Thanks for August

So after a quiet June, July surged up as my most viewed month and then August blew it out the water thanks to all your comments and interactions.

I’ve been writing like crazy. I can’t keep up this pace but it has been fun.

We’re down to one couple on The suite saga and have a few new characters adding possibilities for sex pairings and maybe new relationships. I’m going to try and tie up the end of the Chris drama quickly so we have a clean slate to move on to a stage of sex and romance.

I think I’d like to see Blue and Spence be properly wooed by guys, I’d love to see them chased and treated well and cherished by the man who wins. What do you guys want?

Andy obviously has a tough road ahead, he’s alienating himself with his attitude and his friends are struggling to reach him. They won’t give up but he’s making it hard.

Gervais will be having a quiet time I think, keeping up with his therapy and starting to be honest with himself.

Robin? I don’t know. He’s a blank canvas again (I can hear the chants of RUE).

Massive thanks to all of you, quiet or noisy.

You pushed me to get Blue back to who he should be, he hit bottom out in the snow and while it has been up and down since then he has found his strength again and will not be left alone and unhappy again.

Thanks for all the emails, twitter and tumblr messages and especially all the comments yo’re all spurring me on.

Thanks for reading



21 thoughts on “Thanks for August

  1. Sam,
    What an incredible month you gave us. I don’t know how you do it. Suite Saga has been such a great story and I know that everyone loves it. I feel you should continue with a Blue-Birch(Blirch) romance they both deserve it. Thanks again.

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  2. I know Robin is straight but I feel he is very open minded, and I think blue and he would have great chemistry. Maybe robin experiments with guys, maybe dates a couple, then he properly woos blue. I think Rue would he an awesome pairing.


  3. I’d love to see Spence with someone who’s goals dovetail nicely with Spence’s. Maybe someone who’s future career is portable so long term is possible because he’ll be able to follow Spence. Someone sporty but not a coach. whoever he is, he needs to be either well off or financially stable enough that Spence isn’t (or doesn’t feel like) a sugar daddy.

    I’d love to see Blue have several guys outside the suite vying for his affection. Maybe casually dating a couple guys (but they have to know about each other) while they both (all?) try to cultivate something deeper. Maybe those that don’t develop a deeper romantic connection can settle into good friendships?

    Andy still needs to hit bottom to see how much he had in his friends then make amends.

    Gervais needs to concentrate on himself. Maybe meet someone in a therapy group that starts a friends and mutual support and slowly blossoms into more.

    Robin needs a girl that loves being dropped into a group of gay best friends. I think he needs someone who’s nerdy, curvy, and dirty who doesn’t mind hanging with the gang and befriending all the boys. She can be their den mom. Baking with Blue, gaming and watching sports with the boys, sassy enough to keep Robin in line, and kinky enough to keep him in her bed.


    1. This isn’t in my current plan but what do you think of Brad and Gervais?

      I do want Spence and Blue to get a feel for how desirable they both are. I’d like to see older stable guys show them a good time.


      1. I dunno. My initial taste of Brad (from freshman year) was not pleasant with the whole surprise threesome thing. However, its not fair to railroad him from one squicky encounter when overall he’s been a fairly standup guy. If they were to connect I think it would definitely be a slow burn. Maybe Gervais takes him out for dinner to thank him for standing up and helping clear him at the tribunal with a foundational friendship from there. There’s definitely an opening for at least a good friend outside of the suite.


  4. I would love to see Robin go full out and date a guy. He may never be gay, but he’s open to anything and is someone who can love a person and not a gender. Let him see what it’s about before he fully decides whether he is gay/bi/straight.

    Blue and spence both getting wooed by guys, while having some incredible sex together, would be great! They both deserve to be chased. Andy loves Spence but was a crappy boyfriend. So he and Blue both should get to feel the thrill of being pursued, and wanted.

    Gervais, I don’t care lol. He needs to feel the pain of being such a douche to Blue. A little regret, humility, and jealousy will do him well.

    Andy bless his heart has some ground to make up. He’s a good man, but a shitty friend. He has a good heart but needs to learn it’s not all about himself and about instant gratification.

    I feel like I know all of these guys thanks to you bringing them alive for us!!!


    1. You’re thinking about them all as much as I am.
      I always wanted to keep Robin straight and I don’t think that will change. I want him to be single for a while I think. I do wonder if he should go with Blue and Gervais on their summer trip.


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