The suite saga 110

Birch wakes to find a hand playing with his ass and Blue nuzzling his neck. He grins to himself, when Blue is in the mood to top Birch gets a real treat. Blue’s enthusiasm, stamina and care mean sex is always great and Birch has never felt so content in a relationship. Their libidos seem to match and both find it very easy to get in the mood.

“Morning sexy.” Birch says.

“Your butt was uncovered so I was warming it up.” Blue grins.

“I think it needs more attention, a closer inspection.” Birch says and before he can finish the sentence Blue is at work giving Birch all the attention he desires.

“You wanna ride me?” Blue asks coming up for air and wanting to watch Birch bounce.

“Hell yeah, let me at it.” Birch grins.

“You feel perfect around my cock.” Blue grins as Birch slowly starts to ride Blue’s thick dick.

Blue looks up at his man and groans. Birch looks so good, so sexy and happy. Blue can’t believe it’s happening. How did he find the right man?

“Time for you to take over?” Birch asks, looking into his sexy boyfriends eyes unable to believe he’s so lucky.

“Ready for a good dicking?” Blue asks.

“Fuck me baby.” Birch says.

And Blue takes over and gives Birch the seeing to he needs.

“You’re the best.” Blue says lying back panting.

Birch grins, rolls on top of Blue and covers Blue’s face with kisses. Blue grins and hugs Birch close. It’s the Saturday after the memorial and Blue and Birch have had a lovely week together. They’ve found their rhythm and spend every moment they can together.

They went to yoga on Thursday but skipped climbing and clubbing on Friday in favor of a date at one of their favorite restaurants and some serious chilling at home after. Blue has stealthily smartened up the studio, making better use of storage, bringing home flowers and filling the windowsill with pots of fresh herbs. He’s hung a couple of Birch’s pictures, bought new bed linen and an air purifier. He’s made the space somewhere they want to be.

Birch has no objections. He has never taken the time to make the space a home and appreciates all that Blue has done, especially the super soft sheets and the fresh smell. He’s been working like crazy, still inspired by spring break but also his new love and the murder, his work is becoming bolder but more conflicted and he just can’t stop.

Blue is so proud of Birch he could burst. He loves having a boyfriend who is focused and talented. Most of all he loves how together Birch is and feels a little guilty that he’s the needy one. Blue feels utterly secure and the trust and security is growing day by day. Blue has realized that two people putting equal effort in to a relationship is the best aphrodisiac there is. They don’t need a psychic connection because they talk and are honest with each other.

They slowly get showered and dressed, not able to take their eyes off each other. They walk hand in hand down to the diner for brunch with Willow. They’re surprised that Andy is sat waiting with her.

“This is an intervention. I miss you and require some Blue time.” Andy grins and gets up to hug Blue and Birch.

“Aww look at you two, all glowing and happy.” Willow grins.

“How about you sis? Anyone buttering your muffin.” Birch asks.

“Maybe.” Willow blushes.

“Ahh the mysterious older woman. When do we get to meet her?” Birch asks.

“You don’t. We’re taking it slowly.” Willow says.

“Unlike your brother and Blue. You didn’t even show at the club last night, what gives?” Andy asks.

“We have to wear clothes in the club, or at least in the cab.” Blue says straight faced.

“Ugh you two are at it all day long and neglecting poor me who hasn’t had the sniff of a ballsack in months.” Andy sighs dramatically.

“You had Spence a week ago.” Blue says.

“It feels like months.” Andy pouts.

“Why don’t you two spend the afternoon together? Willow and I need to shop for our mom’s birthday gift and we clearly need to talk about Blue without him hearing.” Birch says.

“Thanks. I’m going to take him hiking and might bring him home dirty.” Andy says wiggling his eyebrows.

“That’s okay I love to clean him up.” Birch grins.

They eat and gossip and for the first time since Jesse was killed Andy feels normal. He isn’t keen on sharing a room with Antonio and misses having Blue available to just chat. Robin has been staying with Grant more than at the apartment too and as he’s avoiding Spence Andy has been feeling lonely.

“I feel bad I’ve got the car over here. That isn’t very fair on you.” Blue says once they set off.

