The suite saga 103

“I don’t mind if you help Gervais.” Birch says as he and Blue walk along the beach.

“One of the reasons he wouldn’t date me at first was he relied on me too much. He worked hard on himself and started managing his anxiety and it got a lot better. He’s been getting worse over the last few months and I’ve been there for him and I will when I’m the only one who can see it. I’m not leaving him to be mean. If he is serious about Jesse he’ll know I can’t help.” Blue says.

“Just don’t change who you are to teach him a lesson or to make me feel better. Despite everything with Joe I don’t feel insecure or jealous around you. I feel deeply content already. I know I can trust you.” Birch says.

“I trust you too. It’s a relief.” Blue says.

“Yeah that’s it. I’m not waiting for the bad, just anticipating the good.” Birch says.

“Want some good now. The sea air makes me fucking horny.” Blue says.

“You’ve been on the go all day and you’ve still the energy for fun.” Birch grins.

“Let’s skinny dip.” Blue grins and they pull off their clothes and run into the water their cocks bouncing everywhere.

They splash around and kiss. It’s pretty freezing so they don’t stay in long. They stand waist deep and kiss passionately before running back to the beach, slipping on their shorts, grabbing their things and running back to the house. They have to knock as it’s locked and they don’t have keys.

Spence’s mom lets them in and laughs at them dripping wet.

They head to the bathroom and get under the hot water as quickly as possible. Blue gets on his knees he needs to eat ass, Birch doesn’t object, rests his forearms on the wall and enjoys waves of pleasure as Blue probes him good.

Blue is having amazing fun and is teasing himself as he enjoys cake. Birch stands and turns around and fucks Blue’s face good. Blue taking all he can and loving every inch. Blue is out of control and shooting like crazy when Birch pulls out and covers Blue’s face.


Back on the beach Spence and Magnus are talking. Spence is leaning against a rock and Magnus is lying in his lap. They both feel pretty content and lucky.

“It sucks our parents are here just as we need some alone time.” Spence says.

“I know its early and we don’t now what this is yet but can we tell people we’re together? I think my dad might accept me more knowing I’m with you.” Magnus says.

“Is that why you’re with me?” Spence ask.

“No. I saw you from across the party and my stomach flipped. I had a million flashbacks and I couldn’t believe my luck. I wanted to be yours.” Magnus says.

“You’re so damn charming I can’t resist. I’m fine with telling our families. Your grandmother knows already anyway.” Spence says.

“And she approves.” Magnus grins.

“I want you so bad but…” Spence begins.

“We’re gonna get loud and don’t want our parents to hear.” Magnus says.

“I’m gonna be a rocketship when it happens.” Spence says.

“We can wait.” Magnus says and kisses Spence passionately and makes Spence really doubt the waiting.

The following day is a whirlwind of activity. Elliot takes the kids to the beach with AB and Spence’ parents. While Elliot isn’t as good with the kids as Gervais he is alert and creative and AB is delighted that Spence has saved her from the rigmarole of advertising and interviews.

Blue is slaving in the kitchen with support from George and Gervais. Jesse tries lingering but isn’t much help and soon stomps off to the beach. Gervais is sticking to Blue like crazy. He is still feeling utterly shaken from Justin being around and is on edge.

“I have emailed the dean for you. I know we should probably go through RAs and the like but I figured we should use connections and get you protected.” Blue says to Gervais quietly as they are assembling some of the canapes together.

“That sounds like the right thing. I hoped you said it would be police next.” George says.

“Yes I did. I don’t know what the process is with campus security. I’ve asked Brad if he knows. Hope you’re not mad at me interfering.” Blue says. He feels a little guilty for his reaction last night and was back in Blue mode after his early morning yoga.

“Thank-you. I should of thought of that. I was wondering if we could swap rooms for a bit.” Gervais says.

“That is perfect with me. I’ll probably be at Birch’s studio a lot anyway.” Blue says.

“Thanks. I’m sorry for being so shit and for leaning on you again. I just, fuck I don’t know he really creeps me the fuck out.” Gervais says.

“Man you can’t control your reactions of course him showing up like this is going to set you off. Fuck Gervais you don’t help yourself going back to Jesse and alienating Blue even further but despite all that you don’t deserve a stalker.” George says.

