The suite saga 99

“No one is to tell Blue. I am not having this week spoilt by your shenanigans. Everyone has to start being kinder. I’m all for everyone having fun but be mindful of who is here and what makes them hurt.” Spence says coldly.


“Please I was with Gervais long before Blue. I’m not walking on eggshells round him.” Jesse says.


“How would you feel if Elliot was with Gervais last night? Don’t tell me its different because it isn’t, Elliot would know that you would be hurt. This isn’t just about Blue this is about me not sleeping with Deke, Dylan not being with Andy, Elliot not being with Gervais. There are a lot of options here without hurting each other. Whatever you think your claims are. Anyone causing drama has to leave.” Spence says.


“l had no idea Blue would be hurt.” Birch says.


“No but Andy did. And Gervais you should be ashamed of yourself. Going on and on about not being with Blue because you’ll mess it up and then you might as well have punched him in the gut. I honestly think you like hurting him. You strung him along when you were with Blue, you dumped him brutally for my brother, what you did with Chris is unbelievable and now this. You are the worst of the worst. Blue has helped you out more than anyone and all you can do is hurt him. I think you enjoy it. If you do anything else to him here you are gone.” Spence roars.


“I don’t like hurting him. I am not playing with him.” Gervais says.


“So jumping in the tub with him and being all loving and then jumping in to bed with Jesse wasn’t toying with his emotions?” Robin asks.


“Or mine?” Jesse asks turning on Gervais.


“It was two entirely separate events. Blue knows where he stands with me and me with him.” Gervais says and walks out the door.


Birch can’t take anything in. Blue likes him but from everything else is still clearly hung up on

Gervais. He knows this isn’t news, it is why they are both single, Birch has been moving on from Joe and Blue from Gervais and George. Andy just throws a spanner into it, it was always just sex they both knew that and had been upfront about it. It was always last resort, drunk sex. Yes Andy usually stayed over but that was for safety more than anything.


Birch heads out to the beach and tries to clear his head. He jogs down the sand away from the house and spots Blue and sits next to him.


“How’s things?” Birch asks.


“Good. Just wanted some space. I love my friends but they are all drama. How about you?” Blue asks.


“Not great. I didn’t know you were bothered by me sleeping with Andy.” Birch says.


“It always hurts when a crush chooses someone else. I don’t have any claim on you. You’re not doing anything wrong. I just thought we’d been getting so close, that there was hope, it was a surprise that you and Andy were still going on.” Blue says.


“We are close. I’m closer to you than I have ever been to anyone. You know me inside out.” Birch says.


“Are you over Joe?” Blue asks.


“I think so. Are you over Gervais?” Birch asks gently.


“Mostly. I know I don’t want to be with him. It’s hard because sometimes when we’re together and it’s just us I feel like we could make it and then I remember what he did, how he treated me and I back off. He’s been clear right since last summer that he doesn’t want me back. I wouldn’t go back. But he still has the power to ping my jealousy.” Blue explains.


“I guess if I saw someone coming out of Joe’s room I’d feel the same,” Birch says.


“It’s not that it was someone. It was that it was Jesse. I always feel second best to him in Gervais eyes. It might have been healthier for Gervais to go to Jesse for se or comfort rather than me but it dinged me this morning, coming on top of realizing you and Andy still had something going.” Blue says.


“We don’t have a thing. It’s always been just s. Last resort, no other options s.” Birch says.


“Have we missed our chance? While waiting to be ready have we blown it?” Blue asks.


“I think so. I don’t want to come between you and your friends and if we started something I think you would lose Andy. I can’t be a part of that.” Birch says.


“But you did like me?” Blue asks.


“From the day we met I was crazy about you.” Birch admits.


“Same.” Blue says.


“Can we carry on as we were?” Birch asks.


“I don’t want to lose you as a friend.” Blue says and Birch reaches out and squeezes his hand.


“We’ve been totally upfront about everything except our feelings for each other.” Birch sighs.


“Maybe that was a good thing. Now we get to stay friends properly without things getting muddled by a relationship. I’d have hated to lose Willow when we broke up too.” Blue admits.


