The suite saga 123 or Summer 1

Magnus enters the apartment after a long day at the office. He’s working at a law firm where some of his dads college buddies are partners and it is hell. Fridays he finishes early, 8pm, a joke as he’s too exhausted to party.


He can hear noise from Spence’s room and peeks through the door and gasps.


Spence is bent over the bed his ass red, each ankle secured to a bedpost, his legs wide, his hands tied behind his back. Magnus mouth is gaping.


“Get in and on your knees if you’re staying.” DeShawn says.


Magnus hesitates. He only had one session with Andy where he dominated and he loved. From the setup in front of him Its clear he and Spence would have never worked.


“Magnus. Knees and suck my cock.” DeShawn points to the floor and Magnus obeys.


DeShawn loves that Magnus is all dressed up in his suit and tie. So fucking sexy. Thank goodness there is no casual Friday in Magnus office.


DeShawn grips Magnus’s tie and pulls him back up. Keeping hold of the tie so Magnus is a little uncomfortable DeShawn runs his other hand down Magnus enjoying the feel of sweat escaping through his shirt and the thick weapon in his pants.


“Fuck Spence. Open him up for me.” DeShawn says letting go of the tie and letting Magnus fall to the floor. He pushes Magnus head at Spence’s ass. That’s right get my bitch all wet.


Spence is in heaven. DeShawn has been pushing his limits more and more and today has been incredible. He’s made such a mess already. He gasps as Magnus enters him. Mmmm his dick is wonderful and thick, filling him up. Getting him ready for DeShawn.


“Kneel on the bed and jerk off. Don’t undress. I need a good show office pig.” DeShawn says and Spence tries to moan at the empty feeling, bereft. His mouth is filled with DeShawn’s sock so he can barely make a sound.


Spence gasps in delight as DeShawn mounts him. DeShawn grabs Spence’s hands to steady himself and move in deeper. Working his full length Spence makes another mess on the bed, his dick utterly out of control. DeShawn enjoys the sensations and keeps up the pounding.


Magnus is cumming hard all over Spence’s face and DeShawn removes the sock and blindfold so Spence can get a real taste and DeShawn can enjoy Spence’s cries as he has his final orgasm along with DeShawn.


DeShawn pulls out and rubs Spence’s throbbing ass. he bends down to cuddle Spence and tell him he’s a good boy. Magnus watches utterly entranced.


“Untie him, massage his legs, give him some cuddles then tidy up. I want a fresh bed for later.” DeShawn says and leaves to shower.


In the shower DeShawn leans back under the hot spray and cleans himself up.  He loves how fucking willing Spence is and how they are exploring together but he cannot get the picture of Magnus on his knees in his suit out of his mind. Ugh he wants that every day. A smart man with soft hands and a willing mouth.


DeShawn soaps himself up fantasizing about Magnus and shoots another load up the shower wall.


“You okay?” Magnus asks rubbing Spence’s ankles which are red from rope burn.


“Amazing. So hot you joined in. Hope you weren’t freaked out.” Spence says.


“It was so hot. Were you and Andy like this?” Magnus asks curiously.


“I’ve always been pretty submissive in the bedroom. Andy and I liked bondage but hadn’t been rougher. Andy doesn’t need to he is so dominating with his words. DeShawn likes it rougher and I love exploring new things.” Spence says.


“Are you and he…”Magnus trails off.


“Friends with benefits. We have regular sex mostly. Just try a scene every week or so. It’s nice to experiment with someone I feel safe with. No need to seek out someone who might be sketchy.” Spence says.


“Andy tried it on me one time and it was amazing. I miss him like crazy but I would have gone insane wondering what he was up to.” Magnus says.


“You’re working til midnight most nights. You can’t think about much beyond coffee and sleep.” Spence says laughing.


“True. A whole weekend off. My boss settled a big case today and is off all weekend.” Magnus says grinning and rolling round the bed like a cat.


