The suite saga 100

“Thanks guys but I have an early start tomorrow.” Blue says heading to his room.


“Don’t care. I need my Blue cuddles and Spence has an enormous bed.” Robin says.


“Please.” Spence says making his eyes huge.


Blue grins and follows them.


The three undress and cuddle up on the bed. Spence in the middle, Blue and Robin either side, resting their heads on Spence’s mammoth pecks.


“Thanks for coming through for me. Both of you. I know I’ve been a drain this year.” Blue says.


“You’ve been there for us. You’re so easy to take for granted because you’re rarely ask for favors to be returned but now I’m aware of it and I see how everyone treats you I just can’t be around them. You know I thought DeShawn was hasty dropping Deke but now I love him for it.” Spence says.


“I wish he was here this week.” Blue says.


“Because you want to ride him again.” Spence says.


“I’d not say no.” Blue grins.


“Do you really like big ones better?” Robin asks.


“Why you want help to decide who is going to smash your cherry?” Blue asks.


“No, just curious as I’m small and most girls don’t really mind as I am very unselfish in bed.” Robin grins.


“I’m like those girls, if the guy is working on pleasing me, whether its physically or by setting the scene just right then the size doesn’t matter to me. With a hookup somewhere in the middle is best, not too much work to get it in and not too much work to get off.” Spence says.


“I like everyone. I’ve had bad sex with Austin and with Justin and that wasn’t about dick size. But yeah some big ones feel so good. I love sex, lots of it. I didn’t know until after George how much I really wanted it all the time.” Blue grins.


‘”I’ve had years and years of great regular sex and now I don’t I miss it like crazy.” Spence says.


“Edwin not enough?” Blue asks.


“Not at all. But I can’t be like you have one guy for dating, another for semi-regular fucking and a few more for even more fucking.” Spence says.


“I never, ever thought that would be me either. It isn’t what I want. I want one man in my bed who wants me day and night. But I don’t have that and the only guy I know who wants that is you and we’re both vers bottoms but want to bottom the most and we both know it would cause issues later. I love having Spence as a good close friend. I have Robin as my straight bestie and Spence as my gay bestie and I think that works.” Blue says.


“I’m happy with two gay best friends, leaves all the women for me, you two attract them and I hoover them up.” Robin laughs.


“I wish it was us 3 sharing a place next semester. We’d actually be drama free.” Spence says.


“I don’t see why we shouldn’t all live in your house. I might be mad at Gervais but he’d keep Robin’s place in shape. Then I just need to sort what I’m doing with mine. I wish I’d never offered Jesse a room. I am such a sucker for a hard luck case.” Blue grumbles.


“That sounds good. I love the idea of drama free.” Robin says.


“I’d love it.” Spence says.


“We’ll sort it all out in august, no need to tempt fate. Every time I make living arrangements everything goes wrong.” Blue says.


“My head is out my ass now. I’m not going to let anything bad happen.” Spence says.


The three snuggle together and sleep well, happy and secure in their friendship.

Blue and Birch head to the dock early. Blue is really looking forward to it. He knows it probably isn’t Birch’s idea of fun and that makes it all the more special.


They actually have a great time. Blue loves talking to the skipper who has loads of stories and loves to share them.


Birch not surprisingly isn’t interested in the fishing but has brought his camera and is having a great time taking pictures and studying the changing light. His creativity is being bolstered by everything and whilst he’s having a great time he’s itching to get back and start painting.


“Thanks for organizing this. I’ve loved it.” Blue says as the boat sets off on its return.


“It was so cool. I loved it too. Getting out on the ocean was what we needed.” Birch says.


“It was. Shall we go for food, I’m starving.” Blue says.


“Lobster rolls.” Birch says.


“I know just the place.” Blue grins.


“So, so, so good.” Birch says stuffing his face, mayo covering his chin. Blue looks at him for a second and leans in and kisses him, licking up the mess, before pulling back surprised at himself.


“Sorry, you looked so cute.” Blue mumbles, mad at his loss of self-control.


“Shut up and kiss me properly.” Birch says and pulls Blue to him.


