The suite saga 104

“I don’t want to get between you and DeShawn but I like you.” George says to Dylan as they sit out the front of the house looking at the ocean.

“Why couldn’t you have worked that out last summer?” Dylan asks.

“I was blinded by Blue. I only just knew I was gay and I knew Blue would be kind to me.” George says.

“I have wanted you for a long time. You know that but I don’t know about more. I love DeShawn and don’t want to fuck it up with him.” Dylan says.

“If I were to transfer to somewhere in Boston? Would you consider me?” George asks.

“No question but you have a scholarship and friends and I’d not want to take you away from that.” Dylan says.

“You really like me.” George says.

“I love DeShawn. Would you consider joining us like Deke did?” Dylan asks.

“No. I am super picky with guys you know that. I know I’m not pretty or handsome enough to be the way I am but it is the way I am. I kind of think maybe I can only ever like one guy at once.” George says.

“I love your honesty. I’ll think about it seriously. Its funny if I loved DeShawn fully then I’d not be thinking about you at all. It might be that we’ve had a week apart. It might be I’m thinking with my dick and wanting to get my hands on your beautiful squishy butt. I don’t know.” Dylan says.

“You want to take me for a test ride?” George asks.

“Yes but I won’t. This is the first time I have ever, ever, turned down an ass that I really wanted. But I don’t want to fuck you over.” Dylan says.

“The other night felt like you were inside me.” George says.

“I know, it was amazing. It’ll be even better when it happens for real.” Dylan says.

“I am really good at waiting. Thanks for not laughing in my face.” George says.

“I’m not that guy any more. If I was you wouldn’t be here asking for your chance.” Dylan says and kisses George lightly on the lips.

For the first time Dylan sees a real future with a man flash before him. He sees George the nerd in their house surrounded by tech equipment, headset on designing his video game, playing another games and taking a conference call simultaneously. He sees himself stood in the doorway in his suit, just home from work smiling indulgently at his boy and telling him dinner will be arriving in 15.

He never dared dream a long term future with John and he knows DeShawn will hit the big time and leave him behind. George could be the one. George wants to be rich and he will work hard and even though he’ll probably get a bit fat and have bad hair Dylan knows his dick will still get hard for him. He is strong enough to deal with George when he’s being a dick and George will call him on his shit.

Dylan lies back on his bed shocked at himself. He thought he just wanted to tap George’s ass but he wants so much more. Graduation is right around the corner and he has a job offer, a great job offer. But George is an offer too. No he can’t fuck himself over over a guy. Especially not a guy as unstable as George. But he wants to call up DeShawn and end it and call up his future employers and start looking all over again. Fuck Dylan calm down he tells himself.


“Can I come in?” Andy asks sticking his head round the door.

“Yeah please.” Dylan says.

“Not like you to duck out of a party.” Andy says.

“Or you.” Dylan says.

“Out of options. It is hard seeing Spence and Blue all wifed up. I am super happy for them but I want something too.” Andy admits.

“You’ll get it. George asked me to consider dumping DeShawn for him.” Dylan says.

“Is that why you’re up here?” Andy asks.

“Yeah, I love DeShawn but we’ll be over in May. I mean we could try long distance but he’ll go pro and leave me behind. I see myself with George, its pure fantasy but I see a future just a hint of it and I want it.” Dylan says.

“George is a fucking nightmare as a boyfriend.” Andy says.

“I know he was for Blue but I am stronger. I might be inexperienced in the gay world but I have had a lot of relationships with girls and I know George’s issues and he knows them. I’d be stronger than Blue.” Dylan says.

“Just go for it. If you fall on your ass so what? Like you said you and DeShawn will be over soon anyway.” Andy says.

“I don’t know. Thanks for being here for me. I know things are really tough for you right now.” Dylan says.

“All my own doing. I have been a dick. I need the new freshmen because my dick is tired of everyone right now.” Andy sighs.

“I thought you’d spend the summer in Deke.” Dylan says.

“Nah. Not feeling it right now. The kid needs to explore a lot I think.” Andy says.

“But if you’re horny he’ll do.” Dylan laughs.