“Oh she totally loves you more.” Birch laughs feeling a little more positive.


“I suck at Spring break. Last year I had amazing sex with Elliot and asked him on a date. He turned me down flat and then hooked up with Jesse so I went home early. The guys didn’t notice until they were half way home a few days later.” Blue says.


“You need new friends. Though I think Spence and Robin really care.” Birch says.


“They do. Spence and I had a real rough patch but we’re good now.” Blue says.


“You want to see if we can go fishing tomorrow? I’m sure some of the boats take people out. Just us away from everything.” Birch asks.


“Sounds good.” Blue says plastering on a fake grin. He just wants to go to his room and sulk.


They head back towards the house and join the others playing volley ball and trying to tan in the not so sunny weather. Blue slips away after a while, checks on supplies and heads out to the store for milk and eggs and when he returns starts a mammoth baking session. Robin and Spence come in to watch him.


“You doing better?” Robin asks gently.


“I don’t want to talk and bring everyone down.” Blue says.


“I gave all of them what for. I am so mad at them being such jerks.” Spence says.


“I’m not dating anyone. No one did anything wrong. I was just being over sensitive. How are you coping without your man?” Blue asks.


“A little too well. Its only been a day but I’m not checking for texts all the time. He’s a nice guy but he isn’t the guy.” Spence says.


“I was thinking I should stop holding back on Tyler. I need some tips on how to make it work when one of you is super busy.” Blue says and Spence and Robin exchange a look.


“I like Tyler a lot and he treats you really well but I thought you were in to Birch.” Robin says.


“That’s never going to happen. I don’t want to talk about it.” Blue says.


“But he likes you.” Robin says perplexed.


“He does and I like him but we’ve agreed to stay just friends. Please don’t badger me on this. It’s hard but it’ll be okay. I said I didn’t want to talk about it and I meant it.” Blue says.


“Take a cake or sandwich and some coffee to him at rehearsal when he’s staying late. Don’t pressure him for attention, just take it down, hand it to him or leave it on his chair and go. Let him know you’re thinking of him. You’re so good at those things. Go down to walk him home. Just make time for him. Those snatched moments with Andy meant the world to me. More than scheduling date night or more formal things. Him running at the gym while I coached was amazing. He was getting in better shape and thinking of me.” Spence says dreamily.


“You’re not going to get that from Edwin.” Blue says.


“No I thought dating someone equally busy would be good because they understood but I need someone like you. You have your own interests, I wouldn’t worry about leaving you. But you’re not so busy that you wouldn’t be free when I was. That’s the issue with Edwin our schedules rarely mesh already. His shifts change but mine don’t so some weeks it’s okay but others it isn’t and it’ll only get worse next year. I enjoy dating him but it’s never going to be more than that. Still he’s a useful rebound and I won’t be hurt.” Spence says.


“Sounds more and more like you two should be together.” Robin says.


“I’d love a boyfriend like Spence, who would let me take care of his day to day needs and would spoil me when he had the time.” Blue says honestly.


Birch stops and listens from just outside the door. Curious about what Blue wants even if they’re not going to try right now Birch is kind of hopeful for the future once they have a little more distance from current drama.


“You’d have that with Birch.” Robin says.


“I know. He’s been so thoughtful with every date, I mean outing we’ve had. Always things that strengthen our mutual interests and I’ve been able to take care of him a little, he loves my food. So does Tyler though.” Blue says.


“Don’t force it with him. You’re having fun but it is no strings fun for you both, you’ve been sleeping with other guys too which is so out of character for you. I think Tyler is to you as Edwin is to Spence, great on paper but you don’t have enough common ground to move things forward.” Robin says.


“I can try.” Blue says.


“You’ll get hurt. It would be just like John or Austin.” Robin says.


“I want a boyfriend. I want what I had with Gervais.” Blue says.


“You won’t get that again honey. Not easily.” Spence says.


“I know. I know. I thought it could be like that with Birch. I don’t read him so well but pretty close.” Blue says.


“I wish you’d never met Gervais.” Spence says.


“I still think you two should try it.” Robin says.


