Blue and Robin take on the summer

Blue has been messaging a few guys ready for his return to Sydney. He and Robin have agreed to have a couple of wild nights before going south. They get a twin room in a backpackers near the main station and Blue gets ready for a date Robin gets ready to try his luck the more traditional way, going on a bar crawl with others from the hostel.


“Message me if you need the room.” Blue says.


“Will do. You look stunning. Call if you’re not coming back tonight.” Robin says with a grin.


“You look really hot too, the girls won’t be able to keep their hands off you.” Blue grins.


“That’s the plan.” Robin smiles. They’ve had a great few days together but are more than ready to have some time apart.


Blue strides confidently through the city, his long legs moving him quickly. He’s enjoying the cool evening air and using the walk to calm his nerves. The last time he met someone through an app outside a club was Justin.


Still this isn’t a rush job and he feels confident that he and Adi know each other quite well already.


He eventually finds the bar they are meeting at and locates Adi at a table, waiting with a bottle of wine. Blue grins that he’ll finally get to drink a few glasses without analyzing them.


Adi stands up to greet Blue and the kiss on each cheek.


“I was worried you wouldn’t show and I’d have to get wasted alone.” Adi says.


“Am I late? Sorry I decided to walk and should have given myself more time.” Blue says.


“You’re right on time. I’m the sort of guy who is always early. I’m old fashioned that way.” Adi says.


“I hate being late.” Blue grins and takes a long sip of his drink.


“How was your first taste of wine country?” Adi asks.


“Amazing, totally confirmed it is what I want to do. I’d actually love to do it down here, more areas to choose from than home, and everything is set up that newbies and old rub shoulders without too much snobbery.” Blue says.


“Oh there would be but we’re a tiny, massive country and we shout loudly to the world when we have something worth sharing. The more places that sell overseas the better it is for everyone.” Adi says.


“I could never really leave my momma but the opportunities are a big draw. how was your day?” Blue asks.


The conversation flows easily and the wine is drunk in no time. Blue tentatively takes Adi’s hand as they walk to a restaurant for dinner. It’s a seafood place which puts Blue at ease, no need to explain his eating habits.


The food is amazing and they continue to just talk and talk. Blue tells Adi of school and his friends leaving out all the drama and Adi tells him of his career and family. They talk of films and TV and art and books enjoying every moment. Adi insists on getting the bill and afterwards they walk together a little way more confidently holding hands this time then Adi invites Blue back to his place.


“I’d love to.” Blue grins.


“If we hurry we can get the last ferry, it’s a nice night.” Adi says and Blue smiles and nods.


They talk like no one else is there and the crossing passes so quickly Blue realizes he hasn’t looked out at the view at all. As they walk up the steep incline from the ferry landing Blue turns and looks back over at the city.


“It’s pretty great.” Adi says.


“I love it.” Blue smiles.


Adi slips his arm around Blue and they walk on up to his place, it takes a while but they are enjoying the company and don’t want the interruption of a cab. It’s clear Adi is wealthy. His house is amazing and as he walks Blue out to the deck Blue can’t help but gasp.


“What a view. You’re so lucky.” Blue says.


“I am, incredibly lucky. I inherited this place 5 years ago from a great aunt and it had barely been touched since her husband built it. I’ve not long finished the renovation. Its my slice of heaven.” Adi says.


“It sure is. How do you not have a boyfriend?” Blue asks then bites his lip worried that he does and Blue is a side piece.


“I was in love in my twenties and it didn’t work out, he left for London and I couldn’t bring myself to go. My older sister was pregnant and I didn’t want to miss out on seeing her family grow. I threw myself into my career and then this place. I was done and look around and I was 35 and all my friends are coupled up or complete whores and I’m alone and the dating world has changed and I just feel old. Too old to fit in. Then someone like you takes my interest, traveller looking for a romantic time and here we are.” Adi says half sad, half happy.


“I bet you’re a terrific uncle to the kids.” Blue says.


“I am. I love those kids like they were my own.” Adi says.


“I want kids, 3 or 4, a big family.” Blue says.


