The suite saga 94

Sunday morning Blue wakes with a huge grin on his face. Spence had loved being with Gervais just as Blue thought he would and the three of them had a lot of fun, Robin had left them to it after a while. He’d enjoyed it but Blue could tell it made him miss having a girlfriend.

He leans over and kisses Spence on the neck. Spence stirs, grins and kisses Blue ravenously, morning breath be damned.

“You two cannot be going again.” Gervais says rolling over.

“Why not? Spence asks.

Gervais grins and clambers over Spence and straddles Blue, leans forward and kisses him. He looks at Blue’s face for a long time, brushes away an eyelash and ruffles his hair which has been growing back rapidly and is in desperate need of a cut.

“So sexy.” Gervais says.

Spence loves watching the two of them share a moment. He misses that type of intimacy, where you know someone so well.

Blue lifts Gervais and rolls so he’s on top, kisses Gervais and then Spence.

“One of you needs to fuck me.” Blue groans.

“You take his ass.” Spence says wanting to watch Gervais big dick pump Blue’s muscular butt.

“Gimme yours for breakfast.” Blue says and Spence groans in delight at the thought.

Gervais looks down at his favorite body, Blue on his back, cock hard and his own dick sliding in. That Spence is riding Blue’s face is a bonus. Both guys have amazing bodies and are so enthusiastic.

Blue is in heaven, his Gervais inside him and Spence on his face. Spence is so different to Gervais but they both send him huge waves of desire, so sexy and hot. Blue groans and Spence rolls off finishing himself on Blue’s face.

Gervais pumps hard and fills Blue up.

“Thanks for the marathon, I needed that.” Spence pants.

The three shower together not wanting the experience to end.

They laze about then when Robin and George appear go grocery shopping. Spence has shifted his schedule again so he gets Sundays off. He’s still super ambitious but now he is sure coaching career will be a reality in some form he is able to take it a little slower and give himself time to enjoy school and a social life.

Blue whizzes up a cake and gets it on to bake before handing the kitchen over to the others. He and Spence relax on the sofa together, Blue’s head in Spence’s lap. They are so comfortable together and so happy that they look like a solid couple.

Andy comes through and looks defeated.

“Are you two together?” Andy asks.

“No, am so not over you yet.” Spence says.

“You can’t blame us for helping each other out a little while we’re single. Spence is used to getting a lot of d from you.” Blue grins.

Andy smiles back sensing a little bit of a thaw from Blue.

“I called Clara about Chris. I’m sorry not to warn you first. I thought she’d believe me more easily than you or Gervais.” Andy blurts out,

“I know, thank-you. I spoke to her yesterday.” Blue says.

“I can see you’re settled but could we go for a coffee and talk?” Andy asks.

“In a bit. I need to take my sponges out the oven in a minute.” Blue says and Andy grins.

“Cake?” Andy asks.

“Chocolate fudge.” Blue says.

“Oh boy.” Andy says with a grin, whatever is going on between the pair Andy will always show enthusiasm for Blue’s cooking.

“You okay if I go out?” Blue asks Spence,

“Yes I should be studying anyway.” Spence says.

Blue puts his cakes aside to cool and he and Andy go downstairs to the coffee shop.

“Are you sleeping with Spence to hurt me?” Andy asks.

“No, am having sex with Spence because it is so much fun and he has a great body. Are steeping with Birch to hurt me? Because he has been hurt badly in the past and I don’t want to be caught up in hurting him again.” Blue says.

“Stop deflecting.” Andy saw

“I wasn’t I was being honest. Spence and I are not going to be more than friends who have some fun. We’ve talked it, Neither of us is ready and neither of us wants to hurt you. I actually think Spence and Gervais would make a great couple when they are ready.” Blue says annoyed.

“They really could. At least they’d know they weren’t with a gold digger.” Andy says with a smile.

“And Birch?” Blue asks quietly.

“I like him, I want to see where it goes. You said you were just friends.” Andy says.

“We are just friends. But if we’d met 6 months later or if we’re both single down the road I’d like to be more.” Blue says quietly.

“You’re not his type. I told you, those were his words.” Andy says.

“There are different types of attraction. You’ve said the same thing about me before.” Blue says.

