The suite saga 106

“Why did you come out to your parents?” Spence asks after thinking for a few minutes.

“I needed to be me. I needed to not be asked about girlfriends over dinner and set expectations. I’m still gay whether I fuck or not.” Magnus says.

“But you came on so strong to me. You don’t come across as inexperienced.” Spence says.

“I’ve not been a nun. I like you, I had heard you’d split with Andy and I saw you and took a chance. Do you not want me any more?” Magnus says.

“Don’t be silly. I like you, it doesn’t matter where your dick has been.” Spence says and kisses Magnus gently.

Dylan, Robin and Gervais get back to the dorm and feel deflated. They were all pretty quiet on the drive back. Robin is worried that there with be a wedge between him and his friends. Gervais is just incensed that people are on Elliot’s side and Dylan has been contemplating what to do, to say to DeShawn.

“We’re going to do laundry then head to a hotel for a few days. Can you let us know if Justin tries anything?” Robin asks.

“Sure. Take care, shout if you need some muscle.” Dylan grins.

“Why you know some?” Robin grins back.

With the atmosphere strained the rest of the guys decide to come back a day early too. The weather isn’t great and no one is in the mood to party.

“I’m going to use Gervais room while he’s at a hotel.” Jesse says when they get back. Blue shrugs and no one has the energy to argue. Elliot slips off to his room and cleans it up feeling happy to have some space for a few days.

Blue moves his things back to Spence’s room. A little frustrated that he is unsettled again and wishing his house was ready. Spence heads out get food with Andy and Blue calls Clara about Elliot.

“Well without Gervais here an extra pair of hands would be useful and he can work on the cottage that he’ll be living in with Willow. As long as you don’t think he’ll cause trouble with Chris.” Clara says.

“I think he’ll want to steer clear, that’s why he’s better off at the retreat, I don’t think Willow will mind.” Blue says.

“The retreat is going through major changes, I’ve sent the trio off to rehab. They were bringing drugs into the community, not just weed and I can’t have that. The upstairs of the main house was a disaster zone. They were out of control and were happy for me to take charge. We have enough regulars stepping in to teach and run things.” Clara says.

“Are you still okay with me going to Australia?” Blue asks.

“Yes. I am very upset with Gervais. I thought he was going to travel and get some perspective not shack up with rich wasps.” Clara says.

“I’m through with him. Done.” Blue says.

“Be careful. You won’t share that sort of connection with many people.” Clara says.

“I can live without it if they hurt me as much as he has.” Blue says.

“I can’t tell you what to do but it sounds like he’s unraveling and needs you more than ever.” Clara says.

“He needs to understand he can go too far with me. If he apologizes and takes steps to make serious amends then I’ll be there but I won’t be taken for granted and abused.” Blue says.

“Understood. I worry about him and if he’s on the verge of a breakdown he will need you.” Clara says.

“Robin is staying with him.” Blue says.

“Are you okay with Robin joining you for the summer? His mother thinks it a good idea and as you know I worry about the intensity of your relationships, having a friend along would change the dynamic.” Clara says.

“The trip I’ve been planning with Gervais was based on friends and not boyfriends travelling together.” Blue says.

“You sound upset that you’re not doing the trip with Gervais.” Clara says.

“I was. We were planning it together, it was based on a joint desire to go. He just ripped it away and gave me no option. That is part of why I’m done with him. I am happy to be going with Birch and Robin, I am but it isn’t what I planned.” Blue says.

“Don’t be too hard on him over it. He thought it was best for you both!’ Clara says.

“Yeah running to you instead of talking to me.” Blue grumbles.

“Stop it. Now have Elliot call me next Sunday if you’re having a dinner so I can talk to him and Willow.” Clara says.

“And Blue I am very happy you and Birch are making a go of it. I think you’ll be very happy together.” Clara says and Blue smiles.

“He makes me happy.” Blue grins.

“I’m relaxing about the money a bit more now everything is sorted and spring break barely cost anything. Lets live a bit.” Gervais grins aps he opens the door to a nice one bedroom suite.

“Yeah you and Blue are the people who know the most and want it the least.” Gervais says

“How are you going to get back on track with Blue?” Robin asks.

“I’m not. Not for a while, we need to detox from each other. We’re stupidly co-dependent even when we’re not dating. He can be mad at me while he builds up his relationship with Birch and I can work on myself and keep out his way.” Gervais says.


