Summer 2

Blue and Robin enjoy a relaxing meal and discuss their plans for the trip. They get a shower and enjoy all the products on Offer and head down to the gate feeling good. Robin is relieved that Blue is the way he is. Not that he wouldn’t have had fun with Birch and Grant but he would have felt guilty that Blue was alone.

“How will we deal with Bea?” Robin asks.

“She’ll be in the same place as me most the time, we’ll travel together but we’ll do our own thing when we get there.” Blue says.

“Yeah I guess Clara would up the guilt if you left her. Hell my mom would skin me alive if I left a girl to travel alone in a strange place, however old fashioned that view is.” Robin grins.

“Right, neither of us would be okay with it. I don’t want an awkward vacation but I’m done being a walkover. Except with you.” Blue grins and hugs and kisses Robin before they sit down.

“I think we can go straight through.” Robin says.

“Coz we is vip.” Blue laughs.

“i am so taking pictures this time. I don’t care how uncool.” Robin laughs as they get to their seats.

They take a bunch of silly pictures together.

“Okay what will it take for us to become friends again because I cannot deal with 2 months of Grant?” Birch asks as he puts his bag overhead.

“Well I’d like to think I was worth a lot more than an escape from Grant.” Blue says.

“Ugh that was crass I’m sorry. I hate how thins ended, I had no idea I could be such a jerk. I should have been upfront that it wasn’t working for me and let you go gently. I fucked up. I wish we had stayed just friends because you were a great friend and I miss you.” Birch says and Robin smiles and hopes Blue will be lenient.

“I get that you were mad at me but why try and steal all my friends? Why spread lies that I was cheating?” Blue asks.

“I only told Willow I thought you’d cheated. I think Grant told the others, he overheard us. I never meant for your friends to turn against you. It wasn’t for my benefit. I barely see them.” Birch says honestly.

“That is true. We have barely hung out before last night.” Robin says.

“Right. I’ve not been to dinners or the club or called anyone. That they flaked on you or took my side was all on them. I get that you might not be ready yet, I accept that I was really bad to you at the end and I did everything I hate guys doing. I shouldn’t have been so rude about you to Willow. I’m not used to my sister being friends with my boyfriend.” Birch says.

“Was she mad?” Blue asks.

“So mad.” Birch laughs.

“What was Grant doing?” Robin asks curious as they stand in the area around Blue’s seat.

“Trying to get his ticket upgraded. First is full, that’s why Bea is in business. He’s being a jerk. It is funny as he projects this cool, poor kid persona at school and yet he’s not left his entitlement very far behind.” Birch laughs.

“Oh god he should date Chris.” Robin grins.

“Was he like that when you were friends?” Blue asks curious. He knows Robin has been friends with Spence a long time and he can get like that at times, though less and less. Blue gets a sudden pang.

“Not often. Once or twice at dinner he’d go all posh kid asking about what water options they had or something. He was less than polite to valets sometimes.” Robin says.

“Right I saw that once or twice, he is a great guy but has his moments where the mask slips.” Birch says.

“Spence used to be like that but he’s changed so much. He never used to acknowledge wait staff or the cleaners at school but now he does. He is a lot nicer.” Blue says.

“You’re thawing.” Robin says.

“I always cave. I wish I could drop people and move on but they get in my heart and I struggle. Birch I’ll try but if I end up feeling s about myself then I’ll let Robin know and keep out your way.” Blue says.

“Thanks. I think there are things we both want to do and it would be a shame not to be able to talk about them like we used to on our fake dates.” Birch says with a smile.

Robin gets a big grin on his face and takes a picture of the three of them raising their juice glasses.

They settle in to their giant seats, they are one behind the other by the window. Excited as it’s their first trip overseas.

About an hour into the flight the attendant brings round more drinks and canapés along with the food menu. Blue and Birch are both impressed they have a lot of options between the vegetarian and seafood choices. They can have champagne now and so Robin gets them together for another picture which the air steward happily takes for them.

They eat, sleep and watch movies. Blue enjoys the solitude and thinks about how he is handling the Birch situation. They had a lot of fun before they started dating and he hates to throw the chance at having that again away but he was hurt and the fallout from the breakup has been awful.

Birch comes and sits on Blue’s seat bed.