They finish lunch slowly, stopping to kiss every few bites, looking at each other and grinning. Birch is so glad Blue made a move. They take a walk afterwards, holding hands, grinning like crazy.


“I am so glad you kissed me. I knew I made a mistake yesterday.” What made you changed your mind?” Birch asks.



“You arranged today for me. You might have made the most of it with your camera and enjoying the scenery but you put me first and that meant a lot to me. Then you looked so cute with food all round your face I was about to wipe it away but my tongue took over.” Blue giggles.


“We’re on the same page right? This is it. We’re together, no more Tyler, no more Andy.” Birch asks.


“No more any other guys but you.” Blue says shyly.


“I am so happy.” Birch grins and pulls Blue to him and kisses him, holding him close for a long time.


“Me too. I wanted this for so long and yesterday it felt like it was never going to happen. Usually I’d give up. I actually had given up on us being more ages ago. I kind of accepted that I wasn’t your type and although I had hope I’d win you over I never expected anything. Today you made me want to fight.” Blue says.


“I was trying to work out how to say made a mistake and wanted you. I said what I thought you expected me to say and not what I wanted. Totally honesty from now on.” Birch says.


“I want to stay at your place more. Like all the time.” Blue says.


“I want that too. I drew you when you slept in my bed that time. You were passed out after being with some guy three times my size and yet it was the best day. It was the first time since Joe that I thought I could live with someone again.” Birch says.


“I loved that day too. I felt we were starting something, even though I knew you weren’t ready.” Blue says.


“I am now. You are too. I know Gervais upset you yesterday but you explained it wasn’t because you wanted him but because of the feelings he stirred up.” Birch says.


“You get me. I love that you get me.” Blue says with a big grin.


“So are you ready to go and tell your friends?” Birch asks.


“Yeah lets do it. I’m so happy.” Blue says.


“I want to call Willow first.” Birch says.


“Do it now. I want to see her face too.” Blue says.


They call Willow and she screams in delight at them before they open their mouths.


“Finally.” Willow says with a grin.


“Yeah.” Blue says blushing.


“He’s all mine.” Birch says and kisses Blue’s cheek.


“Well don’t mess each other around.” Willow says.


“I wouldn’t know how to.” Blue says.


“He’s my man and I wouldn’t dream of it.” Birch says.


They walk back to the house hand in hand not wanting to let each other go. Blue texts Spence and Robin asking them to meet him in the kitchen. They come though from the pool curious as to why Blue needs to see them.


“We’re together.” Blue says not able to control his grin.


Spence and Robin envelope the pair in a big hug.


“Don’t fuck it up.” Spence says.


“We won’t.” Birch says.


“He means we’re really happy for you.” Robin says and kisses the pair.


“Do you want me to tell Andy for you?” Spence asks.


“Nah we’ll face him together.” Blue says.


“I Hope we’re not breaking your rules.” Birch says.


“It will be a reality check to Andy and he’ll be upset but you two are not bed hopping, you’re long term.” Spence says seeing that the pair are hopelessly in love already.


“And he already hurt the pair of you. Oh I am so happy for you. We were both so frustrated yesterday.” Robin says.


“We wanted to lock you in a room until you changed your minds.” Spence says.


“How did it happen?” Robin asks and Blue describes the moment and they all laugh.


“We best tell the others. I just wanted to tell you first.” Blue says.


“Blue wanted to celebrate with friendly faces before the scrutiny.” Birch laughs and takes Blue’s hand and leads him outdoors.


“Blue glad you’re back. I need to tell you something alone.” Gervais says not noticing the pair are holding hands.


“Now?” Blue asks annoyed.


“Yes.” Gervais says.


“Just a sec babe.” Blue says.


“Go I’ll wait.” Birch says and goes to sit by the pool.


“Jesse and I are back together.” Gervais says.


“Of course you are.” Blue says shaking his head and turning to leave.


“That’s it?” Gervais asks.


“Go fuck yourself. I feel sorry for Jesse if you’re doing it to get a reaction from me. You can tell your therapist you’ve finally succeeded in pushing me away. I’m done.” Blue says and heads back outside.


