The suite saga 119

“I had no idea they were in trouble.” Gervais says.

“I thought it was weird Birch was out last night without Blue.” George says.

“Yeah Birch was dancing with everyone, acting like he was single.” Dylan says.

“Thursday they helped me stand up to Curtis and they left together.” Gervais says.

“This food is amazing. New in house chef.” Andy grins shoveling it in.

“It is good. DeShawn come eat, Gervais made lobster.” Robin says as DeShawn comes in.

“Try and stop me. wow boy lobster, taters and green beans, you trying to seduce me?” DeShawn asks.

“Good to know how.” Gervais beams.

“This is really good. Really good. Feels like we have Gervais back. Post dinner zombie fight?’ Robin asks.

“For sure. All of us. It’s been ages.” Gervais says.

“I’m in. I feel an all-nighter coming on.” DeShawn says and Robin, George and Gervais beam as Dylan rolls his eyes.

Spence and Antonio come in later from work and rehearsal and eat the minimal leftovers. Spence has brought the junk requested by Andy to help them get through a night of battle. The 8 of them have a great time and forget the drama from earlier in the evening.

Earlier after a brief shouting match Blue followed Birch to the studio.

“Why are you not talking to me?” Blue asks.

“Why didn’t you come home last night?” Birch asked.

“I stayed home last night. I called and told you I needed to get my study done and I needed some space to think.” Blue says.

“But instead you spent the night with Tyler in tiny swimwear.” Birch says.

“You went to the club, I doubt you were in a burka. It was nice for me to hang out with people not part of Gervais drama. I’m in college and I am sick of not being allowed to have fun. I’m sick of having to take care of everything for everyone.” Blue snaps.

“We could have had fun together but you chose your fuck buddy instead. I am sick of only getting the drama and picking up the pieces. I want to relax and have fun too.” Birch shouts.

“Well I didn’t want to have you around, I needed space to process. You hurt me thursday night and yet again I’m the one in the wrong. I am always the one in the wrong and I am sick of it. All I do is try and try and try to be perfect to be everything you need and I was okay with that because I thought we had something. I thought this relationship was going somewhere. I thought we were moving in together, making a home together but I got it wrong. I needed to space to see if I wanted to make this much effort for something that isn’t going anywhere. Stupid thing is I thought you were worth it but it was too late, you cut me off. Gave me the silent treatment, were rude to my friends and wouldn’t even be in the same room as me. You’re punishing me for being hurt.” Blue says drained.

“We never had the moving in conversation. Not as boyfriends. I’m taking a room in your house. I am sick of being made to feel like a prostitute. That I have to suck up the drama because you’re bankrolling me. You’re just a rich boy who thinks he can buy love.” Birch shouts.

Blue can’t respond, He had no idea that was how Birch saw things. He feels sick and can’t get out of there fast enough.

He gets back to the dorm no idea how he drove because he can’t see through the tears. He goes into the restroom and splashes water on his face and looks in the mirror. He doesn’t need this kind of relationship.

He knows that he has got it wrong again that his communication failed him and that he needs a new way to deal with hurt that doesn’t alienate his boyfriends. But Birch doesn’t deserve all the effort he makes. Yes his life is full of drama but Birch knew that. Yes he is rich but Birch knew that too.

Blue looks at himself in the mirror, eyes red, nose running and tells himself.

“You deserve more.”

“Yes you do.” Tyler says coming in.

I m a mess.” Blue says.

“I don’t think he’s worth the tears. You’re the sexiest mofo on campus. No guy should make you feel this bad, not when you can click your fingers and replace him. He should always be on his knees worshipping you.” Tyler says.

“I gave it all I had. I thought it was going one way and he didn’t. The funny thing is he was telling me he loved me from the start, like the first day and I held back and here I am the broken hearted mess.” Blue says.

“You’re bruised but not broken Blue. Come on I have some ice cream upstairs. Lets go eat and watch chick flicks and cry it out.” Tyler says.

“Thanks. I love ice cream.” Blue says.

“I know.” Tyler smiles.

On Sunday afternoon Andy heads over to see Magnus. He slept all morning after the gaming night and is wanting some loving.

“How was the opera?” Andy asks.

“Amazing, I had a great night. How was dinner?” Magnus asks.

“A disaster at the start. Blue and Birch imploded. But then we had a great time, great food and a major round of zombies. No drama, no couples, just boys playing games and talking shit. It was perfect.” Andy says.

“Blue and Birch are done?” Magnus asks shocked.

“I have no idea. They arrived separately and Birch was a total dick. I mean major douche. Stormed off, Blue apologized and ran after him it was really sad. And weird, I never get why guys treat Blue like that. He’s a really great guy and yet his boyfriends always turn on him.” Andy sighs.

“I won’t turn on you. You’re too delicious.” Magnus says kissing Andy.

“Mmrnmm you taste good too,” Andy grins,

“I’m ready. Uh I’m prepared and ready.” Magnus says.

“Really? You sure you want it to be me?” Andy asks flattered.

“I do. I really, really do.” Magnus says.

Andy unwraps Magnus slowly, kissing every piece of skin as he removes each piece of clothing. Magnus beams at the attention.

“Now you?” Magnus asks.

“Want to see some skin?” Andy laughs.

“Want to kiss some.” Magnus grins.

“I’m going to go really slow, just tell me if it hurts too much or you need me to stop okay?” Andy asks.

“I trust you.” Magnus says.

“Good but I can’t make things better if you don’t tell me when things are wrong.” Andy says.

“Okay. Thanks Andy.” Magnus says and pulls him into a deep, deep kiss.

Andy looks at the prize that Magnus is and sighs. So sexy and handsome. He feels really lucky.

Andy kisses Magnus all over gently again, running his hands over his body and trying to get Magnus to relax. Magnus feels so good. He really likes Andy, finds him super sexy and really caring.

“I love this thick cock.” Andy says taking Magnus in his mouth.

“Oh baby that’s so good.” Magnus gasps.

Andy continues to suck bringing Magnus close to the edge before lifting his legs and diving at his as. Magnus is a delight, high round globes that Andy burries his face between.

Andy spends a long time exploring with his tongue and then fingers. Magnus who has played with himself a fair amount, especially this week feels confident he’s really ready.