“So you won’t back off and let me see what we have?” Andy asks.

“We’re just friends right now. We’re both hurting. We have a lot in common. I’m not pushing for anything more than friendship and I need a friend who I can depend on, who isn’t going to drop me or shun me the way all you guys do.” Blue says.

“So you’re putting your friendship with him above your friendship with me.” Andy says.

“I have no friendship with you.” Blue says.

“Do you really believe that?” Andy asks unhappy that the earlier thaw has frozen back over.

“You are not a good friend to me. I cannot count on you. You have hurt me and are hurting me and you’re not sorry. You used me when you were having a rough patch with Spence and then tossed me aside. You treat me like shit. So yes I really believe that.” Blue says.

“Good to know. I’ll not bother trying to help you again. Your mad brother can do what he likes.” Andy says.

“What did do to deserve all this? It can’t just be because I don’t want to date you because it started before then, is it because put George ahead of you?” Blue asks.

“You are so self-involved, it isn’t ail about you. I needed you but you weren’t there. You wouldn’t make time for me.” Andy says.

“And you didn’t make time for me. I have had so much going on and no one was helping me, I am sorry you have had family issues too but you could have talked to Spence or Robin or even Elliot or Gervais I couldn’t help, I was failing apart. I had to make it about me because I was drowning.” Blue says with tears in his eyes.

“It’s fucking still all about you. You’re right we’re not friends. I don’t need someone so selfish in my life.” Andy says getting up.

“You sound like my mother.” Blue says to his departing back.

Blue climbs the stairs back to the suite trying to work out why it is his fault and what he should have done, maybe letting go is the right thing.

“Did you clear the air and make up?” Gervais asks.

“No, I’m too selfish and self-involved to be friends with Andy.” Blue says quietly,

“Shall I talk to him?” Spence asks.

“No. I just can’t deal with his drama and even if we made up I don’t have the space to help him with his mom. I just can’t take that on.” Blue says.

“No you can’t.” Robin says shaking his head.

“Please don’t shun him because of me.” Blue says.

“He’s making it hard.” Gervais says.

“I’m actually pretty offended that he isn’t coming to me with his issues.” Robin says.

“Yeah I have tried to support him but I can understand he doesn’t want to talk to me right now but even before he shut me out and complained that I didn’t care which wasn’t true. He wouldn’t let me go in with him to see his mom. I think on some level he blames me for their original rift. If we hadn’t been dating he wouldn’t have come out at home, got beaten half to death, his mom wouldn’t have divorced again or met Jacob.” Spence says.

“He always kept his family separate from you until these holidays and then you broke up!” Robin says.

“With a bit of space it is easy to see we had a lot of issues. I still love him though and care and really wish he’d beg Blue for forgiveness so we could all get along and support each other. I hate that we can’t right now. We all have things going on and it is so much easier to share the burden between us.” Spence says.

“Agreed. We all need to shout when we have an issue and shout when we think someone is messing up. I need you guys to help me keep in line, my possessive streak is so strong.” George says sitting down, as everything is cooking.

Blue moves over and starts to work on the filling for his cake and they all stare at him for a moment as he moves into action.

“What?” Blue asks looking up realizing it’s silent.

“You’re so amazing to watch, multitasking like that.” Gervais says.

“And it smells amazing.” George says.

“You’re special.” Robin says and kisses Blue’s cheek.

Andy is lying on his bed seething. He doesn’t know what it is that Blue does that makes him so angry. He just does and he just can’t make friends. He knows everyone is waiting on him to sort it out but it might just be better to let things go.

People start arriving. Elliot and Jesse come separately and Dylan and DeShawn come through together. Andy reluctantly comes out of his room, the food smells too good to ignore. Antonio arrives with a friend, Tyler from next door and Justin trails in with them uninvited but everyone feels too awkward to say anything. Lastly Willow and Birch arrive and everyone is soon eating.

Blue makes an effort to try and get to know Antonio and Tyler and Birch quickly joins them. Gervais and Willow are deep in conversation and Robin and George try and draw Andy out of his mood but he’s being petulant. He doesn’t like George and it’s annoying him that George is acting like they are friends. He’s frustrated that Birch and Blue are joined at the hip and he can’t join in with them while he and Blue are at war.

