The suite saga 118

Gervais heads to yoga with Deke and Birch on Thursday, Blue and Willow are already there for the advanced class.

“Are you up for this?” Birch asks Deke.

“I doubt I can do much but it’ll be nice to see the kids and I’ll stick to wrangling them.” Gervais laughs.

“You should have gone to the police on Curtis, your neck is so bruised.” Deke says shocked at Gervais appearance.

“That would just cause more mess. Plus we were all drinking and I don’t want anyone to get in trouble.” Gervais says.

“Well at least Andy found out he was violent before he got too far in.” Deke says.

“It wasn’t going anywhere anyway.” Birch says.

“Yeah Andy’s already moved on to Magnus.” Gervais says.

After class they filter back to the café, Curtis is sat in a booth with Cheryl.

“Hey Ocean lets go back upstairs and you can teach me some gymnastics.” Deke says and the others give him a grin.

Birch and Blue sit either side of Gervais and each put an arm around him. He’s trembling and pale as snow. Willow sits next to Cheryl. Blue can’t help but smile as they look cute together.

“What is it you want from me?” Gervais asks putting on a brave front.

Birch and Blue squeeze him to let him know he has their support.

“I need to prove that it is true. That your dad was my mom’s partner for a decade.” Curtis says.

“To what end? What are you trying to get from me?” Gervais asks.

“Look.” Curtis says holding up his tablet and showing Gervais picture after picture.

“Stop it.” Blue says and Cheryl wrestles the machine from Curtis hands.

“I just needed him to see.” Curtis says.

“Why? Why do you have to cause him so much pain? He lost his dad. He didn’t just lose him when he died, he lost every moment you stole from him. So answer him. WHAT DO YOU WANT?” Blue bellows at him.

“My mom knows he planned to leave her some money. I want an apology for not including us in the funeral and I want what she’s due.” Curtis says.

Gervais wipes his eyes and sits up. Blue’s shouting has re-energized him.

“I knew that my dad was seeing someone. I suspected about several someone’s over the years, Blue will tell you. But I also know that he wasn’t seeing your mom before he died. I know they broke up over a year before he died and he had cut you both out of his life. You are owed nothing. And it was ever me who screwed your mom out of an inheritance. It was you. He cut you both out of his will when you had the hissy fit over graduation. When he found out I didn’t go to mine and there weren’t even pictures he was upset. I was mad as hell at him because it was his fault. Not that I wanted to spend a minute more in that hell hole than I had to.” Gervais says.

“I am so proud of you.” Blue whispers in Gervais ear.

Curtis is silent not confirming or denying.

“That sounds like it could be the truth. We will never know for sure. But it rings true to me.” Cheryl says.

“So was this all an act? Are you really in culinary school? Did you try and muscle in to Gervais friendship group?” Birch asks.

“Yeah was our friendship just a means to an end?” Willow asks hurt and feeling guilty that she brought Curtis into their lives.

“It’s all real, I’m in culinary school, I was placed here. I had no clue that Andy’s friend Gervais was the same one. Not until I saw him at the party. I am sorry for getting physical I was just so angry when I saw you.” Curtis says.

“You’re a low life scammer. Thought you could prey on me when I’m vulnerable. You’ll never get anything from me but pity.” Gervais says.

“I think it is best that you never come back here.” Cheryl says pushing Curtis to the door.

“This isn’t going to end is it? There were other women over the years. For all I know my dad could have other kids around.” Gervais sighs.

“We’ll be here for you if it happens again and we’ll be a lot more vigilant about who we get close to.” Willow says.

“I’ve done the worst there already with Chris and Justin.” Gervais sighs.

“Those were both my fault in a way.” Blue says.

“My goodness you held your own there. When did you realize they had broken up some time ago?” Cheryl asks.

“I didn’t know for sure. I was waiting for him to call my bluff and he didn’t.” Gervais says worn out.

“Is it safe to come down?” Deke yells.

“Yes come on foods ready.” Cheryl says and goes to get the food with Willow helping.

“It all fits. Such a weird coincidence that he ended up working here and dating Andy.” Birch says.

