The suite saga 121

You promise that Birch isn’t going to walk in.” Blue says over brunch with Will on Saturday after hot yoga.

“I promise. Birch is seriously in the doghouse. I cannot believe he turned your world upside down like that after all he went through with Joe. I never, ever thought he would behave like that, he’s shocked me with the change in his behavior.” Willow says.

“It’s what do, I drive men nuts. Gervais told me he loved me in the morning and ran off with Spence’s brother in the afternoon, George went from utterly adorable sweet gentle nerd to controlling douche. Your brother went from caring, amazing, talented artist, I thought we had the most amazing relationship really going somewhere and he turned into a vindictive tool who hates everything about me. I don’t understand how we spent all that time being friends and getting to know each other only for him to pull the rug out.” Blue sighs.

“He was insecure and didn’t know how to sustain what you had and crumbled.” Willow says feeling sorry for her brother.

“I didn’t need much. Oh maybe I did with everything going on I guess I was exhausting. I didn’t mean to be. Curtis and Justin and Jesse were not my fault.” Blue says.

“No and he should have told you and you could have come to me or one of your friends.” Willow says.

“I was going too fast. I thought because he loved me he wanted what I wanted, a home together and I didn’t actually ever ask if that was true. I just steamed ahead. I loved living with him, loved making his space into a home, making things easier for him so he could paint and not worry about anything else.” Blue says sadly.

“You were perfect on paper but the reality wasn’t what either of you wanted. You went into overdrive being a homemaker and he became your councilor and sure you had a good physical relationship but you were both playing at being boyfriends and not being real. You thought you were but you weren’t. Him more than you I expect.” Willow says.

“But I felt I was myself. I thought I could tell him anything, ask him anything. I thought it was good.” Blue says.

“But you were being a Stepford wife with 3 meals a day and a bj.” Willow says.

“Is that bad? Taking care of my man?” Blue asks.

“A carer is not all you are.” Willow says.

“I guess. Maybe I lost myself a little but we were just starting out.” Blue says.

“And you broke up twice.” Willow says.

“So much happened in the few weeks. It was stressful.” Blue says.

“It was and it was a bad time to start a relationship. You couldn’t know what was going to happen. God knows if I had known about Curtis I would never have put him in Andy’s path.” Willow says.

“Not your fault. Is Birch okay?” Blue asks.

“Not really. He feels mad he messed things up but I think also relieved. You guys were intense. Your mom has written to Birch and Robin to tell them she hopes they still take the summer trip, They are planning to, Grant too. That is what Birch wanted to talk to you about.” Willow says.

“Nothing I can do about it. I’m not going to miss out just because those three hate me.” Blue says.

“Do you think you and Robin will reconcile by then?” Willow asks.

“He has taken Birch and Grant’s side and I have no idea why. He’s not spoken to me since his birthday really. It’s a lot losing your best friend and boyfriend at the same time. I guess I know how Birch felt after Joe. But at least Birch had a reason to hate the pair. I’m just bewildered.” Blue says.

“Do you want me to talk to him for you?” Willow asks.

“No, I just feel like my friends are not who I thought they were and I’d rather not let my self-esteem take a further kicking.” Blue says.

“You’re actually a lot more together than I expected. You’ve moved past anger to reflection quite quickly.” Willow says.

“I have DeShawn and Gervais on side and Deke too. I’m doing okay. I wanted things to work with Birch so much, I loved the good times with him and I’ll treasure the memories just like I do the good times I had with Gervais.” Blue says.

“It doesn’t sound like you expect to make any more. You sound sad.” Willow says.

“I’m done. I am just not a relationship guy. I’m a total failure and too much for anyone to have to deal with.” Blue says.

“You’re 19. You can’t give up.” Willow says.

“I have my business plans, my wine will be my husband.” Blue laughs.

“Well I won’t stop putting guys in your path when I find them.” Willow grins.

“How are things with Cheryl?” Blue asks.

“I love her. She is my world and we’re very happy. I can’t wait to get up to the retreat for the summer, the three of us having real family time.” Willow says.

“Does Ocean know then?” Blue asks.

“He knew from the start, we didn’t give him enough credit. He’s happy as long as Cheryl is happy. He keeps asking when I’ll have a baby sister for him but that’s not something I’m thinking about.” Willow says.

