The suite saga 98

The guys are all excited as they pile into the cars on Friday. Spence has Deke and Jesse in his car, Dylan is taking Elliot, Andy and George and Blue has Birch, Gervais and Robin.


“I really hope we get some warm weather.” Birch says as they get going.


“Anything feels warm after the last couple of months.” Blue says.


“Be a bit cold for swimming though.” Gervais says.


“I’m up for it.” Blue grins.



“So what’s the deal with you and DeShawn for this week?” Andy asks Dylan.


“We’re pretty open any way but he said there was no way he was putting any restrictions on my final spring break.” Dylan laughs.


“Great stuff. I can’t wait to sleep in for a week and laze on the beach. This semester has felt stressful.” Andy says.


“It has been stressful. All the drama with Chris. The breakups. The room swapping. I am looking forward to a good sleep on one of those fancy mattresses. I might not get out of bed all week.” George says.


“Thanks for making me come. The thought of one of Spence’s beds is making my back buzz in anticipation. I hate dorm beds.” Elliot says.


“l am so happy Spence and I are still friends. You and Jesse seem to be managing okay.” Andy says,


“It is so hard living together. All the things that made him cute when we were together are just annoying now and I cannot wait for summer.” Elliot says.


“My mom will be making him keep his room tidy this summer.” Dylan laughs.


“Are you having sun or looking for someone new?” Andy asks.


“I’m easy for any guy with his own place.” Elliot laughs.


“l can’t believe I’m the only one in a relationship.” Dylan says.


“Are Blue and Birch not together?” Elliot asks.


“No they’re just friends.” Andy says.


“Friends who go on 2 or 3 dates a week.” Dylan says.


“They’re not dating.” Andy says petulantly.


“They are. They have a standing Wednesday date, they brunch with Willow every Saturday and hang out at Birch’s place after. They often go to a late movie after yoga on a Thursday. They are dating,” George says.


“Birch is sleeping with me not Blue.” Andy says.


“Are you sure?” Dylan asks not meaning to needle Andy but genuinely curious.


“Blue is dating Birch and fucking Tyler? And Birch dates Blue and fucks you? Weird setup but pretty nice for them if they don’t have that chemistry.” Elliot says.


Andy sits and sulks. He hates that they don’t see as his and really hates that Blue still has Birch and Tyler.



“How are you both feeling about being around the exes for a week?” Deke asks.


“Its okay for me we’re still close friends.” Spence says.


“I was looking forward to a break from Elliot. I am utterly dreading seeing him whoring it up all week.” Jesse says.


“Same.” Deke says.


“I’m used to Andy being that way anyway.” Spence says.


“Are you staying faithful to your mystery guy this week?” Deke asks.


“I’m still one foot in one foot out. He’s great, mature, handsome, ambitious and caring. He is on paper perfect. But I know med school will be tough and he won’t have time for me. I keep meeting guys who would be perfect down the line. I hate that my instinct is always to settle down. I’m like a bloody lesbian, I always want to be domestic, make a home together straight away. I’m not saying I’m a natural homemaker like Blue, but it’s what makes me feel good.” Spence says.


“I’m the same. I want to be all in right away. Scares guys off.” Jesse says.


“I’m fighting against it now. I know I should just date and fool around but it isn’t fun for me and I’m so busy I need someone who is happy with snatched time.” Spence says.


“You and Andy should never have broken up. I get why it happened but you two had turned it around. If you had gone skiing or whatever like usual you’d still be together.” Jesse says.


“But Andy is mooning over Blue and not me.” Spence says sadly.


“You think they’ll ever get together?” Jesse asks.


“No way.” Deke says.


“No?” Spence asks curious.


“Blue doesn’t see him that way. Never will.” Deke says.


“l don’t know. I think if they end up in business together Blue will look around and see Andy is his best option.” Spence says.


“That’s forever away. I’d bet on Gervais and Blue being back together before then.” Jesse says.


“I wish they would. I wish they would right now. I had sex with them a few weeks back and they were so amazing together. Tiny little things, adjustments for each other. They totally included me but at the same time they were entirely focused on each other. At times they are back to how they were, they have those moments of total synchronicity. Its beautiful.” Spence says.


“I feel like them not making it means my own breakup with Gervais was a waste.” Jesse says.


“Really? But you and Elliot were so good together,” Deke says.


“Physically Gervais is my ultimate dream man. Plus he’s smart and sensitive and I was crazy for him. I was never crazy about Elliot which made us more stable but I’m actually less upset by this breakup than when Gervais left me.” Jesse admits.


