The suite saga 90

“What is this about?” Blue asks.


“I shouldn’t be saying this but I don’t believe a word. You’ve had consistently high grades since you’ve been here and you came to us with excellent credentials. We’ve had reports that you cheated on the recent exams.” The dean says on the walk to his office where Blue’s chemistry professor is already seated.


“Now all your professors believe your exam results are genuine but one.” The dean says.


“I’m sorry Blue it isn’t that I believe you’re a cheat your work is always of a high standard but no one ever score so highly on the final or the final and midterm combined.” The chemistry professor says.


“So I was too smart for your class.” Blue laughs.


“I’m just saying your marks were an anomaly.” The professor says.


“Which is enough to lend credence to the allegations. But because you are a good student and in our previous encounters you’ve shown yourself to be of good character we are offering you a chance to clear your name rather than take this to a tribunal. You can take 3 exams from courses you’ve taken since being here and if the scores are in line then we’ll clear you.” The dean says.

“When?” Blue asks.

“Today.” The dean says.

“But I won’t be prepared. I can’t get the same scores, I have a good memory but it isn’t photographic.” Blue says.

“We understand that and will give you leeway but we expect you to show full understanding of the material.” The chemistry professor says.

“And if I say no?” Blue asks.

“We’ll take it to tribunal where if they find against you you’ll be asked to leave.” The dean says.

“And if I am exonerated. What happens to the person who accused me?” Blue asks.

“They will be disciplined.” The dean says.

“Can they be expelled?” Blue asks.

“You sound concerned what do you care?” The professor asks.

“I imagine it is my twin brother who did this and much as I dislike him it would cause a lot of hassle if he were expelled over me.” Blue says.

“Twin brother?” The deans asks confused.

“He’s a freshman, our triplet sister is here too. They were raised by our dad, me by our mom, I didn’t know they existed true parent trap style without any wish to get our parents together or becoming BFFs.” Blue says.

“I had no idea. Always the drama with you.” The dean says.

“Right and I found out last semester which made my final scores all the more surprising. I’ll take the tests.” Blue says.

“Okay we’ve prepared a study room for you and an invigilator. We’ll need to see you switch off your cell phone and I’ll lock your backpack in my drawer. We’ll supply you with writing implements and anything else you’ll need.” The dean says.

“You knew I’d take the tests.” Blue laughs shutting off his phone, emptying his pockets and handing them his bag and jacket.

“We don’t need your jacket.” The dean says.

“I have my clothes and student id and that’s it. That way there is no doubts.” Blue says and the dean and professor smile.

When Blue gets to the study room Brad is in there waiting.

“Hey man sorry to take up your day.” Blue says.

“No problem, always good to be owed a favor by the dean.” Brad grins.

“You have the first paper then a break to use the bathroom and have a break. Then the second paper. After that you can have lunch and Brad will supervise you. Then the third paper.” The dean says.

“I know one will be chem but what about the others?” Blue asks.

“You’ll find out when you get them.” The professor says.

Brad smiles and runs through the timings for the first paper and sits back and gets on with his work as Blue begins to write. Everything comes back easily and Blue whizzes through the exam and finishes early.

“Can we go for coffee?” Blue asks Brad.

“Sure. I just have to file this on the way. You must love chemistry or you blew it to get thrown out.” Brad says.

“It wasn’t so long since finals, it helps we’ve only had a week of classes so my head wasn’t all full of new things.” Blue says.

“How are you doing? In general. I honestly didn’t believe it when you walked in.” Brad says.

“I’m okay. I’m single and trying to have fun. I have a shit tonne of family stuff going on and I’m not handing it well. How is your study going?” Blue asks.

“Great, I am loving it. I am really loving it. It’s nice to be focusing on my work and not dealing with all the club business. I got a little crazy and I’m glad to have stepped back.” Brad says.

“And your love life?” Blue asks.

“Non-existent. I thought I had the one but he’s gone .I need to keep my head down this year.” Brad says.

“You’re welcome to join us on a Friday night. We hit a club after climbing each week.” Blue says.

“I think hanging with undergrads isn’t the best idea for me right now but thanks.” Brad says and Blue laughs.

Blue breezes through the second paper and over lunch tells Brad about his new family and his suspicion that its his brother setting him up.