“It’s close enough to walk. I miss you a lot more than the car. I’ve barely seen you since it happened.” Andy says.

“Sorry. New love has me all consumed. I’m happy Andy and I have been a rubbish friend I’m sorry.” Blue says.

“I’m just jealous and lonely.” Andy admits.

“Lonely? But you live with 5 guys.” Blue says.

“Gervais and I are on the outs. Robin is over with Grant a lot. Spence and I are being cool with each other since I knocked him back and while DeShawn and Antonio are nice we’re not close. You and Dylan being loved up and Elliot at home leaves me thinking I need some new friends.” Andy says quietly.

“Or a boyfriend. Do you regret turning down Spence?” Blue asks.

“No. It was the right thing to do, nothing has changed between us. I want what you and Birch have or heaven help me what George and Dylan have. Those two are like fireworks, blazing rows and crazy make up sex, they’re fiercely protective of each other too, you should have seen Dylan obliterate George’s nerd squad when one said George was getting unfair treatment in class. I’m not saying I want someone to fight with but I want total conviction that my boyfriend is perfect for me.” Andy says.

“Spence is perfect for you.” Blue says confused and very proud of Dylan.

“No he isn’t. I love him and he loved me but we have incompatible schedules and ambitions. I know relationships take work and compromise but I was making all the concessions and you know it. I don’t want a boyfriend who can only give me a 20 minute spot in his schedule.” Andy says.

“Okay. I’m sorry. Want a muffin?” Blue asks.

“What kind?” Andy asks.

“Banana nut.” Blue replies.

“Yes please.” Andy says still pouting not willing to concede that he is so easily cheered up.

“I’m sorry for disappearing. I’m glad you made this happen, I remember how lonely I was when you and Spence got back on track and I don’t like that you’re feeling that way. Especially not now.” Blue says.

“Let’s have Sunday dinner tomorrow at the new place. I fancy a big plate of your paella. I can do all the chopping.” Andy says hopefully.

“That sounds nice. I miss my knives and pans. It’s so frustrating not having our things yet. Are you coping? Do you need me to buy you anything?” Blue asks.

“Clara sent a huge parcel of clothes for me and for George and a laptop each. I guess she knew he couldn’t afford to replace things in the way the others can. After all George did to you he couldn’t believe it but is super grateful. Gervais thought it was a mistake and it was meant for him, that the shipping label got it wrong but I checked.” Andy says.

“I’m so glad, I’ve been using Birch’s computer as he doesn’t use it much and meant to call to take you shopping but forgot. Momma needs to get you a credit card. But I guess she knows you’d never use it. Are the clothes okay? She hasn’t got much style.” Blue grins.

“Oh I think my sister picked it all out. I miss the things we got that day though. That was such a sexy day.” Andy grins.

“Yes it was. I had a lot of fun.” Blue grins and they get out the car.

They trek out to a waterfall that Andy has read about. It’s a warm spring day but no one else is around. They sit on some rocks and watch the water. Blue slips his arm around Andy and Andy leans his head against Blue and feels good.

“I’d say I wish you had a brother for me to date but you do and I hate him.” Andy says with a snort.

“Me too. I wish I could get past my feelings towards him but he makes me so angry.” Blue says.

“I’m glad I will be staying with Deke and then his uncle because if I spent much time with Chris I might end up in a ward with Justin.” Andy says.

“I’ll miss you this summer.” Blue says.

“Pfft with all your wine tasting and trying to get hot Australians into a threeway I doubt you’ll notice the time at all.” Andy says nuzzling closer and feeling quite bereft that Blue isn’t his. He’s not sure why the feeling is washing over him again. He thought since Blue and Birch got together he was okay but all he wants to do right now is have Blue kiss him.

He stands up needing some physical space, he is too comfy in Blue’s arms.

“It’s really beautiful. I bet if you brought some man up here he’d find you impossible to resist.” Blue says standing beside him.

“Oh yeah. I got some super plays.” Andy laughs.

“You not wanting to play with Antonio, he has a hot body?” Blue asks.

“Nah. New policy of not shitting where I eat.” Andy shrugs.

“Shall we go back, get to the store before all the seafood is gone for tomorrow?” Blue asks.