Justin is sat alone and Elliot strikes up conversation, relieved that someone is there who has no reason to hate him.

Blue brings out his cake and surprises everyone by getting out some ice cream and fixings for sundaes as a second dessert.

“Eww none for me. I don’t do that much sugar.” Antonio says shocking everyone in to silence.

“You cannot say eww about Blue’s desserts.” Andy says.

“Sorry it’s just not my thing.” Antonio says.

“I always make sure when I don’t have a game that Sunday is cheat day. I might only have a little of that cake but I am having some with 2 scoops of ice cream and some of that whipped cream. Blue this looks so good.” DeShawn says.

Despite Antonio’s disinterest the others demolish the offerings. Tyler doesn’t follow his fellow actor’s lead and gladly tucks in much to his friends surprise.

“Marry me.” Tyler says scrapping the last of the cake from his plate.

“Get in line.” Birch says with a grin and Andy scowls that used to be his line.

With Blue clearing away the dishes Andy makes a move to talk to Birch. Spence watches with interest.

“If Birch was trying to make Andy jealous he didn’t once look for a reaction.” Gervais whispers.

“Was thinking the same. He was utterly focused on Blue. I’d say Blue’s crush is reciprocated.” Spence whispers back with a smile.

“What about mine?” Gervais asks.

“I had a lot of fun last night.” Spence says. It’s true he found Gervais to be incredible but mostly it was the tiny interactions between Blue and Gervais he loved the most. He wishes the two of them could find their way back to each other and feels awful for pushing them apart when he wanted to get George what he wanted.

Still it will be good for Blue to gain his confidence elsewhere first. He’s been so much better since the day in the snow.

Spence turns to say something to Gervais but he has Justin bending his ear. Gervais looks uncomfortable but Spence thinks it’s funny and goes to help Blue.

“See you Wednesday.” Birch says to Blue as he’s leaving and pulls him into a hug.

“I’m so excited.” Blue says and kisses his cheek.

“What’s on Wednesday?” Andy asks.

“We’re going to a gallery together, not your thing at all.” Birch says dismissively.

Andy follows Birch out the door and Blue looks at it confused. Is he some pawn in their game? He can’t see it really, Andy had no idea that the two of them spent the day together yesterday and Blue knows the talk he and Birch had was real.

“Thanks for the cake.” Justin says with a smile and leaves with Tyler.

“It was awesome, thanks for including me.” Tyler says with a grin.

“Do remind me to get tickets for your play. I would love to come.” Blue says.

“I’ll do that. See you Friday, we tend to go clubbing all weekend anyway. Now we’re over the jetlag we’re ready to dance.” Tyler says with a smile.

He’s very cute, very much Blue’s type, small, slightly muscular with bright sparkly eyes.

“Great.” Blue says with enthusiasm.

“He’s a heartbreaker. Be careful.” Antonio says once they’ve gone.

“I’m not about to take him up on his proposal.” Blue grins.

“Just putting a friendly word out there.” Antonio smiles.

“Am I stepping on any toes?” Blue asks.

“Not at all. We’ve only ever been friends, well more frenemies, rivals, we’re the same type acting wise so often competing for roles.” Antonio says.

“Just checking. I do not need any more drama.” Blue laughs.

“Are you okay if I stay in your room again tonight?” Jesse asks.

“Sure, has John been okay with it?” Blue asks

“Yes, he’s been great.” Jesse says with a smile.

“We’re here if you need us. You too Elliot.” Gervais says.

Andy comes back in looking really annoyed.

“Why can’t you just back off like I asked?” Andy shouts at Blue.

“Fuck off.” Blue says and walks into Spence’s room. Andy storms in after him.

“Stop making dates with him. Can you not just respect what we have and leave it alone? I’m feeling like Jesse when he was dating Gervais. You are an evil worm who has everyone fooled.” Andy screams.

“I’ve invited him here for Sunday dinners and to clubbing on a Friday I’d have thought you’d be happy at both those things, It isn’t me doing the running, he has invited himself or me to everything else ” Blue says firmly.