“I’m sure you will.” Adi says and pours Blue another glass of wine. Thy drink and talk more outside, it’s a little chilly but the wine and the view make up for it.


Eventually they go indoors and makeout long and hard on the sofa. In bed they kiss more and exchange head having a great time exploring each others bodies more than the gratification. It’s the first time Blue has been with someone so much older and he likes the slower pace and the confidence Adi moves with. Adi loves having access to a beautiful body like Blue, and to suck on a young hard cock is a dream.


As usual Blue wakes early, he slips out leaving the back door open and gets pastries and coffee from a bakery he remembered passing the night before.


He calls Robin to leave a message that he’s safe and happy, not expecting Robin to be awake. They’d exchanged texts the night before and Blue is guessing Robin got pretty lucky from the picture he’s sent of him kissing a blonde.


“That smells good.” Adi says coming outside.


“Hope you don’t mind.” Blue grins.


“No way. I can see you’d rather breakfast here than go out. We can take our time and then I’m taking you out for the day.” Adi says.


“Sounds perfect. If you’re not bored of me.” Blue says worried he might outstay his welcome for this sophisticated man.


“Blue we’ve barely pause for breath, I’m loving your company, I thought that was obvious.” Adi says.


“‘Be never been on a date with someone like you. I wanted to be sure, I don’t always read social cues that well. With some people I know everything they’re thinking and exactly what they need and others are aliens to me. I find groups really hard.” Blue explains.


“You’re doing great. No pressure here. We’ll have a great weekend and you’ll be off on your travels leaving me with a wonderful story to tell my friends.” Adi grins and Blue relaxes.


They have a great day, visiting local galleries and sights. They have a casual lunch at a local place, salads overlooking the city which Blue adores. Blue suggests he cooks dinner and Adi agrees, amused and takes Blue to a local market.


That evening Blue cooks a seafood stew, flatbread and one of his famous cheesecakes.


“You can take the left over cheesecake to your sisters tomorrow.” Blue says to a bowled over Adi.


“This is incredible. Best meal I’ve had in my life.” Adi says truthfully.


“The fish here is incredible and the stew practically made itself.” Blue says modestly.


“And the fruit on the cheesecake is good but that isn’t the half of it. You’re a very talented chef, are you sure about wine?” Adi asks.


“I love to cook. Love to make dinners and I’m going to start a catering business for small dinners and to make some startup money but I don’t want my favorite hobby to become my job.” Blue explains.


“Well it would be one hell of a fall back.” Adi says.


“I guess. Everyone loves my cheesecake. I should have made you one that freezes better.” Blue says.


“Oh my family will love it tomorrow. That was so thoughtful of you.” Adi says.


“Thanks for a magical time.” Blue says.


“Are you not staying tonight?” Adi asks.


“I’d love to but I have a crazy early start tomorrow.” Blue says.


They spend a long time kissing goodbye and the Adi drives Blue back to his hostel.


“You look super happy.” Robin says as Blue flops on his bed.


“I had a lovely time. I am totally going for older guys when we get back. He was interesting and was interested in me and he was so sexy. Perfect, perfect date. How about you?” Blue asks.


“I got laid and laid and laid. It was awesome. I love this country.” Robin grins.


“Are we going to need to stop by a clinic?” Blue asks with a grin.


“I love you so much. You really care.” Robin grins and hugs Blue closely. They sleep in the cleaner of the 2 beds together, snuggle together like old times and sleep deeply wrapped together.


They get their flight early to Melbourne, dump their bag at the hostel they’ll be staying at in St Kilda and head out to explore the neighborhood.


“I feel bad that I’m rushing us round everywhere. We could do with some serious chill out time and its beautiful here.” Blue says.


“I’m good being a tourist by day and Cassanova by night. I’d love to just bum out for a couple of months here but I’m good with what we’re doing. Maybe next year we can come back.” Robin says.


“Maybe we should.” Blue says.


“Because you want to see your man again.” Robin says.


“Maybe it was nice because it was only ever one night.” Blue says.


“No pressure.” Robin says.


“Exactly.” Blue says.


They have lunch overlooking the beach and splitting a fish dish, a salad and some beers.