“We don’t want to mess up our friendship and it would kill Andy.” Blue says.


“We told you ages ago we’d talked about it and anyway we’re both into other people right now and need another man detox.” Spence laughs.


“We do.” Blue grins.


“Something smells good.” Birch says coming in now the conversation has shifted.


“l’ve no idea what I’ve even been baking.” Blue laughs looking round the kitchen.


Birch watches Blue pulling trays out the oven and wiping surfaces and knows he has made a mistake. Andy was absolutely nothing to him and Blue could have been everything. Maybe once things are calmer…


“I bet it all tastes great.” Birch says and sweeps Blue into a hug.


“I hope so. Why are you three indoors anyway?” Blue asks.


“Wanted to see you.” Spence says.


“I was heading out to the pool but I totally wanted to beat Andy to the food when I saw you were baking.” Robin grins.


“And I booked us a trip in the morning and was coming to tell you.” Birch says.


“Cool that will be fun.” Blue says giving Birch a big grin.


“What are you doing?” Robin asks curious as the chemistry between the two is sparking higher than before.


“Going fishing. They have more spots if anyone else wants to come. I have their number.” Birch says.


“What time?” Robin asks.


“Have to be at the jetty for 7.” Birch says.


“That’s not so bad.” Blue says with a smile.


“It’s the middle of the night.” Robin says and grabs a brownie from the cooling rack.


“Too early for me.” Spence says.


“Your loss.” Blue says.


“Look I get that you two have talked and I wouldn’t usually interfere, especially after I pushed you and George together. I feel like I have to. You two could be really special and it seems a shame not to take a chance.” Spence says quietly.


“I didn’t ask him to say that.” Blue says embarrassed.


“I can see that. Your friends really care about you.” Birch says.


“Not enough to butt out.” Blue laughs.


“Dammit Blue its time you had what you wanted.” Robin bursts out.


“I can’t make him date me. I know in your world you ask a girl and it’s all easy but I’m not cute and charming like you. Stop highlighting the fact that yet again I have fallen for someone who isn’t choosing me.” Blue says and runs out embarrassed as hell.


“Why don’t you want him?” Spence asks.


“I do want him but it would mess things up between him and Andy. I didn’t think I was leading Andy on at all, there were no feelings there as far as I was concerned and I always made that clear. But he won’t like me dating Blue just like Blue doesn’t like me being with Andy.” Birch says.


“Do not lose your chance to be with Blue because of my ex. Andy isn’t in to you, he likes Blue. He thinks Blue is his happy ever after and doesn’t accept it when Blue explains why he isn’t. Anyone Blue dates will come between him and Andy.” Spence says.


“You told us all to be mindful of who we are with this morning and that is what I’m doing. Maybe we’ll take our shot later but it won’t be now.” Birch says and walks through to the pool.


“It’s like fucking Gervais all over again.” Robin says angrily.


“I know I don’t get it. I understood them taking it slow before because they’d been hurt but now I don’t get it. Before today I was on the reunite Blue and Gervais train but now I am done with Gervais. I’ll be done with Birch too if he can’t get it together.” Spence spits.


“Best get this food out before it burns.” Robin says.


“Is this how it was when Gervais was dating Jesse?” Spence asks.


“Pretty much. Blue went for it then. He asked Gervais to dump Jesse and be with him instead but he always said no. That is why Blue is so messed up. He makes guys fall for him and then they just won’t commit. The Tyler situation is the same, even if Blue thinks he is on the same level of casual he isn’t with all this talk of trying to make it into more.” Robin says shaking his head.


“Tyler seems in to Blue. He seemed to put up more fight than Andy and Birch. Ugh I need to butt out.” Spence laughs.


“Yeah you always butt in when you’re trying to forget your own issues.” Robin says.


“True.” Spence giggles.


“So Edwin isn’t Mr. Everything?” Robin asks.


“No. I’ll end it when I get home. I need to get some here. Tomorrow I’m finding me a sexy beach boy.” Spence grins.


“I think we need to comfort Blue tonight.” Robin says.