“Nah it wouldn’t be fair. I fucked him over last summer. I have to hope someone at the retreat wants a pounding or there was this one guy in the village, if he is back I’ll get my balls emptied.” Andy says.

“You’ll pull someone out the closet.” Dylan laughs.

“I’ll do okay. See you tomorrow.” Andy says and kisses Dylan goodnight.


“Blue I hate to do this to you but I need my room back.” Dylan says the next morning over lunch he knows he’s going to take a risk on George.

“Can you take mine for a bit I want to avoid Justin?” Gervais asks.

“No I can’t be in the suite. Why don’t you go and stay with Jesse for a bit, have Elliot take your room.” Dylan suggests.

“Works for me.” Elliot says.

“Jesse and I broke up.” Gervais says quietly and Elliot snorts.

“Well that was a five minute wonder.” Blue says amused.

“You can come in with me. I expect you’ll be at Birch’s and I’ll stay with Magnus often enough.” Spence says.

“Yeah it’ll be fine.” Blue says.

“Are you not jealous?” Gervais asks Birch.

“Of Blue sharing a bed with Spence? A little, Spence is hot.” Birch says with a grin.

“A fourway is in our future.” Spence grins back.

“Oh yes.” Birch grins back.

“Please make it five.” Andy grins coming in and grabbing some food.

Spence’s family have left and the cleaning crew have finished. Blue has made a lunch of leftovers, soup and bread which the guys are devouring to soak up their hangovers. It’s raining and they’re all too tired to do much.

“My mom was so impressed with you. If you’re ever in need of a job you could make mint in her set.” Spence says.

“Good to know. Catering is something that makes sense as a sideline while I get my other business up.” Blue says.

“Why are you in college and not just getting on with it?” Grant asks.

“I want to get my education, I love to study and learn and the accounting and chemistry classes all have parts that I will use when I’m out there in the real world.” Blue says.

“Blue is this weird creature who loves to study. He and George are the superbrains of our group.” Dylan says.

“Could say the same about us. We could be taking private classes and skipping all the history and ceramics that we’ll never use.” Birch says,

“I guess. I toy with it at times. End of the day we’re in school so we can fall back on teaching during hard times,” Grant says.

“But you’re wealthy. You’ll always have family to fall back on.” Birch says.

“Sure Magnus will always give me shelter but our parents are tight, I’m not Spence rich. I’m lucky my grandmother is paying for my school and our apartment.” Grant says,

“Did she enjoy last night?” Blue asks not wanting to get in to a conversation about wealth.

“Yeah she did. She made quite a big deal over Spence too, just to get on our dad’s last nerve. Your mom was nice to me Spence, and your brothers.” Magnus says.

“I’ve made a coffee cake for you to take back for her and a milk loaf. Tell her the cake will freeze well.” Blue says handing a large paper bag to Magnus.

“Uh giving away cake?” Andy asks.

“You’ve had enough, Need to get you exercising again.” Blue says.

“True, true.” Andy shrugs.

“Me too, I need to get back in shape I feel lumpy.” Robin says.

“You look pretty great naked.” Grant laughs.

“I can look a lot better. I want to be back in cheer shape.” Robin says.

“We should try sports again.” Blue laughs.

“No, you suck.” Robin grins.

“You should come back to yoga.” Gervais says.

“I think we need Spence to run a boot camp for us.” Blue says.

“I am so up for that.” Spence says honestly.

“Be cool when we have the houses, you lot exercising on the front lawn and me watching out the window.” Andy grins.

“I’d drag you outside to join in.” Spence laughs.

“You all living together again?” Grant asks.

“Not Jesse or Elliot but Birch is joining us.” Blue says.

“I’ll be in the dorms again too.” Deke says.

“Really? I thought you’d take one of my rooms. You can bring a friend too.” Blue says.

“Thanks.” Deke says.

“I cannot wait to live in a warm dry house with my bright studio.” Birch says.

“You’ll have a studio? Can I move in?” Grant asks.

“Thanks for leaving me high and dry.” Magnus says.

“Magnus can live with me as Blue will be in his house and Blue has room for Grant if Birch is okay with it.” Spence says.