“I didn’t encourage him at all. I never have. I don’t know how to handle it.” Gervais says.

“Well did you get accepted anywhere on transfer?” Blue asks.

“Waiting to hear. No rejections yet.” Gervais says.

“Same. Frustrating isn’t it.” Blue says.

“You’re transferring?” George asks surprised.

“Yeah after what happened with Chris I needed to get away from him.” Blue says.

“And I figured I would too. I mean honors hasn’t come through for shit and I want a fresh start.” Gervais says.

“How does Jesse feel?” George asks.

“I haven’t told him yet.” Gervais says.

“Why are you back with him?” George asks.

“When things were good we had fun and without Blue’s shadow we could have a chance.” Gervais says.

“But you’re not in to him. He’s needy and a slob and pain in the ass and not good for you at all. And you are too high maintenance for him.” George says.

“Step out of my business.” Gervais says.

“Fuck you. You trampled all over my relationship with Blue and pulled him in every direction you could. I’m giving you totally unbiased advice when you are a mess.” George says.

Blue watches the pair in interest. George is right but going about it the wrong way for Gervais to listen.

“What do you think?” Gervais asks.

“You know it stabs me in the chest every time I see you with him. I’m not neutral like George but he isn’t there for you. You need someone stronger with their shit together.” Blue says and Gervais lets out a deep sigh.

“It hurts you that much?” Gervais asks.

“I have Birch and that helps but yeah of course it hurts. You were so shit to me when you were with him before, leading me on and pushing me away and staying with him when you were unhappy. You wasted so much time and it destroyed me. You going back to him will always remind me of that time.” Blue says.

“I can’t put you first. I have to take my chances for love.” Gervais says.

“I get that but it feels like you keep going out of your way to hurt me. Fergus, Chris and now Jesse all the while expecting me to stick around as your best friend. I get you’ve had a rough time. Your life has been shit but I am not responsible for that, yet you treat me like I am the one to blame and the one who has to fix it.” Blue says calmly.

“You have Birch so what do you care?” Gervais asks.

“Holy shit you are a cunt.” George says.

“Fuck you.” Gervais says.

“You are so fucking selfish and you don’t see it at all. You are a cunt, I hope Blue cuts you off for good. I can’t believe I’ve been working so hard to be friends with you again.” George says.

“You’re no better than me.” Gervais says.

“Shut the fuck up both of you. If you can’t get along fuck off and send me some replacements.” Blue says.

“I’m going. Your shit stinks too. Both of you. I like Jesse. You need to get used to it or fuck off out my life.” Gervais says.

“Good luck getting through without me.” Blue says shaking his head.

“I’ll go find Robin to help. Are you okay?” George ask.

“I am. Thanks for sticking up for me. That meant a lot.” Blue says.

“I just don’t get his attitude, after you getting him out the party the other night, making moves to sort the Justin issue at school and he repays you by being a cunt.” George says.

“I know. I’m seeing it now and not standing for it any more. You were the last boyfriend to trample on me.” Blue says as George goes to get Robin. Andy comes back with them too.


“I kind of like Dylan. I know I haven’t got a chance against DeShawn but I do.” George says.

“But you have been pushing him away since the summer.” Blue says with a smile.

“He’s changed and I find him hot now. I don’t know. Elliot fucked me in front of him and it was so hot.” George says.

“How was Elliot?” Andy asks.

“Good really good.” George says.

“I just think you and Elliot could be good together. Dylan will be gone soon.” Andy says.

“It would hurt Jesse.” Robin says.

“Jesse gives no shits about anyone.” Blue says.

“Yeah but George couldn’t be sure Elliot wasn’t with him for revenge.” Robin says.

“I had nice sex with Elliot, I don’t want to date him.” George says with a laugh.


The guys finish up and relax for a few hours before the party. Blue takes a nap and Birch joins him. They snooze and kiss and chat a little. Blue is so happy to have someone outside of his drama circle to spend time with.

“Lie on your belly, let me massage you.” Birch says.

“Mmmm.” Blue grins and does as he’s told.

“You sure are tense. Whats up?” Birch asks.

