The suite saga 96

Blue wakes early as usual and smiles at the sleeping Andy. They talked for hour and hours telling each other everything that has happened with Blue’s family and with Andy’s mom. Blue feels bad that he wasn’t there for Andy and flattered that Andy thought Blue was the one he could really trust. He hadn’t wanted his mom’s full behaviour to be known outside the family and whatever feelings are between them they’re still family.


Andy would happily murder Chris with his bare hands for Blue. He admitted he felt totally at a loss as to how to behave around Clara over winter break when she was giving Blue such a hard time. He told Blue how he had talked with Roe at length about it and she’d told him he couldn’t interfere, had to let them work it out. He shouldn’t have taken that as back off all support entirely.


They end the night still a little wary of each other but both confident that their trust will return in time. Andy meant what he said about a future with Blue and this time Blue was gentler in his rejection, but still firm and it made Andy more determined to show Blue who he can be. Not to pressure or hound Blue into a relationship but to make him proud of him again.


The only thing they said no more about was Birch. Both believing the other will back off. Blue because Andy admitted that he wasn’t in to Birch really and Andy because Blue has insisted neither of them are ready for anything.


Robin joins George at his robot club his week. To his relief there are more people there than George’s hardcore friends. He has a great time and feels at home straight away. There are a couple of girls at the club and Robin happily works with them and as usual he’s a big hit for being his charming self and not objectifying the girls.


After George and Robin go for a burger together off campus.


“With Gervais having gone to the veggie side and Andy being a lil bitch I’ve missed having anyone to do this with.” Robin says.


“Have you spoken to Blue about what happened Monday?” George asks.


“No just to Gervais. I was letting Blue calm down. Any ideas what to do?” Robin asks.


“I’d love to fuck up his record, deregister him from classes and mark his tuition as unpaid but it would probably get Blue thrown out.” George laughs.


“I’d like to pull one of those frat pranks on him and tape him naked to the statue in the quad.” Robin says.


“And spray him with sugar syrup and set a bunch of wasps on him.” George says.


“Or something low level like letting a ton of bugs out in his room.” Robin says.


“Or putting an ad in the school paper with his picture saying he is riddled with STIs.” George laughs.


“Want another?” Robin asks his wrappers empty.


“Yeah. I am constantly hungry right now and dining food is worse than last year at the moment.” George says.


Robin comes back with more burgers and chicken nuggets and they both set about them as if they’d not eaten for a month.


“Andy new men in the frame for you?” Robin asks.


“Nah, I had breakfast with Tyler form next door, he’s cute but totally in to Blue. It’s impossible to find a guy when you live with Blue, Spence and Gervais. I need to try the apps but I don’t want to deal with the rejection. All the men I’ve been with have been out of my league and I messed it up. Blue says we need to come up with some strategies to stop me turning into a possessive jerk but it’s hard.” George says.


“None of the guys at robot club do it for you?” Robin asks.


“Nah. I love those guys but only in small doses.” George laughs.


“And you don’t ever consider girls?” Robin asks.


“Nah, from that first three way I knew men were for me. It all slotted in to place. I love sex with men. Love it. Girls are like weird aliens to me.” George laughs.


“They are to me half the time. I used to think gay guys had it easier, less drama to get sex but it has been non stop drama recently.” Robin says.


“Are you coming on spring break?” George asks.


“Yes for sure. Do you think some of the girls from tonight would like to come?” Robin asks.


“They are not your type. You’d be bored and cheat. You need a strong girl and you know it.” George laughs.


“It’s true. Ahh the beach won’t be short of posh girls who want a bit of rough, and middle class as I am I’m rough to them.” Robin laughs.


The guys all want a big blow out on Friday and spend some time drinking in the suite after climbing before heading out. The guys from next door join them. Justin keeps trying to talk to Gervais who is running out of polite put downs and Tyler is very flirty with Blue.


“You okay?” Blue asks Gervais as they both head out of the bathroom.


“That Justin won’t fuck off. He keeps sitting with me for meals and I see him all over. Now he’s trying to dance with me.” Gervais says his skin crawling.


“I’ll kiss you on the dance floor.” Blue grins.


“Nah you don’t want to put the cutie who has been near you all night off. That Tyler is so your type.” Gervais says.


“I know. Get George or Jesse to make out. Or Spence.” Blue grins.


“Maybe I will.” Gervais grins back.


“Or you know, a decent hottie you want to take home, there are so many tonight.” Blue says.


“Just because you’re having a slutty stage doesn’t mean I am too.” Gervais says.


“Just For me.” Blue says and kisses Gervais before disappearing back into the crowd.


Gervais watches him go, loving all the confidence he has now. He seems to have up the Chris problem behind him and isn’t letting it get to him. Blue was amazing the other night in be with Spence. He is so sexy. Ugh Gervais sighs at his missed chance.