“Great give the rich boys rooms and leave me homeless.” Jesse who has been sulking in the corner all morning says.

“You can’t screw Blue over and expect a room.” Elliot says. He’s fascinated by Grant and Magnus. Magnus is straight out Of a boarding school catalogue and Grant might as well have rich kid rebelling on his forehead. But they both seem really nice, fun guys and accepting of everyone.

“I did nothing to Blue that he didn’t do to me.” Jesse says.

“You weren’t friends when Blue dated Gervais and they weren’t in your face it was different.” Elliot says and Jesse shrugs.

“You’re all free to date Gervais. I just don’t have to house any of you if you do.” Blue says quietly.

“Exactly. Same goes for me with Andy. You can all date him but don’t expect me to be your friend or let you live in my house if you do.” Spence says.

Andy looks at Spence and smiles.

“Good job you’re living with me.” Andy grins at Gervais.

“I’m lucky your mom loves me else you’d no doubt have cut me out.” Gervais says.

“I think I’m safer in the dorms. I love you guys but I’d feel like I might be homeless if I look at someone wrong.” Deke says.

“I’m sure there will be a lot of house swapping before and after we move in.” Blue says.

“Yeah we’ll all just show up and sort it in august.” Andy says.

“Except me and Elliot who really need the help.” Jesse says.

“What do I owe you exactly?” Blue asks.

“You offered and took it away. You shouldn’t have done that.” Jesse says.

“You shouldn’t have accepted it if you couldn’t be civil to me. I was doing you a favor. I wasn’t asking for unending gratitude but I expected you to remain respectful. You didn’t. So you can fuck off.” Blue says and gets up to clear his plate. He’s not eaten anything being around so much tension.

“I love this assertive Blue. Birch is very lucky.” Andy says joining Blue.

“I am lucky too. I think he’s a good guy but my perception is often off on that score.” Blue grins.

“No it isn’t you just make excuses and forget to listen to yourself.” Andy says.

“We’re okay right? I mean I know you’ve been trying to sabotage me and Birch but that’s over? You’re supportive now?” Blue asks.

“Fully supportive. I was a dick and I’m sorry. I love him for you, for now.” Andy says.

“For now?” Blue asks-

“I still see a future for us. I’m not going to wait around for you and I’ll not interfere with what you have. But I still feel it.” Andy says.

“What happened to you wanting me back with Gervais?” Blue asks.

“He imploded any chance of that. You’d be a nervous wreck if you took him back. Look at what he did to Jesse.” Andy says.

“Do you think I should offer Jesse a room again? I kind of feel bad but also used’ Blue says,

“Hang on to that used feeling. Jesse is poison.” Andy says.

“I need to put my instincts about people ahead of my need to fix things for people.” Blue sighs.

“Exactly. But please don’t write me off.” Andy grins.

“I always liked you even when you were being a pain in the rear. You should talk to Gervais about your mom. He knows what it’s like to be rejected by a parent. Jesse and Elliot too I suppose.” Blue says.

“I don’t feel I can talk to Gervais right now. He’s a mess and I know I shouldn’t abandon him but he has been so, so bad to you that I just can’t look at him.” Andy says.

“The Justin thing is scary though. Someone needs to be looking out for him. I’ll talk to Robin.” Blue says.

“Thanks. I like the idea of Grant and Magnus joining us next semester, they seem cool and like to party.” Andy says.

“You like the idea of two guys who will contribute.” Blue grins.

“Contribute to the eye candy. Man that Grant is cute.” Andy grins.

“He sure is. Hey once I transfer I should be able to introduce you to other guys.” Blue grins.

“I’m hopefully leaving too. I kept it quiet as my grades are not top stuff like you and Gervais Clara and Roe suggested it, they don’t want me to be a potential target for Chris and Bea. Clara is being really great to me you know, helping me with Katelyn’s trust and covering my school costs.” Andy says.

“You’re family. Neither of us have extended families, well if I ignore my hell-trips side.” Blue laughs.

“Yeah. I thought Roe and Clara might get it on but they are more like sisters than girlfriends at times.” Andy says.

“But they are having sex. I mean they are right?” Blue says.

