The suite summer


Today’s chapter is planned* to be a wrap to the end of semester.

I plan them to do the 5 summer stories that will run concurrently and will take me some time to do.

So if I go quiet my brain has exploded trying to keep all the stories straight.

I’m not dead.


Send food just in case.

I’ve loved the daily chapters but it’s been a major task and I might go a little easier on myself for junior year.

Thanks for all the comments, you’ve been crazy. I love it. Love you all. 💋💋💋

*my plans don’t always go to plan. This weekend at some point sucky sophomore year will be over.

116 thoughts on “The suite summer

  1. I’m totally struggling to write the separate stories because Gervais is so boring without the others. I might go back to the normal style but there won’t be much Gervais. Yawwwwn.


    1. A St. Louis rib, onion strings and slaw. The rib was the small from the menu and I was able to eat maybe half. Lovely walk back to my flat along the harbour after. What have you had today?


                    1. I love that place! I’ve stayed there a couple times…Last time was a suite on the fountain side…it was amazing! Right in the middle of it all. It was close when Krave was right there…too much fun!

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                    2. So true! We took my husband’s father to Vegas last spring for his 90th birthday and we stay at the Excalibur. The other resorts have so many additional fees it’s not worth it. I’m jealous!

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  2. Prime rib has always been a favourite of mine.

    I am happy it is Thanksgiving next weekend for us here…single/living alone, I am still able to go visit family for a big turkey dinner with stuffing (yummmm) and all the trimmings. My favourite trimming is mashed potatoes/carrots…though I hate being the one to have to peel 20lbs of each to help make it…but that is tradition/habit and at least I get to help out a bit in the kitchen. Generally drama free Sunday dinner. Lol. Looking forward to it.

    Thanks for the update Sam. I am glad you plan to keep writing the series. Slowing down isn’t a bad thing. 😊

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    1. I hate mashed potato and cooked carrots. I wish we had thanksgiving or equivalent as an excuse for another big meal. My fave trimming is pigs in blankets (sausage wrapped in bacon) or the lesser spotted cheese in blankets. Actually maybe it’s good we only have Xmas here. Hope your meal is terrific.

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      1. Haha. Thanks Sam! I wish you could partake (minus the potatoes/carrots). Where should I send leftovers? 😗

        Usually 3 big family meals for me each year…Thanksgiving (October), Christmas, and Easter. Easter tends to be the big one in my family, with about 40 at a sit down dinner at my family home (multiple tables, and kids tables, buffet, no catering).

        Pigs in blankets are yummy. I rarely see bacon at family dinners…sometimes with brussel sprouts.

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          1. Extended family and friends come along too. My close family has about 15 as well.
            Including my stepdads side, it is about 25.

            Largest party of the year is the family Christmas party…ends up being a block party with anywhere between 75 (snowed-in year several years ago meant low attendance) to 150 in attendance. Not a sit down thing though…no alcohol, and still no catering. Baking cookies and treats for that party starts in April. Oh how I love the smells from that kitchen when baking is happening.

            I am looking forward to pumpkin pies next weekend for Thanksgiving too. Pumpkins are very early here this year, and will have to be used up quickly. I don’t think many will make it to Hallowe’en for the kids. Usually anywhere from 15-20 pies made from scratch. Many are given away to others in the neighborhood who can’t make it out.

            I bet Blue’s pumpkin pies are epic! Beautiful custard base with some special spices added…maybe a unique spice added to make it Blue-worthy, and of course, twice baked pie crust so it isn’t soggy on the bottom. Yummy!
            Now I am homesick. Lol. One more week…one more week…

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              1. I am not fond of the “pumpkin spice latte” trend, but I love a good pumpkin pie, especially when it isn’t over-spiced. The custard needs to be cooked just right, not overdone (many store bought ones are over cooked), and of course, copious amounts of whipped cream on top. Yumm.

                I would melt inside if Blue made a pumpkin pie! I could wait until next semester.

                So what about apple pie? Or berry pies? Do you like them? My grandma’s bumbleberry pies and strawberry-rhubarb pies were to die for. Sweet and tart. Yumm.

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                1. I love apple pie. My grandmas apple and blackberry was a dream. Rhubarb crumble is good. I had peach cobbler in the US which was good. Not keen on strawberries in pies but I’m fussy and like proper English strawberries.

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                  1. Those all sound delicious! I haven’t had a good crumble in a while. Campfire peach cobbler is delicious, but really, what isn’t delicious when cooked over a campfire? (Well, I guess there are some things that are…). It is tricky to bake over a fire, but if done right it is always tasty.

                    Have the boys thought of camping trips?

                    I am glad I have a sweet tooth! 😊 Nothing wrong with being fussy either.


                    1. any fruit you hate or rarely eat Personally i am not a fan of oranges its something to do with texture of the pulp same as if I drink orange juice if it has pulp I can’t consume it as the pulp just gets in way of me enjoying it I am weird like that haha


                    2. Pears I hate. There was a fruit I had in the Caribbean that had the texture of pear and I hated that too. Not keen on Papaya or melons. Had no idea that papaya were so huge until I was in Guatemala, what we get flown in are tiny in comparison. Same with watermelon.


                    3. papaya is similar to a paw paw right?

                      hate them also oh yeah forgot about the evils of pear, not fussed on Advocado either I guess I seem like a fussy eater lol

                      Mangoes I can have the juice but the flesh feels tooo slimey for my liking.

                      Btw Sam off topic slightly do you like Sushi?

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                    4. that is only way I can tollerate it. What is people using Advocado as butter on sandwhiches that would make me reach for a bucket lol

                      I love sushi also that is what I love about Sydney all the international cuisine I have access to 🙂

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                    5. Just different. More of each extreme in price id say. Sydney has more seafood variety and better fruits. We have very little Vietnamese and most Thai is bad but Indian/Pakistan/Bangladeshi in abundance you have more Greek and Lebanese.

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          1. OK…being from the States, I was unfamiliar with ‘Black Pudding’ – GROSS! My grand mother used to make Blood Sausage – similar I guess – wouldn’t eat that either


                  1. By the way…I’m having a VERY boring Friday afternoon in the office today (been crazy!) I’d love to use my time productively reading the next chapter! LOL!


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