The suite saga 107

DeShawn and Dylan sit on DeShawn’s bed leaning against the wall.

“I don’t want to Stop you being happy but I don’t want to lose you. You’re my rock and I love you. I love you so much.” DeShawn says.

“But this year or next you’re off to the big time. You’re not going to want me.” Dylan says.

“I never thought I’d want you when we met but I do. You’re leaving me for a what if. Not because you stopped loving me. What if the grass isn’t greener and you chucked this away? Man you’re moving away in a couple of months. Why can’t you let us be happy for that time?” DeShawn asks devastated.

“I don’t know. I have thought and thought about this and maybe it is a stupid whim. I just feel like there is something with George worth exploring. It might end in disaster like it did with Blue but I think he has changed. I hate hurting you but you and I always had an expiration date.” Dylan says.

“I know. I want you to be happy. If that is with George then go for it you have my blessing. It sounds like you’ve thought a lot about it and I really appreciate you not trying with him behind my back.” DeShawn says.

“I wasn’t a saint. I enjoyed a lot of sex over break.” Dylan says.

“Me too. But you didn’t jump into bed with George and start something with him. We had physical fun not emotional while we were apart.” DeShawn says.

“Yeah. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. I might be a total fool.” Dylan says.

“We learnt together how to be a good boyfriend and I’ll always love you for showing me how to make a benefits deal into something real. You’re right we had a transitional relationship and we’re ending it better for having it. And hell it is easier to have a breakup now than having it looming over finals.” DeShawn says.

“Thank you for not being a jerk about it. You had every right to be.” Dylan says.

“Just give me some space for now but I want to stay friends, with you and George.” DeShawn says.

“So I’m not banned from Sunday dinner?” Dylan grins.

“No, it would be perfect if you were there next week.” DeShawn says and they hug for a long while. Both unhappy that it’s over but wishing the other well. DeShawn is curious to see how Dylan and George evolve and if they manage long distance.


Monday after class Blue stops off to see Birch.

“Wow you’ve done so much.” Blue says looking at the drying canvas.

“I took the storm one in to finish and Grant has one near the same with his house. Our teacher was really bitchy about it but we’re both doing a study of the ocean and got it approved. Like we have totally different styles but similar subjects so it’ll be really cool to compare at the end.” Birch says.

“Sounds like you’re friends now.” Blue says.

“Yeah. I’ve been a bit of a loner since Joe and you come storming in to my life with your friends and food and it turns out I needed more than brunch with my sister and anonymous hookups. It is nice to have a friend in school, someone to have my back. We’re both so wary of the other douches that we come across just as bad.” Birch says.

“You’ve always been lovely to me.” Blue says.

“And you to me. That day Willow brought you to brunch was the best.” Birch says.

“It was. Great eggs and my future boyfriend.” Blue says.

“I want to show you how much I appreciate you.” Birch says grinning.

“Hey I want a two way relationship.” Blue says.

“Baby. You have stocked my fridge and given me inspiration. I owe you. Now lie back and get your dick out because I want to give it a really special kiss.” Birch says.

Blue looks at him and grins. It is difficult for him to adjust to getting back what he puts in to the relationship he’s so used to doing the lions share, to having high maintenance boyfriends. Birch makes him feel wanted and secure. Desired and it feels so good.

“You like that.” Blue says stroking Birch’s hair.

Birch looks up with a mouthful and Blue melts.


“Okay I’m in.” Dylan says in George’s doorway.

“What?” George asks looking up.

“DeShawn gives us his blessing. He knew we had an expiry date. Come over to my room for a few days.” Dylan says.

“I want to go slower than that. Blue and I rushed in. I need to get it right with you.” George says.

“I want to give DeShawn some space.” Dylan says.

“So ask me out.” George grins.

“Really?” Dylan asks.

“Yes. Fuck me you’ve never dated have you. Not a man.” George says.

“No. George would you like to get dinner some time?” Dylan asks.

“I would I’m free tomorrow. I like steak.” George adds cheekily.

“I’ll meet you here at 6.” Dylan says.

“Thank you.” George grins steps forward and kisses Dylan.

