The suite saga 108

“So where are we all staying?” Spence asks as he finally comes out of his interview.

“I’ll go to Birch’s place.” Blue says.

“George will come to my room.” Dylan says yawning. None of them will make it to class today.

“The rest of us should get hotel rooms.” Andy says.

“Not alone.” Antonio says.

“Of course not. Lets see if we can get the connecting rooms to my suite, or to another.” Gervais says.

“Call now.” Spence says.

“You not staying with Magnus?” Blue asks Spence.

“Feels like too much too soon.” Spence says.

“Call me when you wake up.” Blue says.

“I just want to shower off all this blood.” Spence says.

“Me too. I can’t believe what happened.” Blue says.

“I know. It is just unbelievable. He’s gone.” Spence says.

“We did what we could.” Blue says.

“I hope so. I love you, we’ll get through this.” Spence says.

“Love you too.” Blue says.

“Baby you look awful.” Birch says opening the door. The clean t-shirt that Robin gave to Blue also ended soaked with blood. Blue’s hair is caked and he looks like he stepped off a slasher movie set.

“I have stitches. Can you help me wash up? I just need to be clean.” Blue says trying to hold back the tears. He’s exhausted and just needs to sleep.

“Of course I will. I have class in an hour. Will you be okay alone?” Birch asks.

“I’ll be asleep.” Blue smiles weakly.

Birch undresses Blue who is too tired to do much himself. He puts all the clothes straight into a garbage bag and winces at the sight of the state of his boyfriend’s arms and back.

“He got me good.” Blue says.

Birch gently washes Blue. It takes a couple of shampoos to get the mated blood from his hair. He wraps him in a towel and gently dries him before leading him to the bed. They kiss gently for a few minutes.


At the hotel Jesse’s mom has already left. They are able to get rooms together and are soon organizing themselves into pairs and threes.

“I’ll go with you babe, you need some help in the shower.” Andy says to Spence.

“Yeah.” Spence says wanting to be with Andy more than anything.

Antonio and Robin grab a room and DeShawn and Elliot go in with Gervais into his suite.

Spence gets new clothes from the hotel gift shop. Totally not his style but Robin and Gervais things are too small and he can’t manage anything else.

Andy runs the water until its as hot as can be as he peels off Spence’s clothes. Spence lets him, he needs the comfort of the familiar. He needs his Andy to make it better.

Andy washes Spence and Spence leans on Andy as he does it. Their lips meet soon and it is passionate. They want to feel good. They need to comfort each other. They need sex. Ache for it.

They lean against the wall kissing hard, Andy slams Spence around so he’s facing the wall and is kissing and biting at Spence’s neck as he fingers his hole. Spence is gasping with excitement and need. He yells loudly as Andy pushes inside. No one makes him feel like Andy and that is all he needs right now.

They enjoy a hard fuck while the water scalds their skin. Its rough and hard and Spence is crying from pleasure and pain as Andy slams into him. He shoots hard and groans as Andy finishes inside him, feeling whole again. Pink from sex and hot water they tumble back out into the bedroom. Ready to finally sleep.

“Thank you.” Spence says as he dries off.

“I won’t tell.” Andy says.

“You’re amazing.” Spence says.

“So are you. Man you wrestled a knife wielding maniac last night. I love you Spence. We’re so good together.” Andy says.

“We’re a great team.” Spence says running his fingers over Andy’s cheek in wonder at the beauty of his ex. Andy knows him so well, knows what he needs, they just lost their way.

All the guys are about to sleep when they get a series of calls telling them to come in for a meeting with the administration. They all beg for it to be tomorrow as they need sleep but there is no changing it.

Birch puts Blue in a cab worried that he shouldn’t be driving tired and messed up as he is. He wants to go with him but he has to go to class and knows Blue will be with his friends.

“You okay?” Birch asks Grant as they get to class.

“Yeah, you look rough, late night?” Grant asks.

“Did Magnus not tell you what happened at the guy’s suite last night?” Birch asks.

“No I didn’t see him yet.” Grant says worried.

Birch outlines the events and the state that Blue was in when he turned up. Both boys sit there tears falling. Neither were close with Jesse but that he’s gone suddenly hits Birch who had been focused entirely on Blue. Grant is shocked that the creeper from his party was the murderer.