“I’m off too. Lets do brunch and shop.” Spence says eagerly.


“Oh perfect.” Magnus says with a smile.



As soon as the seatbelt sign goes off Blue pulls his bag out from under his feet and puts it on the empty middle seat creating a physical barrier between him and Bea. He rummages for his headphones and finds a smart case he doesn’t recognize, Worried for a second he opens and a note falls out.

“Thought you might like these for the long journey. Love you. Gervais”

The case contains some expensive noise cancelling headphones, Blue slips them on and smiles. He isn’t sure how he feels about Bea. He was ready to forgive and forget around the time of the cheating incident but she’s not apologized for how she was over winter break or for harassing him to meet the grandparents.

She was nice at Robin’s party but that was it. They haven’t reconnected and he hasn’t pushed to. Chris has barely mentioned her. The way she was over break hurt a lot. She knew he needed time with momma and made sure not just that he didn’t get it that he was pushed out of home altogether and tried to blacken his name over Robin.

Blue looks across the aisle to Robin. He’s curled up in the window seat not talking to Birch. He looks so cute and Blue’s heart jumps a little. His crush is long over but he misses Robin painfully. Bea moves her head into his view and he sighs and pulls off the headphones. Might as well get it over with.

“Clara thought it would be good for me to travel this summer as the retreat is at low capacity due to repairs and rehab.” Bea says.

“And you thought you’d follow me?” Blue asks.

“I doubt I’d ever have got to go to Australia so while the offer was there I took it.” Bea says.

“Are you planning to hang with Robin and Birch?” Blue asks.

“I doubt Robin will want his ex around and I barely know Birch, I’m not crashing your trip. I know we’re not close like we were and it would be just as awkward for me. I’d appreciate it if we could stay in the same places and travel between cities together. Then day to day we can do our own thing.” Bea says reasonably.

“Okay. I guess I would worry about you otherwise. But you might want to go to places I’ve not planned to and get bored some places I have.” Blue says.

“Clara gave me your itinerary. With a few minor changes it works for me.” Bea says,

“My mother.” Blue says shaking his head and smiling.

“Yeah. I think given you and Chris are on good terms that we could be too.” Bea

“But he apologized. You treated me just as badly as Chris did. Worse in a way, befriending me, using me, discarding me.” Blue says.

“I don’t think family need to apologize.” Bea says.

“I do. But an apology that is asked for is worthless. So I’ll see you at the train stations and bus stops but don’t expect me to talk to you,” Blue says.

“Are you serious? You’ve been hanging out with Chris for the last month, acting like best buddies and you won’t even talk to me?” Bea asks incredulous.

“Chris was upfront in his hatred of me, honest with what he wanted from me and sincere in his apology. Or at least that is how it has seemed to me. We always know when the other is lying or hiding something. He couldn’t like me before because he knew I loved Gervais and he was jealous of my perceived wealth. Now that he knows the truth about my access to money and he is over Gervais we had a genuine clean slate. We don’t trust each other but we respect each other enough not to lie. You were the opposite, gained my trust and then shit on me and tried to take everything.” Blue says.

“You expect too much” Bea says.

“Everyone expects the maximum from me, time, forgiveness, money, while giving me the minimum in return. Right now you’re telling me you expect me to be civil with you, friendly even, to change my travel plans, to include you in my life but it is too much for me to expect an apology for calling me a sexual predator or for pushing me out my home or for calling me selfish when you needed something I couldn’t give.” Blue says.

“You should have helped us that day. You should have met our grandparents.” Bea says.

“They are not my grandparents. The lawsuit is going ahead anyway. You didn’t need my help and shouldn’t have promised it. Don’t you need to be home to deal with that stuff? Are you trusting it all to Chris?” Blue laughs at the thought of trusting Chris with what happens to tens of thousands of dollars,

“Clara is dealing with my interest.” Bea says.