“This is the life.” Robin says with a grin.


“Yeah. This is awesome.” Blue grins. They explore more of the neighborhood and check in to their room. Once showered and fresh they play some ping pong and meet some of the others staying there. They organize a night out and have a great time.


Over the next couple of weeks Robin enjoys the tourist life, hanging out with other backpackers and partying. He’s not bothered that it is new people all the time he’s actually loving it. Blue is diligently visiting every winery he can and joining Robin on nights out. Robin does a few tours with him but usually prefers to sleep late.


They do some sightseeing together and neither feels neglected.



As they board the train from Adelaide to Alice Springs Blue grins at Robin.


“This feels like adventure.” Blue says.


“On boy. I am so glad you sprung for a cabin.” Robin says throwing his bag down.


“It’s awesome. Robin I’m sorry for leaving you alone so much. You could have been with the others.” Blue says.


“Are you kidding? I’d have worried about you the whole time and lets be honest being together day in day out is tough, I’d not have wanted to do that with those 3.” Robin says.


“Yeah I wonder if they’re all still alive.” Blue laughs.


They settle in and then have lunch on the train and enjoy the scenery. They explore the lounge car and chat with people. They both love getting all their stories and sharing some of their own.


It’s a magical time on the train, the stars at night are incredible and both boys are overwhelmed. They don’t sleep much, not wanting to miss anything even in the pitch black. They love how the scenery gets redder and redder.


They have another day to themselves before the other 3 get there. They shop around for a tour and agree that they like the sound of the cheapest best as it involves camping and go ahead and book for the five of them.


Blue surprises Robin with a hot air balloon ride.


“Babe this is amazing.” Robin says as they take off.


“I did worry I wouldn’t be able to get you out of bed.” Blue laughs.


“I’m glad you did.” Robin says and they hold hands and enjoy the amazing views of the places they are going to be exploring.


They agree it’s the highlight of their trip so far and nether can quite believe it was real. They spend the afternoon looking at aboriginal art for a change of pace and spend the evening having a few beers.


For once Blue sleeps late, letting the last 6 weeks catch up with him. Robin smiles at his sleeping friend and thinks about how their friendship has changed. They are getting on well but they don’t talk as deeply as they used to. In bed they don’t dissect the day in their usual style and Robin worries that Blue has closed himself off again.


They potter around for the morning waiting for the others to arrive, slightly worried about how they will get along.


“Okay I have had a weird email from Andy.” Robin says.


“What does he say?” Blue asks.


“He’s asking if Chris can move in with him to my place.” Robin says.


“They’re getting serious.” Blue sighs.


“You knew they were together and didn’t tell me?” Robin asks.


“I forgot. Chris told me a few weeks ago.” Blue says.


“And you’re okay with it?” Robin asks.


“None of my business. It’s not like with Gervais is it? I mean they are both single.” Blue says.


“Well I’m not okay with it. I know you and Chris are trying but I do not trust him at all. From what he did to you and from what Bea has told me. I just don’t like the guy and don’t want him in my house.” Robin says.


“That’s okay. You don’t have to. I’m not going to be mad at you. Andy and I are not friends so I’d be the same. l guess I didn’t say anything as I was feeling let down and didn’t want to admit it. Chris sent me a email that was telling me about him and Andy and how it just happened and they’re in love or whatever. But then it went on asking me to put a word in with momma to get his tuition paid. He’s not changed, only in touch when he wants something. Money, study help, forgiveness.” Blue says sadly.


“Is this why you’ve been so closed off? Have you been thinking that Chris hasn’t changed so maybe I haven’t?” Robin asks.


“I don’t know. I’m sorry if I’ve been rubbish with you. I didn’t know I was being that way.” Blue says.


“We’ve just not been talking as openly as we used to. I’ve missed us. I didn’t know you had this stuff on your mind.” Robin says.


“I guess I’m finding it hard to trust anyone. I truly don’t have a problem with Andy and Chris being together. I just feel sad that Chris told me not Andy.” Blue says.


