The suite saga 95

The next day Blue, Gervais and George all get summoned by the ethics committee. When they get there they see Elliot, Chris and Bea there too.

“We didn’t report it.” George says to Elliot.

“Thanks. They still know though.” Elliot says despondent.

“Why are you here?” Blue asks Bea.

“The invite said Chris could bring someone for support.” Bea says.

“Has he confessed to you?” Blue asks.

“I’m here for him not to give your friends ammunition against him.” Bea says.

“That’s fair. I know Robin told you our side and I know you believed him. Anyway I need to talk to you about something else, can we go for dinner after this? Or meet tomorrow sometime?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. I have been meaning to call you. Just got harder every day.” Bea admits and Blue smiles.

They are all called in at once.

The panel is the same as before the dean, Brad and 3 faculty members including Julia who came to yoga with her kid.

“This is another informal session think of it as mediation rather than a formal hearing. You can reject the findings and move to the formal process if you wish once we have concluded.” The dean says.

Brad stares at Blue and then Chris. The similarity is eerie. He cannot work out how they have the exact same eyes and yet Blues are full of warmth and Chris’s are ice cold.

“A false accusation was made against Blue Day and we are here to understand who made it and why. We have had a call from the guardian of another student who gave us the details of what she believed happened and our initial investigation supports at least part of her version of events.” The dean says.

“Guardian. So Roe and not my mother?” Blue asks.

“She didn’t ask for anonymity yes it was Roe. I take it you all know who that is?” Julia asks and they ail nod.

“Chris do you have anything to say?” The dean asks.

“I have no idea why I’m here.” Chris says.

“Elliot?” The dean asks.

“What Roe would have told you is true. I took money from Chris, I handed in his complaint and I made a fake id using Gervais details and George’s picture.” Elliot admits.

“Liar.” Chris says and Bea rolls her eyes.

“Why did you two lie about not knowing who the picture was of?” Brad asks.

“I knew George wouldn’t have done it. I didn’t want him to get caught up in an issue between me and my brother in the way that Gervais was. George is super smart, he’s probably one of the few students who could have done as well if not better than me in those surprise exams. He would have had a much better plan if he wanted me out of here. It made no sense.” Blue says.

“Are you saying my plan was stupid?” Chris says shooting himself in the foot.

George starts to giggle at the idiot and Bea catches his eye and does the same.

“He’s admitted it all to me. Sorry bro but you did it. You knew Elliot was hard up and you took advantage. Sorry I’m supposed to be here supporting Chris but this whole thing is a joke.” Bea says and Chris goes purple with rage knowing he’s cornered.

“Can I say something on behalf of Elliot?” Blue asks.

“Go on.” The dean says at a loss as to what to do next.

Elliot made a mistake but he isn’t malicious. His parents have disowned him since he came out as gay and while his tuition is covered by his scholarship he is struggling for money. We help him out but obviously this is somewhat humiliating. He’s working several campus jobs to get the funds together for summer accommodation as he has nowhere to go, because he is working so much his grades have dropped and he saw this cash as a way to save his scholarship. The money from Chris would have meant he could have dropped one of his jobs. If you take away his scholarship he will have to leave and he will be homeless. Please take into consideration that I do not wish to see him punished harshly.” Blue says.

“Same I know why Elliot used my picture and I understand. We’ve talked it out and he has apologized.” George says.

“To me too. That is why we didn’t tell you when we found out what happened. Although we knew it was a risk that Chris would escalate his campaign against us we didn’t want Elliot to lose everything for a stupid, desperate mistake.” Gervais says.


“Chris, Beatrice do you have anything to say?” Julia asks.

“It has been really hard for us to get used to Blue being a real person and not just some storybook character like Snow White. I’m not using that as an excuse but for Chris especially to have a twin in reality and not in theory has been a huge adjustment.” Bea says.

“For me too but I didn’t pull something like this.” Blue says.

“But you never knew we existed at all. We knew but we didn’t have to share our parents or lives with you and now we do and it hasn’t gone well.” Bea says.

“It’s been a picnic for me.” Blue spits.

“Chris?” The dean asks giving him a final chance.