Andy lubes him and stretches him and enjoys the sights of those glorious globes.

“Ready?” Andy asks with 2 fingers in.

“I fucking need it. Oh Andy give me you cock. Please.” Magnus says.

Even a small amount of begging gets Andy rock hard.

Andy wraps up add more lube and shuffles Magnus to the edge of the bed and swings his ankles up to his shoulders. Another quick finger to get Magnus gasping in a good way and Andy lines himself up slowly.

This is different to with Spence where they were both mostly clueless and with Deke where he knew the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. He is beginning to really care for Magnus and wants everything to be perfect.

Magnus takes Andy’s head without too much effort he’s ready and relaxed. He tenses as Andy starts to slowly, slowly give more. Andy leans forward and kisses Magnus deeply and murmurs how well he’s doing. Magnus is scared and turned on and impatient and cautious all at once.

Andy slowly begins to move in and out just a third to half and Magnus stares at him a little uncomfortable a lot happy.

“I need more.” Magnus says and Andy grins and gently eases a little more.

Keeping it slow and loving Andy kisses Magnus and stands back again.

“Fuck you feel amazing. You’re a perfect fit.” Andy grins loving how Magnus feels.

Andy kisses Magnus ankles and feet and moves in deeply. Magnus gasps and groans in sheer delight as Andy moves his legs and hits his most pleasurable zone with each stroke. It is almost too much to take.

“Oh Andy. Fuck. Babe. Fuck.” Magnus gasps.

“Too much?” Andy teases going super slow again.

“Give me. Give it me.” Magnus says and Andy joins him lost in the moment, no more holding back just uninhibited love making.

Magnus gasps with joy and delight at every movement. This is nothing like playing with toys. Andy enjoys every moment. This feels more special than anything before. Magnus is in shock when he cums, he hadn’t expected to and for all the pleasure he’s sad it’s over. He helps Andy finish and then kisses him greedily over and over.

“Well?” Andy asks with a grin. He had so much fun.

“I am going to be sore tomorrow but you were incredible.” Magnus says and Andy gently kisses his nose.

“Happy to set you on your path to true pleasure.” Andy says.

“I am mad at myself for holding back for so long but I’m really pleased it was with you. I trust you.” Magnus says.

“You make me feel great. I really like you, a lot.” Andy Says truthfully. Magnus makes him feel strong and desirable outside the bedroom and that is a big deal to him, He feels like Magnus wants to show him off and the feeling is mutual.

“I like you a lot too. Thanks for today, you didn’t make me feel stupid or inexperienced. It was perfect.” Magnus says.

“You have a delicious ass.” Andy grins and kisses Magnus.

They chill out in bed for a while just kissing and talking. With no one organizing Sunday dinner they can just relax. Magnus can’t stop starring at Andy in wonder. He can’t quite believe it has finally happened and that it was so good, it hurt but once he got there man it was good. Andy was so gentle and patient and loving.

“You okay?” Andy asks as Magnus eye tears up.

“Just feeling a bit soppy and so happy.” Magnus says.

“You’re so cute. You’re this super slick, super together guy with all these sophisticated interests and underneath all that you’re so sweet and sensitive. I love your contradictions.” Andy says.

“I love that I can show all my sides to you and you embrace me. I’m so used to hiding something.” Magnus says.

“With me you can be all of it. I like how you weren’t offended I didn’t want to go with you last night.” Andy says.

“We can’t be in to all the same things and different nights out give us something to talk about.” Magnus says.

“Sounds good.” Andy says and yawns.

“Nap then food?” Magnus asks.

“Oh my god are you starving? Did you not eat for a day?” Andy asks.

“Pretty much but a nap sounds good.” Magnus says giggling then yawning too.

On Sunday afternoon Tyler goes with Blue to retrieve his things from Birch’s studio.

“That was fast.” Birch says opening the door.

“I’m here as a friend. He didn’t want to come alone.” Tyler says rolling his eyes.

“Yeah right. Given him cheating on me with you broke us up it’s just a pathetic attempt to hurt me. Well I’ve moved on.” Birch says motioning the bed where Grant is sleeping.

“I didn’t cheat.” Blue says and starts picking up his things.

“Not for lack of trying on my part.” Tyler grins.

“You can keep the sheets.” Blue says and walks out quickly, hoping he has all the important stuff. He can’t get out fast enough.

“Well he clearly doesn’t waste time.” Tyler says.

“I thought Grant was a friend.” Blue sighs more disappointed than hurt.

“Birch has proved he wasn’t worth it.” Tyler says.

“Yeah. Single life for me.” Blue says.

“So in a week or so we can pick up our arrangement?” Tyler asks.

“Sure. Want to go to a movie now? I want to stuff my face with sugar in a dark room.” Blue laughs.

“Let’s go.” Tyler grins always happy to spend time with Blue.

As usual Blue cuts himself off from his friends and as usual they barely notice. None of them called him after the disastrous dinner to check he was okay and he takes that as a sign that they’re all on Birch and Grant’s side.

At yoga on Thursday Willow shows as usual for the advanced class but barely acknowledges Blue and can’t look him in the eye.

“Look I get you have to be on his side because he’s your brother but I really hope we can be friends when the dust settles.” Blue says between classes.

“I never took you for a cheat Blue. I can’t be friends with someone who would do that to my brother. Not given you knew what he went through with Joe.” Willow says.

“I see.” Blue says and turns away angry that Birch is spreading lies.

Fortunately Birch doesn’t show for yoga and so the classes proceed without drama. Blue leaves straight after not wanting to see Cheryl, knowing that she’ll be on Birch’s side too.

He eats alone in the dining hall a tasteless pasta before going up to the empty suite. It is eerie being there alone but he finds once his headphones are on he doesn’t mind and its nice not having to clean up after anyone else.

The following night he goes to climbing, but sees Grant laughing with Robin so he slips away quickly.

“Blue, wait.” Gervais calls running towards him.

“Hey Gervais, what’s up?” Blue asks cooly.

“You ran off before we could speak last night and you’re not hanging round now. What’s going on?” Gervais asks.