“You two have been up and down all year. I totally get why you cut him off this time. I really do. He knew he was on his last chance after all that s over winter break. You had to make a stand. I feel like guys are going out with Chris when they want you and its messing everything up. You can’t really ever go back to Gervais, not really. And I know Andy thought that in the future you two would be together and now that can never happen. It feels wrong to me.” Robin says.


“Andy and I would never have happened. I love him as a friend and brother and we do have good sex but I don’t see him as boyfriend material. I don’t think I ever will. I don’t want to marry a gossip and cheat. Even though I’m a cheat, my one night with Gervais when George and I were flailing wasn’t the same as Andy’s calculated cheating on Spence.” Blue says.


“You need to forgive yourself for that night. You and George were as bad as each other.” Robin says.


“I need to hold the feeling close to stop me ever doing it again.” Blue says.


“I cheated on Jenna in a calculated way. I forgave myself, it was a mistake. I’m better than my mistakes. Maybe Andy is too.” Robin says.


“I wouldn’t marry you either.” Blue grins.


“Shut up you so would.” Robin laughs.


“I would. I’m sorry for being closed off. I swear I had no idea. Nudge me next time.” Blue says and hugs his best friend.


“That balloon ride was everything. I still can’t get over it.” Robin grins.


“It was. I’m glad I was with you. If I’d have been with a boyfriend I wouldn’t be able to talk about it in a year as they’d be out my life, we can talk about it in the nursing home.” Blue grins.


The other 3 arrive and they sort out rooms and dinner.


“Afraid its pasta with pesto or pesto with pasta for dinner here. Every place has the same veggie option.” Blue says to Birch as they look for somewhere for dinner.


“I guess we’re a long way from the ocean.” Birch grins.


He can’t stop starring at Blue. All 5 of them have tanned and relaxed during their trip and Blue is looking even more handsome than usual.


“So tell us everything.” Blue says over dinner.


“We’ve had a blast. We really have. Thanks so much for opening us up to the idea of coming here.”

Grant says.


“Bea has been an awesome organizer, making us do so much, it’s been a lot of fun.” Birch says.


“We’ve had a lot of fun and are super excited for this part too.” Bea says.


Blue and Robin are relieved the trio are getting along and have been having fun.


“Any romance?” Robin asks.


“Uh not as much as you, a new blonde every night.” Grant laughs.


“These two are not exactly an item but seem to have a very beneficial understanding.” Birch grins.


“So you’ve still not found a man?” Blue asks with a sparkle in his eyes.


“No, but I’m very happy with this one. Even if she won’t make it official.” Grant says and Bea blushes.


“Not like you to hold back little sis.” Blue says.


“Ah he has to work a bit harder yet.” Bea grins and Grant blushes. It’s clear the two of them are very happy.


Blue looks at Robin but he doesn’t seem to be bothered.


“You okay travelling with a couple?” Blue asks Birch.


“Yeah it’s been fine. They get a private room and I sleep in a big dorm most places. So I meet loads of people and get ideas for places to visit. So it’s not always been just the three of us.” Birch says.


“I’m glad it’s worked out.” Blue says.


“I looked at the tour you’ve booked it sounds perfect. Exactly what I’d have booked.” Bea grins.


“Yeah even I love the idea of camping under the stars and not being in a hotel.” Grant says.


“Good. I need a serious break from wine and Robin could do with some company that isn’t trying to get in his pants. Although I believe we’ve all been there.” Blue grins and they all laugh.


“I am truly irresistible to you all. I do think it’s funny that you triplets all have a thing for bi men.”  Robin says.


“Are you coming out?” Blue asks.


“Nah but I think it’s time I stopped insisting I was entirely straight.” Robin says blushing a little. Blue reaches out and squeezes his friend’s hand.


They need an early night as their tour pick up is at 5am. Bea pulls Blue aside as they get back and they sit on a bench outside together.


“Birch has drummed it in to me just how much Chris and I hurt you with how we acted over everything. Sometimes it’s hard to remember you’re not Chris and you don’t react the way he will. I don’t think it has sunk in that you didn’t know about us. You handled everything so well.” Bea says.