They try and pull themselves together to focus but the news of the death of a student across town is swirling around the class.

After hearing a crass joke Birch can’t take it and walks out.

“What’s the problem?” The teacher asks Grant.

“The student murdered last night was a friend of ours. It happened in Birch’s boyfriend’s dorm. It’s hard to focus with these jackasses gossiping about it.” Grant says.

“Go, take the time you need.” The teacher says knowing neither student is the type to jump on someone else’s trade by for attention.

“Thanks. We’ll make it up.” Grant says and leaves to find Birch.

“Sorry for dragging you out.” Birch says.

“I couldn’t deal ether. Let’s go and be with the guys.” Grant says.

“Yeah they must still be in the meeting, Blue hasn’t called yet.” Birch says.


At the meeting it isn’t just the guys but all of Justin’s suite and the rest of Elliot’s. They are told about grief and trauma counselling and that the police will be keeping them out of the suite for another day. The suite guys also have a package of clothes and toiletries each too.

“We need our things but I don’t see us moving back in.” Blue says.

“Right. The door was locked and he got in. None of us feels safe.” DeShawn says knowing his influence will get things done.

“Security will be reviewed. If you make your own living arrangements we’ll see what we can do to help.” The dean says.

“Is there anything else? We’ve been in hospital and with the police all night. We really need some sleep.” Spence says.

“Jesse’s family have asked that you do not contact them and that none of you attend the funeral. We understand this is distressing but ask that you all abide by their wishes. Of course we will have a memorial service here for him.” The dean says.

“His parents wanted nothing to do with him. He shouldn’t be going to them.” Elliot says.

“They are his next of kin. I fully understand your frustration Elliot and I wish his parents accepted him for who he was and saw the great community that you guys have created here. That it is your group in front of me again is incredibly troubling and we want you to know we are doing all we can to keep our students safe.” The dean says.

“So is it true what they are saying on the news? That he was locked up in a psych ward for the last year? That he stalked guys before?” Corey one of Elliot’s suite mates asks as the others gasp.

“Normally we would not disclose any medical information about a student but it has been leaked and is now in the public domain. Justin was not on a semester abroad but was in a treatment facility, he had been assessed as being well and he had regular evaluations whilst he was here. There was never a suggestion he was dangerous or could become dangerous. We would ask that you all refrain from talking to the media.” A lawyer for the university says making it apparent why he needs to be here.

Elliot crumbles. Everything has been too much and he just can’t deal with more. All the guys are too devastated by all that has gone before to take it in. Gervais tries to comfort Elliot the best he can. That Jesse’s death was preventable is too much t take in.

“So when I made a complaint about him earlier in the semester why wasn’t he removed?” Bailey who lives in Tyler’s suite asks.

“And we weren’t warned after I made a complaint a few days ago.” Spence says.

The lawyer clearly unaware looks visibly flustered.

“You reported him too?” Blue asks Bailey.

“Yeah, he started following me as well as Gervais. I’d barely even spoken to him so I was told to use the RA system but no one covers our floor. I just kept out his way.” Bailey says.

“So was he in with us to keep precious athlete DeShawn safer?” Tyler asks.

“That would make sense, it was always weird I wasn’t in with you guys.” Antonio says.

“We have no information on room assignments.” The lawyer says.

“I trust that scholarship students won’t be affected by any dip in grades over the next few weeks.” Blue says suddenly.

“Of course.” The dean says and Dylan looks at Blue curiously, hating to be that guy but wondering if he can get something from the situation.

Tyler’s suitemates and Elliot’s all have some further questions and the guys try to pay attention but struggle. Blue calls Birch when they leave and he and Grant find them quickly.

“Magnus and I have a lot of space if you guys want to stay with us for a while.” Grant says. Spence and Andy share a look.

“We’re in a hotel for a couple of days but yeah that might be good.” Andy says.

“Right now we just need some sleep. Lets all meet for dinner at Cheryls later. We need to eat and talk.” Blue says.

“Are we agreed no talking outside the group? No one is selling Jesse out?” Andy asks.

“None of us are talking to the media.” Spence says.

“If anyone is made an offer they can’t afford to refuse talk to me I will match it.” Gervais says.

