The suite saga 117

Blue is snuggled on Birch’s chest in bed on Monday night, Birch is sniffing Blue’s hair which smells faintly of chlorine.

“Did you swim today?” Birch asks,

“Yeah after classes. Need to get rid of all that cake.” Blue giggles.

“I love your body. All strong.” Birch says.

“I won’t have my summer of chopping wood and digging up hard earth to get it in shape.” Blue says.

“I don’t think you’ll run to mush. I’d still love you if you did.” Birch says.

“I had a lot of fun this weekend. Lots but can we dial back the group stuff for a while?” Blue asks.

“I was going to ask the same. I love all your friends and all they have to offer but I like it just us a whole lot more.” Birch says.

Blue kisses Birch’s chest, he loves when they switch up their sleeping position, he feels all protected and safe.

“Gervais is going to need me in the next few weeks. I hate that I’ve been sucked back in but whether his dad had a double life or Curtis is trying to scam him he will need me and it has to be me because I was the one who was there through his dads death.” Blue says.

“I know baby it’s a horrible situation. Give him all the time he needs. I’ll be here.” Birch says.

“You’re the bestest boyfriend.” Blue says and snuggles tightly into Birch’s arms.

Birch kisses Blue on the head and squeezes him tightly. He seems to always be involved in some drama or other and Birch wants to hold him until it all goes away. The weekend was a lot of fun, not just the playing around, although Robin was a revelation, as was Spence taking each of them like a champ and begging for more. The party was great, nice to have the kids there as well as Robin’s friends. Blue’s cakes were crazy such a departure from his usual rustic style. Birch grins to himself feeling lucky his boyfriend is so talented.

Blue, Andy and Robin have lunch together the following day.

“Curtis has called a lot, blaming me for Cheryl firing him. I pointed out that he attacked Gervais and she had to fire him for that but he’s back to Gervais being the devil who ruined his mom’s life.” Andy says.

“It’s weird. His dad kept his will and his death plan for want of a better phrase up to date, I mean it was changed to acknowledge Gervais was in college and where. It wasn’t like he just forgot to update and include them. He didn’t leave a letter requesting that he pass on any money to them. He was super thorough in everything.” Blue says.

“So you think Curtis was out to scam him somehow?” Robin asks.

“No I think maybe his mom didn’t mean as much to Gervais dad as Curtis thought. Although that story about graduation doesn’t fit.” Blue says.

“From all we and my mom have worked out, Gervais dad was very much in love with his wife and her death broke his heart irreparably, He held that torch for his wife his whole life and he would do anything to preserve that including denying his girlfriend of a decade to his son and colleagues.” Robin says.

“So somewhere in the middle? She had to know though, Curtis mom about the dead wife, that Gervais was alone. She stopped him from seeing Gervais or didn’t encourage him to see him. Remember parents weekend that Gervais was excited his dad finally seemed interested and was going to come and then made an excuse? They really seemed to be building a relationship again and you have to wonder if that was because he was going through a rough patch with his girlfriend.” Andy says.

“Gervais and I have had a tough run but I am fully there for him on this. I know you guys were trying to make sure he had someone around every day before he got sick, we’re going to have to continue that or similar.” Blue says.

“Oh for sure. My family life was bad but I had Roe and Robin’s mom was there if I needed her. The reality of him having no one was always so difficult to comprehend, that his dad chose to be with some other kid is beyond heart-breaking.” Andy says.

“My dad said mom has barely stopped crying since they left. If she was the girlfriend, Gervais is going to feel obligated to give her money. How do we protect him?” Robin asks.

“I’m going to see if we can get an appointment with Gervais lawyer. He should be able to facetime or something. I think we need to be reassured everything is watertight and find out if there was any mention of her or any off the record provision for her or Curtis.” Blue says.

“That sounds smart. He can afford to give something, I just worry if he does they’ll be back and back and back.” Robin says.

“Agreed.” Andy says.

“Just when we thought things were calming down.” Blue sighs.