“Blue you have way too much going on to have to deal with this. If you weren’t such a strong student I’d suggest taking a leave of absence.” Brad says.

“My neighbor just did a semester abroad. I was thinking I could try that. Just get away but it feels like it would be running away.” Blue says.

“It would be good for you. Might stretch you to go somewhere prestigious overseas. I wouldn’t be able to have done what you’re doing and I never cheated.” Brad says.

“I never cheated either. When your high school class has 5 other people in its hard to know where you will measure up against everyone else at college and how much effort will be required.” Blue says.

“Academically you adjusted so well, sounds like you probably do a lot more than is required but academics are not the issue for you. Your personal life is out of control and not all of it is out of your control.” Brad says.


“I know. I need to stop fucking my friends and master the one night stand.” Blue laughs.


“Come on lets go get your final final done and get you exonerated.” Brad says. He can’t believe the volume of shit Blue is drowning in. He was a green smalltown kid when they met but he knew himself and whenever they met later he seemed strong and growing. Now he’s beaten down and drowning.


The final paper Blue struggles a little to get started its for a class he took a year ago not last semester. But suddenly he remembers a couple of papers he did for the class and is flying. His inner nerd comes out and he enjoys himself.


Brad leads him back to the dean’s office when he’s done and the professor who set the final paper is there and reads through it.


“It’s an A paper no question. It’s very strong.” The professor says with a smile. She always like Blue as he was a good participant in class but didn’t dominate or hog office hours.


“Well they were shortened papers but I’m still impressed that you kept focus all day and turned in 3 A papers. You again would have got full marks on the chem paper and Professor Jones has sent a full apology for doubting you.” The dean says.


“There was no way he cheated today. He couldn’t work that quickly and be getting answers unless he’s totally telepathic.” Brad says with a grin.


“Thanks. I kinda had fun. It was a good challenge to pull everything out of my brain.” Blue says with a smile.


“There will be a disciplinary hearing for the student who knowingly falsely accused you. We’ll contact you when you need to be there.” The dean says.


“Thanks and I’m sorry my family caused all this trouble.” Blue says and takes his stuff and leaves shaking his head.


“How does that happen? A great student like that being part of someones revenge fantasy.” The professor shakes her head.


“I don’t know any student that could have turned in such high quality answers under this sort of pressure. I hate to admit it but he ought to be somewhere that can really push him.” The dean says.


“He’s had a lot to get used to. He didn’t know how he’d adjust to the city and he had no clue he was smart. Can you believe that? Today at lunch he said he had no way to tell because his high school was so small.” Brad laughs.


“Have a good day?” Gervais asks Blue as they sit down to dinner.


“No, I almost got kicked out of school today.” Blue says and tells Gervais about his day.


“Who the fuck? Chris?” Gervais asks.


“I don’t know. That was my first thought then I thought maybe George or Bea.” Blue shrugs.


“Bea is super smart and she knows you are too. Probably Bea and I are the only one who knew you could breeze through extra exams. Even if they had done them verbally. Actually I bet George and Chris would have an idea.” Gervais says.


“Great now you’ve exhausted my list of suspects.” Blue says with a smile.

“I’m coming with you to the tribunal. I’m not letting you face them alone.” Gervais says.


“Thanks. It’s really annoying me now. I get that people don’t like me, that the way I am just makes people hate me and yes sometimes I fuck up. If Chris knows about us I get it but honestly we always talk about how you should have dumped him when you found out but he should never, ever have gone for you.” Blue says.


“I am so sorry that I kept it going. That I lied about my feelings for him to you. I thought I was protecting you from him and I was just hiding and behaving badly.” Gervais says.


“You’ve apologized enough. More than enough. We’re too close to not get over this. You don’t think it was Andy do you?” Blue asks.


“No Andy is fucking up left and right but the loves you.” Gervais says.


“He fucked Birch. I know I can’t reserve guys for the future and maybe we’ll only ever be friends but dammit the first guy I meet from my world who is gay and I don’t include Deke as he’s a farm boy. Birch and Willow got me from the first minute and I’ll keep up with the friendship but it hurt.” Blue says.


“Finally you’re admitting you’re human. I love you Blue but you put up with way too much from all of us. It is okay to be mad and jealous.” Gervais says.


