Summer 3

Blue, Birch and Robin trek through immigration, baggage claim and customs the lines are long with several international flights arriving so they don’t wait for Bea and Grant. In arrivals they find a seat and wait.

Robin squeezes Blue’s hand and smiles. Bea and Grant take ages to come through and the guys are getting antsy as the volume of passengers starts to thin. A harassed looking Bea finally appears with Grant trailing behind with only his hand luggage.

“They lost my fucking bag.” Grant fumes.

Blue tries to suppress a giggle.

“They have stores here you’ll be fine.” Blue says getting up and pulling on his backpack.

“Did they say how long it will be?” Robin asks with a little more sympathy.

“2 days.” Grant sighs.

“Well that’s no big deal. We are in the nice hotel for 3 days anyway. It won’t hold us back.” Birch says. Robin’s mom and Clara have booked them a few nights in a nice hotel so they can get over jetlag in comfort before they move on to hostels and more modest places.

“Let’s go.” Bea says.

Blue and Bea start to walk towards the train station.

“Where are you going?” Grant asks.

“To get the train, it goes straight to our hotel.” Blue says.

“We can get a cab.” Grant says.

“We can get the train.” Bea says, she like Blue had planned the travel to the hotel and is looking forward to it.

“Yeah we’d need 2 cabs for all of us and our bags.” Birch says.

“You guys are insane we were just on the plane for hours.” Grant says stomping along behind them.

Blue takes Bea’s bag from her and she smiles and shakes her head. But is grateful as she juggles her hand luggage and duty free bag.

Blue quickly buys tickets for them all and ushers them to the platform. Grant is still grumbling but the others are excited.

“How was the flight back there?” Blue asks Bea with a grin he’s decided to make an effort to make the trip more tolerable for all. He would feel awful if Bea had a bad time. He knows that at some point they have to repair things.

“It was actually amazing. The food was good. I drank a lot which helped. I know you had fancier seats but it wasn’t bad at all, better than any other flight I’ve had.” Bea says.

“I bet we’d have been okay back there too. But it was nice to do things in real style for once. Momma isn’t usually one for wasting money or spoiling me.” Blue says.

“She bought you two houses.” Bea laughs.

“Those are not wasting money and they have strings. I don’t think housing me is spoiling me.” Blue says.

“No but its pretty awesome of her. This whole trip is a dream really.” Bea admits.

“Will you be okay with Robin?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, well I hope so.” Bea says.

They get on the train, its midmorning and not busy so they have enough room to sit and stash their bags. Blue needs to pinch himself that he’s actually here. He grins at Robin whose eyes are sparkling too and Birch smiles at the pair feeling their energy.

“Shower then explore? Get some air?” Birch asks as they get close to their stop.

“Sounds good. I can’t wait to brush my teeth properly.” Bea says.

They get out the station walk a few steps and gawp every step to their hotel. Even Grant stops grumbling. The weather is beautiful. Blue had been prepared for it to be chilly but its lovely, the sky is blue and they are all feeling energized.

Blue, Robin and Bea check in and then it gets awkward again.

“Three guys in one room and 1 in the other isn’t right.” Grant says.

“Well neither of us can go in with Blue and it’s Robin’s room.” Birch says.

“And I don’t trust you to not run up a mini bar bill.” Robin says matter of factly.

Blue is sad he’s quite like to share with Robin.

“I can afford it.” Grant says.

“Right you could pay me back but the charges would go on my card and I’d get a grilling from my mom.” Robin says.

“You can always share with Bea.” Blue teases.

“No little bro. I am going to enjoy my last chance to walk around naked before we move into mass dorms. You could share with your ex.” Bea grins.

“Yeah we might as well if its not awkward. Silly to have you 3 share one shower.” Blue sighs unhappy but knowing it’s the right thing.

“No I’ll call the front desk and ask them to remove the mini bar and refuse all charges. I want to share with Blue.” Robin says not wanting to let Blue down right now.

Birch feels a little down at sharing with Grant but as he’s getting a free hotel room for 3 nights he won’t complain.

Blue goes into his room, pulls back the drapes and gasps at the view of the opera house. He sits down on the bed and just stares. Robin knocks a few minutes later and sits with Blue starring.

