The suite saga 102

“So who is this guy?” Magnus asks as he and Spence walk back hand in hand along the beach.


“He’s actually our neighbor at school. He has hooked up badly with a couple of the guys and got obsessed with Gervais. We thought he was a harmless lovesick pup but turning up here has freaked us all out.” Spence says.


“I’ll say. I can’t believe I’ve not run in to you. You’ve not been up here for summers recently.” Magnus says.


“We came for a week at the end of the summer. But that was the first for a while.” Spence says.


“Will you be up this summer?” Magnus asks.


“No I’m renting the place out from next week until the weekend after labor day.” Spence says.


“You are?” Magnus asks picking up on Spence’s language.


“I know unexpected for the youngest grandson. I was their favourite apparently.” Spence says.


“That’s amazing. I want my grandmother to live forever so I can keep coming here. My dad will sell the place before she’s cold.” Magnus says.


“Your grandmother came to my party last summer. I remember she had loads of stories. I can’t believe she clearer out for tonight.” Spence says.


“She loves that b&b her mother worked there as a girl and met my great grandpa there. She lets us have one smash out party in return for keeping her company on breaks. It’s no hardship for either of us. Grant has a studio here and spends most his time creating and I love the water and just being here. I always did.” Magnus says.


“I remember. So your grandmother is the one supporting Grant at art school? I was shocked when Birch mentioned it, thought your dad would never have gone for it.” Spence says.


“Exactly. My dad barely talks to us, a gay son and an artist are not what he wanted.” Magnus says.


“I barely saw my parents the last few years but they are totally accepting of me, helps the older two are straight but they even support me wanting to be a sports coach. I thought they were going to give me a disappointed speech but they told me how proud they were, could have knocked me over with a feather.” Spence says.


“That’s so cool. Are your brothers all sprogged up? I remember them being unbelievably glamorous and so grown up.” Magnus says.


“W has 2 boys and Fergus is kind of boarding for a gay chick. I don’t know that kids are in their plans.” Spence says.


“Fergus is on our team?” Magnus asks.


“Bi I think.” Spence says.


“I did not expect that.” Magnus says.


“You interested?” Spence asks insecure and jealous.


“No way. I know who the real prize is. You always were. I remember you being so bossy and arrogant with the younger kids and then being so supportive to my brother when he was bullied for whatever get up he was into that year. You were so sensitive on the side.” Magnus says and Spence grins.


“You know all my secrets.” Spence laughs.


“And you mine. I can’t believe this is happening.” Magnus says kissing Spence before walking in to the house. It’s a disaster zone.


“When are the cleaning crew coming?” Spence asks.


“8. Let’s go to bed and face it then.” Magnus says and Spence can’t resist.


Spence goes into the room a little shyly after using the bathroom. He has been with a few guys recently but even with Edwin the stakes didn’t feel this high. He really likes Magnus and isn’t sure that sex is the best idea so son but he wants him so bad.

“Hey.” Magnus says shyly.


“Hey.” Spence says back.


“I like you so much but I had a lot to drink and I’m tired. I feel stupid asking you up here and not doing anything but I didn’t want tonight to end.” Magnus says.


“Same. I want you but I want this to be something more.” Spence says hoping he doesn’t send Magnus running.


“Same.” Magnus says and pats the bed next to him. They talk and kiss until the cleaning crew arrive.


Spence works out the coffee machine as Magnus directs the crew. Robin and Grant come in bleary eyed.


“I didn’t know you were still here.” Spence says.


“Grant and I enjoyed some girls last night but they’d gone when we woke up.” Robin says.


“So we carried on alone.” Grant says with a straight face.


Spence gives them a double take.


“He’s joking.” Robin says.


“Your face.” Grant laughs.


They have coffee together and Spence fills them in on the Justin drama.


“I love that you guys know Birch. He’s pretty cool, or at least he’s not a total wanker like most of my class.” Grant says.


“I hear you’re being a bit fake yourself.” Spence says and Grant shrugs not offended to be caught out.


“Birch has done a fair bit of painting up here.” Robin says.


“He’s good.” Grant says.


“He says the same of you. I like his work, or the bits we’ve seen.” Spence says.


The guys help out the crew and start putting the furniture back as areas are cleared.