“I’m so pleased for you both. You better take good care of her, she’s one in a million.” Blue says.

“I know. I will.” Willow smiles sweetly lost in her thoughts.

That evening George and Dylan are in bed. Dylan loves that George is a totally willing bottom for him and they’ve just finished another incredibly satisfying session.

“Exams then I get to take you home with me.” Dylan says kissing George’s cheek.

“I’m a bit scared.” George admits.

“Well we best not fight too much, not in the house at least.” Dylan says,

“We don’t fight so much anymore.” George says,

“No, I just throw you down and pound your ass.” Dylan grins.

“And I love it. I love you.” George says.

“I love you. I’m so happy you told me you wanted me.” Dylan says.

“I’m happy you’re staying.” George says.

“I love how tiny and cute you are in my arms, makes me feel like a giant.” Dylan says scooping George onto him like a baby and kissing him all over his face.

“More.” George says with a grin he can’t get enough of Dylan. Things have never slowed, their chemistry was powerful the first time between them and it hasn’t dimmed. They love the roles they are in in bed and they love the passion that the other brings.

“I’m tired.” Dylan lies growing firm against George’s thigh.

“I can do the work. Wanna ride you.” George grins.

“Get on baby.” Dylan says nothing he loves more than his baby helping himself.

Dylan finds it weird that he was ever in love with John when they talk. They study together often and still have a lot in common but the attraction is long gone to the extent that Dylan can’t imagine that he ever enjoyed sex with John and that he was once his whole world. He’ll always be grateful to John for getting him out the closet but they are ancient history now.

He still thinks fondly of Deke and DeShawn at times but with George he doesn’t need any games or gimmicks. Just George is enough. They fuck 2 or 3 times a day and its still not enough. The smooth curve of George’s butt is the most wondrous thing for Dylan and if he doesn’t get to touch or taste is several times a day he gets withdrawal.

After George curls himself up on Dylan and Dylan rubs his back, his hand slipping south ever so often.

Dylan makes George feel so secure that he doesn’t need to try and take control. Dylan stamps on him hard when he tries George grins to himself.

Last summer George was scared of Dylan, now he thinks he was scared of the strong feelings Dylan stirred in him, it wasn’t hate but pure passion. He needed Blue, someone safe and gentle, to get him ready, get him out and comfortable with loving men. He still loves Blue as a friend and for a second is washed with pain that his friend is yet again heartbroken when he is so happy. Then Dylan’s hand brushes his ass and the jolt of electricity bumps him again and he’s fully focused on his man as he drifts off to sleep.


Andy insists on Sunday dinner, he wants their usual pre exam big meal together. Gervais and DeShawn automatically decline due to loyalty to Blue. George and Robin are reluctant to take charge of the cooking, neither confident enough to lead, so Spence orders in from a nice restaurant.

Spence, Andy, Robin, Dylan, George, Grant and Magnus sit around the table in the apartment pushing food round their plates. It feels weird without the others and the food hasn’t travelled well

“So what are you planning in Australia?” Dylan asks.

“Lots of sex.” Grant grins.

“You could do that here.” Robin huffs. He doesn’t want the trip to be one long party but wants to see the country he’s visiting.

“Well it’s not worked out for me so far.” Grant sighs.

“Patience little bro!” Magnus says. He is loving his new sex life with Andy and is going to miss it over the summer. They’re yet to discuss what will happen exactly but he’s happy to enjoy what they have for now.

“Oh please you’ve been doing it for a week, it barely counts.” Grant rolls his eyes.

“Oh it counts and counts and counts.” Andy grunts while thrusting.

Spence looks away. He was happy for Andy and Magnus but gets the occasional wash of jealousy, especially now DeShawn has moved out and he’s not getting any. He thought he’d have someone by now. He wishes not for the first time that Blue was around to talk to. He feels bad he’s not been there for Blue for his break up and wants to talk to his friend about his own feelings. He can’t talk to Andy and Robin has closed himself off from everyone.

Spence is worried he’s going to be really lonely this summer.


Over at the suite Cheryl has had an emergency and so Ocean is hanging out with Blue, Gervais and DeShawn. They have spent most of the morning at the pool and Ocean has been loving having his brothers to play with. The other students are a little surprised at a kid being there but several miss their younger siblings and don’t mind his childish laughs and squeals at all and are happy to join in some games.

