60 thoughts on “No new chapter today

                    1. yeah we have those waves of upper 30s or 40s in summer here as you would likely remember. they can be exhausting especially when you also deal with hot nights as well lol


              1. I spent 6 weeks in Sydney seems a lifetime ago! I started out in Kings Cross and ended up at the Intercontinental (at the time – long story). Saw a lot in the city – climbed the bridge – three sisters…beautiful city. Trip sucks..long flight. At the same time, we’re going to visit next year though. Love it.


  1. I know I’m just a horny guy, but that second pic you posted looks very phallic lol. Even has a nice little drop of yummy on the end haha. Lucky!!! 😘😉

    Well hopefully you didn’t get a chapter prepared today because you were out having some fun! Maybe even with a real D and not just the phallic ice cream haha👍🏻

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      1. So now that I brought up the issue of dick, what a shock huh?!?! Hehehe

        I know I read where Blue is uncut. What about the rest of the gang? Do their little guys have hoods or not?

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      2. How did I miss the discussion on the stories about Chris, Grrvais and Birch?!? I mean I usually pay VERY close attention to the details of a dick haha.


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