“I haven’t handled it well. I was just burying it all, I still am to an extent.” Blue says.


“I am sorry for how things turned out.” Bea says.


“But not for what you did?” Blue asks.


“No. I reacted how I reacted and I won’t apologize for being me.” Bea says.


“So why bother talking to me? We’re on a trip of a lifetime and you’re ruining it for me by being a total bitch.” Blue says getting up.


“You’re such a spoiled brat. You don’t get your way so you try and guilt people into changing for you. My personality is not going to change for your convenience.” Bea says.


“I’m spoiled? Look in the mirror. You and Chris are both the same, using me and discarding me.

Giving me just enough hope that you’re worth spending time on and then showing your true colors again, take, take, take.” Blue says walking away.


He heads back to the bar and has another drink. He needs some time alone to process.


“What happened?” Birch asks.


“Grant is ready to kill you.” Robin says. The two have been sat in the TV room waiting for Blue to come back.


“Thanks for trying with Bea but she’s an unrelenting bitch. I don’t think I treat people badly, or at least I don’t often. Yet people always blame me when then are vile to me. Like I asked for it by existing. You were the same. You said awful things to me when we broke up about how I treated you and I don’t get it. I did everything I could to make your life easier so we could have quality time together but the minute I needed something that you didn’t like, I was a cheat and a pimp who had been buying your affection. Bea thinks that I’m spoiled and controlling because I hate the way she treated me. What did I do that was so bad to you? One evening alone I needed and you threw everything away. Why do I always have to give in to keep everyone happy? Why does no one think that I deserve to be happy? Why isn’t my friendship worth an apology to keep? Am I that s as a friend?” Blue rants away.


“Come on, you are drunk, and this yelling isn’t helping.” Robin says glad that Blue is finally letting it all out but sad that it’s happening right before their tour.


“You want the truth? You are too good to be real. You make everyone feel shit by being yourself. You have these crazy high expectations that no one can reach and you drop anyone who doesn’t fit in with your perfect world view. Bea is a great girl and you are missing out on having a sister because you’re so stubborn and totally lacking in empathy for her situation. She was meeting her mother for the first time and all you could do was whine about it. No surprise that your mom can’t stand you. I don’t know how you have any friends. Oh, you don’t. Robin is only travelling with you as he feels guilty. Face it Blue it is you that is the problem.” Birch says and goes indoors.


“Well I can see why you two broke up.” Robin says.


“Was it like that over break?” Blue asks not tearful, icy.


“No. You were horribly depressed, it was terrifying to see you falling apart and Bea was doing everything she could to make your life worse. She was absolutely deliberate in the way she acted, stomping all over you. She’s clearly done a number on Birch, gained his sympathy. I’m really, really glad you forgave me and I’m not travelling with those 3.” Robin says.


“I feel like pouring water on their phones so they don’t wake up for the tour.” Blue giggles.


“That sounds like a good idea. We could jam their door shut and take 3 random people with us, I mean you paid for all 5 of us on your card.” Robin grins.


“You don’t hate me?” Blue asks.


“No, insecure as you are, I still love you and would choose to be with you over anyone else. I’ve had an amazing time this break. You have pushed me to be independent and I feel great. I just feel bad that those three have undermined you. Shake it off, get some sleep and we’ll pretend they don’t exist.” Robin says.


“Thanks. I love you too. Best friends. My BBF. I can’t believe after f like 50 women this trip you said you were bi. Is that your new pulling technique?” Blue giggles.


“Maybe.” Robin grins.


“Do you want to do more with guys?” Blue asks.


“No, not really. I mean my birthday treats were perfect and I loved every second. I thought I liked

Birch after but being alone with him I realized it wasn’t like that at all. I just liked how he was with you. Our crazy friendship with exploration is perfect. Not every night, not every week or month even but when the stars align we both want it and we have fun. I doubt I’ll ever go any further than we already have and for me its perfect.” Robin says.


“Because I love you and you love me. Not romantically, unconditionally as friends. It’s my birthday soon.” Blue grins.


“I know.” Robin grins.


