The suite saga 115

“What’s happening with your lawsuit?” Blue asks.


“We’re pushing ahead. We have to. Those fuckers screwed Clara and our Grandparents and us. That includes you, the more money our parents scam from Clara the less you get. Our grandmother tried stalling to get to meet you but grandpops is mad as hell for himself and us.” Chris says.


“Momma has sent all the paperwork she has for you and she won’t come out and say it but she’s quietly supportive.” Blue says.


“Good. It did start out at my greed to be honest. I know I shocked you all when I was annoyed that the money might have been used on Mom’s meds and if it did then great we can all forget about it but if it didn’t and they have stashed it or squandered it then I want to know.” Chris says.

“I agree. I think its crazy that you have to and I am worried you’ll lose your parents. You loved Gervais, you know the pain he’s been through.” Blue says.

“Yeah it is a huge risk. But I can’t trust them so what’s the point? Will they come through for me? I doubt it. Would Clara? Absolutely. Fuck you hate me but I bet I could count on you more than them.” Chris says.

“You know the houses that Momma bought are in my name. Both of them.” Blue says feeling he owes Chris some honesty too.

“Shit. I deserve that. I guess I’ll be on loans next year too unless I can extract the cash from my parents.” Chris says.

“Yeah, going after Gervais as well as me was never going to fly.” Blue says.

“But she’s still taking me for the summer?” Chris asks.

“Yeah your internship with the vet is all setup.” Blue says.

“Bea has written to her a few times apologizing. She wants to come too.” Chris says.

“I’m going to Australia with Robin, my boyfriend and another friend. She has space for you both or Bea can live on the retreat with Willow.” Blue says.

“I worry I’ve fucked things up for her.” Chris says.

“She fucked things up for her when she called me and Gervais predatory gays.” Blue says and Chris laughs.

“How’s your back? Another way to tell us apart.” Chris asks.

“Fine, stiches out and healing well. I only found out when I was getting the stiches out that I shouldn’t have been doing yoga but no hard done.” Blue says.

“You and Spence were so brave. Fucking crazy but so brave. Nice to know I might have something like that in me.” Chris says.

“We just did it. Look I need to get back. I’ll text Bea the details for tomorrow.” Blue says.

“Thanks Blue. I am sorry.” Chris says.

“We’ll see how it goes.” Blue says.


Robin is feeling a little out of sorts as he hangs out with Grant and Magnus.

“What’s up?” Grant asks.

“I’m fine. Just tired. Might nap for a bit before tonight.” Robin says.

“Sounds good.” Magnus says.

“Get the energy ready for the girls tonight.” Grant says.

“So you’re still bi?” Magnus asks.

“I am. But I don’t want to date girls right now, I think tonight will be my last pussy for a while. I am up for it Robin believe me but it might be a last hurrah.” Grant says.

“You can’t know who you’ll meet who you want to be with. You shouldn’t be closed to anyone.” Robin says.

“True I just really want to try cock.” Grant says.

“Just take Robin’s while you’re with the girls.” Magnus laughs.

“Oy, I get to say where I dip my dick.” Robin says.

“You really don’t want my brother’s ass?” Magnus asks.

“No thanks. I am lucky that when I want to experiment I have someone I trust that I can do it with and if I ever decide I want to fuck a man I know it will be with him.” Robin says.

“Blue is with Birch. I’m single.” Grant says.

“I’m straight so its never going to happen.” Robin says.

“Tease.” Grant grins, they have had this conversation a hundred times.

The guys nap and then get ready to go out. Andy is spending the evening with Curtis knowing he’s expected to make up for the previous night. Gervais is already fast asleep, he’s feeling more human and is certain he’ll make it do dinner.

The rest of the guys all meet up with girls from climbing and hit the club. Robin has an absolute blast. The girls are all over him and he is enjoying every bit of attention. Occasionally he sees Blue and Birch dancing and blushes to himself remembering the pleasure of the night before.