“Just the usual drama. I’m going to spend a lot of time at your place for the rest of the semester. If you’ll have me.” Blue says.

“Can’t wait. I really love being around you. You doing homework while I paint that sounds like a perfect night to me.” Birch says.

“I can’t wait. Maybe we should go home now.” Blue says.

“Don’t be silly. You’ve worked fucking hard for this party, all those tiny bites of perfection. You deserve to hear all the praise and see people enjoy it all. Tomorrow we can go up the coast to a different beach and hang out just us. We both love being by the ocean and can’t let your immature friends ruin it.” Birch says.

“You’re so patient with me and my stupid dramas.” Blue says.

“You’re worth it. Blue you’re not going to have any petty dramas with me. Next semester we can live in your house just us. We don’t have to speak to any of them if we don’t want to. We’re going to Australia with Robin for the summer and it’s going to be crazy good then you can start at a new school and have a real fresh start.” Birch says.

“You are so good at talking me down. I hope you don’t feel like the one doing all the work. I’m here for you if you need me.” Blue says.

“I know and you do support me. You have been for weeks. You’ve cleared my plate so I can work more. You’ve fed me on Sundays, you’ve got my community service hours up. You did all that before we got together. I like being able to pay you back emotionally. I hate how your friends use you and push you aside when they’re done. I want to help untangle you from them.” Birch says.

“Thanks babe. I’ll stop worrying and enjoy us. I do enjoy us a lot.” Blue says.

“Good now shut up and let me work on your knots.” Birch laughs.

Birch’s hands work deftly on Blue’s back and he soon replaces his fingers with his mouth and soon is deep inside Blue who is groaning into his pillow.


The party goes pretty well. It isn’t as big as the summer party, less people around. Fergus uses it for networking and has several people interested in his services. When he isn’t chatting up rich people he’s keeping close tabs on Gervais. He really wants another encounter. Despite everything that happened last summer Gervais is the one person who gets him super hard.


“Once for old time’s sake.” Fergus says.

“I’m with Jesse now.” Gervais says, he’s actually love a no strings session with Fergus and feels guilty that the thought is really turning him on.

“A three way will work. Please I really need to suck your big dick. No one compares to you.” Fergus says slipping his arm around Gervais and trying to put Gervais hand on his crotch.

“Jesse won’t go for it.” Gervais says.

“Let me talk to him.” Fergus says.

“No. He’ll get mad.” Gervais says.

“You’re young and hot and wasted on an uptight boyfriend. Come on we can slip upstairs.” Fergus says.

“No.” Gervais says and gets up to find Jesse.


“Your friends are hot.” Grant says to Robin, the pair are sat with their feet in the pool.

“You like girls.” Robin says.

“My dick wants what it wants. I haven’t been with a guy but I want to. I feel like I’d be stepping on Magnus toes or something.” Grant says.

“You want sex with a guy or a relationship too?” Robin asks.

“Uh I don’t know. I’m not really a relationship type of guy. I think just sex. How about you been with a guy?” Grant asks.

“Just hands and mouths.” Robin says.

“You’ve sucked a dick?” Grant asks.

“No I’ve had mine sucked, I’ve been rimmed too. I loved it but I like girls.” Robin says.

“Hot.” Grant says with a little grin.

“Who do you like then?” Grant asks.

“Everyone. You, Andy is really sexy, Gervais is so fucking cute. I best not say Spence but man those muscles. My dick is just as inconsistent with girls too.” Grant says.

“You looked so hot the morning after our group thing.” Robin admits.

“Maybe sometime we’ll see if we have something going on.” Grant says.

“Maybe.” Robin grins.


Andy looks around the party frustrated. He needs some new dick and there isn’t any that he wants. He loves that Spence is happy but damn he wishes he could have that ass tonight. He looks over at Blue and Birch and grins. He thought the two of them together would kill him but they give him a lot of hope. Birch is really good for Blue and is going to take care of his friend. He can’t believe he put them through shit and they still want to be his friend. He’s never going to fuck it up with Blue again. He looks around and sees George trying to flirt with Dylan, it is so sweet and funny. George is back to who he was and seems to be very aware of how much he fucked up. Blue hopes he gets some good dick tonight. His eyes narrow as he sees Jesse and Gervais. They are fighting of course. Gervais is a mess and Jesse is heaping on the pressure as usual. Andy shakes his head and goes in search of more cheesecake, he could eat 20 of the mini circles and still want more.