They go to their room and snuggle closely, Robin being Blue’s protector. All the distance that had built between them has dropped away. Robin can’t believe that Birch hid his true self for so long. Or maybe they all ignored who he was. Sleeping with Andy while pseudo-dating Blue wasn’t exactly nice and he was pretty mean to Andy, letting him believe more was happening. Of course Andy wasn’t behaving well either.


What a mess.


They wake early, shower and grab their things and head out to the mini bus that will be their transport for the next few days. Robin and Blue sit well away from the other 3 and don’t speak to them at all. The tour guide is a hoot and keeps them entertained.


The trip is incredible they spend the days hiking and the nights under the stars. They see sunrise and sunset and have an amazing time viewing the rock and canyons and taking in everything around them.


For the first time Blue feels he really has let go. Let Birch go and let Bea go. For once he hasn’t taken their words to heart, he’s listened to Robin, his true friend who he trusts. He’s stopped worrying about what he could have done and has accepted that he has in the main behaved well and has nothing to be ashamed of.


Robin looks across the table at dinner after they get back and grins, he can see Blue is back to the

Blue he first met, not so naive but optimistic and comfortable in himself. His confidence is back and he’s glowing.


“Something has got you right back on track.” Robin says.


“Yeah I finally relaxed and let everything go. Let’s skip the last of the wine stuff. Let’s go have some fun.” Blue grins.


“You sure? We could get the train again, up to Darwin and then travel across. If you’re okay to skip the west coast.” Robin says keen to do as many fun things as they can.


“Eat up, lets go see if the travel agent can get us in.” Blue grins.


“Okay.” Robin says stuffing his face.


The pay up and head along to one of the many local travel agents.


“You’re in luck. Do you want us to book you a tour in Katherine? How about a hotel for arrival?” The agent asks trying to get his commission up.


“Yes and yes and go ahead and find us one of those croc tours when we get there.” Blue says.


“Yeah it’ll save us time organizing it.” Robin grins.


Robin and Blue board the train again. They’re again in a first class cabin, a last minute cancellation with perfect timing for them, it wasn’t cheap but they are both a little under budget so far. Clara messaged them and said she’d cover it as Blue’s birthday present so they are going to doubly enjoy


Robin spoke to Birch the night before they left telling him how things really were over break and that Bea isn’t what she seems. He is unrepentant and Robin still struggles to understand the change in his character.


“Are you still planning to live in Blue’s house?” Robin asks.


“No. Grant and I will get somewhere. We’ll stay in Spence’s place while we look. I’m not a total bastard.” Birch says.


“Why be so cruel to him?” Robin asks.


“I don’t know. It’s like kicking a puppy, totally brutal but the only thing he understands.” Birch says.


“I thought you were someone else.” Robin says sadly and walks away.


On the train again they settle in and explore. There are several older couples celebrating anniversaries and Blue and Robin get every story they can from them.


That night Robin leads Blue back to the cabin for an early night.


“Almost midnight. Birthday bj time.” Robin grins and Blue laughs.


“You don’t have to.” Blue says.


“Oh yes I do.” Robin says.


“I’m not stopping you sexy.” Blue says and the two start to kiss and kiss.


Robin enjoys taking the lead for once and undresses Blue and kisses every part of him. Blue is not so sure about holding back and wants to kiss his favorite friend’s cute body.


“I love these tan lines.” Blue says kissing them.


“Yours are very sexy.” Robin grins and runs his tongue along Blue’s skin.


“That feels so, so good.” Blue groans, his big dick throbbing and ready for action.


Robin looks at Blue and feels a real rush of love, not sexual love but something more pure. He wants to make Blue feel good but also securely loved.


“You ready?” Robin asks.


“Sixty nine?” Blue asks greedily.


“You got it birthday boy.” Robin grins.


They suck and slurp and their groans are muffled by the sounds of the train.


“Happy Birthday.” Robin says kissing Blue awake.


“Thank you.” Blue grins. They get up quickly and get some coffee from the restaurant car and check out the view. They get out at Katherine and meet their tour guide.


They have a fun couple of hours on a boat on First Gorge and it feels good to be free of the terrible trio. Neither feel any guilt over Bea, they may dislike Birch but they trust him travelling with her.