“Hey you two want some fun with us tonight?” DeShawn asks Birch.

“Seriously? With you and Spence?” Birch asks.

“Yeah. Come to mine after.” DeShawn says.

“I need to ask Blue.” Birch says while his brain is screaming hell yes.

“What’s that grin?” Blue asks as they step outside on to a balcony.

“So you know I just did you a big favor.” Birch says.

“One that you enjoyed like crazy.” Blue grins his eyes twinkling.

“Spence and DeShawn.” Birch says.

“Fuck yes.” Blue grins and Birch jumps up and down with glee.

Grant and Robin have ensnared their prey and are in a cab on their way to Grant’s room. The girls are really cute and Robin has a great time. Grant enjoys watching Robin as much as fucking the girls.

As he climaxes Robin pictures Birch and immediately after isn’t sure if he pictured Birch to get there or as he was their. Either way he is worried, he cannot be crushing on Blue’s boyfriend.

Fuck crush?

Does he have a thing for a man after all his exploration?



Robin replays things over and over as he sleeps, spooning with one of the girls.

“You okay?” Grant asks snuggling up to Robin rather than his girl after going to the bathroom.

“Yeah, I’m good.” Robin sighs and snuggles Grant wishing he liked Grant and things were less complicated.


“Awww aren’t they cute.” One of the girls says as the pair are pulling clothes on ready for a quick exit.

“Yeah, more into each other than us, we should have got them to put on a display.” The other says.

“Fun though.” The first says.

“Oh yeah.” The second says and they make their escape.


Blue comes out of Spence’s room the next morning planning to do some yoga quickly before his shower.

“How come you’re here?” Andy asks from the couch.

“We had some fun last night.” Blue says.

“With DeShawn?” Andy asks.

“And Spence. Very energetic.” Blue says.

“You dog. Damn why did I miss out?” Andy complains.

“You should have come out.” Blue says.

“I know.” Andy sighs.

“Is Curtis here?” Blue asks.

“Nah he was pretty tired and wanted to get up early to cook something to bring tonight.” Andy says.

“You like watching people cook.” Blue says.

“He’s not so keen on being watched.” Andy says.

“I’m going soon to get the cakes iced and the food up together. Want to come with?” Blue asks.

“Yeah.” Andy says with a grin.

“Cool I need to talk to Gervais and then get ready.” Blue says.

“I’ll go shower sexy. Hey Blue if I’d been there last night would you have included me in the group thing?” Andy asks.

“It was DeShawn’s set up but I don’t see why not.” Blue grins.

“Ugh I hate missing out. I like Curtis but wish it was casual like you did with Tyler.” Andy says.

“You don’t have to stay with him.” Blue says.

“I’m not tired yet.” Andy says and Blue grins.


“Hey baby, how you feeling today?” Blue asks gently.

“A lot better. Lots. I’m looking forward to getting out of the apartment.” Gervais says.

“Andy and I are going once we’ve showered. Want to come? I know you can’t stand for too long but maybe you could sit at the table and pipe frosting or assemble some dishes?” Blue says.

“That sounds good. I owe you a bazillion apologies. A bazillion. I don’t know how I can ever put things right.” Gervais says.

“Taking me for a lobster dinner will be a good start.” Blue grins.

“I’ll take you and Birch. He’s your one, isn’t he?” Gervais asks.

“I like him a lot and he takes good care of me.” Blue says smiling.

“Good. I really want you to be happy.” Gervais says.

“Now I have to tell you something that might make you hate me again.” Blue says.

“Not possible.” Gervais says.

“I saw Chris yesterday and I invited him and Bea to come to the party today.” Blue says.

“Blue!” Gervais squeaks.

“He apologized and I think it was sincere. Call it twintuition or whatever but I believed him. We’ve known when we’ve both been insincere before this felt real.” Blue says.