“What else apart from Wednesday?” Andy asks.

“Why should I tell you where I’m going? We’re not friends.” Blue says firmly.

“What else have you done together?” Andy asks again.

“He comes to yoga, we go to brunch, he came to see the houses and we hung out at his place, we went to a photo exhibit together and I’m going to his opening. Willow and I thought we could all go to his show next Sunday and have a celebratory dinner here after.” Blue says quietly. Each incident chips at Andy’s heart.

“You went to brunch on Saturday? With his sister?” Andy asks.

“Yes, Willow and I go to a yoga class together and then brunch with Birch, Jesse came too this week.” Blue says.

“He told me it was just him and Willow.” Andy says feeling very rejected.

“That’s how I met him the first time. Willow took me to brunch to meet him.” Blue says making it clear the arrangement predates any interaction Andy and Birch have had.

Andy sinks onto the bed totally dejected.

“I asked him if he was in to you and he said no. He said you were not his type. But he’s chasing you like crazy.” Andy mutters.

Blue is fighting every urge he has to comfort his former friend and walks out the room.

“Can one of you go to him? It shouldn’t be me.” Blue says and Robin makes the move.

“Has he realized that Birch is in to you?” Gervais asks.

“We’re just friends but he gets that we have a two way friendship, he suggests things as much as I do.” Blue says.

“You’re seeing more of Birch than you are anyone else right now.” Gervais says.

“We mostly do group things, we’ve only been alone a couple of times, clubbing, dinner here, yoga and brunch with Willow those things are not dates.” Blue says.

“No, I guess I was at 3 out of 4 of those.” Gervais says.

“I’ve done nothing wrong. I get that Andy hasn’t either. I like Birch, I really like him but I know a relationship more than what we already have is a long way away, if it happens at all and that is actually perfect for me. Right now it’s safe to have a crush as he’s not going to break my heart and he seems to like spending time with me. It’s not destructive like it was with you.” Blue says.

“Birch likes you too. You can’t say no to going places with him because of Andy. If Birch was in to Andy he’d be inviting him out. I’m thinking without me as his boyfriend Andy is confusing sex and love for the first time. I best go see he’s okay.” Spence says.

“Should I back off?” Blue asks Gervais.

“Maybe cool it down a little, not for Andy but yourself. You know how all in you get with the slightest encouragement. I know you’re having s with others, including me and trying to protect yourself but you could try a bit harder. Going to sleep in his bed was maybe a step too far.” Gervais says and Blue nods.

“Can I stay with you tonight?” Blue asks.

“I’d that a lot.” Gervais says.

“Is it always so crazy here?” Antonio asks Robin in bed later.

“Are your friends any different?” Robin asks.

“Not when it comes to guys we all snake on each other all the time. Limited availability.” Antonio laughs.

“It’s hard because Andy and Blue were really close friends. Blue helped Andy’s family out in a major way last year and the two of them worked together all summer. Then at some point last semester they grew apart then Andy was an absolute a-hole to Blue and now Blue is fighting back. It’s hard to watch as Blue is my closest friend at school and I’ve known Andy forever.” Robin says.

“Did you and Blue date?” Antonio asks.

“No, I only date girls. Blue and I mess around now and then, nothing too far.” Robin says.

“Define it.” Antonio says with a grin hoping for some good material for his morning shower, Blue and Robin are very attractive to him and the thought of them together is very exciting.

“Hands and mouths. His mouth not mine.” Robin says.

“Front and back.” Antonio pries.

“His tongue may have slipped back.” Robin admits blushing at the memory of the night before.

“And you loved it, oh my god you are nowhere near as straight as you claim.” Antonio laughs and doesn’t bother to hide the tent in his bed.

“Last night was me, Spence, Blue and Gervais. I’m not going to object if you tease yourself while I tell this.” Robin begins.

“Are you giving me a really dirty bed time story?” Antonio asks.

“You want it?” Robin asks.

“Fuck yes. Straight boys talking dirty about gay boys is my newest weakness.” Antonio grins.

“So I start out with my hand in my underwear as those three are stripping off, then Blue starts kissing me as Gervais is prepping Spence and Spence is moaning and mewing. He loved Gervais little fingers spreading his hole ready, loved it.