“Come back with us. Blue is making lunch.” Robin says.


“We have to go and get our grandmother.” Magnus says.


“We’ll come, she can come to lunch too. Blue will have made loads.” Spence says.


“You guys are so weird.” Grant says and they get in the car.


Grant and Magnus head up to their grandmothers room and Spence heads to seek out the owner.


“Come on Spence, you know I can’t tell you his room number.” The owner says with a smile, she’s known Spence since he was a baby and knows his charm.


“But he is still staying here?” Spence asks.


“Yes.” The owner says.


“Can I leave a message for him then?” Spence asks and she nods.


Spence leaves his number and a request that Justin calls him. Spence wants to punch the creep but knows that isn’t the best thing, he doesn’t want to get thrown out of school.


“Are you all joining us for lunch?” Spence asks.


“Yes, I understand you have the same caterer as in the summer.” Grant’s grandmother says.


“Yes our friend Blue has been practicing for Friday.” Robin says.


“Wonderful.” Grant’s grandmother says and they set off.


Blue has been cooking all morning with some assistance from George. Birch has set himself up in the corner painting. They are both content to just be in the presence of each other, both creating in their own way.


Andy and Dylan have set the table and get drinks for the guests and George helps Blue carry the food in.


“My goodness this all looks wonderful.” Grant’s grandmother says.


“It was fun. Everyone be honest I want to make everything perfect for Friday.” Blue says.


“You’ve never made a crumb I wouldn’t die for.” Andy says piling his plate high.


“This is good stuff.” Grant says following Andy’s lead.


“This salmon mousse is exceptional.” Grant’s grandmother says.


They all eat well together. Magnus is so pleased that Spence included his grandmother without even blinking. She had a lovely time, said it reminded her of the old summers.


Grant invites Birch up to his studio to work. Blue is happy for him to go, he feels like he needs to spend some time with Robin anyway.


Jesse and Gervais are out somewhere, Andy is sleeping off the night before. Spence off the Magnus and the others are lying by the pool.


Robin and Blue sit out the front looking at the ocean.


“So you had fun last night?” Blue asks.


“Yeah there were so many hot women there and we just enjoyed ourselves, we took a pair upstairs and tag teamed. It was amazing fun, crazy fun.” Robin says.


“You and Grant got along well then.” Blue laughs.


“For sure. I love you but it’s nice to have a straight friend around too.” Robin says.


“Holy shit.” Blue says.


“Fuck.” Robin says as Justin approaches.


“What the fuck are you doing here?” Blue asks.


“Spence left a message to call. I thought I’d stop by.” Justin says.


“What the fuck are you doing here?” Blue repeats.


“It’s spring break, I came to the beach.” Justin says.


“Bullshit. You’re a fucking weirdo stalker. Don’t ever come near any of us. Stop sending notes to Gervais, stop following him. This is hardly a spring break location. How did you know we’d be there?” Blue spits mad as hell.


Justin turns and runs.


“Let him go. I’m sure he’ll be too embarrassed to do anything else.” Robin says. A storm rolls in. Blue and Robin continue talking on the porch enjoying catching up and dissecting Blue’s new relationship.


Dylan and Deke are inside fucking on the couch. George comes in to the room and is surprised how turned on he is. He’s pushed Dylan away a million times but seeing him pushing deep into Deke drives George wild. He lies on the couch opposite and pulls his dick out. He and Dylan lock eyes. Dylan is crazy turned on, he has wanted George for ages and this is the closest he’s gotten.


Elliot comes in from the rain and views the scene.


“You want it George?” Elliot asks.


“Yeah.” George breathes not taking his eyes from Dylan. Elliot moves in behind George and starts to kiss his neck and finger him. George melts back onto Elliot, loving every touch. Deke can feel he doesn’t have Dylan’s full attention but his cock is keeping a steady rhythm and feels so good. He thought he missed DeShawn but Dylan is showing him he what else he’s missed out on since he fucked up.


Both couplings are enjoying the show of the other pair. No one is talking just moaning and sharp intakes of breath. It’s hot, Dylan and Elliot pump in sync deep strokes. Dylan ups his rate and Elliot matches him. George groans in sheer delight, having Jesse’s ex inside him, Dylan’s eyes on him it’s the most intense fuck of his life.