“I am sorry and I miss you.” Birch says wondering how he could have thrown Blue away over his own damned ego.

Blue sits right up and kisses Birch lightly on the lips. He wants to see what is there. To understand what happened.

The spark is out.

“I guess our original instinct was right. We should have stayed friends.” Blue says.

“We had fun, s was amazing, really, really good. I think in a way we were a rebound thing. Me for Joe and you for Gervais, I know you dated George in between but it was Gervais you were still getting over.” Birch says.

“You showed me who my real friends were. Who knew it would be Gervais and DeShawn? It’s been such a weird year. I don’t want to lose the friendship we had. I loved dating you.” Blue says.

“I loved it too. Happiest time of my life those Wednesday nights.” Birch says and Blue smiles.

“I bet you have a list of tiny food places to try this trip.” Blue grins.

“Oh for sure. We have to find the best noodles and the best ice-cream.” Birch says.

“And wine.” Blue grins.

“And wine for sure.” Birch says and hugs Blue tightly and goes to visit Robin.

Blue snuggles down to sleep feeling a whole lot lighter.

“I think Blue and I will be okay.” Birch says.

“I’m sorry about last night. My feelings for you were so mixed up and intense and then gone.” Robin explains.

“I was pushing too much. I really thought you wanted to move things further.” Birch says.

“Oh I did but it was just weird without Blue and then I don’t know it was all just weird.” Robin says.

“Agreed. Never again, just friends. Occasion hand swap during a dry patch.” Birch grins.

“Perfect. You do have talented hands.” Robin says and aches a little for the feelings that have left him. He hopes that Grant calms down and the four can get along. Though Grant never liked Blue much. Maybe grant will take a liking to Bea…..

“What ya thinking?” Birch asks.

“That it would be so good if Grant and Bea got it on.” Robin laughs.

“No, no, no, no. No more relationships that mess with Blue’s head.” Birch says.

“l guess. Think they’d be good together though.” Robin shrugs.

“I think they’d both much rather have you.” Birch grins.

“And you and Blue?” Robin asks.

“He kissed me and the world stopped but I could tell he didn’t feel the same. I judged him wrong. I thought he was like Spence and Magnus splashing his money about but he wasn’t and I lost out big time.” Birch admits.

“You did. At least 1 don’t have to listen to you f through thin hotel walls.” Robin laughs.

The three are soon asleep and dreaming of their destination.


Chris and Andy settle in to the house. Andy will be going to stay with Deke but Clara is insisting they both take a week off before they start their jobs. She wants them to work in the café and do a couple of gardening jobs but nothing major.

The pair realize quickly that they will have to get along. That Andy shows such respect to Clara and immediately pitches in with chores in the house surprises Chris and he follows suit.

“When you and Blue say you’re family you mean it.” Chris says as he helps clean out the chickens.

“I thought you’d be a princess like your sister and not pitch in.” Andy says surprised that Chris has been wilting to get his hands dirty.

“Did she not? Interesting I thought she’d have been doing her best to fit in and make a good impression.” Chris says.

“Nah, Spence was just as bad. Lead to our break up him being a guest when this is my home.” Andy says.

“It’s your home.” Chris ponders.

“What?” Andy asks.

“I always saw Blue as a rival for inheritance but there is you too, and Gervais as far as I understand Clara sees him as hers too.” Chris says.

“I don’t know that Clara is the inheritance type, she’d rather help you in life. Gervais doesn’t need anything but I’d not be surprised if she gave him a share of the land up here someday. If she gives me some, more than she already lets me use I’d feel incredibly blessed and if she doesn’t well that’s okay too.” Andy says.

“But you do all this, chores, helping out because you’re family and not because you want something. I saw it when you started washing dishes after dinner last night.” Chris says feeling pretty humble and trying to imagine Blue’s life here.

“Yeah it’s just part of family life. My family was totally dysfunctional. I love Roe and appreciate all that she did for me but I never felt like her house was my home, same with Spence’s house. I know the place Roe and Katelyn share is their home and I feel happy there but this is the first house where I’ve felt properly at home. I think in part because Clara expects me to just chip in. I never feel like a visitor or that anything is out of bound. I can leave my book on the chair and someone might move it but everyone expects there to be books around and slippers on the floor. I know that sounds stupid.” Andy says.

