The suite saga 122

“Hey man I know we’ve not spoken much since I moved out but I was wondering if you’re keeping the apartment for summer.” DeShawn says to Spence over lunch at the end of finals.


“I was going to take Grant’s room. You need somewhere?” Spence asks.


“I can stay on campus but not in the suite and I prefer to have a kitchen.” DeShawn says.


“We can both live over there or we could get Magnus to join us at the apartment. That would work.” Spence says.


“I’m okay with Magnus.” DeShawn says.


“Cool. I’ll check with him that that works. I think my place is closer to his work and we have the extra parking already.” Spence says.


“Sounds good. We’re cool right? I mean you understand?” DeShawn asks.


“Of course we’re good. You did the right thing. Are Gervais and Blue back on?” Spence asks.


“No. They are so cute though when they do their mind reading thing. I swear they can plan a week without saying a word.” DeShawn laughs.


“And have you enjoyed some?” Spence asks curious.


“Nah we all agreed to keep it platonic. Chris and Deke have been hanging with us some. We’ve been studying demons. G and Blue have whipped us into shape. Best finals I ever did.” DeShawn says.


“Sounds like those two nerds. Andy really missed having the help. Blue had the best way of focusing him.” Spence says.


“How are he and Magnus doing?” DeShawn asks.


“Total implosion. Andy asked to be open over the summer and Magnus told him to fuck off.” Spence says.


“Oh boy. Andy was never going to stay faithful. He’s have been balls deep in Deke first rest stop on the way home.” DeShawn laughs.


“Exactly.” Spence laughs happy to have a friend for the summer.



Deke and Andy are packed and ready to drive up. The fly in the ointment is they have to take Chris with them and neither want to. They had hoped he could go with Willow but she’s staying until Cheryl and Ocean are ready to go.


It is one hell of a tense drive. As soon as Andy realizes Deke and Chris have been hanging out he starts to bitch and moan at both of them. Chris bites back and Deke shrinks into himself. Deke was hoping for another fun summer with Andy but he’s just being a total pain.



The night before Blue flies to Australia he is sharing a hotel room at the airport with Gervais who is flying up to W and AB’s place in the morning.


“I wish you were coming with me.” Blue says honestly. He’s not heard a word from Robin and didn’t expect to from Birch and Grant.  Blue has no idea that Birch and Grant are not dating or fucking or anything more than friends.


“You’re going to have a great time. Not having to deal with me is a bonus.” Gervais grins and kisses Blue gently.


They slowly gently begin to make love for the first time in months. The chemistry sparks alive and they give in to what they have put off ever since Gervais brought breakfast to the pool.


Blue groans in sheer unbridled pleasure, he’s blocked out just how good sex is with Gervais to remove temptation. Gervais has been attentive, pleasant and a really, really good friend the last 3 weeks. He’s helped Blue and Chris get to know each other. He’s helped DeShawn, Deke and Chris study and helped shoulder Blue’s load. He’s been perfect partner material and they both know it.


Gervais looks down at the love of his life enjoying himself like never before. He watched his whole body convulse and that big dick of his bounce all over. Gervais groans aloud at the feel of Blue’s welcoming ass. They are perfectly matched and ride a huge wave of joy together.


The second it is over Blue feels guilt and remorse. He rolls onto his side an sobs, huge wracking sobs of pain and loss. Gervais rubs his back and makes soothing noises.


“Was it so bad baby?” Gervais asks.


“No it was amazing. But I promised myself I would never ever get sucked back in. I would never be with you again. I’m so weak around you.” Blue sniffles and hiccups trying to get the words out.


Gervais stories to stifle it butt he starts to giggle.


“Am I so pathetic that it’s funny?” Blue asks.


“No I was thinking how usually at this point I’d say something mean to stop us getting in too deep.” Gervais says.


“Like wanting to be just friends after our first kiss?” Blue asks.


“Which is still the best kiss I ever had. Or by fucking Jesse right after we’ve had a beautiful intimate time together.” Gervais admits.


“That was the worst. You did it to stop us happening?” Blue asks.