“You have to stay away from him.” Jesse complains to Gervais.

“Ugh I told him no even though I wanted him. Shut up complaining.” Gervais says.

“Don’t speak to me like that. I don’t know why you think I should be begging you to stick around. You’re not all that.” Jesse says.

“So you are just with me to piss off Elliot.” Gervais says.

“No, I love you. You know I wasn’t the one who wanted us to end before.” Jesse says rolling his eyes.

“I think we’re making a mistake.” Gervais says.

“You’re only breaking up because you want Fergus, you’ll be begging me to take you back on Monday. But I won’t be there. You’ve burnt your bridges with Blue and everyone hates you. You dump me and you’re alone.” Jesse says smugly.

“You say you love me then behave like a dick 10 seconds later. I was stupid to go near your rancid ass.” Gervais says and heads over to Fergus without looking back.


136 thoughts on “The suite saga 103

  1. LMAO, jesse doesnt deserve this crap from gervais, but i really dont care about jesse. gervais is just proving to everyone what a lost cause he is. he may be super cute but he is definitely a super bitch. and this time he has no excuses. its all on him, the real gervais and everyone sees him for what he is….a little bitch. this explains why he didnt break up with chris in the beginning.

    oh how i would just like to slap the fuck out of him.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hmm… yes Blue needs some drama free boring time as some of you say Birch is. Birch is fairly new and we don’t know him that well yet. I don’t care I think he’s great for Blue right now and like I said before if something happens that they split I hope they do so on friendly terms.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. G needs a new therapist. Clearly the one he’s seeing isn’t doing a damn bit of good!!

        I think that birch giving him advice would be seen as meddling and fall on deaf ears!


        1. I think he’s got so much shit to wade through and he keeps piling on more that it’ll take years to get through his issues. He was getting better but then destroyed it all over again.


  3. Not even holy water can purify the demon Gervais. Kill it with fire! lol -walks away- I didn’t think he could get any lower.


    1. What is up with him is he pissed that he does not have the ability to take up space in Blue’s head and heart now and can see Blue is obviously over him. We know he has a massive ego and all this time everything with the Blue and Gervais dynamic has always been on Gervais terms. Now blue is deciding on his own and it’s like Gervais hates that.

      Liked by 1 person

            1. His single periods have been rather short compared to Blue’s and Spences single periods over the series.

              While Gervais and Jesse seem to be single for only short periods of time.


                    1. I never had chocolate pie, I saw it on the short lived American version of bake off and thought it looked insane. One day I’ll find it somewhere. Do you have a fave dessert?


                    2. I meant why all suite guys fuck around so much it’s needed to burn off excess a sugar and energy.

                      Do you have an IPhone 6S how do you disable autocorrect on that model the fact mine seems to change most my posts here is really irritating and probably makes you guys think I am dyslexic or something lol


                    3. Apple crumble but no custard. I like bad, bad stuff like eclairs too. I hate custard and all hot milk desserts with the fire of a thousand suns.


                    4. when i was growing up my local bakery sold strawberry eclairs was filled with strawberries and cream and had stawberry flavored icing on the pastry loved em shame can’t seem to find a bakery that does them these days lol

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      1. What has set him off tho as even with mixed signals he gave Blue early on the series he still seemed kind at heart and now recently he just seems really cold and malicious especially towards Blue.


        1. Which doesn’t answer the why. I think the Chris thing coupled with the stalker have shaken Gervais beyond what he can handle and Blue will always be who he takes it out on.


          1. Guess he will have to find a new punching bag when they get back home and Blue spends more time with Birch at his studio than at the suite lol


  4. Thank God…I’m serious Sam…time for an intervention…Clara will see it too! He’s destroying every relationship he has…he needs serious help!


    1. I wonder if someone will slap some sense into him before he crosses the line? Can it be the beginning of self efficacy for Gervais?!??! Is it too late?


