and we ran and swam. The guys here couldn’t believe no one got bullied for doing it but we were all in the same boat and as much as our farmer fathers were skeptical they loved how strong it made us and how many less injuries we got during harvests.” Deke explains.


“It is hard to imagine, rural farmers accepting their big sons doing yoga in class.” Willow says.


“Clara was a great influence on the community and sold it as using local resources. Just as school meals were provided by local farms so should PE.” Deke says.


“Really? I had no idea.” Blue says.


“Yeah well she brought it in when my brothers were just starting school and the way my mom tells it there was a lot of resistance but the kids loved it. I think a lot of the moms fought for it as it worked well for calming us all.” Deke says.


“Did the parents not worry you weren’t getting enough aerobic exercise?” Willow asks.


“Nah, we all got loads doing chores and swimming in the lake and we all go running and hiking. Unlike suburban kids our parents were happy if we came home with excess energy as they could put us to work.” Deke laughs.


“We had a different upbringing but yours sounds crazy. We got lucky that we went to normal high school I think.” Birch says.


“Blue and I think we need a club at school for survivors of communes, homeschooling and other alternate upbringings.” Willow says.


“That sounds a good idea. Ocean is in a charter school that is vegetarian and he isn’t seen as too different. I do worry that he will have problem later. But I believe in the value of his upbringing. And Blue and Spence have been terrific, if entirely different role models for him and I think they’ll see him okay.” Cheryl says.


“He’s a great kid, bright confident and happy with his own company.” Blue says.


“He really is fabulous you’ve done as great job.” Gervais says.


“Speaking of Spence can I have some veg mixes for his juice? And he asked for anything quick he an have. I’ve made another pan of soup for him but he is always hungry when he gets in and it’s often as the dining hall is closing.” Blue says.


“I’ve put aside some pies for him as they freeze well.” Cheryl says grabbing a few things.


“Thanks so much.” Blue says.


“Can you give me a hand?” Cheryl asks and Blue follows her out back.


“What’s up?” Blue asks.


“I spoke to Clara last night and she has given her attorney permission for you to deal with the house purchases. She said to tell you she’s getting two whatever the Spence situation ends up. She trusts you and she suggests you offer Bea a room. I think she’s feeling guilty. Anyway she knew you’d be out tonight and tomorrow but she needs you to go to the sales office this weekend.” Cheryl says.


“Thanks. She shouldn’t make you be an answer machine. She could have emailed.” Blue says.


“I think she is still worried that your relationship is so fragile you might not read it. She is sorry.” Cheryl says.


“Once I figured out I reminded her of him I got it. I hate it, I hate that if I have to have a father it wasn’t someone she loved or even liked.” Blue says.


“I’d no idea, she was so ashamed she kept it all in and even she didn’t know why she was being such a bitch and couldn’t control it. It is not like your momma to feel out of control.” Cheryl says.

“Unless she’s stoned.” Blue laughs.


“She’s not been for years. Maybe she should to loosen up again. Lord knows I need it.” Cheryl laughs.


“You’re doing great.” Blue says.


“If you have any shifts going I’d love to talk one. This place makes me feel more grounded, connected to home.” Willow says when they one back out.


“I might have a class for you. Blue said you’re looking to teach English and travel. If you can offer a daytime class I have some women who would appreciate it.” Cheryl says.


“Done. I’ll get your details from Blue and send you my schedule.” Willow says.


“Same if you need anyone to take an art class or art therapy. I’m not qualified yet, obviously but I’ve been around it forever.” Birch says.


“Do the same, send me your schedule.” Cheryl says with a grin.


“Thanks. I need community service hours for school and I would love to do more here. However cool I seem I do miss home sometimes.” Birch says and Blue gives him a big grin.



“Blue can we chat?” Andy asks when the guys get in.


“Sure.” Blue says.


“I can put the food away.” Gervais says with a smile.


“What’s up?” Blue asks.


“I don’t like George and Spence sharing. I know Spence isn’t taking any shit but he’s finding it exhausting. He can’t move in with me.” Andy says.


“Let’s get Robin in here.” Blue says and goes to find him.


“Thanks.” Andy says.


“Look I love having a single but I don’t mind sharing, I’d rather share with you than Andy.” Blue says as they walk back.


“I miss you, I’d love it.” Robin says with a smile.


“Okay Andy you and George can take singles, Robin and I will move back in here and Spence can have the double to himself. Which is fair as he’s always paid for a single.” Blue says.


“George won’t leave if no one is going in there.” Andy says.


“He’s right.” Robin says.


“Is Spence back yet?” Blue asks.