“I’m glad. I’ll never be friends with him but you should at least try. Part of the whole mess was because I didn’t want to affect your relationship with him but I totally fucked that up. Losing you both really. Hey if it gets too much I’m sure I can use Magnus room.” Gervais says.

“Yeah during prep too if you need to lie down.” Blue says.

“I am sorry Blue. Lobster dinner is a start and I will work at getting your trust back.” Gervais says.

“Good. Just concentrate on getting well first.” Blue says and Gervais sits up and hugs Blue weakly.

“Man you stink.” Blue says.

“Ugh I know. I’ll be fresh soon.” Gervais grins.

“Need help?” Blue asks.

“No I can do it. Thanks for all your help this week.” Gervais says.

“Another lobster dinner.” Blue grins and Gervais giggles.

Dylan and George arrive at the same time to help with the cooking. Dylan is surprisingly good having helped his mom on events in the past. Now he’s with George he’s happy to help out to spend more time together.

“Those cakes are amazing.” Dylan says as Gervais focuses on the carrot cake and Blue glazes the mirror cake.

“I love these cake stands. Different but they still match.” Gervais says.

“And practical, far safer to have each cake on a separate stand to move around than one of those tall ones.” Blue says.

“I am getting hard at the thought of my plate piled high with cake.” Andy grins.

“You are such a slut for sweets.” Blue says.

“In the future when anyone sets me up make sure its with a pastry chef.” Andy grins.

“Not working with Curtis?” George asks.

“For now.” Andy says.

“That’s a shame but no surprise. He’s cute and that ass is no doubt awesome but he’s not Spence is he?” Dylan says.

“I need someone different to Spence.” Andy says.

“Are you sure?” Magnus says coming in to see how things are going.

“What do you mean?” Andy asks.

“These guys all suggested that you’d love to pop my brother’s cherry and I began thinking maybe you’d like mine.” Magnus says and Andy blinks in shock.

Everyone goes silent.

“Wouldn’t that be awkward given you were with Spence?” Dylan says.

“I don’t see why. I’m just place marking, when you’re single we should have dinner.” Magnus says.

“I’d like that.” Andy says honestly. Magnus is very sexy and it would be nice to have someone to tussle with rather than a submissive guy for a change.

“Talking of placemarking. All this looks amazing. My mom says I should make sure to book you for graduation next year.” Magnus laughs.

“Deal. You pay for the food and I’ll cater for your posh family.” Blue says.

“Seriously?” Magnus asks.

“Yeah for sure. Andy and I need survival jobs while we get our business going, teaching yoga and catering are flexible and your mother can open a lot of wealthy doors for me for both.” Blue says.

“You could do a combo, yoga followed by veggie lunch. I bet AB and her friends would love it.” Andy says.

“My mother will be fighting Spence’s for who discovered you.” Magnus laughs.

“They can both claim me if it brings in the dough.” Blue says.

“But you have money. You’ll be okay.” George says.

“I will but I have two siblings now and I want to make my own way. We have money to get us started but it’ll take years before we make a profit, if ever.” Blue says.

“Speaking of Blue’s siblings they are coming later.” Gervais says.

“No way.” Robin says.

Blue explains what happened the day before and they all nod.

“As long as there’s no trouble.” Magnus says.

“DeShawn, Spence and I can over power anyone.” Blue laughs.

They move the cakes into Magnus room to keep them safe and go and get ready. Birch arrives with Spence and DeShawn closely followed by Willow with Cheryl and Ocean who have brought a couple of quiches.

“Hey bro here’s my chicken.” DeShawn says.

“Cool, I love we made this more of a potluck. The cakes were a lot of work. The cornbread is in the oven now.” Blue says.

“I haven’t made it in ages, it was so fun. Spence near lost his mind when he saw me cooking something other than plain chicken or tuna.” DeShawn laughs.