“Yes. but you knew that. Fucking waste as you and Birch were about to get together any way. I hate being hateful to you but I had to carry on to stop Jesse being hurt it was such a mess.” Gervais says.


“Made it easier to cut you out my life. Which I needed, if only because it highlighted how useless our friends are.” Blue says.


“Except DeShawn.” Gervais says.


“Right. He stepped up for both of us this year.” Blue says.


“Lets use the tub here. Relax and talk this through. Because I want us to get out of this pattern.” Gervais says.


“You can tell you’ve been in therapy.” Blue says.


“Honestly what you did for me first semester freshman year was far more than I’ve gotten out of it. You gave me back my body. Teaching me yoga and helping me with my anxiety and making sure I understood that what happened to me at school was not my fault. Meeting you saved my life. Therapy has helped me recognize that.” Gervais says.


“You did it all for yourself. You’re strong.” Blue says.


“No but I will be.” Gervais says sinking in to the bubbles.


“Oooo that feels good.” Blue says leaning back and moving Gervais into his lap.


“We are a disaster together but we struggle to keep things friendly because the sex is amazing. Beyond amazing. Our stupid damn connection is mind blowing and so the sex is too. We can’t deny it and we are totally unable to have sex wit each other without feelings.” Gervais says.’


“Sounds right. I wish we could have a proper relationship with trust and great sex and brunch and yoga and snuggles but we just can’t.” Blue sighs.


“Right. I need to do a lot more work on me and on rebuilding our trust. And you need to go out and have a proper relationship that moves at normal speed. Like how you started with Birch but not moving in after 5 minutes and trying to be super blue.” Gervais says.


“Because I stifle things.” Blue says.


“Yes and because you clam up and think the worst. I know that I am risking us never happening in the future by pushing you to get back out there but a healthy me is most important.” Gervais says.


“To both of us. I know you’ll always have issues. So will I. We’ve been through too much to be together. It is too much to put on anyone, our issues but way, way too much together. No wasting but no saying never. No we need to act like we will never happen else we won’t have real relationships. Not that I think I ever will.” Blue sighs.


“Why not?” Gervais asks.


“I’m too much. Too much drama, too much money, too smart, too veggie, too hippie, too fucking clueless.” Blue says with a snort.


“Beautiful, smart, sexy and rich is a heady combination. Take your goods and use them. Maybe not the rich you suck at being a rich guy, so do I. We’re never going to be the woolen overcoat, shines shoes, fancy restaurant type.” Gervais says.


“No we won’t.” Blue laughs at the thought.


“Maybe we should try one day.” Gervais laughs.


“How do we make sure we’re moving forward and not waiting on each other?” Blue asks.


“Well we’re about to be on opposite sides of the world. I’ve lined up a therapist for the summer. You were over me. You were ready for the real deal with Birch. You’ve been low since your breakup and let me in. I worked for it lets be honest this is the most I have ever worked at things with you. I’ve loved it actually. Sorry, off track, you were vulnerable so I slipped back in. I could slip back out again while you’re away. When we meet up in august I bet we’ll both be ready to be friends. You’ll have fucked your way round Australia and I’ll have had a lovely family summer or normalcy and no drama with the kids.” Gervais says.


“You think space will be enough and we won’t want to rip each other’s clothes off the second we see each other?” Blue asks.


“Well I expect I will always want that.” Gervais says.


“Me too. You are my ultimate. Sex with Birch was great. Amazing, loads and loads. I loved it. If I was in the mood to top then I’d say and he’s let me. With you I had to let you take the lead that way.” Blue says holding Gervais close in the water and loving the feel of his super soft skin.


“I want to say I’d accommodate what you want but we’re supposed to be talking about how to deal with not being together.” Gervais says.


“I know. I don’t want to be angry with you all the time and I don’t want you to hurt me so badly when you’re just trying to push me away. I know I don’t go easily. I can work on that.” Blue says.


“Good because hurting you sucks. I know I’ve been the worst. Over and over the worst.” Gervais says.