“Yeah have to wonder if he chose to go to culinary school here in part as he knew Gervais was in school here.” Blue says.

“Yeah. I bet he planned to work in all the student food hangouts until he found me.” Gervais says.

“You name is unusual enough that he must have guessed Andy’s friend was you. Else he wouldn’t have gone warp speed.” Birch says.

“He’s out of our lives now and Gervais is safe.” Blue says.

“I can’t believe I did that.” Gervais says.

“All those times you’ve been mean to me were great practice.” Blue laughs.

“Maybe. Thanks you guys for being here for me. That has to be the end of the drama.” Gervais says.

“Agreed.” Blue says.

Ocean comes to the table and climbs over Birch to get to Gervais.

“Your neck is very sore.” Ocean says and kisses it gently.

“Thanks Ocean. You made it better.” Gervais says hugging the not so little one tight.

“You did good in class today. You’re so strong now.” Blue says.

“I am. I’m moving up two times in gymnastics.” Ocean says.

“Two levels? Wow.” Blue says.

“And I am going to try for regional squad. My coach says next year I should easy make the under 12 team.” Ocean says beaming with pride.

“Eat up so you can get stronger.” Cheryl says.

Blue slips out of his seat and follows Cheryl back to the counter.

“Are you okay with the commitment to gymnastics?” Blue asks.

“He loves it. Loves every darn second and I can’t find an objection. Spence has been so amazing helping us out as have you with the extra class. I need to increase my income and get more people working in here, I want to be able to travel to his meets and watch more practices, else I barely get to see him. I hoped having the culinary students would help but the first one hasn’t worked out.” Cheryl says.

“There will be more. Maybe you should see if they need someone to teach a veggie food unit. Hey I know, get rich parents in for baby food making and weaning classes. Or offer to do it in their homes. AB, Spence’s sister in law would know people. I know you want to keep this place as pay what you can for classes but my advanced class has worked and not impacted the others. You need more extension classes that cost for the exclusivity. Plus they’ll stay and eat kale salad after.” Blue says.

“That’s an idea. Keep them coming.” Cheryl says as they sit back down.

“Veggie kids parties. Or gluten free, nut free, whatever they need. It’s not like adult catering you’d be done early and again its something wealthier families would jump on for status.” Birch says.

“You could literally drop the food off as you do the school run.” Gervais says.

“We’ll come up with something.” Willow says.

“Or you could let me cover all the costs. I know Spence is helping and Blue has before. It would mean the world to me if you would let me cover your costs for meets. Ocean deserves to have you around.” Gervais says letting everyone fill in the blanks.

“I couldn’t.” Cheryl says.

“Yes you can. You are my life coach, my councilor and my friend. You feed me and cheer me up and you never judge me. I have a large sum of money in trust because I lost my mother and I get monthly benefits from the government because they took my father and another lump that is guilt money from him, for never being there for me. I want Ocean to never have to wonder if his mom will show. Please let me do this.” Gervais says.

“l can’t. It is a beautiful sentiment but I can’t.” Cheryl says.

“Then how about I hire you 2 hours a week to teach me to cook for the rest of semester. Being veggie is taking some work and I want to eat better. I’ll pay you $500 an hour plus the cost of ingredients. I won’t take no for an answer.” Gervais says.

“Take him up on it. We can try some of the other ideas too. Nothing can bring Gervais parents back but we can all learn from his dad’s mistakes.” Willow says calmly.

“You give and give and give. Take something for your family for once. It is what you’d encourage us to do.” Blue says.

“Thank-you. I won’t let you pay that much but we’ll work something out.” Cheryl says and gives Gervais a hug.

“Blue, Birch are you free this Saturday? Would you come for dinner at the apartment?” Gervais asks as they leave.

“We’d love to.” Birch says.

“Come by at 7.” Gervais says.

“Will you be okay tonight?” Blue asks.

“Yeah Robin is back for good now. I don’t know if he and Grant are in a fight or what but he’s keeping me company.” Gervais says.

“See you tomorrow?” Blue asks.

“No, I need to work back up to strength for climbing and clubs. Early nights for me.” Gervais says.

“Saturday then. Take care.” Blue says and kisses his cheek.