“You were easier to get along with when you were Elliot than with Gervais. But that was mostly as we were all rooting for Blue and Gervais.” Spence admits.


“I’m not compromising next time. I want someone I’m into who is fully in to me and meets my physical ideal. That might make me sound shallow but I’m aiming high.” Jesse says.


“I don’t have an idea. Andy, Dylan and DeShawn are all totally different but I loved them all and they all made me shoot like crazy.” Deke says shyly.


“Have you anything going on now?” Spence asks.


“No, I mess around with my suitemates a lot. I’m happy without a boyfriend right now.” Deke says.


“I’m sorry we got between you and DeShawn.” Spence says.


“I’m pretty much over it now.” Deke says.


“So no ex se this week?” Jesse asks.


“I’d not say no.” Deke grins.


At the house they all run round bagging rooms and unpacking. Blue sorts the kitchen first and is last to get a room. He doesn’t mind being in a smaller room. Now they know that there will be a cleaning service coming in they don’t worry about sharing.


Blue grabs himself a beer and runs a bath. Katelyn made him some bath bombs for Christmas and he hasn’t had a chance to use them.


“That smells amazing.” Gervais says sticking his head in the door.


“Come talk to me while I bathe.” Blue says.


“l need to piss first. Was looking for an empty bathroom. Lots of prepping going on.” Gervais laughs.


“Go ahead. I’ve seen you pee before.” Blue laughs.


“When I could barely stand. You did so much for me. Do so much still.” Gervais says with a smile.


“Get in with me. You’re only little.” Blue says when Gervais finishes.


“You sure?” Gervais asks.


“Get in.” Blue grins.


Gervais leans back against Blue’s chest and lets out a long sigh.


“Feels good right?” Blue says.


“Oh you are still my comfiest pillow.” Gervais says.


“I just needed some time out before the chaos.” Blue says.


“We could go for a walk down the beach,” Gervais says.


“Nah I’ll get started on dinner after this.” Blue says.


“We can order in tonight.” Gervais says and Blue wrinkles his nose.


“I like cooking.” Blue says.


“It’s late and you are clearly exhausted, I bet one of the others is already on it.” Gervais says and Blue tries to relax.


“It’s weird us both being single.” Blue says.


“Are you?” Gervais asks.


“Yes, I like Tyler and he is super nice to me but he hasn’t the time to be a boyfriend, And I’m not at all upset by that so I know he’s not the right one. You need someone.” Blue says.


“I’m okay being single, working on myself.” Gervais says.


“You need someone to take care of you. Not because you’re weak or can’t do it yourself but because you’re lovely to look after.” Blue says.


“Tired of looking out for me? I know I’ve taken up your time recently.” Gervais says.


“Not at all I wish you’d let it be me full time. I’m over you don’t worry but I could happily fall back in to you so fast. I’m not going to ask or put that pressure on or even think of it when we get out this tub. But it would alleviate my worries if I knew someone else was looking out for you.” Blue says blinking back a sudden tear of emotion.


“I need to be single right now.” Gervais says.


“I get it, I do and you shouldn’t just get a boyfriend to make me feel better. I just want you to be happy baby.” Blue says kissing Gervais neck and collarbone.


“I’m doing okay. If Justin would leave me alone it would be great.” Gervais says.


“I’ll talk to him again when we get back. If it carries on we’ll make a complaint.” Blue says.


“I’m going to forget about him for the week and have fun.” Gervais says taking a sip of Blue’s beer.


“Good.” Blue says.


Reluctantly the get out when the water cools and go and get dressed separately. Both thinking seriously about what Blue said. Gervais tries to push it out his head. He knows Blue needs to date someone else. Someone decent. He needs to have a real chance with someone who will love him and not be a burden and not mess it up.


Blue thinks about how Tyler doesn’t make him feel the way Gervais does and while he’s wonderful and treats him well, is not the player Antonio suggested, he makes Blue feel desired but not needed.


For a moment Blue thinks of Birch and how he fits that role already, Blue often cleans up his apartment and shops and cooks for him, he’s not like a maid but sometimes Birch is in the zone and Blue enjoys making life easier for him.


Blue decides to let the others fend for themselves and goes to bed. He’s tired and doesn’t want to fake it tonight.


Blue wakes early and goes to piss meeting Birch on his way back from doing the same. They smile good morning and check each other out. Blue turns before opening the bathroom door to see Birch going to Andy’s room and wants to scream in frustration.