Robin’s family arrive much to his surprise. He throws himself on his mom and dad and hugs them and then his sisters.

“The girls made gingerbread.” Robin’s dad says passing Blue the container.

“Wow I am impressed.” Blue says and the girls smile shyly before heading to explore the apartment.

“And I made meatballs and spiced tofu.” Robins mom says kissing Blue on the cheek and then Gervais.

“You didn’t need to bring anything.” Blue smiles.

“It’s my son’s 20th and you can’t deny me the chance to make his favorite meatballs.” Robin’s mom says.

“I love you mom.” Robin says grabbing one as Blue puts them out.

Bea and Chris arrive with some chips and spinach dip.

“Store bought, we don’t want to kill anyone.” Chris laughs.

“Thanks guys. I have no idea what you said to Blue but if it was bull I will hunt you down and gut you.” Robin says.

“I’m not promising we’ll be best friends but I’m ready to be civil.” Chris says.

Loads of the climbing people arrive and the party really gets going. Curtis is last to arrive, he also has meatballs and a cheese dip.

Blue looks at it and figures he’ll save his money and not bother with culinary school. Then chastises himself for being such a bitch. He thought Curtis was fun when they first met and so did Willow. He is more than his cooking just like I am, Blue says to himself.

People eat and chat and have a good time. Robin is so happy to have his family there. The murder knocked the stuffing from him and he just wants to hug his sister’s close, which he does repeatedly.

“DeShawn? I’m Robin’s father, I’ve seen all your games you’re the real deal.” Robin’s dad says shaking DeShawn’s hand off his arm.

“Pleasure to meet you sir.” DeShawn says embarrassed. He kind of loves his roommates have so much going on they rarely get to his games and so this is unexpected.

“It’s a real shame your team don’t give you the support they should.” Robin’s dad says.

“They’re good guys.” DeShawn says secretly agreeing with him, the team is unbalanced right now, too many went pro early last year.

Blue, George and Grant bring the cakes through and light the candles.

Robin is so overwhelmed at everything his friends have done for him. It has been an incredible 3 days.

Chris and Bea come and stand by Blue.

“You’ve outdone yourself.” Chris says.

“You always loved my food.” Blue says.

“I always loved your food.” Chris agrees.

“You’ve made us three in cake form. Triplet connection.” Bea says.

“What?” Blue asks.

“Clearly you’re the top layer, the mirror everyone holds up for perfection, but take a bite and there is bitterness underneath.” Bea says.

“And Bea is the carrot cake, seen as good and healthy but full of nuts and a bit of cheese.” Chris says.

“And you’re lemon and raspberry, sour but if you’re really brave you get the sweet buttercream. But watch out for the raspberries as they stain.” Blue laughs.

Chris slips an arm around each of his siblings and kisses them both on the cheek.

“We’re different but the same.” Chris says.


“It you, you fucker, you fucking fuck.” Curtis screams and pins Gervais to the wall.

“Get off me.” Gervais cries out.

Chris and Blue are on Curtis in a second pulling him away.

“He’s the fucker who screwed my mom over and excluded us from my stepdads funeral. Fucker. I’ll kill you.” Curtis shouts.



83 thoughts on “The suite saga 115

  1. I’m just going to ignore Robins crush on Birch. See no evil, hear no evil 🐵🙈🙉🙊

    I actually kind of feel sorry for Twat boy. It’s going to be hard to realize he was left alone to suffer abuse while his dad was out raising another son. No one deserves that type of rejection.

    I’m glad Chris is finding some somewhat human behavior again. I hope he can repair things with Blue. Love all the twists and turns!!!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I don’t see Andy and Curtis lasting much longer now…lol.

    I am glad Robin has had some focus lately in the storyline. Sounds like he is going to have to contemplate his sexuality for a while. I love that Robin’s family came to dinner. He needed that.

    Gervais always seems to bring drama, just when things seem to be getting normal, whether he wants to or not.

