The suite saga 101

Andy wakes in Spence’s bed, not entirely sure when they moved on from his room. He looks at his ex and smiles. It is hard to remember why they broke up when things are good. He traces his hand over Spence’s pecks and sighs at the sheer physical perfection beside him.


“That was a lot of fun.” Spence says.


“It was. I didn’t know quite how much I’d missed you.” Andy says snuggling close. After a mammoth session they always switch back to Spence being in charge and Andy looked after.


“Same. It was incredible and I feel so satisfied.” Spence admits.


“Can we find a way back to us?” Andy asks.


“Sex with you is perfect because we’ve had years to explore together and work on it. But nothing else has changed not really. My body is available for you any time but I want a partner, a real true life partner.” Spence says.


“We’re 20.” Andy says.


“And I’ve always wanted it you know that. I know you need to go and explore and f around. Maybe we’ll find our way back in a few years but I don’t want to count on that. I’m looking for forever right now.” Spence says.


“You’ll find him. You’re amazing. I wish it could be me, but you’re right I can’t commit to you right now.” Andy says.


“You would have to Blue which hurts.” Spence says.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t really think of it that way but you’re right. It’s the certainty with Blue, we’d be working together to get our business started and that challenge excited me and he excites me. Its not that you don’t its just we’d have a different path.” Andy says.


“I’m not insulted just wounded and that is why we can’t try again right now. I love you so much and letting you go was hard but best for both of us.” Spence says.


“And we always have last night.” Andy says.


“We do and I’d love you to stay in my bed all week.” Spence says cuddling Andy tight.


“I need some comfort. I was so lucky that Blue didn’t write me off. I need to be a lot more careful.” Andy says.


“You need to not take his forgiveness for granted. He’s come to the end with Gervais and Jesse.” Spence says.


“They make me sick. Actually sick. Not for what they’re doing to Blue and Elliot but they were terrible together, they’ve both had much better relationships since, it’s going to fail so why trample on your friends?” Andy asks.


“Totally. I get that you can’t always take an exes feelings into account when you move on sometimes you’re going to hurt someone but Gervais always makes the worst choices. Hell he might as well date George next.” Spence says.



“I was proud of you for giving it to us the other day. You’ve changed a lot and whoever it is who finds you is going to be very lucky. What happened with your secret guy?” Andy asks.


“I didn’t care enough about him to make it work. I’ll talk to him when I get back but as we’ve not spoken or messaged since I left I think we’re ghosting each other.” Spence sighs.


“You’ll find someone. Blue found Birch, I am jealous as anything but they’re right for each other. You need your Birch.” Andy says.


“I do. I wish DeShawn had some g athlete friends.” Spence says.


“You need to go to a gayer gym for your workout.” Andy says.


“I don’t want fuckboys.” Spence says.


“What do you want? Who is your idea man? Now its not me.” Andy asks with a grin snuggling closer.


“I’m pretty open. I want someone who is ambitious and stable and has your talents in bed.” Spence grins.


“That is me.” Andy says.


“You don’t really want to try again. You want to have fun.” Spence says.


“You are fun but yeah I don’t want to settle down. I want a boyfriend like Dylan, someone to explore with.” Andy says.


“Or Elliot.” Spence says.


“Yeah. Would it bother you?” Andy asks.


“No. Although I’d worry you’d end up like him and Jesse staying in all the time, broke. I know you’ve a little money now but paying for nights out would fall solely on you and I think you’d get resentful. You worked really hard for that money.” Spence says.


“Thanks. I’d not thought of that. No way do I want someone who stays in all the time or is counting every penny. I’ve been there and its not fun and it was always hard to have you pay so often. It was great this year when I could treat you even if you didn’t let me often.” Andy says.


“What about Antonio?” Spence suggests.


“Nah, I don’t the hassle if we broke up. We’re managing okay but Blue has been through it with Gervais and George.” Andy says.


“Well now Blue is off the market we can be each other’s wing man.” Spence says.