“I would never and Elliot won’t.” George says.

“Of course not. Hey and thanks for getting me a pass on my grades. I might have to withdraw though. I don’t know I can cope.” Elliot says he’s feeling so broken.

“We are all here for you. All of us. Study will take our minds off it. But lets just get through the day.” Blue says.

“Thanks Blue. I wish we’d never broken up but then Gervais would be dead and you’d be the way I am. I let him go. I let him go.” Elliot says breaking down.

“Come on lets get you to student health and see if we can you something.” Grant says taking control.

“Thanks. Fuck I don’t know what to do.” Elliot says scared of how he’s feeling.

“You guys get going you all need sleep. Lets meet at 6. I’ll call Cheryl.” Birch says.

“Thanks Birch.” Spence says and they all filter away.

“Can you manage to stay awake a little while longer?” Birch asks Blue.

“Yeah its fine.” Blue says.

“I don’t know how I’d cope if that happened to you.” Birch says as they wait on Grant and Elliot.

“My momma would never exclude you from my funeral.” Blue says.

“Mine either. Fuck man I cannot get my head round Jesse being gone.” Birch says.

“They knew Justin was a little psycho.” Blue says.

“They what?” Birch asks.

“They knew. They fucking knew and they put him in our way. It could have been any of us. He could have killed Elliot or Gervais or Tyler. Fuck. They knew.” Blue says.

“Oh baby this place is a disaster. At least you’re transferring. I hate this place for all it has done to you.” Birch says.

“I need a fresh start. So many shit memories here. I hated Jesse at times, I especially hated him recently. I was so mean to him and I can never apologize.” Blue says.

“He wasn’t a saint and he hurt you. Don’t rewrite history. Remember the good baby.” Birch says.

“Yeah. It’s so hard.” Blue says and cries on Birch’s chest.


“Can I come in with you?” Grant asks after they drop Elliot back to the hotel.

“Yeah. Blue just needs sleep.” Birch says looking at his sleeping boy in the backseat.

“Thanks. I don’t want to be alone. I messaged Magnus but no reply yet.” Grant says.

They Blue into bed, poor thing can barely stand and Grant starts looking at Birch’s work.

“I love what you’ve started here, from the boat.” Grant says.

“Thanks. I’m surprised you’ve not done loads of work influenced by the ocean already.” Birch says.

“Trying to deny who I am. Not wanting people to know I’m from the sort of family that vacations there.” Grant shrugs.

“I had no idea. That you and Magnus are brothers with the same upbringing is funny.” Birch says.

“He is of the family mood for sure.” Grant smiles.

The two chat quietly all afternoon while Blue sleeps heavily. Birch tries to gently wake him so they can go to dinner and he just pulls Birch onto the bed to cuddle. Grant looks at them and smiles. He wishes he had what they have and dives on the bed to join the snuggles which sets Blue off laughing.


Cheryl has feast ready for the boys who have all woken starving. Willow and Magnus join them. Ocean climbs on to Blue as usual, he is far too big but Blue is happy to have his young friend around. Gervais moves to sit next to them and Ocean spends dinner distracting them from their grief and pain.

“Can I stay with you for a bit?” Gervais asks Cheryl as he helps her serve more food.

“Yes and bring a friend or two. Ocean can sleep in my bed for a bit, he has a sleepover bed so two or 3 of you can fit. Hotels can be a bit impersonal and I’d feel better having you close.” Cheryl says.

“Thanks. The hotel is such a reminder of Justin I feel sick being there.” Gervais says.

“I’m so worried about all of you.” Cheryl says.

“I don’t think it can get any worse.” Gervais says.

“Take care of yourself and be kind to each other. You will need each other.” Cheryl says.

“We’re all wide awake to that.” Gervais says and sits back down next to Blue and Ocean.

“You okay?” Gervais asks Blue.

“I’m fine.” Blue replies and turns his attention to Birch.

“I have some news.” Elliot says quietly.

“Go on.” Spence says gently and they all shut up.

“My mom called me. She saw about Jesse on the news. She wants me to go home and I’ve agreed.” Elliot says.

“Will that be safe for you? Will they try and put you in one of those programs?” Andy asks.