“Willow is mad at me and couldn’t face judgement from Cheryl for something t didn’t do. Then I saw Grant with Robin so thought it best to leave.” Blue says.

“I’m not going to the club if you want to hang out.” Gervais says.

“No thanks. You were the reason me and Birch broke up the first time and he couldn’t trust me. I’d be happy if I never saw you again, you’ve ruined my life. Always dragging me in to your drama, never letting me be happy. You’ve recovered from your illness, Justin is gone, Curtis is gone, we don’t live together anymore and we’ll be at different schools next semester. You can lose my number.” Blue says and walks away.

Gervais sits down on the grass stunned. He thought things were back on track with Blue. He can’t believe he had anything to do with Blue’s breakup and why did Blue not want to see Grant and Robin? Gervais tries to work out what he can do to make things right. Should he let Blue go? Can he live without him? Where is he even living?

Why did he not call him on Sunday? After gaming all night he slept most of the day and had been busy. He should have sent a text at least. To be honest he expected Blue to call and apologize for running off. He supposes that was the last thing on his mind if he’s been through a breakup.

Gervais walks back inside and grabs Andy.

“Have you spoken to Blue?” Gervais asks.

“No, I’ve been meaning to but I kind of got caught up in Magnus and thought it would be a bit mean to be putting my happiness in his face.” Andy says.

“He told me to get out his life again. Blamed me for his relationship issues. I don’t blame him I took up a lot of his time. I’m just sad because I thought things were back to normal.” Gervais says.

“His relationship falling apart wasn’t your fault. He cheated on Birch with Tyler.” Andy says.

“No way.” Gervais says.

“That’s what Grant says.” Andy shrugs.

On Sunday Gervais and George cook dinner again. George and Dylan are still happy and Magnus and Andy are totally loved up.

“Where’s Blue? I thought he was bringing dessert.” George says as they sit down.

“I doubt he’d come with me here.” Gervais says.

“Did no one ask him?” Robin asks.

“Oh fuck I was meant to.” Andy says hitting his head.

“How’s he doing?” Magnus asks.

“Not great, he’s lonely and depressed. I’m really worried about him.” DeShawn says to shocked faces.

“He spoke to you?” Spence asks.

“Unlike the rest of you I give a shit and check on my friends when they’ve been dumped.” DeShawn says.

“He doesn’t want to speak to me.” Gervais says.

“But the rest of you? Come on. Do any of you even know where he’s living?” DeShawn asks.

“He’s in the dorms.” Andy says confused.

“He’s in our old suite. Atone. Do you know how scary and creepy that is? How depressing? I begged him to come here, to go to a hotel, anything and he won’t move.” DeShawn says.

“It’s his choice. You can’t make everyone here feel responsible. He chose to cheat. He deserves what he gets.” Grant says.

“He didn’t cheat.” Antonio says.

“Yes he did. I know you’re friends with Tyler and want to defend him but he cheated.” Grant says.

“No he didn’t. I was with Tyler that night, he and Blue hung out and for sure he tried but Blue turned him and everyone else down. Tyler called me after Blue went to bed and I went over.” Antonio says.

“I said he wouldn’t have cheated on Birch.” Gervais says.

“You did.” Andy says feeling annoyed that he even believed it for a second.

“Thanks for seeking him out DeShawn. He tends to close himself off when he’s upset. He’ll be punishing himself over there, thinking it’s where he deserves to live.” Gervais says feeling sick that Blue is sleeping where Jesse was killed.

“He didn’t choose it. It was there or Elliot and Jesse’s old room. That was all housing could offer. He got it during that first breakup, when we were moving our stuff out he was planning to move back in.” DeShawn says.

“That’s weird even for Blue.” Spence says.

“It’s his life, his choice. He could have got a room with you guys but he insisted he was going to live with Birch. It’s not your fault he can’t keep a man.” Grant says.

“He couldn’t live here because I was here. He has a million great reasons not to be friends with me and to not have me in his life. It’s my fault.” Gervais says.

“And we chose you over him again which put us on rocky ground.” Andy says.

“We could hardly not have Gervais here after what happened. It should have been enough for Blue to put everything aside.” Robin says.

“Things change and friends move on.” Antonio says.

“He’s not moving on. He’s hiding away.” Andy says.

“Let’s go see him.” Spence says to Andy and Andy nods.

“Go on, you’ll not rest until you’ve spoken to him.” Magnus says.


“Did you have any idea?” Andy asks.

“None. I was confused about the break up. Then we all accepted Birch’s version from Grant. Only Deshawn bothered to reach out,” Spence says shaking his head.


“We all suck. Again.” Andy says.

“You okay that I’ll be living with Magnus this summer? I’m taking Grant’s room while he’s in Australia.” Spence says.

“Yup. He’ll be working 14 hour days at that law firm. You’ll be able to reassure me he’s still alive.” Andy laughs.

“I’m glad you two got together. I should be jealous as but you are good together.” Spence says.

“He’s not how I expected. Its nice. Maybe posh boys are my type after all.” Andy laughs.

“They are not mine.” Spence says.

“You and DeShawn still not something?” Andy asks.

“Just friends who mate.” Spence grins.

“You don’t want more?” Andy asks.

“Nah.” Spence says.

The two knock nervously on the door of the suite feeling weird.

“Hey guys come in.” Blue says coldly and they walk into the near empty suite.

“We have your TV.” Spence says embarrassed.

“I know. I was here when you took it along with all my baking things.” Blue says.

“Why didn’t you stop us?” Andy asks.

“I was embarrassed to be living here. That I’d messed up with Birch. I knew you’d be uncomfortable and pressure me into living with you which would have been worse.” Blue says.

“Why?” Spence asks.

“Birch and I split the first time because of Gervais.” Blue says.

“Right. I remember. What happened this time?” Andy asks.

“We were moving at different speeds.” Blue shrugs.

“And there is no chance of getting back together?” Spence asks.

“No way.” Blue says firmly.

“And you won’t come back with us?” Andy asks.

“No. I’m fine here. It’s easier to be at school, its almost finals.” Blue says.

“Do you want me to stay?” Spence asks.

