14 thoughts on “Spring break sexytime

  1. Having finally read all of Alexander (in a weekend due to being a little ill and felling sorry for myself) I really want a cross over Blue and Peter would be amazing together and deserve a really happy ending 🙂

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    1. Peter could make dinner while Blue made dessert and Peter could buy a vineyard. Not sure what would happen to Alexander though. I did think that if Peter went back to his academic career he could get Blue as a grad student later.


  2. It’s funny looking at the results. Looks like Birch and Robin are the two leading contenders for Blues affection. I’m good with either or both. Oh hell, that would be a great threesome!! Blue/Robin/Birch….the two guys Blue seems to be most interested in both in his bed together. Now that’s a JO fantasy!!

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  3. Is the an “all of the above” option? Hahahaha. I hope they all end up in every conceivable option. Except blue and Gervais of course lol.


    1. I have voted for pretty much option granted there are options I favour more than others but good to have backups.

      My #1 wish is Blue and Birch to finally get on the same page on how much they each loves the other 🙂

      Probably weird in a poll of sex partners my wish is more sappy lol

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  4. I know you said be long time till Birch and Blue start a relationship but my fantasy out of all of these is Birch finding out what Andy told blue which has resulted in Blue holding back with Birch so far.

    Then birch showing Blue how desirable he is 🙂

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