“Deal. I smell pancakes. Let me fuck you in the shower, work up an appetite then go see what Blue has made.” Andy says.


“You have a real nose for Blue’s food. I hope you two do end up in business together.” Spence says.



“Oh wow this is incredible.” Spence says when they make it to the kitchen.


“Choc chip just for me.” Andy grins and gives Blue a big kiss and hug and Birch looks on proudly.


“There is banana bread in the oven for later and he’s made some loaves for lunches.” Birch says.


“Spoiling us. Good mood Blue is a better baker than bad mood Blue, but we eat it all either way.” Andy says sitting down next to Robin and making himself up a huge plate of food.


“We were on the beach early for yoga and some guys from Birch’s school came by invited us to a party tonight.” Blue says.


“Cool. Why were they up so early?” Spence asks.


“On their way to a fishing trip like we did yesterday. Maybe you know the guy, he said he’s staying at his grandparents place. Grant Hutton.” Birch says.


“l do know him. Or we’ve met a few summers. I can’t believe he’s in art school.” Spence says.


“Oh he’s super talented. Annoyingly so now I know he’s rich. I had no idea.” Birch says.


“Sounds right, he always hated this world but loved the beach. I imagine his image is carefully managed.” Spence says.


“But a party is a party. Are you two back on?” Blue asks.


“No I gate-crashed Andy’s orgy last night and we had so much fun we made a night of it. But we’ve agreed the breakup was the right thing.” Spence says.


“You two look very together.” Andy says.


“Sorry if it hurts you. We almost didn’t because of you but I had to put me first.” Blue says.


“I’m much more okay today. I can see Birch is going to be good to you. Plus he loves your food which means you’ll be cooking loads and I have no shame in stealing leftovers.” Andy grins.


“Well I knew you’d love these pancakes.” Blue grins.


“You know how to win peace with my baby.” Spence grins and kisses Andy’s cheek before stealing a forkful of pancake.


“There are eggs if you want me to make you something less sweet.” Blue says to Spence.


“Are you kidding? I’m on vacation and I’ll eat what I like.” Spence grins and makes his own plate up from the pile.


Jesse and Gervais wisely steer clear of Blue’s breakfast and head out to eat together and stay away for much of the day.


George comes down and helps Blue prepare some salads for lunch and Elliot, Dylan and Deke come through too both utterly starving after the night before.


They have a lazy day at the pool together, grazing on Blue’s food, enjoying the pool and some sun. It isn’t hot but they are all happier at the house than a crowded resort somewhere warmer. The pool is heated and after a difficult year they are all grateful to just have somewhere to relax together.


Dylan and Deke seem to have reignited their spark a little and spend a lot of time cuddled up together.


“I’m surprised you came with us for your last spring break.” Elliot says to Dylan in the afternoon


“Most of my long term friends are on the climbing trip and honestly I consider myself a lot closer to you guys. Spence and Andy are the ones who really helped me coming out, far more than any of my actual friends. You guys saw the worst of my behavior and somehow welcomed me back. Why wouldn’t I want to spend my last spring break with you guys?” Dylan says with a grin.


“Dylan was awful to me. He’d met Chris and Bea years ago at camp and thought that I was Chris using a fake name. I also pretended to date his man in order to make him jealous. Between those events he didn’t trust me for a long time.” Blue explains to Birch.


“So Dylan knew Chris? Wow. I still struggle to get my head round that whole situation.” Birch says.


“Me too. I am still ignoring it and hoping its not real.” Blue grins.


“You’re not going to be able to ignore it when we get back.” Gervais says coming in.


“What now?” Andy asks.


“Bea and Chris are suing their parents over the missing college money. Their grandparents are funding it, that’s how Chris had the money to bribe Elliot.” Gervais says.


“How did you find out?” Blue asks.


“I just spoke to Clara, I explained why I wouldn’t be going with you this summer and checking it was okay for me to go home. She told me Chris was going to be there and she suggested Willow and I share a cottage at the retreat.” Gervais says looking at Blue and hoping it was the right thing.