“No.” Andy says.


“He won’t be long. He texted me a few minutes ago.” Robin says.


“Cool, I’ll go heat him up some food.” Blue says.


“Do you think Blue and Spence are more than friends?” Andy asks.


“No they are friends. I know they’re fucking but that’s it. Just like you and Blue.” Robin says.


“Lets grab George, Gervais and DeShawn we best make this a late suite meeting so George doesn’t feel picked on.” Robin says.


“Yeah I guess. I hate that guy I wish he’d fucked off for good.” Andy says.


“Same. Blue is an idiot giving him an inch.” Robin says.


They all sit round the table and Spence is soon back and eating the food Blue puts in front of him.


“I love you so much.” Spence grins as Blue puts down his juice.


“Maybe you need to teach me how to make you a steak or something.” Blue says.


“Why don’t you just go to a drive through?” George asks annoyed that Blue is muscling in on Spence.


“I can’t do fast food every night. I need to shop and be more organized.” Spence says.


“I like helping. You could start asking us to get you take out from downstairs when we eat. Things that reheat okay and salad.” Blue says.


“This was perfect I love Cheryl’s juices. I should just buy more veg I could live on these.” Spence says.


“What are we all here for?” DeShawn asks.


“As it looks like no one is filling the empty spot we thought we should move things round. It’s silly for me to be alone in the biggest room.” Andy says.


“So Robin and I thought we would share which means the rest of you can have your own rooms. Seems fair for Spence to have the double.” Blue says looking directly at George.


Spence gives Blue a big grin, where he enjoyed sharing with George in the summer it isn’t working.


“Spence likes me in his bed.” George says.


“I do but now I’m working so much I wouldn’t mind my own room so I can just drop some nights. Sorry I don’t want you to feel pushed out.” Spence says.


“Fine. When are we doing it?” George asks.


“This weekend?” Blue asks.


“Yeah Sunday, we’ll be too hungover tomorrow. And if we pull tomorrow we’re all okay.” Andy says and George rolls his eyes.


“Everyone cool. Can I come out with you guys tomorrow?” DeShawn asks.


“Sure. Deke will be there but it’s a big club.” Gervais says.


“Okay. I’ll call him first. See you all tomorrow.” DeShawn says and they all head to bed.


“Blue.Thanks for dinner, and the other.” Spence says.


“That was Andy. He really hates George and worries.” Blue says.


“Should have realized. Well I’m glad its all sorted.” Spence says.


“I’m sorry I ever pushed you together. You know I’m going to need sanctuary when Robin has girls back.” Blue says.


“You’re welcome any time my bed is free.” Spence says hugging his friend.


“You seem to be doing so well. I love how you and Andy still care so deeply.” Blue says.


“We know what we had and we know why we split. I wish you could find someone who loved you properly. I know you’re going to mess around for a while but don’t be closed to it, its wonderful.” Spence says.


“I wish I could too. One day.” Blue says.


In the club the next night the guys are having a blast. Blue and Spence work well as wingmen for each other and they have fun dancing with a bunch of different guys but no one they particularly want to fuck. They both worry they’re being too picky.


Andy and Birch have been trying to score drinks together, neither feels like dancing.


“This is a bust, I have a bottle of tequila at mine, lets go get wasted.” Birch says.


“Yeah, lets grab a cab.” Andy says always happy to try new ass.


They begin making out in the cab and mouths stay locked until they tumble out at Birch’s place.


“You don’t live in the dorm?” Andy asks.


“Nah I have a studio, I do the whole artist thing and paint at stupid hours and I need to leave what I’m working on up. I can’t live with others.” Birch says.


“Did you ex live here?” Andy asks.


“No.” Birch says cutting down the conversation.


Andy shrugs and they go inside and strip off the little they’re wearing. The studio is a total mess but Andy doesn’t care he wants this skinny artist boy.


Andy slaps at Birch’s ass and gets a yelp and a big smile in return. They go at it hard. Andy pounds Birch who can’t get enough. He loves his new friends and knows Andy won’t develop feelings. It’s a bonus that he’s a really great fuck.


“Nice ass.” Andy says as he rolls off.


“Great cock. I needed that.” Birch says.


“I was surprised you suggested it. I thought you and Blue…” Any tails off.


“He’s a really, really great guy but not my type and I’m not looking for a relationship.” Birch says.


“He said that.” Andy says.


“Stay over. I need a break but I wanna go again later. You’re awesome.” Birch says and Andy grins.






42 thoughts on “The suite saga 88

  1. Well hopefully since Birch has been very upfront with Blue, he won’t take it too hard. I mean, blue is fucking Spence, so it’s not like he can mad at Andy lol.