“I actually feel the same. Bea was the one who always felt out of place but I think that’s her big brain not letting her fit in with us more average types. I guess we barely did any chores, the house was mom’s domain and we never cooked or cleaned. I’d cut the grass but that was it. I guess I would have thrown a fit if I was asked to do anything.” Chris admits.

“Clara pushes her ideals on us and she can be manipulative and downright crazy at times. She has high expectations but as long as chores are done she doesn’t push her timeframe on you. Midday or midnight as long as it gets done. It helps, nothing is worse than having to do something now as it suits someone else.” Andy says.

“I like her. She actually gives a shit about me and Bea getting along. My parents never made the effort she has.” Chris says.

“I thought you’d be jealous that Bea got to go on the trip while you’re here shoveling chicken shit.” Andy laughs not at all jealous himself.

“I get to spend the summer working towards my dream, just as you are, just as Blue is. Bea might have fun travelling but I am more than happy with my plans.” Chris says.

“You are not who we all thought you were.” Andy says.

“Jesse shook me up. Seeing Blue like that at the hospital and knowing that it could have been him and I’d have let my ego and greed stop me from ever knowing my brother was more than enough to get me to turn things around. It helps having Clara believe in me. I really messed up trying to get Blue out of school and I let her down on that. Although I made him a total legend, so he should thank me.” Chris laughs.

“That is so true, everyone knows of the guy who aced three finals in one day with no study. Every professor wanted him to stay in their classes and wouldn’t let him drop or switch for you.” Andy laughs.

“I heard and I got a lot of shit from professors for it.” Chris admits.

“Come on we’re about done out here. Let’s go wash up and do some baking. I am not that good but we can make some flatbread pizzas and granola bars. Unless you have something you can bake.” Andy says.

“Nope. Should we pick some vegetables?” Chris asks.

“Yeah some early tomatoes and zucchini. Hopefully Clara has some cheese ready.” Andy says and they take their haul inside.

“Like at first glance you’d never know they were rich, but you look more closely and everything was top of the range when it was bought. The furniture is a mishmash but its all top craftsmanship. That is what Blue is like he will make a purchase and spend a lot if he needs to without worrying the cost but he doesn’t waste money on extras.” Chris says when they set to work baking, freshly showered.

“He spends on his baking ingredients. He doesn’t scrimp when shopping for those dinners but we eat every damn scrap.” Andy smiles, he misses Blue a lot and likes talking about him, even if it is with Chris.

“We do and those cheesecakes, wow, better than any bakery or restaurant.” Chris says.

“Yes they are. You’ll need to learn to make something more interesting than these too.” Clara says coming in.

“Hey my pizzas always sell fast. I made extra breads to freeze too.” Andy says.

“Good. They smell delicious. We have some peppers canned in oil that would go well on these for next time too.” Clara says.

“You’ll have to teach us how to make sweet treats. Blue has taught me bread and I can rock out a paella now but I never pay attention to the sweets as they hypnotize me.” Andy laughs.

“I’m very pleased you two are getting along. Are you going to the lake tonight?” Clara asks.

“Yes if you don’t need us. Deke said there’s a party. Can we have some beer?” Andy asks hopefully.

“Of course. I’ll drop you at the café now, you can take over and close and I’ll pick you up and we’ll get your supplies on the way back.” Clara says.

“Seriously?” Chris asks.

“Oh unless your parents don’t let you drink.” Clara says.

“Well I’d be stupid if I said they don’t. Dad lets me have the odd beer as long as mom doesn’t find out.” Chris says.

Clara shakes her head.

“Usual rules up here don’t drive drunk, don’t swim drunk and don’t leave anyone alone at the lake drunk.” Clara says.

“Thank-youuuu.” Andy says hugging Clara and kissing her cheek.

“Any news if my son has landed?” Clara asks.

“No, but he has made up with Robin and Birch as they were all slurping champagne on the flight. They must have wifi.” Andy says showing Clara Robin’s picture and she smiles.

“That’s good. I’m sure he’ll be fine with you when he gets back.” Clara says and Andy turns away embarrassed that he’s messed up with Blue again.

“Blue hates you. He won’t give you another chance.” Chris says once they’re set up in the café.

“I know I messed up. But he always comes round.” Andy says.

