The suite saga 105

“Blue can we talk?” Elliot asks when Blue, Andy and Birch finally make it outside.

“Sure, inside?” Blue asks.

“Please.” Elliot says quietly.

“What’s up?” Blue asks.

“I actually need to ask two favors. I know after what I did I don’t deserve anything.” Elliot says.

“I know how persuasive my brother can be and you’ve had my back since. You had a mad moment while going through a rough time. I’ve had a difficult time with momma recently and came close to giving up on our relationship so while I don’t know exactly what you’re going through I understand a little.” Blue says.

“You’re still way too nice. I’ve not been that nice to you ever and that’s why I’ll understand if you say no.” Elliot says.

“Rip off the band aid.” Blue grins.

“AB has changed her mind and withdrawn the summer job offer. She didn’t say why. Is there any chance your momma would let me work with Andy this summer? And do you think you could house me next semester? I’m not suggesting you do it for free but I figure I could pay you a little less than the dorms. I know you have two places and I don’t need much space. I’d happily do yard work and cleaning.” Elliot says desperately.

“Well Andy won’t be doing all the work we did last summer and there is a lot of work to do at the retreat. My momma has been trying to hire a crew for it. Would you be okay living with Chris? Or at the retreat? You’re clearly happy to babysit sometimes which will go down well. It is really, really rural and you got fed up last summer not going out much, there is no going out, hiking, fishing, the lake parties, that’s it. There is very little in the way of entertainment, very little cell service. Deke, Gervais and Andy could be the only g guys around. It might be lonely.” Blue explains.

“But I would have somewhere to live and I could earn a little?” Elliot asks.

“You’ll need to talk to momma but I expect she’d be happy to have you. She knows about what you and Chris did so she might not say yes or be that friendly.” Blue says.

“And the house next semester?” Elliot asks not wanting to hope but desperate.

“I guess so. But you might end up with George and you cannot bully him if you do. You’ve been so nasty to both of us in the past and if he is not okay with it then it will be a no.” Blue says worried. He knows George was due to be with Spence but expects him to be in one of his houses due to Magnus.

“I’ll talk to him. I swear I will never treat anyone badly again. I was awful to George last year and with what I did. I am so stupid sometimes.” Elliot says clearly very down.

“Oh and it might be a bit demeaning but Spence might pay you to clean and do laundry. He was looking at hiring someone.” Blue says.

“Thanks I’ll ask.” Elliot says.

“GERVAIS! Spence bellows coming in to the house.

“He’s out with Robin.” Blue says.

“I am going to kill that little runt.” Spence shouts.

“What now?” Blue asks.

“I am so sorry Elliot but he told my brother and sister in law what you did and they’ve decided to use Gervais this summer and not you.” Spence says looking embarrassed.

“Well that explains why they changed their minds. It’s okay. Blue is going to try and hook me up with work this summer and maybe a room if it’s okay with George.” Elliot says.

“I am so mad at him. He had no right to do that to you. None. I am so mad at my brother for not talking to me first. So mad that they are taking that idiot instead of you.” Spence says.

“It’s okay. I did a bad thing and I deserve this.” Elliot says.

“We’ll make room for you. Whether it is with me or Blue, we will make room.” Spence says.

“Blue said you might need a cleaner or housekeeper? It’ll be hard for me to get an on campus job next semester. I plan to get something outside but if I could so what you need too it would really help.” Elliot says.

“I think it would be too weird sorry. I’d hate to have to tell you you’re work was bad and the time I need it most, during finals is when you’d be busiest too.” Spence says.

“Thanks anyway. I’m sure I’ll get a fast food job or something. You guys saved my life this year helping me with the meal card. I don’t know why I went along with Chris. I think I had Jesse in my head too much blaming you guys, I knew you didn’t owe us squat.” Elliot says shaking his head.

“Sounds like you’re glad you broke up.” Blue says.

“Oh yeah. I forgot what a little b he can be. I’m relieved its over this time. It is a relief not to try and please him all the time. I don’t know when it went from being fun to being a chore but I feel better for it. Worse about what I did to you three. If it was Gervais who spilled its okay with me. It was no worse than I did to him.” Elliot says.

“Birch is going to be mad. I’m not supposed to be helping those that have been s to me but I feel responsible for you losing the job with AB.” Blue says.

“Then I’ll deffo house you. George or DeShawn will happily go with Blue.” Spence says.

“You guys don’t need to do this.” Elliot says.

“Brads warning just goes around in my head. You would struggle if you left college now, like you said you don’t have the money to get through the first month. We don’t owe you but we have so much it would be terrible if we didn’t help.” Blue says.