Dylan feels like his lips are on fire and groans into the kiss. Dylan picks George up and kisses him hard. His hands supporting George’s squishy butt.

“Wow.” George says as Dylan puts him down.

“Wow.” Dylan says back.

“I didn’t expect that.” George says.

“Me neither. I saw companionship with a side of sex not fucking fireworks. Wow. You’re really something George.” Dylan says his eyes bright.

“You too. Phew. Shall we check it wasn’t just a first kiss thing?” George asks pulling Dylan on to his bed.

They make out hungrily, excited to find they have such a strong spark.


Blue makes Birch some soup and cheesebread so he has easy food to grab while on a painting bender.

“You take care of yourself. There is milk and water in the fridge and coffee is made. Make sure you eat and call me tomorrow.” Blue says.

“Thanks baby. You really take care of me.” Birch says.

“I’d stay but worry I’d distract you too much. You are itching to get back to work I can see it.” Blue says and kisses Birch goodnight.

“Thanks for not being all demanding. You’re amazing.” Birch says.


Spence calls in on Magnus on his way home from work.

“It’s late. Is it always like this?” Magnus asks.

“Yeah. I work a lot. I’m free most of the weekend now.” Spence says worried.

“I like that you’re dedicated. Can you come to a fundraiser at the museum Friday night?” Magnus asks.

“I have climbing and we go to a club after. Could we meet in the club after?” Spence asks.

“Aww you can skip it. I’m tired of taking my brother who hates it.” Magnus says.

“I guess so. Text me the details.” Spence says.

“Okay. You okay?” Magnus asks.

“Yeah. I just wanted to see you, have a little snuggle.” Spence says.

“That sounds nice.” Magnus says taking Spence’s hand and leading him to his room.

“Your place is so nice.” Spence says.

“I bet your house will be more fun. This is fancy but its for people in their forties not twenties.” Magnus says.

“Yeah there is a lot of marble.” Spence laughs.

“Kiss me.” Magnus says.

Spence grins and pulls Magnus on top of him. They kiss gently for a while. Spence stops before he gets too frustrated and heads home feeling like a 14 year old straight kid.

“Didn’t expect us both to be here.” Blue says.

“It’s nice though. Apologies for my dick. Dating a virgin is weird for me.” Spence says.

“You want me to give you some time?” Blue asks.

“Nah. I want my Blue snuggles. I’m so tired after work. Kids have too much energy.” Spence says.

“How is Ocean doing?” Blue asks.

“He’s grown a little and readjusting but that kid has twice the focus of any of the others his age. Gervais brought him tonight.” Spence says.

“Good. Glad he’s being useful.” Blue says.

“You not mellowed out?” Spence asks curious.”

“No. I need to move on from him. I managed to find an amazing boyfriend and you, Robin and Andy are the best friends I could wish for. I don’t need him and he needs to understand I can’t always be there.” Blue says.

“Robin is pretty worried about him.” Spence says.

“I feel bad Robin has taken him on but that is his choice. I don’t see why I should be the one to relieve him.” Blue says.

“You shouldn’t and we should stop letting you step in. The minute he left you for Fergus he stopped deserving anything from you.” Spence says.

“Yeah it just took me nearly a year to realize.” Blue snorts.

“Us too. He needs a lot, you hid how much from all of us. How many times have you whisked him away? How much did you do when his dad died? Fuck you were even there for him when he broke up with Chris.” Spence says.

“I wanted to and now I don’t. He burnt me one too many times.” Blue says.

“I can’t get over not just him treating you badly but that he didn’t support you when you found out about your siblings. He owed you big time and ran away. Such a fucking coward.” Spence says.

“I survived.” Blue says and kisses Spence good night.

Spence stays awake a little while feeling guilty for not stepping up with Blue earlier. He loves the guy and wishes he could turn back time. Spence thinks about Magnus and what Blue said about their worlds. He knows he’s rather be climbing and dancing with his friends on Friday like usual. He loves ending his week with physical activity and partying. A benefit dinner will be a fucking bore. Ugh.

Spence drifts off to sleep, pulling Blue on top of him. He loves having a snuggle bunny in his bed. Especially one as sexy as Blue.