“Okay?” Birch asks and Blue nods.


“Jesse I wish you all the luck in the world with Gervais. But there is no way in hell you’re living in my place next year.” Blue says and turns and joins Birch on his daybed.


“Seriously?” Birch asks.


“Sorry about that. Those two together will always make my stomach turn. I am not jealous or anything. I’m happy we’re together.” Blue says.


“It’s fine and I like that you were upfront with Jesse like that.” Birch says.


“I’m done with being the nice guy. Not entirely, I mean it’s deeply ingrained but people who have spent good chunks of time hating me or being mean to me I’m done helping.” Blue says.


“That sounds good and healthy. Here comes Andy.” Birch says his voice dropping.


Andy looks at the pair and his heart falls out of his chest. He nods at them and tries to give a smile. They look cute together and Birch will likely be great for Blue. He just wishes it was him with Blue more than anything.


“About time.” Andy says quietly and Blue gives him a smile.


“You okay?” Blue checks walking over to him.


“Yeah, no, not really. I’ve been so focused on you that I pushed all my feelings about Spence aside. I guess I have 2 disappointments to deal with.” Andy says.


“Take care of yourself. We’ve not done it to hurt you, you know that right?” Blue asks.


“Yeah I do. I’ve been actively trying to keep you two apart but you were going to happen at some point. I know I didn’t come in to it. Not like whatever your ex is up to.” Andy says.


“I didn’t think it could get worse than him dating Chris but it did. If I wasn’t with Birch when I heard I think I’d be a mess but with him beside me and a bit of distance from Gervais I can see that it is ridiculous. I need to start taking the choices he makes personally and stop making excuses for him. Every move he makes hurts and he knows he is doing it. Birch will never do that to me.” Blue says.


“If he ever hurts you he will have to face the full wrath of me and Spence. He won’t know what’s hit him.” Andy says.


“Thank-you.” Blue says and hugs his friend. He can guess what Andy has been saying to Birch and it hurts but Blue surprisingly isn’t mad at him for it. He was fighting for Blue and that makes Blue feel pretty good.


“I’m going to miss you.” Andy says.


“We’ll still be friends, family. Maybe we can concentrate on being family and business partners. I’m not out of your life.” Blue says.


“Thank-you. I am sorry you know for trying to stop you. He’ll be good for you.” Andy says.


“I think so. I feel excited, chosen.” Blue grins not able to hide it.


Andy nods and heads into the house.


“That looked to go better than expected.” Birch says.


“He’s sorry for trying to keep us apart. I’m kind of flattered more than annoyed. It isn’t like we were ready earlier, there hasn’t really been a delay.” Blue says.


“Only one day. It was a total dick move but it made no difference in the end.” Birch agrees.


“I better bake him something tomorrow.” Blue says.


“What was that about not helping people who have hurt you?” Birch teases.


“He’s family, it’s different.” Blue says.


“We all win when you bake. The guys devoured everything you made yesterday last night. There was barely a crumb left.” Birch says.


“I think choc chip pancakes for breakfast with banana caramel topping. That covers his and your fave things.” Blue says.


“Mmmmmm I love you.” Birch says and Blue’s stomach flips.


“My baking or me?” Blue asks.


“Both. I got hard the first time I ate your cheesecake.” Birch says laughing.


“I’ll remember that when I need it good.” Blue says.


“Oh I’m sure you won’t need to go to that much trouble. Taking your shirt off will do.” Birch says and strokes Blue’s chest.


“You’re cold? Want to go warm up?” Blue asks kissing Birch’s neck.


“I need to shower.” Birch says.


“Me too, fish is not a good smell.” Blue laughs.



Andy is fucking horny. He rounds up Deke, Elliot and Dylan for a fuckfest.


Spence hears the moans of Elliot and gets curious. Since he’s decided to end it with Edwin he’s wanted sex and jerking off with Robin doesn’t cut it. He opens the door and stands in the doorway and sighs, his hand slipping into his underwear.