“So you’ll not be spending the summer with Jesse.” Blue says ignoring the news of his siblings.


“No.” Gervais says and Jesse looks sulky.


“You want to come?” Blue asks Birch causally.


“Yes. But I cannot afford the flights.” Birch replies.


“It’s covered don’t worry for the three of you.” Gervais says.


“I’m coming too.” Robin grins at Birch and Blue smiles.


“I need to talk to my mom and Willow.” Birch says with a grin.


“Wait if you and Willow stay at the retreat I’m going to be stuck at the house with Chris? No way. Jesse you better be okay with me sharing Gervais bed all summer.” Andy says.


“No way do I trust you.” Jesse says and they all know he isn’t joking.


“You better not saddle Willow with Chris.” Birch says.


“You’ll stay at my house when you’re working for dad and with my uncle when you’re with him. I know its only part time work with my family but you can stay in my room even when you’re not working.” Deke says.


“And you’ll have the car for yourself.” Blue says.


“Thanks guys. I was in a major panic then.” Andy admits.


“Katelyn has been staying with my sister a lot recently, so you’ll get a lot of time with her too.” Deke says.


“Avoiding your mom?” Blue asks and Andy shrugs.


“Do you think Paul and Lana have the money stashed somewhere?” Spence asks.


“Yes. I expect they’ve lied about Lana’s parents not helping them out over the years. That’ll be why the grandparents are paying for it now. Is momma going to be involved?” Blue asks.


“She’s providing all the paperwork from her end for the agreement, proof she paid and other correspondence but otherwise she wants to stay out of it.” Gervais says.


“You sound closer to Blue’s momma than he is.” Elliot says.


“He is.” Blue says with a shrug and Birch moves closer and slips his arm round Blue. Spence smiles at the instant sign of support for Blue and feels even happier that he and Birch are together.


“Lets get started on the drinking and go party.” Robin says.


“What party?” Jesse asks and Birch explains.


“Can someone go and get milk and soda before they start drinking. We’re pretty low. Fruit too.” Blue says.


“I’ll go. We need more beer too.” Dylan says.


“I’ll help.” Deke grins. Blue writes them a quick list and they head out.


“You’re so lucky, when you’re painting away Blue will be a super housekeeper. I’m not saying that is all he’ll be but he’ll handle all that side of things freeing you up to paint.” Andy says.


“I am crazy lucky that he looked at me at all. That he might make my life easier didn’t come in to it. I want to be with Blue the man not Blue the cook or housekeeper.” Birch says and Robin and Spence melt.


“It’s nice that Birch has a totally mobile future ahead of him. He’s so talented that he has to pursue art full time and he can do that almost anywhere.” Spence says.


“It’s been a day and they’ve plans for after college. Good luck with that.” Jesse says meanly.


“I think its nice. Blue and I made plans early on or I gate-crashed his dreams. I don’t regret making those plans even though they’ll never happen. They still give me hope and a good idea what I’m working towards.” Gervais says quietly and firmly.


“We haven’t been making plans, not beyond tonight. Heck you’ve just sprung the summer on us. I love that Spence believes in us but it is early days.” Blue says.


“But we want that, we want you with your vineyard, me with my studio, making a home together. We know our goals mesh.” Birch says.


“I know.” Blue says and kisses him.


“Jealous?” Andy whispers to Spence.


“Totally.” Spence whispers back wanting exactly what Blue has.


The guys start to get ready for the evening and have a few drinks each before walking down to the party.


“I’m happy for you guys. I love that you’ve brought Blue’s spark back.” George says.


“It’s my job to make sure it stays.” Birch says.


“Thanks George. I hope you find someone soon.” Blue says.


“Me too.” George says with a shy smile. He’s been a little lonely this week. Happy to be included but sad that he isn’t close to anyone any more. He hopes he might meet some fellow wallflowers at this party.