Blue nods and puts his headphones back on and watches a silly movie on his phone that Gervais has bought for him. Gervais has sent a heap of movies to Blue’s account for him to watch on all his journeys and Blue is feeling really cheered up that his friend truly cares and took the time to think about what Blue wanted and needed. He’ll think of him every day with the headphones and films.

And new sunglasses Blue smiles to himself pulling another new item out of his bag. Gervais has been very generous.

“I’m just going to the bathroom. I’ll meet you in the lounge.” Birch says to Robin as they disembark.

Their bags are checked through to Sydney and they have several hours to wait for their flight. Clara has bought first class tickets for Blue, Birch and Robin, it’s no wonder she didn’t want them wasted Blue thinks to himself.

Blue and Robin arrive at the first class lounge together and are both overwhelmed by its swishness.

“Wow.” Blue says.

“Wow.” Robin says.

“I’ve missed you.” Blue says.

Robin smiles and nods and blinks away a tear. He has missed Blue horribly.

“Shall we have a coffee and catch up? I don’t want to use the spa. Do you?” Blue asks.

“I’d like to shower before we get on the next flight.” Robin says.

“Good idea:’ Blue says. They both grab coffees and sit at a table together.

“I feel like I want to explore and take pictures but that would be so uncool.” Robin says.

“I can watch your bag while you look round.” Blue says.

“Later. I thought you’d never talk to me again.” Robin says.

“I cannot believe Bea is here. Did you know?” Robin asks.

“Not until she sat down, we are not getting along. I’m friends with Chris though.” Blue says shocking Robin.

“You’re friends with Chris but ditched me, Andy and Spence?” Robin asks shocked.

“You all took Birch’s side.” Blue says sadly wondering if it is too late to mend fences.

“I had a crush on Birch and was scared that I would be influenced by that when talking to you. It’s gone now, totally dead but I was so confused and I wanted to do was talk to you but you were the last person I could talk to.” Robin says not afraid to let the tears fall. He’s so ashamed and embarrassed.

“I think I understand having a crush on Birch.” Blue says with a small grin, relieved that Robin wasn’t hating him or mad at him.

“Are you over him?” Robin asks wiping his eyes.

“I am yeah. I wish I’d had you to talk to but it would have been torture for you. Oh babe I wish we had spoken sooner.” Blue says.

“Me too. I’m sorry for letting you go through a breakup alone. Especially after you pulled together the perfect birthday for me.” Robin smiles.

“So I get to spend the holiday of a lifetime with my best friend and we can ditch the other three?” Blue asks.

“Sounds like a plan. I’m so awkward around Birch now, my crush died last night mid make out.” Robin admits.

“What about Grant? I thought you two were really close.” Blue asks.

“It petered out after the party. I started to make an effort to find a girlfriend and he continued to try and find a man to fuck him. He accepted it would never be me and think that was all he wanted me for. He treated me like a girl, thought he needed to get to know me, put the effort in and was offended when I told him if I ever had sex with a man it would be you.” Robin says.

“And by that you meant never. Despite what we did on your birthday.” Blue laughs.

“Exactly.” Robin says.

“Chris said he saw you with a girl.” Blue says.

“Yeah I had a few dates. Nothing serious as this trip was coming. But I had some fun.” Robin says.

“Back to girls full time?” Blue asks.

“Yeah. Men mess with my head and as much as I love you I don’t want to date you or go any further physically than we’ve already gone. And even though I wanted Birch for a while and wanted him physically I didn’t have romantic feelings for him and I love romance. I am back to myself the man who loves women, who loves chasing women and loves spoiling them. I am going to get laid this summer and then go home and find someone can tolerate for more than a few weeks.” Robin smiles.

“You’re back.” Blue says.

“I am, I really am. This year has been tough With Jesse and your and the room am so glad I have my own place and can choose who lives there semester” Robin says.

“It’s going to be hard to sort that out with most people not talking to me.” Blue grins.

“But you and Gervais are friends again. Are you mad?” Robin asks and Blue tells him about the efforts Gervais has been making.