They shower together because it feels right. Scrubbing each other and washing the others hair, small acts of intimacy to get them back on track. As they rinse off Blue grabs Robin is a bear hug and they stand together for a minute and feel their friendship heal.

They meet up with the others an hour later feeling fresher and ready to go. They pick up some energy drinks from a kiosk and start to explore the harbor area. They walk up to the botanical gardens, Grant and Birch are both taking pictures of everything they want to paint or draw, which is everything.

Blue is mesmerized by all the plants and birds. Robin and Bea walk together behind him and smile at his joy.

“You just need to apologize and he’ll be fine with you. Blue is very easy to win back. It gets harder each time but he’s a softie and he loves you and wants to be friends.” Robin says.

“Do you apologize to your sisters after calling them names in the heat of the moment? Or is it all forgotten the next day because they’ve done something just as bad. Blue’s silent treatment is so juvenile and controlling.” Bea says.

“If my sisters were as messed up as Blue was over winter break I would do whatever I could to get them back on track. And yes we do say sorry, sometimes as our mom is making us but usually because we feel bad. Thing is I would never, ever be so awful to my siblings.” Robin says.

“You don’t know that. If some guy turned up on your doorstep claiming to be your father’s son you might not be so nice.” Bea says.

“But that didn’t happen to you. It happened to Blue. Nothing came out of nowhere for you and yet you expect Blue to be able to deal with it without having one conversation face to face with his mother. He was the one of the three of you given away, parental rights terminated. Have you any idea what that means to him? Then you go and try and turn the one parent he has against him. You monopolized her and pushed him out of his home. That is not how families behave. Be like a sister if you want to be treated like one. Stop breaking his heart and blaming him for having one.” Robin says and runs to catch up with Blue leaving Bea stunned.

“It’s so pretty.” Blue says slipping his hand into Robin’s.

“It is. Feels good to breathe real air after the plane.” Robin says.

“I wish I was here with a boyfriend. I want to kiss someone under these trees. I’m feeling all romantic.” Blue grins.

“You softy.” Robin says hugging his friend.

“I’m happy to be here and I’m really glad we’re friends again but I just feel something is missing. I’ll be okay once I’m off exploring and learning about wine.” Blue says.

“I hear you. Travelling with friends is fun but it’s nice to finish the day physically with the one you love.” Robin says.

“Yeah I miss being in love and I’m kind of scared that I’ve fallen back in love with Gervais and heading for another round of pain because he isn’t ready, and is going to reject me.” Blue says quietly not sure he’s ready to admit it.

“Look we’re here and we can have some wild flings and we can drink to forget our issues. You are not falling for Gervais, he is filling in the space in your life as he always does. You cannot go through it with him again. I know I was encouraging earlier but I had a flash of you last summer and you were so lost and broken. I should never have let him near you again. None of us should have stayed friends with him it was insane. If we had cut him off you would be long over him by now. We let you down.” Robin says.

“Nah you didn’t. We’d have all felt guilty if he was isolated and alone.” Blue says.


Spence has been coaching every day and is exhausted. He is absolutely loving it. Every day is different and he is learning so much by putting in full days compared to just evenings. Ocean is improving like crazy. There are three boys in his age group who moved from rec to team at the same time and have quietly surpassed the boys who were already in the squad. It is causing a few titters amongst the gym parents but Spence ignores it.

He chats with Cheryl as she picks Ocean up. Ocean wants to jump up on Spence and be held but he knows that he can’t at gym class so he settles for holding Spence’s hand.

“One more week and then you’re off to the retreat?” Spence asks.

“Yes. Willow said you would send his conditioning exercises through so he doesn’t lose too much ground.” Cheryl says feeling guilty but in real need of her annual get away.

“Yes of course. If he’s doing his yoga that will help. Most the guys will be taking a few weeks off. Don’t sweat it.” Spence says.

“Oh I do. I’m the non-competitive mom and now I have a sporty kid who wants to be the best and it is disorientating. It’s like his rebellion much earlier than I anticipated.” Cheryl grins and Spence knows she’s joking but worried.