“Gervais kicked ass tonight.” Birch says in bed later.

“Right. I was so proud he stood up for himself.” Blue says.

“If your siblings can sort out their lawsuit we’ll be home free.” Birch says.

“I promise this summer with be drama free.” Blue says.

“Oh you barely go two weeks without any.” Birch says.

“More kisses.” Blue demands and Birch obliges.

“Delicious.” Birch says.

“I think we should bring back date night. I miss you showing me things, we haven’t done anything for you recently.” Blue says.

“I’m not complaining. I like your friends and their parties. I love quiet nights at home with you. I love how you made this place nice. I can’t wait to see what you do with the house.” Birch says.

“You’re not going to help?” Blue asks.

“I guess. I think doing art and being gay means that people have always assumed that I love interior design and I don’t.” Birch says.

“Fine.” Blue says feeling like Birch has poured cold water on him.

“What?” Birch asks.

“I’m not asking you to be a stereotype. I want us to make a nice home together.” Blue says.

“I’m just saying I’m not the one you want for pulling a house together.” Birch says.

“I don’t know what to do either.” Blue says.

“You turned this place into a home.” Birch says.

“Do you just see my house as somewhere to live rent free?” Blue asks.

“Stop picking a fight. You know I want to live with you and I wish you’d move back in here properly.” Birch says and Blue keeps quiet not sure why he’s so upset.

Blue has a confused day. He finishes classes and heads to the suite to do his homework and decompress. The words with Birch are playing over and over in his head. He can’t see that he did anything wrong and yet it feels like he did.

He knows in the same situation his past boyfriends would have been excited to shop for furniture and decorations. Even George would have talked about what sort of desk and chairs they should get and Austin would have talked about organic cottons and ethical wood.

Arrrrgh just because Birch isn’t interested doesn’t make him a bad boyfriend Blue tells himself. It’s because they are rushing again, Blue sees the house as them setting up home when it’s not, it is just a place to live. Blue knows he needs to take a step back.

He gives Birch a call to say he’s going to stay in tonight and get his homework done rather than hit the club. He just needs some alone time.

Blue hangs out on the roof with Tyler and some of the others from the building. It’s nice to do something low key and chat with people outside his drama.

Birch paints and paints and then heads to the club. He dances with friends and randoms and flirts like crazy. A night away from the drama is just what he needed.

Coming home to an empty bed is not what he needed. He can’t work out what happened the night before. Blue was pissed. They need to talk but yet again Blue has run away. Birch is wavering again over whether Blue is worth it.


“He’s amazing and sexy and wonderful to be with but he needs a lot of reassurance and all the drama is draining.” Birch says to Willow over brunch.

“He does a lot for you, you just have lower needs right now.” Willow says.

“I know and that’s what I said last time we were fighting.” Birch says.

“And he said he needed to keep more space. He’s taking it. If he needs some time alone why shouldn’t he take it?” Willow asks.

“He’s not taking time alone. He’s punishing me for not wanting to play house with him.” Birch says.

“And why don’t you want to? You love what he’s done to your place.” Willow asks not sure what is going on or if anyone is in the right.

“I don’t want to shop for house shit. Rich kid spending his money, its kind of obscene.” Birch says.

“Wow. You don’t respect him at all. I didn’t expect that. I’m shocked.” Willow says.

“No, no. That’s not true. I do respect him a lot. I just don’t want to be a part of some massive shopping spree.” Birch says.

“I think you’ve got him wrong. He’ll get handcrafted stuff shipped down from home and hunt out things from thrift stores. It won’t all be new shiny mass produced stuff.” Willow says.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s a designer store or goodwill it’s still a massive shopping spree on his black card with no worries.” Birch says.

“You can’t be mad or jealous of his mom being rich. Not now. You knew it going in and I didn’t see you turning down a trip to Australia or a free room.” Willow says.

“I never stopped to think about it. Not really. I thought our backgrounds were similar but they’re not.” Birch says.

“You cannot fuck with him like this. He is crazy about you and if you are not sure you need to tell him now.” Willow says feeling really bad for Blue.

“When we’re together it’s great but when he’s being a stupid little bitch I can’t deal.” Birch says.