“Yeah. Some days I struggle to keep my feet on the ground. This house, my trust fund it is crazy and too much and I didn’t earn any of it. I could go mad and be getting tables in clubs and travelling first class and buying more shoes than I could ever wear but I don’t want that life. I don’t want to turn in to Fergus. Having you, Andy and George around keep me humble, keep me, me. Helping you out is no big deal, it’s a pleasure. We just both wish you’d come to us earlier.” Spence explains.

“It is so hard. Asking Blue today was hard. It’s hard to accept anything from you guys. I feel so shit but I’ve got to swallow my pride if I want to finish school and it is a lot easier to do it with you than my dad.” Elliot says.

“We don’t want you back in the closet knocking up some girl who doesn’t know the real you.” Blue says.

“You’ll get through and you’ll help someone else out in the future.” Spence says.

“How are things with Magnus?” Blue asks Spence as the two go and sit out front.

“I am totally smitten. I am going way too fast, just like you and Birch and I’m half trying to put the brakes on and half full steam ahead. I still need to talk to Edwin but I think that is over from his side anyway.” Spence says.

“You think Birch and I are going too fast?” Blue asks.

“It is fast. I worry because you went fats with Gervais and that burned out and this is the same, you’ve been friends a while and now you’re a full on couple.” Spence says.

“I think it is more like we have casually dated and have decided to kick it up a notch. He likes me and I like him and he communicates with me and so I don’t feel the need to hold back.” Blue says.

“I can see that. You two are cute together and he looks out for you all the time but he lets you be with your friends too. I think he’ll be good for you.” Spence says.

“I hope Magnus will be good for you. He dresses so nicely, just like you. That sounds shallow but Andy and I went shopping recently and he said how you always like to buy the best where he is happiest with a deal. I can see you and Magnus shopping together happily. I just wonder if going back to someone from this world will be hard for you. You escaped and have been making your own path and leaving all this behind. The money has followed you and you’ve reconnected with your family but you are never going to be part of this world in the same way as W and Fergus. If you have kids they won’t be going to fancy schools or having French lessons at five. You’re never going to be a country club guy, you’ll go to the nearest 24 hour place to work. You’ll never go to a thousand dollar a plate charity dinner you’ll be coaching inner city kids for free and helping them raise funds doing car washes. Your aspirations have changed.” Blue says worried he’ll hurt and alienate his friend.

“I get what you’re saying I don’t feel any reverse snobbery about my family’s world, I can drop in any of their events and feel at home and I can host parties like we have done for these people and be one of them. But you’re right I am on a different path. Magnus knows that and still wants me.” Spence says.

“I think we’re both looking out for each other and worrying about each other more than ourselves. I’m not worried about you and Magnus right now. I just don’t see him as any better for you long term than Andy.” Blue says.

“Fuck Blue you’re being hard on me. I get it, I get what you’re saying. I’m not going to stop seeing him but fuck me you’ve got me thinking. I said I wanted forever but I need to shop around.” Spence grins.

“Just making sure you have your eyes open and don’t try and make him fit.” Blue says.

“I like that you’re being honest with me. My turn. What the fuck are we doing about Gervais?” Spence asks.

“I’m done with him. Done. I’ve mailed the dean about Justin because I thought he would read it from me. But that’s it. Done.” Blue says.

“Okay. Well I’m going to pack his stuff because he has to leave as soon as he gets back. I warned them all of they deliberately made anyone unhappy they had to go. I don’t care that we’re leaving in the morning any way. He has fucked over you, Jesse and Elliot this week. He fucking blows. I’m glad he’s in Robin’s house next semester and not with us.” Spence says.

“Do what you need to. I’m completely behind you. I’m really not sure about Elliot living with us but I worry.” Blue says.

“Me too. I’m happy to have him with me. I am so fucking mad at Gervais.” Spence says seeing Robin and Gervais walking back.

“You want me here for support?” Blue asks.

“No, can you grab his stuff? He’s not to set foot back inside.” Spence says.

“Sure. Love you Spence.” Blue says.

Spence looks at Blue with a big grin. He loves how close they are now.

“You’re not coming back in. You have to leave now. You’re a fucking snake and you are not welcome here.” Spence says narrowing his eyes as Gervais and Robin approach.

“Oh come on, we’re going tomorrow any way.” Gervais says shaking his head.

“I mean it. Blue is getting your stuff. Anything he misses you can get tomorrow.” Spence says.

“You can’t let him go alone. What if Justin is there?” Robin asks.