Andy is slamming in to Elliot doggy style while Dylan and Deke are kneeling either side gently stroking themselves and waiting their turn.


“Want to take over?” Andy asks Dylan.


“Yeah, give me that ass.” Dylan says and Elliot whimpers.


Deke gets into position, rock hard and so excited to have Andy again. He thought it might be weird being around Dylan but Andy is in charge tonight and it feels natural.


With minimal prep Andy slides into Deke who groans in deep pleasure. Andy was his first and knows how to make him feel amazing.


“What are you doing?” Andy asks Spence finally acknowledging his presence.


“Watching.” Spence says meekly the two fall straight into their favorite roles.


“Get your hand out of your underwear. Get undressed and stand in the corner. You are not to watch.” Andy says not breaking rhythm on Deke’s ass.


Spence is rock hard at the instructions and follows them. It is humiliating Andy being in everyone’s ass but his and he wants to please Andy so he may get his chance.


“Hands on your head I don’t want you cheating.” Andy says and Spence groans and complies.


Deke is near overwhelmed with desire by Andy’s sternness and the feel of his beautiful dick is sending him into a frenzy. He’s gasping and moaning with every stroke. The sounds of his moans are sending Elliot wild and the pair cum hard together. The groans of his ex and the silkiness of Elliot’s ass is sending Dylan over the edge and he pulls out not wanting it to end yet.


“Get down.” Andy says to Dylan who grins.


“I’m so close dude.” Dylan says.


“Cum for me.” Andy says and Dylan grins. Andy feels harder than ever. He loves showing his dominance and these guys submitting to him is perfect. He feels like he can go all night. He just wants to pound and pound.


Dylan whimpers as Andy pushes two fingers in. Deke and Elliot are watching fully turned on and fully focused on Andy. Andy replaces his fingers with his cock and lets out a sigh. He looks at Spence as he pushes in and out. Fuck Spence is beautiful. Andy knows his ex will be hard and dripping for him. His muscular ass is so inviting, he barely notices he’s fucking Dylan who knows that he isn’t holding Andy’s full attention but it still loving it.


Elliot is beginning to recover and wants more.


“Let me finish him.” Elliot says.


“He’s about to shoot. Go fill up Deke he needs more cock. Make him beg.” Andy says as if Deke wasn’t right there. Deke grins thinking of summers in the woods with Andy.


Andy ups his rhythm and Dylan begs for more. Loving every stroke his explodes just as Andy predicted. Dylan rolls onto his back and grins. Andy’s dick is still hard, red and angry. Dylan takes a lick at it and Andy grins and moves off the bed.


Dylan moves to kiss Deke, his instincts for his ex taking over. Elliot switches positions to give Dylan access. Dylan moves around to take Deke’s cock in his mouth and Deke begs to taste Dylan.

Elliot keeps pumping Deke’s ass, loving the show heightening every sensation.


“You think you deserve my cock.” Andy whispers to Spence.


“I need it baby.” Spence pleads, reaching for Andy’s hand to place on his throbbing cock.


“Stop trying to sneak some touches.” Andy hisses.


“Please, I need it.” Spence pleads again.


“I know you do. You’ve not had real dick in weeks.” Andy says and drops to his knees to eat Spence’s beautiful muscular rump.


Spence whimpers and cries out in delight. He puts his hands on the wall for balance worried his knees could give way at any moment.


Andy stands and spins Spence around they look at each other for a second and then their mouths meet. All role playing forgotten as they kiss and touch each other again for the first time in weeks. They collapse onto the floor together and Andy move in to Spence who screams with desire and lust. They roll around the floor, fucking, biting, choking each other forgetting the other three on the bed who are having their own fun.


“Oh baby.” Spence moans as Andy fills him so deep and he can’t hold on.

The second Spence starts to cum Andy pumps him with his load.


“Fuck I love you so much.” Andy cries out and Spence grabs at his ass pulling him in as deep as he can.



One floor up Blue and Birch are slowly, gently making out and undressing each other.


“You’re as stunning as I remembered.” Birch says kissing Blue and pinching at his nipples.


