The suite saga 92

Blue comes into the room with the professor from the ethics committee and her little girl.

“Who is your friend Gervais?” She asks.

“Shit.” Blue and Gervais mutter.

“Hi lady I’m Ocean. Are you Ava’s mommy?” Ocean asks saving the day.

“Get out back.” Gervais whispers to George.

“I am Ava’s mommy.” She says with a smile and Gervais and Blue exhale.

“Did you like class Ava? You were really good. Do you do gymnastics?” Ocean ever confident asks.


“I do ballet. You were good too.” Ava says shyly.


“Blue we loved the classes. You boys are doing great community work.” She says.

“Thanks. I hope you both come back.” Blue says.

“That was close.” Gervais says once they leave.

“She would never have recognized George from that picture.” Blue says.

George comes back out and Cheryl, Birch, Willow and Deke join them for dinner.

“Nice to see you George.” Cheryl says.

“Thanks its been too long. Your food is always amazing.” George says with a smile.

“Who was the woman with the pretty little girl?” Cheryl asks.

“She was on the ethics tribunal that Blue and I were at yesterday. She’s pretty nice.” Gervais says.

“I like Ava. She has pointy toes.” Ocean says with a smile.

“Your toes are getting pretty good too. You’re so strong now we’re going to have to make you work harder.” Blue says.

“I love gymnastics and yoga. My gymnastics teacher says my yoga body is helpful but I need to get stronger arms. Spence makes me do a million dips.” Ocean grumbles.

“Dips?” Willow asks.

“On parallel bars. I don’t mind. I hate circles thought if you’re bad you have to do circles and they make you sore and my butt sore when I fall off.” Ocean says making them all laugh.


“Are you coming out with us tomorrow?” Blue asks Birch.

“Yeah of course. Its so great to have a social life away from school.” Birch says.

“Will you still make it to class on Saturday?” Willow asks.

“Yes, I don’t drink when we’re out. I am loving your class its really getting all my flexibility back.” Blue says.

“Blue you are basically saying you wont hookup Friday night.” Gervais says.

“Look I’m getting over my latest disaster.” Blue says.

“We broke up ages ago.” George says.

“I had a disaster much more recently. I met someone and it was so quick I wasn’t sure it had started.” Blue says.

“Mind your words.” Cheryl laughs.

“I’m trying.” Blue laughs.

“You really need to get to the sales office for the houses this weekend. I have had your momma on the phone asking why you didn’t get there yet.” Clara says.

“I clean forgot. Willow please remind me on Saturday.” Blue says.

“Are you coming to brunch? I could come with you after.” Birch says.

“Yes and that would be perfect. Thank-you.” Blue says.

“Is there Sunday dinner this week?” Willow asks.

“Yeah I’m cooking with Robin.” Gervais says.

“Can I help?” George asks.

“That sounds good.” Gervais says.

“Cheryl you and Ocean are always welcome too.” Blue says.

“Thank you but Ocean is competing on Sunday and will be going out with his team after.” Cheryl says.

“Best of luck buddy.” Blue asks.

“How come you’re not building robots?” Blue asks George on the way home,

“Needed to tell you something that couldn’t wait, but couldn’t say as the lady from the tribunal arrived.” George says and Blue nods,

They say goodnight to Deke and go to the suite, Elliot and Jesse are there watching TV with Robin and Andy.

“Come to my room a minute: George says.

“Since when were they hanging out again?” Jesse asks.

“Blue and his endless capacity to forgive.” Robin grins.

“Unless you are me,” Andy

“You have to apologize to be forgiven,” Robin says and Andy scowls.

Blue, George and Gervais come back out, Blue is white and shaking.

“You Okay?” Robin asks.

“Ask Elliot.” Blue says.

“Did you decide what you’re going to do?” Elliot asks.

“George only just told me.” Blue says,

“You have to Jesse or I will.” Gervais says,

“Tell me what?” Jesse asks,

Elliot looks at Gervais with pleading eyes.