“I don’t care. You all knew if you fucked up you’d go. You fucked up three times. You’re gone.” Spence says.

“Fuck you. You think you are the king of everyone just because you own this place. You’re no better than anyone else.” Gervais says.

“I’m better than you,” Spence says.

“Yeah, yeah. Fuck all of you.” Gervais says.

“Here’s your stuff.” Blue says.

“You’re okay with this?” Gervais asks.

“You’re a douche who deserves what you get,” Blue says dropping the bag and going to find Birch.

“Wait and I’ll come too. Fuck you Spence ruining my break.” Robin complains.

“It’s your choice. You know what he did?” Spence asks.

“Yes I do. Elliot isn’t exactly snow white is he?” Robin says.

“He’s trying and not trying to implode everyone.” Spence says.

“I’ll drive you both. I need to get back and talk to DeShawn.” Dylan says coming out. He is mad at Gervais too but is also worried about the Justin situation. He feels of everyone he’s been given the most chances and he doesn’t feel he can cut Gervais off like Blue and Spence are doing.

The mood in the house is somber once the three leave. Spence heads up to see Magnus. He needs a good fuck. Really needs it.

“My grandmother is here.” Magnus says.

“Then come over to mine.” Spence says.

“Everyone will know.” Magnus says.

“Come on. They expect it, a house of gay men I can guarantee someone is getting down right now.” Spence says.

“I don’t want it like this.” Magnus says.

“Are you a virgin or something?” Spence asks.

“Yes.” Magnus says.

“Holy shit. But you’re so hot.” Spence says shocked.


125 thoughts on “The suite saga 105

    1. With Gervais not going back for summer it’s less of an issue I’d think and with the houses Blue is independent now, he could sell one to pay for college of he needed to.


      1. gives Andy a chance to tell the real story before Gervais biased hard done by story gets started. which we know he would totally do to make it look like was all Blues fault 😦


  1. A VIRGIN!?!?!?!?!? REALLLYY SAM? Just make me break my neck doing a double take seeing this adonis is a virgin lol. I literally had the same reaction as Spence. He and I see eye to eye. This could be fun. There is a certain level of devotion with a virgin to please their partner and who better to give Magnus all the experience he needs than Spence. XD Do us all a great service and turn that man into a beast in the bedroom Spencey! haha

    Aww I feel bad for Elliot. Someone give him a cookie..a room, a job, and a cuddle. 😦 He did it to himself, but he so cute. See that’s a redeemable person.

    I now vote for the shark like others here for Gervais lol. You don’t talk to the king Spence in front of his palace like that XD.

    P.S. I love how Spence went all arrogant on Gervais. “I am better than you.” Chop him down to size haha. Yes!

    Great Chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Spence and Blue are done with Gervais. Elliot And Jesse too. He’s coming unstuck.
      Magnus is 21 and a virgin and out to his family which I find interesting. I’m sure Spence will show him the way and then let him take control😈😈😈


  2. I’m totally on the Spence-Magnus bandwagon now. Their first time will be one for the record books!

    Gervais is such a cunt. He’s beyond saving at this point. I hope he loses everyone and everything he holds dear.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. From what I’ve seen, Spence seems to be a very generous lover. I think he will teach Magnus everything he needs to know, and also be willing to tell Magnus what gets him off and what he likes. I think they could develop quite a relationship.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I hope that Spence can work out how to be open and honest in the bedroom. He and Andy learned together but still had some communication bumps. But Spence learns from mistakes and missteps.


    1. i can’t wait to see Robin and Gervais next scene with possibly Gervais reflecting on finally driving Blue away. Or will he do his usual trick and not take ownership of his role in doing that.


      1. I’m not holding out any hope for a quick G turn around…he’s a mess! Again, he shows no responsibility for his actions – or he can care less. LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. wait till he finds out what he did to Elliott would or meant nothing as Elliott will still be around but at the same time widening the chasm between him and Blue as well as Him and Spence.


      2. Sam, he’s so selfishly focused. He doesn’t see anything buy what he thinks….I’ve always been a G fan…he’s got a long road to redemption – I think he can do it.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Gervais…..I’m not even saying anything. ~~~^~~~

    Robin is a good friend to everyone. I think he’s my favorite of all the guys. You can tell he was raised to be a genuine friend and to respect others. I hope Gervais doesn’t taint him.

    Magnus. Well, well, well. The hot quotient just turned up about 100%. I hope Spence gets to be his first. I think they are kind of good together. He needs someone like that who has values and holds on to them. If spence is looking for a forever guy, he may could have that with him.