“A few more minutes.” Andy says taking a couple of pictures.

Blue watches and feels flooded with guilt for abandoning his friends for love when they were hurting so much. Blue has quickly reconciled his feelings over Jesse. While he is devastated that Jesse’s life was cut so short and in no way wished him dead, he doesn’t need a long period of grief.

“Take your time.” Blue says quietly walking next to Andy and reaching for his hand.

Andy accepts the gesture and squeezes. He doesn’t need a physical gap from Blue he realizes just a little adjustment of mindset. They are both tactile people and he’s going to enjoy whatever he can have.

“We’ve not had honey cakes for a long, long time.” Andy says cuddling Blue’s arm.

“We haven’t. I guess I could get a few new kitchen things, after all I will have 2 houses to fill in august.” Blue says.

“I want to live with you.” Andy says.

“I want that too. I want my Andy snuggles in the kitchen when I’m baking.” Blue replies.

“I want my house to smell of your baking.” Andy grins.

“Thing is I want to live with you and Spence and Robin and Birch and we can’t all live in the same house. I expect we all want to live with different combos of people and some will be pissy about it and others easy going.” Blue says.

“Keep up your regained assertive ways because I don’t want you to be the one who is left with the rejects.” Andy says.

“I get to live with Birch and that is the main thing. No offence.” Blue says.

“Come on tell me all about what he does that is so great on the drive back. I know you’re bursting to and I could do with some vicarious living.” Andy grins.

“So he’s hot and talented and you know how good he is in bed.” Blue laughs.

“Oh I imagine you two have a lot of sex.” Andy grins.

“We do. Lots. Lots and lots and if I want it to be one way or the other I can say so and he says yes, he always says yes and I always say yes when he asks and I always want to.” Blue grins.

“That is very good, very, very good. Oh honey after everything you’ve been through I am so happy you have someone you’re fully compatible with.” Andy says meaning it, his jealousy replaced by happiness that Blue is finally being treated right.

“And he lets me look after him. I do most of the home stuff and I cook and he loves my food just like you do. I make those muffins so he has a tasty snack or breakfast he can grab and he takes flasks of my soup for lunch. I love looking after him like that. But sometimes I’ll come home and he’ll have cleaned the bathroom or taken out the trash and although those are things that any functioning adult should do without asking, it feels like he’s done it for me. It makes me love him more. I’m happy to do all the domestic stuff but he doesn’t take advantage of that and contributes too.” Blue says animatedly.

“No bickering over chores, that’s lovely it really is. You know that if you’re sick or snowed under that he’ll pick up the slack. You really lucked out.” Andy says.

“I did and that’s it exactly. I trust him to be a good guy in all aspects of our life. I know it is early and I have been sucked in before but I realty trust him and I’m not doing all the chores or cooking because I think I have to to keep him but because I love taking care of him.” Blue says.

“I love your soup. Maybe we can have a soup appetizer tomorrow.” Andy says.

“Maybe I can teach you how to make some. You already do great bread.” Blue says.

“I do make great bread. I forget I’m actually a competent cook and you’ve taught me loads already. When you’re not there I just don’t think to cook. I’ve had take-out from the dining hall every night.” Andy says.

“My meal plan is an utter waste this semester.” Blue says.

“Get it refunded. We can you know, as we have nowhere to live and all that.” Andy says.

“I should.” Blue nods.

They potter around some specialist food stores and Blue has fun in a kitchen supply store. Andy loves watching Blue have such fun. Blue tries to keep to the basics but Andy sees him eyeing up an expensive set of knives and gently encourages him to go for it.

“Maybe just one.” Blue says.

“Get them. You need to learn to treat yourself. You’d love them and use them and they’ll last you for years and years.” Andy says gently.

“Nah feels too weird buying knives right now.” Blue says.

“You might get put on a watch list.” Andy laughs.

“Especially if they knew I was with you.” Blue laughs and Andy pushes him.


In good spirits they head over to the new apartment and Birch meets them there.

“You two look happy.” Birch says as Andy lets them in.

“Thanks for lending me your man for a few hours.” Andy says.

“We should have lunch in the week. I’ll bring soup and you bring bread.” Blue says.