      1. I think you have to be self-aware first, and I don’t think Gervais is. He’s dilusional. He doesn’t see cause/effect. I think until he hits rock bottom, and stays there for a while, it’s not possible. But as you said, maybe it’s the beginning, but there’s a LONG road he must travel first and it all points downhill.

        He is so self-absorbed, I don’t know that he’s even truly aware of how much he’s hurt everyone. I think he’s still skating through life counting on his little twink look to keep him endeared to everyone. It’s going to be a huge drop for him as he hits bottom.


        1. He thinks just because he has had a hard life everyone will give him a free pass but some of the guys ie spence, Andy and George are starting to open the eyes on what a piece of work he is.


        2. I agree! He has no clue what reason is! He’s integral to the story…his road back ANDY understanding how he’s lost Blue will be amazing!

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Just because he’s not causing chaos, ripping someone’s heart out, but clearly loves and supports Blue – he’s boring?!? I don’t see it.

        Liked by 2 people

  5. Loved the tender moments with birch and blue this chapter and how caring and devoted to Blue’s stresses regarding his friends. Unlike Gervais who acted like Blue’s emotions were an annoyance at times 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I love how George has gone from strength to strength to repair his friendship with Blue it feels like they ate back to where they were idiot to the disastrous relationship now.


  6. Grobin? Oh my…

    I’m glad Blue and Birch seem to be able to find stability with one another, and I’m glad that you are going to be shaking up the grouping of friends a bit because damn these guys need it. Spagnus is just in it’s beginning stages so really not much to say about it, though I do worry. Pining for someone you knew a long time ago can be difficult, since you’ve got these preconceived ideas about how the person is. Some things stay the same, but people do change. Spence deserves someone good for him and good to him, though. 103 chapters in, he’s had the lowest drama quotient of all the guys even taking the Andy-cheating espisode into account.

    Send Gervais packing, please. I don’t care with whom – Fergus or Justin or, best of all, no one at all (please!). Jesse never truly loved Gervais or was good for him, and I don’t understand why Gervais thought for one moment it would be any different now. The boy needs to learn how to stand on his own two feet and be without a man for a while. I’m not sure if he can handle a slutty phase, though. Maybe he should join a monastery, ha ha ha! Or better yet, have him shack up with Justin because he’s full of self-loathing after fucking Fergus again, and then have to kill Justin in self-defense… but no-one believes him and he gets his ass sent to jail for a real time out. Or maybe be only a touch nice to him and have Gervais lose all his friends and be the only one to transfer to a different school to have a fresh start and make an attempt to salvage himself.

    The only one I’m really currently curious about is Andy. I hope we get to see him mending fences and truly doing a good job of it this time. And I hope he gets to have a good relationship too, even if it ends up being short term. Maybe someone he’s very sexually compatible with, and the person is nice enough, but in the end they don’t have enough in common to make a relationship out of it? Hmm.

    Lovin’ it.


    1. I get it Gervais needs a time out (in siberia). I am working on ideas to get him back in the fold or out entirly but not sure which way to go.
      You’re right about Magnus not really knowing Spence as he is now. I hope that the fact that they want things to be right before they fuck bodes well for them. Spence and Andy knew each other through and through and Spence wants that again.


  7. Personally myself… I never want to see B&G together again that has been totally ruined for me. I was all for them to have their time together and be free from drama the few days they were. But to see what G has become I don’t care how much help he gets he will never be right for Blue. And yeah once he has his go with Fergus he will be hoping to just be able to be friends with Justin would serve him right… So done with G. He just needs to meet that shark…. Or be shipped off to some other college no where close to the others and start his life over.