“You’re beautiful.” Blue says eyes open wide drinking in every inch of Birch’s skinny frame.


“I’m too skinny.” Birch says.


“That looks hella thick.” Blue says indicating Birch’s growing dick.


“A thick cock for your thick tush.” Birch grins.


“You want my ass?” Blue asks.


“I’ve jerked off over it for weeks, months.” Birch admits.


“I thought because you were with Andy…” Blue fades off not really wanting to mention Andy when they’re nude.


“I go both ways but I like to pound.” Birch says running his hands over Blue, unable to believe his body is this good naked.


“I like to take a pounding.” Blue grins.


“I heard a rumor.” Birch laughs.


Blue sinks to his knees and starts to work Birch’s dick with his tongue, lapping at his balls then sucking his cock, he’s more than a throat full, Blue thinks he might burst but wants more.


“Wow you’re talented.” Birch says.


“You love it.” Blue says.


“I do.” Birch grins feeling amazing pulls Blue to his feet and they fall onto the bed kissing each other head to toe. Blue is excited that despite his height Birch’s feet are kind of dainty and he sucks and licks at them which Birch finds way hotter than he expected.


They spend a long time exploring with hands and mouths. Making each other wait, driving up their desire and enjoying their exploration.


“You ready?” Birch asks.


“Yeah I want you.” Blue whispers.


They make love slowly, face to face, not breaking eye contact, wanting to go as long as they can. They are both breathing heavily, perfectly in tune, wanting each other, wanting to show each other how good they feel.


Blue groans and Birch ups the pace, his girth satisfying Blue in a way he’s never felt. They cling to each other and cum hard, their bodies shaking head to toe. Sweating and shaking they kiss and kiss until they can go again. Unable to get enough.

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    1. You give us great days every time you publish a new chapter! I’m glad we can help you as well. You’re such a great guy! I’ve always enjoyed our interactions both here and via email. Hope tomorrow goes much better for you!!!


    2. Hey Sam
      I’m glad are comments made you smile on your bad day. I know when I get a text that you posted another chapter to the Suite Saga I get a quick smile on my Face! Love the Story and I’ve said this many times before Blue is my Hero!
      Go Blue!

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  1. Have to say, a great chapter….
    So glad that BB happened, I have been rooting for them for a little while now.

    What’s with Gervais? At one time I loved him but he’s just being a dick to Blue these days…

    On a selfish note, what’s the chance of another chapter on Friday…..? Would be a nice birthday present! 🙂

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  2. I loooooveed this chapter!!!!

    Blue set the demon Gervais and his next worshiper straight! I lived!

    Birch is a verse top?!?!?! That changes my view. I thought since he was with Andy too he was more a bottom and I thought it wouldn’t work that well with Blue because Blue needs poundings ok, but that was an adorable get together. I approve of…umm…Blirch? lol Birchue? I like Birchue XD


    ANDYYYYYYYYY!!!!! -passes out in my own cream- So HAWT! So dominant! My kinda guy. I will always love him. That orgy with him in charge especially with Spence…just…MMMMMMM ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. What I have taken from it is Andy clearly is not supporting Gervais in any facet so who does Gervais have left. Jesse must also have a bad memory or had he forgotten the horrid way Gervais treated him last time.


  4. Poor Robin, he needs a cute beach bunny to appear. Or….a night with Andy and Spence lol. I think BB are cute together, but I always have this fear that everyone is going to break Blues heart. So Sam, please……for the love of all things good, don’t turn Birch into a Chris lol. It’s about time Blue felt loved!!!

    Gervais……I can’t even. My hatred for him has heated into an inferno at this point. I’m not kidding….I hope he gets eaten by a shark, or at least has his dick bitten off lol. I hate him sooooo much!

    Great chapter!! Oh and yea, Spence/Andy….totally got off on reading about them lol. Thank you! Haha 😍


      1. I can totally see Jessie dropping Gervais to make sure he still has a house next semester lol. I think he needs a room more than a boyfriend. Now wouldn’t that be a hoot!!! LOL. And yes, I hope Jessie makes Gervais’ life miserable. The little fuck stick deserves to be treated like the bitch he is. Maybe it will be a really big shark and can eat both of them Hahahaha.