Deke is the first to cum, setting off a chain reaction. George and Dylan cum hard together as if it is them that are fucking and Elliot groans and screams out as his own dick pulses and fills George’s high round ass.


“Holy shit that was good.” George pants.


“Think I’m finally going to get that ass of yours.” Dylan grins.


“Maybe.” George says coyly.


“It is one fine ass. Took me like a champ.” Elliot says with a smile.


“You looked so hot fucking him.” Deke says.


“Anyone want to go fuck in the rain?” Elliot asks.


“Fuck yeah. Give me a minute.” George says.


“Hey we’re switching it up.” Dylan says.


“You wanna fuck me to fuck you in the rain?” Deke asks Elliot already getting excited again.


“Oh yeah.” Elliot grins.


The four get up their semi hard cocks bouncing about as they run outside excited to get back down to it.


Thursday afternoon Spence’s parents, W, AB and the kids arrive. After a few days of total inhibition the guys have made sure they have clothes on, all discarded condoms have been thrown out and Spence had a cleaning service in to sort the rest. They guys have naturally grouped up in the bedrooms anyway.


Tommy runs straight to Gervais who scoops him up and carries him over to AB so he can meet Spence’s new nephew.


“He’s beautiful. Want me to take Tommy to the beach?” Gervais asks.


“I’ll come too. It’ll be nice to catch up.” AB says.


Jesse looks on jealously. He pulls himself together and goes to introduce himself and joins them.


Blue is taking Spence’s mom through the menu for the following night and letting her try some of the things he’s made ahead.


“And we’ll have cones of paella, I’m picking up the shrimp and mussels in the morning.” Blue explains.


“You’re amazing.” Spence’s mom says delighted.


“Thanks. I love it and the guys are great at helping out. George and Robin are awesome with the desserts now.” Blue says.


Birch watches him beaming with pride.


“Wow this is amazing.” Spence’s mom stops and looks at the piece that Birch is working on, its of the house in a storm. He’s been working on it all day, it’s far from done but he has been so inspired that he’s been trying to get it done because he wants to get on to the next piece that is bugging him to get out.


“Thanks. I love it up here, its been just the change I needed.” Birch says.


“I love that Spence is surrounding himself with such achievers. I’d love to by this piece when it is done.” Spence’s mom says.


“Thanks. I am hoping to do a series of 6 from up here for school but once its done I can send it to you.” Birch says happy.


“Grant is at school with Birch, he’s been creating some great pictures too.” Spence says coming over.


“I’m glad you’ve reconnected with those boys. They’re a good family.” Spence’s dad says and Spence rolls his eyes.


That night Spence fires up the grill and cooks steaks for the meat eaters and Blue provides the sides and veggie options. Fergus arrives part way through the meal and joins in very jovially. His new business is boosting his confidence. Jesse is just panicking seeing this handsome, wealthy guy who is devouring his boyfriend with his eyes.


Blue finds he is entirely unbothered by Fergus presence. He’s be splitting holding the kids with Gervais and AB during dinner. Birch finds it cute that the kids love Blue and Gervais. He loves seeing his boyfriend as parent material and happily listens to Tommy’s stories of nursery.


Elliot chats to AB about what she needs and luckily for Elliot they hit it off quickly.


Jesse looks at the group playing happy families and seethes with rage. Gervais is ignoring him, not including him in the conversation or even introducing him as his boyfriend. He sits and stares at them sulking.


Spence heads inside to pee and finds Justin lurking near the bathroom.


“Get the fuck out of my house before I call the police. I thought you would have the message by now.” Spence roars.


Hearing the commotion W, Fergus and Andy are quickly by Spence’s side.


“I just need to see him, to explain.” Justin pleads.


“Get out, get out!” Spence shouts pushing him backwards.


“Please I need to speak to him.” Justin cries, snot flying everywhere.


“I’m calling the police.” W says getting his phone out and Justin runs.


“Fucking creeper. We’ll have to start locking the doors.” Spence says shaking his head.


“Who was he after?” Fergus asks.


“Gervais, he’s obsessed.” Andy says shaking his head.


“Well I understand that allure but he’s going about it the wrong way.” Fergus says.


Gervais is white with panic. Elliot grabs the baby off him and goes with AB to help her bath them and put them to bed.