“She has told my dad she’ll divorce him if he even thinks of bringing up changing me. She’s ready to accept me and I need my family right now. I’m going to withdraw and take some time to think about my next move.” Elliot says.

“That sounds like a good plan.” Cheryl says thrilled that Elliot’s mom has finally woken up.

“You’re going to need some dick before you go.” DeShawn whispers to Elliot making him grin.

“You offering?” Elliot whispers back.

“Lets make sure its just us in the room tonight.” DeShawn says.


“Are you staying with Birch tonight?” Gervais asks Blue.

“Look just because Jesse died doesn’t make us friends.” Blue says through gritted teeth.

“We need each other right now.” Gervais says.

“No, I need my friends.” Blue says.

“No fighting.” Ocean says grumpily and they both turn away from each other.


“Will you stay with me tonight?” Magnus asks Spence.

“Uh I don’t want to leave Andy alone tonight but it would be great if I could stay with you for a few days.” Spence says.

“Why didn’t you call me last night? I found out from Grant.” Magnus says.

“Honestly it felt too big too soon. I didn’t want you getting mixed up in my shit.” Spence says.

“I thought we were together. I should be there for you.” Magnus says.

“I’m sorry. I wanted us to be something but I fucked up already.” Spence says.

“With Andy?” Magnus asks devastated.

“Yeah. We have so much history and that is what I needed. I didn’t give you the option. I’m sorry.” Spence says.

“We have history too. You can count on me. I don’t want this to be over. We’ll talk tomorrow.” Magnus says.


That night DeShawn gets a room for him and Elliot and they fuck all night like crazy. Finding each other to be more than willing to try anything they have a great time and Elliot almost regrets his decision.


Andy and Spence sleep together knotted tightly and taking great comfort from having the other there. Spence wants Andy back for good, he cannot imagine anything will ever feel as good as sleeping in Andy’s arms.

“I love you baby.” Spence murmurs as he snuggles tighter.

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  1. Jeez the admins at this school are fucking incompetent… I still can’t believe Jesse is gone. Are we gonna get a Zombie Jesse? 😉


    That was just sweet. I am so curious to see what happens with these two and Magnus… complicated. Mags is right to be peeved, but at least Spence was forthright about it. Spence is seriously becoming one of my favs which is so hard to believe because I disliked both he and Andy for the longest while. And then I warmed to Andy… And now Spence…

    Can Birch just replace Gervais in the group? 😛

    I confess I was a doubter at first, but it is so good to see Blue in a healthy relationship (finally!) and Birch is a cool guy and allows Blue to be himself and be proud and not have to constantly attend to him and his capricious whims (*cough* Gervais *cough*). Besides, Elliott and Dylan are exiting stage right, so he should more than fill their space. I can just see him and Blue as the bawl-and-tell-all comfort café where you get Blue’s food and Birch paints your feelings to give you a manifestation of your catharsis. 🙂

    Ugh, can’t wait to see what happens next!

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    1. Spence is not a cheat by nature and not a game player. He and Andy slipped into the specialness they have at their time of need. Had Spence and Magnus been having sex it might have been different. I like Magnus and Grant and I think they will fit the group and Birch is already solid. Gervais it will be hard to write as he detaches. The school needs to burn to the ground. I think only George will stay and no one cares about George.

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      1. i think its the emotion of the event also as it is worse for Blue and Spence since they were deeply effected both physically and mentally not to mention they actually saw the condition Jesse was left it whilst the others more or less only heard about it.

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        1. Blue and Spence being there trying to save Jesse and Antonio, DeShawn and Andy who were the secondary players dealing with the police and emergency crew are going to find they have quite the bond when it calms down. The five know when the worst happens they can be counted on.

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    1. its weird how Gervais thought could slip back into where they were especially after the “that’s it” comment.

      still not sure what was going through Gervais head on that one was he trying to deliberately upset Blue or was it shock that Blue did not seem to give a shit.

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        1. i liked despite the sadness of the occasion Blue stayed strong and did not let Gervais back into his life, heart and head

          the line where Gervais said they need each other right now where Blue responded no, he needs his friends was quite telling where Blue sees them at right now 🙂


          1. i want to see as he has treated all of the other original suite 5 like crap at times. As i said i an sn optomist so don’t go killing Gervais off lol.