“Perfect.” Andy says.

“Andy wants paella tomorrow so we’ve been getting groceries and a few kitchen bits.” Blue says.

“Sounds great and dessert?” Birch asks.

“I asked for honey cakes but I think Blue has the ingredients for something chocolaty too.” Andy says with a smile.

“It is always best to have two desserts.” Birch grins.

“I was just thinking Brownies as I don’t have my round cake tins.” Blue says.

“Yummy, I’ll get Spence to pick up ice cream.” Andy says.

Hearing voices Gervais comes in to the room. He’s been feeling more and more isolated and all he wants is a real heart to heart with Blue. He is struggling terribly with grief and guilt and extra therapy isn’t touching the sides. He really needs Blue.

“Hey. Are you cooking? Can I help?” Gervais asks.

Birch looks at Gervais in surprise, he looks terrible. His skin is grey and his eyes are dull. He looks like he hasn’t slept in days.

“They’ve been shopping for tomorrow’s dinner. Looks like you need a big meal.” Birch says trying to be friendly.

“We better go. We’ll be back tomorrow to cook.” Blue says.

“Don’t leave because of me.” Gervais says and goes back to his room.

“You’re really taking this not talking to Gervais thing far.” Andy says surprised Blue hasn’t caved.

“I’m done. Nothing has changed.” Blue says.

“Except Gervais is a mess and needs help.” Birch says.

“Well he isn’t my responsibility. Andy I’ll leave the car for you for a few days.” Blue says kissing his friend goodbye and heading for the door.

“I’ll talk to him.” Birch says quietly as he hugs Andy goodbye and Andy nods.

Andy heats up a can of soup and makes a grilled cheese and takes it in to Gervais with a couple of glasses of juice. He’d not seen Gervais much all week and was as shocked as Birch at his appearance.

“I made you some dinner. Are you sick?” Andy asks.

“No, just a bit tired. Hard catching up on classes this week.” Gervais says trying to keep it neutral and not scare Andy off.

“Robin out with Grant again? Anyone would think they were dating.” Andy says.

“I think Grant wishes they were. Thanks for making me dinner, you didn’t have to.” Gervais says remembering his manners.

“With no Blue we all need to remember to take care of each other. It’s funny how many ways he’s missed.” Andy says.

“Birch better be treating him right.” Gervais says.

“He is. They’re really happy. How are you holding up? Despite your breakup you were closest to Jesse.” Andy says gently.

“I just feel bad, because it was my fault he was in that bed. And for talking to Justin in the first place and not reporting him to the police. I know I could have done more but I was stupid.” Gervais says.

“It was not your fault. You didn’t know a lovesick pup would turn into a homicidal wolf. You didn’t ask Jesse to sleep in our room.” Andy says worried at how much Gervais has taken it all to heart.

“I just miss him.” Gervais says.

“We all do.” Andy says starting to cry. He takes the untouched tray of food and places it on the floor and pulls Gervais into a hug and they sob together.



85 thoughts on “The suite saga 110

  1. Ok so maybe I’m just missing it. But when Ebola shark boy says “I just miss him”….who is he talking about? Jessie…Blue….his dad? I think that statement covers a multitude. Or am I just reading too much into it?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think the other guys deserve some drama. Blue has for sure had more then his fair share… At least Blue has now seen how a relationship should be. And realize he wasn’t at fault in the failed ones.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I love Blue and Andy sexcapades. They are hot together, but more like very close brothers haha. But Lord those two in bed can get me heated!

        I’m soooooo ready for Robin to get some dick! Maybe he needs Blue and Birch to break him in so he can be sure he can handle gay sex before he and Grant get together. That way RUE fans are happy that Blue is his first, and then Robin can go on and enjoy Grant like two horny bunnies!

        Liked by 3 people

      1. That’s a good idea for me they are a little sweet together.I think I may be the only Blue and Gervais person left I’m still holding on for hope, I would kind of like to see Joe come into the picture to cause trouble. But then again I love a little trouble. Also can we please meet Willow’s girl.


  3. Love me some BB! Love how easy it is between them. That’s how a relationship is supposed to be. This is really the first healthy relationship Blue has ever been in. It’s time he finally has that type of happiness.