“You have and I know you’re trying. We’re trying. So friends who don’t fuck and don’t screw each other over or hurt each other on purpose.” Blue says.


“Yeah. Not sex ever, after today. No putting a relationship on the table. No fighting over guys. No me fucking anyone’s brother.” Gervais says.


“No sex after tomorrow.” Blue says.


“Mmm morning goodbye sex is good. I love you Blue.” Gervais says.


“I love you too. Hating each other doesn’t work. Dating really doesn’t work. We really have to make friends work because I hate indifference.” Blue says.


“Me too. You are very comfy but the water is getting cold.” Gervais says.


“Bed. Bed with my baby.” Blue says.



On another floor of the hotel Birch and Robin are sharing a room. Grant has gone ahead to LA to stay with family for a few days. The noise of a couple in the next room fucking loudly is getting them both riled up and they keep glancing across the room to each other instead of watching the movie.


“Come on over.” Robin says and Birch is there before the words are out.


“I thought you were back to girls.” Birch says.


“Mei and I are on a break for summer.” Robin says his breath tightening at the proximity of Birch. He thought the breakup would kiss his crush but it hasn’t.


They start to make out and soon clothes are flying off and mouths are moving south.


“Mmmm.” Robin moans enjoying a great blow job. He pushes Birch away to take his turn.


“Oh yeah, you’re so good. So gooooooood.” Birch groans.


Robin looks up and smiles.


“Fuck me. Please. Fuck me.” Birch growls moving Robin’s hand to his ass.


“No.” Robin says backing off.


“Come on you’re so hard for me.” Birch moans.


“No.” Robin repeats and backs further away his cock softening and his crush slipping away. He has no idea what it was. Blue has begged to be fucked before but it was different. Still hot.


“Sorry this is just weird without Blue.” Robin says.


“Really? I thought you were hot for me?” Birch says a little confused.


“Me too. Fuck. I’ve been avoiding Blue because I thought I was in to you and I was so confused.” Robin says.


“What a fucking mess.” Birch says.


“Yeah and now we’re all going to Australia and he hates us 3 and is going to be isolated again when he’s done nothing wrong.” Robin sighs.


“You can make friends with him. No hope for me. I said some unforgivable things to him when we broke up.” Birch admits.


“Break ups suck. He’ll forgive you if you apologize.” Robin says.


“I think if he hadn’t lost you guys we’d have had a shot at friends at some point, especially given how often he forgives Gervais but it feels wrong to even try when he lost you three.” Birch says.


“Not even for the sake of the trip?” Robin asks.


“You haven’t made peace.” Birch says.


“I know. I fucked up and left it too long.” Robin says.


The two have an uneasy night’s sleep.


In the morning Blue and Gervais share a fuck and a teary goodbye. They know time apart will be good for them but they are also frustrated to be apart when they are getting on so well.


“You go find about all the wine. I want lots of reports on all of it. I want to know everything.” Gervais says trying to focus Blue on the reason for his trip and not on what he’ll be missing.


“I promise to drink so much I float.” Blue grins.


“I love you.” Gervais says and hugs Blue before running off to his own flight.


Blue keeps away from the gate hoping he doesn’t run into the other three. He has a big itinerary for the trip and a bunch of guide books on his tablet. He is going to focus on doing what he wanted to do and hopes he’ll make some friends as he goes.


Birch and Robin sit next to each other awkwardly. They have barely spoken since they woke and Robin has half a mind to stay home.


They file on to the plane. Blue is excited to have two empty seats next to him until just before the doors close.


“Hey big bro. Ready for a long ass journey?” Bea asks settling herself down.



259 thoughts on “The suite saga 122

  1. While we’re waiting on new chapters I wanted to recommend another series to occupy your time. If you haven’t read it already then I highly recommend Rooming With My Best Friend in the college section of Nifty. Great series that’s now complete but has dozens of chapters. Really great series

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s funny because I’m reading that series now. I’ve been reading like a mad man because I’m addicted to it now. I’ve finished the main series now I’m reading all the tie in stories. I have laughed out loud several times as they remind me of my undergrad years. But then there have been three chapters that have broken my heart and I’ve cried so hard I’ve had to put it down and walk away to compose myself. Very touching series for sure!!!!