“Thanks. I just felt so stupid inviting Justin on Sunday and then when Birch and Willow arrived I couldn’t look at him and had to get out of there. I got over it and its fine. Neither Birch or I are looking for a relationship, he’s a great guy so I’m going to work on the friendship.” Blue says with a smile.


“That sounds healthy. You need to give Andy a major time out. Moving out was the right thing for you, I wish I could too sometimes. I hate George being around I want to push him off the roof sometimes.” Gervais says.


“I feel bad for George. I feel like he hasn’t worked out how to act with guys and we’re all telling him he’s getting it wrong but none of us are doing much good at showing how a good relationship works. Even Elliot and Jesse were dysfunctional at times.” Blue says.


“And his parents are lovely but weird with each other. Still he knows how to treat people and he went full psycho at Spence, at least he worked up to it with you and fuck he and Spence were not even dating.” Gervais says.


“I love that we can be properly open when we talk again.” Blue says.


“Me too. You need to talk to Robin. I think he’s hurt you didn’t talk to him about leaving.” Gervais says.


“I owe Robin some proper time.” Blue says.


“Want to come see him now?” Gervais asks.


“Not yet. I’ll call him.” Blue says.


The following afternoon Gervais gets notification of the tribunal. He assumes that Blue added him as his support and thinks nothing of it. He and Blue wait outside the room at 3 both surprised it is happening so fast and the culprit isn’t being given more time to prepare.


“It’ll be okay. Don’t feel guilty.” Gervais says as they wait.


Blue reaches for Gervais hand and feels like he is the one on trial.


Brad comes round the corner and looks confused.


The dean and some other faculty arrive and they all go in.


“So Gervais do you understand what you’re being accused of?” The dean asks.


“What? I’m here to support Blue.” Gervais says confused.


“Did you not read the email?” Brad asks.


“Just the time and place. I told Blue I’d come and support him. I thought that was why I got it.” Gervais says.


“Gervais didn’t accuse me.” Blue says confused.


“That’s the details we have. We have a photocopy of his ID and  they signed the page.” The dean says.


“It wasn’t Gervais.” Blue says.


“It really wasn’t. Blue is my best friend.” Gervais says.


“I was confused when I got the paperwork. Especially when I remembered how much help Blue was to Gervais when his dad passed.” The dean says.


“We can’t just take his word for it. His id was shown, he had no problem not being anonymous. I assume he doesn’t have a twin.” One of the faculty say.


“When did it happen? I mean you must have taken a few days to sort out my extra exams. Maybe Gervais has an alibi.” Blue says.


“Was it my driving license used or my student id that they used?” Gervais asks getting his wallet out.


“You think Chris took your id? He couldn’t pass for you.” Blue says.


“I don’t know. They’re both here anyway and I don’t remember either going missing.” Gervais says.


“Let me see.” Brad says. The conviction of both guys is quite endearing and he feels the need to help them out. Knowing Blue would be devastated if Gervais was punished. Gervais passes over his id and the photocopy is passed to Brad.


“This isn’t Gervais. The picture on the copy isn’t him but the details match Gervais student id. Do you know who it is?” Brad asks handing the copy to the boys to look at the picture.



52 thoughts on “The suite saga 90

  1. I don’t know any student that could have turned in such high quality answers under this sort of pressure. I hate to admit it but he ought to be somewhere that can really push him.” The dean says.

    thats my boy!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gervais is a horrible person but I don’t think even he would do so,etching that mean to Blue. I hope it’s George cause that little twat is evil. I don’t like him much and never did. Blue needs to go out and get slutty after this to clear his head and his pipes. As long as it ain’t Gervais he uses to clean them ha. Maybe blue needs a good romp in the hay with Robin. They ain’t been together in a while.


  3. I am sorry when my previous post about the faculties why of handling this matter sounded condescending. It wasn’t meant that way.

    The only thing that didn’t made sense to me was the part where the Dean clearly mentioned he doesn’t really believe Gervais would do that to Blue because of the help Blue gave him. So he suspected something off and that should have led him to check the complain more thoroughly.

    If the Dean wouldn’t seem so personally involved with Blue and Gervais I wouldn’t question anything at all as I don’t suspect the Dean or anyone on the Tribunal to know from checking a photocopied ID to see the photo is wrong.