Playing volleyball while sat on Blue’s shoulders is Ocean’s favorite thing and he can’t get enough of piggyback rides from DeShawn. Exhausted and starving they dry off in the suite and Blue and George make big sandwiches for lunch.

DeShawn fries himself a steak to have in his and the four are chattering away until Chris arrives.

Blue has pre-warned Ocean that Chris is coming but the kid is really unsure that it’s a good idea.

“I think maybe you should come another day.” Ocean says opening the door.

“Hey come on. You promised to be good if I took you swimming.” Blue says and Ocean grimaces.

“Hey kid.” Chris grins remembering their previous encounter all too clearly.

“Just sandwiches today, nothing fancy. Most of my cooking stuff is in storage and we’ve been making the most of the good weather all morning.” Blue says worried that Chris will expect a full meal.

“He’s being modest as he made the bread this morning.” DeShawn says sitting down.

“Oh I made you a veggie one like us, I didn’t think.” Blue says flustered.

“I love cheese.” Chris says taking a big bite and Blue relaxes.

“We get ice cream sandwiches for dessert if I’m good. Me an Gervais will go and get squidgy ice cream and Blue made cookies, choc chip and banana for me and choc chip and coconut for the grown-ups, Banana is my favorite food.” Ocean prattles on having decided Chis is no longer the enemy.

He does sneak looks from Chris to Blue frequently as if willing one of them to change their face.

“So all three of you are living here again?” Chris asks.

“Yeah. More drama. Blue and Birch split and we’re the two on Blue’s side.” Gervais says.

“That’s it? Seriously?” Chris asks surprised.

“My mom says that when 2 friends break up and one asks me to pick sides I should always be friends with the other one because they didn’t ask me to choose.” Ocean says solemnly.

“Blue didn’t ask us to choose.” DeShawn says equally seriously back.

“I choose Blue and not smelly Birch. Birch has a nature name like me but so does Blue because he is Blue Sky. Why don’t you have a nature name?” Ocean asks Chris suddenly very confused.

“My parents gave me and my sister traditional names.” Chris says.

“But not Blue?” Ocean asks.

“My momma gave me my name and Chris’s momma gave him his name. My momma carried me and Chris and Bea in her tummy all at the same time and then Chris and Bea went to live with their mommy and she got to choose their name.” Blue explains.

“Okay.” Ocean says not sure that he likes the idea of mommies giving babies away.

“Shall we go and get the ice cream?” Gervais asks sensing Ocean needs a few minutes.

“Can DeShawn come too?” Ocean asks.

“Oh you bet I’m coming.” DeShawn says.

“I like squidgy ice-cream. Do you want vanilla or poopy ice cream?” Ocean asks Chris.

“Both. I like vanilla on my poo.” Chris says with a straight face and Ocean squeals with laughter.

“How is the legal stuff going?” Blue asks.

“They offered a settlement of about half what Clara paid into our college fund. I said no straight off as it didn’t take into account what our grandparents gave and Bea agreed. If they have that much stashed somewhere then they probably have the rest. Even the half would have been enough to pay for my tuition this year without asking Clara and that really bugs me. What if Clara had lost it all in the crash you know? What then?” Chris says agitated.

“After lawyers’ fees is it worth going to court for more?” Blue asks.

“That is what my grandfather said but the lawyer thinks they’ll make another offer before it gets to court,” Chris says.

“I’m sorry that this has happened to you. I thought you were such a d when you got mad about it but I am now too. Just because momma has money doesn’t mean they are entitled to it. You are far more entitled to it than they are.” Blue says.

“Right and I am feeling a lot less entitled to it than I was. What Clara has arranged for me this summer means the world to me. I feel like she has parented me and Bea more in the last few weeks, than my parents ever did. She’s really made me and Bea work on our issues with each other. We’re a lot closer. Sure maybe she’s manipulated us against our parents but I’d rather have a functional relationship with Bea.” Chris says.

“You’ve been talking to momma?” Blue asks.

“Yeah since the lawsuit started we’ve been talking twice a week, the three of us and then separately. She’s really smart.” Chris says.

“Is that why you approached me?” Blue asks.

“No, that night at the hospital was it. I really did feel terrified about losing you. We owe Robin.” Chris says.

“He’s not talking to me.” Blue sighs.

“I saw him with a girl. She’s tiny and Asian, very cute.” Chris says.