On the way back Jesse comes out of Gervais room and Blue just can’t take it. He quickly gets ready and heads straight for the beach, Its early chilly and quiet. He starts his morning routine and is soon feeling calmer but can’t shake the feelings of jealousy and disappointment.


“Hey thought I’d find you here. What’s up?” Robin asks.


“Just needed to clear my head. Its going to be a nice day I think.” Blue says.


“Want to come back and make breakfast with me?” Robin asks.


“l don’t feel like it. I’m liking it out here.” Blue says watching the waves.


“Blue its me, you can tell me what’s wrong.” Robin says gently.


“Jesse was with Gervais and Birch was with Andy last night. I know I have no right, I know I’m not dating them but I am jealous as all hell. It feels like a huge kick in the guts. I know I’m not Birch’s type and I should step back and stop fantasizing about him but it is so hard. It feels like we’ve been dating for the last couple of months and I thought that he was coming round to thinking of me that way but he doesn’t. He really doesn’t. I feel like Andy has been being nice to me to throw me off. Like they’ve both been laughing at me massaging my ego and making me think they were both interested when they’ve been banging each other’s brains out behind my back.” Blue say frustrated and angry.


“Birch is in to you that way. He never takes his eyes off you. He always gets mad when Tyler is around and tries to get you away from him. Maybe he’s been waiting for you to stop sleeping around.” Robin says gently.


“No he’s just a friend and I misread it again. Andy told me Birch didn’t think of me that way and I arrogantly thought I could bring him round but lets face it after weeks and weeks of nothing it is never going to happen. He never wanted me and I was a fool to hope he did. Of course he likes Andy and not me. I should have backed off when he asked.” Blue says.


“And Gervais? Why does who he sleeps with bother you?” Robin asks.

“I’ll always hate them together because their relationship robbed me of time with Gervais. We shared a bath last night and it felt so intimate, it could easily have moved to the bedroom. I will always feel inadequate next to Jesse. I’ve been so much happier and more confident recently and now I feel back to where I was.” Blue admits.


“Sounds like you’re done playing around.” Robin says.

“Not really. I mean I feel like twice I’ve found a man I could be with, if not forever for a really long time and twice I’ve not measured up. Gervais tossed me aside and won’t try again and Birch doesn’t find me sexually attractive. I don’t feel like I’ll ever find anyone like those two. I don’t think I even want to look because it feels like giving up.” Blue says.


“You can’t give up. There are so many men out there. You’ll find one that loves you back, that adores you and is hot for you. You can’t expect every guy to be that guy.” Robin says.


“I don’t. I’m having a lot of fun with Tyler but with him not here my head fills with what I used to have and what I thought I could have. Sorry this is fucking depressing. We’re supposed to be having fun. If you want help finding girls later I’ll miss hit the volleyball or whatever it is you straight guys do.” Blue tries to cheer up.


“You don’t need to apologize for sharing your feelings. We need each other. Don’t push all this down and get upset with yourself. They are the ones missing out on a great boyfriend. You’ve been amazing in all your relationships and Birch is a fool.” Robin says.

“I love you Robin. I couldn’t get through college without you.” Blue says.

“Same babe. You’re the best friend I ever had.” Robin says.

“Why are you not gay? We could be married tomorrow.” Blue says with a grin.

“Shall we go make breakfast now?” Robin asks.

“I’m going for a run to clear my head. Thanks for talking me down.” Blue says and kisses Robin’s cheek before getting up and jogging down the beach.


Back in the kitchen Robin puts more coffee on and sits at the table contemplating how to help his friend.

“Where’s Blue?” Andy asks coming in.

“Gone for a run.” Robin says.

“No baking smells meant I slept in.” Andy laughs as Birch pours cereal.

“Look I know its spring break and we’re all going to be loose and having fun but can you two be a bit more subtle? Blue knows he has no claim but he’s not made of stone and he’s pretty upset right now. That goes for you two too.” Robin says as Jesse and Gervais come in.

“Oh please.” Jesse says rolling his eyes.

“Blue knows we’re not getting back together. He’s over me and wants me to find someone.” Gervais says.

“Right and this isn’t coming from him. I am asking you to keep it out his face so he doesn’t feel like shit and go home like last year. It’ll be a shitty break if we can’t all enjoy it and I know I won’t if Blue is cutting himself off.” Robin says.