“Have you spoken to Clara about this?” Andy asks.

“Not yet. Nor about talking to Chris again.” Blue says.

“I honestly couldn’t believe that they both behaved themselves. I swear I saw Chris kiss you when I was blowing out the candles.” Robin says.

“I think he has taken this long to process everything. I think he cast me as Richie Rich in his head and it took him a long time to understand that I was more like Mowgli.” Blue laughs.

“Without even a wolf to keep you in line.” Andy laughs.

“So you do trust Chris now?” Gervais asks.

“No, I’ll be cautious but I do believe he genuinely wants us to try. He’s so contradictory, sometimes he’s a monster and other times a decent human.” Blue says.

“Be careful. You can’t just brush aside what he tried to do to you. That was a deliberate premeditated act. Trying to get you expelled wasn’t like bitching and biting at each other.” Andy says.

“I know. I also know how much it sucks to lose Gervais out the blue and can see where that tipped him over the edge. I’m not making excuses for him or his past actions, they were awful but I have a little empathy.” Blue says.

“And Bea?” Robin asks.

“She hasn’t apologized yet. I said we should meet up but I’m going to leave it to her.” Blue says.

“Did you talk to her Robin?” Andy asks.

“Nah. Don’t want to get dragged back to that crazy.” Robin says.

“When did you start sucking dick?” asks Andy with a grin.

“Friday.” Robin says a smirk.

“Why do I keep missing out on major sexploits? Tell me everything.” Andy says.

“Blue wanted to give me a birthday treat and accepted. He and Birch did such a good job that wanted to thank them.” Robin says straight faced.

“So hot. My god you two holding out on me.” Andy says delighted with the news.

“And how was Magnus?” Blue asks.

“Magnificent. Just oral so far but realty great. He’s great. I thought he’d be all prim but he cannot get enough of my pits, taint, feet. I have no idea how he kept his vcard.” Andy says.

“You clearly plan to take it.” Robin says.

“If he wants me to. He’s taking me to a fancy charity dinner. I think he goes all the time. I’m excited.” Andy says.

“Won’t it be boring?” Blue asks.

“Well I bet there will be champagne and I doubt they’ll card and I love me some fancy food.” Andy says.

“You’re thinking it’ll be like gossip girl.” Blue laughs.

“Well if I get to go home with Chuck Bass I’m down.” Andy grins.

“And Spence is okay with it?” Robin asks.

“I hope so, he rejected Magnus before they got going so I don’t see that it will be an issue.” Andy says.

“What’s happening with you and Grant?” Blue asks Robin.

“We’re just friends. Always. He likes me but it’s not returned and I’ve always been clear on that. I’m about ready to get back out there. We had a couple of girls Saturday night and it was fun but I want something more serious.” Robin says.

“Good. I think you’re best with a girlfriend. I miss Robin and Jenna.” Andy says.

“Me too. I was so lucky with her and threw it away. Not that we could have managed long distance.” Robin says.

“Anyone on the horizon?” Blue asks.

“I’m heading back to robot club a few of the girls were cute and calmer than my recent choices. I’ve not been since Jesse, there are some nice girls there who might be good for me.” Robin says.

“No more dating multiple girls then?” Andy asks.

“Nah. I want someone I can take on dates with Blue and Birch and bring to Sunday dinner and get to know everyone without it being a big drama, with you guys being able to chat with her without worrying about letting it slip about someone else.” Robin says.

“I would love to be able to double with you.” Blue says.

“Well give me a few weeks and I’m certain I’ll be back to myself and dating someone. It’s been such a weird year. I cannot wait for Australia. We need to have a planning session.” Robin says.

“Sounds good.” Blue says.

“I’m not listening.” Andy laughs.

Later Blue drops by the apartment to see Gervais. As Gervais went back to class today and Blue figures he’ll be too tired to do much so has brought him some soup.

“Hey I know you’re probably sick of soup but I haven’t had the time to make anything else.” Blue says.

“Your soup is not like canned.” Gervais says.

“You look a bit better.” Blue says.

