The suite saga 114

Friday morning Blue and Birch are in bed and Blue has just stuffed Birch good.


“You’re so beautiful.” Blue says smiling.


“Fuck you make me feel good. You are getting better and better that and I did no think it possible.” Birch says a fully satisfied smile on his face.


“Glad to be of service. It’s Robin’s birthday.” Blue says tentatively.


“Yes?” Birch asks knowing a favor is coming.


“How do you feel about me giving Robin a birthday blow job?” Blue asks knowing its a lot to ask when they are not long back together.


“Can I watch?” Birch asks utterly intrigued.


“You can fuck me while I do it if you want.” Blue grins.


“Yes, yes, yes. You don’t have to top me every time you want something.” Birch says.


“But you look so cute all out of control underneath me.” Blue pouts.


“Fuck baby you’re so damn hot you can fuck every man in the city if you give me what I need.” Birch laughs.


“Meh I have you. I just want a cock I can suck without jaw ache.” Blue grins.


“I love you baby.” Birch says and gives Blue a huge smacker on the cheek.


“You make me giddy.” Blue grins and kisses him back.


“So give me the weekend run down before we face the day.” Birch says.


“Tonight you’ll meet us at the club after climbing.” Blue says.


“Gay club?” Birch asks.


“Yes gay club tonight, pre game at Spence’s then straight club tomorrow night, Sunday I’m cooking dinner at Magnus and Grant’s place.” Blue says.


“Are you making a cake?” Birch asks.


“Yes, I’ll be at Grant’s most of Saturday making it. So you can chill or get some work done.” Blue says.


“Chocolate?” Birch asks.


“Three tiers, Lemon with raspberry and buttercream base, Carrot cake middle and the top tier an espresso dark chocolate cake with mirror glaze, hopefully.” Blue says excited.


“Holy cow. Sounds amazing.” Birch says.


“Right. I am so excited.” Blue says.


“I wish we could stay in bed all day.” Birch says.


“We’ll be in Australia soon getting up when we please, cuddles all day long.” Blue says getting a last hug from his boy before getting up.


The group that hits the club from climbing is huge. Robin is incredibly popular and everyone wants to celebrate with him. It feels like it is signaling the end of the mourning period. They are all out and ready to party.


Gervais is staying home. He’s almost well again but not up to climbing or partying. He hopes he’ll be well enough for dinner Sunday. Following instructions from Blue the guys have made sure Gervais has been helped to shower and had his sheets changed regularly and made sure he’s at least had water. Blue has checked in on him a few times, taking him home made soup and making sure he’s taken medicine and his regular meds.


Curtis is working and isn’t all that keen to hang out with Andy’s college friends all weekend. He’s never been one for clubs but is still annoyed that Andy is going without giving him a thought.


The guys all have an amazing time. The staff love the group as they bring so many pretty faces and don’t cause any trouble so getting in is never a hassle and they all dance the night away.


Towards the end of the night Blue approaches Robin.


“I wanna give you a nice gift tonight.” Blue says kissing Robin.


“Oh yeah?” Robin asks. He and Grant are planning to have a couple of girls the next night, tonight was meant to just be having fun with his friends.


“The last few weeks have been stressful and I want to relax you.” Blue says.


“And Birch?” Robin asks.


“He can relax me.” Blue says.


“We’ve not had a sleepover in ages.” Robin says excited, he hasn’t had a decent bj in ages. Grant has tried a couple of times for practice but he really isn’t as skilled as Blue and the girls he’s been with recently have barely taken more than the head.


“So come home with me. See our place.” Blue says.


“You planned this.” Robin laughs.


“You’ve not let me treat you for ages.” Blue says.


“Lets go.” Robin says. It might be less natural than their other encounters but it’s honest and he’s curious about Blue and Birch. If they are sexy together in bed, as they seem more like brothers than lovers at times.


Blue grins and grabs Birch and they get into a cab. Back at the studio Blue pulls out a bottle of tequila and they have a few shots before tumbling on to the bed. Birch is shocked at how open to making out Robin is and thoroughly enjoys a long deep kiss.


