The suite saga 97

Blue wakes and sees sunshine coming through the window, texts Gervais to invite him to the roof.


“Can I see you tonight?” Blue asks.

“We have tech until late. I’ll call if I’m out before ten.” Tyler says and Blue’s heart sinks, it is

Austin all over again. No its better than that, Tyler likes sleepovers and Blue isn’t diving straight in to a relationship with him. It’s casual and he’s exploring his options Blue reminds himself.


He wears yesterday’s clothes on the roof annoyed about the room situation again.


“Can I start keeping some clothes in your room?” Blue asks as they get started.


“Sure or put a bag under one of the beds. Or better still move back in.” Gervais says.


“Where?” Blue sighs.


“You sound down. Did you not have a fun night?” Gervais asks.


“I had a great night. Tyler is fun and interesting.” Blue says.


“Good. You’re just fed up of not living here full time?” Gervais asks.


“Yes and Jesse has been leaving my room in a state and gets annoyed whenever I turn up there. I feel so frustrated but I don’t want to share with Spence right now. I need to get firm with Jesse and tell him to get his stuff out and go back to his own room fulltime.” Blue says.


“You do. He’s had time to sort himself out.” Gervais sighs.


“How are you doing? You seem to be okay post Chris but you’re not yourself.” Blue says.


“I’m okay. Feeling a bit beaten down. That relationship was a disaster, just like Fergus was and I don’t know why I kept either of them going or why I did something that would hurt you so much. I feel a little justified after what he tried to pull but I’m still ashamed.” Gervais says.


Blue stops and hugs Gervais tightly.


“You know I’ve forgiven you and I still love you.” Blue says squeezing Gervais until he can’t breathe.


“You’re too good to me.” Gervais says.


“I am.” Blue says and kisses Gervais on the forehead before returning to their routine. Blue sprints back to his room after. Tells Jesse he has to get his stuff out today and can’t come back.


It is too early for Jesse to take any of it in and he rolls over and goes back to sleep. Showered and dressed Blue sprints back to meet Gervais for breakfast.


Gervais has anxiety bubbling below the surface again. He’s finding it harder and harder to fend it off and Justin popping up all over isn’t helping. Gervais lingers outside the dining hall until Blue appears. It’s still early and Gervais is happy Blue got him up so they can breakfast together in peace. It was nice to get up on the roof again too, it was cold but he feels better for it.


“Hey you look flushed.” Gervais says.


“Waste of time showering given I ran straight after.” Blue laughs.


“You smell lovely.” Gervais says.


“l bought some new aftershave when Andy and I were shopping. You like it?” Blue asks as always a little unsure.


“I said you smell lovely, its nice. Your new jeans are very sexy too.” Gervais grins.


“Thanks. It was the first time I let myself choose all my clothes. We had a lot of fun. I’m glad Andy and I are friends again. I missed him.” Blue says.


“Maybe we can hang out one night this week, not just yoga. Though maybe you’re too busy with all your admirers.” Gervais laughs.


“Tonight or tomorrow. Though I may have homework. Its boring but I’d love to just hang in your room and study together like we used to. Dinner here and chat when we’re done.” Blue says seeing Gervais isn’t in his best shape.


“Perfect. I finish later than you but just go ahead and set up before I get back. It’ll be nice.” Gervais says.


Justin sits next to Gervais as Blue is getting them both a coffee refill and Gervais groans inwardly. If he’s seen him come in he’d never have asked for a second cup.


Blue sees it happen and dashes back quickly.


“Hi Justin. You’re up early.” Blue says handing Gervais his drink.


“What happened yesterday? I knocked for ages at your door.” Justin asks.


“I didn’t know we were expecting you.” Blue asks channeling his inner Dylan and making Gervais uncomfortable and proud at the same time.


“1 thought it was an open invite.” Justin says uncertain.