The party is in full swing in the grounds of the house when the guys arrive. Spence sets off to find Grant to thank him for the invite but two steps away from him Grant’s older brother Magnus stopped him.


“Spence old boy.” Magnus says in a fake English accent and Spence’s knees tremble.


Magnus is truly magnificent. Tall with jet black hair which is a little too long but exceptionally glossy, his t-shirt straining over his muscles, clearly a size too small to show them off.


“Magnus, my goodness,” Spence says copying the accent and smiling as old memories stir of a pre-Andy crush.


“What are you doing here?’ Magnus asks.


“Staying at my family place for Spring break, same as you I imagine. One of my friends is at college with Grant, they bumped into each other this morning.” Spence explains.


“You look amazing.” Magnus says and cups Spence’s face and kisses him long and hard, pushing him to the wall. Spence kisses back hungrily utterly enthralled.


“Wow.” Spence says when Magnus finally pulls away.


“Yeah. I’ve wanted to do that for years.” Magnus says.


“Me too. I used to follow you everywhere.” Spence says.


“I loved it. You made me realize I was g.” Magnus says.


“You always had girlfriends in your parent’s Christmas newsletter.” Spence says.


“Beards the lot of them. Only came out when I got to college. Where do you go?” Magnus asks and Spence explains.


“Where are you? You’re a junior right?” Spence asks.


“Yes I’m the other side the city from you,” Magnus says.


“We have to have dinner when we’re back.” Spence says.


“Why wait?” Magnus asks, the chemistry is so strong he doesn’t want to let Spence slip out of his life again.


“You can take me out tomorrow and we’re having a party Friday, more genteel than this.” Spence grins.


“My parents will be in town Friday.” Magnus shrugs.


“Mine too, bring them to the party.” Spence says and Magnus smiles.


“I just want to take you upstairs.” Magnus says to Spence before k him again.


“You’re confident. You might need to work a bit harder first.” Spence grins.


“Oh I will capture the moon for you,” Magnus laughs and grabs Spence’s hand to lead him through the crowd to find his brother.


Andy watches the two together and smiles at the fizz of chemistry. He’s very happy for Spence, whether it’s for tonight or forever he’s clearly about to have some fun. He is surprised at his lack of jealousy, especially after last night. Andy looks around, the party is heaving, and there is a DJ, full sound system and waiters with beer and champagne as well as a bar. This is rich kids doing it right Andy thinks to himself and wonders how much it cost to pay off the neighbors.


“This is one crazy scene.” Robin says.


“Yeah I love it. Want to check out inside?” Andy asks.


“Let’s go.” Robin grins.


Inside there is more debauchery. People are dancing and grinding and getting down to it round the edges of the room. Andy and Robin join in dancing, drinking and having a great time.

Spence and Magnus are sat outside on a wall catching up on the last couple of years.

All the other guys are having a great wild time and letting loose. As the night moves on the guys are less and less inhibited.

Jesse move Gervais to the edge of the room and gets on his knees. Gervais loves it being so public and puts on a bit of a show with his reactions. Jesse does a great job on Gervais and he giggles as he stops and Jesse looks at him so happily. Gervais face falls for a second Birch follows his look.

“Hey Blue isn’t that….” Birch begins and realizes Blue has already gone. Birch turns back to see Blue catch a fainting Gervais. Blue dashes through the crowd to get him outside, Birch grabs a bottle of water and sprints after them leaving Jesse to catch up.

Birch isn’t jealous, he’s seriously impressed and incredibly creeped out. That creepy Justin kid was stood watching with his hand down his pants and when Gervais saw he totally freaked, except Blue intercepted him.

Gervais is inconsolable, tears stream down his face as he clings to Blue as he carries him along the beach towards the house.

Blue takes Gervais into his room and lies him on the bed, Birch lies alongside them helping Blue calm Gervais and making him feel safe. Jesse comes running in out of breath.

“He’s doing better now.” Blue says gently wiping Blue’s face.