“He’s really hurt. You hurt him badly going with Jesse and Fergus and dropping out your summer trip. You’ve stabbed him and poured salt on every day. Surely you’re going to apologize and not leave this to fester.” Robin says shocked.

“No we’re taking a break from our friendship. If he hates me it’ll be easier for him.” Gervais says.

“But you get that you’ve hurt him?” Robin asks.

“He’ll get over it. Man it lasted two seconds with Jesse.” Gervais says.

“And Elliot?” Robin asks.

“Ugh if you’re going to be like this you can leave.” Gervais says.

“Man I wish we had some beer.” Robin says changing focus.

“Me too. Ugh I can’t even hit up Spence or Dylan. Shall we order some room service? I hate to hold you hostage but I really don’t want to even go to the movies locally.” Gervais says.

“Shall we go and speak to campus security?” Robin asks.

“Can you ask Blue if he heard back?” Gervais asks quietly.

Robin nods knowing telling Gervais to do it himself won’t get him anywhere. Robin is worried for both Blue and Gervais, neither does that well without the other. That tie they have is strange and maybe they are co-dependent and destructive but he worries about them a lot less when they’re on good terms.

“Hey. Have you heard from campus security?” Robin asks.

“Spence went to see them already, as it was his place Justin showed up at. They are going to talk to him and have taken a report on everything. Spence gave them one of the notes too.” Blue says.

“Wait, you’re back?” Robin asks.

“Yeah we were all done. Birch was so funny when I dropped him off, he couldn’t wait to get started on his pictures. I bought him some groceries and I’m leaving him to paint for a few days.” Blue laughs.

“I thought you’d be over there all loved up for days.” Robin says.

“I need some space. We just got together.” Blue says.

“Okay. Take care.” Robin says and relays the information to Gervais.

“So Spence still cares too.” Gervais says.

“Stop dicking everyone around. You know you’ve fucked up.” Robin says and Gervais shrugs.

“Let’s order some food and watch a movie. They have ice cream.” Gervais says.

“I’m not Blue. But a burger sounds good.” Robin says.

The two get settled on the bed and Gervais is asleep before room service even arrives. Robin eats both meals watching the movie. Gervais is clearly super stressed and hasn’t been sleeping. Robin wonders if he’s been feeling unsafe.

“Sorry I ate yours, you’ve been asleep for hours. Want me to order for you again?” Robin asks when Gervais finally wakes.

“Yeah I’ll take a shower. I feel like a zombie. Sorry for conking out.” Gervais says.

Robin looks at his friend who looks so vulnerable and sad and gives him a hug.

Looking slightly better after a shower and some food Gervais looks at Robin and contemplates telling him how he’s feeling but the thought exhausts him all over again.

“Maybe you need to see a doctor. Your meds are not helping your anxiety and you look pretty rough.” Robin says.

“I think I’ll go Monday. I’ll see if Cheryl can go with me. I feel like I need to mix up who I see all the time. Please don’t feel like you have to babysit me. But I am really grateful.” Gervais says.

“Look I don’t think there will be any issues. I think he’s harmless but I understand why you are feeling cautious and I’ll be there for you. Do you want to call my mom and see if she can come up?” Robin asks.

“No, Cheryl will do it and I’ll take Ocean to gymnastics after and stay for his class. That’ll give you a break.” Gervais says.

“He’ll love that.” Robin smiles.

“I love my little brother.” Gervais says.

“He’ll miss you this summer. No Gervais or Blue.” Robin says.

“He’ll have 2 weeks of Spence and then Andy, Deke and Willow. He’ll be fine. He’s an adaptable kid.” Gervais says.

“You’re looking forward to being with the kids. I think what you did to Elliot was awful, you could have just asked AB if she would take you instead of Elliot, but I can see it’ll be good for you to not be able to put yourself first all the time.” Robin says.

“Mean.” Gervais laughs and then yawns and the two turn in.

Over in the suite Blue and Spence are snuggled up in bed together both feeling a little guilty about how much they’re enjoying it. Spence loves that he can rest on Blue’s chest for a change and feel protected. He’s not used to fighting with his friends or being the one to make a stand and he’s found it exhausting.

Blue kisses Spence’s forehead and hugs him tightly.

“That feels so nice.” Spence murmurs.

“I like having a bigger guy lying on me.” Blue says.

“Please you love the tiny twinks. Birch might be tall but he’s still a skinny tiny one.” Spence says.

“And you’re a pure hunk of muscle.” Blue says rubbing Spence’s bicep.

“You too.” Spence says.