        I can see the influence in your writing. No wonder you’ve created another series I’m so addicted to. Nothing will ever surpass The Suite Saga in my mind though. This series is so incredible. I find myself just waiting on each new chapter like a kid at Christmas haha. I’m a fan of yours for life now 😘

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I found the tie in stories a bit weird so gave up. He has a good comments section too which is nice but I only found the series when it was 80% done. He’s written tons of stories listed on his website.


          1. i was reading it until the point they started having foursomes and thought was weird maybe I am odd just hate stories where they turn the straight guy “gay” just my own personal taste its why In this story i have never been sold on RUE and always wanted them to retain the best friends dynamic.

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          1. Ferrari won? I haven’t followed F1 for years…not since they pulled out of Vancouver. I wouldn’t mind checking out a race in Montreal sometime though…but that would take some planning as it is a 5hr flight there.


          1. being realistic it will be over a day before they get there when you work out layovers waiting on connecting flights and flight themselves so you can always say they are still airbourne 🙂


  2. Another great chapter Sam! Love the BG scene, long overdue…so glad sparks are still there and they have worked out a plan for the future as friends. Birch and Robin deserved that awkwardness. I am glad that Robin now knows where his true feelings are while he explores his sexuality. And Bea? Way to leave a cliffhanger! She better be up front with Blue right away…”she has some splainin’ to do”…if things go sour, I hope Blue has some headphones so he can tune her out. He needs to be wary of her. I hope your brainstorming mind map gets sorted Sam so you can continue to write great chapters! I love this series! ☺️☺️💕☺️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am excited to read how it unfolds…no rush though, I know it is going to take a while to unravel this web. I hope Blue gets to see lots of gorgeous wineries and gets lots of ideas for the future! 😊

        Addicted again to double caramel magnums now btw…and they are on sale this week. I haven’t been addicted to them since my last trip to Mexico. Lol. Ugh. I think I need to cut back, but it is hard to do when they are 3/$5 CAD.😋

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            1. Double Caramel is my favourite too.

              Double peanut butter is okay I guess. Creaminess of the PB ice cream is a bit odd though when I am looking for ice cream…almost slimy texture. I love peanut butter in general.


                  1. what time is it there?

                    got times mixed up in other locations as we started daylight savings today 🙂

                    what you like for breakfast? fan of a fatty english breakfast i.e toast, fried bacon, fried eggs, fried sausages with a glass of orange juice?


                    1. DST doesn’t start until November here.

                      I like fatty breakfasts on weekends (mmm… smoked salmon eggs Benedict for me). Sausage over bacon if I had to choose. Occasionally Canadian bacon (which we just call ham slices or ham steaks).

                      Simple breakfasts on weekdays (cereal, yogourt, coffee, fresh berries when in season) before walking to work for me.


                  2. Is there a way to order it online for you to pick up? Lol. That would be awesome. Fast food here is getting all automated with touch screen ordering systems instead of a cashier/till system. Starbucks is all online now here, order through their app and pick it up minutes later, no lineup. I feel bad not being able to tip through the app though.


                    1. I can order through the app for Starbucks, but always forget and McDonald’s are touch screen. Most places Have an app for takeout or there’s Deliveroo and justeat. I have some toast and marmite and am all good.

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                    2. alot of Anericans don’t know how to eat it either. I have seen some lay it on thick like with peanut butter and then wonder why its soo strong and overpowering.

                      For me its the best thing to eat when sick and unable to keep food down as its not rich 🙂


                    3. they ate satans food i even felt guilty giving mine to the pets as a kid they are beyond horrible I mean at least broccoli or Cauliflower can be dressed up to be more appealing but Brussel Sprouts are like Justin…. no redemption possible 🙂


                    4. thats what I meant with redemption plain I find em average but with cheese sauces they become the best thing ever…. cheese sauce can’t even save brussel sprouts thst is how bad they are.

