The suite saga 116

“What are you talking about? My dad never remarried.” Gervais asks terrified.

“Let’s take this into one of the bedrooms. If you can stay calm.” Robin’s mom says disgusted at the violence but intrigued by what Curtis is insinuating.

She leads Gervais into Magnus room, Blue, Robin’s dad, Curtis and Spence follow.

Andy runs in.

“What date was your graduation?” Andy asks panting.

Curtis replies with a confused look on his face.

“Was that yours?” Andy asks Gervais and Gervais nods even more confused.

Blue gasps.

“What kind of man would do that?” Blue asks.

“Oh honey.” Robin’s mom says and pulls Gervais to her.

“Can someone explain everything please?” Robin’s dad asks.

“Gervais dad dated Curtis mom for 10 years or so and was fully involved in Curtis life. He blew off Gervais high school graduation because Curtis mom threw a fit that he wasn’t going to Curtis college one. That is who your mother is a manipulative bitch who thinks her 22 year old adult son needed her boyfriend at his graduation and Gervais should be left alone at 17.” Andy spits unable to stay calm.

“And Gervais got his revenge, didn’t even let us know he’d died. We only found out when he didn’t come back from his tour. Not including us in the funeral was unforgivable. Being cut out of the will was one thing but keeping us away from the funeral was low.” Curtis spits.

“Did you know Gervais existed? Because he had no idea about you.” Blue says.

“Right. How can he not know?” Curtis spits.

“He had no idea. None of us did.” Robin’s mom says still holding an inconsolable Gervais.

“But you knew about him. How could your mom be with a man who left his son to fend for himself, who sent him away every school break. All those holidays did you not wonder where he was?” Andy asks disgusted.

“Why would I? It’s normal for him to be with his mom. His dad would have been alone otherwise. Not his fault his bitter ex got custody.” Curtis says.

“He said Gervais mom had custody and was bitter?” Blue asks incredulous.

“No. He never mentioned her.” Curtis says.

“Gervais doesn’t have a mom. She died in childbirth.” Blue says.

“Holy shit. I’m sorry but it’s not my fault. I had no idea. I still don’t see why you would exclude us from the funeral though.” Curtis says.

“We did everything Gervais dad asked in his funeral plan. We put notices in the paper and in the newsletter for the base. None of the men who came mentioned you or your mom. We talked to all of them.” Blue says.

“And there was no provision in the will and we followed the full legal protocol. We put notices in multiple newspapers and we tried to find any family. Nothing came up on your mom or you.” Robin’s mom says worried she might have missed something.

“How much?” Chris asks leaning in the doorway,

“Sorry?” Curtis asks.

“How much were you going to try and take Gervais for?” Chris asks again.

“I wasn’t. I’m mad about the funeral.” Curtis says.

“Maybe you saw those notices my wife put in the papers and maybe you looked up the will and spent some time doing research and this is your scam.” Robin’s dad says.

“Exactly. Gervais dad was thorough. Gervais has known since he was very young there were instructions in event of death. Even if his dad was feeling guilty about all the things he missed he still could have put a provision in the will for your mom, if your story was true.” Chris says.

Curtis looks from Chris to Blue and is freaked out by the similarity. He can’t believe there are two of them.

“And the lawyer never mentioned you and he was friends with both Gervais parents.” Blue says.

Gervais isn’t taking anything in. He isn’t sure who is right and what it all means. Either his dad was a giant cunt to him even more than he thought or he’s attracted another gold-digger who is stomping on Andy to get to him.

“Curtis you need to just fuck off.” Andy says.

“I can prove it. You’ll all regret calling me a liar.” Curtis says and stomps off.

“Are you okay?” Blue asks Gervais.

“I don’t know. I think I best go home.” Gervais says.

“Lets all go have some cake.” Blue says.

“There better be lots left.” Andy says getting up.

“Thanks for what you said. I think Curtis is telling the truth but a golddigger while distressing is less heartbreaking.” Blue says to Chris.

“I know. I just don’t trust that guy.” Chris says.

“Me either.” Andy says.

“I’m sorry it didn’t work out.” Blue says.

“There are other asses.” Andy says.

The party is thinning out.

“Cheryl, Willow I’m pleased for you.” Blue says.

“Keep it quiet. Ocean doesn’t know yet, it is very early days.” Cheryl says.

“What was Curtis so mad about?” Willow asks.

Blue gives a condensed version.

“Well I’ll have to fire him. Getting violent like that, at the party of some of my best customers.” Cheryl says.

“Blue I liked the carrot cake. Munch munch munch.” Ocean says appearing with a piece in each hand.

“Oh boy I’m sorry. I didn’t plan on feeding him so much sugar.” Blue laughs.

“We’ll wrap them up for tomorrow. See you Thursday.” Cheryl says with a laugh.