“He’s good. He’s fearless, flexible and has naturally good form. He’s ahead of others his age despite his late start. A few weeks with his mom enjoying the outdoors won’t end his career.” Spence says.

“Career. He’s my baby.” Cheryl laughs.

“Just breathe.” Spence laughs and Cheryl lets out a huge sigh and takes Ocean home.

Spence stops and talks to some other parents and answers questions the best he can.

Once they are gone he goes out on the floor to stretch himself. He’s started to do his old cool down routine at the end of the day to ease the tension in his shoulders and help him ache less in the morning.

“Could you give me a hand?” An older male gymnast asks. Several who have left for college are back for the summer to train. They coach at the camps and train early and late.

“Sure. It’s Will right?” Spence asks.

“Yeah, you’re Spence wrestler turned coach.” Will says with a grin.

“That’s me. Here shall I pull your arms?” Spence asks kneeling on the guys back.

“Yeah that’s it.” Will grimaces.

“You have an amazing body.” Spence says standing up.

“Hell of a lot of work.” Will says, he is a typical gymnast build, small and compact with hige shoulders and the deepest v cut Spence has ever seen. It’s a hot day and he’s trainng in just a small pair of shorts.

“It’s art. You guys all amaze me.” Spence says.

“You’re a good coach. I can see the boy’s team is improving and you’ve really helped with the fitness of the girls and they all trust you spotting them. You need some more technical knowledge but for a non gymnast you’re doing great from what I can see.” Will says.

“Thanks. I love it. My best friend did cheer in high school and I’d watch him practice sometimes so I’d seen tumbling coached but not with the difficulty or precision of you guys. All the coaches here know so much and I’m learning like crazy.” Spence says.

“It’s a great gym. I hear you work a few clubs.” Will says.

“Yeah during semester I had to as I could only coach the lower levels so did all the sessions I could get wherever I could. It’s been great learning a lot of different styles.” Spence says.

“Yeah when I first started going to national training camps I got exposed to different coaches and it blew my mind. Then at college everyone brings something different and the coaches have different goals to being in club.” Will says.

“I’d love to coach a college team one day.” Spence says.

“You will. You’re here coaching the little ones day in day out. That is commitment.” Will says.

Spence stays to watch Will train and his coach calls Spence over to explain some of his drills and asks for some assistance spotting or filming. Spence learns so much and goes home on a real high.

Will is so cute Spence thinks as he walks through the door feeling horny. He tries to push that thought away. Will has a girlfriend. Even if he were gay it would be inappropriate, they might be the same age but still he is a gymnast and I am a coach Spence tells himself.

DeShawn like Spence has had a long day and is just having a quick drink before his shower.

“You look how I feel.” DeShawn says.

“Sweaty and exhausted.” Spence grins.

“Smells like a locker room in here.” Magnus says arriving back from work.

“Sorry I know I’m ripe. Too tired to shower yet.” Spence says.

“It’s fucking hot. I love it.” Magnus groans. He loves he can be open about what he loves with these two. He and DeShawn are dating and it is going well, really well and DeShawn has been encouraging him to voice his fantasies. Two sweaty, manly smelling men are near the top of his list.

“I think my boy is asking for us to fuck him before we shower.” DeShawn says. Spence’s cock perks up, his horn is never far away.

Magnus grins and kisses DeShawn hard and then buries his face in DeShawn’s pit groaning at the aroma.

“Spence go get undressed, ass up. Magnus go burry your face in that sweaty ass.” DeShawn says knowing Magnus will love it.

“Yes baby.” Magnus says following Spence quickly.

DeShawn stands in the doorway and watches, Spence naked his skin glistening, his face pressed to the bed suppressing his moans. Magnus in his suit, his ass looking perfect in the wool slacks.

DeShawn undresses and rubs his cock. He fucking loves fucking Spence. He’s with Magnus, but he’ll never says no to some action with his buddy too. He want’s to get Magnus thick cock inside him tonight.

DeShawn slaps Magnus ass a couple of times.

“My turn.” DeShawn says.

Magnus moves to suck DeShawn’s cock and is met with a slap in the face.

“My ass. Spence get here you need a face fucking.” DeShawn says.