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          1. Just PV and Guadalajara. Rented a 2nd floor beach front condo with some friends, in gay PV of course. Had a great time. I made some mistakes while there though. Became “better than friends” with a friend, but then didn’t realize what I had and let it go. He had a drinking problem too and almost died falling and hitting his head on the tile floor while drunk. Good thing I have first aid training from work. Lots of good memories from that trip too though (including my “friend” introducing me to Magnums and the night life in PV…lol. Mexican strip clubs are definitely different, as are gay clubs in Guadalajara). I loved Guadalajara…such a beautiful city with gorgeous Spanish architecture. We are still friends btw, but he is celibate now…relationships just aren’t for him, and I am wondering the same about myself.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Drinks were cheap. And off sales were even cheaper. Way too easy to get drunk. And tequila…oh dear. Now I know the stuff we have up here is floor cleaner compared to the delicious varieties down there. Gay cruise was nice, complete with strippers on the boat and nude snorkelling. 🍑🍆😋😈

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            1. hehe 🙂

              sammy did you used to eat the milk and cookies milkybar as a kid?

              I loved em altho I do love my tim tams 🙂

              wow I am getting a sugar overload just thinking of these items lol


                    1. Mushroom. Too much food talk. Tried a new coffee place to write a rude chApter today. It was pretty comfy and empty but the coffee was super small and strong for a cappuccino.


  3. I am going to be so lost for the next little while until the next post is up. Gotten so used to the daily updates or at least every other day or so.

    But no pressure Sam we know you want to make sure the chapters all mesh and we love you for that.

    Great Chapter I went from being happy seeing Gervais and Blue together and finally figuring a bit of things out… To Pissed At Robin more then I was the last couple of days to being happy again when he pushed Birch away… To Pissed again when Bea boarded the plane… Wow emotions so many back and forths in this chapter loved it.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I think it is because we liked her before she got nasty. I would have been happy with her over Chris before, but now I have flipped and like Chris more than Bea…Chris has made an effort to fix things and Bea hasn’t even lifted a finger.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. True…I guess I was surprised at how Chris came back into the fray so easily (with Blue’s better friends anyways). That took front seat to Bea, who disappeared and I guessed she would just never appear again. I guessed wrong. Lol. Great cliffhanger by the way Sam!

            Liked by 1 person

                1. Well they have to have a stopover st LAX first and based on what friends have told me who have travelled from here to states and visa versa those layovers are usually several hours.


            1. I think so…just like Robin. If she cared, she would have done it already. She could have easily gone with Chris one day and settled things with an apology. Instead, things have festered. Not easy to fix that, unless you amputate…maybe Blue will do that? Naw…I doubt it.

              Liked by 2 people

              1. exactly not like Chris appologized once snd leftbit at that he has been in contact with Blue quite regularly ever since that initial apology.

                Does she and Robin think it should be up to Blue to break the ice?

                Liked by 1 person

      2. Clara is tryin to send Blue to the loony bin I tell ya. Robin, Grant, and Bea all on that trip thanks to her. That’s why she didn’t want Gervais and Blue together. She was pissed Gervais was crashing her make Blue miserable parade. Only she can do that. lol

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  4. Clara just makes you wanna pull ya hair out and go running around screaming like a mad man. Blue finally was to have some peace and Clara just buys that bitch a ticket reigning on his parade.

    HAAHH! to robin and birch. Just haahhhh! hahaa!!! Birch made Robin go soft. The ultimate confidence killer. Yep you’re no Blue Birch. 😛

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I am curious does Clara have something against Blue being quiet and at peace instead of being overfun with drama I mean without Robin and Birch seems he has a full schedule planned so not like he needs Bea around for company.


          1. you know whats ironic chapter 121 I said Andy and Magnus won’t last as Sam said they are cute together the same phrase he used on Blue and Birch the next chapter they were dust.

            beware of any couple Sam says are cute together haha


      1. They have made progress admitting they are better suited as best friends. Deep down they care for one another ALOT they just know how destructive they are as partners.