“I didn’t think he had it in him.” Robin says.

“He’s really, really trying, He’s totally spoiled me.” Blue grins.

“About time someone did. Are you getting ready to get back together?” Robin asks.

“No. We know that need to have a good relationship and he needs to do a lot of work on

Himself. I would risk it. I know it’s stupid given the level of hurt he’s caused me over and over but I would.” Blue admits.

“One day you two will get a real shot with no death or unexpected siblings to mess it up.” Robin says and his phone rings.

“Where are you?” Birch asks.

“In the lounge. Uh on the red seats by the wall in the main part.” Robin says looking round.

“What red seats. They’re all blue and purple in here.” Birch says.

“Nothing blue here. Which lounge are you in?” Robin asks.

“There’s more than one?” Birch asks.

“We’re in the first class lounge, the airline one.” Robin says.

“Ah we’re in the business one. Bea and Grant don’t have first class tickets.” Birch says.

“You can take a guest in.” Grant says in the background.

“Will you sign Bea in?” Birch asks.

“Is it worth it now?” Robin asks enjoying his time with just Blue.

“We’re on our way. Come to the front then we can order dinner together.” Birch says.

“I’m not ditching Blue.” Robin says.

“Oh,” Birch says stopping cold.

“Yeah.” Robin says feeling like no one else remembers why they are here.

“You two made up?” Birch asks.

“Yeah and we already ordered food.” Robin lies winking at Blue who is also enjoying it being just them and doesn’t want to deal with the others.

“We’ll eat here.” Birch says and Robin can hear Grant complaining.

“See you at the gate.” Robin says and continues to catch up with Blue.


Earlier Gervais settled in to his plane seat and grinned, he was a little uncomfortable after taking Blue’s big dick that morning. Worth it. Gervais snuggled into his window seat smiling to himself. Loving that he and Blue are friends again, closer than friends. He won’t mess it up again. This semester showed Gervais just how much he still needs Blue and how close he was to losing him for good.

Gervais is looking forward to the summer with W, AB and the kids. He feels like it’ll be a protective bubble. No stalker, no gold-diggers, no drama. He knows he needs to decompress from another dreadful year and taking care of Tommy and the baby is just the focus he needs.

“I am do glad you offered to do this. The nanny left 2 weeks early. My mother in law has been driving me nuts and I know you’ll just go ahead and pitch in, not refuse to answer the door because you’re off duty or expect AB to cook dinner. Shit not that we’ll be exploiting you.” W says words tumbling out 90 miles an hour.


“I get what you mean. It’s fine. I’m happy to take care of the kids and fill in where you need. I’m not much of a cleaner but I tidy up after myself.” Gervais say.

“Perfect we have a cleaner twice a week and Tommy won’t need time to adjust he’s so excited to see you.” W laughs.

“It’s mutual. How’s the baby?” Gervais asks.

“A huge chubby monster. He’s gorgeous.” W grins clearly a very proud daddy.

“Are you sure you’re okay with me looking after them both?” Gervais asks a little daunted.

“Oh for sure. I know you’ll get them out to the park and be creative with them. Tommy needs running ragged and the baby needs to be kept dry and fed.” W says with no real clue how much work 2 little ones are.

“Vase, Vase!” Tommy shouts bowling in to Gervais before he can step through the door. Gervais drops his bag and picks the little one up and swings him high in the air.

“Come on buddy you can play with Gervais later. Lets show him to his room.” W says picking up Gervais bag and taking him through the house to the back.

“It is in serious need of renovation but we thought you’d like the privacy. At least the kids won’t be waking you every morning.” W says opening the door to the pool house.

“Thanks. This is amazing.” Gervais says with a grin.

“Wash up and come in to the kitchen so we can go through everything. I know we’re barely giving you any time to settle in but Ab is stressed.” W says.

“No problem.” Gervais says handing Tommy back to his dad.