“It’s their word against mine and this is a joke of a kangaroo court. I want the formal process and I want it noted that Blue has been harassing me since I got here.” Chris says.

“All of you go and wait outside.” The dean says.


“We cannot let Elliot become another homeless gay teen. He’ll be a prostitute by the end of the week.” Brad says as the guys close the door.

“You guys can go.” Elliot says.

“We’ll wait with you. We might be in trouble any way for lying about knowing George.” Blue says.

“I doubt it. They already made you do those exams which is way more than either of these two will get.” George says. He’s still so pissed on Blue’s behalf that they doubted his grades so easily and he worries that they could do the same to him one day.

“You were the idiot to do that.” Chris says.

“I thought that would be the end of it. I didn’t know it would drag Gervais and George in too. Why do it that way? Why not just tell momma you wanted me gone? She’d have told me to transfer if you two had asked.” Blue says.

“Yeah right.” Chris says.

“Clara would have bent over backwards for you before you fucked it up by doing this.” Gervais says.

“Your mistake was trying to fuck Gervais over. Momma won’t put up with that.” Blue says.

“It’s true she favors me over Blue.” Gervais says.

“She really does.” Bea says with a snort.

“But it was Roe not momma who called school.” Blue muses.

“Elliot can you come back in?” Brad asks.


“Good luck bro.” Blue says as he goes inside.


“You think he’ll be okay?” George asks.

“No harm happened did it? I mean we’re all okay. Well apart from having to share a school with a psycho.” Blue says.

“If I’m a psycho, so are you.” Chris says.

And Blue sits there and thinks about it for a moment. Could he be as malicious and selfish as Chris? If he had grown up with Bea would he have spent all his time trying to get what she had? Would he have been so against sharing? He cannot imagine a world where any of that could happen and wonders what really happened to Bea and Chris growing up.

Elliot comes out a few minutes later and before Blue can hear what happened he and Chris are called in.

“Well?” George asked.

“I’m on probation. I lose the office job and the dining hall but can carry on in the library. I’m screwed financially but if Spence comes through with the job I’ll be okay.” Elliot says.

“Look I’m sorry that Chris screwed you out of the rest of the cash. Here.” Bea says handing him some money.

“No. I know you’re not flush yourself.” Elliot says.

“Interesting you’ve both got money to throw around.” George says.

“Yeah without Clara I thought things were tight for you.” Gervais says and Bea reddens.

“Our grandparents sent us some money.” Bea says.

“Why do you think they wanted Blue in with Chris?” George asks.

“More questions I guess.” Elliot says.

They wait for a good while longer. Blue comes out and doesn’t say a word just heads straight for his room. Jesse will have to find his own space tonight.

Chris comes out with a smirk on his face and walks straight off too.

“Let’s go.” Elliot says.

“I’ll go see Blue.” Gervais says and heads to Blue’s room guessing he headed there and not the suite.

“Can you just fuck off and leave me alone.” Blue says as he opens the door to Gervais.

“What happened?” Gervais asks trying to keep the door open.

“Nothing. We were in there for ages while he was allowed to ream me out and go on about how inferior I make him feel and how I’ve been trying to rip his family apart and how he just lost it when Clara started playing favorites between him and Bea. They let him go on and on and on. I don’t understand any of it but he is let off. We’re being told to avoid each other and would I consider changing my classes to avoid his, saying it will be easier for me to pick up something new. This is my last semester here. There are other schools.” Blue says.

“You want me to leave you to cool off?” Gervais asks.

“Please.” Blue says and shuts the door.

He’s angry and fired up and no way in hell is he making Chris’s life easier. He sends emails to the professors of the classes he’s being pressured to drop and looks at other schools and their transfer requirements hoping he hasn’t missed all the deadlines. Once he calms down he calls Clara to get her blessing.

“I think it’s a good idea. You can live with your friends but go elsewhere. I should have pulled you at the start when that meat was thrown at you.” Clara says.

“That feels like nothing compared to everything since.” Blue says.

“If you want to withdraw this semester then I’m okay with that.” Clara says.

“No it’ll make more sense to finish the year. I’ll avoid him as much as I can. He can’t live in either house. At all.” Blue says.