Magnus eagerly gets to work and Spence too. Both boys happily preparing DeShawn to be the sandwich filling.

Magnus breathes everything in. He loves how DeShawn smells different to Spence. How they both taste. He loves everything right now. He leaves his dick zipped up as he knows that DeShawn loves it that way and he is making one sticky mess.

“You ready to fuck me?” DeShawn asks.

Magnus nods but doesn’t move his mouth.

DeShawn grabs Spence under his armpits and throws him on the bed. Spence can’t help but grin he loves that DeShawn can throw his about.

“Leg’s up.” DeShawn says and pushes deep in. Spence moans gently.

DeShawn directs Magnus to take his pants off and leave his shirt and tie on. DeShawn loves the Magnus in his work outfits and partially out of them.

“Fuck me baby.” DeShawn says.

Magnus is nervous for a second and then goes for it, the scent of sweat in the room is such a turn on for Magnus that he stops worrying and enjoys himself. The trio fuck and fuck and fuck.



Andy and Chris have had a long day gardening. Andy was impressed with himself being the leader and directing Chris and impressed that Chris has a work ethic. Andy wonders if he has seriously misjudged the guy. He hasn’t complained about anything since being here from chores to food to the limited social life.

Andy is lying on his bed wrapped in his towel, his fan blasting on his damp skin trying to keep cool when Chris appears in the doorway with a towel round his waist which is tented.

“We’re going to have to help each other out up here.” Chris says.

Andy looks up at him and groans a little. He’s Chris, the uber dick who fucked his friends over. He’s fucking hot and Andy knows he has a big dick and will look awesome bouncing on his cock.

“It’s just sex right?” Andy asks.





226 thoughts on “Summer 3

  1. you know you love us ❤️❤️❤️

    Just teasing you tho Sam do we have any graphics experts in the family to do it tho?

    I think Marcus is the creative type right?

    Glad your in a good mood that usually translates into your writing really well 🙂


          1. to show you how nuch we wuv you will tie you to a tree and tell andy where you are but only telling him a suprise awaits st your location 😏


                    1. Oh you’re too kind. I’ll repay that by sending you Clara. She hasn’t had none in quite some time I’m sure you could satisfy her immensely. Maybe once she gets laid she’ll stop being a controlling bitch…or do it to you too. 😈😈😈😈😈


                    2. evil… we need to get you filled in more ways than one ai guess you in a gangbang being passed around between Blue, Andy, gervais, Deshawn, Magnus, Birch and Dylan 😘


  2. Lovely chapter. So many of my thoughts have already been said so I’ll leave it at that. I am just putting my faith in Andy that he can keep things low key and call Chris out on his bullshit. He may be better behaved overall, but shit like that doesn’t just go away even if he’s honestly trying. All of us stumble sometimes. The question is whether or not Clara, Andy and the living environment can help Chris make an honest attempt at finding a better self. And I really hope he does.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so freaking jealous I would kill to be able to the Sydney Opera. Love how Bea was so casual about being naked. Is she trying to scare all the gayboys away with that thing between her legs. Hers probably has teeth😲. Or maybe she’s trying to lure robin into bed😱

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahahahahahaha!!! I bet Robin would have to remove the cobwebs from between her legs first. You know that thing never sees any action lol

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Opera House is awesome and you get such a great view of the harbor and Sydney Harbour Bridge from there 🙂

      not to mention all the nice restaurants in the presinct 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s not pretty inside if that helps, sounds good looks meh but londons opera houses are beauties inside so I’m spoiled. But the national theatre in Sydney has some beautiful art work in and is very pretty.


              1. that is the train station they got off at in this chapter based on what they saw and was nearby 🙂

                I only wish the cityrail network ran as efficiently as it seemed to in this story haha

                Liked by 1 person

                1. That line from the airport isn’t too bad. Plus it would have been around 11 by the time they got out. I lived in the inner west and it was always a knife edge of the train would be cancelled inthe morning.


                  1. innerwest is shocking where its 15 minutes between trains here and western trains are the pits.

                    the trains that serve the rich folks suburns like North Shore etc run every 5 minutes ir so.


  4. Mmmmmmm I would love to lick every bit of sweat off of Spence. Just start from his toes and work my way up!! Delicious!