    It’s just sounds like the Dean knows both guys a little bit more than the usual student.

    Maybe if you ever ‘revise’ this story that is one thing to iron out.
    *coughs* In that case I would be willing to offer editorial services.

    Cheers and thanks for this crazy and sometimes nearly insane stuff,


    1. Knowing Gervais’s name doesn’t necessarily mean he’d know him on sight so it’s possible the Dean saw the name and thought it was odd. The Dean is likely familiar with Blue after all the dorm drama in their first year. While Gervais was involved in that too, it’s possible Blue shielded him as much as possible so the dean wouldn’t necessarily have seen much of Gervais during that debacle. Blue, however, seems to be quite recognizable.

      Also, the fact that it was done quickly and the don’t automatically expect someone to use a fake student ID would lead to the misunderstanding. And it may be someone’s photo that looked similar enough that it would withstand a cursory review but not close scrutiny.

      Alternately, it wouldn’t really matter about a fake ID if they never really expected Blue to pass the exam retakes with flying colors. I still vote for George and his merry band of misfits. If he’s not the ringleader orchestrating it he certainly encouraged it. Especially the way he played Blue down to be an idiot. I don’t think George ever really believed Blue is nearly as smart as he is.


      1. The dean met Gervais when he was told about his fathers death. It was several months prior but yeah I didn’t figure a grainy copy would be looked at for more than a second if at all.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. And if the difference wasn’t glaringly obvious, such as someone of a different race, it’s easy enough to understand how it may have been mistaken for legit.


      3. True, but I never had him pegged for it anyways. DeShawn just wants to keep his head down and do his thing. There doesn’t seem to be much drama surrounding him and Blue having sex. There aren’t any unresolved emotional attachments as it was just scratching the itch. There doesn’t appear to be lingering animosity with Dylan about it and the three of them (D, D, and B) seem have settled back into their friendships. It’s really the only true one off that Blue’s had with the suite group.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hmm. Inner circle. Gervias wouldn’t screw up his education would he just to try to get George outta the picture? I don’t think so but I mean who else would have the best opportunity tho to put a fake id in his wallet. He is working on a game too with them so he would be smart enough… But he would lose way to much if he is found out… His education, not close to Blue, not to mention what Blues mom might think of him then of course with Clara it’s hard to say. But really who else would be able to get to his wallet other then Chris unless he was careless and left it lay around well he was out some where. Gervias may be a lot of things but careless hasn’t seemed to been one of them. And the fact I guess Sam said he wouldn’t write out any of the main chars. Hmm.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Arrgh I’ve been unclear. The photo id they had a photocopy of had Gervais info on and someone else’s picture. Brad was comparing Gervais genuine id to the photocopy and saw straight away it wasn’t Gervais.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So, the guy in the used fake ID is the one who filed the complain. Which points to one of the nerd brigade, as Brad doesn’t seem to know the person from the picture and Brad knows most of the people close to Blue.
        So this rules out Robin, Andy, Spence, Gervais, Jesse and Elliott. Not sure if he has seen George, so he might still be a candidate, as is Chris.

        The only thing that I find pretty strange is, that the Dean who obviously knows Blue and Gervais, didn’t notice that the ID was fake in the beginning. Doesn’t a ‘tribunal’ check the available documents beforehand? Seeing how the Dean was knowledgable about Blue helping Gervais with his fathers death makes it pretty unbelievable that he didn’t check the photocopy and notice the fake ID. The personal knowledge indicatees to me that he (the Dean) knows B and G from more than just heresay.

        No wonder the Dean himself said Blue would be better served in an intellectual more challenging faculty. This college sure does look like a joke right know or is maintained pretty unprofessional.


        1. I don’t think anyone expected fake id so didn’t look too closely. They threw it together very fast and mentioned not following the full process. We know their first year the college had issues with classes not being as expected and the schemes for honors students not running. They spend a shit tonne on housing and little else. Tis a bit of a joke 😜


      2. Sam,
        Your writing was very clear. No where did you write that someone changed out Gervais id in his wallet. I don’t know what people read sometimes.
        P.s. Quit with theses damn cliffhangers. LOL!