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      2. No that’s awesome!! I would love to do it. I’m just glad one didn’t eat you, or bite your dick off! See, you’re obviously a much better person than Gervais!!


  5. So Birch is already saying the L word. Yeah right. That will implode quickly. 🌚

    Other than that LOVED this chapter. Especially Andys and Spences part. So fucking HOT. Would love a little more of Robin but oh well. You can’t have it all. 😄😄

    DAMMMN. Stil thinking of Andy and Spence. I LOVE THEM. 💚💚💚💚💚

    Can’t wait for the next one. You should write a book. 😇😇

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        1. It just seems a waste to throw away sooo many years that their relationship has encompassed.

          I am just a big romantic and think they are destined to be together 🙂

          Not steering you btw Sam just my musings lol

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    1. I think Robin and Blue will have a lovely dissect spring break sleepover when they get back to school.
      Birch and Blue have been kind of dating for a while, without calling it dating. I think birch was thinking of cheesecake and banana pudding when he said it though…


  6. You need to edit the group-sex scene. Blue’s name appears in it a couple times, but it must be either Dylan or Elliot. Sorry my first post is a criticism. I’m enjoying your stories.

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  7. Okay that’s it’s I’m done with Gervais fuck the little prick. This was thee worst thing he could have done to blue short of murder. I’m not even gonna say anything else about the little bastard. Blue and Birch finally together is nice and it looks like Andy is good Dom. Love how he orders Spence around maybe that will be thee catalyst to get therm back together. Poor Robin just needs to come over to the pink side since he ain’t getting none. I still think Blue and Birch aren’t gonna last long. If Andy and Spence don’t get together Blue could make it work with either. Maybe a triad relationship could work. But in another interesting story I read that didn’t work out too well…

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      1. I would’ve loved to hear about what they both thought of Blue’s throw down of them both though!! I’ve always been a B & G fan, but I would LOVE to hear how G’s next therapy session goes! As it was just a couple chapters ago Gervais was apologizing about how much his relationships have hurt Blue and he didn’t understand why…the kid needs serious help!!

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        1. Exactly he thinks if he apologises he’s golden but doesn’t change his ways. I still believe B&G could be magical but Gervais version of self destruction destroys Blue too and he needs to climb a whole mountain range .

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                    1. Definately in a good way seems to be the first guy who has been into Blue as Much as Blue is into them that knows what a prize he is and will make him the top priority same as Blue will make Bitch his to priority.

                      Very different to the Gervais relationship where Blue was the backup and even when they got together you got a feeling that Gervais felt Blue feelings and emotions were just an annoyance ie the episode where Gervais didn’t back Blue up when John and Dylan were coming over to discuss why they had all left the climbing club.

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      2. I couldn’t agree more Sam! Blue has accepted his apology way too many times. I hope he doesn’t this time. Clearly, Gervais is a big boy and needs to learn how to take his medicine!

        At this point, he deserves to be miserable! No more Blue to back him up and be his savior!

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      3. I don’t think Clara’s going to be pleased, but Blue is growing a pair and she did set up some money for him.

        Gervais clearly is in the wrong. She’s a smart woman. I think she’ll see though it. Remember, she said she wanted Blue to live with someone who hurt him so he be stronger and be able to deal with his siblings.

        I hope Gervais is the one to worry. He needs to hit rock bottom.

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      4. Does Gervais still have feelings for Jessie? He’s such a weird confused little bitch. I don’t understand why he is even with Jessie. I think he saw that Blue was developing feelings for Birch, and he knows that Blue always goes into depression when Gervais has a boyfriend. This was his way of keeping Blue single and pining away for him. He is trying to control Blue.

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        1. Wasn’t it also as Blue said he was over Gervais and the massive ego Gervais has was not about to let this fly so was going to do anything to get blue in his control again and he knows being with Jesse would definately push Blue buttons


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