“I never thought he’d forgive me but he has but he has made it clear that I’m on my last chance. You’ve had yours. He’s done with you and if he’s friends with Robin again that leaves you living with Spence next semester if he wants you. If Blue gets to him first you’re homeless.” Chris says with a bit of glee, his mask falling.

“Spence would never see me homeless, nor would Robin or Blue. Robin and I have been friends our whole lives and Spence will always love me.” Andy says secure in those facts.

Chris is about to reply when Bob the carpenter Andy fucked a while ago comes in.

“Hey.” Andy says with a smile.

“I heard you were back in town. Can I get a few of those flatbreads and a big coffee?” Bob asks.

“I’ll bring it over.” Andy says.

“Good boy.” Bob says with a wink.

“Wow he’s something.” Chris says.

“Oh yeah. More my type than yours if you get what I mean.” Andy laughs determined not to fall out with Chris.

“Good to know, but it’s not like there are options.” Chris sighs.

Andy shrugs and takes Bob order over.

“Didn’t know you were back.” Andy says and sits down.

“This place has got to me. Finished my project and came back. Nothing like the quiet of living in the woods. Waking up smelling the wood.” Bob says.

“If you need some company…” Andy grins.

“Your boyfriend at the counter won’t mind. Wait that isn’t Blue, damn if he isn’t the spit of him.” Bob says. It’s the first time Chris has been out and about and Andy hadn’t thought about everyone’s reaction.

“Twins.” Andy says.

“Holy mother of barnacles. Twins.” Bob says shaking his head.

“Their sister, was here over winter break. Triplets.” Andy says.

“Well I’ll be.” Bob says.

“You are going to be a curiosity every time you’re here.” Andy says to Chris.

“Really?” Chris asks not used to small towns.

“Oh yeah.” Andy says with a grin.

“Oh Blue you’ve lost weight, are they not feeding you at school?” Deke’s mother says coming in with a friend.

“This is Chris. Blue’s twin.” Andy says.

“My goodness. Deke told me but I didn’t quite believe it. I met your sister at Christmas. My goodness.” Deke’s mom repeats as she takes the drinks.

The last hour of the shift is the busiest Andy has ever seen, the/ re rushed off their feet. Word about Blue’s double is out and everyone is coming for a look.

“Told ya.” Andy laughs as the last person finally leaves.

“That was crazy. Blue sure is popular up here.” Chris says.

“For sure. I mean he brings his cakes here.” Andy laughs and Chris joins in.

“Gosh this place is a bombsite. What happened?” Clara asks coming in as they guys are cleaning up.

“Everyone came in to get a look at Chris once word got out he was here.” Andy smiles.

“Oh dear. Well I know you can manage a shift alone once things die down.” Clara says.

“I liked it. I swear I’m turning in to Blue, baking, doing chores, eating veggie food and liking it.” Chris laughs.

“We can have burgers tonight.” Andy smiles.

“Katelyn is coming with you until 9. I hope that’s okay.” Clara says.

“Sure. I’ve not been to see her yet. Just needed a couple of days to get my head together.” Andy says.

“That’s fine. I take it your mother wasn’t one of the people who came to gawp at Chris.” Clara says.

“No. Is she settled in okay?” Andy asks.

“She’s doing just fine. Lots of people using her for haircuts and she’s made friends.” Clara says gently.

They get supplies, drop Clara home and grab Katelyn and head to the lake. Deke meets them with his sister who grabs Katelyn by the hand and they run off to meet their friends.

“Are your brothers home?” Andy asks Deke.

“Nah, next week.” Deke grins.

They take their meat over to the guys who are grilling and then get the beer out the car, grab one each and put the rest in the water. It’s a small crowd but lively enough. Chris relaxes as he meets everyone. None of them pass comment on why he and Blue weren’t raised together. They’re all friendly and they have a nice relaxing time.

Deke is really hoping for some alone time with Andy. He can’t believe it has been a year since he had sex and came out. He snuggles closer as they sit on the shore and eat their food.

“Are our brothers dating?” Katelyn asks Deke’s sister Sara.

“I think Deke wants to. They get married we’ll be sisters for real.” Sara says.

“Given how my Mom and Roe are I don’t know that I want a real sister.” Katelyn sighs.

“At least we have school camping trip next week.” Sara says.