“I’m not going to tell school but I cannot speak these two.” Blue says.

“I’d hate for you to lose everything for one mistake.” George says.

“It was him?” Robin asks shocked

“My brother paid him.” Blue says.

“Paid him for what?” Andy asks.

Elliot looks at Blue again, tears streaming from his eyes.

Gervais starts at the beginning and tells the whole story right through. Andy and Jesse sit there shocked end Robin gasps when he tells of what George overheard.


“What is going on?” Spence asks coming in to a room in silence.


“Chris paid Elliot to try and get Blue, Gervais and George kicked out of school.” Andy says.


“Is money really that tight for you two? With your scholarships and jobs I thought you were doing okay.” Spence says.


“We do okay but we barely live. You guys have seen that and moving was a mistake.” Jesse says.


“But it was such an extreme thing to do.” Blue says.

“Can we talk privately?’ Jesse asks Blue.

“Use my room,” Spence says.

“Gervais come too,” Blue says.

“I had no idea at all. If he had told me I never, ever would have gone along with it, I would have stopped him, I think George is a jerk but I’ve nothing against you two. You’ve both helped us out loads and I really, really appreciate it. Will you hold it against me if I stay with him?” Jesse asks.

“No but I will think less of you, I know if we don’t graduate it isn’t the end of the world. But he has put his own place here at risk. Even if we don’t tell Chris might. It’s your future he was messing with.” Gervais says.

“I can share with Spence for a few days if you want to use my room for some space.” Blue says.

“I honestly don’t know how I can trust him now. Things have been rough. Moving out was such a bad move. I’m a slob which is why us sharing a single here any longer was out but those guys are animals. I hate it. He hates it. His grades have dropped since we’re working extra jobs and he’s barely clinging to his scholarship. We’re fighting all the time and now this. If we break up we can’t afford to move out. I don’t know what to do.” Jesse cries.

“We won’t pressure you. It’s not fair that you are being punished too.” Blue says.

“Thanks, it is so frustrating. I hate that our families have given up on us. We really tried to reconcile but both of us are fully cut off now and he’ll have nothing without me. I told him he should drop one of his jobs and concentrate on his grades and I guess he saw a shortcut, man we only had to get through this semester, Dylan’s mom has offered me a really well paid summer job and I could live with them and so save almost everything. Next year would have been easier.” Jesse says,

“My mom is buying 2 houses now so there is a room for you next year, its near a bus route and with so many of us you’d be able to get rides most days. You don’t have to decide anything now, And congrats on the job that is so cool.” Blue says.

“You mean it about a room for me next year?” Jesse asks,

“Yeah. If you’re free Saturday Birch and I are going over there.” Blue says.

“I’ll see if I can swap my shift, Thanks Blue I can’t believe you’re thinking of me when this is going on.” Jesse says,

“It’s easier than thinking about what to do about Chris. We can’t tell school without Elliot being sprung and none of us want that.” Blue says.

“I’d like to kill him in cold blood.” Gervais says and Jesse smiles through his tears.

“He’s awful.” Jesse says.

“I’m sorry you found out in public.” Gervais says,

“It’s fine. I’m glad it was you. I trust you, I knew you weren’t lying.” Jesse says.

The three stand and hug before going back through.

“Is it okay for me to come in with you for a couple of nights?” Blue asks Spence.

“I’d love that,” Spence smiles, he really wants to hug his friend close and talk to him about Chris.

“I’ll go and get some things now. Jesse shall we go via yours?” Blue asks.

“That would be great, just give me a minute with Elliot outside.” Jesse says.

“What a shit storm.” Andy says.

“I cannot wait for tomorrow night. I might skip climbing and pregame here.” Blue says with a grin.

“I’ll get the beers in.” Spence says.

“Sounds good.” Andy says.

“Maybe not. I have early yoga Saturday, I don’t want to stink the place up.” Blue says.

“Because of me?” Andy asks and Blue ignores him.