“Thanks for standing up for me this week. It felt really good. Magnus is a lucky guy to have found you,” Blue says.

“You’re not talking me out of being with him now?” Spence asks.

“Not if you know who you are.” Blue says.

“I’m changing a lot. You, Andy, even Gervais have all influenced and changed me. Challenged me. We’re a good group really. A lot of drama and shit but I love you all and I’d die for any of you.” Spence says.

“Love you too.” Blue says and Spence kisses Blue’s chest.

“You going to make up with Gervais?” Spence asks.

“No, I’m done. Thanks for talking to campus security. Didn’t sound like they’d do anything.” Blue says.

“Not unless he gets violent and I doubt that he will.” Spence says.

“Typical Gervais running away and letting us deal with it.” Blue says.

“Let it go.” Spence says.

The pair kiss gently before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning Blue and Andy are hanging out together watching TV. Spence has gone to work as they’re already back. Antonio hasn’t returned and Jesse is lying low. Blue has made some cheer us up cookies and Andy is enjoying having his friend to himself.

“I need a boyfriend.” Andy says.

“I thought you liked being free to be with whoever.” Blue says.

“I want this all the time with someone who loves me back.” Andy says indicating himself lying on Blue’s lap.

“Maybe you’ll enjoy a sexy farmer this summer.” Blue giggles.

“You’re right I should wait until next semester. I’ll be too busy and cut off over the summer.” Andy says.

“I’ll miss you.” Blue says.

“I’ll miss the food.” Andy says and Blue swats him.

“No Sunday dinner today. Just relaxing with you. It’s soooo nice.” Blue says.

“Making the most of not having to share you with Birch today. I love being lazy.” Andy grins.

“You’re like a cat.” Blue says stroking Andy’s stomach.

“I am, I like to lie about in the sun and do nothing and I love whoever feeds me.” Andy giggles.

A loud knock on the door brings them out of their bliss.

Andy gets up to open it. It’s Chris. Andy slams the door shut again without a word and Blue laughs.

“What? He’s not allowed in this building.” Andy grins playing the innocent.

Blue sighs, gets up and goes to the door before Chris breaks it down.

“What?” Blue asks annoyed at his peace being shattered. And seeing Chris always puts him in a bad mood.

“Our grandparents are coming to lunch and want to meet you,” Chris says.

“Your mom’s parents?” Blue asks.

“Yes.” Chris says.

“Not my grandparents. Not interested.” Blue says.

“Please. If we can win this lawsuit we won’t need help from Clara we can cut ties altogether, go back to how it was.” Chris says.

“You’re spending the summer with Clara.” Blue says and begins to shut the door.

“Please Blue.” Bea says panting as she arrives at the door.

“No.” Blue says getting frustrated.

“Look they are not any part of it and our dad has screwed them too. They gave our parents money for college too. I want to stop your momma paying out twice. But they are insisting on meeting you before it all goes ahead. Please Blue.” Bea says.

“No.” Blue says and shuts the door swiftly.

“You sure?” Andy asks.

“Yeah, they’re nothing to me. No relation at all. Just the parents of them woman who screwed momma over.” Blue sighs.

They can hear Chris totally losing it outside and Andy calls campus security.

“He’s not meant to come near you. Not deliberately on campus.” Andy shrugs after hanging up when Blue gives him a look.

Chris is still banging on the door and shouting, threatening to not leave until Blue comes out. Blue doesn’t feel threatened but Andy wants to see some comeback on Chris and this is a small start.

“Drama, drama.” Andy shrugs. They hear security outside the door and open up again.

“Is this the guy your roommate reported yesterday?” The security guy asks.

“No this is my brother who isn’t allowed near me. Especially not in this building.” Blue says with a smirk. This is totally against his nature and he’s loving it.

“Do you really think this is helping?” Bea asks.

“I don’t owe you anything. Do you two not get that? Just leave me alone and let me go back to pretending you don’t exist.” Blue says.

“I never knew you were so selfish.” Bea says.

“Well maybe you’ll think twice before burning me next time. Both of you.” Blue says.

“If you don’t get out of here in the next thirty seconds I’ll be filing a report on you.” The security guy says.

“It is your momma you’re hurting most.” Bea shouts as she’s lead away.

“Well done for staying strong.” Andy says.

“Not hard. I don’t trust either of them. Bea could have sent a text after the hearing or called me but nothing until she needs me.” Blue says rolling his eyes.

“I hope Chris does it again and gets thrown out.” Andy says.