“I don’t get it. If you and he want to be together why are you still asking me for sex?” Birch asks Andy.


“It’s you Blue wants.” Robin says before Andy can say anything.

“No, we’re just friends. Believe me I have tried everything to get him to make a move.” Birch says.

“He’s totally in to you. Andy told him you told Andy Blue isn’t your type and Blue believed him. He’s been hoping you’ll change your mind.” Gervais says.


“Why the fuck would you do that? And tell me he didn’t like me like that?” Birch shouts turning on Andy who blushes crimson.


“Andy is in love with Blue.” Spence says coming in and pouring coffee.

“You’re serious? You’ve been feeding us both shit to keep us apart. Holy fuck that’s low.” Birch says stunned.


78 thoughts on “The suite saga 98

  1. just when i start liking gervais, he pulls this shit with jesse. and that is why he knows he cant be with blue, its because he always thinks of himself first knowing that he is ripping blue’s heart out.

    and andy.. what a fucking cunt. he thinks and says he wants blue , yet he willingly fucks him over.

    damn it shit fuck!!!!!

    blue is the BEST!! and someday, hopefully soon, he will finally find a great guy with some fucking morals.

    if they could just stop the sex mongoring, life would be great for them all. but, i guess at their age, its normal and expected.

    “ugh”, me sighing

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lately I loose patience with pretty much everyone faster and faster.
    Most of them act so unbelievable immature that I get the feeling I am watching kids not teenager on the verge to twens.
    I had a lot of respect for Blue, but his slutty phase pretty much downsized him close to the level of the rest of the gutter trash gang.
    Andy is using every chance to keep Blue and Birch apart. Nothing new from his personality. If I can’t have him, no one else shall…
    Birch is also completely inconsequent. After the second fuck-over he regretted it instantly and showed Andy the door and still he does it again and again. Pathetic.

    The only one I see in a different light is Robin, who seems to finally get his act together. At least he seems to be calmed down in his use of women and said so.

    The rest seems to think that their dicks are the sole purpose of existence. Again, pathetic.

    If these guys would exist in real life, I personally would run for the hills in the hope to escape their destructive personalities — AFTER I gave them all a piece of my mind *cackles maniacally and starts sharpening a butcher knife*


    1. For sure my friend!! They are so meant for each other, even if Robin is still confused and doesn’t realize he’s playing for the wrong team yet lol. Seriously though, I think down deep, Robin is in love with Blue and it’s more than a deep friendship. I don’t Robin understands those feelings enough to realize just how much he loves Blue, and in what way. I think a slow, passionate, loving night together may help him sort that out. Well, now I’m horny just thinking of it lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think Robin is gay honestly. But I think he is in tune enough with his emotions, and secure enough in himself, that he can love a person and not just a gender. He and Blue share something really special. I admit I love the idea of RUE, but I don’t ever see it happening. But a really hot, steamy romp in the hay between them isn’t too far fetched either lol 😎❤️ Just a nice, intimate time shared between two friends who sincerely love each other. Just increases the level of intimacy and ties them together even tighter as friends.


    1. I doubt he’s surprised much. They are mates again but I don’t personally believe Blue fully trusts Andy any longer. Not much of a surprise really. Very low of Andy, but not totally out of character either.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Agreed, and I don’t think it will influence Blue. He doesn’t trust Andy and now he will know he was right to hold off. But if birch knows Blue likes him will that keep Blue from having sex with Robin at the beach? Cause Blue and Robin need to get down and have a serious fuck!


  3. Damn RUE 🙂 In no way are Gervais and Birch even close to Robin. And Spence obviously still loves Andy, if only can Andy get his head out of his own ass and realize he feels the same and is just clinging to an idea of Blue not Blue himself.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. RUE would be the BEST! But you’re just throwing little teasers out there for us, then you snatch it away lol. Demented game you’re playing with our emotions Sam hahaha.

        I hope there is at least one RUE coupling during the break. They are so hot together!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so glad it’s all coming out in the open finally!! I am so in love with Robin for being a true, decent friend to Blue. And I can’t help it, I wasn’t going to say anything but Gervais is such a fuck stick! I swear I hate man with every ounce of my being. Can he please just get eaten by a shark while at the beach??


      1. No flip flop. I’ve always hated him, but was at least starting to warm to him. But once again he’s so caught up in himself he can’t even see what he’s doing to Blue. And yes Blue needs to sack up and quit being a bitch regarding Gervais, but still. He’s such a selfish prick. I truly can’t handle him at all.