    Oh Andy you horny boy. Why do I always feel my legs open wide when I read about him? Hehehe. That boy could turn me into a bottom one day. Well, I would still flip him over quite often….whether he likes it or not 😍

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Omg I totally am Magnus lol. I never thought of that haha. Well be sure he gets lots of good, hot, kinky boys with beautiful feet and lockable pits haha. I can live vicariously through him haha

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s one kinky apartment this summer. I love the idea of the three exploring their fetishes safely together. Magnus is later to the man sex than the others but is making up for lost time. I deffo think he needs a steam room encounter one lunchtime.


              1. my head is a whirlwind of chaos trying to work it out I mean you will not be mean and make Blue be a doormat and live with someone he is uncomfortable with will you lol


      2. Oh definitely!! Steam room sex is so hot! No pun intended haha. That little dance of moving a bit closer, holding a stare longer than normal, towel becoming looser and opening more….I like the chase. Hopefully the guy will have beautiful, lickable feet and pits hehe. Magnus needs to get the full experience 😈😈😈😈. Lord now I’m horny haha

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  5. Loved everything except the Andy and Chris part really Sam what about blues friends not sleeping with anybody that screw him??? blues friends not sleeping with anybody that screw him??? That’s a disappointment. But loved Robin giving Bea A dose of reality. I guess when this all comes out and he will be left in the cold? What a mess!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. we love Robin when he has his eyes open.

        Look how guilty he seems for dragging Blue back into Gervais but not sure if he should feel guilty as I think everyone abandoning Blue over Birch breakup did that more than anything.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You were just being a cock tease in this one Sam. Naked RUE, holding hands, etc. but not one bit of sexual tension or exploration. Tease!! 😘😜

        Liked by 2 people

  6. Omg Andy Im mad at you right now but I don’t think he should do it get Bob the carpenter to help out or deke even anybody but Chris. Bea just needs to swallow her pride and apologize. Hah then grant will be all alone😢😈. OMG I love DeShawn me and magnus seem to have the same fantasies. Will and Spence should go at it in the locker room. How hot would that be. Sorry gotta go be back in a few……😉


  7. Andy & Chris?!?!!? :O Very unpopular opinion maybe but I totally want to see this. I’m taking a liking to Chris.. lol. Do it do it. Fuck him hard Andy ❤

    Magnus shares my fetish for armpits. I knew there was a reason I liked him. So hawt.

    Hah! Grant's bags got lost. Karma you're such a lovely thing. Now if he trips and falls in a puddle of mud or pile of shit…I'd be satisfied completely lol.

    Bea sweetie… I'm sure if Blue did to you what you did to him you would want him to apologize. So glad Robin told her off. She hardly got the short end of the stick in this whole situation and still wants more. lol

    Good stuff! ❤

    Liked by 3 people

          1. yeah that good mood of yours may even make Grant sympathetic which me and Marcus don’t want lol

            I guess with time but Andy needs to know a gesture bigger than I am sorry will be required this time.

            Liked by 1 person

      1. No you are not forgiven. You broke my heart. 💔 Jk, You know I could never be mad at you. ❤ Anyway, weellllll if he can't repair it at least he got the other twin. lol I'd like to think Blue would be genuinely happy for them if they really hit it off and maybe chris could talk Blue into forgiving Andy.. he seems really good with words mhm mhm.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I agree! The sexual tension between them after Andy releases him will be astronomical. That poor tree will be in for a good show. haha


    1. the Andy relationship is back in full swing.

      I like Chris also and he just sees this as fuckbuddies due to limited options something tells me Chris normally has guys around him that want a lot of sex with him when back at home lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When you go to your profile on WordPress there is a line that says public display name. You can put anything you want there and it will show that when you comment. My actual username is eternalmars but as you can see Marcus (my actual name) shows up because I have it on the public display line.

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      1. She is. Socially awkward and a product of a off kilter upbringing. I guess Bea and Chris must have always had the thought that they could be given away at any time so push people away harder than Gervais


          1. Yeah and Blue has to process that he was given away. They have to process that going might not have been so bad and Bea spending a lifetime trying to impress her parents was a waste. The three need proper therapy.