“Should I meet them do you think?” Blue asks.

“No way. They’ve had nineteen years to make contact. If they really thought of you as a grandchild they would have found a way to be in contact. They would at least have been here the minute you found out.” Andy says.

“That’s how I see it. Same with my aunts, uncles and cousins. None of them have made a move. I was close to trying again with Bea because I think we could be friends but then I think about how she was over winter break and I pull back. I’m working on removing drama from my life not adding to it.” Blue says.

“I am really proud of you.” Andy says.

“Ice cream to celebrate?” Blue asks.

“You know it. Out or here?” Andy asks.

“Out. I don’t want to be in here anymore and I really feel like a giant waffle.” Blue says.

“You don’t look like one.” Andy laughs and Blue joins in.



118 thoughts on “The suite saga 106

  1. I just want to say how much I love this story, and how much I love the interaction in this site!! You all make my day so much better!! It’s so much fun to bitch, cry, moan, laugh, strategize and gossip with you all! Sam, you’ve created quite a little family through your amazing story. Checking this site is one of the first things I do in the morning, and last things I do at night. (Well, that usually leads me to the other thing I do every morning and night hehehehe).

    Have a great day my friends!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I completely agree and understand! My husband thinks I’m crazy! I love the stories and conversations. Keep it up Sam! Balance is important though. Thanks for all of your great work Sam!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. -sniffles- I am so proud of Blue! Yes slam the door in their faces! Tell them byyyyeee bitchhhesss! haha. It warms my heart to see an angel smite the wicked.

    Look how cute they are together! They are perfect for each other. They make a dynamic duo slamming the door in Chris and Bea face. I hear wedding bells! XD

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I knew he would! How could anyone that loveable and sexy not make things all better. Just wanna lock him in my bedroom and shower him in food and sex all year long XD haha

        Liked by 2 people

              1. not sure he is sending mixed signals to me as sometimes he seems happy pound all the asses he sees and then on othet occasions he seems to crave what Spence and Blue have.

                elliott i thought was resident slut lol


      2. Haha well Andy and I definitely have the same appetite for sex! I want to top Robin while Andy tops me. I’d gladly be the cream in that sexy Oreo lol


        1. Andy has been a horny bugger since you were all silent. He likes men, all of them, there is rarely a cock or hole he won’t get down and worship given the opportunity and he takes the opportunity. He might think he wants the stable life but he wants alllllll the men too.


              1. me, you and Sam are sold in the Birch and Blue relationship 🙂

                my favourite chapters lately are ones where they show each other tender moments like the one a few chapters ago where Blue had more Gervais dramas and Birch massaged all hus stresses away 🙂

                Not saying i don’t like other chapters because I do but chapters like that are top of list and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I read em 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

  3. I think it would be HOT but the RUE fans will hunt you down lol. Maybe Andy should ride Robins dick and that saves Robin for Blues dick one day. At the very least, Robin needs to quit being selfish and just taking BJs and learn to give one hehehehe 😮💦🍆

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I think those 4 specifically are very much like a family. They may fight, but they do love each other and will be there for each other. That many gay guys living together is always going to create some drama, but I’m hoping the worst is behind them. We just need to get Robin on a dick, and Andy someone to play with. 😁😎


  5. I love how Blue, Andy, Robin, and Spence have de-toxed and are out of the drama. even Clara is moving beyond it. It’s so nice!!!!!

    Chris and Bea, what a pair. They never cease to amaze me with their arrogance.

    Great chapter!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks. Robin is still sucked in a little. Blue and Andy having fun together was fun today. I feel like those two will always be up and down because they will clash over guys but they are getting better at forgiving each other and making an effort.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. blues food always puts a smile on Andy’s face. loved a few chapters ago they were talking about activities to lose weight because honesty who would not gain weight from Blue’s food lol


        1. well i agree with blue he has no connection to them really. they are just grandparents of his siblings and as Andy said they have had plenty of time to make contact I mean Blue has known about he is a triplet for about 9 months at this time right?

          Liked by 1 person

            1. the only time he considered his other family was when things were bad with hin and Clara but with that sorted out he knows she is only family he has known and despite some of her flaws has made him a better person while he sees the others as just Toxic and has no plans to connect 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

        2. Actually, I go back-and-forth on that one. If Clara really didn’t have to pay anymore, then yes. However it seems that Chris and Bea are going to be the only two to benefit. At this point, let them rot in hell!

          Liked by 1 person

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