            1. If that were the case he got the timing wrong. Should have split before moving. They would have split before summer I think, Jesse accepting the job with Dylan’s mom would have caused issues.


              1. I guess when it comes to Jesse I am often suspicious even when he is trying to be kind or doing things out of the ordinary.

                I guess the eyeroll moment and the cattiness made me think he was reverting back to the Jesse who was a total bitch to Blue lol


                  1. Yeah Gervais knows the Jesse relationship with him has always been a painful emotion for blue after all the times Gervais chose Jesse in favour of Blue.

                    I think that is still a stinging point with blue in regards to relationships where he feels was never the first option but rather the backup.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Kinda as he sees Andy as Birch first option (as shown in the conversation with Robin on the beach). I Guess it depends on how good of a job Birch does on telling Blue it was always him he was crazy about.

                      Liked by 1 person

      2. I for one agree with him being eaten by a shark. I’ve no idea why Gervais holds back and won’t allow himself to pursue him. I know the lines about him being afraid he will fuck it up and all but there’s more to it surely than just irrational fear. Gervais is damaged and may not ever be suitable for Blue.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. wow it’s a Jaws moment in the Suite Saga lol. I hope I don’t ever get on your bad side Okiegrad lol. But for real, maybe it was just innocent cuddles between Fervais and Jessie. But then again, if Gervais wanted cuddles he could have slept with Blue. So yea I kinda get it.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved it the big reveal that Andy has been playing both sides. Look how pissed Birch was when he found out the reason Blue has not been taking his hints or making a move on him.


      1. But Birch told him that he didn’t made it up. Maybe I am missing something but at that point I don’t think Andy knew Birch was in to Blue or vice versa.


        1. Birch told Andy he wasn’t in to Blue after sex, it was the polite thing to do whether true or not. Andy knew Blue was in to Birch, they argued about it but Andy has told Birch that Blue only sees him as a friend. You’ve not missed anything, I’ve not gone into what Andy told Birch (or when) in detail yet.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Ok maybe I was reading too much into it I just assumed Andy telling birch that blue does not see him that way was recent considering it was only after Andy and Blue became friends again that Birch started to drop hints that Blue was not responding to.

            Liked by 1 person

      2. I believe Andy and Gervais deserve one another. One is equally as arrogant and horrid as the other. Neither fully understand what true friendship is, and neither seem to care.


    1. C’mon 🙂 🙂 why all the hate towards Andy. I think he is great, just got a little lost on the Blue train. As I said earlier I think he likes an idea of Blue not Blue himself (you know grass is always greener…) and when he realize that the break up with Spence is gonna hit him hard.


      1. I thought he was back on track and now it almost feels like he is poisoning any possible relationship blue may have with others in the hope blue may become desperate and just settle with Andy 😦


    1. Screw apologizing that was the best freaking chapter ever!!! Gives me hope of blue and gervais again. Blue and Birch would be fine for a while but he belongs with Gervais. And what’s up with Jesse already in the bed with Gervais? Andy finally gets what coming to him. And thank you Robin for calling them on their shit

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I think my hatred of Gervais started when he left Blue for Fergus. I was a huge Gervais/Blue fan and thought they of all couples would stand the test of time. I thought they were perfect together. They were doing so well then WHAM he leaves with Fergus like Blue never mattered.

        So I can’t allow myself to hope for Blue/Gervais reunion. Gervais had everything he could have ever needed or wanted….then threw it away. So he’s dead to me haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Exactly. It showed just how little Gervais really cared for him, and how truly selfish Gervais is. I can’t imagine anyone like him ever being good enough for Blue. I know people can change, but I just don’t see it. I was broken-hearted for Blue over that break up, so I just can’t let myself hope for them to get back together.


      3. Sam, you’re exactly right that Gervais needs to think of his life without Blue. But therein lies my biggest issue with Gervais. He doesn’t seem to be able to think beyond the moment. He left Blue for Fergus because he was caught up in a moment. He left Fergus alone in Paris, again caught up in a hasty momentary decision. He couldn’t let go of Chris because at the moment, Chris was being nice to him. He’s so unaware of the world around him, and how his actions affect things down the line. As someone who was one of his biggest fans in the past, I find the current version of Gervais to be a sickening, selfish cunt who thinks only of himself and his needs. He wasn’t always that way, and I don’t know why he’s become such a prick. But he has no redeeming qualities in my eye now at all.


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