“I had some of your cake at lunch, the carrot one and it was awesome. Picked me up for the rest of the day.” Gervais grins.

“Glad to help. I can’t believe I made 3 cakes.” Blue laughs.

“Robin has been good to us. It was nice to see his family too.” Gervais says.

“I think you should call your lawyer and set up a call with him. I’ll sit in on it. I want you to be fully sure of your legal position and if he knew anything about Curtis and his mom.” Blue says.

“Thanks. Ugh I still rely on you so much. I’ll email him now and I’ll text you when he gives a time.” Gervais says.

“You get your transfer?” Blue asks.

“Yes, you?” Gervais asks.

“Yes, thank fuck we only have a few more weeks here and can have a fresh start without losing our friends.” Blue says.

“Andy too?” Gervais asks.

“He didn’t say at lunch.” Blue says.

“Do you think Curtis told the truth? That my dad blew me off for him all the time?” Gervais asks.

“Babe I don’t want to think about it. It is too heartbreaking.” Blue says.

“If it’s true I want to meet her. I want to know who my dad was.” Gervais says quietly.

“Are you not angry?” Blue asks.

“Oh for sure. We found out my dad was overseas from a fucking note, Curtis probably got a good bye dinner. That’s what hurts the most, I got to say goodbye at the funeral but he got to say goodbye in person and he sees me as the monster.” Gervais says tears falling uncontrollably. Blue holds him close and the both cry and cry.

Blue steps by the bathroom to wash his face before leaving. He hates leaving Gervais like this but Robin is here for once and will stay with him.

“Hey I got my place. I’m out of here.” Andy grins.

“Me and Gervais too.” Blue says.

“Me four.” Robin says.

“Really?” Blue asks with a grin.

“Yeah I saw Andy’s application and sent in mine and got it. I am so ready to be somewhere else.” Robin says.

“G you’re taking us all for lobster. Robin and Andy are switching schools too.” Blue says popping his head back in to Gervais room.

“I’ll make a booking.” Gervais says with a smile. He wants to treat his friends to a night out to thank them for looking after him.


Wednesday night Andy heads to Magnus and Grant’s place to get ready for the charity dinner. Spence has leant him some nice shoes and Grant’s tux fits him just fine.

“You look so handsome.” Andy says his eyes wide as Magnus comes out.

“You too sexy.” Magnus says thinking Andy has really scrubbed up well.

Years of being Spence’s boyfriend mean that Andy is totally confident with the event, happily engaging in small talk with anyone he is introduced to before dinner and is utterly charming over dinner. Magnus parents are very impressed. They hate that Magnus is gay but will always support him publically. They had strong hopes that a relationship with Spence would make life much easier and were disappointed that it came to nothing. Andy is a surprise hit.

“Wow you were something tonight.” Magnus says in the cab back.

“You look so fucking good, I had to make you proud.” Andy says.

“Oh you were so impressive.” Magnus says.

“So were you, all those people and you remembered all the names. You are a networking machine. I can see why Spence hates those events but I can see why you’re there.” Andy says.

“Thanks. I have put a lot of guys off with these events but I got to a lot, 2 to 6 a month. Sometimes like tonight my parents are there which also freaks guys out but you were amazing with them.” Magnus says.

“So I passed the test.” Andy says.

“Yeah. It’s not a test exactly but a hurdle. Like who you date has to get on with all your friends, and deal with Spence being a close friend of yours.” Magnus says.

“True. Dealing with my friendships with Spence and Blue is not going to be easy for many guys.” Andy says.

“So I pass your test.” Magnus grins.

“Look I dived in to the Curtis thing without thinking and it was a fucking disaster. I like you but I want to take it slow.” Andy admits.

“Sounds good to me. I felt burned by Spence, like you I threw myself all in without getting to know who Spence is now. You and I are very different but we’re both smart and pretty extrovert. I am comfortable in your world of clubs and parties with friends and you proved yourself tonight in my world.” Magnus says.