“It doesn’t sound like that. It sounds like his feelings are hurt and he’s taking some space. He knew you’d be going to the club, he’s have been alone half the night so he stayed where he was.” Willow says.

“I just over analyze it when he’s not there.” Birch says.

“Talk to him.” Willow says.

That evening Blue and Birch arrive at the apartment separately. They haven’t spoken all day but Blue has left messages and texts. Blue is feeling lost and adrift again. He doesn’t know why he is getting the silent treatment.

“I owe you all lobster dinners so I thought I’d make it myself.” Gervais says as they sit down.

“I helped.” Andy says.

“And George.” Gervais smiles.

“Wow you’ve gone to so much trouble.” Blue says with a smile and hugs them all.

“No Magnus tonight?” Birch asks.

“No, he is off to the opera with his parents and I have my limits.” Andy laughs.

“And I didn’t want this to be a big group thing. I wanted it to be personal.” Gervais says.

“So I’m just here as Blue’s boyfriend and so can go?” Birch asks.

“What the fuck? I invited you and you accepted. What have I done?” Gervais asks.

“I’m not in the mood to pretend things are fine with Blue. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have been so rude. Have a nice evening.” Birch says.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong he won’t talk to me. I’m going to go. I’m sorry.” Blue says trying to hold back the tears and running out to try and catch Birch.

He stands in front of Birch’s car stopping him from leaving not sure what else to do.



122 thoughts on “The suite saga 118

  1. Maybe Birch should just say bye to Blue if he honestly can not compromise. Even his sister was shocked by his comments, hard I know but may be in the long run the best thing.
    As always the writer will make the best decision for his characters.
    Great read!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Croyde. I said to Ok in email that I’ve struggled a bit to get the two to click, or click for long. I felt like they were right for each other but then thought how early days should be easier and more carefree.


    2. I completely agree maybe blue and robin should go on the trip by themselves so Blue could get some down under. Or a long shot here maybe blue could take Chris with them for some brotherly bonding. No Bea though that bitch still ain’t apologized.


                1. Sam! You need to learn to let Blue be happy!! (Or take a break!) Guess Birtch isn’t going ‘down under!’ and Blue’ heart is broken again…maybe next time, share the misery! LOL!


    1. No the selection was shit for the BG presale. I don’t have o2 so going to wait for general sale Friday, as there’s no fees with barclaycard on Fridays. Are you going?


  2. Firstly I love Blue and Birch together and I’m really hating that Gervais is worming his way back in to Blue’s life. But I also hope that either Willow or Birch tells Blue about that ‘stupid little bitch’ comment.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. why won’t the guys give him a break do they even care the demands they set on Blue is quite draining and because Blue is a nice guy won’t say so 😦


            1. I thought Birch saw that Blue did a lot of he heavy lifting. But he seems to have moved into the give me allllllll the attention stage. Which I get because I’ve done it 😜 but Blue doesn’t know how to juggle everything. It’s the whole fantasy of Blue the superhero versus reality of not being sole focus.

              Liked by 1 person

          1. yeah I am excited for summer and houses phases also; altho with every fight and forgiveness makes it harder to work out the end dynamic with the houses phase lol


  3. That BB fight just blew waayyyyy out of proportion. Birch could have said he didn’t have an interest in decorating the house in a nicer way. Blue has to learn to just enjoy the ride. His head is always in the future when now is the time to be focused. Also, the fact that Birch could even speak about Blue in such a manner to call him a, “stupid little bitch” proves they will not go much further. Clearly there is some hostility that is being repressed in Birch. Ironically he always wants to talk. Where was the convo about his dislike about Blue’s mother’s wealth? Blue cannot help that he has a rich mother and that “shopping spree” is making your free rent room in that house more welcoming. He damn sure won’t be complaining to sit on the couch, watch the t.v., and eat the food that comes from the appliances bought.

    Great Chapter though! Hopefully Birch doesn’t run Blue over. XD

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Regardless of Blue taking time for himself, he did it after he ‘ran’. Birtch may have been in a mood, but neither of them really talk. Birtch was being a bitch though. They’ll work it out, right Sam?!