“I’m going to take Gervais home.” DeShawn says.

Robin is hugging his family good bye and Blue is packing up the leftovers. He takes small satisfaction that Robin’s mom’s meatballs were all eaten and Curtis has loads left.

“We’re off thanks for inviting us.” Bea says.

“No problem. We’ll catch up soon.” Blue says.

“Call me as soon as you hear anything on the Gervais situation. I know I shat on him but he doesn’t deserve this. Not now.” Chris says.

“You should call him, he needs friends right now. I’ll let you know what happens.” Blue says and hugs them both, Blue is surprised at how easily he is letting go all the bad feelings he had for his siblings and how he has forgiven them.

Spence, Andy, Robin, Birch, Blue, Magnus and Grant sit round the table and Magnus cracks open a bottle and pours shots for all.

“Despite the drama thanks for a kick ass party. I had no idea my family were coming or that I needed to see them so much.” Robin says.

“I’m glad you had a good time and can’t believe we have so much cake.” Grant says.

“Everyone brought food and we all filled up too early.” Birch says.

“It was all great.” Magnus says.

Blue and Spence start clearing away more of the dishes and Andy and Birch look at each other and grin. They grab a piece of cake each and shove it in the guys faces from begin. Robin bursts out laughing and shoves a piece in Grant and Magnus pie holes.

Grant looks at Robin and he ends up face first in the remains. They are all crying with laughter.

“I think the birthday boy needs some kisses.” Blue says and picks Robin up and kisses him against the wall.

“Fuck my boyfriend is so hot.” Birch says watching and getting hard.

“Yes he is. Is it okay if he consoles me over Curtis tonight?” Andy asks.

“Sure if he wants to. We’ve had such a hot weekend.” Birch says and kisses Andy full on the mouth.

Magnus sighs at the sight and realizes Andy is single. He pulls off his shirt and picks up a small piece of cake.

“You got some room for a little more?” Magnus asks Andy holding the cake at his navel.

Andy grins and kisses Magnus gently on the lips before kissing down his body until he’s on his knees and eating the cake, licking each of Magnus fingers.

“You got any more for me?” Andy asks and trembling Magnus unbuttons his fly and Andy begins to tease with his tongue.

Birch has joined Blue and Robin and they’re sharing a threeway kiss.

“Want some fun?” Spence asks Grant.

“Oh hell yeah.” Grant says not taking his eyes off Robin, his dick is throbbing watching his friend kissing Blue and Birch.

Spence leans in and as his tongue flicks into Grant’s mouth Grant forgets all about Robin. He runs his hands over Spence’s shoulder muscles and groans, grabs Spence’s face and kisses him back deeply.

Blue lifts Robin on to the kitchen counter and he and Birch continue to shower Robin with kisses. They’re nicely buzzed and Robin is loving the attention again.

“Another birthday BJ.” Robin groans pushing Birch’s head down. Birch grins and gets Robin undressed. Robin is hard and dripping and ready for Birch’s hot mouth.

Blue cuddles his boyfriend from behind and undoes his jeans and starts to play with his pretty uncut dick.

“Suck me baby.” Birch moans looking down. Robin pushes Birch back in place and Blue sinks to the floor.

Andy is loving the thick cock of Magnus, His hands are kneading at Magnus cheeks to push him deeper in his throat. Magnus is in ecstasy. He has had head before but never so publically, Blue, Birch and Robin are a super sexy group. He briefly looks at Spence shirtless but doesn’t want to catch sight of his brother.

“Switch.” Birch says to Blue, pulling his boyfriend up off the floor. Robin is a little disappointed then looks down at Birch sucking Blue and groans, so hot.

“I want to taste you.” Magnus says.

“Lets go get more comfortable.” Andy says and Magnus grins and throws Andy over his shoulder and takes him to his room. He throws Andy on his bed and takes off his clothes.

“Wow you are super sexy.” Magnus says.

“Worship me baby.” Andy grins.

Magnus groans at the sexy sight in front of him and begins to lick and kiss Andy everywhere but his dick. He nestles in to his pits taking a good sniff and licking gently. Andy grins and ruffles Magnus hair, he loves this sort of attention and moans gently to encourage Magnus to keep going.

“You smell amazing.” Magnus says.

“It’s been a long day.” Andy says.

“You’re so fucking masculine.” Magnus says and moves down to lick at Andy’s balls and taint. Magnus loves that Andy is totally letting him explore and is really enjoying all that Andy has. He lifts Andy’s feet to his mouth and sucks his toes before kissing up his thighs, burying his face in Andy’s crotch before going to town on Andy’s cock.

“Move up, I want you too.” Andy says and Magnus obliges, he is throbbing like crazy and needs attention.