“No. Look it was nice of you to come by but its too late. You believed I’d cheated on him for a week without even asking for my side. I don’t need friends like you.” Blue says standing up and surprising Spence and Andy that he knew what they’d thought.

“Come on Blue you can’t be mad at us for not calling when you didn’t.” Andy says.

“Maybe, but I think if one of you had run out on dinner after their boyfriend in floods of tears I would have called over and over to check you were okay. You guys just don’t care about me as much as I do about you. So I’m done, moving on.” Blue says sending a punch to their hearts.

“We’re family. You don’t move on from family.” Andy says.

“Because our families are entwined, maybe you could respect my feelings and leave rather than argue.” Blue says moving back towards the door.

“When you’re the one left with no friends, maybe you are to blame.” Spence says.

“I know. I get that I’m only worth being around when you need something. I’m just not fun or interesting or nice enough to get the same in return. It is all my own fault for being shite.” Blue says sarcastically.

“We can’t drop everything for you. We have lives.” Spence says.

“Oh I know, I’m too much drama. I’ve been told all this already. Carry on, stick the boot in some more. I can take it. Apparently I have to take everything and I’m never allowed to complain or ask for anything in return and be grateful for scraps. So go. If I’m too much hassle to be friends with then you should be glad I’m setting you free.” Blue says.

“We came here because we were concerned. Not to fight. Please Blue be sensible.” Andy says.

“I am being sensible. I need some new friends. It isn’t just that you weren’t there, you took his side. You gossiped about me and you spread rumors. You made me look like the bad guy. Because it came from you people believed it.” Blue shouts exasperated.

“Come on Andy lets go. This was a waste of time.” Spence says.

“No, you go. I’m not leaving while he’s this upset. I was the one who told everyone he cheated and I need to fix this. He’s right if we had been a mess like he was last week he’d have made sure we were okay.” Andy says full of remorse.

“Andy there is no fixing this. Not this time.” Blue says quietly, totally heartbroken.


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  1. I hope Blue meets a few friends that will become a support system for him when these dudes won’t do the job. Different friends outside the circle that won’t judge him and he would feel safe to call during all this drama! Kind of like Deshawn, with a life far outside this group. And one’s who’ll show him that we all speak different “love” languages. So he’ll be able to grow and be Blue Sky 🙂

    Thanks for the great writing! 😀 I love love love your stories!

    LOL although I don’t hate G as much anymore, I still think he should spend some time abroad, grow, and come back stronger. And maybe halfway through he’ll reach out to B and slowly bit by bit, they can restart a friendship, dropping their past finally behind them without too many snags along the way.

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    1. sorry for all messages shit got real its like over the course of two chapters Blue has gone from being on cloud nine to loosing everything.

      we have not been this emotionally effected since we though Blue jumped off the hotel roof 😦


      1. Funny how Blue recives the backlash for things out of his control.

        I mean he has known for some time that nothing outside occasional fun will ever happen with him and Robin.

        Does he even know Robin is lusting for his ass lol


      1. Somebody better give him a reality check. That is part of the only way any of them can remotely be redeemed. Next is they all better get on their knees and beg Blue for forgiveness and Blue needs to crack that whip and spank all of em. Get in line bitchhess lol.

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  2. Sam,

    Your writing is wonderful. Even if half the time, the story is frustrsting and heartbreaking. Blue deserves better. The suite boys are just too incestuous for him. Blue is a “giver,” someone who gives himself to others without a thought about getting something in return. He needs to find an equal – not someone who merely uses his baking and fucking talent, but a thoughtful and caring person who can handle the drama. Perhaps someone more mature, self assured, and loving — who can help him grow into the caretaker he wants to be.

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  3. I find Robin and Andy the most dispecable out of all of them here are two guys who are known cheaters with their relationships and Blue still remained their friend. Here blue is cut off by everyone because of the biased word of a snakey ex.


    1. Is Birch snakey if he honestly believes Blue cheated? We don’t really have evidence to suggest he’s lying and just using it as an excuse to assuage his own (subconscious?) guilt that he slept with Grant. As fucked up as Sam’s wrote his behaviours in the last two chapters, I have trouble seeing Birch going that far.


      1. Blue did nothing that Birch didn’t do I mean he was flirting with every dick,john and Harry and acting like he was single. yet Blue gets accused of being a cheater when all he was doing was chilling out with friends.

        not to mention he seems to of gone out of his way to turn all of Blues friends against him.


          1. what I really hate about this situation is Birch and Grant have basically turned all of Blues friends against him.

            Gervais, George, john and Austin never attempted to do that they just moved on best they could really.


              1. The difference it Sam, BB broke up under the pretense that Blue had cheated – clearly not true. They really hadn’t talked. Andy and Spence were done. Big difference in my book.


              2. Guess they did essentially break up in the beginning of the chapter. But to sleep with Grant…he knew that would hurt..sleeping with a friend. BAD!


  4. I am so upset right now I don’t know what to think… I am attached to this story but only because of the group of 5 the original… Andy, Spence, Blue, Gervais(even though he can be an ass at times) and Robin… I can’t believe everyone of his friends would act like that to him at all… Spence I could see because he is busy… I just can’t see myself enjoying this story if Robin Andy Spence Blue are not friends…

    Sam I really do enjoy your writing but man you have got to give Blue a break I mean damn no one else in the story has had nearly as many issues as Blue… He is going to end up so broken there won’t be any fixing him….

    Debated on posting this with how upset I am over the outcome in this chapter I don’t want any hard feelings or anything because I do like the story just not so much the direction it is going at the moment… So BB wasn’t working out for you why drag all the others in on it. Blue really needed them to be there for him and that all went to hell… Not that thats a new thing but after the last time they all promised to do better. I just can’t believe it turned out this way….

    And holy hell I would be damned if I would let Birch and Grant go on vacation with me now. I can’t even believe its being considered… wow just wow.



    1. Oh, I strongly doubt they will be anywhere near Blue in Australia. Sam sometimes glosses over details and skips interactions that would help us get from one point to the next without being so gobsmacked and shocked when something horrible happens and not knowing any of the reasons why it happened, but I’m sure he’s got things in hand with how much he’s hurt Blue this time around. He’s written Blue to seem set on just cutting out everyone and starting over, and Australia would be a great place to start.