    Oh, and I am glad Blue is being cautious with Chris and Bea. Bra still needs to apologize…and she shouldn’t be snarky when Blue has invited her back into the fray. It is going to take some talented writing 😉to get her back to “normal” for me.

    Way to make another “cliffhanger” Sam! Not complaining, just excited to read the next chapter! Take care of yourself Sam! 😗


              1. where does she even live? what does she study all questions we don’t know.

                pretty much what we know is she has brunch with Birch and Blue every saturday, she is in Blue advanced yoga class and is an early bird lol

                Liked by 1 person

          1. Sometimes the ones that we know to be aggressive can be the most gentle ones when it comes to sensitive/special times like popping a cherry. They want it to be special, bragging rights aside. I don’t think Andy would act that way. I would watch out afterwards though…Magnus may not be able to let go of Andy if it is just a “one time thing”. First time means attachment.

            Willow and Cheryl…I have been assuming they are together for a while…definitely more than “just friends”.

            I hope that someone shields Ocean from this drama that just occurred with Curtis.

            Liked by 1 person

                    1. i guess their good friends are all single or in possibly destructive relationships at moment.

                      i mean at present George/Dylan is only other option not sure if anyone wants to read about them or if they even like going out on dinner dates lol


  3. what we make of Bea basically saying Blue appears perfect but underneath is just plain Bitter.

    she is the one who called him and Gervais sexual predators and the one who deliberately set out to make sure Clara would not have time for Blue.

    she is just a cow (That is the nicest thing I can say about Bea really)

    Liked by 1 person

          1. I don’t mind snarky as I speak fluent snark and sarcasm. However, she has not yet earned the right to be snarky to Blue. She has to properly apologize to Blue and be back in the gang’s good graces before she can be snarky.

            Liked by 1 person

  4. HOLY FUCK! HOLY SHIT!! HOLY MOLY!!! HOLY MACARONI!!!! Run Sam run. The RUE stans are coming for you. Holy shit they gonna chop you up and throw you in the sea. ROBIN MIGHT HAVE A CRUSH ON BIRCH -dead-

    CURTIS & GERVIS?!?!? -deceased-

    I have to pick my mouth up off the floor right now. Give me a

    Liked by 2 people

                1. true altho that was part Gervais fault in a way as it was like he had one boyfriend between Blue snd Jesse where Blue dealt with the emotional stuff and Jesse got fun stuff while Blue wanted what was fair i.e the whole package.

                  Liked by 2 people

      1. I think he is a fool lol. Who would not want Andy of all guys watching them cook. The hugs of appreciation while u cool and the praise and the feels on the ass? Are you kidding? I guess our cook failed lol He has a few issues mhm mhm.


  5. RUE supporters might be a little ticked off right now Sam you might need to go into hiding. Curtis is a little psycho. I guess since Chris is acting decent we needed a new one. I don’t foresee Andy with him too long. Gervais’ dad can eat a bag of dicks. Love how Chris and Bea brought store bought stuff so they couldn’t poison everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hmm. Curtis is going off the deep end. I can’t imagine Gervais knew anything about his dad’s obviously double life. Yikes.

    Obviously Bea isn’t quite ready to entirely play nice as her comment about the cake metaphor and her description of Blue was really kinda snarky.

    Didn’t mind the needing my imagination for the foursomes. There was too many important pieces going on in this chapter to have the sex scenes. One would have distracted from the other.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. And by the way … G’s dad is even more of an asshat being around for Curtis and his mom while ignoring his biological son and leaving him to be abused at boarding school. I have a feeling Curtis won’t want to hear G’s side of things either.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. we already knew his dad was an asshole the way he would ignore Gervais and even left him at that school to get bullied and raped.

        So now appears he has a double life I guess gervais can go back to hating his father now as clearly his father does not deserve to occupy space in Gervais head and heart of missing him.

        Liked by 3 people

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