        I think this chapter was the most candid and honest they have ever been.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. B&G were my original forever couple until Gervais lost his damn mind. They are cute together, but so not right for each other. Glad Robin got his head out of his butt and realized his only real sexual feelings involve Blue. He’s straight, but loves the person. He loves Blue and is attracted to him.

        So the summer scenes….are you expecting it to be days, weeks, months between chapters? I don’t want to miss the next one but won’t be checking here each day now that there won’t be new ones for a while. I’ll miss the daily chapters for sure!!!! ❤️

        Liked by 3 people

      3. Well, they each know where they stand with each other…they realize they’re toxic to each other – until they both deal with their issues…I LOVE THEM! I also think it’ll be interesting when they come back in ‘August’ who will be NOT in the right place. LOVE that Birtch and Robin are miserable..they deserve to be..SHAME ON ROBIN! I hope B&R get back on the right path…I’d hate for Blue to have to spend the summer with Bea!! (See (C) You (U) Next (N) Tuesday (T)!!!!

        Liked by 3 people

          1. that was my thought when this happened and the way Gervais was reminding him of the trips original focus and purpose leads to this not to mention Blues big schedule and info on his touchscreen leads me to think he does not give a shit what they are going to do and will treat this as a solo trip with possibly the hope of meeting fellow travellers such as himself 🙂

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    1. what happened with Bea not staying at Clara?

      Last we knew Chris and Bea were staying there for summer I recall Chris said Bea was in contact with Clara and was apologizing and was likely going to be up there for summer?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. this confirms Blue was right to knock Andy back when Andy wanted a relationship with Blue, Andy can’t stay loyal to one person and Blue is someone that does not like to share his men.

    Sam you came very close to putting your head on chopping block for RUE fans 😉

    Liked by 2 people

        1. I was never a fan of RUE but does Robin get its up to him to make first move this time?

          heck look how he critized Gervais a while back for not making amends to Blue and here he is doing same thing.

          PS I would of loved to be a fly on the wall when Chris gave Andy a serve in the car lol

          Liked by 3 people

        1. maybe she sees since Blue and Chris are on track she wants the same for Blue and Bea?

          Only difference Bea has never apologized for calling Blue a predator or for monopolizing all of Clara time during the winter for a start?

          Liked by 2 people

              1. she has to apologize if she wants warm Blue otherwise she will only get cold and frosty Blue.

                Sam loved the Blue/Gervais scene it was worth the excitement loved how Gervais refocused Blue mind on the point of the trip when Blue was talking how lonely he will be with fighting with other three.

                Liked by 1 person

      1. Clara never ceases to amaze me. I know Bea STILL hasn’t apologized…but Clara is forcing the issue now? Why can’t she just stay out of things. Now Blue has to deal with the awkwardness of sitting next to her for hours on a plane…apology or not, I hope Blue gets headphones and just tunes her out.

        Liked by 2 people

  6. Damn it Sam I said Chris not that bitch. There is no way in hell you can’t tell me B&G aren’t gonna be back together. I would love it if Blue started hopping around from bed to bed in Australia but then realizes he could be with Gervais. Seriously I think they could work this time and that no sex rule that will fly out the window time Blue gets back. Damn I’m a hopeless romantic. I guess not getting any of Blue’s goodies make Andy really bitchy. Would be totally hilarious if I he and Chris got drunk and messed around. And way to go Magnus. Can’t wait for the next chapter Sam loved this one!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😂😁😂😁😁

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I actually hope Bea sticks up for Blue and throws the other 3 down! I’m still amazed – after weeks, the 3 of them (Andy, Spence and Robin) deserve to have to beg for forgiveness!

        Spence should have been left alone – although I think DeShawn will put him in his place…


        1. Andy has a lot of growing up to do where he expects to be allowed to fuck anyone just because his partner at the time is jot around.

          This proves that Blue had great instincts in that regard in not even considering being with Andy as he knows as much as Andy tried to deny it he would be a terrible boyfriend.

          Liked by 1 person

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