        Liked by 3 people

        1. We need cliffhangers these last few chapters with massive ones have been averaging 50 comments or so all with us discussing what will happen or just plain bitching who us the biggest twat at the moment (no surprise I vote for Andy as biggest twat at moment)

          Liked by 2 people

      3. So I don’t want to be like some gossipy old woman or nothing but what if it was Andy to try and get back at Blue for fucking Spence? He’s been too quiet like he’s plotting something. I don’t trust him now.


  5. Wouldn’t it be super funny if it was one of Georges nerd buddies (esoecially the one that Blue took down a notch) using Georges photo.
    Then George could get into some drama from the faculty until they find the real culprit. Maybe he would see what he is doing to others…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oh nice thinking this could be. Would be nice to see George in a bit of drama before he goes away for good… Hmm.


    2. I think you’re right. It’s possibly the nerd Blue took down a peg. Especially since it was the Chemistry teacher that had the doubt. I do think George was involved though. Someone would have to get close to get Gervais’ id.


      1. My thinking is George swiped the ID and the nerd did the deed.

        It has to be someone in their circle to do this since when we are in the comfort of our own homes we leave our wallets laying about so someone who has access.
        George is the most likely candidate in that case but then as Sam said would George risk his scholorship but then hate can make us do irrational things and it’s known George could not stand Gervais especially when Gervais started to get really protective about Blue when George started to treat him really badly.


      2. Erm… I still don’t get how Gervais ID is necessary. Gervais had both his Student ID and his Driving License. Brad only said that the copy of the ID clearly hadn’t Gervais picture. To me that sounds more like a fake ID was used, which makes it even worse for those involved.
        I am pretty convinced Gervais ID was never ‘borrowed’, nor accidently exchanged. At least I don’t get the impression from the last paragraphs.

        I don’t mind if George was involved in getting the scheme going, but being caught as collateral in case he didn’t was in on this, would have some kind of poetic justice.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Oops my bad I misinterpreted thought his ID was switched or something.

            So since someone close is not required I am back to blaming George nerd friends since they have massive egos and think for Blue to get good test results obviously he is cheating and being friends of George obviously they resent Gervais for Blue and George breaking up even tho he had planned it anyway but George obviously would of painted a picture that makes him look the victim.


  6. The more I think about this the more I think Gervais may of being the real target and Blue was simply collateral damage.

    My way of reasoning is it’s obviously someone in their circle since they were able to switch out Gervais ID and obviously they know blue so would know he is quite smart and would be more than capable of acing his resubmitted tests.
    Yet framing Gervais in this way would lead to him getting kicked out of College.


  7. We are all probably wrong but I think it was George also… He is mad at Blue for the breakup and the room switch causing him to not be with Spence… And probably other things… And I can’t think of anyone else that is smart enough to do the hacking and the fake ids except George and his nerd buddies.
    Kinda messed up tho by putting the wrong id back in Gervais’s wallet…

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes he was also the guy Blue used to go to for vegetarian meals before he started going to Cheryl and he was the guy that organised for blue to be in a threesone with him and his boyfriend back when Blue was green and naive.


      1. Then again maybe his egocentric friends did it on his behalf.

        I mean they think they are smarter than anyone remember that priceless moment when Blue rubbed in their face how smart he is.

        Gotta give it to you Sam you really make us think lol

        Liked by 1 person

  8. The plot thickens. Still feels like George to me since it would have been obvious if it was Chris in the picture on the fake student id.


      1. LOL! Sorry – I’m still a softie for Blue and Gervais – eventually, after they’ve all ‘grown up’….

        I’m down to Chris or George – Chris because he’s just a conniving bitch and George- he’s mad and them both – plus if he leaves, it makes for room back in the suite for Blue!


        1. But then blue will have to put up with Andy’s BS which is the big unresolved issue at the moment. George drama are only a small bump in the road while Andy is like a mountain lol

          Like you I also have a soft spot for Gervais and Blue but due to Blue trust issues it seems anyone who has ever cheated on their parter is now blacklisted from future relationships with Blue.


      2. All our different theories I bet are more interesting to read for you than us badgering you for a RUE relationship or begging for one or every interaction between them being read into more than it should lol


        1. I honestly love all of it. Things like RUE take me by surprise. But I did write a beautiful friendship at the beginning and can see how people follow through the fantasy of being Blue to win over the best friend.
          The theories help a lot too and make me a little more careful.


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