            Just its hard seeing him thinking of others at times when we see the varying degrees of callusness he has shown Blue over the various chapters.

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  2. A couple I have really enjoyed “Riding Lessons” by Andrew Todd its on nifty. Its older and complete.
    The other one is still in progress and its a spin off of that story “Another Chance” By Zarek also on nifty. I don’t remember what “Riding Lessons” Is under but “Another Chance” is under highschool.

    They are really a story based story and not a whole lot of sex scenes. But the story is really good or at least I think it is. Its more family oriented.

    And granted I would never have found a ranch like that which is in either story it kinda makes me wish I wouldn’t have passed on that type of work when I was younger.

    And one other one I am really following right now that I have really enjoyed under beginnings “Not What I Thought Escape Meant” Its up to 101 chapters right now and is still in progress but the author mentioned he is thinking about ending it. This was another author that put out an update almost daily until he got to the point where he ran out of story he already had written now its about once every couple of weeks. I don’t normally get into stories with older adults as main chars. But I fell in love with this one. This one has more sex scenes then the 2 listed above but has a very intense story line as well.

    And also as you can tell there is a theme going with these 3 stories they all involve some type of ranch LOL.


      1. No they don’t have to be LOL Those aren’t the only types of stories I enjoy somehow tho those ones just really grabbed my attention.
        A Vineyard / Orchard would work just as well… And I imagine if its Blue’s place he will have animals too.

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    1. I agree! Another Chance is a great series!! Ive cried a few times reading that one. It’s very emotional, and has touched on some of the best acts of human decency. Brilliant story!

      But not that it’s a competition or anything, but I still place Suite Saga as the best series by far. I’ve become totally emotionally connected to the characters, which I’ve never done before. This story has totally sucked me in and it’s like I know each of the guys personally.

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      1. Yes some how I tend to find the Tear Jerker stories… I was never much to show emotion but let me tell you since I found Another Chance and Not what I thought Escape meant. I have shed a lot of tears.

        I have always been the type to be pulled into a story tho if it is enjoyable. To me its almost like I am watching a tv show and when I need to put the story down to do something else or there is no new chapter I feel like I am missing something or going to miss the next scene. Those 3 stories I mentioned have had me drawn in. But for sure Suite Saga is at the top of that list.

        I really enjoy a story that is a series also the shorter stories really don’t interest me as much. There are of course others I have read and really enjoyed as well those are just a few of the ones I really enjoyed.

        Like I mentioned before this is the one I always check now for an update before any others. Sam has done a wonderful job creating the characters so that you just feel like you know them personally in real life.

        I was a lazy teenager growing up. I hated school mainly because I was bullied so much. I was also ADHD so my attention wasn’t focused all the time. And also I think alot of the other school issues were I wasn’t challenged enough but again thats my fault with the way I dealt with what they did give me. As I have grown up tho I realize all the fun I did miss out on. I wasn’t a sporty person being pretty clumsy growing up so I was never on any type of team sport… So I missed out on all that locker room camaraderie. Then since I never did well in school and signed my self out in the 10th grade due to all the bullying I never made it to college… And I missed out on all that. I know some of the stories you read are exaggerated as to what goes on but I have heard some real life accounts as well and know I missed a lot of fun. And again being pretty lazy growing up I passed on 2 farm / ranch type jobs. Like I said I would never have found something like that in Another Chance but I do love horses and would now have loved to taken that opportunity.

        And this story just makes me realize even more what I missed out on and wish that I had went on to college while I was younger. I am now 41, 42 in november and disabled. So not much I could do on a ranch or farm now. But such is life Hindsight is always 20/20. And I can always live vicariously through the stories I enjoy like this one.


    2. I got bored with “Another Chance”. I felt like it started getting too hard to follow.

      I do read “Not What I Thought Escape Meant”. Lots of gratuitous sex scenes in that one and I find I skim past most of them. There’s a solid enough story line that I’ve not given up because of excessive sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong I love a good sex scene but they have a time and place, and that place is not every second paragraph of every chapter.