“Oh yeah. They have angry sex, makeup sex and why won’t you marry me sex.” Andy howls with laughter and Blue joins in.

The two men share a big hug happy to have made each other feel better. Birch looks at them and smiles and then joins in. He knows he needs to clear the air with Andy himself.

“Its still raining. Time for indoor sports?” Birch asks looking at them both expectantly.

“If that’s not too weird for Blue.” Andy says not wanting to sound as eager as he is.

“Can I speak to Birch a sec?” Blue says.

“Yeah I’ll go to my room.” Andy says hopeful that he’s about to have two of his favorite partners ever back in his bed.

“Is this not a bit weird?” Blue says.

“You want to right?” Birch says.

“Yes but why do you?” Blue asks apprehensive.

“I need to clear the air with Andy. I want a threeway and I know despite everything you trust him and finding someone both of us is attracted to will never be that easy.” Birch says.

“Do you wish you were still friends with benefits with Andy?” Blue asks.

“I want you. I’m not tired of you or bored by you or anything. I just like group stuff and am very horny and the opportunity is here.” Birch says.

“Okay. Just checking this wasn’t a way to secretly have sex with Andy because I’m too boring.” Blue says.

“No fucking way. You are first with me, always. Andy still gets me going and we both get him hard. No games, no conspiracy just sex.” Birch says.

“Okay. I so want to.” Blue grins and they go to find Andy.

“Wow you were confident.” Birch says as they open the door, Andy is naked and hard on the bed.

“Just anticipating. If you didn’t arrive I’d get off imagining you were.” Andy says.

Blue grins and lies next to Andy and kisses him. Birch lies the other side of Andy and kisses him too.

“Get naked boys. I need to see those booties.” Andy grins.

The pair do happily and soon the trio are licking and sucking each other and Blue groans in happiness, he loves this whole situation.

Blue tops Birch and Andy tops Blue all three are in heaven. Birch has wanted more of Blue’s cock and loves looking back and seeing two happy faces. They switch and switch again. All three loving every position, loving trying to make the other two feel amazing.

Afterwards they lie back panting and giggling. Super happy.


“What is going on with you?” Robin asks Gervais as they take a walk on the beach when the rain stops.

“I just can’t stop messing up and hurting everyone. It is what I do.” Gervais sighs.

“You get that Blue is done with you?” Robin says.

“He’s not. He was emailing the dean about Justin and asking Brad how to approach campus security for me. He still cares.” Gervais says certainly.

“I wouldn’t count on anything else from him, ever. You ducking out of your summer trip really hurt him on top of whatever that was with Jesse. You saw how Jesse set on him as soon as you two hooked up, just like before. Honestly everyone’s patience has worn out with you.” Robin says.

“So what? Everyone is so fake anyway. They have all used Blue and Spence and me, all of them and yet they get pissy with me when they’re just as bad. Andy has been awful to Blue and to Spence but he gets a break. Elliot tried to get me and Blue and George chucked out of school and he’s still here. We’re fucking transferring because of him and Chris. I’ve had that to deal with, my breakup, that weird Justin stalking me and you’re all dumping on me but Elliot and Andy are let off scot free.” Gervais complains.

“I know you don’t have it easy. I get that I do but Blue has been there for you more than anyone and he was just getting over you being with Chris and you throw Jesse in his face and act like it’s no big deal. You know how much he’s struggled to get over you, he’s almost there and you pull another stunt, you never give him a break.” Robin says.

“You need to step off. I know we’re friends but you need to step off.” Gervais says.

“We won’t stay friends if you carry on like this.” Robin says.

“Blue and I are off limits okay? Do you really think I don’t know I’ve messed up? Any conversation about it will be me and him not you or Andy or Spence. I can not deal.” Gervais says.

Robin looks at him mad as hell then sees just what a mess his friend is.

“Is this because my mom let you down this week?” Robin asks.

“No, I never expected anything to come of that.” Gervais says.

“Are you sure? Mom is working on finding people, talking to them. She will come through.” Robin says.

“I know, she’s in touch all the time. Your mom and Clara call or email me more in an average month than my dad did my entire life.” Gervais says.