“Your new boyfriend is the best kisser you’ve had.” Robin says turning to Blue for a kiss.


“I am super lucky.” Blue says kissing Birch and then Robin again and then watching Robin and his boyfriend makeout. Fuck that is so hot.


Blue undresses an strokes himself as he watches his best friend kissing his boyfriend and enjoying it. He wants to get down to business, he’s so freaking horny but he also wants this experience to last.


“Get naked you two.” Blue grins and lunges at them pulling at their clothes. The three are soon naked and enjoying each other.


“You two are super sexy together. I love how you look at each other.” Robin sighs. Grant has been a substitute for a girlfriend and while he’s sweet and the crush is flattering he wants someone to look at the way Blue looks at Birch. He wants to go to bed with the look that Birch has for Blue.


Birch’s lips meet Robins again and his hands are running all over Robin’s body which quickly sends all the melancholy thoughts from Robin’s head.


B&B work together and maneuver Robin so he’s sat on Blue’s face. Birch sits back for a second and plays with his throbbing cocky before crawling forward and taking Robin’s little one in his mouth.


Robin who had been murmuring in delight at the feel of Blue’s tongue where no one else has gone before cries out in joy at Birch’s work. Fuck this is crazy, he can’t take the sheer pleasure of two men thoroughly enjoying him. It is sexy and flattering and for once he has no thoughts about whether this means he’s less than straight. It is amazing. Best birthday sex ever.


They move away not wanting Robin to cum yet and get closer themselves Robin feels bereft and relieved at the same time. They make out and Birch and Blue take turns to suck a each other and Robin. Edging each other and moving on.


When Birch is sucking him and Blue sucking Birch in a rush Robin moves and takes Blue in his mouth. Blue groans in delight Robin is tentative at first and then decides he’s got a dick in his mouth he should go for it.


Birch plays with Blue’s ass then moves his hand over to Robin to see how far he can go. Robin stiffens and clenches for a second, surprised and Birch backs off. Robin stops sucking Blue and looks Birch in the eye and moves his hand back.


Birch moves Robin so he’s on all fours bobbing on Blue’s dick. Birch runs his hand over Robin’s back and then moves a wet finger between his cheeks and pushes a little. Robin backs into him wanting more. Blue watches transfixed wanting to get in on it. He catches Birch’s eye and motions to swap.


Robin gladly chows down on Birches meat and Blue moves his tongue back to Robin’s hole, alternating between tongue and fingers Robin is in a real frenzy, he feels naughty and sexy and oh so desired, this is different to being with Gervais and Blue where Gervais was having fun but wasn’t in to Robin. Birch is just as in to him as Blue and all the sensations that are making him feel are insane.


Birch needs Blue’s ass, watching the show in front of him and having Robin’s natural skill at work, for a little guy he sure can take a lot in his throat, is getting him close and he wants to pound Blue’s ass properly.


Robin moves onto his back as Birch takes Blue from behind and Blue settles back on Robin’s dick. Leaving a finger at play. Birch gives Blue a thorough pounding, Blue taking every stroke like a champ with Robin’s dick stiffening the moans.


Robin can feel his own orgasm building and lets out the first call of ecstasy. Blue looks up and Robin shoots all over himself. He looks so sexy covered in cum that Blue and Birch need to add to it, they kneel in front of Robin and bring each other off over his cute body. Growling and moaning in delight. Robin looks at Blue and leans forward to lick the last drop from Blue’s cock before Birch pushes him back and cleans him off with his tongue.


“Wow. I’ve had straight guys before but never had that much fun.” Birch says when he regains his voice.


“You two really know exactly how to please a guy.” Robin says in shock at everything he has just felt.


“My boyfriend and my bestie are hot for each other.” Blue says with a huge grin on his face.


“That was so much fun.” Robin says.


“Happy birthday.” Blue says and kisses him.


“Wow if this is what you give your friends I cannot wait for my birthday. I am expecting a twelve foot cake and a serious orgy.” Birch grins.


“Serious orgy and not a fun one?” Blue teases.


They chatter and joke and kiss and suck for the rest of the night.