      I like Dayne’s E.P.I.C series … “Efrain and Corey” or “Wolf Like Me” and “Wild Card” depending on if you read it on Nifty or Gay Authors. Hot college football players, a bow tie wearing cheerleader, and a well pierced grad student make for an interesting dynamic.

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      1. Yes Dark I agree there is a lot of sex in Not what I thought escape meant. However the story does keep you reading. And Likewise I skim over a lot of the sex to get to the meat of the story. Hmm lol I made a pun there I think.

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      2. I enjoy series that can let me make an escape from reality. Between a career, working on my Doctorate degree, learning how to co-parent with my ex wife, and being a dad…..I need something that allows me to escape for a bit each day. I’ve become so emotionally invested in this series, it’s like I’m visiting with friends as I read a new chapter, and then get to chat with each of you on here afterwards.

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      3. Yeah, I got bored with Another Chance too. It started seeming like it was the same story over and over again with each episode of drama and then Pollyanna in between. It feels pretty formulaic at a macro level to me… Good writing on the small scale though. I think the biggest thing is that the story should have ended long ago, and been split over several books. There becomes a different conception to each piece at that point.


      1. The guy who wrote Escape also has a new series out too called make mine to go. It in the beginnings section. Also Sam recommended Evan in the high school section and Rooming With With My best Friend in the college. Both are great stories

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      1. Yes. He has to get good ass from somewhere since Blue seems adamant on this relationship with Birch, though Andy is clearly the one for him I mean really. XD And Sam doesn’t want to add my fabulousness to the story which is good because if you think theirs drama now there would be hell if I was there because many of the boys deserve a spanking. Send all of em to my dungeon for punishment lol. So Spence is the best option haha.

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  3. There are a few other stories I read. However a couple of them have ended 😦 I always want to get to the end of a story to see how it turns out but at the same time I never want them to end. A couple the author has seemed to go Awol. And a couple others only update once a month.

    But I do agree this is my favorite and its the first one I check to see if an update has been put out. If not then I go to nifty to check on my other stories. If nothing has been updated then I look for something else to read and sometimes I come across another good series but not very often.

    I also Agree I like a story, don’t get me wrong I enjoy the sex scenes but I want a story line to go with it… If its a story and every other paragraph is someone having sex im done I won’t read it.

    Sam you do a wonderful job with this story and I can never say thanks enough to you for sharing it.

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    1. Well I’m no good at ending things as you know.

      Do feel free to recommend other stories. I’ve dropped out of the few I was still reading and haven’t found any new ones recently.

      Thanks all for the praise, my head is now too big to fit through my bedroom door so I may struggle to get to work tomorrow.

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      1. we just wanted to show how much we appreciate all the time and effort you put in to entertain us 🙂

        one author I used to read was DomLuka not sure if he writes these days but he was another who went with emotions over Sex 🙂


  4. Wow, definitely worth the wait!

    I can’t get over Spence/Andy. They just seem like they belong together. I like Magnus as well though. I hate to see him get hurt. But it just seems right for A/S to be together.

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      1. I don’t know. I think they are both seeking comfort and it’s so easy together. I’m concerned that Spence will soon remember he wants something more. Hopefully Andy realizes it’s just a comfort thing. But I can see them together for good in the future.

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      2. it just seems comfort with somone you are familiar with and knowing what each other is going through. Magnus is at a disadvantage here since was kept in dark.

        i think Spence will wake up with a clear thought that yes he loves Andy and Andy knows him well he knows their future plans don’t exactly gel together 😦

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      3. I know how Spence feels. Whenever big life changing events have hit me, I always seem to end up in my Ex’s bed. I think it’s the need to feel “normal” so I always retreat to what I know was normal for so long.

        I think it just proves that they really are each other’s forever. Maybe not now, but at some point.

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                    1. i get mixed up a lot as i want to believe there is good in Chris as i hate the thought that some people are rotton to the core.

                      then what happens is a chapter or two after Chris shows a sign of being good he goes to being a conplete twat again.

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          1. not in this chapter….. altho did he really expect to go back with Blue how they were prior to Spring Break just because Jesse died. in Blues eyes yes its sad he died but changes nothing between him and Gervais.

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  5. Blue has birch for his emotional support and Birch has Grant for that so he does not get drowned from Blues issues.

    i liked how Blue sees this tragegy for what it is and still remembers how badly Gervais has treated him especially since leaving him for Fergus.