Gervais quickly showers and changes and runs through AB’s list of the kids timetable. She’s super organized and nothing is a bother at all. He adds in his unavailable time and suggests he takes the kids out on Sunday mornings in future so she and W can lie in and have some time together.

“And I’ll clear off on Saturdays or stay in the pool house so you can have proper family time.” Gervais finishes.

“Oh thank fuck you get it.” AB says covering the baby’s ears.

“Hey the only families I know are from TV but I know what I’d want.” Gervais says.

“I was worried about saying yes to Elliot and you gave me the perfect out. We were a bit hard on Spence about it and feel awful since what happened to Jesse.” AB says.

“Yeah Elliot wouldn’t have been able to do this anyway so you’re lucky you had me booked.” Gervais grins.

“My mother has been great looking after the kids but she’s getting on and doesn’t do things how I want them done but I can’t complain because she’s free.” AB says flustered.

“I promise it’s your way every day.” Gervais grins.

“I trust you. Tommy loves you and I know you won’t try and feed the baby crap or give Tommy soda.” AB says.

“Lots of days at the park, there are so many activities on this summer. Lots of pool time here and I’m sure we’ll try the zoo and things too sometimes. We’ll be fine as long as you’re not expecting Tommy to learn mandarin, the viola and interpretive dance.” Gervais laughs.

“God no. We’re taking yours and Spence’s experience seriously. No private schools for these two, no hot housing, no boarding. Let the kids be kids and hoping that our connections will be enough when they come out of college.” AB says.

“I can’t believe you’re contemplating college.” Gervais laughs and AB joins in.

“So much for being laid back mom.” AB laughs.


Spence cooks up steaks and salad for dinner.


“It’s kind of weird eating meat again properly.” DeShawn says.


“Yeah. Nice though. I need the protein after spotting kids all day, my arms are dead. I need to work out more.” Spence says wriggling in his chair trying to get comfortable.


“Spence is it okay if I take Magnus on a date this weekend?” DeShawn asks.


Magnus blushes like crazy and his dick springs back to life.


“For sure. Hell he’s already been out with my ex.” Spence says more than happy for his roommates to get together, especially if they include him sometimes.


“Spence and I were going to spend the day together tomorrow.” Magnus says.


“Well you do that. Then I’ll take you out in the evening. Don’t tire him out.” DeShawn says.


“Cool. I can have a long soak in the tub and walk round nude.” Spence says.


“You don’t need to wait for us to go out to do that.” Magnus says.


“Yeah, naked Spence is always a treat.” DeShawn says.


“You gave me a real treat tonight.” Spence says.


“You were both fucking hot.” Magnus says with a grin.


“I was worried things would be awkward this summer after I took Blue’s side but you’ve been so cool.” DeShawn says.

“I was on Blue’s side just too late. I miss that dude.” Spence says.


“I never got to know him, other than my brother hates him.” Magnus says.


“Because of Robin?” DeShawn asks.


“Yeah. I would not want to be on that trip with them.” Magnus says.


“I am happy here.” Spence grins.


“Though what I wouldn’t give for a piece of Blue’s cheesecake.” DeShawn says.


“Stop it.” Spence says rubbing his tummy.


“Sorry to be a kill joy. I need to sleep. Thanks for dinner and before dinner and DeShawn I am honored you want a date.” Magnus says and kisses them both goodnight.


“Sooooo you like Magnus.” Spence says with a grin.


“That suit. Fuck I always wanted a man in a suit with a neck tie. Fuck its hot.” DeShawn says.


“I thought it might have been that. Tonight proved we’d never have lasted. I think he’d be great for you, really great.” Spence says.


“Me too. I didn’t plan it and I hope you’re not mad. Will his family accept me?” DeShawn asks.


“Because you play sports or because of your skin color or because you’re gay?” Spence asks.


“All those and because I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. No blue blood in me.” DeShawn says.