“No he can’t and I’m not paying beyond this semester for him. If school won’t do anything then I will. I’m mad at Roe for calling them at all. It wasn’t her fight.” Clara says.

“Its easier for all of us not to have it hanging over us.” Blue says.

“Send through the school info. Don’t worry about budget we have had a very good year, the retreat aside, you were right about the maintenance issues.” Clara says.

“I think Willow and Birch would like to come up for the summer. Birch to paint and Willow to see the retreat and be a part of things. I think she would be a good person to take over if you’re thinking of changing things up.” Blue says.

“I got the same impression. She’s incredibly interesting.” Clara says.

“This feels like the most normal conversation we’ve had in forever.” Blue says.

“You must feel like you finally have your mother back.” Clara laughs.

“Something like that. Thanks Momma for supporting me on this.” Blue says.

“One condition. If you make up with Andy I’ll even consider letting you go to wherever you choose if you get in.” Clara says.

“Really?” Blue asks.

“Yes. So find some compassion and remember that Andy is going through a lot right now and needs more support. I think you are ready to put our family drama aside.” Clara says.

“I was going to offer Bea a room.” Blue says.

“That’s fine. I just got an email from her. She’s making an effort.” Clara says.

“She dropped Chris in it today. Well he dropped himself in it and she blew the doors off. Didn’t help though.” Blue says.

“Well I hope it was for the right reasons. Well done for talking to me and not hiding away. We are both doing a lot better.” Clara says.

“Thanks momma.” Blue says and smiles.

He sighs and gets back to his research.


On Wednesday Blue has a great time at the opening with Birch. He loves Birch’s paintings and is half tempted to buy one.

“We’re going on to party. Will you come?” Birch asks.

“No I need my sleep with all that yoga tomorrow. You have fun and we’ll celebrate on Sunday.” Blue says.

“Okay well I’ll see you tomorrow.” Birch says.

“Hey my neighbor’s play is next week. Want to go on Wednesday?” Blue asks.

“Yeah for sure. Thanks for the support tonight.” Birch says hugging Blue.

“I loved every minute. So proud of you.” Blue says and they both give each other goofy grins.

Blue is on such a high on the way back he forgets where he’s going and goes to the suite not his room.

Andy is sat on the couch alone watching TV looking kind of bored and unhappy. Blue is having a total dilemma. He would love to just say fuck it and hug Andy but he knows Andy would see straight through it. Still he looks so lonely and vulnerable.

Blue goes to the kitchen and checks supplies. He smiles and quickly knocks up a batch of cookies. He dances around while waiting for them to be done and thinks about what he’s going to say. He misses Andy a lot. He needs to accept that Andy was just as full up with issues as he was. Neither of them had the capacity to help each other in the way they wanted so they both shut off.

“I’m sorry about Birch. I should have backed off when you started having sex with him. I’m sorry for that. I should have respected that you liked him too. Also I was a total bitch when I turned you down. I should have respected you a lot more. I know you’ve liked me for a long while and I could have been a lot more sensitive.” Blue says sitting as close to Andy as he can holding the plate of still hot cookies.

“Do I get a cookie now or are you going to tease me all night?” Andy asks.

“Are you sorry too?” Blue asks.

“I am. I hate that we keep fighting. I am so mad at you. Not over Birch, I’m not in to him I just didn’t want you falling for him when I wanted us to be together. It was a big deal you rejecting me right after my breakup. Like my plan A and B were over.” Andy says.

“I don’t want to be anyone’s plan B.” Blue says.

“You wouldn’t have been. You became plan A long ago, you know that. I fell for you this summer and I would have left Spence for you if you’d given me any encouragement. I’m sorry about the orchard thing. I really saw it as a plan for us, not for me. I didn’t know Clara would go for it. And leaving you to drive back alone was so shitty. I’ve been too embarrassed to face up to it. I am sorry about everything. It’s hard getting over you and Spence all at once. Seeing Birch go for you just muddled everything.” Andy says.

“I have a lot of fun with him. Like we used to. Saturday all day I’m yours. I’ll skip my class and brunch and we can do whatever you want.” Blue says.

“I take it sex isn’t included.” Andy laughs.

“No, I think its too complicated for us to be fucking. Why don’t we go shopping? I feel like you need treating to some spring clothes and your sneakers are dead.” Blue says.