    I think Blues dream guy will just appear one day when Blue is least expecting it. I think that’s the only way it can happen for Blue. When he’s looking for a relationship, he’s too needy and isn’t the kind of guy that is relationship material. I just hope he stays away from Gervais lol. He and Andy, spence, Deshawn, etc can fill up plenty of nights together.


          1. That is what I thought. Maybe I am reading into it too much I am not sure Blue will be 100% OK with this. Another thing to list of things Andy does to upset Blue I suppose.


      1. I was hoping Birch would end up just being a really good friend. Someone that Blue shared similar experiences and would be there for blue as a friend, confidant, and brother. Blue needs a guy friend that isn’t sexually involved with him. A true best friend, not a FWB. Maybe that’s not how you see him Sam, but that was my hope. Blue can get hundreds of guys for sex, but what he’s never had yet is a true friend.


      2. Yes Robin a good friend, but there’s still a hint of sexual chemistry between them. I wish blue had a guy friend who shared no sexual chemistry with. Just a true friend. Robin is as close as he’s had. Either way, I just want blue to be happy.


          1. When birch said that Blue is not his type is this like Gervais where he feels intimidated or is this a case he is trying to rationalise just having Sex with one of Blue’s friends?


                1. No more if you’ve just had sex admitting you like a guys friend would be bad. Not that I’m saying that was what it was. Birch may just not see blue that way.


                  1. Sorry I guess I do hold Andy up to a high standard since he is supposed to be someone that we thought genuinely cared about Blue. He is probably someone that knows blue better than most and the way he did disappear on Blue at a time when Blue needed him must is something I still have not accepted 😦

                    Btw not criticising your writing just dirty on Andy


                    1. He and Blue were very close then he dropped him, treated blue like shit and expected forgiveness it was shitty and both Spence and Gervais (and even Dylan) have worked harder to make amends.
                      It’s not you’re standards he’s been shitty but I don’t think that the Birch issue is bad, yet.

                      Liked by 1 person

      3. Birch was pretty clear he didn’t want a relationship when he met Blue. So if Blue expects more, then it’s really his own fault for not respecting birch’s boundaries. Blue is in love with the idea of love. Right now, he doesn’t need a relationship, and especially one between two people who are just coming out of bad relationships. That has disaster written all over it. If he and Birch really do have chemistry, which I’ve not seen yet, then they both need to put a few notches on their belts and not rush into anything. Blue needs to just be slutty, carefree, and single for a while. My two cents any way 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Has he been completely upfront tho all he has told blue is he has had a bad breakup and not ready to date Blue does not know he is not Birch type at all.

      I guess this is a moot point as Blue is not looking for love anyway.


        1. That is something I am finding hard to accept on Andy’s Case. If I knew one of my friends had a crush on a guy no way would I have sex with them. Was Andy being maybe vengeful in being turned down with Blue even though he still has not apologised for treating Blue so badly recently. Come on Andy man up lol

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Yeah I mean they have had sex and as Robin basically said Andy is not exactly exclusive with who Andy will fuck. Then Andy gets his nose of of joint because Blue said he would never consider a relationship with Andy as he is a terrible boyfriend and Blue is not basing this only on how Andy treated Spence on occasions but the terrible way he has been treated by Andy himself considering they were supposed to be close friends it’s not that much of a stretch really to Think nothing would be different in a relationship.


            1. I am one of the few here who loves the fact it’s a close friendship with two people who care for one another and play around on occasions nothing more 🙂


  2. Glad birch said blue isn’t his type. I’m still hoping for a Blue/Gervais reunion. Clara getting stoned may actually help the bitch lighten up. I believe the title of number one bitch is shared by Bea and George. Andy and Birch is a good match for me. Not going to lie would love to see Willow hit on Bea that would be hilarious.


    1. I think Willow is way too cool for Bea. Blue does like Birch a little and it’ll be interesting to see how he reacts this time to someone he likes being with Andy.


                1. That is true just the way George treated him and he weaselled himself back in and then tried to stab Blue in the back as a result.

                  I just think the stuff George has done is worse than anything anyone else has done but knowing me I am likely overthinking the situation lol

                  Glad that Spence had Blue’s back over George tho 🙂


                    1. Not telling you what to do but at least the other characters had redeeming qualities or in Dylan’s case was a major misunderstanding.

                      George was more calculating and devious and is the character I like least at this point. But that is just my feelings I just think for what he did to blue he is beyond redemption. He is no better than Chris in all honesty 😦

                      Liked by 1 person

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