“Try not to push them away too.” Robin says his mom’s warnings sticking in his head about looking out for Gervais.

“I won’t. I’m sorry. I was doing better, Blue and were friends again and I dumped Chris but then the tribunal and Justin and my brain f with Jesse. Every time I clear the deck more s rains down.” Gervais says.

“Yeah the Justin issue is hard to comprehend. He seemed normal enough to start with.” Robin says.

“I was hoping to use Dylan’s room for a bit, to be away from the suite. I’m scared Robin.” Gervais admits.

“Me too. Come in with me for a bit when we get back.” Robin says.

“I was thinking of a hotel.” Gervais says.

“I’ll come too. Not just because I love hotels but because I would worry about you being alone. Given he found you here.” Robin says,

“Thanks. I wasn’t sure I could ask.” Gervais says.

“Hey we’re still friends for now. What happened with Jesse?” Robin asks.

“Fergus was flirting heavily, more than that he was pleading to suck me off. I was flattered again and he’s so sexy to me and Jesse isn’t. I wanted to ask Jesse to join us but I knew it would be a no. He was going on and on and on and I couldn’t take it. So I dumped him and went after Fergus.” Gervais says.

“Was he worth it?” Robin asks shocked.

“We didn’t do anything. The reason he wanted to blow me was he has the clap and didn’t want to risk anything else and well STIs are a total boner killer.” Gervais says.

“So you lost Jesse for nothing?” Robin asks.

“It was an excuse, I came to my senses that Jesse and I would never work. I know he was saying he had feelings for me all along but that wasn’t true, He was always looking round for Elliot. He wants Elliot back, he misses him and I was a trophy substitute. If he didn’t make Elliot jealous he won the breakup by getting me back.” Gervais says.

“Why get sucked in? Why go to his bed at all?” Robin asks not doubting Jesse’s motivations but certain that Gervais had equally rubbish reasons.

“I was horny after that bath with Blue, Jesse was up for it and I thought it would be fun. It was, the sex was great and I stupidly thought Jesse would be a fun safe boyfriend. I thought if we were dating Blue would properly forget me. I didn’t contemplate that it would hurt him. I really didn’t know that Jesse bugged him that much, they have been friends for a while. I forgot how vulnerable he was last time round.” Gervais says.

“You are such a douche.” Robin says.

“I am. A totally self-involved prick.” Gervais says.

“Are you going to work on that?” Robin asks.

“I don’t know that is how I’m being. It just happens.” Gervais says.

“You’re far worse to Blue than George was.” Robin says.

“Give it a rest.” Gervais says.

“Sorry I need new hobbies and a girlfriend so I can stop getting in everyone’s business.” Robin says.

“You’re only showing you care.” Gervais says with a smile.

“It has been a weird week.” Robin says.

“Yeah we certainly bring the drama to spring break.” Gervais says.

“Hey last time it was not our drama.” Robin grins.

“No. Scary though. I sometimes feel bad about Miles, he was amazing that day.” Gervais says.

“He hated me. I’m grateful he helped us out of course I am but he chose not to be our friend.” Robin says.

“I know. I just feel bad sometimes. I guess that is what I was getting at before, why are Andy and George forgiven but not Miles? Why am I on the outs with everyone and not just Blue? It is hard to navigate sometimes.” Gervais says.

“I guess Miles hurt me and Blue and Dylan in such a deliberate devious way, much like Chris that we couldn’t have him back and he didn’t want to be back.” Robin says.

“Elliot was worse. He was deliberate and devious and nearly got 3 of us pushed out of school.” Gervais says.

“Spence is doing a Blue and trying to help rehab him. It was out of character and for sure it was for the money.” Robin says.

“Me and Blue sure but with George it was purely vindictive. I actually hate the thought of him being round the kids this summer and told W and AB why.” Gervais says.

“You did what?” Robin asks shocked.

“I told them what he did to us. I’m going to take care of the kids for the summer, they love me and I love them and I won’t cost anything.” Gervais says.

“Is that what this whole conversation was? A way to find out if you’d be shunned or forgiven?” Robin asks.