“Yeah, are you going to ask Josh to be your boyfriend?” Katelyn asks and they dissolve into teen giggles.

“Our sisters are still close.” Deke says trying to get Andy’s attention.

“Yeah, obviously not bothered that I’m back.” Andy says sadly worried they are like strangers.

“Go spend time with her.” Chris says and Andy nods and walks over.

“Hey stop cock blocking me.” Deke says.

“We could get something beneficial going.’ Chris says. Deke is not his type at all but a mouth is a mouth.

“No thanks.” Deke says not feeling it at all.


Blue wakes up a couple of hours before landing. He stands up to stretch and his waking erection cannot be hidden in the airline pajamas. The steward takes in the view and licks his lips.

Blue goes to the restroom to pee. As he’s about to come out the steward pushes him back. Blue grins at the thrill. It’s cramped and a little smelly but the steward gets on his knees and gives Blue a thoroughly good sucking before finishing himself off into the bowl.

“Hot.” Blue grins.

“Great cock.” The steward says and ducks out.

Blue waits a minute before going back himself feeling pretty great. He orders a brandy and sips in sheer delight.

132 thoughts on “Summer 2

  1. Oh Andy…. I don’t think I can be mad at him much longer. He is so adorable. None of the others really do it for me like him. Chris was about to get slapped. Only I can talk to him like that lol.

    I’m actually enjoying Chris’s character. Never thought I’d say that. >.> He’s….he’s somethin I tell you that haha.

    Yesss Blue. Get you a hot mouth many miles in the sky. Having a big dick will do that for you. I can’t wait to see how Blue interacts with Grant. I’m not over how he bad mouthed Blue and he just joined the story. I want Blue to Bitch slap him but I know Blue won’t. I’d love to see Blue go to the darkside just once lol. A laxative pie just for Grant would make my day. XD

    Great Chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

                  1. -cracks my whip- Clearly it’s time for round two in my dungeon. You gettin out of line mister. Get to your room or you won’t be able to sit at work for the next week. >:D


                    1. If I were truly evil I’d tease the threeway with a sweaty Spence DeShawn and Magnus and not post it for a few days. I mean it’s Bake off tonight and if my cutie pie Scottish Weasley goes I might need the night off to cry and a few days to recover…..😈😈😈😈(waits for Marco to have a heart attack).


                    2. You would do that to poor sweet marco? Truly evil sir. I rebuke thee in the name of the holy spirit. -douses you in holy water- Away with thee foul demon away. lol

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    1. with Grant Blue has nothing forcing him to be friends with him since they were usually aquaintances at best but with others Blue would see it as a lot of history to throw away so makes an effort there but what is there for Blue to make sn effort with Grant…… absolutely nothing 🙂


      1. I know. That’s why he can be evil to him and it not matter. lol. They just acquaintances and he had no right to bad mouth blue so blue needs to put him in his place. You the new bitch. I been here for years. Step down slut XD


        1. We’ll see how he feels about using public transport instead of cabs. I was once told by an American that only low class people take the bus. I mean we’ll call them peasant wagons but we all use em.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I hate public transport because it takes so much longer and is never direct. Why would I want to take a two hour bus ride when I can drive there in 20 minutes? The exception is if I go into D.C. I only ever metro into D.C.


    1. I can’t imagine being stuck in Business Class for that long of a flight. He and Bea are both going to be like trying to tame a bear when they get off the plane lol. Serves them right!

      Liked by 2 people

          1. No he’s not, but he doesn’t have to remain friends either…there is a time to cut ones loses. He’s been screwed over more than once by them. They don’t learn and keep thinking Blue will forgive.

            Liked by 2 people

              1. Maybe, but he’ wasn’t living with them when Birtch lied about him and their relationship imploded. They completely abandoned him then too.

                He wasn’t living with them when they left him over Christmas …not a lot of support from those two.

                Liked by 1 person

              1. i loved how Chris was sassy and to the point….. does Andy realise how close he was to getting cut out last time was he that Naive to not know he was on thin ice. Chris at least is not under any illusions he knows he can’t afford to fuck Blue over


          1. Revenge on Chris should be something monetary. He needs to be somewhere like the retreat for a while so he can understand money doesn’t mean everything. I think the volunteer work he is doing is redeeming something for him…not revenge, but changing his character. At least that is what I hope is happening…🙃

            Liked by 2 people

              1. I agree…I still don’t like Chris that much and I still think he has a devious steak left in him…but he is trying to better himself and is making an effort to fix things…time will tell.