“Okay. I wish it was hiking weather. I never thought I’d say that.” Andy says.

“I’m up for trying if you are? Get out of the city and walk in some cleaner air. Even if we only manage 30 minutes.” Blue says.

“Then we can shop. Fuck Blue are you sure you can forgive me?” Andy asks.

“If you can forgive me. I think we were both maxed out with issues and oth mad at each other for not stepping up. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you.” Blue says.

“I’m sorry for dumping you when things were on an upturn with Spence. We were closer to each other than to George and Spence and I dropped you and hid from the crazy. I totally get why you don’t want to be married to me. I need to do better and show you what we could have. I’m not giving up.” Andy says.

“I’m transferring after this semester. Well if I can get in somewhere local.” Blue says and tells Andy his version of what happened with Chris and the tribunal.

“I could kill him.” Andy says.

“Spence offered to pay him off for me. I feel like I need a fresh start.” Blue says.

“They should have been kissing your ass after you aced those papers. I fucking hate how Chris always ends up smelling of roses. I fucking hate him.” Andy says.

“Me too. But as we have to avoid each other I can’t tell him he is not living in my house next semester.” Blue grins.

“Oh can I be there when he drives up in August with all his stuff and you tell him to fuck off?” Andy laughs cookie crumbs going everywhere.

“You like the cookies?” Blue asks.

“So good. I promise no more shit. I can’t live without your baking.” Andy grins.

“I miss your cuddles in the kitchen.” Blue says.

“I miss it too. I love you Blue and I fucked up over and over and I don’t get why at all.” Andy says.

“You needed me and I couldn’t be there. Fucking Chris.” Blue says.

“My fucking mother fucking coming back into my life. I can’t even deal with her.” Andy says.

“Want me to stay over so we can talk tonight? Not wait for the weekend?” Blue asks.

“Can we make more cookies?” Andy asks.

“There is just about enough for another batch.” Blue says.

“Kitchen cuddles coming up.” Andy says and jumps onto Blue’s back.


79 thoughts on “The suite saga 95

  1. This university they go is is kinda fucked up what kind of university would try and get rid of the really smart student and keep the average student lol


  2. I don’t like you right now Sam 😦 lol. Why my Blue always got to be the one to give up somethin? He can’t stay in his own suite. He couldn’t be comfortable in his own home. Now he possibly has to change schools? How does Elliot get a punishment but Chris literally gets, “stay away from each other”. Do you have a thing for devious boys Sam? Haha (Just poking fun). They better get him good when karma is ready to swing down the judgement hammer!

    Anyway, Oh my Bludy heart! They are so cute together. Idk if I am the only Andy and Blue shipper but yes that ending was perfection. Blue don’t need Birch, he needs a man that truly appreciates his food with good lovings and good fuckings haha. XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Andy and Blue are not together. Andy can give Blue the hard pounding, earth shaking, toe curling sex he deserves. And they do really care about each other. Makes for a definite possibility down the road.


      1. At least now Andy is looking to be making Blue his top priority so that he may be open to a relationship later on. At least he has admitted not just to Blue but to himself he has treated Blue badly and looking to make amends 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah Andy has woken up and seen Blue won’t be single forever. He has worked it out finally that he wanted Blue in his life more than he wanted to not apologize or whatever stubborn twatishness was going on in his head.

          Liked by 1 person

      2. You and me we see eye to eye! That’s exactly what Blue needs. Andy has the capacity to send pure waves of ecstasy through Blue’s gorgeous body and after a night of passionate fucking they can share one of the amazing desserts Blue can whip up in bed. Hell they can lick the dessert of each others bodies XD. I sense a beautiful scene to made here. Saaaaaammmmmmm lol do this.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Here I am trying to get them to behave functionally and you just want them to get down and messy 😈😈😈😈 we’ll see. I have two storylines to set up an then I think a fast forward to the beach house will be needed.