“Not really. I know I’m doing the right thing. Being around a family for the summer will be good for me and the kids will give me focus. And I won’t be around Chris.” Gervais says.

“And so Elliot is doomed.” Robin says.

“Not my problem.” Gervais says.

“No. But he’ll drop out, can you really put that on your shoulders?” Robin asks.

“It is on his parents for cutting him off. It isn’t on me, he has options. I am not going to feel guilty, he can finish school later he was happy to take the opportunity from me forever.” Gervais says.

“Delayed revenge. You are going to be super unpopular.” Robin says.

“Will you tell?” Gervais asks.

“Maybe.” Robin says.



128 thoughts on “The suite saga 104

  1. He has still done so much wrong… Might be able to redeem himself but its going to take a very very very long time for anyone to be able to trust him fully again if ever.
    Maybe you are right Sam maybe this summer when he is with W, Ab and the kids he will have a few attacks and Blue won’t be there to save his ass then he will realize what he did. I think that is what needs to happen for him to have no one there to help him thru his attacks not just Blue none of the suite mates.

    I still think Spence needs to tell W and Ab about Gervais tho even if they don’t believe him at first… What happens when he has one of his attacks while he is watching the kids? That could be majorly disastrous. I would not trust him with my children not at all.


  2. You’re right Marco. Gervais had never lost anything that he cared about. It’ll be interesting the next time he figures he needs blues help and blue isn’t there for him.


      1. i like to believe there is still some good in him but his actions especially the spring break actions do make it hard.

        btw i have never advocated gettting rid of him i always wanted him to have a ringside seat of the newy happy blue with a man that appreciates him 🙂

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      2. How would he redeem himself? What could he do? Gonna need a nice time gap for it to remotely be considered Lol and a hell of a lot of karma and an astronomical amount of self evaluation. A bath in holy water too just to be sure XD

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I don’t know that it’s possible for him to redeem himself. Redemption is only possible when you realize you’re in the wrong, then you choose to make amends. Gervais has yet to realize that anything he’s done is wrong. When others point out his issues he tells them to step off.

        I hope there is good in everyone. But I think he’s either too selfish or too arrogant to see a need for redemption. And seeking redemption just because you find yourself alone doesn’t equate to an epiphany of wrong. It only means that he’s tired of being alone and needs friends and he will walk the line for a bit in order to get them back.

        Is redemption possible? Perhaps. But only after he’s forced to look deep inside and realizes what he sees isn’t acceptable. I don’t believe he’s self-aware enough to do it. He’s going to always find an excuse for his behavior, and give himself an out.


  3. I’m actually happy for George and Dylan. I can relate to George in that I have a beautiful ass men lust over as well and I love video games too. He definitely needs a strong man like Dylan to handle him mhm mhmm. It’s so cute!

    BBA…nope. 😦 It tapped into my Bludy feels lol. Birch was trespassing on sacred ground.

    For Gervais…you never cease to amaze me lol. I’ve started to look at him differently. Instead of a demon, just good comedy because I expect him to fuck up now and the people who keep falling for it, the reaction is priceless.

    Jesse…poor thing. He really expects someone he fucked over to supply him a room. Give him a room if he becomes the house maid. Make him do the very thing he hates doing for a place to stay XD haha

    I’m still patiently waiting for Magnus to toss Spence around like the little cock lover he is and have him squealing in delight at his magnum sized cock. I know he has it ❤ lol.

    Great chapter Sam! I ❤ you for the amazing work you do. Always a joy each time a new chapter is released. I wake up to them so it's a great start to my day. 🙂

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    1. I’m on the fence with Dylan. He and DeShawn made something special out of a fuckbuddy situation but have always been on different paths.
      George was the guy who said no to Dylan and it might just be that or it could be the calm after the storm of coming out, looking round and seeing that someone who will be better with you and make you better and it a heady thought.