“Not really. I mean I need to know numbers for food, I can’t afford to cook for the whole dorm. If we have a party we’ll let you know.” Blue says curtly and Gervais smirks behind his hand.


“Good to see you. We best be off.” Gervais says getting up, gulping down his drink and Blue follows, taking Gervais hand as they leave.


“You okay?” Blue asks.


“Yeah my hero putting himself in bitch mode to save me was awesome. I spent all of 10 minutes with the guy. He didn’t latch on to you and you had a proper conversation first.” Gervais says.


“You’re way cuter and would have topped him given the chance. It’s nice he likes you but it is creepy the way he just shows up and never asks if he can sit down or whatever.” Blue says.


“Yeah its not like any of the suite guys sitting with me, I’d be offended if they didn’t but we’re close friends.” Gervais says.


“I kinda thought he was interesting the first time but he isn’t. I just needed to get some.” Blue laughs.


“Where has this mean streak come from? It isn’t like you to exclude someone.” Gervais laughs.


“Well you are stressed out by him and I want to make life easier for you. I get that coming back from a semester abroad his friends might have moved on but he should be full of great stories about his time away.” Blue says.


“I might have to transfer with you if I can’t shake him off.” Gervais says.


“I’d love it if you did. I’d really love it if you’d help me by checking my apps before I send them.” Blue says.


“Of course I will.” Gervais grins.


“See you tonight. Message me if you need me.” Blue says and Gervais nods.


Later that day Blue goes to his chemistry professor’s office hours to get his drop form signed.


“No I won’t sign it.” The professor says as soon as Blue enters the room, before he’s even asked.


“But I have to or at least show I’ve made the effort.” Blue says.


“I’m not losing one of my few fully engaged students who has shown true mastery of the subject it is out of the question and I have told the so called ethics committee.” The professor says.


“Thank you.” Blue says not sure what else to do or say.


“No need, it is of mutual benefit. You are quite the celebrity with the faculty after your success.” The professor says.


“Yet ‘m the one being punished. Look I’ve never run in to Chris on the way to or from class but he might go out of his way to make trouble for me.” Blue says.


“Understood. If there is any trouble you’d have my and the department chair’s full backing. If you don’t take this class your path forward will be completely blocked and no one wants that.” The professor says.


“Thanks. I just want all this to be over and move on.” Blue says with a grin.


Blue has similar meetings with 2 other professors later in the day and that evening with Gervais they laugh about it together.


The next couple of weeks tick along. Blue continues to spend a lot of time with Birch just as friends, neither of them making a move, he sees Tyler a few times with neither of them pushing for more than casual, although Tyler is very attentive when he is free and Blue continues to have the occasional pick up in between.


He has put renewing a relationship with Bea and offering her a room on hold entirely. He wants to keep space between himself and his siblings. He’s still living in Dylan’s room and finding it annoying he spends nights with Robin or Gervais periodically. Sometimes Andy stays over with Blue when he wants some space and cuddles.


Andy is making a big effort to be extra nice to Blue and they often spend Sunday mornings together hiking and talking about orchards and vineyards and ideas they both have to get their projects going and Andy is helping with the cooking more.


Spence has very, very quietly started dating Edwin, the older brother of one of his wrestlers. He’s mostly kept him away from the group so far. In part because he isn’t yet sure and also to save Andy’s feelings. He has introduced him to Gervais and Blue, the four had dinner together so that Spence could get a second opinion.


Both guys were positive about him and are encouraging Spence that he’s doing the right thing. Spence is holding back a little but likes having someone to talk to every night. He stays at Edwin’s once or twice a week and on the other nights they talk a lot when Spence gets in.


Edwin graduated the previous summer and took a break from education to work in a nursing home while applying for medical school. He has a place for August and Spence loves that

he’s mature and passionate. He also has no idea that Spence is wealthy.


Robin is focusing on his studies, he’s still flirting with the girls at Robot club but just in a friendly way. He is lucky when he needs to be but hasn’t found a new girlfriend.