      1. Australia is a big place so because the four are there does not mean they will be together but Blue may be awfully lonely sone niggle tells me the summer is not going to see any improvement in Blue’s emotions 😦


          1. hope so not sure if I have said but Blue is my favourite character and I want him to find sone happiness and I don’t mean relationship as its starting to look that boat has sailed but i would accept just general life happiness at this point. 🙂

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      1. It’s an inter-city commute. We moved cities to be close to my partner’s work, since I’m finished with grad school and he’s the bread-winner. I’m just commuting back into Toronto for a couple teaching contracts at the university this fall. After December I’m finally free, thank heavens!

        …but then I have to find a ‘real’ job. Ugh.


      2. I won’t be doing it Jan/Feb/March when things are at their worst, so I should be okay. The snow doesn’t really start to hit badly until classes are over. Just need to cross my fingers that the exams in my courses are scheduled earlier in the exam period rather than later.

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      1. But I thought Robin was trying to calm things down with Grant and take a step back since Grant can’t seem to get over his feelings for Robin…

        But yeah, this was a bit strange for Robin to completely miss the boat on this one.


  5. the writing was on wall last chapter that Blue and Birch were done so I am not going to sass Sam put like some are doing instead i just want to sass out the pair of low life scummy snakes and Blues so called friends.

    pretty much he has Deshawn, Antonio and Tyler now right?

    maybe a group session is needed for sone therapeutic stress relief 😇


  6. Blue needs to travel alone, see Australia and be himself without anyone else. Let him have time to heal his soul and find peace wether its the nature or farming or anything else.

    He is amazing and he really dose deserve more, let him show the others how he can be successfull in all aspect of life. I wish that he could forget about those ppl that call themselves friends they are all self centered pricks how they sell the person who stood by them all the time for a good fuck or shity reasons.

    Btw I love you and you are ana amazing writer that turns all emotions out.

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    1. I love this idea – Blue travelling alone. No Birch, no Grant, no Gervais and even no Robin. It would do him a world of good, I bet.

      Birch is such a fool to let him go like this.


      1. That thought line of Birch’s came out of nowhere, though. Like, completely. When it started happening, I was like… what?!

        But no, I can’t consider it the worst, not by a long shot. The emotional damage Gervais did to him and George’s manipulations beat this hands down. John and Austin were shit to him, but Blue knew what he was getting into with John and he didn’t communicate with Austin the way he should have because he was so scared of speaking up about his needs. He’s still making that mistake with his boyfriends and his friends, too.

        Blue needs to learn that instead of running away he could have called any of them immediately for support. He doesn’t do that. Instead, he ‘tests’ them again. He finds out they are being told lies but instead of talking to them he just sits there and does nothing about it. I’m not excusing his friends one bit, but Blue still has a long way to go in terms of learning to advocate for himself and engage with people when he’s hurting.


        1. i think Blue naivelly thinks how he treats his friends would be returned I mean when they are having problems he will always go to them to make em feel better yet for Blue he is left out in cold. I mean Blue left the dinner with tears flowing about anothet relationship biting the dust and not one person pursued him, rung him and allowed him to isolate himself yet when this happens with Gervais they are all ears.

          just seems Blue always geys the short end of stick and as he said to Spence and Andy their actions show he cares for them more than they do for him.

          Liked by 1 person

  7. Sam, you killed me here. I don’t believe you for one second that you meant for BB to last, and it is hard to stomach how quickly and seemingly randomly Birch changed from reasonable to ridiculous.

    I hate being critical, but this just seems a bit too much – how many times are you going to pull the ‘Blue’s friends don’t care’ card? That none of them would learn? That DeShawn would say nothing to the others right away after seeing Blue? And just believing Birch and Grant? And that Blue of all people cheated? That Antonio wouldn’t have said something, since he was actually there?

    Dude, it is a lot to swallow and really tests my suspension of disbelief. It makes me want Blue out of the story completely so he can get his own, fairer tale. Seriously, why the fuck do you have it out for Blue so bad? Why?


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Andy is on my list – at the bottom actually – out of all of them…I’m so disappointed – he deserves to be hurt by Blue! Maybe Blue should fuck Magnus senseless!


            1. Do we know if Cheryl was around when Willow said what she did to Blue? If Cheryl wasn’t there she can’t have said something. Cheryl may not be aware of the current drama. Also, a private conversation may have happened at a later time that we were not privy to.


  8. At what point does Blue get jaded and just give up on love conpletely I mean we are talking four disastrous relationships in a row and not a single good one. Heck I think this relationship overall was probably even worse than with George.


        1. I am at a point i can’t get invested in Blue’s relationships anymore altho I think he is done on that front now based on when he said to Tyler single life and his reflection after first Birch breakup.


      1. He started out so well with that and then dropped the ball in the end. How do you just take someone’s word and spread lies about Blue and not even ask him? The ass that good that you lose your sense of who your friend is? The ass that good it’s worth losing the person that has been there for your ass through so much shit.?His dick maybe lovely but he got his priorities all kinds of fucked up and that ain’t sexy. I just want to cuddle the Blue bear and throw scalding hot water on all of his so called friends.. Poor Blue my heart aches for him. x.x


    1. I don’t understand. I don’t get it. I’m at a loss. How do they sit there and let Grant talk about Blue like that? He been there for 20 mins. Blue been there for for so long. How do you just believe BIRCH over Blue. I I I I don’t…get it.. what? I don’t understand. Who does that? WTF!! Let me tell you somethin drama might follow Blue but it’s all their influence on him that brought that drama starting with Gervais. Pot calling the kettle black. Blue was a freaking virgin at the beginning. Which makes him impressionable.. a suction cup of all around him. How he is now says a hell of alot about all of them more than it does Blue. All of them are fucking shitty. INCLUDING ANDY.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. because Andy is with Magnus does Grant somehow get imunity from being sassed out or bitchslapped here he is dragging Blue through the mud and being a total snake and nobody even questions him or even batters an eyelid.


            1. this would be third time in the last 12 months right but this was much worse previously was Andy being careless and thoughtless this time was acrually spreading negative gossip about Blue who is supposed to be his best friend. An apology is not enough this time they are done.