    I’m content right now with BB tho but I am not sure I want to be because we all know something is going to come along and mess that up… I’m just hoping when it does they can part ways and still stay caring friends. Thats why in a way even tho its such a good mix for a relationship that I was hoping it wouldn’t happen because Blue needs the friendship more then a relationship because that friendship was pretty strong. And Blue likes Willow too what happens when BB split? There goes 2 awesome friends.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really am all in for BB right now. I think we’re all tired of relationship dramas and most people want some more relationships succeeding.
      Gervais is a total fucking mess and needs to be single until he can learn how to treat a man properly. He can not be near Blue right now, he needs to cry some real tears over losing the best friend he ever had.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Completely! He’s become so self destructive! Dropping his new ‘relationship’ just for Fergus’ dick? New low. At least Jesse isn’t stupid!!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. So far, the little twat doesn’t even see that he’s done anything wrong. A few lonely weeks and a few buckets full of tears may help center Gervais. Until then, I’m pulling for the shark lol

        Liked by 1 person

      3. They all tried to talk sense into him. Even Jesse basically said you fuck Fergus and we’re done. He doesn’t get it! I’m sorry, but maybe Clara needs to perform an exorcism!!

        H needs to get the picture!


                1. Elliot has too much self respect for that he apologises when he knows he screwed up ie the Chris and Blue saga but with Jesse he never did anything bad to Jesse so I get why he never begged Jesse to take him back not to mention demeaning lol

                  Liked by 2 people

    1. Or rather … thank the gods for that!

      Oi, typing too fast because I should be working instead of reading & commenting here does not suit me.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I hate to see anyone hit bottom, but it’s sooooo time for Gervais to do it. I think its too late to save him, but I guess there’s always hope. But the longer it takes for him to hit bottom, the less likely it becomes that it will matter.


  8. Gervais is just burning bridges right and left, isn’t he? Of course, Jesse is no better.

    I worry a little about Blue getting caught up in Birch and getting isolated from his friends. However, I don’t think it will be Birch forcing the separation as much as he’d like to remove Blue from the drama for Blue’s own sake. I think it will just be a byproduct of the situation. Hopefully Spence, Robin, Andy, and Blue (and perhaps Dylan and DeShawn) will make the effort to maintain the relationships away from all the other drama.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Spending a lot of time with Birch is a good thing. 🙂 They’ll have their little island of domestic bliss and hopefully have a few strong friendships from both of their peer groups for socialization. And they can swat the annoying dramas created by people like Bea, Chris, Gervais, and Jesse together. I can see them being a bit of a shelter in the storm for the others too, but closing ranks against those that abuse their goodwill.


      2. Are we going to isolate Blue from Gervais? No way does that twat deserve Blue’s friendship, support or even respect after everything he has done 🙂


      3. Gervais is one of the 5. He and Blue need time apart. G needs to realize how much he hurts others, not just Blue?


  9. Gervais 😷 He is such a pathetic whore. Once he fucks Fergus and figures out there’s nothing there but sex, then he’s going to realize he has absolutely no one else left who even wants to be around him. I think there is a hungry shark that he needs to meet lol.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. True, because no one else even wants to deal with him, much less be his friend or support him. He’s quickly shown the whole group what a selfish can’t he is. And they’ve all opened their eyes and have seen it. SOOO…will Robin finally get to bottom with Grant??? Two straight boys just curious and horny. Perfect way to experiment as there isn’t any expectations of each other beyond the bedroom.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nah, we all know they would be perfect together, but it’s never going to happen. They are like brothers. As much as I love the thought of RUE, I like Robin being Blues true friend and confidant who loves him no matter what. The fact he lets Blue blow him sometimes is just a benefit haha.

        But Robin is too straight for a gay relationship. He won’t ever be happy long term dating a guy. So he and Grant fucking would be hot. They can hit the clubs and share girls, or if they strike out, share each other haha.

        Liked by 2 people

  10. Hahaha I love George now. He’s not a selfish little cunt anymore. I think being a cunt In that group is like a flea it jumps from one to the other. Maybe Andy and Grant could get together. Fergus is a piece of shit and for that matter so is Gervais and Jesse. Idk I guess I’m still hoping for Blue and Gervais. Maybe they’ll be accepted to the same school. I know I said I can’t stand gervais but I think he is just mentally unstable and a few days in the padded room might help

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Right now I’m all BB, all in for BB. I’d never say never in the future for G&B because I fell hard for them despite their dysfunction first time around and I’d love to revisit it one day but I love BB for the medium term.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OK I’ll take that for now. George and Elliot would be good together. Birch is sweet but in my opinion too much like Blue. It would be fun to see Grant and Robin get it on. After all college is a time for experimentation

        Liked by 1 person

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