“Honestly his grandmother will love you. If you fall for Magnus she will fall for you. His dad will hate you for all of the above and I don’t know about his mom. I am never sure with her. I think privately away from her husband she would love you but might be a total bitch in front of him. Think its worth it?” Spence asks.


“We’ve not had the date yet.” DeShawn says.


“You okay going to his charity dinners? The opera?” Spence asks.


“Hell yeah. I want to fuck him in a stall at the intermission. I want an excuse to go to the ballet and watch those dudes in tights with thighs thicker than mine. I loved it when we went to that gallery. I like the arts a lot. I can be polite to people and eat fancy food.” DeShawn says.


“You’d be a novelty. You will get diversity invites. The pair of you will be incredibly popular on the social circuit invited by people who want to be seen as accepting.” Spence says honestly.


“Nothing wrong with working from the inside out.” DeShawn says.


“I love you attitude. I’m not saying my family’s world is totally bigoted. But a minority are.” Spence says.


“It’s the same with sports. Some are okay with me being gay and others wish I was closeted and had a pretty beard on my arm.” DeShawn says.


“You’re so charming you’ll win anyone over for real.” Spence smiles.


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  1. I had best preface this comment by saying up front that Blue is my favorite character and a hell of a good guy and I will always be on his side.

    That being said, I’m not sure but what Clara knows exactly what she is doing, she is doing things for Blue’s long term benefit based upon his style of upbringing, and she isn’t quite the evil incarnate I’ve seen her as in prior chapters.

    I’m convinced Blue is her favorite, and the things she does….although we see them as damaging and horrible and without justification….all have the ultimate motive and goal to prepare an indestructible, resilient, and supremely talented Blue to prevail and prosper in the real world.


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      1. Maybe. He will still be without Blue. If I were Blue, I wouldn’t make the time of day for Birch…Blue has developed a bit of a hard skin and closed heart in that respect and needs to stick to it. Birch is too volatile and hurtful (even though he can be sensitive and thoughtful too).

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                    1. Sam, you let Robin off way too lightly. He apologized for not being there during his breakup, but it was lame and even if he did have a man crush on Birch that’s no reason to stay away from your best friend for weeks. Just saying


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                    5. Love ❤️ Matt Smith! Not too fond of the new new doctor…he is growing on me though. Not a fan of Cucumberbatch? Lol. Too tall maybe?
                      Humans looks good! I haven’t watched that series yet, but it is on my watchlist.

                      I am excited to see Westworld…premiered yesterday, haven’t watched it yet. So many shows, so little time. Haha. Work and play are mixed in there somewhere, along with sleep. Insomnia now because I had an afternoon nap. Oh, and of course, I need to make time to read the next chapter in the series whenever it comes out, and read/reply to comments 😁


                    6. Haha. Not as bad as the CAD. Used to be under 2CAD/£1, now it is much more than that. Gone are the days where 1CAD was at par with 1USD. Lol. Oil is such a volatile part of our economy.


                    7. seasons 6,7 and 8 are brilliant skip season 5 tho that season was basically about personalities and drama as they were trying to compete with My Kitchen Rules that year think of a cooking show full of Bea, Grant, Jesse, arrogant Spence and that is basically what MKR is

                      Liked by 1 person

                    8. The first few seasons I watched unbleeped but now the rants are like watching the osbournes. Just had a sweet episode where they brought in the families and one of the contestants kids asked if they’d been called a donkey.


                    9. Maybe one of the cute guys at the Apple Store can help fix it…eye candy always helps soothe the pain of a phone that doesn’t work properly. (I am assuming you have an iPhone 7 and not a galaxy note or such).


                    10. My fave thing to do with marshmallows…roast them over a campfire, then pull off the golden “shell” carefully…and fill it with Irish cream…soooo deliciously sweet!

                      I am looking forward to your brownies! 😊


                    11. When new phones go awry, they really get fouled up…hopefully not thrown across the room in a fit of rage though. Lol.