            1. Is that part of the reason Blue does nor seen to eant to know them as he has seen the ease in which he was given away and could this have effected his relationships since learning of this ie abandonment issues?


              1. I think so. Especially as we know that Clara wasn’t always the most hands on mum. They’d spend time together on projects and talk at meal times but Blue spent a lot of time alone. And Austin, Gervais and now Birch gave up on him so easily it’s compounding everything in his head that he’s not worth sticking round for.

                Liked by 2 people

                1. not to mention the ease that even his friends will do it so innhis head he must think if he can’t hold onto friendships for more than 5 minutes what hope does he have for s partner.

                  Liked by 1 person

        1. Maybe…I just find it interesting how divergent the two are right now. They used to be quite the pair, now they have taken different paths (hopefully for the better)…maybe Bea was the problem all along?


              1. you know what really makes her more dispicable than Chris at his worst she faked being nice to Blue to get an invite home and once home she did all in her power to turn Clara against Blue (the only parent he has ever known) even coming to Blue being forced out of hos own home while she sat there and did not give a shit.

                I think that is why I am harder on her than Chris as I feel at her worst there is a legitimate argument she is worse at her worst.

                Liked by 3 people

                1. She is definitely an antagonist in the story line…and a good one at that (says something about the writer to be able to incite vivid emotional responses…thanks Sam! 😘💕😉)

                  Liked by 1 person

        1. Robin isn’t stupid, he can handle rich boys who forget not everyone is the same level of wealthy. Grant is just mixed up. I wonder if the others will ditch him and head off to wine country while his bag doesn’t arrive….

          Liked by 3 people

            1. Longer boards = easier to learn.
              They can always get wetsuits if it is too cold (like it is here…good cold water surfing though. You would be daft to go out without a wetsuit, even in summer here)


                    1. The traditional Sydney spring is coming looking at a top of 33C over the weekend (91F for my american friends)

                      love how we transition from winter to summery weather quite quickly 🙂

                      Liked by 1 person

              1. Oh I think Robin was a flyer sometimes. He is going to a new school so maybe. I wrote and ditched a chapter of him started a new cheer club with girls he knew.


      1. When I stayed in Sydney – I was at the Intercontinental right across from the Opera House and the gardens…the views were AMAZING!


        1. That’s where the boys are! I stayed their too a couple of times. Nothing like the blackout blinds opening to reveal that view! I had loads of hotel points from business trips and used them when I needed a break from backpacker life.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Yeah that was my other option for them but went with what I knew. I love the botanical gardens and the views up there and the thieving dinosaur birds. One time I’d booked a garden view room and was disappointed I was upgraded to bridge view 😂😂😂

              Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s an amazing property! I actually “lived” there for six weeks when I was in Sydney. Except for two nights in the Kings Cross area but that’s another story. LOL


                    1. I liked the rocks, when I was feeling adult. I had some great octopus in a little place in Glebe. I loved how all your neighbourhood restaurants used great local produce.


                1. I actually only walked around in the daytime. It was pretty sketchy back then too. I spent most of my free time in the darling harbor area. Unfortunately I worked 6 days a week.


                    1. It was 2001. I worked for an Office Furniture manufacturer and was visiting our office in Sydney doing consulting work.


              1. My company put me in a “boutique hotel” write down from the Navy ships at first. I woke up night to with spiders crawling over the bed and walked into work with my bag packed ready to leave if they didn’t move me. I ended up at the Intercontinental Hotel. I hate spiders to this day.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. at least they were not the two species of Spider found in Sydney that can kill you

                  one is the redback which is a relation to your black widows

                  The other is the Sydney funnel web spider

                  Liked by 1 person

            1. not sure what it was like for you then but kings cross in recent times was like a blood bath i.e stabbings, brawls etc with drunken people on Friday and Saturday nights.


                    1. I wonder if its either place I an thinking of. Main ones in Australia are upper Hunter of NSW or Barossa Valley in SA


                    2. They’re in hunter now and will then hit Melbourne and go out to yarra and then go further south for barossa and Clare take a break from wine and do the red centre then head west for Margaret river, then die of liver failure or hit the east coast to party.

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