“He wanted a girlfriend. It would be nice to think he’s been buried deep and not had time to call.” Blue says hopefully.

Ocean comes bursting back in with DeShawn and Gervais carrying bowls of takeout soft serve from the dining hall. Ocean has clearly already partaken in some.

Blue gets up and puts the cookies on two plates and grabs some spoons.

The guys crumble their cookies in while Ocean insists on making a sandwich and suffers drips everywhere but has a lot of fun making his mess.

“I am going to get Clara to teach me how to make these cookies this summer. These banana ones are so good. I can’t believe the banana caramel center.” Chris says.

“Those are minnnnnne.” Ocean says laughing.

“You have good taste kid.” Chris says and ruffles his hair.

Gervais can’t believe this is Chris in public. He’s so relaxed now and so comfortable with everyone.

The tension and all the posturing is gone. He’s so close to the guy he used to see sometimes in private, in their best moments.

“You’re different.” Gervais says.

“I let go of the hate. Gervais I am so sorry for what I did to you. Trying to push you out of school. I was so mad at losing you. The way I lost you, showing my true self, the self I hated and you rightly hated too. I’m not letting that guy win.” Chris says.

“I’m the king of getting a fresh chance. If you’re nice to Blue we can be friends. I like seeing the two of you get along.” Gervais says.

“Were you mean to Gervais?” Ocean asks.

“I was and I’m very sorry. He broke up with me and I was very sad.” Chris says.

“He had to break up with you. He’s going to marry Blue and have babies.” Ocean says.

“I would love it if he was my brother in law one day and gave me some nieces and nephews.” Chris says making it clear he wouldn’t object to any reunion between Blue and Gervais however hurt he would be inside.

“Not happening but thanks.” Blue laughs.

“These two are barely friends again. Gervais is still groveling. But it works to my advantage as he makes a mean chocolate milkshake.” DeShawn laughs.

Cheryl arrives shortly after to get Ocean.

“I’m afraid we over did the sugar but he was really good.” Blue says.

“We did so much swimming too.” Ocean grins.

“Thanks so much for taking care of him. I was so relieved you were available.” Cheryl says.

“Always happy to have our little bro over.” Blue says.

“That’s right. He’s a great kid we love having him.” DeShawn says and hugs Cheryl who despite her preference for women blushes.

Ocean kisses all 4 guys good bye and grabs a cookie in each hand before leaving.

“He’s a sweet kid.” DeShawn says.

“The best.” Gervais says with a grin.

“Have you been seeing anyone?” Gervais asks Chris.

“Not since you. Will the lawsuit and everything I’ve not been in the right place. It’s not like sex is so hard to find.” Chris says.

“For you.” Gervais says.

“Oh please. You’ve been depressed and sick since Jesse died not exactly out there trying. You only need to snap your fingers when you’re ready and you’ll have a queue.” Blue says.

“I forgot I was sick.” Gervais laughs feeling a bit better.

“I had the men’s volleyball coach the other day. In the locker room. Pure porn fantasy situation.” DeShawn says.

“Oh wow. What I wouldn’t give to join your team showers for 2 minutes.” Chris says and they all laugh knowing they feel the same.

“See I really, really missed out having no sports in high school. No coaches. No locker room.” Blue says.

“No teasing or name calling or steps to run in the rain either.” Gervais says shuddering.

“Would it be okay if I came over here to study this week? I find the library oppressive and the study rooms are all booked in my dorm.” Chris says.

“For sure. We’re going to be working together as much as we can.” Blue says knowing he is fully prepared and can afford to help the others.

“Is it okay with you G?” Chris asks.

“Yes, As long as you’re nice. If you turn back into old Chris then DeShawn will kick you out.” Gervais laughs.

“For sure.” DeShawn says looking terrifying.

The odd group do get into a routine during the exam period. They swim, study, eat and relax, Blue and Gervais help DeShawn and Chris with their studies. Gervais finds methods to help both of them and DeShawn comes back from one final beaming that he actually enjoyed it, Gervais had unlocked his brain.

“I don’t get why you two are here. You’re way too smart. I get that George is here because he got a free ride but you two are full pay. What gives?” DeShawn asks one night.