He looks over at Birch who is dancing with Antonio and looking at Blue over his shoulder. He wonders why they’re not together. They like each other it’s clear. Oh he shouldn’t judge he was the same with Blue himself. He understands why people said it was a waste. They’ll get there it’s obvious. Gervais is happy that Blue has something good awaiting him. After everything Blue deserves something really good.


Blue tumbles out of a cab with Tyler and they stumble up to his room. Blue is glad Tyler has a single. They undress each other rapidly and Blue is incredibly turned on. Tyler is small like Gervais but totally ripped and has very sexy nipples. Blue is instantly obsessed, touching then licking and biting at them. Tyler is as dramatic in bed as out and groans theatrically with every move Blue makes.


They flip all night long, sleeping then one or the other waking and reaching out. Blue loves having a guy in great shape who can go all night. He’s been so fucking horny since they got back from break and is enjoying every new guy to the fullest. With the exception of Justin. But one duff one is pretty great odds.


“I have to go to yoga. See you tomorrow.” Blue says kissing Tyler goodbye early in the morning.


“That was a great night. I really love your body.” Tyler says.


“Yours is amazing.” Blue grins and kisses him again before getting up and slipping over to the suite for a shower and heading off to meet Willow.


“I can’t come to brunch today. I’ll see you tomorrow at 12, do you want to get a ride with us?” Blue asks.


“No I am doing a class at Cheryl’s in the morning I’ll go straight from there. My brothers favourite dessert, well before he tasted any of yours was banana fosters crepes. Something along those lines would be a good surprise for him.” Willow says.


“Thanks for the suggestion.” Blue says ands hugs willow goodbye. He’s not surprised Gervais didn’t make it this morning and it was nice to spend some time just with Willow.


He goes to his room and changes, grabs some things for the day and goes back to the suite to wait for Andy.


He’s actually up and ready and they take a drive out of town to go hiking. About 20 minutes in to their hike it starts raining heavily, they try and take shelter but it isn’t going anywhere so they run back to the car, peel off their clothes and wrap themselves in the towels that Blue had waiting on the back seat and turn up the heat.


“Oh man I know we said no sex but if your towel falls open there is no saying where my mouth will land.” Andy says.


“You’re terrible. And I’d fucking love it.” Blue grins.


“Shall we go get dry clothes and do something else?” Andy asks.


“Whatever you want. We could go to a movie or shopping like I said before. ” Blue says.


“Let’s go to the outlets near here, you were right about my sneakers. Come on I need spoiling.” Andy grins.


They put their soaking clothes back on and go and grab an outfit each quickly to change into then shop properly. Having a lot of fun.

When they are trying on a pile of jeans in a changing room Andy can’t resist running his hands all over Blue and Blue doesn’t stop him. They are both feeling sexy and Blue is soon on his knees amongst the pile of clothes.


Andy almost bites through his lip trying to keep quiet and Blue sucks him deep.


“Fuck you’ve got talent.” Andy says with a huge grin.


He grabs the back of Blue’s head and forces him to take him deep again before thoroughly fucking his face and shooting his load down his throat.


They tumble out of the dressing room and buy the lot. Both noticing the assistant has a lot more bulge than when they arrived.


Andy doesn’t worry about Blue shopping for him in the way he did with Spence. Spence wouldn’t come to a discount place and Andy prefers to feel he’s getting a bargain rather than the best. Also Blue has no clue about clothes so Andy can choose what he pleases without a hint of disapproval, if Blue thinks something is wrong it means it must look really fucking bad Andy giggles to himself. And it’s essentially on Clara and he knows that he can call and thank her later. In some ways Clara is like the dad he never had rather than mom at times he thinks and again wonders at the relationship she and Roe have.


“You’ve got a lot of stuff. You’re going to look so good.” Blue says.


“You too. This was fun. I like everything we got.” Andy says.


“What next?” Blue asks.


“Finish what we started in the dressing room?” Andy asks.


“Uh you finished.” Blue grins.


“But you didn’t.” Andy says.


“I don’t want to mix you up.” Blue says.


“You’re too much of a gentleman sometimes.” Andy says.


“That’s why you love me. How about you are my bakery assistant for the afternoon? I want to make somethings ahead for tomorrow as we’ll be out before dinner.” Blue says.


“And you’ll make me something I choose? Like cinnamon buns?” Andy asks.


“We can go to the store on the way back.” Blue says.


“Honey cakes and something with apples.” Andy says.


“And the cinnamon buns? How hungry are you?” Blue asks laughing.


“And can we have those cheesy popovers? I am starving. Always, always. I miss you making snacks and treats. I miss having you around altogether. We all miss you. Everyone is pissed at me for running you off but I didn’t.” Andy says.


