More suite summer thoughts

So like I’ve said I’m struggling with Gervais chapter and Spence’s having enough material.

The Blue/Robin/Australia story could fill many chapters.

The Andy/retreat ones also.

My main struggle is the pacing of Gervais/Spence.

I’ve had a few moans that the story is too much Blue focused (and he’s too perfect) and I agree it has been. Partly as 90% of feedback is about Blue and chapters based on the others get read less, but I do want to even things up next semester, possibly by alternating chapters between houses or something.

Would you guys be okay if I tried writing the summer in the usual sequential style alternating (not with a set pattern) between the retreat and Australia with just small updates from Spence and/or Gervais?

I’m not promising a daily chapter though! But less waiting for something new.

Throw other ideas at me too.

43 thoughts on “More suite summer thoughts

  1. I’ve been dying for more Spence for quite a while. Robin too for that matter, but he has Australia coming up so whether he is around Blue or not I expected more of him hopefully. I know I have communicated more about Blue, but that’s where all the drama has been Sam. I don’t think Blue is anywhere near perfect, he’s just been dragged through a lot of hell in this story. He always seems to have the best of intentions and always tries – at least when he isn’t running away.


    1. Oh and tbh I don’t really give a fuck about Gervais’ summer, unless he somehow screws up the babysitting. All I want to know is what his attitude going forward will be next year, and how many tasers and frying pans I will need to keep him firmly away from Blue. Ugh.

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  2. I’ll take it any way I can get it. Wait, I think I’ve said that several other times in my life lol.

    Seriously, whatever you choose I’ll be happy with. I just miss the sexy Suite boys so I’m ready to get on with it. I miss them!

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  3. I am happy to read whatever you write Sam, whatever the format. I am fine with flipping between story lines, and am also fine with not overdoing parts of the story that don’t have much substance right now. Knowing G has had a good summer babysitting and reflecting, for example, is all I need…no need to go into crazy details there if there isn’t much to go on.

    I can always use more Blue 😉.

    The mystery man for Spence could be intriguing. Maybe similar to Andy in some ways but not in others?

    The drama in Australia will certainly take some time to flesh out, as will the issues at the farm. Several chapters would make sense there…

    As always, I love your writing! 😊 You have me hooked!

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      1. Remember it is your story and we are along for the ride so if its hard to get content for Gervais stuff in particular just do a cliffnotes version every now and then i know sometimes we may get demanding but it’s because we are all addicted to your story and the characters you have created for us 🙂

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    1. I do have an un named man for Spence ready can’t be called Marcus, as I have to correct myself when typing Magnus already. No more M names, (or B names) any other ideas welcome…..


        1. Nope. I wanna tease him. Sexy farmhand with the plumpest ass who wears the tightest blue jeans when working. Andy is mesmerized every time he bends over to pick up a bale of hay. And he always turns Andy down in the sassiest of ways. For example. I am milking a cow. Andy goes, “you’re pretty good with your hands, wanna milk me too?” And I says, “I’m sure the cow has more milk to offer than you.” with a smirk mhm mhm. haha

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  4. over sunmer the Aussie trip and retreat are parts I am most excited about due to the expected tension in those parts 🙂

    Gervais will be babysitting so will be drama free so yeah an update every now and then would be fine

    Spence needs to be banging it out with deshawn over Summer tho haha

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