“I had perfect test scores and a bad gpa. High school was very, very tough for me with bullying and sexual assault and rapes. I rarely managed to get my homework handed in without someone destroying it. In class tests would be torn while being passed forward. I didn’t have the option of elite schools. Now though with good grades to transfer I can go to a school with a world class engineering program and I’ll be a pig in muck.” Gervais grins.

“I knew you had it bad but not that it was that extreme. You’re amazing. What a fight back.” DeShawn says really proud of his friend. He hasn’t always liked Gervais behavior but damn he’s been through it.

“What about you big bro?” Chris asks.

“In a tiny high school being number 1 in your class doesn’t mean a lot. I didn’t know where I would stand compared to everyone else, I didn’t know if I was average or dumb or smart. We weren’t sure how big my gaps would be from a normal high school curriculum. Momma insisted I go somewhere I could get a well-rounded education and this place fitted size wise and had everything I wanted. We wanted me somewhere big so I had the full college experience. Now momma trusts me to finish up where I’ll be happy. All our criteria out the window and it’s cheaper.” Blue grins.

“I think it’ll be better for us to be in different schools.” Chris says.

“Yeah me too. Different professors and different pool of men.” Blue says.

“Oh we’ll still be going to the same club but we expect you two to bring guys from your new schools.” DeShawn says.

“New men Sunday dinners.” Gervais laughs.

“Perfect! New guys, cheesecake and chat.” Chris says.

“Deal for every Sunday dinner we have to bring one new guy.” DeShawn says.

“Until we all have boyfriends.” Gervais says.

“That’ll take a hundred years.” Blue sighs.


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  1. How ironic that Spence said, “When you’re the one left with no friends, maybe you are to blame.” and now he is the one pondering if he will be super lonely this summer. My my Spence..what does that say about you? lol

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        1. I wonder if Andy will receive a piece of his mind over summer? maybe not as I don’t think Blue has gone into details with Chris what happened just gave him tje cliffnotes version basically didn’t he?


  2. I hope Blue leaves for Oz before he talks to any of them. Let them all spend the summer away from him. You have to be apart in order to miss you. They need some time away from each other.

    Nice chapter!!

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  3. Lewis I agree, Robin should have talked to Blue after the party and shared has feelings with Blue right then and there. I think at that point their friendship was strong enough and Robin wouldn’t have hurt Blue like that but to have it on the table and discussed would have solved the whole problem and Robin wouldn’t be in the situation he’s in now.

    I still hope though that before or while they are on vacation they patch up their friendship…

    And pass…. I wish nifty would update already. Nothing since the 28th… And another story I follow posted an update yesterday so the author said on his yahoo group but still not able to read it because nifty hasn’t updated….. Grrrrr. LOL


    1. not sure what process is but when was following this story on nifty only saw updates once or twice a week not sure if that was with author submitting or Nifty own procedures. I try and read stories i like on the authors own space where possible 🙂

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      1. Usually they update daily and it usually ends up being after midnight eastern standard time… How ever they updated twice on the 28th but not again since. The one or 2 updates a week you are seeing is probably author related.

        And likewise when I get attached to a story the first thing I do is try to do is see if author has a story site of his own. That’s how I found Sam here. I started Suite Saga on nifty and when I got to the final chapter posted there I followed the link and found he was several chapters ahead here then what was being posted to nifty… And I also got to read Peter and Alexander which I probably would never have saw on nifty.

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        1. sorry i didn’t mean the site itself more the stories ie when was reading Suite Saga on nifty even tho nifty updates daily, nifty only had a new chapter once a week or two in a good week.

          So was thinking is this some kind of procedure nifty has that limits how many updates a story can get in a week for example. when i came here from nifty Sam was a good 20 chapters ahead I mean at Nifty at the time Gervais had just left with Fergus I come here and Blue has just broken up with George lol

          that is how far apart they are

          On nifty right now its up to chapter where Blue and George move into George room together I mean that was aaages ago lol

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                1. some of us could help if it means spreading the word on what a great writer and all round nice guy you are we really do appreciate you for all you do for us sweetie ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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      3. Ahh gotcha… There isn’t a limit that I know of… Not what I thought escape meant had daily updates or sometimes every other day until the author caught up to where he was writing the current chapters… I think some authors with their own site like Sam who posts his link in the story only make occasional submits to nifty.