“Thank-you. I’m sorry for everything. You do this for him even thought.” Jesse says utterly ashamed.

“Not now. Just stay calm and keep him calm. He’ll sleep soon.” Blue says cutting Jesse of and getting up and leaving him to it, Birch follows behind.

“So that was super Blue in action.” Birch says.

“You’re not mad?” Blue asks feeling weird that he saw Jesse and Gervais in action and as the one to swoop in again.

“No. I’m not mad and I’m not jealous. I am seriously impressed. You and Gervais are barely speaking and yet you could spot him in trouble from across the room and get there before he dropped. I hope we can develop that strong a connection.” Birch says.

All the other guys come crashing in along with Magnus.

“We have no idea who invited him. I saw him at the B&B this morning when I was dropping off my Grandmother. She loves that place. Maybe he overheard us talking about the party.” Magnus says.

“I can’t believe he’s up here. Do you think he’s been following Gervais all week?” Andy asks and they all feel glum.


“We’ll report him to campus security when we get back.” Blue says.


“He might have an explanation.” Elliot says.


“Yeah he’s a creep.” Andy says.


“But everything is okay now? I best get back. I can’t leave Grant to the chucking out.” Magnus says.


“I’ll walk you back.” Spence says with a grin.

87 thoughts on “The suite saga 101

      1. Oh dang I forgot about Fergus showing up lol. Now that’s going to be interesting. I hope Blue handles it ok, but with Burch there, I’m sure he will.

        But I hope it sends Gervais running into the ocean where the hungry neighborhood shark is waiting 😉


  1. Great chapter. Super Blue deserves some super loving from Birch!

    Funny that Jessie has to miss the party and stay in and comfort his snot-nosed little bitch of a boyfriend. He and Gervais deserve one another.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gervais is such an idiot. I hope he’s happy with Jessie lol. And Blue needs to quit with the rescuing of him every time he has a panic attack. Let Jessie deal with it. He has his own man to worry about!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved this chapter – so much goodness! Ugh, I still can’t get over Gervais deciding to get back with Jesse. He is such an idiot that it is beyond frustrating since I loved him before he really started jerking Blue around… he’s just a walking, self-destructive mess that takes everyone around him along for the ride. He has so much growing-up to do. The Magnus thing is interesting. I’m holding my breath to see what kind of chemistry they have and am curious about Grant’s personality too. Poor George… and to an extent poor Elliot, but he’s still in the doghouse for being a sellout. Sigh.

    The results of Chris and Bea’s lawsuit should be interesting. Between themselves and their parents, they have become a stop-motion family implosion, one snippet at a time. I feel bad for those two because they’ve clearly inherited their horrible behaviours from their douchebag parents’ own flaws – if Blue can turn out the way he did, both of them (and Chris especially!) had the potential to be wonderful human beings. The whole situation with Lana, Paul and their avarice is unfathomable. Where did all this money go and why?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think Bea is redeemable and her family gave up on her.
      Magnus likes Spence and is from his world so Spence doesn’t need to worry he’s a gold digger. I think there is great potential there(I would say that lol).

      Gervais needs to reach bottom and rebuild.


  4. This just shows what a mess Gervais has made with taking Jesse back over Blue’s friendship. As usual Jesse is pathetic when it comes to handling Gervais anxiety and considering Jesse usually has Gervais closed and has the ability to add to ones stress you in you can bet that these anxiety attacks will increase in frequency.

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  5. Fuck that Justin kid is creepy but fuckface deserves to be stalked. Jesse is a poor excuse of a bf. I have to say I was disappointed when Gervais said he wasn’t going on the trip. It was my one last hope for B&G.😢
    Im still not sold on B&B. I think maybe magnus and Spence might be good for each other. Kinda wondering does magnus have to buy Magnums????

    Liked by 1 person

            1. Funny that Jesse does not seem confrontational about Gervais spending summer at a place Chris will be at. Yet if he was spending summer with Blue he would be going bezerk no matter how innocent the situation is lol

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