  4. Gervais drives me crazy. I felt so bad for him at the beginning of the story, but man has he let his issues (the non-anxiety ones) get out of control. He’s been self-involved this entire story – he does things that he thinks is best without asking others for advice or what they want first. He acts impulsively. He refuses to admit his failings and sputters his lame ‘but they did it too!’. I really do hope Robin tells the guys about Gervais’ little act of revenge on Elliot. Yeah, it was a horrible thing that Elliot did but at least George and Blue are good enough people to forgive him because of his utterly shit money situation and Chris’ manipulation. Gervais has no concept of what it is like to be on the verge of losing everything because of lack of money because he never had a family to be kicked out of, and he’s had whatever he needed materially for his entire life.

    I am sad about the George-Dylan thing. Dylan acted so much like it was about getting a piece of ass in the summer, though to be fair George never gave him a chance to show otherwise. I guess my problem is that I really like Dylan and DeShawn together, whether or not Deke is there. As much as I love Andy, the lovable fuck-up that he is, he is NOT the person Dylan should be taking relationship advice from. At least Dylan admits to himself that it’s a complicated decision to make and he needs to think about it and not be completely hasty. He’s come so far as a character, showing how much he’s grown up… I guess he has, too, since he’s older than the rest of the gang. I’m sad that he will be leaving, but I hope he leaves on a high note and not cause more suite drama. Then again, maybe you have plans to be evil and keep him around, Sam? If you do please don’t jerk his chain too much, because I’m actually starting to like him. It’s like he’s having the opposite arc to Gervais in my mind!

    Birch-Blue-Andy was hot. So fucking hot. I’d love to see more of it, to be honest. The dynamic and honesty between them was wonderful and is so refreshing after all the dysfunction. I hope Andy can continue on a path of redemption.

    And once again, Robin proves he is awesome. Well, at least when he’s not dating crazy chicks.

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  5. George should stay and Gervais go. At least now George recognizes he has an issue and is working to correct it… Gervais knows he has a problem hell hes seeing 2 different therapists and still continues to not right anything… I mean come on at least put him in a psych ward somewhere for a while if you want to fix him.

    I thought for sure a summer with Willow and Clara would maybe fix him…. But there is no chance of that now.


  6. Gervais is a total fucking psycho!!!! Like seriously disturbed in need of medication psycho. Shark attack, lightning bolt, ran over by a bus, whatever it takes to get him out of the story. What a total bitch.


      1. i think its because he is not doing anything to repair the wrongs he has gone and just throws the victim card out there.

        i gave Gervais the benefit of the doubt for a loooong tine and even wanted them back together…… until recently when I started to analyse his actions both present and passed and it dawned on me what a kiniving piece of work he is.

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        1. That’s fair but I do think Luka is right Gervais has had more than his share already. He had so much go wrong that he couldn’t control and didn’t deserve that he just doesn’t know how to play nicely.


      2. I agree with Marco…yea Gervais has had his share of shit happen to him, but come on, really? Sam…do you really know someone like Gervais???!!!!

        There’s a point when there can be no more excuses and just man up. I loved how he whined about how everyone else dumped on Blue and he forgave them…. The issue is – Blue didn’t love the rest of them how he loved Gervais.

        He doesn’t get it. He still thinks Blue will be there for him, always. I sincerely hope Blue moves on and leaves Gervais in the past…for now. We all grow up eventually.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. Proud of my Blue for that 🙂

              Gervais us delusional tho where he thinks he can continue doing this crap and Blue will still have his back but as Blue basically said to Birch last chapter he will do what is needed if nobody else is around but that is it.

              Liked by 1 person

          1. blue probably without meaning to was a bit of an enabler for Gervais.

            even after everything he has done to blue during Spring Break he still thinks its impossible that he has lost Blue and Blue will always be there to clean up his mess.

            i loved Blues reaction when Gervais announced him and Jesse were over lol

            Liked by 1 person

  7. OMG Gervais butting his ass in again where it doesn’t belong… Shark time for real although I will pity the poor shark. Maybe Justin will kidnap him or something. Bye bye Gervais… And now he won’t even be around Willow and Clara for the help we thought he might get… Nah he just needs to go even tho he was one of the 5 he just needs to disappear.

    BBA is really hot. And I loved how Blue and Birch handled the discussion hopefully honestly I believe it was.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right??? For a top, Gervais sure seems to use his butt a lot lol. He butts in all the time. But can’t stand anyone to get in his business. Total douche canoe.