              Liked by 2 people

                  1. Haha. Well, again…you are the story teller, and I continue to love your writing Sam. Ups and downs (and resulting comments) mean readers like me really are hooked! I can’t wait to see what happens next! 😭💕😊

                    Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s why I should be with Andy. I would have dragged his ass by the ear over to Blue and make him listen. Then I would have slapped the rest of em and called them idiots ok. Oh I need a cameo for a day. All I need is 30 mins I’d make them all feel like the shittiest people on earth. And before i left I’d make sure to leave a box full of snakes in front of Birch’s door and a card that says, I know what you did slut lol. Because I know he cheated on Blue before this. I know it. He and Grant aint no good I knew it long ago mhm mhm.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. remember at beach house when Blue was cooking for the event and Birch and Grant went upstairs for art stuff ai thought they may of chested then at first.

          i want a marcus cameo do he can go all sassy on everyones asses lol

          Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I knew they was up to no good. They went and created art alright. Blue needs to get mad I’m telling you lol. This could turn into a horror story so fast because they driving Blue to become a psychopath. Cut Grant ass up and serve him to Birch on a silver platter haha.


        1. Oh my Andy spreading the lies about Blue without asking or even talking to him. 😦 He broke my heart and it aint even had nothin to do with us. How he do that after agreeing they would be there for each other more? He can’t be my dom baby after that. Nope. If you notice I hardly ever commented about BB. I never really cared for them. They were cool. I always thought Birch was no good since he was introduced. I just know these things mhm mhm.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. you have great instinct 🙂

            i got sucked in with BB but jumped the sinking ship last chapter and went all sassy on Birch and continued this chapter 🙂

            i guess because I love Blue sooo much I want him to find happiness (starting to accept facts he may be destined to be alone while those around him have successful relationships)


            1. The only one with a successful relationship is George & Dylan. Magnus & Andy are not gonna last. Birch & Grant will end in a very bad way if they are fuckin around. None of them can proclaim drama follows Blue. Drama follows all of them. Andy you a cheat and you got Curtis a front row seat to scam Gervais. Robin you a cheat and clearly a bit two-faced. Spence is overly picky and quite selfish. Gervais…is gervais. All their shit stinks and love to make Blue out to be such a debby downer. Hah lol.

              Liked by 4 people

              1. just wait till Magnus and Andy first relationship drama and Blue is not there to pick up pieces or lend emotional support.

                Does Andy or Spence even care they have possibly lost Blue for good I mean look at Spence attitude during that encounter it was almost Clara like where he deems Blues emotional issues a downer on everyone and there was no revoke from either of them when Blue said was setting them free of him and his dramas they actually seemed relieved where only thing Spence said after that point is this was a waste of time.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. I was surprised with Spence as well. He did a total flip flop. Was so supportive of Blue and caring. Now he’s just like kiss my ass I have a life. He pulled a Jesse there. As long as he was getting those cuddles and ass and dick from Blue after he and Andy broke up he was good to go. Soon as that stopped now Blue is drama queen. Watch out Deshawn you next >.> lol


                  1. probably resents Blue for being reluctant to be dragged into Gervais drama. Honesty that drama cost Blue dearly prior to that Blue and Birch were fine.

                    I still think it was rather selfish of everyone using emotional blackmail on Blue to help when clearly he was not up to it emotionally but fuck if they care as long as they have their lives who cares.


  9. OH MY FLIPPING… okay, i get Blue being hurt that his friends assumed the worst of him… but he’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You know, I liked Blirch at first, but no, they’re just not right. I’m not sure how i feel about Tyler for Blue, but I don’t think right now. Maybe Blue should be celibate for a while; do some REAL soul searching. It seems like he doesn’t love himself, and how can he love anyone else if he doesn’t love himself first. Also, please tell me there’s some retribution in store for Birch and Grant. They surely can’t just spread that lie and get away with it, right? I assume Birch is no longer invited on the Australia trip, or to live in the house, so does that mean Grant won’t be going either? Speaking of Australia, maybe Blue will meet someone over there who’s about to transfer to America… a hot aussie boy might be good for Blue, who knows? And yes, I realize i just contradicted my earlier statement that maybe he should be celibate. Maybe he shouldn’t be celibate over the summer, he should get lots and lots of Australian strange.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All 4 are going to australia and birch will still be in the houses.
      Blue has done a lot of thinking and is going snip snip with the friends. He and Tyler will only ever be fwb at least before summer.


        1. make Grant pay for his expenses now on. since Birch resentment about Blue having some money is why Birch stopped wanting to be with him be hypocritical of Birch to accept financial assistance from Blue now wouldn’t it 😉

          Liked by 1 person

                1. i really think Blue has been burned one too many times for any relationship to work at this point. It’s the sad reality as no matter what happened in every relationship Blue seemed to get it wrong, lose confidence in himself and close off and pull back more and more.


                    1. have to put it into perspective he has had four actual relationships and they have all been conplete disasters he has no idea what a good relationship is as he has and possibly never will experience one.

                      When he broke up with Birch the first time he basically said if he can’t get a relationship to work with Gervais or Birch what hope does he have and is likely done.

                      when talking to Tyler this chapter he used the phase single life.

                      Liked by 1 person

    2. i was suprised that willow for as smart as she is did not seek both sides but took Birch side without question considering Birch was a total bitch when talking about Blue a few days prior. I get they are siblings but I never take my siblings events if things 100% as often people will embelish the truth to make themselves look better or less in a negative light.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I’d drop two of their asses out the damn plane in the Atlantic. Maybe robin too I’m really pissed at him. Leave the fuckers on a deserted island. Ooh Sam another crossover chance wreck em and make em washup on Alexanders island.

            Liked by 1 person

                1. the nature of this breakup has probably even ruined the chance of Blue and Gervais even forming something. That heart of his is going to be sooo closed in now that nobody will be able to penetrate it.


                  1. I truly believe that gervais could do it. Gervais ain’t one to give up. If he can’t do it no one can. I’m not just saying it for the sake of a BG relationship. I’d be about 75% happy if they could just get to being best friends and business partners.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Gervais needs to use the limited strength and confidence he has gained recently to make things go back on a better path with Blue. If he just lets things go, I don’t know how they will ever be friends again, much less lovers.