“I still find it weird how close you and Grant were and yet he barely spoke to you the last week.”

Blue says.


“I think after Jesse you and I handled things the same way. We didn’t want to be ourselves or around our friends. You moved in with Birch and I moved in with Grant. We ignored all the warning signs that they might have had and dove in far deeper than we normally would, me in friendship, you in relationship. I played at being an artsy rich kid and you played house. Grant and Birch were just the tools to get us away from everyone else. From our memories. Then at my birthday we imploded both relationships without realizing. They were never right, we were both playing a part.” Robin says.


“That sounds about right. We wanted to hole up together but we couldn’t because of how that would be unsupportive to the others. So we went for the nearest warm body.” Blue says.


“Right. And now they hate us and we’re friends again. Grant and Birch won’t be asking for rooms don’t worry.” Robin says.


“Glad you handled that for me. I’d never have said no exactly. I figured they could live with Dylan and George and it wouldn’t bother me too much but them not being there at all is great.” Blue admits.


“You could let Andy and Chris live with Dylan and George.” Robin says.


“Not fair on George given what Chris did.” Blue says.


“That was Elliot. Dylan will protect George. I know you and Andy are no longer friends but you are still family. I can’t face living with Chris so I can’t talk if you say no but you know it’s no real bother. Plus it would win some favor with Clara.” Robin says.


“You’re right. I’ll email Chris. I should anyway as it’s his birthday too.” Blue says.


“Well that gets you out of buying him a gift. Shame you and Bea couldn’t share a birthday finally. I’m not suggesting you should have she has proved again she suits her name.” Robin says.


“Happy thoughts.” Blue says and Robin grins.


They enjoy the last of the train ride. Blue feels a little pang as it is something that Gervais really wanted to do. He must get some nice souvenirs for Gervais and order him some flowers for his birthday.


They check in to the hotel in Darwin, hotels are so much cheaper here they figured they could use the luxury before hitting up the hostels on the east coast and are surprised with an upgrade to a suite. Minutes after they get in the room there is a knock on the door and chocolate covered strawberries and champagne are delivered with a card.


“Happy birthday to the best man I know. Love you. Gervais.” The card reads and Blue grins from ear to ear.


“How did he know we were here?” Robin asks.


“He must have asked momma, I sent her our updated itinerary.” Blue says.


“So nice of him.” Robin says.


“Yeah he’s been so wonderful recently.” Blue says.


“You cannot go back to him. Not after Chris. I know you and Chris are on another bumpy patch but I know you plan to work it out.” Robin says.


“He’s actually mailed me to say thanks for the room and he says he’s spoken to George to smooth things over. He’s trying. Even if it is because he’s getting what he wants.” Blue says.


“Progress.” Robin says.


“Yeah I was hard on him before. I know he’s feeling desperate about school.” Blue says.


“Can’t help but think Clara is in the right. I bet she relents last minute but she’s putting him through what you and Gervais went through.” Robin says and Blue nods.


The two have an absolute brilliant last few weeks. They go sailing and snorkeling, they party until dawn they make friends and go camping and hiking. They have the time of their lives and are exhausted when they get back to Sydney.


Blue calls Adi and they meet up for his second to last evening, this time they skip dinner and go straight to bed.


“You exhaust me.” Adi grins after their third go round.


“You exhilarate me. I love how you treat me. Please move home with me.” Blue grins.


“You deserve the best.” Adi grins.


They go out onto the deck naked and Adi pours them some wine. It’s a little chilly but Blue doesn’t mind. The view is still so beautiful that he just doesn’t notice the weather.

“You could come back. Finish your studies here.” Adi says knowing it’s just a dream and this is just a fleeting moment for them both.


“Don’t tempt me.” Blue grins.


On their final night in the city Blue and Robin have dinner in Darling Harbour. They order a seafood tower and spend the evening slowly devouring it whilst drinking multiple cocktails.


“I’m going to miss all the drinking out.” Robin says.


“Me too. Year to go until I can do this again. I’ll be so jealous of Andy and Spence.” Blue says.