“Let’s go for a walk.” Blue says to Birch.


“Yeah, lets go.” Birch says wanting some alone time with Blue.


“You can’t go Gervais needs you.” Jesse says.


“You deal, he’s yours.” Blue says and leaves. Jesse looks round for support but no one will catch his eye.


Fergus comes back in, sees the mess that Gervais is in and carries him up to bed.








65 thoughts on “The suite saga 102

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ Magnus ❤ ❤ ❤
    Tall..dark..adonis wheww…whhhhhhewww… I know he gonna be so good in bed. If he is Andy you have been replaced! lol
    -fans myself and leaves-

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My imagination has already gone to the depths of the gutter about magnus. >:D I’m sure Spence will always want to sit on his face after their first fuck. The name Magnus in and of itself is so sexy. I know he good in bed. lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh my imagination is in overdrive haha. I can see Magnus throwing Spence around in the bed and totally dominating him. There’s going to be some major rough sex going on between those two and Spence will utterly love it. Soooo hot!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Blue was right smart to tell Jessie to handle Gervais’ little panic attack. Hopefully that creep Tyler will kidnap Gervais and off him. Would be a proper ending to the little twat.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If Tyler did tell, I would hope it wasn’t out of malice but rather not realizing just how much of a creeper stalker Justin is. Kinda “your a little weird, but I know they’ve hung out with you before” thing. Plus pretty much everyone was invited so he may not have thought about it.

        Of course Just may just be enough of a creeper stalker that he’s got some sort of gps tracker on Gervais.


        1. Wonder what it is with Gervais tho I mean Blue chatted to him for a while before hand before the disappointing deed and yet Justin did not get invested into him. Did he see Blue as out of his league in first place so did not get emotionally invested?


      2. How does Gervais always end up in the weird relationships? I’m sure he’s cute, but is he really hot enough to get a stalker?

        If Justin really knew what a drama queen Gervais is, he would probably leave him alone 😇


          1. Yeah that is true but still at the same time Jesse is hopeless when it comes to emotional support. He really needs to lift his game in that aspect instead of delegating that responsibility to a 3rd party.


  3. Good for Blue not stepping in when Gervais had a panic attack. He was smart to remove himself because he knew that if he stayed he’d want to help, but he also knows he needs to let go as Gervais is not his. Not to mentioned the way Gervais has gone out of his way to hurt Blue, as illustrated by his “that’s it?” reaction to Blue’s “of course you are” reply to the back with Jesse reveal. And Jesse once again revealed what a useless twat he is.

    I love how Birch is with Blue and how he and Blue are able to just share the same space doing their own thing and be happy. That’s the mark of a good relationship … happy just being near each other, no need for clingy drama. I also love how both Blue and Birch support each other and Birch loves seeing Blue be the awesome, nurturing guy he is. Blue needs someone who is happy to see Blue doing things to take care of his friends and who will be his rock when the family and suite drama flare up. Basically I’m loving BB. I hope to see them stay together. I’d like to see them face stressors and challenges but come out the other end stronger for it.

    I’m also liking Spence and Magnus so far. I like that Spence is with someone with a certain degree of shared history. He understands Spence and where he’s coming from. I look forward to seeing how this develops.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks. I decided that Spence needed someone from his world after getting his trust fund. He knew Andy loved him for who he was but any man he is with in the future it will be harder to determine.
      BB I like too. Again the similar backgrounds and they’ve both special talents which helps them bond I hope.


      1. I also liked that Magnus was pleased that Spence included grandma for lunch and his parents for the party without a second thought. I think it shows his character that his grandmother is important to him (I’d bet for more that just the beach house).


          1. He has always coped without Blue heck when he left with Fergus he did not think for one moment how that would effect Blue nor his continued relationship with Chris even the fact he is closer to Clara than a Blue is and at times it almost looks like he is rubbing that fact in Blue’s face (I may be reading too much into that though)


      1. He may have told Blue he wanted to cope on his own, but now I think both he and Jesse are seeing what it takes!

        Fergus and G – is he going to wisk him off? I think that G deserves more misery than that….he’s one of the 5 – don’t you dare let him leave!!! LOL!

        Also, related to the comment below about ‘Bea’…it’s more like the letter
        B as in BITCH!


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