  6. Great chapter. Likewise I have been refreshing every so often looking for it. But I know things come up that need attention and you can’t post everyday all the time. And thats fine it gives us the opportunity to absorb what is going on and enjoy the story even more.

    I don’t think personally I ever want to see Blue back with Gervais no matter how much he changes or how far down the road it is… Gervais just doesn’t ever deserve it for the way he has treated him.

    Andy and Spence just belong together they need to come to an understanding first tho because we know both of them have changed since the beginning. Couples have to compromise on some things like Andy liking the country and Spence not so much so maybe something in between and close to where they could both make it to work.

    I hope things work out with Elliot and his Mother at least. And that its not just some type of trap to get him back home.

    And I can’t believe Jesse’s parents are banning the gang from the funeral.

    This is the worst college in the history of colleges I cant believe all the shit this college has let go on they need some major trouble from the law over some things… I hope when Blue transfers that every one even remotely close to him transfers too… Screw the college.


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    1. I’m not planning any further drama for Elliot, he’s been hurting all year from the rejection and probably stayed with Jesse longer than he would have if it hadn’t happened.
      Blue, Gervais and Andy are transferring. I’m thinking Spence is rich enough that he can get a place late if he makes a donation/bribe. George has to stay for his scholarship.


  7. Jesse’s family are dick. I think that damn school should be sued they put students in close quarters with a nutjob and even had complaints about him being there. I like magnus but I think Andy is Spence’s forever just like Blue is Gervais’. Glad to hear Elliot’s mom is accepting him. A tragedy like this should bring people together but it seems like it separated Blue and Gervais even further apart.

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      1. Sue them for every dime they have right down to the budget for textbooks! They knew Justin was a psycho and let him near all my babies. My poor Blue gone from looking like a hippy stud to mince meat. He too cute for those kind of battle scars x.x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. i still think their University is the worst run University ever lol

        look how callus they were also being at Hospital and Police station all night and still expected them to be in attendance first thing in morning


    1. I don’t know that it’s pushing Blue and Germans further apart. Gervais is just trying to cling to Blue as Blue has always been there to pick him up in the past and Blue’s not allowing himself to be sucked back into the self destructive spiral that is any sort of relationship with Gervais. Blue’s not abandoning his friends, but he’s putting himself and his needs first for a change.

      The Spence / Andy / Magnus dynamic is interesting. Curious about where that’s going as Grant seems to be coming into the fold as a friend and support for Birch.


      1. Thats it for Gervais everything has changed and he assumed it would for Blue too, they they’d be there for each other but Blue has moved on. Blue has Birch, Robin, Spence and Andy and he is happy to get his comfort from his boyfriend right now and is secure that he can use Birch for comfort now and his friends later and he will be there for his friends but Gervais isn’t in that group. For the first time Blue is refusing to excuse Gervais even though the worst has happened.
        Am interested whether people do want a return of Andy and Spence or if they want Spence to move on with Magnus (or other).

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      2. I agree Dark – Gervais needs to own up to his past transgressions! I’m sure he was stunned by Blue’s reaction as in the past he’s always fallen in line. I’m good with a follow up Sam…Great job! Oh! Welcome back!! I hope you had a very fun adult weekend!! (grin!)

        Liked by 1 person

              1. It was a great weekend! Nice!! That’s a plus! Thanks for a great chapter! I actually feel bad for Elliot – but his mother is coming through for him. Sad that Jesse’s parents can’t see through the hate in this time of loss.


      1. I blame you! This is all your fault. Wrote such a great story and got me addicted and losing my marbles. lol. I need icecream after this chapter. So many feels mhm mhm. I figured Jesse family would ban them from the funeral. Probably blames them for Jesse’s death.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel you. I’ve been obsessively refreshing looking for a new chapter. I have to remind myself that Sam is indeed human and doesn’t exist solely to feed our need for Blue and company.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I understand the need to adult. Those jobs that we have to do to make money to do the things we love are a necessary evil. As are appointments, maintenance on the house, paying bills, and sometimes playing nice with other adults. We just love your stories and miss you when you don’t post for a couple days.


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