The two sit up in shock woken by a terrifying scream. They jump out of bed and follow the shouts. Justin is stabbing Jesse in a frenzy. With no thought to their own safety Blue and Spence dive straight at him and wrestle the knife away. Spence wrestles him to the ground and Blue rushes to tend to Jesse while Andy and Antonio also awoken by the noise call 911.

“What can I do?” DeShawn says running in.

“Can you hold him while I help Blue?” Spence says. Justin isn’t struggling he’s in a total trance now.

“Give him here.” DeShawn says and holds Justin by his arms.

Spence and Blue try and stem the bloodflow.

“Someone call Elliot.” Blue shouts.

“On it.” Andy says.

“Is an ambulance coming?” Spence asks distressed, Jesse is not looking good and he’s scared. It has only been a minute but it feels like a year.

“They’re nearly here. The operator is still on the line.” Antonio says.

Andy runs and opens the door and a blur of people take control of the room. Jesse is soon on his way to hospital and Justin is being lead away. The guys are giving statements, scared as fuck.

“The second ambulance will be here soon. Can you two hang on?” The policeman asks.

“I’m fine.” Blue says.

“Son that is your blood on your back. You are both cut up bad.” The policeman says.

Blue and Spence have been so focused on Jesse and Justin that they haven’t noticed they are hurt too, they are soon hustled away for treatment. Elliot arrives and they all head to the hospital in tears.

Andy can’t breathe, he can’t get the image of Jesse out of his head.

“Should I call Robin and Gervais?” Antonio asks.

“Yeah. Please.” Elliot says.

“I’ll call George.” DeShawn says.

Robin goes into practical mode, gets clean clothes for all the guys and and calls the parents. He finds a home number for Jesse and is surprised when his mom thanks him for the call and says she’s already on her way. Clara tells him she’ll call the hospital and Spence’s parents tell him the same. Robin calls his mom and sobs down the phone. He didn’t see anything but knows its bad from Andy’s reaction.

He goes and washes his face and then makes one more call.

They sit up waiting for news. The worst comes first. Jesse hasn’t made it. His mother tells the group and breaks down. Elliot tries to comfort her knowing he isn’t who she wants but he’s drowning in grief and wants to cling to a part of his ex.

Spence comes out soon after. His cuts were all superficial. They sit together in their grief waiting for news of Blue.

Blue comes out after being stitched up. No surgery required.

“What are you guys doing here?” Blue asks Chris and Bea.

“I called them.” Robin says.

“Came to see if I was finally out your hair for good?” Blue spit bitterly.

“We came because you’re our brother. At the end of the day we’re blood.” Chris says.

“Fuck I can’t deal with this right now. How’s Jesse?” Blue asks and everyone looks at the floor.

Blue’s eyes fill with tears and Spence and Andy stand and hold him close. Blue and Jesse were enemies at the end but he didn’t want this to happen. Fuck it is so unfair.

“Elliot why don’t you take Jesse’s mom to our hotel room. Here’s the key. We need to finish up with the police.” Robin says.

“Thanks.” Elliot says and Robin gives directions and the room number.

Bea and Chris leave too seeing that Blue is okay. Both feel wracked with guilt and remorse. Chris feels sick that it could have been Gervais who was killed. Then takes one last look at Blue covered in blood and feels thoroughly conflicted. He wouldn’t want Blue dead and that surprises him more than anything. He actually wants to kill the runt that put Blue in danger. For the first time ever he feels a connection to his twin.

The guys spend the rest of the night with the police. They all want to be done rather than wait for morning. They can’t believe what has happened.

“Do you think he wanted to kill me?” Gervais asks as they sit waiting.

“He had no way to know Jesse was in your room.” Antonio says.

“It’s all my fault.” Gervais says bewildered.

“It was Justin’s fault.” Spence says.

“Jesse chose to use your room and not his own. You didn’t suggest it.” Robin says.

“How did he get in?” Blue asks.

“I locked the door when I got back. I think I was last.” Spence says.

“Yeah you arrived just after me. We’ve all been locking the main door.” Antonio says.

“It could have been any of us.” Blue says.

“It nearly was us.” Spence says.