The Gervais takes over with me and Blue is going to town getting Gervais hole wet, I’ve seen him do this before but to Gervais, this time oh my god, Spence was full on having a fit. Blue then kind of picks Spence up and throws him and he teases him with the head of his dick.” Robin says and Antonio drinks in every word.

“Muscle god Spence got thrown around?” Antonio asks drooling.

“Yeah, and Blue is teasing him and he’s pushing back then Gervais goes to take over and he is not gentle and Spence is loving it, he is howling, so Blue gives him his dick to suck on to keep him quiet. Those three were just crazy going at it having a lot of fun. Spence loves getting dick so much and Blue and Gervais are so in sync they barely have to say a word to shift positions. Then they are all exploding and I am so close myself. Blue moves to suck me, so do the other two, there are tongues and mouths all over me and suddenly my ass is getting as much attention as my dick and I don’t stop him I just go with it. Gervais and Spence drank me dry and then they started at it again and I slipped out to the sound of Spence’s groans.” Robin says.

“Next time make sure I’m there.” Antonio grins wiping himself clean.

“Do you like any of the guys?” Robin asks.

“Well after that tale I’d jump at any of those 3. Everyone here is very sexy. Even George, he’s not as cute as Gervais who I could eat with a spoon but he has something. Maybe I’m just desperate.” Antonio admits.

“Must be hard to find guys outside of theatre given that you’re always there.” Robin says.

“Exactly. Last semester in London had a torrid affair with one of the acting coaches. He was amazing, they seemed a lot less bothered about keeping students and teachers separate. We’d all go out socially, after rehearsal or class. The drinking age being lower made things easier. It was an open secret we were together and no one cared. I never felt any assessment was too harsh or too lenient because of it. I miss him but I’m not cut up over it.” Antonio says.

“You’re glad it happened but knew it was only ever going to be brief.” Robin says.

“Exactly. I knew what was happening. If he came here or I went there again then for sure we’d hook up again but I wouldn’t move there for him or he here for me.” Antonio says.

“So you’re ready for a new adventure. Let me give you the low down on the guys.” Robin says and outlines everyone’s histories.

67 thoughts on “The suite saga 94

  1. fun times!! except for andy. he is just a downer and a sleeze, but i do kinda feel sorry for him. i know deep down that he is a good guy.

    i like it alot that gervais is being so cool and friendly. im sooo glad that the drama between he and blue is over, for now.

    and blue is on top of the world, im so happy for him and that things are finally going well in his life.

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    1. Andy has been through a lot but doesn’t wear it on his sleeve like the others. Can see his pursuit of guys is about validation after the rejection of his family etc


    1. Nevermind. Of course people will pick sides when they are reading a book (or a story) . Im an idiot. 🙂


      1. I was totally turned off by Blue when he was being such a demand queen. He was just a doormat and had lost all self-respect. I guess now I’m just happy to see he found his balls again and is standing up for himself and isn’t afraid to go after what he wants.


        1. I am harsh on Andy for the reason that blue was always there for him and the minute Blue needed help himself Andy basically went AWOL and turned his back on him.


      2. I understand that but he is going thru a lot too. Not saying Blue needs to make a first move. I’m sure Spence will help him realize He needs to step up and stop acting childish. 🙂

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      3. Andy is being a total wanker right now and is so self centered. Blue had his morose times as well and was sickening at how he let others run over him. He finally learned to stand up for himself and I’m pleased. He was getting to be such a twat. Now he’s back to the strong and sexy man he should be. Andy will get there. He needs a long proper think and remember where the issues began and to realize he owes Blue an apology for many things. And whilst I’m at it, I’ll also add to the Gervais hate and say that he’s a complete douche. He’s the most selfish amongst the mates and has never been anything but a twat. He is my least favorite as well and continues to irritate me each chapter. Would be brilliant to see him finally see how horrid he was to Blue and realize the extent of his loss. He’s just skipped on without missing a beat and has never really looked inside to notice he has nothing left of substance. He won’t properly heal until that happens.