Robin moves to sit by Blue and puts his arm around him and Gervais and George are cuddled up in a chair. Chris might have tried to blast the group apart but they came out stronger.

“Are you going to tell Clara?” George asks.

“I don’t know. I need to think. Are we all agreed we are not telling school?” Blue asks.

“Yeah I don’t think we need to fuck up Elliot’s life.” George says.

“They might not believe us anyway.” Gervais says.

“I’m ready.” Jesse says opening the door.

“What can we do about Chris?” George asks when Blue has gone.

“I have an idea. I will talk to Blue about it tonight. Sorry to be evasive but I feel like I should run it by him first.” Spence says.

“I’m telling Clara.” Andy says.

“Can we not make that choice together?” Gervais complains.

“I’m telling her now before Chris spins her some other Story. She will believe me, she might not you two, given your breakup and Blue’s general dislike.” Andy says.

“What about me?” Elliot asks, he’s been stood in the doorway listening.

“Fucking come to me if you’re that desperate for cash. I thought your jobs covered you.” Spence says.

“I’m worried about summer. I’ll need money upfront for a Place, even if it’s a cheap sublet. I don’t want to always sponge off you guys.” Elliot says.

“You could work at camp, it’s not much but your room is covered.” George says.

“It isn’t enough. My grades were down last semester, work has got harder and I’ve less time to study. I don’t have a fallback and unless I go back in the closet and show my parents I’m straight and begging god for forgiveness I won’t have one.” Elliot complains.

“My brother needs a summer nanny. If you’re good with taking my nephew to the park, the pool and to kids events then I’ll let them know you’ll do it. You’d live in, do long hours, and sometimes have to deal with the baby but given your family I imagine it would be easy for you. They’d also be more than willing to pay cash if it makes you a bit cheaper.” Spence says.

“Why would you do him a favor?” Andy asks.

“Because he’s sorry and he wouldn’t have done it if he wasn’t a mess. We didn’t help and let him and Jesse leave when we should have been more understanding.” Spence says.

“Wow Blue has really changed you.” George says.

“What’s wrong with that?’ Spence asks.

“Nothing, it’s really nice.” Gervais says his crush growing.

“Can I sleep here tonight? On the couch.” Elliot asks.

“Sure. I hate Chris for doing this to you. He knew how hard up you were.” George says.

“I think Jesse knowing is enough.” Gervais says.

“Agreed, trying to drop me in it was malicious but I’m certain you wouldn’t have tried to get at me if it hadn’t been for Chris.” George says.

“You guys are nuts.” Andy says.

“What because you are a terrible friend we should be too?” Spence asks.

“Whatever.” Andy says and goes to his room.

“Man I know it took me some time to admit what I did to Blue was wrong but what is his problem with just saying sorry?” George asks.

“I have no idea. He seems to think Blue hasn’t made time for him over his family issues but whenever anyone suggests it’s because he dropped Blue when things improved with Spence and he has his own shit to deal with Andy just denies it.” Robin says.

Blue comes back a few minutes later.

“Is Jesse okay?” Elliot asks and Blue shrugs.

“Let’s go talk, I have an idea.” Spence says.

“What is it?” Blue asks when they are in Spence’s room.

“What if I paid Chris to go away?” Spence asks.

“What do you mean?” Blue asks.

“I offer him one sum of money to leave you and alone the rest of this semester and a second sum to transfer at the end of the year.” Spence says.

“Why should he be rewarded for what he’s done?” Blue asks.

“Because he’d be out of your hair. I want to make you feel safe!” Spence says.

“I didn’t do anything to him. I was born and that’s it. I was rejected by his family and so he’s mad at me for being brought up by momma. None of that was under my control.” Blue sighs.

“No and it isn’t under your control that he’s a nasty, vindictive, psychopath. But he is. He is awful. He has been awful to you from the start. Chris went after Gervais before you knew he existed, He planned that and he can only have planned it to hurt you.” Spence says.

“He’d come back for more. He wouldn’t go away and stay away.” Blue says.