In the morning Robin and Blue head over to Grant’s place, leaving Birch to sleep and paint.


“Are you okay about last night in the sober morning?” Blue asks in the car.


“Honestly I had so much fun and I came like a fucking fountain every time. Need to hope I have some juice left for the ladies tonight.” Robin laughs.


“Well less chance of getting them preggers if your cum is a bit thin tonight.” Blue laughs.


“You always see the positives. I have no regrets and I enjoyed every minute.” Robin says.


“Good. You have some serious deep throat skills.” Blue smiles.


“You know I am a perfectionist, go deep or go home.” Robin laughs.


They grab breakfasts and coffees from a bakery and take them up to Grants.


Robin hits the shower and gets clean clothes and then the four  eat some serviceable pastries. Hit the hangover spot anyway.


“How was your date with Brad?” Robin asks.


“Our Brad?” Blue asks shocked.


“Soooo not for me. I’m glad I went but he is not my type at all. I go to benefits to network he was there for the cause and sooo into the cause.” Magnus says.


“Oh yeah Brad loves a bandwagon. I wish I knew someone to set you up with.” Blue says.


“Thanks. Last night I gave my number out a couple of times. I had a lot of fun and am totally coming climbing next week.” Magnus says.


“Oh thats great.” Robin smile and looks at Grant.


“No fucking way. hey Blue are you okay if I come to Australia? I have always wanted to surf there and I’m totally up for the wine.” Grant says.


“Totally great. You can babysit Birch for me when Robin and I want to hang out and keep me company when Birch and Robin are off at some video arcade.” Blue says rolling his eyes.


“I can’t believe all your men are secret gamers.” Robin laughs.


“Birch loves vintage games. Freshman year he did a whole project on bad graphics.” Grant says.


“My delivery should be here any minute, thanks so much for letting me bake here.” Blue says.


“You’re welcome. We’re looking forward to it.” Magnus says.


“We’ll go on a beer run and get some snacks for tonights after party.” Grant says.


“Love Magnus for being 21.” Robin grins.


“Could you get some fruits? I’ve an idea for a dessert.” Blue says.


“What sort? We all loved the chocolate dipped stuff last week.” Grant says.


“Thanks. Whatever looks really good and fresh.” Blue grins.


“Oh god that pie was awful.” Grant giggles.


“It was gross. The pasta was okay. Not as good as Blue or George but okay.” Robin says.


“Yup Blue is still our top chef and if you have to cook here so to not offend Curtis then it’s all good.” Grant says.


“Curtis is bringing a meat dish Sunday. I’m happy with all your plans and don’t think we need it. Just so you know it wasn’t me who asked for it.” Robin says.


“You guys don’t like Curtis?” Magnus asks.


“I like him, he’s fun and seems really in to Andy.” Blue says.


“Yeah he’s fine but jumps to conclusions.” Robin says.


“Honestly Andy is sexy as fuck and should be with someone better. Maybe I’m just jealous as I want Andy.” Grant says.


“I thought you liked Robin.” Blue says.


“I do. I want Andy so bad though.” Grant says.


“Andy would love to pop your cherry. I mean love. Just ask him.” Blue says and before Grant can reply the buzzer goes for Blue’s delivery.


They unpack it quickly then the three head out and leave Blue to his baking. Robin is still processing the night before and Grant is thinking about what Blue said and so is Magnus. Magnus is desperate for sex and the thought that his brother will get there with a guy before him has bummed him out. He’d love to have sex with Andy.


Since meeting all of Spence’s friends his virginity has become a much bigger problem, before he barely mixed with other gay guys and now he knows a heap and they have all had boyfriends and great sex. He feels so behind but can’t push himself over the cliff.


Blue has a lovely morning baking. He really enjoys being properly creative and having the time to himself. Making something beautiful and tasty for the people he loves is Blue’s favorite thing to do. He looks at the three cakes he has cooling and feels really proud of himself.


He’s pretty tired from the night’s action and covers the cakes with cloths and heads out to a coffee place nearby. It’s one of those places that are really in to the coffee and won’t let the customers have sugar with certain beans. Blue laughs at the interactions between the staff and customers ahead of him.