116 thoughts on “The suite saga 107

  1. when Spence and Blue were chatting in bed about how much Blue has done for gervais was Spence basically saying the others were totally unaware how reliant on Blue Gervais is and how much Blue actually does for him?


    1. Yes. Remember at the start Blue was always anticipating what Gervais needed and making it seem natural. Blue had basically hidden the extent of Gervais anxiety from them all. Spence has had time to realise events like the previous spring break and the party this year were not one offs.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. True Andy could have but Andy probably wasn’t thinking clearly either considering Blue and Spence were both hurt and he loves them both whether they are together or not. Not that Robin doesn’t love them but he seems to usually be the more level headed take charge kinda person when issues like these arise. I believe if I remember correctly it was him that kinda took charge when all the gay bashing stuff was going down. Its been awhile lol I should sit down one day and re-read the whole thing.


      1. i read about 20 chapters across a few days when I first found this site. was previously reading on nifty at the time Gervais had just fucked off with gervais, i come here and the storyline was up to where the Plan to break George and Blue up had jist blown up in everyones face lol

        Liked by 2 people

      2. there are not many obvious inconsintencies. certainly none that matter. i am on my second read, and it has been wonderful all over again. i definitely recommend a second read.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’ve re-read a bit myself…great way to not focus on cardio at the gym and enjoy the story instead! (I hate cardio at the gym)….I have stopped reading certain chapters though – knowing how it goes down and all the BS Blue has endured, gets sad….I’m so happy for him now though.

          Liked by 1 person

                1. He’s being a bit harsh…someone does need to point that out – it was evident in his conversation with G – he’s the one with the hard shell now…it’s not healthy, but in the same vein, he’s been through a LOT!

                  In the end, I don’t think Blue is in the wrong..Robin is take, take, take and doesn’t feel he needs to contribute…he needs to grow up!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. OK…after reading that, I might seem a bit bi-polar – BUT – the point I’m trying to make is that Blue cannot expect to go from wimp to brute over-night (to the boys) – BUT Robin needs to understand, he’s not a kid any more. They’ve grown up -time to act like it!

                    They do love each other – as friends…they’ll make it through.

                    Liked by 1 person

  3. We have to remember too that Gervais is not thinking right either with all his other issues going on. I really think he needs major help if he is to change at all… Sometime in a psych ward or something perhaps since his other therapy doesn’t seem to be helping. At this point I really can’t stand him at all but don’t want to see anything happen to him I am sure if he can find the help he really needs he can make amends. The group the main 5 seem pretty forgiving in a large way and tho it will take some major work on Gervais’s part if he realizes that he has been in the wrong all along that things will work out in the future for him.

    I guess you are right Sam, Robin was just trying his best to take control of a bad situation and probably didn’t even think when he called Bea… Even tho Chris had some different feelings seeing Blue that way I still can’t trust him. They will never be close but maybe civil with each other they are from 2 totally different worlds and it would take a lot for Chris to change. But then again I guess its possible. But Robin needs to get Birch’s and Magnus’s phone numbers we don’t want another emergency involving Blue or Spence with out there men there for them. Granted thats if they are their men at the time LOL.

    Sam again I want to thank you for sharing your creative ability with us. And I have to say I really am enjoying both your longer stories quite a bit and I love the discussions that result from each chapter. Of course I read other stories too and some with discussion boards but I have not seen so much interaction on the other ones as that results from these 2 stories.
    I know I always look forward to a new chapter and you put them out pretty fast almost daily and to say when I saw the note saying no new chapter today I was a little disappointed. But just wanted to let you know we understand that a delay can happen sometimes and that you need time also for yourself and to relax so never feel that you need to have a chapter out every day or whatever.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. I keep saying to myself take a day off but then my laptop opens itself and I’m typing as I watch Hell’s Kitchen or whatever (hey wouldn’t Andy be a sexy kitchen boss).
      Gervais will find this hard coming less than a year after his dads death and I think Cheryl or one of the moms will step in and try and get him that help. I still think he’s unpicking his parental relationships in therapy that he hasn’t got to anything else yet, like the rapes.
      Andy could have called Birch.
      Thanks for all your support

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Amazing chapter. I’m kind of sad Jesse’s bit the dust, to be honest… I wonder just how much this is going to affect Elliot (let alone all of the guys!). Chris has an interesting reaction… hmm…


  5. Wow never expected someone to die no matter how much we say Gervais needs to be eaten by a shark… I didn’t care a whole lot for Jesse but never expected or wanted him to die.