“I’d make the second payment contingent on him staying away until you graduate.” Spence says.

“I’d pay you back. It might take a while, I couldn’t use momma’s money to do it.” Blue says.

“I want to do this for you. You do so much for everyone. Let me take care of you.” Spence says.

Blue nods.

They hold each other for a long time before they start to kiss each other gently. Turning to each other for comfort has become natural to the pair.

They kiss for a long, long time and slowly undress each other. They make love slowly and carefully wanting to make it last. Spence’s gentle moans intensify as Blue pushes harder and deeper. They cling to each other and ride the wave.

After they keep holding each other and kiss gently. Spence loves being in Blue’s strong arms. Something has shifted between them and for the first time they both feel they have an equal in their bed and it feels good.


52 thoughts on “The suite saga 92

  1. I get Spence and Blue as lovers but not as a couple, they are just not that compatible. And Gervais seems too weak and needy for Spence. I mean I don’t believe that any of them will live up to Andy as in relationship the two of them had and I think still have (emotionally at least). But hook ups between Blue and Spence are always hot, and I mean HOOOOOT

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I don’t understand why everyone should forgive Elliott. He pulled a total dick move, even for the excuse of needing money. I dont care how bad it is, you don’t fuck over your friends and that is exactly what Elliott did. Sam, I hope you don’t have Spence pay Chris anything, he should burn, what he did was inexcusable and a karma slap is the only thing he should get from anyone.


  3. I think Blue and Andy could be friends again given Blue’s forgiving nature… But the ball right now is in Andy’s court… Andy has to stand up and be the first to talk to Blue and appologize. I don’t think Blue is being unreasonable this time. He has got his backbone back and he isn’t letting Andy walk on him this time. But if Andy would approach Blue and truly appologize I think Blue could find it in him to forgive him. But I don’t see them ever being quite as close as they were.

    I think Andy knows he really messed it up this time and hes afraid of the rejection of Blue not forgiving him thats why he hasn’t tried to make up. And he possibly knows that the friendship won’t ever be the same.

    I could be reading a whole lot of nothing into this but thats how I feel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe he does not want to put the effort in to regain his trust?

      Look at all the work spence, Gervais, Dylan and Robin put in to repair the friendship or in dylan’s case to become friends 🙂


  4. I really dont ever see Andy and Blue together not unless Andy has a real come to Jesus moment. Spence and Gervais not unless Gervais grows up a whole lot. In ways he is worse then Andy. I could see Spence and Blue together except for the whole vineyard thing thats not Spences cup of tea and that was proven when Spence visited Andy at the retreat.

    I agree it should go to the administration. I am sure they could work out someway that Chris gets the major punishment. Its not right for Elliot to get completely away with it either but a lesser punishment would be suitable I would think. When you are in a hard situation you never know what you would do. But this was Chris’s master plan and he preyed on Elliot.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard to hit all the right notes with this one. Going with my plan a but very interested in the spectrum of comments on Elliot.
      To get back in Blue’s good books maybe Andy should date Chris and leave him tied up in the woods.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I am starting to question if Andy and Blue can recover from this and salvage anything as time passes the chasm between then gets wider and wider.

      I mean it’s basically at a point where Blue does not respond in any way to anything Andy says or does.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Is birch really starting to get into Blue as he has seemed to really want to hang out with Blue lately or they more friends.

    If he is starting to get into Blue is blue oblivious or has Blue friendzoned Birch.


      1. I kinda wanted them to get together before I thought Spence is an option but then Birch did say blue is not his type but not sure if that was a tactful way to deflect Andy question when he mentioned how close they were or just his true feelings.

        Then his actions since seemed to show he does like blue even wanting time alone with Blue and being upset when Blue flaked out at dinner and not giving a shit if Andy was there or not.