      1. I flew that flight on Quantas in Business Class – not bad at all. Now, the return was in Coach on AA (flight was cancelled and all they could do to rebook). Still have not flown them since…a long time ago..

        Liked by 1 person

            1. OMG! That would’ve been hilarious! Sam, I think sometimes it’s just a satisfying to hear about how someone the person respects and cares about puts them in their place as to how they’re treating others. Just like when Gervais put down Birch as to how he treated blue. Sometimes that’s better than revenge.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. For me Birch messed up but breakups are always messy so I’m not too worried about his return to the fold. With Spence I’m most disappointed as he and Blue had done all the hard work and he just discarded Blue as if he didn’t matter. Given what they went through together to try and save Jesse I’m most let down be Spence, more than Andy.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. I am let down by both Andy and Spence for different reasons. Spence and Andy both have massive ego issues.

                  I am warming up to Birch renewing friendships, but he has his own issues he needs to sort through before I can trust him again. Blowing up and lying really damaged his character integrity…trust takes a long time to regain once it is lost.

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. He genuinely liked Birch a lot and he cut Gervais off when they got together. As soon as Gervais nudged himself back in the relationship broke down.


                    2. True enough. Blue just needs to have fun and let loose…no strings, no G around to pull him back in…just have fun exploring…and fucking around, and dating if it goes there, but nothing serious for a while hopefully (kisses and hugs for Sam 😘🤗)

                      Just my opinion, but Blue does need a break for a bit while all the drama settles down…and he needs his friends to care for him, and spoil him. Australia can provide that hopefully…

                      Sam, you continue to write beautiful work! 😘💕🤗. I am so eager to find out where things go!

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  2. Another great chapter Sam. I’m sorry but I’m loving how. Chris is taking pleasures in Andy’s stupidity. But we all know more than likely blue will forgive him yet again. Also looks like Andy is gonna have some fun this summer. Hah grant and Bea are stuck in business. Loved the flight attendant wish mine were like that. That is if I ever go on a passenger plane. Poor birch I don’t feel a bit sorry for him that he feels a spark and blue don’t. Grant and Bea together omg that would be a disaster.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No ewwwww. No matter how many times I’ve flown First Class, the bathroom is still nasty. Now….I did get a great handjob in the lie flat seats/beds on American Airlines on my last trip home from London 😈

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha Sam, it was a co-worker who had gone with me. I helped him find his bi side (several times) while we were there. It was our last chance to get one last jizz and he took it. Was exciting and fun until the stewardess caught us. She just looked and smiled and kept walking. I’m sure she’s seen much worse lol

        Liked by 1 person

                1. Honestly you take kids on a ten hour flight bring something for them to do. I’m not an entertainer and don’t let them sleep on the floor by my seat, I will stand on them when I go to the loo.

                  Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think he can help himself! I do like the fact that he is telling Andy how it is with Blue, but I know Blue will cave (that doesn’t make me happy)….

        Liked by 1 person

          1. DeShawn stepped up, Gervais made an effort and Robin had other things going on. Grant doesn’t like Blue so it’s not an issue. Spence and Andy it’ll be interesting.


            1. Spence was least bad as at least be was not gossiping about Blue…. Andy is the ones whose actions I find hardest to stomache I mean here is someone who considers Blue family, wanted a relationship with him and yet some outsider says Blue cheated and all their history means nothing and worse still he gives it credibility by spruiking it. If it was only grant saying it nobody would listen.

              Glad to see Gervaos step up despitees his issu

              Liked by 1 person

        1. soo different to Bea who was just an entitled brat and felt everyone should do things for her as she is a guest lol

          I like how Chris is a hard worker hope he can find a summer fuck also haha

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It was Spence was all I’m a guest. But Bea did bugger all. I think Chris is better at blending in than Bea and a bit of chicken poop doesn’t bother him as he volunteered at a shelter.


  3. Great job Sam! Thank you for Birtch realizing how much he f’d up! Loved the Andy/Chris interaction! Chris is trying to hide his true colors – for sure! This should be a fun ride!

    Liked by 1 person

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