    1. Also Birch crazy as hell okay. How you gonna pass up a lobster dinner over somethin so small? I would have ate that food and ignored him and then left if I was gonna be so bitchy haha. IJS.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. maybe I give Blue tooo much leeway just thought he was really upset and not in the mood. we all know how he hates being a downer to his friends when he gets in those moods. 😦


        2. I am surprised Blue didn’t eat dinner anyways…not like him to turn down a meal someone prepared for him. He could have eaten and then left shortly thereafter. He is going to have to explain himself to the group, at least to Gervais anyways.


      1. No. There is one thing that can keep me quiet…and that is good food lol. AFTTTERRR the food I would sass him while walking out the door. And thank Gervais for the lobster before slamming the door. Can’t just be rude without a bit of appreciation in the end lol. XD


    1. True. Birch has his art which Blue would love. Blue has access to money that many would envy but most would not be able to deal with Clara’s demands. Blue would take the art over the money every time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Birch has never seen controlling and demanding Clara with Blue so probably thinks he has an easy life with everything handed to him on a silver platter 😔


        1. This is true. He doesn’t know how the two of them interacted in the past…not many of the group do do they? But aren’t most parents like that with their children? Hard on them with trying to impose values etc, but when company is over, it is all rosy and happy.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Again, great writing Sam. Not every chapter can be rosy and sunshiny. BB needed to have something happen…it was getting too perfect. I do think they are good for each other.

    I am glad the Curtis drama seems resolved for now. I am very happy Gervais found strength and has started healing. He will need support from friends and family for quite a long time still.

    I for one don’t hate you Sam…you are the author and are in control after all. Even a chapter like this keeps me glued to my screen and has me salivating for another chapter! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. with BB going hot and cold sooo much it does make it hard to stay invested in their relationship. Soooo many parrallels with Blue and Gervais relationship.


      1. Well, it isn’t too surprising there are parallels. Blue is the same person inside, with the same lovable attributes and the same flaws as he had when he was with Gervais. His self esteem has improved, but he still needs his alone time, overthinks things, and can smother those he loves unintentionally.


          1. I agree. But Blue always seems to think it is his fault. He doesn’t understand that it is usually the fault of those around him. It is the same Blue as always coming through again. I just hope he doesn’t end up in a huge pit again. At least he isn’t being left behind again on some trip. Sam, the Australia trip had better not have him left behind/forgotten like those other trips. 🙃. Although, if he ended up going to Australia alone it could be an interesting self-discovery trip for Blue.


          2. He wasn’t blaming himself exactly he just felt wrong footed but didn’t know why. I think he’s doing better, he had been communicating more and was confident in Birch’s feelings. The house reaction really threw him off kilter.

            Liked by 1 person

        1. I would like them to work through it but not sure if Birch has it in him. it almost seems like he has some repressed resentment towards Blue (based on his convo with Willow)

          Also not the first time he has questioned if its even worth pursuing so I guess an questioning if his heart truly is in it.

          just want him to make a decision either he is with Blue or he isn’t but don’t string him along 😦


      1. Well, it actually says something good about your writing…you keep the original attributes of a character a part of them deep into the story line. It would suck if you started having Blue act totally out of character for no reason. He is who he is. Different people around him (who love him or not) doesn’t change who he is. Thank you for keeping his integrity as a character consistent (and explaining when things are a bit awry).


        1. I love Blue I think he is strong and eventually he will get enough life experience to be more sure of himself. I do think if he were with Robin or Andy or Spence, someone who already knows him well and loves him with his flaws he’d get there faster.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I don’t want them to go through that again. They both have a lot of growing up to do still before I would be happy with seeing them pair up again.

              Blue’s reaction in this “fight” (if it can even be called that given how silly it seems superficially) just shows he still hasn’t grown past his old problems.


                1. Possibly. At least Gervais is voicing his concerns and has been showing his emotional fragility externally. Blue has just been pushing everything deeper into an internal emotional mess.