Andy is feeling good and sexy, Magnus is so much more than he expected. A brilliant palate cleanser after Curtis. He pushes thoughts of Curtis out his head, he cannot deal with that at all right now. Magnus fat cock is magnificent and he knows he’s going to ride it like crazy sometime. His hands run over Magnus muscular butt and feels sheer glee. Magnus is going to give him a lot of fun.

Magnus leans back and howls as he comes down Andy’s throat and then moves straight back to finishing Andy off.

“Fuck man you’re great.” Andy says.

“Thanks. You two. Wow I love your body, your smell. Everything.” Magnus says grinning like crazy.

“Want to go on a date this week?” Andy asks.

“Yes. I have a charity dinner on Wednesday, can you come?” Magnus asks.

“What do I need to wear?” Andy asks.

“You can borrow a tux from Grant.” Magnus says.

“Mmmm it’ll be like I have James Bond on my arm, yes please.” Andy says.


Grant’s eyes pop out of his head as Spence deep throats his dick and he watches Robin do the same to Birch. Shit, since when did Robin suck cock?

“Oh fuck.” Grant moans as Spence ups the pace.

“Lets switch.” Spence says wanting some attention.

“Oh yeah.” Grant says. They end up on the floor sucking on each other like no tomorrow. Fuck it’s good.

Robin cums hard with Birch deep in his throat setting off a chain reaction as Birch fills Robin’s throat as he sucks all that Blue can shoot.




114 thoughts on “The suite saga 116

  1. OMG another awesome chapter and so goddamned hot too. You have spoiled me so much with more BBR. I love the dynamic between the three of them. I just hope there are no storm clouds on the horizon for the trio due to Robin’s crush on Birch. I hope it doesn’t lead into another fracture between Blue and Birch because they are my Suite Saga OTP now, ha ha ha. And I hope it doesn’t lead to any self-destructive issues for Robin. He generally has a good head on his shoulders and has been a good friend outside of the Emilie drama. I like the three of them having their casual trio-ness.

    Andy-Magnus is interesting. I wonder where that will or won’t go after Magnus gets dicked? Glad Curtis is already being pushed out, even if he seems to be becoming our new antagonist. Why is he so needy and bitchy about it? It seems like a pretty strange way for him to move into the group if he was scamming, but I guess we shall see. It’s hard to put anything past Gervais’ dick head father at this point. Actually, I guess now we can see in even greater relief where Gervais gets a lot of his characteristics from. They might not express things the same way, but it definitely seems they both like to victim-blame and construct fantasies to hide away from the realities of what they have done.

    I really do hope we get to see more of good Chris (and Bea). I really, really want to see him get redemption now.

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      1. I do enjoy goin to the beach. I live about 20 mins away from Tybee Island. I don’t know how to swim though so i think i fail the beach boy qualifications. I am an epic beach volleyball player though and I love staring at all the guys. XD

        Liked by 1 person

        1. i don’t swim either but i do love sitting at the beach watching the waves crash, watching the guys surf or play beach volleyball 🙂

          my state in Australia probably has the best beaches in Australia 🙂


  2. Wow! Thanks Sam!

    It’ll take me a while to cool down from that chapter!

    Robin is sure to remember this birthday forever. He certainly is going with the flow with being bi.

    “Chillow”. Sure, they have been under the radar, and I hope they are good for each other. No cat fights with the other girls I hope. Those are nasty!

    Curtis sure has a lot to process, whether he is truthful or scamming, there are a lot of questions.

    Glad someone took Gervais home. He will be a mess, but at least he has the upper hand here and knows friends are moving forward and supporting him through this. Still not forgiven surely, but no one should ignore him for this…he didn’t bring this one on.

    How did Curtis know who Gervais was? Did he have a photo of him or something? Is that the proof that Curtis was threatening?

    So much for the cake metaphors.

    Chris? He still has a lot of work to do, but at least he is being supportive…that will go a long way. Bea STILL hasn’t apologized. Hopefully a lunch or coffee or something will give her that opportunity soon.

    Thanks again for a great chapter Sam! I am craving the next one!

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  3. OMG Loved loved loved this chapter. Sure there was a dramatic part and we learned that Gervais’s dad was a major ass. Spending more time with the older boy then his son who had a ton of issues going on at the time.

    But the sex OMG what a scene I still want just one day with Andy hell I want one day with all of them. I want BBR and I and then I want Andy. Then I want my day with Spence… Wow what a few days that would be…

    Glad to see Chris and Bea trying to work things out with Blue even tho Bea has a way to go yet… Chris at least showed he does have somewhat of a heart in his greedy body…

    Cheryl and Willow I have expected for a little while now. And Blue just puts it all out there LOL…

    Curtis what an asshat not much else to say about him. So Gervais’s dad told them about Gervais but didn’t tell Gervais about them what an ass…

    Great chapter Sam loved every minute of it… As a matter of fact the last 3 chapters have been super awesome. I am happy to see Robin having such a good time and exploring this side of himself more.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. i think Chris and Bea nastiness when first meeting Blue was due to Paul and Lana maybe more Paul he just seems like a douche on many levels and seems only too happy to rip off both Clara and his two children.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel that way to I mean Paul seems like a douche. Wonder if he’s related to Gervais’ dad? Nope take that back then B&G would be kin and then they can’t be together then my heart will break and I’d quit reading and im going on a rant


            1. I’ll have a think. Maybe his mom mailed something as the party invite was last minute or he’ll get an account balance and see a nice deposit. His sisters made gingerbread.