He gets his coffee without issue and takes a seat by the window to people watch. He’s daydreaming a world away when someone sits at the table with him.


“Don’t freak out.” Chris says.


“How did you find me?” Blue asks.


“Accident I love this place. Lucky for me as we’re off campus so I’m not breaking the rules.” Chris says with a smile and Blue tenses up.


“What do you want?” Blue asks.


“I want to apologize. For everything. Honestly, no ulterior motives, I am honestly sorry, for not getting to know you, for trying to get you expelled for dating Gervais, everything.” Chris says.


“Why now?” Blue asks.


“It has taken us a long while but we’ve, Bea and I finally started to see just how fucked up everything is. Seeing you at the hospital covered in blood and losing Jesse knowing it could have been you sobered us both right up. You were right about the grandparents, why the fuck should you do their bidding when they’ve know about you for 19 years and made no effort. Bea and I were so caught up in what we had missed out on, me the money and Bea a relationship with a mom who understood her.

We didn’t think about what you missed out on and more than that how everyone has treated you and us as triplets. We have a family, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. You had Clara. All the family knew about you and none of them tried to see you. None and that is fucked up. I know we don’t get along and probably never will due to all I have done but you’re a good guy and they have all missed out on that.

I’m also really mad that we are twins and in this fucked up situation, there was no reason at all why we didn’t spend summers together. You should have been at camp with us or we should have been up at yours. We should not have been strangers at 19.

I am sorry for everything that I have done to you and that I didn’t see anything from your side. Bea is too. We’ve talked a lot and she realizes how fucked up winter break was. She monopolized Clara and you were falling apart, she didn’t think about how she was taking away your only family. We’ve always had each other, we are competitive and we fight and fuck each other over but we care about each other more than anyone else. We’ve had a wakeup call and we want that with you too.” Chis says and runs out of breath.


“What’s the scam?” Blue asks totally detached.


“Nothing. This is totally sincere. I know you won’t forgive me easily but please consider Bea. You two were about to make up when I fucked it.” Chris says.


“It’s Robin’s birthday weekend. Come to dinner Sunday, we’re having it at a friend’s place, you’ll love them they’re rich. My friends will likely let you have it. You’re right it is totally fucked that we didn’t get to meet before. I hate you but I would have loved a sibling growing up and I don’t want to have any regrets. First and last chance.” Blue says.


“Understood.” Chris says.



88 thoughts on “The suite saga 114

  1. BBR was so fucking hot. I feel so spoiled. Hmm… Sunday dinner with Chris drama and a side of rich boys? That should go beyond interestingly. I really do hope that Chris can redeem himself. His arc is different enough from Dylan to not feel like an echo… despite everything, it would be nice to see Blue and Chris showing at least a little of that twin bond that is deeper in their blood than the way they were raised. That, I guess is probably where the worst of their hurt and negative feelings come from – the dissonance of that bond with the realities they have ever lived.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did like Blue’s little dig there about how shallow Chris is by commenting that Chris will like Grant and Magnus because they’re rich. I didn’t think Sam would be able to redeem Chris and Bea but he may surprise us yet. At the very least it may be interesting to see how Birch reacts to meeting Chris and Bea having only heard the stories about what asshats they are.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this chapter!
    Hot threesome which opens so many possibilities for Rue fans. Lol.
    I love the cake Blue is making. Sounds absolutely delicious! Mouthwatering chapter all around.
    Chris just couldn’t stay out of the picture for long. I am wary of him and his motives. Bea really needs to make amends before she comes to dinner Sunday. Her apology coming from known-to-be sly Chris is hardly an apology from Bea meriting coming to dinner.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the three tiered cake for robin’s birthday because it kinda feels like an extension of the three way that they had. I’m not sure who would be which layer haha


  4. OMG Robin is well on his way now to becoming what ever he needs to be when he meets the person he falls in love with whether Male or Female. That scene was so hot hot hot… And I love how Blue and Birch were able to discuss it and come to a conclusion together… And Blue didn’t have to sneak away or anything.