  2. Oh Andy, making mountains out of molehills and rocking some seriously revisionist history. Birch has never intimated Andy is more than a fuck to him. Barely acknowledges him at Sunday dinners, doesn’t make an effort to see him outside of the club, declines to take him to brunch (which by the way he said was with his sister, not just him and his sister). Andy also knew that Birch and Blue were friends before he ever had sex with Birch. Where does he get off demanding Blue drop his friendship with Birch to suit Andy’s relationship delusions? Sigh. The boy needs to buy a clue. I suppose he’s still on that ride down and is bound to turn it around at some point.


      1. Andy, Gervais and Chris could all be on the same aeroplane to Austrailia and crash lol. Get rid of the three twats in one swipe of karma’s finger 😂 Just playing, but an interesting concept regardless lol


    1. As I said a few chapters ago is their friendship even salvageable it is starting to look less and less likely or if they do become friends no way will they ever be close again.


        1. Yet he kinda brought them back together when they had their initial break up lol

          But I see what you mean.

          Maybe spence coldness towards blue when he was with spence was a mask to hide the desire he had for Blue and his big dick haha


      1. We know Blue, Andy, and Gervais all have big dicks and know how to use them. I’ve not ever seen anything about Spence and Robin and what their equipment is like. So what does everything think? Are Robin and Spence hung like the other three??

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      2. Oh I didn’t know that about Robin. That’s ok, his personality makes up for it. And with all the girls he pulls, I’m assuming he not only has a great cheer body, but is quite a looker as well. I’m thinking the same thing about Spence. I think his overly chiseled body might be his way to overcompensate for other areas that aren’t quite so big. But like Robin, I bet he’s a beautiful man.


          1. I think Jesse made the comment to lighten the mood was he hung and blue made the comment he is smaller than him and basically it got to point where it was said was either same size or smaller than Robbin lol


        1. Well Spence is a bottom actually blue would be the only person he has actually topped during the saga 🙂

          But blue had no complains so makes me think he is not tiny just not as big as blue or Gervais lol


      3. Robin can properly pound me any time he wishes. He’s such a cutie. I’m on needles waiting to see him get more dick action. Whilst he is off girls and regaining perspective, there’s nothing amiss with him spending loads of time with his mates and playing with their cocks. Just good fun between mates and nothing heavy or emotional. Just blowing off steam 😍

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      1. My Apologies mate. I just think Robin is hot and is enjoying exploring that wee bit of uncertainty in his mind. He should enjoy exploring it thoroughly. And I’d gladly volunteer to help 😁


  3. I kinda think Spence and Andy will eventually get back together, maybe not soon but sometimes in the future, so i dont think any other relationship will work out in the long run.
    Is it possible Andy is huting much more from the break up then we think and that causes him to lash out??, i mean they were suposed to be each others EVER AFTER.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah i get that, but damn do i miss them together. I kinda really felt their connection and love thru your writing, it seemed very grown-up-ish.


      2. And that is where Andy screwed up. He stopped being a decent friend to Blue long before he and Spence broke up. Did he honestly think or us his ego that he thought Blue would Jump at the chance to be his partner.


      3. He is just lost, it happens to the best of us, he is losing his support system and thats problably why he is clinging to Birch. He is allowed to be selfish he is 19. I mean Blue slept with everyones boyfriend in just few days and no one blinked.

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        1. There were other options. To expect blue to be there emotionally when blue was barely hanging on himself and to hold ur against Blue is cruel.

          Yet at the same time would not confide in others who were emotionally stable.

          Like blue said like Clara, Andy seems to hold him to Clara level of expectations which are impossible to meet.

          The fact is Andy is alienating himself from everyone and it’s his fault really.


        2. Right he is floundering and lashing out and feeling victimised. Its all normal. I now I wouldn’t know which way was up so soon out of such a long term relationship.


          1. Why does he seem worse now than when spence took a break from him when he found out he had been slutting about? I

            Altho I guess back then after the novelty of random sex had run his course he did make it a priority to regain Spence trust.


      4. Quite ironic since Andy suggested the break up initially not that long after they returned back from summer vacations.

        Did Andy plan to break with spence and go with Blue at that time or did he underestimate how difficult single life would be?