  4. Maybe both? He is real, but he wants his fate share? Robin needs to realize that once you enjoy sucking cock, you can’t call yourself straight anymore…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course he can, straight (or gay) is just a preference, which means he preferres woman and is attracted to them. That doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy gay sex or fall for person of the same sex.

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Yes, he is going to be one confused wreck if Curtis is for real. I don’t know what sort of therapy will help him with this if it is legit. At least friends are supportive of him now, even after all that has happened.

              Liked by 2 people

  5. Please tell me Birch/Robin aren’t going to hurt Blue. I think Robin has figured out he has a much bigger gay side than he has ever admitted. But he and Birch just can’t hurt Blue.

    This was a totally hot chapter!! Andy is so damn hot!! God I bet it was so hot for Magnus getting to suck his toes. And Spence and Grant are so hot!! Yea this was a two load chapter lol!!


    1. A chapter of 2 halves, the Gervais stuff is super sad even if you hate him and the second half needed to be lighter. The race is on to see which brother rides a nice cock first.


      1. If I had Andy in bed, I would ride him til his balls turned inside out lol. I’m so ready for Robin to slide his dick into Blue. He needs to feel that tight, hot, feeling that can only be found in one place! He will be hooked!

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        1. Always the smut with you😈😈😈 I think Andy and Magnus will have a lot of fun. Whatever stick was blocking Magnus arse before reconnecting with Spence is gone and he’s ready to go go go.


          1. Having been on the outside until this point (he and Bea were just brought back tonight)…Chris has a unique perspective being sly/manipulative himself from the past and seeing Curtis for the first time. He might see something others may not see because they know Curtis a bit more.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. I suppose that is true. I am just glad there isn’t a huge mess with Curtis…he can easily be cut out from the group with no ties (maybe legal ones or whatever with. Gervais, if that is in fact true, but no love affairs or crushes or whatever…Andy will move on)


                1. Even if Curtis’s claims are true, there shouldn’t be any legal ties between Curtis and Gervais. Their parents never married and Gervais was the biological child so Curtis and his mom basically have no claim to Gervais’s inheritance. Gervais followed all of his fathers instructions for his burial plan and did all the required legal notices for probate so he should be in the clear there too.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. I hope so. They were quite thorough…I do remember that. I am very curious as to the threats Curtis implied there though. I hope they don’t amount to anything.


                    1. I can see Curtis turning up with a photo album of the “happy family” with pictures from birthdays, holidays, vacations, etc. Then he’ll really see the boys & Cheryl go momma bear on his ass for not only getting violent but going out of his way to rub salt in the wounds.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Curtis can’t win and that’s okay. Gervais will never get to unravelling his sexual relationships in therapy as the complexities of the relationship with his dad deepen


                  2. Yeah I made sure to mention the legal steps at the time and Gervais having to wait on the money etc to make sure there was no comeback and for him to be sure there were no relatives lurking.

                    Liked by 1 person

      2. Lol a cat fight? Cute little ole me? Nope. I’m too adorable for bruises haha (except in the bedroom). Lewis can let his claws speak for him. I’ll let my beautiful ass, dirty mind, and the aroma of fresh baked choco chip cookies speak for me. 😉

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    1. Aww its nice for Robin to have a crush and some willing playmates. Just imagine that they switched multiple times and Robin took Blue deep down his throat.


        1. I’m sorry. I think it’s cute and I’m sure he’ll find a new girlfriend soon and forget Birch. I think Birch caring for Blue is a big turn on for Robin, he’s crushing on the man who takes care of his best friend.

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      1. his motives do not matter to me really he has shown he has a physically violent streak now so no matter what he says afer that does not deserve any understanding or forgiveness.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. since I am a non violent type myself more a pasivist I never give violent people second chances.

            Others in your series i have given second chances to as I believe people can redeem themselves but Curtis is dead to me no matter what now.

            For gervais who is very small and frail and weak himself this would of been quite distressing 😦

            Liked by 1 person

            1. The time Peter punched Alexander I really wrestled with whether they could/should come back from it as I’m a no second chances when it comes to nonconsensual violence. Andy was over it already so no dilemma about Curtis being gone.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. we are all unaminous on that front while sometimes the scheming types can be reformed the violent types deserve to be thrown into another dimension lol


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