“Agreed. I don’t know what it is about Blue that makes me want to save him. I think it’s the way he saved Andy’s family I want to repay him now that I’m over my jealousy.” Spence says.


“Is there a chance for you and Andy?” Robin asks.


“No. Not how he’s fucking up right now. We were at our best before break, best in ages and I don’t know how much what he’s doing now is due to the breakup and what is him being his true self.” Spence says.


“I think that is exactly how Blue feels about him right now.” Robin says.


That evening everyone is cautious around Blue and Spence not wanting to cause an issue and get thrown out. Despite everything they all love being here and want to have fun once things settle down.


Blue tries to slip away, aware his mood isn’t good enough, he needs a night to get over his disappointment with Birch and contemplate where he is going with Tyler, if anywhere.


Spence and Robin notice him go and follow him.


“Blue come to my room. You need people tonight.” Spence says and Robin nods in agreement.


“I don’t want to bring you down.” Blue says.


“We want to bring you up.” Robin says with a big grin.


108 thoughts on “The suite saga 99

  1. even though i know spence is a kinky s&m boytoy, i am really loving him for helping blue.

    question? andy is a top. blue is a bttm. so what is birch? does he even know that blue is a bttm? maybe birch is completely vers. interesting, seeing that he would be the only one to be vers. all the other guys are well defined in their sexual roles.


  2. referring to the beginning of this chapter, thank you so much sam for letting spence stand up and say exactly what i was feeling.

    spence is my new hero

    Liked by 1 person

  3. haha yes he is a wanker for sure. I just can’t stand him. I don’t know how someone who has endured so much pain in his life can turn around and then inflict pain on someone he is supposed to love. Gervais represents the worst in gay culture. The typical selfish, sex-obsessed, self-centered twink who uses others and leaves a trail of destruction behind him. He’s like Hurricane Gervais, and is intent on destroying everything in its path, especially Blue. I have thought of 1000 ways he could be disposed of haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still grasp to hope that he realises the error of his ways and makes a sincere, meaningful change and becomes the friend he should be. And then one day, the partner that Blue deserves. Don’t throw me to the Sharks for saying that mate lol

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Well, yes, I believe Siberia would be a nice place for Gervais to explore. Hopefully he gets eaten by a bear while he’s there. I’ll gladly provide all the gory details of his demise lol

    But seriously….does he even have the capacity to change? I keep looking for any glimmer of hope and I see nothing. Just a cold, empty heart.

    I have a lot more hope for Andy. He has Roe and Katlyn who love him and will call him out. I think he’s just young, dumb, and full of cum. Down deep, he has a really good heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bit harsh aye mate? I understand though. He’s a proper wanker when it comes to Blue and how much he’s hurt him. I hope he realises one day very soon just how much torment he’s caused Blue. He’s a bad egg and needs to stay away from Blue.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Do you see Deke and Andy hooking up while at the beach? Maybe those two would be good fuck buddies again and let him get Andys mind off of Blue and Birch.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Are there any couples there? i thought Dylan was the one one in a relationship, and he has permission to indulge during the trip. So if that’s the case, then Andy is going to be one busy guy lol. They should just run a train on his ass and let everyone fuck their frustrations with him away lol. I know, I’m a horn dog who loves sex haha.


  5. Yesssssss Spence! SO SEXY! He put them alllllll in check. Love it when a man roars…especially in defense of my BLUE! .> lol

    Andy….I still love u XD. No one else does, but I understand Andy ok. Let me tell Andy’s mind it makes perfect sense to sleep with Birch to keep him from Blue and at the same time get good ass. It worked in a way, but the rift between him and Blue is ever growing. Get it together Andy. Don’t let my ship die because you can’t use your mind and not your dick…though his dick is very nice…^//^

    Jesse.. you sure making nice statements towards a guy who has been so good to you and your sloppy ass.. Ijs >.>Why he still here… XD

    Robin and Blue are the cutest bestfriends ever and should remain that way. Blue needs a good friend like that who is part of the inner circle drama. I went against all the RUE stans here. There are so many lol.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah I was bitching about Jesse last chapter as despite blue kindness towards him recently he has been a bit twatish or is it a case of Jesse can only be nice to Blue while he is in a relationship?