“Well opposites worked for me and Spence.” Andy says.

“So lets see where this goes.” Magnus says.

“Okay.” Andy says with a grin.


On Thursday morning Blue and Gervais grab one of the study rooms in the dorm and call Gervais lawyer.

Blue outlines what Curtis told them.

“Did he mention her? Did he intend to leave anything to her?” Gervais asks.

“There was a provision in a previous version of his will. He revised it later. I figured it was over and didn’t feel the need to add to your confusion and grief.” The lawyer says.

“When did he change it?” Blue asks wondering if it had ended earlier.

“Just over a year before he died. In the May.” The lawyer says.

“Around the time you graduated.” Blue says.

“Yeah. I guess that fight really changed things.” Gervais says.

“I wonder if it was an ultimatum, his money or his time.” Blue speculates.

“That sounds like my dad. Did he pay her rent or mortgage before then?” Gervais asks.

“I don’t know. You could look through the bank statements you have of his.” The lawyer says.

“I will. Thank-you. I like to think that he knew he was fucking me over and made that change to acknowledge it. Money doesn’t make up for anything but I can use it for our dreams.” Gervais says.

“Thanks for not adding to Gervais stress at the time. Did you reach out and tell her he had died?” Blue asks.

“I made sure that the newspaper notices included her area. I know people don’t read newspapers anymore but most people know a busybody who will pass along bad news.” The lawyer says.

“That was good. I feel less guilty now. Actually I don’t give a shit. It’s like with your family, they knew about you but didn’t give a shit. She knew about me but never bothered to meet me. My dad treated her son well, but she didn’t do the same for me.” Gervais says.

“Some anger would be healthy for you babe.” Blue says.

“For both of us.” Gervais says.

“I’m glad to be of help. Call if you need anything else.” The lawyer says.

“Thank-you you’ve been such a help this year.” Gervais smiles.





58 thoughts on “The suite saga 117

  1. Thank you for all of this. I haven’t commented, but have caught up through this chapter. Is there additional Suite chapters past 117 or do we jump right into ‘A New Blue?’ Only asking because I’ve loved this story so much that I don’t want to peek ahead if it’s not the right order.

    Thanks, again, for this wonderful story.


    1. Yup there’s 118-123 which is summer 1, then summer 2-5, blue, Andy, Gervais and Spence have summer chapters by name, 132-136 and then it moves to a new blue. Shout if you need links. I need to sort the menu but it keeps breaking.


      1. YES! It’s a request, a prayer, an offer, a desire, an entreaty lol. Curtis ain’t know how to handle someone as manly and eager to play as Andy and Magnus needs a long walk on the wild side and I am just the one to give it to him. 😉

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  2. Interesting that there was a provision for the girlfriend in the version of the will that was changed right around that fateful graduation date. We’ll never know why it was changed, but I’m glad he cut her out of the will. I’m sorry, but he had to have told her what his other plans were when she gave him that ultimatum. Even though he was an asshat that neglected and ignored Gervais he took care of him in his death. It was good of the lawyer making sure some of the announcements were in papers for her area. That’s more than he really had to do, but at least he put the information in her path. Not his fault she didn’t see and/or act on it.

    I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll see of Curtis as he’s playing the same blame everyone else game that Chris was earlier. However, with his violent streak he may be a bit more dangerous. The boys should be on guard.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i loved how Bea’s non-apology is being brought up. I mean Chris gave Blue a proper apology and it meant everything even to Blue having some real empathy to his situation who would of thought that previously. 🙂

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  4. Great job Sam! Loved BB! Andy and Magnus – – how long before Andy realizes he just replaced Spence with someone similar? Glad B&G are getting along!


  5. Great chapter Sam. Loving the Andy& Magnus (Mandy?) Pairing. So glad blue is there to help Gervais. Really happy four of the boys got the transfer now only if Spence does all five of them could leave the evil college. Could it be possible Robin is more excited about Australia since Birch is going? I wouldn’t mind going down under with Andy the only drawback is I can’t bake😢.

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