    You know I’m all over Robin finally switching teams! I’ve always said he is the type of person who loves an individual, and not a gender. He’s the one person in group who was raised with unconditional love, so he’s strong enough emotionally to be able to switch between sexes without feeling labeled.

    Hope Gervais has Ebola or something else deadly and that’s why he looks so bad.


        1. I’m glad you’re liking BB. I’m happy that they are working given they were not at all popular as a potential couple and I’ve maybe lost some readers over them.


      1. Well you won’t lose your loyal readers I don’t think. Not sure if my comment previous was one you couldn’t see but I stated a lot of the same things in that one. Especially about Robin being strong enough to handle switching teams for love… (Pansexual)

        Anyway again Great Chapter Sam and glad to hear there is nothing bad coming for BB at least for a long while. They are so sweet together.
        Looking forward to the next chapter.


            1. even more than Blue and George well I guess this relationship has eternity written on it while George was always a rebound and something forced on Blue.


        1. true Austin called the shots and basically cut Blue loose because he refused to top him. He was selfish and refused to have Blue stay over like Blue was a dirty secret. heck Birch gets busy but his desire for Blue trumps that 🙂


  4. Its hard with Gervais because he is alone in the world and Blue stepped in to a protector role with him from the start and none of the guys know what to do now. Even though Andy and Gervais have not been getting on Andy had enough empathy to step in. I don’t know if that will be enough or if anyone other than Blue will be able to help Gervais out of his funk.

    I love BB and there are zero plans to break them up. Neither of them can believe their luck and they are prepared to work hard to keep what they have.

    I’ve not covered Robin much at all for a few chapters. Think I need to have a catch up with him before diving in to new men for Andy and Spence.


    1. As I’ve said before, I loved Blue and Gervais together until the Fergus incident. But I always thought their relationship was very one-sided. It was like Gervais used Blue as a surrogate parent and really loved him more as a protector than a boyfriend. It was a very weird, and unhealthy, relationship. They are poison together, and I don’t think even friendship with Gervais is healthy for Blue.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. its why i doubt Blue and Gervais could never work in future even if Birch was not around i mean how would Blue trust Gervais not to go all flakey again and leave him to be with soneone else on a whim.


      1. Nope. It was all about how cute he was hanging with Blue and how I just wanted to snuggle him because he was lonely. I turned my head on Gervais part becauuuuuuuuuuuuuse he didn’t even apologize yet. I will not be swayed easily by him… mostly.. ok maybe a little. Someone give him a hug and meal. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Okay I understand how Blue feels… However knowing Blue if something happens to Gervais he is going to feel awful because Blue is a fixer… Just like he wasn’t friends with Jesse when he was stabbed he still felt awful that he couldn’t help and never would have wished him dead…
    On the other hand it would be really great if someone else could help Gervais thru this instead of Blue… Maybe just maybe he is starting to realize whats up.

    Birch and Blue so sweet together I certainly hope this relationship lasts quite a while (Forever perhaps) and no jealousy either between them so it appears. Birch gladly let Blue go with Andy.

    Rant LOL or Grobin? It would be great to finally see Robin truly happy too and so what if its another man that makes him feel that way. We have seen how he has bounced from woman to woman and not found anyone stable to stay with… Perhaps he will find that with Grant.
    Rue would be cool but we know really that will never happen. Love doesn’t know gender Robin could be pansexual a person that loves a person no matter what they are male, female, black, white what ever. And even if that said person was the opposite sex of what they are they would still love that person.

    Poor Andy and Spence they both need to find a good man. Especially with all the couples forming again perhaps Andy will meet someone when he is home for the summer.

    Another great well written chapter Sam 🙂 Looking forward to the next.


  6. Damn you Sam and making me feel things. This was the best chapter so far. I think Birch is growing on me he actually sees how Gervais needs Blue. Love how Gervais is being protective of Blue. It would be funny if Robin and Grant were actually dating


      1. Yes my dark frozen heart is beginning to melt like a magnum in the sun. I think it would be cool if they were dating. To me robin often gets lost in the background to all the other characters. He deserves to be happy

        Liked by 1 person

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