  4. Andy really came across as a selfish twat in this chapter (I know who would of thought I would be criticising Andy again haha)

    I mean blue was not in a position to help anyone once the triplet stuff was revealed and Andy seems to resent Blue would not be there as he usually is.

    At least now he has some mutual friendships and not people friends with him based on convenience or what Blue can give them.


    1. Blue said it Andy is turning in to his mother, expecting so much more of Blue than anyone else. Andy is treating him the way he has seen Blue be treated (which sucks) and everyone is shouting to him that they can help instead and he’s being a stubborn ass, especially as his mom is being dealt with by Roe and Clara.


      1. Which makes me question Andy’s call to Clara as less than genuine. Maybe it was to big note himself to Clara than really caring about Blue….. I could also just be cynical lol


  5. Omg I’m want Robin so much lol. He needs to get dicked-down! He would love it. Totally made me hard hearing about him and the boys. Great chapter!!!!

    And Andy…..that boy is losing it. He think ps he has something with birch? That’s so laughable. It’s so clear that Birch has eyes only for Blue when it comes to relationships. Andy is fine for a quick dick, but that’s it.

    And yes I’m going to have my normal bitch session about Gervais. He needs to quit being so personal with Blue and telling him he’s beautiful, etched. He chose someone else over Blue….he has no right. Then Tells Blue he needs to cool it with Birch? What a selfish cunt. He’s such a drama queen. I can’t see Spence wanting anything more than a romp in the hay with that little twerp.

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      1. I know, and I know I’m hard on him. He’s just such an idiot for throwing away happiness with both hands. I know (hope) people can change, so I know there’s hope for him. But like Andy, I don’t think he really understands or appreciates what he had. Andy took Spence for granted, as did Gervis with Blue. Both are selfish, self-centered, and obnoxiously immature. They need to both hit bottom so they CJ strut their climb back up to decent human beings.

        But I will lay off of Gervais in the future. Unless he remains a twat…then I’ll continue to trash him lol. 😜

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        1. I think Gervais has turned a corner and is trying to help Blue emotionally at the moment. It’s no coincidence he is really dirty on Andy by the way Andy is treating Blue at present.


      2. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I agree. When Gervais told Blue he should back off Birch a bit, it was so obvious he wasn’t speaking to Blues best interest but to his own insecurity of Blue finding someone else to love. Gervais put his own selfish needs ahead of Blues once again. I do believe that is his true motivation, and has little to do with protecting Blue or shielding Andy. It’s once again about what Gervais needs and wants. He doesn’t seem to grasp the obvious fact that Birch would be a non-issue had He treated Blue as deserved, and had not trotted off with that horrid Fergus. Gervais once again is acting on behalf of himself with no concern for Blue. He needs to see finally that he was a complete fuck up and lost the most perfect mate he could have wished for.


  6. Hot! Love the ending! I know I shouldn’t because he’s been such a twit, but I felt a little bad about Andy’s feelings about Birch..


    1. I think he is just confused, he needs Spence to guide him thru the phase, and he wont think there is some hidden agenda becuase he knows and loves him so much.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I thought Andy was out of line telling Blue to back off I mean he has seen them together and the chemistry they have. He may be accusing blue of being with Spence to hurt him but it’s starting to look obvious he is with Birch to try and rattle Blue.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think he thought because he fucked Birch that he had a claim, not realizing Blue already had a lot firmer ground. I mean its easy to project an encounter into a long term thing sometimes. He just wasn’t in reality, especially as it happened a second time.


        1. I love how Blue rattled off all the stuff he and birch had done with Birch inviting him to majority of them haha

          It’s quite ironic that Andy who used to be a bit of a player is confusing a one night stand with relationship lol


  7. Poor Robin is gonna be up all night trying to explain everybody to Antonio. That seen was really hot though damn. The best part of the whole chapter was the talk. Andy needed to hear it and I don’t see how blue makes it all about him set. I agree with Spence Andy is confusing love for sex. Awesome chapter though George and Antonio could work. And thank God no mention of Chris this chapter. Gervais and Spence I don’t see that going anywhere really.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Blue likes both Gervais and Spence and so he just think’s they’d be hot together and he wants his friends to be happy. I’m not sure they would agree with him, but they had a lot of fun.


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