    Chris, I guess we are just going to have to wait and see. I want to think that almost anyone can change and hope that Chris is sincere. Like someone else mentioned he is not really out to get Blue to forgive him but is worried about his sister so maybe he is this time. And I just hope he doesn’t connect with Grant or Mangus at least not right now if he is sincere the relationship between him and Blue needs to be a bit better before he is dating a friend of the suitemates.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thats cool I just think it needs some time for everyone to re-adjust to Chris being around if he really is working on trying this time… A hook up meh not so bad but dating or something longer term right now I just dont think would be good. Especially if Grant and or Mangus is living with Blue.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. That was such a hot chapter. I love Birch and Blue together glad they are working out and the threesome as it has been expressed was sooooo hot! I hope Chris and Magnus don’t become a couple. Although Magnus sounds like everything Chris could ever hope for.

    Love this story. Don’t ever stop writing it. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

              1. Well, he does know the line! HOT as anything! I was sitting in an lens crafters reading it and had to control myself!! lol!


                1. It was an honest plan. I had no clue people would fall for Robin and Blue as a couple. I thought everyone would relate to the crush on the straight friend. But I wanted Blue to be the gay guy people thought was straight and Robin the straight guy people thought was gay.


  6. Oh……my……God!!!! I don’t need tissues, I need a damn towel!! LOL. So hot!!! And my boy Robin finally sucked a dick. I knew he would be good at it! You made my day!

    I hope Chris is sincere. Family is the most important thing in life. If he truly wants another chance, then I’m proud of Blue for giving it to him. If he’s scamming Blue, then he needs to catch Ebola from his ex-twat and they can both die a miserable death together. 😇

    I’m going to have to read that 3way scene again. I’m ready for another round already Hahahaha 💦💦💦

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Soooooooo hot!!!! Blue wasn’t the only one dripping at that point lol. You seriously made my day! Now I can go sit through 6 hours of high school girls gymnastics with a smile on my face. And a wet spot in my shorts lol


    1. Right it was nice that they all thought Blue needed reassuring that he was their fave chef even though he and Birch handled the meat pasta with real grace.


      1. it was funny how Andy had to appologise for meat pasta fiasco to Curtis sorry if I am holding him to high standards. As chef isn’t it his responsibility to know and ask if there are any dietry needs for who he is cooking for. Imagine if one of the group had a peanut allegy for example.

        i love how tactful Blue and Birch were in comparison to Curtis when he felt his food was being rejected.


  7. Oh god this is the end of the suite saga. He invited Chris to the party?! He gone bomb them all. They all dead. Oh boy. Poor guys. It was so nice reading this story -sniffles- lol

    Liked by 2 people

                1. Fair enough. Part of the fun in your stories is trying to anticipate what will come next…always something in the wings waiting to “explode”. I enjoy contemplating where the story line will go next! 😊

                  Liked by 1 person

      1. I had a cookies & cream cake which is my all time favorite cake. I’m gonna need another slice after just typing that lol. There was fireworks on my birthday but not mine haha. I live by the river and they did a big firework show out of the blue. It normally only happens on 4th of july here. I take it as a sign they were meant for me mhm mhm. lol

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I almost made the bottom layer of Robin’s cake cookies and cream but changed it as I wanted the choc top layer. I bet the fireworks were just for you, you just haven’t met who set it up yet….


      1. The 3 way was amazing! The boundaries that robin pushed were great and all that he did and let be done to him were just fantastic. Maybe robin can be bi, finally allowing blue to top him for blues birthday.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I am sure Blue will be wary, and I think the group may be pretty pissed at Blue for inviting them. I am surprised Blue gave him a chance, even after the long sob story. I didn’t think he would even think about another chance for Chris after all he has done…family or not.
            Great chapter!

            Liked by 2 people

      1. I think he is after seeing him covered with blood made him feel guilty. The real reason I think he was sincere was asking blue to try with Bea. Can’t wait for dinner though the shits gonna hit the fan. I’m just wondering who will be the first to ask what the fuck are you doing here

        Liked by 1 person

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