                      Liked by 1 person

      1. -Note to self- Never go to Australia. Ya’ll got big ass spiders, deadly snakes, and sharks. Hell no lol. Perfect place for them to be going though. Sam I know you say you will not kill anymore but Birch and Grant need to have a run in with one of those three things. IJS >.>

        Liked by 1 person

      1. hardest moment was the sentence when a heartbroken Blue quietly says no fixing it this time.

        not like the last fight where it was emotions and rage this time Blue is conpletely broken down.


          1. The fact that he went completely cold is telling…his mind is made up now. They really don’t give a flying duck.

            I have been there before…once it all goes cold and emotions are no longer expressed outwardly (because you care), cold rational thinking takes over and doors close quickly. Other fights have always had an emotional component where things could be sorted out…it was because he cared. Now he suddenly realizes the friends he thought he knew don’t know him at all. They should have started by asking him his side of the story, believing and trusting his side over Birch’s, given they have years of history with Blue and only know Birch superficially really…they don’t deserve Blue as a friend.


            1. yep last fight he was yelling and cursing at Andy which showed he still cared this time was like indifference but stating facts not a place Andy wants Blue to be in, indifference is basically over caring now time to move on and leave this mess behind.


                1. Good! He may feel alone and abandoned – hopefully his suite mates are better friends than he thinks and they’ll figure out how to make amends. I still won’t want Birtch living with him next year or on the Australia trip. what he’s done is unforgivable in my book.


              1. Yup. As sad/upsetting as it is, it is good writing. Sam knows how to push emotional buttons for sure! I wouldn’t have been able to make Blue change do this…I wouldn’t have been able to put it into words so succinctly. I love Sam’s writing style! 😊💕

                Liked by 1 person

      1. I hate messy breakups/divorces. Had enough of those for a lifetime.

        Birch can kiss my ass. I’m so disappointed in him. Never thought he would be that way. But he’s shown his true colors. But honestly, Blue is right. Most of his breakups have been caused by Gervais. Either because of the rejection he felt when he wouldn’t date Blue, or because of the total devastation he caused when he left with Fergus. That said, at least the little twat tried to reach out unlike the other asshats who are supposed to be friends.

        But I can kind of see their point. Blue usually has some type of drama following him. That would get old. Maybe it’s best if they do all go their separate ways.

        Liked by 3 people

  10. Birch says Blue cheated on him which was false but I bet Birch has already fucked around with grant. The pair of them are nothing but two faced snakes.

    Andy spreading rumors that were not true before he even knew the facts….. how many times has Blue ignored stories about his friends that were false and yet a false one gets out about Blue and they all believe it.

    Blue is right he needs a new circle of friends.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. they all disgust me look how supportive Blue is when they have problems heck he even supported both Spence and Andy in his own way when they broke up the first time. yet when Blue needs help that counts for nothing.

        Maybe blue is right count your losses and move on to a fresh start.

        Will Blue even want to go to OZ trip now since two of them really hate him and Robbin seems to support Grants version of events 😦


      2. What you mean all 4 are still going to Australia? Birch and Grant need to take their asses back where they came from. I sense extreme foul play. I bet that was not the first time Birchum had Grand slut in his bed. No. no no no. If al four are going it better be because Blue gonna set their room on fire. Burn in hell little rude bastards. I’m still stunned. I need a nap lol.

        Liked by 1 person

              1. Definitely can’t see through all the scud to the blue sky above everything right now…And Blue really needs to think that he is above it all and move on. I guess there is a dense foggy mess to sort through first with everyone else.

                I am patiently wondering how this all will play out.


                    1. I LOVE Chicago! I lived about 2.5 hours from there. Michigan gets a lot more snow, but because of the lake doesn’t get as cold.


                    2. I loved it too! Great museums, great shops and architecture. Proper public transport! I ate a lot of corner bakery chilli to keep warm. And it wasn’t a crazy expensive place to visit.


                    3. Probably oz or Vegas in July. Some of the places in the middle of nowhere I stopped on the train were crazy face melters in Australia, but Vegas is summer is like an oven. I remember being in Turkey and the sand being too hot to walk on.


                    4. I’m in northern Virginia and we get that nasty humidity as well. I usually refer to going outside in summer as being bitch slapped by a wall of drinkable air. My asthma goes nuts because of the humidity in summer.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    5. yeah summer can be crazy here and even the coast is not safe from the face melters. Sydney which is on the coast topped 46C several years ago that was an insane experience.


                    6. I love waking up to rain actually we have a major storm effecting our southern states right now Adelaide lost power for most of last night for example.

                      ooh so cooling down in UK now I see?

                      btw is UK really as wet as its reputation states?


                    7. I saw about the storm was worried about a friend. He’s posting poetry on fb so I figure he’s alright. It can be pretty rainy here, and it’s random not like places with rainy seasons where it rains the same time every day for 3 months.


    1. Maybe a time for sibling loyalty to show itself, how’s about Chris stepping up to be the good triplet. Think that would shake the group and show that Blue is not as isolated as the others want.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I’m bawling my eyes out right now. I can’t believe Birch became such a vile person, and not even Robin gives a shit about my poor Blue. But all the love to Tyler and DeShawn for being decent human beings and friends. I love you and hate you so much lol.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. i guess because Blue made him feel like a prostitute we can expect Birch to turn down Oz trip and living in Blues house now. Fact is he uses Blues genorosity against him yet when Blue tries to rein in his genorosity that is also held against him. he can never win and maybe never could. Birch claims Blue is high maintance as if he isn’t.

        There is no coming back from this look how vindictive he has been in aftermath. I mean Blue never trashed Birch.

        Liked by 1 person

              1. He obviously was looking for an out…and this was one way to do that effectively without having much in the way of blame attached to it. “You cheated on me” is a much more alluring excuse than “I can’t deal with you being rich”.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. funny thing is after the last breakup Blue literally gave him an out remember when they went to studio and Blue basically said he is a mess and Birch deserves better.

                  its not like Drama compiled after that it was at similar levels.