      1. Seems like he can only be nice to Blue when it is of benefit to him. You got a problem with me sleeping with Gervais? Fuck you crybaby. Oh you gonna cover my expenses? I love you! lol

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh I forgot Blue & Gervais…kill it with fire! XD I do not like Blue & Gervais together. They are boring, needy, and wayyy tooo emotional as a couple. On top of that Gervais is an ass lol. Blue needs steeler balls and Gervais….needs an exorcism. The past is meant to be a learning experience not a constant continuation of self sabotage. You sure Chris and Gervais wasn’t a match made in heaven Sam? haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gervais better have some type of epiphany soon and realize what a cunt he is, or he will have no one left by his side. He’s such an inconsiderate prick, he’s pissing everyone off. I keep hoping there is something decent left down deep in him and he will come around. But I’m starting to think he’s just a life-long twat.


        1. Starting to think maybe Gervais and Andy are destined to be together. Obviously they don’t care for blue so if they fuck they can kill two birds with one stone if their goal is to not be in his life anymore.


      2. My Andy is just confused right now mhm mhmm. He will turn this around…possibly..hopefully..maybe…most likely…hypothetically.. I believe in him! For the most part… >.>


                    1. Not that cruel just prefer if his negative influences could not effect blue anymore.

                      Obviously spence has also had enough of his malicious tendencies towards Blue.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I am probably reaching here but Gervais has either directly or indirectly had a role to play in all of Blue’s breakups.

                      Heck he planted the initial seeds of doubt in regards to Austin.

                      Liked by 2 people

              1. He has some serious sucking up to do if he even hopes Blue will trust him again once blue finds out the true picture of what transpired in the birch lies.

                Will he man up you think?


      3. My vote goes to Andy giving Blue a total day of pampering and fun. He should give Blue a strip tease, a massage, draw him a bath, make his dinner, burn the dinner in an adorable way, then take him out to dinner, apologize profusely, get up in front of everyone and sing bad karaoke to Blue apologizing, and fuck him good. Then and only then is he forgiven XD lol

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yeah Andy awkwardness can be endearing now don’t let him chop any fingers off when cooking lol

          How will he be able to cook without blue jumping in to assist lol


      4. Oh you gave me and even better idea. Andy burns the dinner and then Blue steps in and they cook a wonderful meal together with tons of snuggles and food fun. I’m talking Blue throwing flour in Andy’s face haha, licking chocolate off each others fingers, Andy grinding against Blue’s beautiful ass while he’s tending to the food.. everyone would love Andy by the end of this I guarantee haha. Sam save my Andy lol

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I know right! I had to fan myself and at the same time do a double take haha. Single life is doing Spence many favors ❤


      2. It is super hot!! Makes me want to flip him over and pound him into the mattress. He just keeps getting hotter as the story progresses! As does Robin!


  6. Just when Blue started to bore me Robin swipes in 💚💚💚 RUE RUE RUE

    And I really hope Spence and Andy will get together at some point. I think out of all the couples only the two of them share real love. Andy will get it together I’m sure of it. 😄😄😍😍


  7. I am really starting to think maybe Tyler is only one who deserves Blue sure he is busy but he does make Blue feel special with little time he has instead of playing mind games on him.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. OK…time to rant…

    Yes, I’m a Gervais fan, but today he crossed a line. Don’t tell me he didn’t ‘know’ what he was doing..he is playing games, just like Robin and Spence said! Maybe he’s not getting the right therapy and needs to be committed!
    Jesse – Really? He’s an idiot. Nuff said!
    Andy – MIA – he’s no better than all of the above! I’m sorry – I thought I liked the idea of Birch and Blue, but Birch is not that stupid – no excuse. Like the boys said – he needs to get his shit together! Willow needs to bust his balls!
    I think at this point, the only two in the group who are not mentally flawed (at this time) are Spence and Robin….maybe time for ‘Blence’!?!?! They’d piss all of them off at once – Andy and Gervais! They all need to see Blue Sky happy for once! Let the rest of them have some drama for a change!! LOL!