          1. Oh I certainly agree… I would rather read a story from the authors page and be able to share comments and Ideas and just get to know each other. I do email authors I really enjoy reading how ever sometimes I just don’t feel like making the extra effort to log into email or what ever and here it is so nice to just be able to type out your comment and then everyone can see it too… And share their thoughts and Ideas. I love it.

            This however is the most active story community I have been a part of. I am a member of a couple of Authors yahoo groups But there chat is nothing like it is here.

            I play WOW normally as I wait for updates to this story and my others on Nifty… And I am all the time refreshing to see the new comments here until the next update. 🙂

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          2. Most of the time the comments are almost as good as the story. And then too we talk about other things like the food convo on the Summer Topic… Although that made me hungry for a lot of different foods LOL.

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      1. If it shows on the main page that a story has updated but not showing in the chapter section yet go to the last chapter posted an change the page number in the url to the new chapter number and the new chapter should load… It seems that the chapter pages sometimes takes a while to load the latest chapter.


    1. So true. I am glad Sam wrote in the awkward Sunday dinner…now they can see karma hitting them hard realizing what they lost with screwing up.

      Blue needs to keep his head up high and move on. I hope he has learned from this and doesn’t open up his heart so quickly…especially to those not deserving of his love.

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      1. he has Gervais and deshawn and seems content you don’t need loads of friends just a few loyal ones is enough.

        loved how they both declined Andy invite instantly they did not even have to think about it as loyalty to Blue is the strong driving force here 🙂

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        1. And I am sure they also knew the food wouldn’t be as good as it usually had been…

          All that order-in meal needed to top it off was a less than mediocre chocolate pie from some random supermarket. Lol. Or them getting food poisoning afterwards…


            1. I agree…besides, Gervais has his own issues he is still struggling with…why would he want to go and listen to a group of untrustworthy self-centred “best friends”…and cook for them?


  4. Hmm. Well the last couple of chapters have got me back on track. Love that Deshawn and Gervais are there for Blue although Gervais has a long way to go before he has full redemption from me.
    I still can’t believe Spence and his reaction Andy on the other hand has always been a fuck up with Blue….
    Robin I kinda get he stayed away after the party because he was crushing on Blues Boyfriend and didn’t want to screw that up and become the reason they split most likely…. But I don’t get why he hasn’t went to him since the breakup that’s what has broken that friendship… I hope they work it out I really liked Robin. Out of Andy, Spence, Robin if it ended up that only Robin made up with Blue I would be really happy.

    I guess we have to remember they have all had issues and are only teenagers and some of them out on there own learning how to deal and cope on their own. Even at their age the haven’t reached brain maturity as science suggests that the brain isn’t fully matured until 25 and that people still make irrational judgements and decisions so they still have a ways to go on that front.

    Sam that one chapter tore me a part and I really wasn’t sure what to think… But after awhile of thinking about it it just shows what a great author you are. To be able to get us so attached to these people that all their actions plays heavily on our emotions so Kudos to you Sam.

    Of course I’m still reading even though at a couple points during that chapter I didn’t know if I was going to be able to. But I have this need that makes me not be able to give up on the boys and need to know what’s happening with them all the time. And of course their are still things I’m not happy with like Robin the last couple of chapters have fixed the broken that I felt. And again Kudos to you same and your creative writing.


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    1. Thanks man. I can’t have them all redeemed at the same rate so Robin is waiting. Chris was a story that had been hanging around too long and needed pulling in.
      Yes Robin stayed away because he liked Birch and even now I expect he wouldn’t want his crush to influence how he talks to Blue. But he has kept away as he assumes that Blue would tell him to get lost like he did Andy and Spence, his own self esteem lower than usual.

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      1. that is because Andy gave a completely biased report when he returned from the dressing down Blue gave him. He made it sound like Blue was irrational and he turned on them suddenly…. they were on the offensive on Blue and naturally Blue defenses went up and the fact is neither of them appologized which should of been the first thing they did when Blue let them in it may of saved the situation.


      2. I’m sorry but if that’s the reason Robin is just being a pussy. As the token straight boy he needs to man the hell up and take what he’s got coming to him. I mean seriously if I’d worked that hard for a damn birthday party and shared my boyfriend with you. You need to have the balls to talk to me.