                      Warranty tech: “What happened to your phone?”
                      Me: “I don’t know…the floor came up and hit hit it. It is all his fault. He shouldn’t have come up at it so fast!”

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              1. Oh, it’s like that is it? Lol. You need DeShawn to push her around for you…that will set her straight (or gay…haha). I have Siri set to an Aussie guy’s voice…something much more alluring about listening to him speak than the generic Siri woman. Maybe changing her voice to something else may cheer you up a bit? ☺️


          2. Well at least you know we care!

            I love how the comments seem to keep growing chapter after chapter.

            You create great engaging content Sam, and are so accepting of comments by spending the time to reply…thanks Sam!😊💕

            If there weren’t comments here for some reason, I would be sure to email. 😊

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      1. I think you did a great job there. Short and sweet is best with them given their history…and has Robin screwed up like this before with Blue? Blue is always about of his faults really…and Robin deserves a second chance. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

              1. Ah, yes, forgot about that one. Still mild in comparison to this though, and I am glad it was resolved quickly. Even though it seemed to fester for a while, they are too good to each other (and need each other as friends) to let their friendship just disappear. I am glad Robin did choose to tell all to Blue (tears included).


                1. Robin and blue have always had an ‘all the details’ friendship and I just love the idea of Robin helping Blue have a fun summer. The first where Blue hasn’t worked since he was a little one camping and fishing alone

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. not to mention Robin will not make Blue compromise his schedule he will come along for the ride 🙂

                    what is the bet The things Bea would of got Blue to change were the things Blue wanted most such as visiting vinyards.

                    Loved how Robin lied to the others so Blue would not be forced to be around them and just be him and Blue like old times 🙂

                    Liked by 2 people

                    1. Sign of a good friendship worth fighting for. Robin knows they aren’t good for him anymore…just as Blue does.

                      Maybe Blue and Robin can get their seats changed so they are together? I am sure the others won’t mind (or have a choice 😂).


                    2. they will be together remember the plane flight in this chapter was to get to LAX where BBB have first class tickets and Bea and Grant have business class for the flight from LAX to Sydney International Airport isn’t it?

                      Liked by 2 people

              1. Fair enough. I didn’t mean anytime soon, just eventually they will need to talk…at the end of the summer maybe?

                Maybe Chris’s changed ways can influence Clara a bit at the retreat? Maybe not too much info, but just that Blue has been going through a lot and needs her support? I would hope that Chris doesn’t slip back into his devious ways over the summer.

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. He needs a break to rediscover who he really is. Still not happy with what he did, but I have compassion for him, especially appearing to want to move on with his life in a good ways. I am still wary though. Lol.


                    1. Not easy to fix habits and values (if I can call them that) that are established during childhood. Try fixing racism during adulthood as an example…superficially it is doable, but there is always an internal niggle to deal with that never seems to go away. There is a long road of acceptance ahead for both Chris and Bea. Chris seems farther ahead than Bea my miles however.


                    2. Yeah. Chris is still after what he can get and is far better at playing the game to get it than Bea. Though I think he’s seen that Clara and Blue will be useful long term so is making a genuine effort. Also I think Chris and Jesse were friends before the bribing Elliot incident so the murder will have shaken him up. Also he’s found out his parents don’t view him as the golden boy but as a moneypot which was another jolt. He saw how like his parents he was and it scared him.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. I hadn’t thought about Chris and Jesse being friends…makes sense that Chris is searching for friendship and a sense of belonging now after the murder. And he (and Bea) were pretty much shut out at that time too…Chris has had a lot to deal with as of late…but he isn’t still in my good books yet. Time will tell if he is legit or not.

                      Liked by 1 person

    1. Great job Sam! Robin is really lucky Blue loves him and forgives him – but Grant, Birtch and Bea! Leave ’em behind! LOL! Magnus and DeShawn! HOT! Spence is such a sub-slut! I love it!

      Liked by 3 people

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