“You didn’t help. Vetoing all my suggestions. But I moved out because of that whole swap Antonio for Justin thing as I couldn’t deal.” Blue says.


“He’s a bit creepy. We all have to keep rescuing Gervais in the dining hall.” Andy says.


“Aww he came faster with Gervais then with me, maybe he has a crush. He seemed really nice before we got down to it and then I just couldn’t leave fast enough.” Blue says.


“Sucks when it’s a dud. Still he is kind of cute. Not as cute as Tyler, how did that go?” Andy asks.


“I want to go again, he was great all night long.” Blue grins.


“That’s why you don’t want me today.” Andy says.


“Yup I’m empty.” Blue grins.


“What’s with all the bananas?” Andy asks.


“There’s something I want to try for Birch’s dessert tomorrow and I might mess up. You’ll eat what I don’t use.” Blue says.


“You have never messed up cooking that I ever saw.” Andy says.


“You’d eat anything.” Blue laughs.


“Anything you make.” Andy grins, kisses Blue’s cheek and takes the cart from him.


“I’ve missed your enthusiasm. Always makes me want to cook more and more.” Blue says.


“Which is what I want.” Andy grins.


Back home Blue gets to work and Andy gives Blue a lot of affection as he cooks, tries to eat everything, finished or not and the two are back to normal. George, Gervais and Robin join them and they watch movies and eat some of the baking and they all feel like things have turned around. Everyone is happy that Andy is in a better mood.


Blue is finishing off another batch and Andy is hugging him as Spence gets in from work. He takes one look at them drops his bag and joins in the hugging.


“This is the best day.” Spence says kissing them both.


DeShawn and Dylan join everyone and even Antonio when he gets back.


“It’s pretty nice here with you all getting along.” Antonio says.


“Don’t expect it to last. We are always creating drama.” Blue says.


“Speak for yourself.” Spence says.


“You are all as bad as each other.” Robin says.


“Include yourself in that buddy.” Blue says.


“This is nice. What time are we going to Birch’s show tomorrow?” DeShawn asks.


“About 2. You’re coming?” Blue asks.


“Of course I am. We wouldn’t miss it.” DeShawn says stroking Dylan’s leg.


“You two are so cute. Our last couple.” Gervais says.


“I’m not ready but I really want a boyfriend.” Blue says.


“Same. I’m not ready but I want to be dating at least, not just hookups.” Spence says.


“Same.” George says quietly and Gervais and Andy nod too. They all miss having someone to focus on.


“Tyler really liked you.” Antonio says to Blue.


“I had a lot of fun.” Blue grins and Andy feels another twinge of jealously. He can cope with Blue having a crush on Birch and hooking up with guys but if he starts dating one of the hookups he is going to feel bad.


“He is very excited for tomorrow.” Antonio says.


“Do you mind if I’m in your room tonight? Robin and I are missing our cuddles.” Blue says and Robin grins, Blue in his bed is exactly what he feels like.


“Good with me.” Antonio says excited at the thought of catching sight of more of Blue. From Tyler’s description he sounds delicious.


“This feels nice.” Robin says to Blue in bed holding Blue’s arms against his chest.


“You two look like a perfect couple.” Antonio says looking at how cute they are.


“I wish. If Robin ever switched teams I’d marry him on the spot.” Blue says kissing Robin’s neck.


“You’ll be the first to know.” Robin says turning his head for a goodnight kiss.


“If I took your picture right now I’d have 500 likes by morning.” Antonio says and they just grin at him.


The following day Birch can’t believe that all the guys have turned up to view his pictures, far more than from his own school.


“Think these guys are keepers.” Willow says to Birch.


“I know I can’t believe they all came.” Birch says.


“DeShawn is turning heads, everyone is up his ass.” Willow laughs.


“Yeah its funny. He isn’t rich yet but Spence could buy up the place.” Birch laughs.


“Oh I think someone has noticed those two thousand dollar shoes.” Willow says as one of the younger gallery workers makes a bee line for Spence.


Spence likes Birch’s pictures well enough and buys them both figuring they will make great housewarming gifts for Blue when they move. He buys a huge colorful picture also that he’d like for his house and has the gallery owner kissing his ass in minutes.


Back at the suite Blue makes a start on seafood paella and George cooks some chicken separately to add to the meat eater’s dishes.


Antonio and Tyler come in fresh from rehearsal and someone else knocks and Gervais won’t let them open the door as he knows it will be Justin, anyone else would let themselves in.


“He is so in to you.” Tyler laughs.


“He seemed nice but he just comes over as creepy now. He’s there every time I turn around.” Gervais says.


“You have had such bad luck since dumping me. Fergus the gold digger, my brother the psycho and now the stalker next door.” Blue laughs.