    Great chapter by the way! Great work Sam…even though we all rant, we’re here because we can’t wait to see what crazy shit you think up next!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, it’s Birtch’s loss…just stupid – maybe Andy and Gervais have been conspiring to keep them apart! LOL!


        1. Didn’t Gervais tell Blue a few chapters ago he could try harder in not going all in on Birch.

          Makes me start to suspect his advice was not as good intentioned as it seemed on face value?

          Liked by 1 person

  9. At least Birch understands how much he has messed up in regards to Blue.

    The others who screwed him over seem to be avoiding him like the plague. No apology no nothing 😦


    1. I don’t feel Birch messed up, he was fucking Andy now and then and Blue has been fucking around and been with Tyler. They hadn’t made any promises to each other.


      1. He does seem Guilty with himself tho. Btw I like birch but at least he has admitted to himself that sleeping with Andy was not his best move considering he felt nothing for Andy


      2. Granted, it’s been a while, but I let my true love walk away. I’ve regretted it every day since. I spend too much time considering what might have been. So this story hits so close to my heart. I’m just hoping Blue can work out in his mind who he truly loves, and then never gives up making him happy. Life is too complicated for the what if game. I want more for him than that.


        1. The problem with blue with his love life is he doesn’t see himself as a prize in someone’s life but rather the backup incase their #1 pick falls through 😦


            1. Yep and even Gervais being with Chris would of played on this ie someone who looked like Blue but was not Blue and he stayed with said person A lot longer than Gervais stayed with Blue for.


        2. I think with both Spence and Blue they would be happy with any man who commits to them. I think they could both make anything work if they’re treated well.


      3. Spence and Blue are so similar, and want the same things. They want to be loved, and to give love. To care for someone and be committed. And yet they cannot commit to each other lol. I think this story could be renamed “Maybe in the Future” because that’s how they all seem to think. When did being committed in a relationship become such a terrible, frightening thing?

        Liked by 2 people

      4. Gervais is the devil! I’m telling you that boy is nothing but poison to Blue. He’s done more harm to him than he will ever be able to make up for. Not that he cares, since he’s too self-centered to notice much about anyone else. I swear he makes me have migraines lol


      5. Hahahaha I’ve never disliked Spence. He is somewhat arrogant at times, but he’s really trying to be true friend to Blue. And he’s kept it so classy regarding Andy, and being considerate of his feelings since they split. And, he’s not pussy-footing around issues with the others. I appreciate his class and his dedication to his friends.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Firey ball of hell lol. Not funny, but you made me laugh with that description. And trust me, relationship advice coming from me is like going to a Dentist for a broken foot. Not my specialty!

        I too had the firey ball of hell with my wife when I decided I couldn’t keep living a lie. Now that’s not a conversation I would wish on my worst enemy 😳 Well, maybe Gervais…. Hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Spence, Blue and Robin. Now that’s one hell of a threesome!! Can’t wait for the details!

    Ok not liking Birch so much anymore. Still hate Gervais. And where is Andy hiding? He’s slinking around in the shadows somewhere in sure.


    1. And if Gervais worms him way into that bedroom, I swear I’m going to break my iPad by throwing it! He needs to go hump Andy, or go swim with the Sharks, or play in traffic and leave those three alone.


      1. Andy seems harmless which is part of his charm, but I think there’s something devious in him down deep. And Gervais, good God that boy is so clueless. Those two are supposed to “love” Blue, and are the two who hurt him most, and deepest. And neither seem to get it! I know we all were a bit clueless back in college days, but I swear I’ve never seen two people be so self-centered and clueless as Gervais and Andy. I’m losing hope they will ever amount to anything.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Andy has a lot of good in him but he is self destructive. Gervais has been able to get away with everything due to his past and then his dad and Spence has decided enough is enough.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. is there a chance Robin and Blue may have a time alone? then again, I’m quite pleased with the current trio. Those three could be quite explosive in bed. I do hope we get plenty of details, and especially if Robin gets his muffin buttered.

      Liked by 1 person

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