                  But hey, maybe I am reading too much into this. Lol. Sam knows where the ride is going and how to make it an engaging one. 😊


              1. I don’t know that he’s showing no progress. He took some time apart, yes. But he didn’t run, he communicated that he was going to stay in and not go clubbing. He also tried to call and text Birch the next day. It’s Birch that’s being the childish snot here as he ignored all of Blues attempts to reach out to him then made a scene at dinner.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. I suppose there is merit to that. But blue could have done more at the dinner…he could have pulled Birch aside and said “we need to talk” and clear the air. This fight seems childish. Financial issues are always difficult ones to tackle in a relationship. I agree Birch is more at fault here…it is up to him to “man up” and sort this out if he wants them to get over this bump. It is an opportunity for him to think things over, and leave if he really can’t deal with it. I hope he chooses to apologize and find a solution (unlike Bea, who STILL hasn’t apologized 😉).

                  Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sorry you’re having a bad day. BTW, please don’t think I’m hating on you. Work is frustrating me and I was hoping for some happy with the boys. And I got that for a bit. Then it all went to shit. Lol. Kinda like my day. Deadlines looming, things not working, meetings.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Sounds like my day. Gervais stepping up for himself was great and him working for forgiveness. He’s turning a corner and I just couldn’t let it be a happy one. I don’t know. I should have done my original fast forward plan but we need to have Magnus have sex so I couldn’t yet.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Does Birch even love Blue he seems very judgemental on someone that is supposed to love him. For all of Gervais faults with Blue he has never judged him in this way. 😡


    1. And he did give permission for Blue to support Gervais right now…which he is doing. Birch needs to calm down, realize what he has, and make sure Blue knows he loves him.


        1. possibly manipulitive?

          he basically said in not so many words if he doesn’t help Gervais they would be done I mean sure Blue is back helping Gervais now but when Birch pulled that stunt Blue was not that ready then.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. I hope so. They are good to each other generally and are able to care for each other. They just don’t communicate well between each other when there are problems. Maybe they need to find a solution that works for them where they can just get away and chat, like go for a walk together when they have a disagreement. They both have issues they need to work on if they want their relationship to succeed.


  6. I’m sorry I can’t pretend I’m not happy that BB are fighting. I really don’t like Birch right now. Call Blue a stupid little bitch? Oh hell naw Willow should’ve slapped the taste out of his mouth. If anybody is acting like a little bitch its Birch. Could he sense BG getting closer again. And kudos to my little angel Gervais for standing up for himself and laying down the law. Blue needs to see a shrink or something he always thinks a fight is his fault. He needs to have a boost in self esteem.

    Liked by 2 people

          1. i know Blue overreacted this time but not sure what he did wrong in this instance and Birch seems to be punishing him for it and his upbringing.

            So did Birch only ever see the house as a free room and not living with his boyfriend those detached feelings feel really cold from him 😦


            1. They weren’t together when Birch took the room (I think). Blue just took some time to think and as they’d agreed not to spend every night together I don’t think he saw it as anything other than taking a breather. Birch took it as an insult and just let it all out to his sister. We all exaggerate when we’re mad at times, especially to someone safe.

              Liked by 1 person

            2. I think Birch is the one who overreacted really…he really needs to realize Blue isn’t about wealth and extravagance. He wants Birch to be happy…happy together. Birch needs to stop being selfish already and talk to Blue about his feelings. Put it out on the table that he is upset with the financial stuff and deal with it. Cowering will just lead to BB breaking up.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. Yeah the money came from nowhere but it worked for me, that everything is easy for Blue that way despite them having the same backgrounds the money is the big divider. You’d not know Blue had money day to day and maybe Birch only just thought of it because Blue is different to Spence.


                  1. So true. But that wasn’t something they did together…Birch already had what he needed, Blue just added to it. Now it is expected that they (or maybe just Blue) does all of the designing. It is a bit different…a bit overboard on the reaction by Birch, but it is a valid argument. I really hope it does get resolved soon. Maybe they can both just hire an interior designer, or get one of their friends to decorate. Lol


                    1. i guess from Blue’s point of view makes it feel like its all on him ie he is expected to do everything just like his past relationships. I mean Birch is living there of course he has to contribute what a fucktard 😦

                      sorry i am just pissed at Birch self rightous attitude tonight 😦

                      Liked by 1 person

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