    1. I think my heart just broke. How could they think that he cheated? He just can’t catch a break. I want my blue back. Doesn’t look like Birch will be on that trip if it even happens now. I just don’t get how so called friends couldn’t even have the decency to get both sides of the story. The only person I’m not pissed at is DeShawn. Or Tyler. The one thing that Blue said that isn’t true is it being Gervais fault. If its anyone’s fault it Birch. How can someone be so heartless that they can’t see a person they supposedly love in pain. I hope Gervais doesn’t give up on him. I feel like he may be the only one that could help. And what the fuck is wrong with Robin was Grant’s cocksucking skills so good that he would take his word over Blue’s? It was a good chapter though. Maybe blue should just go on a trip by himself.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. There would have been social media pics up of Blue and Tyler at the pool.
        Why his friends were so quick to judge was just the usual never giving Blue any credit.
        Blue knows the drama was too much for Birch so blamed Gervais because he is often the root of the drama.


        1. I am sad and frustrated that Blue’s “friends” not only forgot about blue YET AGAIN, but also put blame on him without bothering to get his side of the story. They should know Blue’s character isn’t one who cheats. Loyalty is important to him. Ugh.


              1. I can’t forget though that Andy was the one spreading it around to the group. If Birch wanted to let Luca then why did he hold him the day before and want to make it all go away for him. There’s no excuse. Sorry.


          1. He cheated on George. I think his friends like it when he messes up so he’s not so perfect. Spence is always busy, Andy was at the start of a new relationship and Robin is processing his feelings. Gervais should have called but was still rebuilding with Blue and was letting Blue lead. Blue was pretty self centred to imagine their not calling was all about him. It wasn’t.


            1. True, but it isn’t normally in his character. His friends shouldn’t automatically assume he would cheat. There are always excuses…friends who make them aren’t really close friends. Blue is still confused, that is for sure. He really needs a good break from all the drama that seems to gravitate towards him.


              1. I think his scorched earth approach is what he needs. He’s tired of making excuses as to why his friends dont treat him well. They all rallied around Gervais when he was losing it but not even a text to check in with Blue. They all suck. I’m mad now 😤😤😤

                Liked by 1 person

                1. I think some bridges are burning now…

                  I love Blue…always has been my favourite character in the series. He just can’t seem to get a break really. Life always sucks for him. He needs to open up a yoga pastry business or something to disconnect himself from all the negative drama. I am hoping for good things to come from Australia after finals are done. At least Blue was able to get all his stuff from Birch before all of the crazy drama really hit the fan.

                  Technology nowadays is funny…we are all connected at the hip to everyone, but it is so easy to forget to text someone.

                  Get all the anger out with the keyboard (just don’t break it…lol. The nice Bluetooth ones can be expensive to replace and we would have to wait for a replacement 😉).

                  Liked by 1 person

                2. that was what I was ranting about on and off When precious Gervais has an issue they are all ears and they are there to support him when Blue has an issue he is a drama queen. Next time Gervais has an issue lets see them deal knowing they have burned their bridges as far as Blue is concerned.


    2. They all need to grovel at his feet. FYI – if BB gets back together I’m done reading. He’s a sorry excuse for a bf. and he probably deserved Joe cheating on him!! I’m disappointed in Willow and the boys.


        1. now we know he does not tell the truth with breakups.

          For all of Gervais faults he has always told the truth on what has caused drama between he has never pinned it all on Blue and lied to make himself look innocent.

          Liked by 2 people

                    1. I must have read that one wrong. It certainly was pretty quick for Birch and Grant to be together though…pretty suspect to say the least. I wasn’t expecting Birch to dive off the deep end like this.


    3. Frustratingly good writing Sam. It is what it is. Grant and Birch need to quietly disappear. They are both as bad as Chris in my books right now. How did you manage to do that in just one chapter?

      Ugh…I need ice cream now…where is Tyler?


    4. A couple observations after my night of nightmare’s of Blue crying himself to sleep:
      1. Gervais was really the only one of the 5 who believed in Blue off the bat…the only one. Say what you will..he cares and knows his friend.
      2. Most of Blue’s drama – is not self inflicted.
      3. Birtch is a complete ass. He pushed Blue to help and then told him he was too involved with everyone’s drama – he’s a cheat and a liar and there’s no way I would ever trust him again. Grant is a liar and I hope Andy realizes by siding with Birtch he may (and should) have lost his friend forever…Blue doesn’t need a friend like that.
      4. Willow – will we see how she reacts when they all find out Birtch was the one to cheat, not Blue? Not a true friend.
      5. ‘The Boy’s’ (minus Gervais, D & T) – really wonder if they care. They’re all so wrapped up in themselves, yet run to Blue the minute they need help. Wow.
      6 Can’t wait to see how this pans out!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh and I forgot! Regardless of Birtch thinking Blue cheated – with absolutely no proof – he’s exactly like his ex Joe – a liar, cheat and heart breaker! I hope he realizes that!

        Liked by 1 person

            1. they are dead to you aye 😉

              I actually regret voting for Blue and Birch a few chapters back on poll now as while he had lost Birch he still had his friends now he has lost everything 😦


                1. of course hate calling my sammy names 🙂

                  this chapter was not as much of a grenade as BB relationship lost my support last chapter when i realised they had only been together for what 3 weeks and already sooo many cracks.

                  what sold its demise for me was hearing Birch be a total POS when talking to Willow about Blue

                  The friendships demise while bad has been a long time coming they were all on final chances after the george relationship demise plan snd winter break fiasco.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. As far as ‘smelly poo’ goes…I’m holding out for the next chapter to make that judgement! We all want a happy Blue Sky! He deserves better and hopefully he’ll get there! Sure some bumps in the road – but I wanna see grovelling before forgiveness!!!! LOL!

                    Liked by 1 person

              1. I always voted for Blue with Andy or Blue to be single and live. Why? Blue is in too much of a rush to play house. He needs experience. You have to know what you don’t want to know what you do want. That takes living. Andy would have been good for him for awhile. Appreciation of him and his baking, adorable fun moments, and great fucks that will have him squealing in pleasure. Boost his confidence so that he stands his ground a lot better. Trying to play house with college guys is a recipe for disaster. As you see he has failed 4 times.

                Liked by 1 person

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