      1. I can wait. Especially if waiting draws them closer together. Spence has been kind of on the fringes at times, and I think it’s time he has a really good, supportive relationship. And obviously Magnus isn’t about a quick fuck like Andy was, so hopefully he would be committed and faithful to Spence. I think he deserves some true happiness.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I want him to have something stable again as he is a boyfriend guy and a guy like him, hot, muscular, ambitious yet sensitive and rich should have guys crawling all over him.


                    1. i love the realtionship English and Aussies have we love each others country 🙂

                      well for me its more than that got relatives that are english that would love to meet one day 🙂


      1. Well for the record, we Yanks love our Aussie and Brit friends. We may not be brothers like Oz/England, but we are at least the crazy cousins lol. 😘😉

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Perhaps whilst Robin is alone for a bit with Gervais he can try and bring some sanity back. I feel Gervais is clinging to reality by a very thin margin. Robin is a proper friend and has proven that to Gervais so perhaps he will listen? It will be a labour of love I know, but Robin has the greatest chance of reaching him. Then Robin will deserve a proper hot romp with BB as a reward!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. at least his delusion that Blue is not done and will always be there for him from last chapter has been shattered now be interesting how Gervais interpretets this and what he does and if he even tries to get Blue to be his friend again or will he just wallow in self pity?

            Liked by 1 person

      2. Gervais wants to keep blaming Eliott and says he deserves what he did to him. But does the little prick remember the fact that he was sleeping with Chris, who was the mastermind of the whole thing?? And because he wouldn’t get rid of Chris, he allowed Chris to meet all of the friends, I.e. Elliott, so in a way Gervais helped create the whole damned fiasco. He has totally forgotten how much of the Chris issue was BECAUSE OF HIMSELF!!!!

        Liked by 2 people

                1. Totally agree – based upon his shut down of Robin last chapter…but I think maybe in the car ride home, he’s captive! With Blue’s shut down of him, maybe he’ll either be in shock and listen?

                  Liked by 1 person

  4. Alright, that was kinda harsh, but Gervais totally got what was coming to him. I hope Robin can rehab him and he can make amends, but if he can’t then that’s his problem. I love the close relationship Spence and Blue are forming, but I’m definitely not team Blence, at least not right now… they’re both in too good a place for that. I hope Elliot has a streak of good luck. I feel for the guy. I’m wondering what’s going to happen with George and Dylan; will Dylan find a job closer, will George transfer, will it just not happen? Then there’s the whole Grant thing. New guy, hot, curious… what’s going to happen? I CAN’T WAIT!


      1. My first vote is Robin but I would get clobbered by the RUE fans lol. Please for the sake of all things good don’t let it be Gervais. He’s so stuck on himself already it would just add to his feeling that he is the “prize” every guy wants. So I’m saying Andy. I think he is the one who could give Grant the ride of his life.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well…..hell. I know they can’t be together now, but since they were each other’s first loves, and took each other’s virginity…will Spence and Andy have a chance again down the road? I know, I’m a softy but they shared so many things, and love each other so much. Guess I will always root for true love to eventually win. ❤️


      3. If Andy and Chris connect in any way other than Andy’s fist with Chris’ face…I think I’ll have to fly to London to deal with it! LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Damn i love Robin, i also love Spence and Andy together. Blue is cute too.Totally unrelated to this chapter. hahahahhaha Feeling all kind of feelings today.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Magnus is a virgin holy fuck. I know I said I was proud of gervais for doing so!etching on his own but he was a dick. I feel sorry for elliot. I’m kind of hoping Dylan breaks it off with DeShawn. I’d like to see him with George. I think Clara would welcome Elliot. I mean we know how she chooses others over her own children. And delayed reaction from last chapter holy fucking shit Roe and Clara?


        1. More speculation. But I like to think something is happening. I also think Clara is fucking a married farmer but I’ve not found a way to include that yet.


            1. Thanks. Ugh I hate when I get ideas that can’t happen for a few dozen chapters as I want to race to them. So much going on right now that I need to stop thinking of new things and deal with Magnus, Grant, Chris, Bea and Justin when all I want to do is skip to Australia and the wine and and and


      1. I’ve lost track of the groupings honestly. So blue has himself and Birch. Is that it in his house?


            1. Yes, not sure if Birch would want to share his space. I also see Robin and Grant being super close friends so might switch Grant and Andy. Just so many combos to work out.


        1. yes was supposed to be Jesse until he decided to fuck Blue over so 3rd position has not changed yet.

          i would love Deshawn to share with BB 🙂


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