          1. I love the sheer excitement Andy shows when Blue does baking for him it’s sooo adorable.

            Never forget that first tine Andy was at Clara and blue did all that baking and it was a revelation on the kinds of talents Blue has 🙂


  3. Sam, you’re right. We all want them to all hook up all the time lol. Can’t help it, we’re a horny audience 😈 I think I’ll imagine a new chapter tonight in bed to alleviate my constant begging for more from you. I’m afraid my mind may be a bit too twisted for the general audience lol. I’m to have the boys all in the living room, the light gets turned out and for the rest of the night, wherever your hand lands is what you suck or fuck lol. I can imagine dozens of scenarios in my mind between those sexy horny boys. That should get me off a few (dozen) times and alleviate my begging for them to hook up. You’ve created such an incredible cast of characters….I’m totally in love with them all. This series is the best ever!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re too nice. Honestly sometimes I think a bunch of stuff about them too, then chicken out of putting it on paper. Plus I wanted to avoid the drama of Alexander and Peter’s sex parties. I need to get creative on how to get things going…..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In that case the tone was set early. I mean the very first chapter had a sex scene in the saga it was more about character development and emotions 🙂


      2. At least blue didn’t fuck his roommate ten minutes after meeting like Alexander did. Still in love with both stories though. Would be kinda interesting to see them crossover even just something subtle like blue and the gang watching an old Alexander movie or reading peters book


        1. Ten minutes? 10 seconds. I still love that opening even if the rest of the first semester was so bad. Blue and Birch could go on a not quite a date to Peter’s tour, as Blue has been to art things so far….

          Liked by 1 person

      3. Yea but we all slept with our college roommates too. Or well at least I did. Maybe I’m the only manwhore on here ha. But I slept with all 8 roommates that I had at different times through school. Gay or straight or bi, we still hooked up frequently. So it makes sense for them to all have sex in every combo possible. That’s being boys. So I think you’ve done a good job of spreading the sex around!


  4. After teaching in 4 different colleges in several cities, I can say that, in all the crazy student shit I have seen, Chris would never have gotten off with such a blatant (and admitted to, btw) attempt to ruin the lives of other students. While it may add a very interesting element to the story’s plot lines, it fell pretty flat in believability. And given the rest of this story’s parallels with real college life, I’m really surprised.

    Still loving reading though.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Honestly, I’m glad you cut to the chase so Chris can soon have karma served. I’m ready for the boys to get back to being normal university boys and having fun. Drama has enveloped them lately. Time to laugh, drink and fuck. Of course a room full of gays will never be drama free haha. But the Chris drama is too much. He is a twat and not worth worrying over. I’ll sit back and wait on karma to bitch slap him 😉

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I just couldn’t deal with pushing it to the formal process or whatever. Wanted to get back to the fun. Blue needs his slutty time before Birch starts to push for more.


          1. How will Birch handle slutty Blue?

            Maybe I am reading too much into it but seems Birch only hooked up with Andy last time after seeing Blue getting close to the blonde guy he was not working his magic on lol


  5. Hmm. So Chris lies through his teeth and the committee falls for his sob story hook, line, and sinker. It’s bullshit that he did all of that and Blue is the one that has to make changes. Perhaps Blue can find something nearby that will be better for him, but I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of Chris yet.

    I’m glad Blue and Andy seem to be mending things and I’m glad Blue didn’t just roll over, but got a decent apology from Andy.


    1. I want to see Chris get his like you all do but now wasn’t the time. And I think it’ll be more fun for the guys rather than the administration to deal it out.


      1. I get why it went down the way it did. And I do appreciate you leaving it open for Chis to get his rather than an unsatisfying getting kicked from school. But it’s still bullshit. Lol.

        As I said, I’m sure it’s not the last we’ll see of Chris, especially when he learns he’s now lost financial support from Clara and a place to live in the fall. I do, however think it would be funny to have him show up, in all his arrogance, expecting a room only to find Blue owns both houses and has no intention of letting Chris in. However, Blue needs to carefully consider giving Bea a room because I think at the end of the day she will be loyal to Chris over Blue. If Blue lets her in, she’ll let Chris in. After all, she only spoke against him after he already admitted his guilt.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Does Chris know Blue’s friends could easily make his life a living hell. I mean think back to stuff Dylan used to do to blue and with them being good friends I bet he would be more than happy to screw up Chris 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Maybe this is a chance for Blue to go to a college that can test his brain. I think the dean hinted that is what Blue needs when he aced those three exams a few chapters ago.