    And I’m sure none of the others wanted that either. Blue even had tears for him even though they weren’t speaking at the time.

    Why in the hell did Robin even call Chris and Bea… If I was Blue I would be pissed he knows they don’t get along that was just stupidity on Robins part.

    I do not even care if Chris felt something at the end of the chapter he’s still an ass and I hope Blue continues to ignore him.


    1. I don’t think Blue will care at all about BC being there or make any effort but BC might try to make amends.

      I went back and forth over the death, whether Jesse and Gervais should be together or broken up. If he should die or just be hurt etc but went for death to shake everything up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! When I asked why was Jesse still here a few chapters ago I didn’t mean still on earth. You moved him to the great beyond. The smiting power is strong with you tonight lol. I feel sorry for Gervais when it’s his turn. I’m joking. It was definitely a shake up. Who knew justin was that psychotic. Oh yeah, you. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. As long as you don’t kill my Andy we good. I will get the torches and pitchforks and rally the entire comment section if you touch one hair on his sexy little head XD.

        Liked by 2 people

                    1. Truthfully I think if Blue and Gervais to be back on the path of togetherness gervais should admit him self to a psych ward willingly to get his shit together. I think of Blue sees Gervais doing something for himself then the path will open back up. Gervais just needs to unload all the baggage her has and start making amends. Then he could start trying to win Blue back. Sorry got all Dr. Phil on ya

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. I want them together. But not for a long, long time. I really want to give BB a proper shot and I don’t want to make them doomed because i want BG sometime to happen. I want Gervais to sort himself out for himself.

                      Liked by 4 people

      3. Oeh! The chef should specialize in pastries! He transfers to their school studying abroad. He should have one of the finest asses ever. He is a chef so you know he eats well and filled out nicely because of it XD His name should be Marcos. I could see Andy with a latin bottom.. a total sub specializing in the kitchen and the bedroom haha <3Mardy<3

        I'm too invested in this story mhm mhm. lol

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I know. Jessie was a total idiot but I guess I feel kind of sorry that he was killed. I literally gasped out loud when I read it. I’m so wrapped up in this story lol. I need a life hahaha.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Gervais is too arrogant and selfish to even consider anyone else. I think this proved how worthless he is.

      It did suck ass about Jessie. He wasn’t a nice guy, but to be stabbed by a deranged stalker is a bizarre way to go. I would imagine his mother is regretting pushing him away right about now

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You know I have to weigh in on that question lol. I can honestly say I wouldn’t care if it had been Gervais. I see no redeeming qualities in him at this point. I wouldn’t feel any different if it had been Gervais instead of Jessie. I know I’m probably alone in that, but I really do hate him. 😳


  6. Wow!!!! Fantastic chapter!!!!

    RIP Jessie. You were a total douche, but still.

    And Gervais…..OMG. One ex is dead, the other was stabbed…and all he can ask is if it was meant for him. Really??? does his head ever come out of his own ass? I swear he wears it like a hat. What a complete moron.

    And Robin calls everyone but Birch? Ummm…..

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I may have thought it, and would contemplate it fully later. But while standing in a group with two friends who had been stabbed, other friends who had witnessed it as well….I would at least be checking on them and offering comfort and support. He’s so selfish, his own thought of “what if” trumps the actual needs of people in the here and now. That’s pretty shitty, and borders on dilusional.


        1. obviously he not care for Blue he never even asked if he is ok.

          i know i read sooo much into innocent interactions but if one or my friends had been sliced with a knife i would not assume i would ask if they were ok etc 🙂


      1. i know that is horrible i mean Birch is the world to Blue and visa versa and yet Blue needs to go to hospital sure was only stitches but was not the point yet they don’t let birch know yet Chris and Bea were somehow deserving.


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