“Biggest mistake of his life.” Jesse says surprising everyone.


Blue serves up and Spence brings out a ton of wine and they all have such fun. Blue brings out dessert a banana mousse. Birch’s eyes pop out his head as he realizes what it is.


“Any ice cream man?” DeShawn asks.


“Yes banana, chocolate or both?” Blue asks.


“Bring it all.” DeShawn smiles he love’s Blue’s food, it doesn’t remind him of the flavors of home but he knows its made with the same love and attention his mom and grandma give food and he loves it when he can join in.


“I got this for you. As you love to bake.” Tyler says handing Blue a gift bag, Birch and Andy narrow their eyes at their competition in action.


“Wow this is amazing, I want to make all of it.” Blue says with a big grin, flipping through the pages of a cookbook of French patisserie.


“I’ll look forward to trying it.” Tyler says.


“I love it so much. Thank-you.” Blue says.


Gervais watches with interest. He’d love to get Blue back too but he knows it isn’t on the cards and he loves watching the guys going after Blue, all boosting the confidence that Gervais stole away.


“Want to come over after?” Tyler asks Blue as he helps him clear away.


“I’m pretty full.” Blue says.


“I don’t need sex every visit. I want to get to know you and I don’t want to wait until after my play is done. I don’t want to lose ground to the other guys.” Tyler says openly and makes Blue’s heart zing a little.


“I’d like that.” Blue says.



55 thoughts on “The suite saga 96

  1. I have to admit…I love all the attention Blue is getting. Gotta love it when you have multiple men wanting your affection. Tyler and the cook book was very cute mhm mhm. The boy is good and I felt a little twinge in the heart there….until my Andy was jealous! Nope nope nope! Tyler, Gervais, and Birch better back up. Only Andy for my Blue Sky. It’s evident in the fact Blue drove him mad with that bj in the dressing room. That store assistant’s penis knows true chemistry when it sees it! lol

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Any deadline for when Karma has to happen by?

        Any of Blue’s friends that Chris does not know are one of Blue’s friends?

        Maybe someone could position themselves in Chris circle and turn all his friends against him or something lol

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I would LOVE to ride the Blue train. He’s so hot. Except I would want all the boys to take a turn with us too lol. Yes, I’m greedy I know but damn what a group of hotties!


  2. This is playing into it that blue needs to be chased and whoever wins Blue’s effections will treat him like a prince and not take him for granted. Although blue probably thinks it’s between Andy and Tyler only as he thinks for Birch can only be friendship not realising how much Birch loves him lol

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Is this Gervais taking ownership for wrongs he did to blue on relationship level or more having a quiet tine after his own relationship disasters since leaving Blue?


            1. He seems genuinely happy blue is starting to regain his confidence as he has possibly only admitted recently how much their relationship breakup destroyed Blue.


                1. Apart from a few days at the beach house he has pretty much been in a relationship with someone since meeting Jesse. Yeah never thought of that lol


                  1. There was a gap between Jesse and Blue but not a lot. He needs time away from guys more than any of them but he likes having a boyfriend and he’s rarely short of offers.


                    1. Yeah but he does get used quite a bit it’s probably from his upbringing where he accepts love where he can get it even if the other party is not always looking out for his best interests.


          1. I assumed that as I recall therapy topic was brought up when he visited Robins parents after thanksgiving and again with Clara when they had their heart to heart before Blue had arrived home.


  3. I’m loving the competition forming for Blue’s affections. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Score one point already for Tyler with the cookbook. Seems he already knows the way to Blue’s heart.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Tyler’s gift was very thoughtful. Birch’s strategy of the pseudo dates has been good because he invites Blue to do things he knows or is confident Blue will enjoy. If Andy’s serious about showing Blue how awesome he can be, he needs to step up his game. Of the three, he should know Blue best and should have and advantage in how to win his heart. Of course, Andy’s downfall is that Blue also knows him well and will be far more guarded with Andy.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Hahahaha Sam I know that’s because of me. But…I can’t believe you’re such a great writer… actually softened me towards Gervais in this chapter. I don’t know how you did it, but you did. I think it’s because Gervais is starting to admit he fucked up and see exactly what he lost. He was a terrible person, and in order to grow he had to acknowledge it, or he would never be able to be better. You’ve started showing his accountability and his remorse. He’s not a total dick now 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Keep Chris around as people Lay off Gervais hate since Chris is much more scummier 😉

            Btw I don’t hate Gervais I maybe too forgiving than I should I just understand he has lots of problems that possibly only Clara knows the extent of.

            Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I’m sure I’ll hate him once again in the future, but at least for now, he’s not too horrible. As long as he remains a poison for Blue, I won’t like him. But, I have hope now he will eventually be good for Blue again.


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