      1. Lol. It would suck for the school if Blue transfers and takes the squad with him. After all, they’re all in the honors college program too. The could probably get in elsewhere on scholarship.

        Liked by 1 person

                    1. Yep that to she must be thinking God dodged a bullet with that one when she hears and sees stuff Chris has done.

                      Yep she probably sees that only thing blue has that is even similar to his bio father is appearance everything else is just a sweet and caring person 🙂

                      Liked by 1 person

  6. So glad to see Andy and Blue starting to talk again. I don’t know if it’s genuine from Blues perspective, or just something he has to do in order to transfer. If he’s becoming that cold and calculated then he will soon be as bad as Chris. I hope it was a sincere attempt to reconnect with Andy.

    Will Blue be willing to give up Birch if Andy asks him to? And I didn’t realize how deeply Andy cared for Blue. I assumed it was just a momentary fleeting thought in Andys mind that he and Blue could be together. It sounds like Andy might have truly developed feelings for Blue over the summer. That was an interesting revelation!


    1. It was genuine the minute Andy started apologising too. They both knew what the issues were, they knew they have messy feelings for each other. Andy has hinted about a future for him and Blue before but it was complicated for Blue to separate that future from Gervais.


      1. I was a bit disappointed that Andy didn’t offer an explanation on the whole leaving Blue behind on break. I know he was most concerned about getting sexy time with Deke and Spence, but he never said WHY he did it.


          1. Yes the phone call to Blue when was at Robbins I think he said he forgot about Blue and then the phone call deteriorated before Blue hung up on him.


      2. Right, guess I’m just looking a bit too deep for the real reason. I’ll leave it at that. My conspiratory outlook often makes me analyse things too deeply I’m afraid. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Are you fucking kidding me he got off Elliot came off worser than he did. Sam that was not fair. I hope he gets hit by a damn car. Driven by Andy’s mom. With Fergus in the passenger seat. Don’t have to kill him just seriously maim him maybe put him in a wheelchair.


    1. Elliot got off lightly, essentially they are helping him by forcing him to have more time to study. Chris they couldn’t do much to, he would have pushed for the formal process if they had done much and they knew they didn’t have evidence. Karma is coming (but it may be a way down the road, this storyline is draining I want to get back to the fun).


      1. Blue says no fucking with Andy, but does that also mean no fucking with Andy and Robin as a threesome? That would be totally hot lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I can see that, but having the administration suggest Blue drop classes so he doesn’t have to be around Chis is a big stretch..


        1. I had this whole boring part about Chris getting a sort of campus restraining order and agreeing to it then pointing out his classes required for his major are in same building, same time as Blue and as Blue is undeclared yadda yadda cut it and went a little looser which probably wasn’t good either but I just wanted to be done. Sorry, I accept its a bit(lot) shit.

          Liked by 1 person

      3. I think it was suggest Blue change classes because the administration knew he’d be able to do it and not lose ground or have his grades suffer. They’re trying to take a bit of an easy way out because it’s a giant cluster fuck of one persons word against the other. Plus they’d have to come down a lot harder on Elliot if it went to a formal hearing.


      4. Right on mate! Robin still needs to clear the air with Andy as well. The three of them fucking the pain away would be spot on ha. As long as Andy realises it’s just sex of course.


        1. And Gervais and Andy needs to make up now. Apart from Blue and Andy having a strained relationship recently it was obvious Andy and Gervais relationship was also on the outer.

          Liked by 1 person

      1. No hate here…Chris is clearly an idiot…I have no doubt he’ll get exactly what he deserves at some point. Those administrators are clearly in the same boat as Chris…LOL!


      2. No hate. I love Andy. He has a good heart down deep, he’s just had a rough time. Glad they are talking again, and I’m glad Blue didn’t turn to Gervais for comfort. i hope that means Blue is finally over him and finally going to move on. And I hope Gervais noticed that Blue didn’t want him and realizes that at one time, Blue would have immediately turned to him, but he fucked it up.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Blue and Gervais are functioning better. I know lots have jumped on the comment Gervais made about backing off from Birch but that wasn’t selfish more a be careful.


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