One Sunday the group get together for a spring break planning night. DeShawn can’t go, Antonio and Tyler already have plans and Elliot is planning to stay back and study, he doesn’t feel he can even ask for his gas money to be subbed. But the suite 5 plus Birch, Jesse, Dylan and Deke are all excited to be going.


“What day are you planning to come?” Blue asks Gervais.


“Robin’s mom can’t take the time now so I’ll be there all week.” Gervais grins.


“Great.” Jesse says with a grin.


“That’s easy then, 9 Of us, so we should take 3 cars and have enough room for supplies and flexibility when we get there.” Spence says.


“So which cars. You, me and Dylan?” Blue asks.


“My car won’t want to go that far.” Birch grins.


“I’m happy to take mine if Dylan doesn’t want to.” Gervais says.


“No, no, mine is biggest, it makes sense for me to drive. We all know where we’re going. I need the beer order.” Dylan says.


“My beautiful wine is in storage, other than the little I have left here. The house is all ready for the family that are taking it for the summer. We’ll be giving the furnishings a test run. Fair warning Fergus will be down for a couple of days to go through a few things with me.” Spence says.


“We could go camping somewhere or something.” Blue says to Gervais. Blue is worried about Gervais as his anxiety has been increasing. Justin is still popping up, increasingly and has taken to putting notes and poems through the door like a lovesick child. The guys throw any they find out without Gervais seeing but he catches enough himself to be unsettled.


“That would be nice. Though Fergus doesn’t bother me.” Gervais says.


“He bothers me.” Andy says with a grin.


“I’ll shop locally for the most part but one of you guys might want to load up a cooler with steaks, burgers and hotdogs as they’re a lot cheaper here and we’ll get coffee and cereal and things to take.” Blue says.


“What are the food arrangements? Do we have a budget?” Birch asks a little worried.


“I’ll buy the meat, I think I’ll do an order for delivery rather than take it with us.” Spence says.


“I will cover the fish and veggies locally that I want to cook, there are great seafood deals if I’m up early. You guys should chip in for milk, juice and fruit when we’re there, just be aware they do tend to cost more than here.” Blue says.


“I’ll cover the dry stuff we get here. I take it you’re planning to bake bread down there? Let me cover your baking supplies this end.” Gervais says and Blue smiles.


“Thanks. So that leaves chipping in for gas and beer.” Blue says.


“Put in what you are comfortable with and I’ll cover the rest.” Spence says.


“Man I love you guys. This stuff would cause so many issues with climbing club and we’d still get it wrong. I know I went off on you, because I was a total jerk, but you using up the bananas as muffins and bread was amazing. We’d normally waste loads and you made magic.” Dylan says.


“Was that an apology? I love to cook and mostly you guys will be grilling outside for dinner. It is no burden for me to prep a few veggie sides and some fish. You all love my rice and breads.” Blue says.


“And breakfast buns and muffins.” Andy says.


“And desserts.” Robin grins.


“Will you be wanting to do another big party or clambake?” Blue asks.


“I’ve been torn. My parents really want me to and to invite them up. Which would put a dampener on our fun. They won’t mind us drinking but we’d need to wear clothes. It would only be 2 days 1 night. W, AB and the kids would come too.” Spence says.


“Oooh I want to meet the baby.” Gervais says.


“No problem from me toning it down at the end.” Dylan says and the others all murmur agreement.


“If AB is coming with the kids then someone ought to have another go at convincing Elliot to come. He can shut himself away and study all week but he ought to meet AB and get that summer job locked down.” Blue says.


“I’ll talk to him.” Jesse says with a sigh. He was looking forward to not living with Elliot for a week but accepts that he ought to be there.


“No I will. It’s my invitation and my family.” Spence says.


“Thanks.” Jesse says.


“That means one car has 4.” Andy says.