      1. You don’t give yourself enough credit. Karma has been kicking his ass for a long time now.

        And also as much as I find him annoying he had pretty traumatic life so I am sure that has taken some tool on him and can explain how he handles releatheship with other people.
        We often forget he was repeatedly raped in high school and been completely ignored by his father, the only relative he had.


  8. NO!!!! You know us RUE stands are just waiting patiently!!! You can’t rip our hearts out like that!

    And now that BB have had a three way then why not let them have one with Robin? The three of them are close and sexy and could have a great time.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Damn, just when I thought maybe I will grow to at least tolerate Gervais he does that. 😒
    Also kind of sad seeing Andy still clinging to Blue, kinda hoped after that is over he will realize he misses Spence (not that I thought they will get back together soon, but still hoping they will have their forever after at some point later in life 💚💚💚)

    P.S. If someone pops Robins charry and that someone is not Blue I am gonna go ballistic 😂😂😂😂

    All in all loved the chapter ❤️💛💚💙💜

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think Robin and Grant would be hot as hell personally. Neither of them are gay, and neither would develop feelings. Both would just enjoy it as a great experience with a sexy partner. But you may have to go into hiding from the RUE fans lol.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I kind of think you’re setting him up to exit stage right with Dylan. If so, it’s a great way to see him exit. He leaves while he’s being “normal” George, and pursing a stable relationship. I guess I always have a soft spot for sexy nerds.


    2. its hard as it seems Dylan is leaving soon and making relationship decisions in favor of career decisions never ends well

      that and the BBA has made all Birch and Andy fans happy (lets be honest there are a few if us who love either Birch or Andy)


        1. Gervais has forgotten or ignored the fact the others still around from douchy acts only did one bad thing which was given benefit of the doubt for. gervais has been given second, third, fouth heck even fifth and sixth chances from Blue and still tries to play the victim card when Blue is like enough is enough.


  10. So much to say about this chapter:

    Fergus has the clap lol. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

    BBA, I’m not sure what I think about that 3some. I want to be turned on, but it’s just so weird I can’t be. Robin so needs to go after Grant. I can totally see them hooking up sometime.

    Elliott, well I mean I guess he had it coming. But it’s not going to go over well. But the good thing is that it means Gervais won’t be anywhere near Blue for the whole summer. Let me do my happy dance!! 💃 That makes me so happy!!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Oh I don’t think anything is too mean when it comes to Gervais. I’m hoping Jessie and Chris team up for the rest of the semester to drive Gervais over the edge. And, I’m still holding out hope for the shark attack personally lol.

        And yes it’s hot, just strange. So I’ll just focus on the hot part and forget about the weird part! Much better 👍🏻

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Im actually proud of gervais. I had no idea he was so devious. I actually loved that. Yeah he’s a dick but he did something for himself. How funny is it Fergus had clap. Damn why’d he have to tell gervais that he could have gave it to him and passed it to Jesse. I’m sorry I guess today’s my bitch day😈

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I completely agree Dark! I wish he would’ve gotten the Clap! There are never any consequences he seems to care about! I view is fuck over of Elliot as a way to say fuck you all. Maybe Spence will help him out?

    Looking at it from his perspective, he never thinks before acting….that’s what he needs to work on!


  13. Holy douche nozzle Batman! I’d say I can’t believe Gervais is that much is a asshole, but is be lying. When it gets back to the group what Gervais did there’s going to be hell to pay.

    BBA – there’s an interesting twist I didn’t necessarily see coming based upon the past history there. However, I liked that B&B calmly discussed it, Blue expressed his concerns, Birch answered them (I assume honestly) and they made the decision together. That’s the way a relationship should be. Birch didn’t push or guilt trip Blue into it and they all ended up happy and sated in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. yeah they say revenge is a dish best served cold 🙂

            this could possibly burn down his bridges with Spence who he was already on the outer with after his malicious treatment on Blue.


      1. could this possibly be Gervais warped way of punishing Jesse also so could be a kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

        i mean Jesse was basically using Gervais to make Elliott jealous and that would of been a major hit to his ego.

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