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      1. i actually do this time maybe I am naive but everyone deserves a chance of redemption snd Chris knows he is on his one and only second chance not to mention if he is playing games big imposing deshawn will beat the crap out if him haha

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            1. I like that G is making an effort to fix things again with B, but there is still a niggle that is there…like an awkward crush that won’t go away because there is chemistry there…I hope things are stable for a while at least. Blue still has a lot of growing up to do.


                  1. Definitely! Especially after his friends have abandoned him. Relationships are one issue. I lay the blame for this last breakup mostly at Birtches feet.


                    1. He needs to work through how he feels about being raised away from his siblings. How he feels about his momma. His lack of ability to sustain friendships, his over and under reactions. He’s one beautiful messed up 🐰


                    2. i guess his ability with friendship stems from his life of only being with Clara with other aquaitances come and go from his life ie nobody longterm.

                      his conditional love from Clara makes him put soo much energy into friendships and relationships in hopes of getting noncondional love back in return but other guys find this a tad stifling.


                    3. I agree with some of that…he becomes a doormat and takes all the blame…until this time..loved that he stood up for himself and how he put Birtch in his place last chapter! I don’t believe it’s all on him. Like he said to Andy and Spence – he’s always been there for them and the others. As DeShawn said, the others take and take and take…they’ve definitely got issues too.

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                    4. The only thing Blue did wrong was he went back to his dorm and hid but Birch did not even try and contact him yet blamed him for the relationship breakdown based on frosty attitude towards Gervais, Andy and Robin at Lobster dinner not to mention how he talked about Blue to Willow at Brunch.


                    5. Besides the fact Blue shouldn’t have trusted him – he went to the club, danced and flirted….etc…plus then hurt Blue with Grant. I hope Blue isn’t all alone in Australia! He deserves the best summer of all!


                    6. That’s my issue more than anything. So, it didn’t work out,but why malign him? He hasn’t really admitted it yet either G forced the topic. Loved G’s tear down of him! Best ever !!


                    7. I’m in a coffee place writing a beautiful blue and Gervais scene and three girls behind me about their age have had a hour long convo about who said what on snapchat and who stopped talking when. It was exhausting. I’m glad I’m not trying to be too authentic because else it would be puppy selfie, flowers selfie, puppy selfie. Omg he didn’t snap me back. And repeat. Glad I’m not a teen today.

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                    1. i was suprised he never got it after his family dramas was dropped at his feet as that took him a lot longer than it should of to get his head wrapped around it.


          1. true but they are making progress which I like to see 🙂

            funny despite their history he is there for Blue more than his so called friends were.

            Look how he was shocked that only deshawn and Gervais had his back as Chris would be quite aware for how good to his friends he was in the past.

            Liked by 3 people

              1. it has not been brought up so don’t think there is a hidden agenda this time I think seeing Blue covered in blood snapped him into reality and made him realise life is short and can be gone in an instant.


      2. I wasn’t sure I trusted Chris yet but the way Ocean treated him before and the way he treated him this time kinda swayed me… It seems the kid is a good judge of character I don’t know that I fully trust him yet but I do think he is sincere in his attempt this time.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. I still don’t trust Chris. It is nice and all, but I am still wary, and I hope Blue is too. Bea is still being a total bitch to Blue…which I find very suspect as it is festering and might mean something nasty.


  5. Awesome chapter. I hate to say it but I love how Chris and Ocean intersect. Glad willow is mad at birch. Omg Ocean I love that little guy. The way blue shot that comment down so quickly about him and Gervais getting married leaves me wondering. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. What the hell is wrong with Robin? Seriously grant must suck dick real good. Either that or he’s getting some birch wood.


            1. Australia is quite big I mean its split into three timezones actually its not a great deal smaller than the USA area wise so once they are in Australia be easy for Blue to enjoy his own solo trip and leave the assholes to do what they want 🙂


              1. I spent 6 weeks in Sydney for my former employer…INTERSTING trip! Robin better bring a parachute! I’m so disappointed in him and Spence. I can understand Andy – sorry…boy needs some Adderall!


                  1. They worked me like a dog! I did go see the three-sisters (amazingly beautiful!), walked the bridge, did Shakespeare in the Park my favorite… loved the fact that people were in bars at 7AM! LOL! I loved it and want to visit with my husband!

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    1. I was suprised they didn’t have Birch at dinner since they all clearly took his side lol

      Or is this a case where they know if they can ever hope for a reconsiliation with Blue that can’t happen?


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