“We’ll cope, its not like driving home.” Gervais says.

“As long as no one gets left behind.” Blue says and they all laugh.

“I’m excited we’ll be spending some proper time together.” Birch says to Blue before leaving.

“Me too. I want you to get me drawing again. The coast is so pretty.” Blue says.

“Yeah.” Birch says a little annoyed that Blue isn’t picking up on his hints.

“Ready to party?” Blue asks.

“I think we’ll be having a lot of fun. Lots if hot guys in bathing suits.” Birch grins and Blue smiles weakly not sure how he’ll deal with Birch eyeing up other guys.

“Those two are worse than you two ever were.” Spence says to Gervais.

“I know. We’ll have to do something to get them into bed. They are crazy about each other.” Gervais says.

“You think Birch is a better match than Tyler?” Spence asks.

“Antonio warned Tyler was a player but he’s really nice to Blue, he just doesn’t have the time to make a relationship work. If he did they’d be together.” Gervais says.

“I feel like Blue deserves better than either of them.  Want so much for him. I want him to have you, Birch and Tyler rolled into one.” Spence says.

“I want him to keep playing around. Its nice he has all these guys after him.” Gervais says.

“You’re hoping he tires of them and turns to you?” Spence asks.

“Not yet. I’d fuck it up again. I’m not ready. I love him and I don’t want anyone else but I know I couldn’t be who he should have, not yet.” Gervais says.

“You might miss out.” Spence says.

“I know.” Gervais says and goes to his room.


41 thoughts on “The suite saga 97

      1. I’m being nice Sam and not commenting on this lol. I’m biting my tongue like crazy right now!!!


      2. I agree w Anon… He’s still in love with Blue, but like he said, he knows that at this point in his life, he’d fuck it up.


  1. Well…lol. You know I’m a horny reader so I vote for giant fuck fest one night haha. I think all of them need to share some closeness and put the past behind them. It’s hard to be mad at someone when you’re sucking their dick. But with this group, maybe that would do more harm than good in the long run if it reawakens feelings between a few of them. I don’t want sex to derail their growth and new-found independence. So I can’t wait to see which rod you choose for them!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know Blue is versatile. But with Birch having Andy twice, does that mean Birch is a total bottom? Would hate for Blue and Birch to have all this chemistry then find out they’re both bottoms lol 😳 I hope not, because since Robin isn’t in the running for Blues boyfriend, I hope it’s eventually Birch .


  2. The beach trip should be fun! But I can sense drama coming when the boys start picking up beach hard bodies and bringing them home. I hope they all remember they are single and keep the jealousy low key. Except Gervais. I want him to eaten alive with jealousy when he sees Blue with other boys!

    And why the hell is Deke going?? How did he worm his way back into the mix??


    1. I don’t think Birch is aware Andy told Blue what Birch said. I think if he knew he might man up and make a move or do something to address it. Perhaps have Willow say something? Looking forward to seeing where all this is headed.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Wow Spence has a boyfriend already. Love how the professors are refusing to sign the papers. Its nice to see some adults at the college have blue’s back. Can’t wait for the spring break. I really like gervais and Spence trying to get B&B to go. Glad blue is backing away from Bea also. Ive said it once and I’ll say it again Blue and Gervais belong together. Everyone else is just a small obstacle in their way. Still waiting on Chris’s comeuppance maybe give him gonorrhea or genital herpes.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m proud of Spence for being a bit cautious. He’s a good guy and I don’t want to see him hurt. And I think it shows a bit that he’s still not totally over Andy. They have so much history, it’s honestly going to be a little sad seeing either of dating anyone else. I know it’s life, and it’s part of growing, but I have a soft spot for the Andy/spence duo.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Spence knows he is better with someone than alone, he isn’t a casual guy. I miss Andy and Spence too but they’ve grown apart. They are totally the pair I’d see reuniting 15 years down the road once they’re established.


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