        He is also someone from Blue’s world who totally understands Blue’s upbringing etc


  6. Nope. Nope Nope Nope. NOOOOOO. Do not reward chris for psychopathic behavior! Hit him where it hurts the most. Clara needs to cut him off annnnnnnnnndddd they should tell the school and get him expelled. Total annihilation of Chris. He will be working at the nearest mcdonalds, struggling for that money he adores so much. lol.

    For Elliot I understand his state of mind. I don’t think he should get a pass but definitely something. Like making him take them same 3 exams blue had to take in one day so he knows how it feels…without Blue’s genius mind.

    Spence and Blue as a couple….I don’t see it. I still prefer Andy and Blue as a potential couple. Put Blue in an apron with nothing on underneath in the kitchen baking and Andy will be on his knees begging for forgiveness in no time haha. Spence and Gervais as a couple though…now that is interesting. I like that potential.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Am I the only one that thinks Elliot deserves the same punishment as Chris? He was willing to ruin three lives. That’s not a mistake, it’s a character trait. The one thing that I think these stories need is true accountability. Let this be the time that these characters get what they truly deserve and not a fairy-tale way of everyone looking out for them even when they should be hung out to dry.


    1. Well Elliot already has been cut off by his parents. What do you suggest. I’m kind of wary of them becoming a bunch of vigilantes but I also worry about what else Chris might pull.


      1. I hold Chris more accountable as he preyed on Elliot’s stresses and concerns for his own means. I mean in Elliot’s position $500 is a lot of money and Chris preyed on this fact. Elliot was merely a pawn to be honest.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Offering money to Chris to leave the guys alone is one of the worst ideas ever. Doing so just enforces his bad behavior by rewarding him.
    No one gives a dog a cookie if it shits on the floor.
    Maybe Spence is trying to groom him to become a republican candidate for presidency.

    I’d still say they should let the faculty handle it, that way Chris would learn a valuable lesson, one his parents never seemed able to have taught him and he would be gone. Elliott could be helped by the rest of the gang with the fallout. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Dean would consider soften the blow for Elliott (less harsh punishment like, getting kicked out of his office job) if Blue intervenes on his behalf.

    I am all for second and third chances, but a lot of people never change without some form of punishment.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A lot of drama in 91 to discuss in what we wanted to happen to those that screw our Blue over 🙂

        I guess the spence and Gervais and blue stuff got lost.

        Be interesting to see how things with Blue and Gervais go now since for the first time they both have their sights set on same guy 🙂


      2. Spence needs a strong partner. Andy, Blue, Deshawn….but not Gervais. He’s not strong enough for Spence. He’s too much of a whiny spoiled kid, and Spence isn’t about that life. I think Gervais would drive Spence nuts….even more so than George.

        Liked by 2 people

  9. This is one time I’m hoping Andy is a dick and does his own thing and tells Clara. Even if she doesn’t cut him off, she needs to realize once and for all what a vindictive, worthless, pathetic piece of shit Chris is. If nothing else, it will prove to her how decent and special Blue is compared to his psycho siblings.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehehehe good!!! Go Andy! Even if he is a complete fucktard. At least he’s doing something right!

        And I think Spence and Blue are cute together. But will Blue be content to only top with Spence? I thought he really enjoyed being a bottom with Gervais.


    1. It’s funny how Andy is upset that he had forgiven others yet ignores the fact the others have actually apologised. Andy in his deluded world thinks one fuck will make all the hurt and betrayal vanish. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

              1. Spence heart is in right place as he knows how having Chris around really does mess with Blue’s head and his emotions. He wants to do whatever it takes to take that pain away. He is probably the only one that really understands how hurt and messed up Blue gets over the Chris stuff. Andy seems to of never given a shot due to the fact when Chris cane on scene was not that long before Andy dropped Blue.

                It would seem like Chris is being rewarded for being a massive douche he deserves to lose his finance not build on it.


                1. Robin kind of dropped the ball after he got to Blue’s place with Bea. Before that they had got over the plot and were rebuilding. Spence was rude about Blue over the holidays but then turned it around. I like them as friends with comfort benefits.


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