“You think you’ll make up with them?” Robin asks a little concerned that things will be awkward for him in the middle.


“It’s up to them. Neither have messaged me or anything all summer. I thought Andy might after I offered him and Chris a room but nothing. I know he’s had a rough summer. Willow and Momma have kept me updated and maybe I should have reached out. But I didn’t and he didn’t.” Blue tails off.


“Sorry for bringing it up. Lets enjoy the night.” Robin says.


“I had a lovely time with Adi last night. For all the amazing things we’ve done he has been a real highlight of this trip for me.” Blue admits.


“What was so different about him?” Robin asks.


“I think just a calmness. Even though we only had a short time there was no rush. He treated me like I was a wonderful gift and he made me feel good just the way he looked at me or spoke.” Blue grins.


“So now you know how a boyfriend should make you feel. That’s how I like to treat girls, not making her a delicate thing but making her feel precious and the center of my world.” Robin says.


“You do that with all of us. You’re so darn charming.” Blue grins.


After dinner they walk around the area a little but decide to skip going to a club. They walk slowly back to their hotel. For their last night they are back in the beautiful harbor side hotel. They sit on their bed chatting late into the night enjoying the view and the time together.


“Thank you for a near perfect summer.” Blue says as they get the train to the airport.


“Same. It’s been amazing. I can’t believe how much we did and saw.” Robin says.


They check their bags and hit the lounge, the trio are already there and they sit well out the way.

Grant has been able to upgrade his and Bea’s tickets and Blue and Robin are hoping they are not sat anywhere near them.


In the end it doesn’t matter all 5 of them sleep for most of the flight.


A few days later Blue spends the day shopping for his houses. His momma has ordered a few things from people she knows but he has a lot more to do. He’s sleeping on an air mattress for now. Robin has gone home for a few days and Chris and Andy are sleeping on the sofa at Spence’s until he’s ready for them. Grant, Birch and Bea have gone to the beach to stay with Grant’s grandmother.


He’s not had time to food shop yet, he’s so jetlagged and busy. He goes to Clara’s for dinner. She and Ocean got back the day before.


Ocean barrels straight into him and despite his tiredness Blue swings him high. Before giving him a big kiss on the cheek. Ocean kisses Blue on the nose so happy to have his big brother home.


“Come and meet Will.” Ocean says dragging Blue by the hand as soon as he puts him down.


Blue waves at Cheryl who grins back and waves a plate of food, Blue nods enthusiastically, he’s starving. It happens in slow motion like the movies. Blue’s jaw drops and he checks his chin for drool. Will is beautiful. Man this must be lust at first sight. Blue thinks, his eyes wide unable to stop starring.


“Wow muscles.” Blue says stupidly.


“Wow hot.” Will says equally stunned. This is Blue. Fuck me he’s perfect is all that Will can form in his mind.


“Will this is Blue my bestest ever big brother. Blue this is Will the bestest ever gymnast in the world.” Ocean says wondering why his favorite people are acting so stupid.


“Good to meet you.” Blue says holding out his hand.


“Good to meet you too.” Will says and the sparks fly as their hands touch, they both jump back as if shocked.


“What’s with the bags?” Blue asks as Will almost trips over them.


“I’ve been subletting a place for the summer but the guy is back now and so Cheryl said I could stay here for a bit. My school doesn’t start until mid-September.” Will says finding his voice but struggling to have any idea what he’s saying.


“Come stay with me. I mean its an air mattress tonight but the beds come tomorrow. I have loads of room. Oh shit I know we just met but Ocean is the best judge of character I know.” Blue says.


“Really?” Will asks trying not to sound overkeen.


“Yeah, it’s kind of creepy living along. The house is new and most people haven’t moved in yet so it’s a bit ghost town yet.” Blue says.


“Can I have my sleep over too?” Ocean asks reminding them he’s still there.


“When the beds come. If your mom says it’s okay.” Blue says.


“Give Blue some time to settle in.” Cheryl says bringing Blue some food.


“Will is going to stay with Blue and not me.” Ocean pouts.


“You can come soon Ocean I promise. Hey I have some presents for you.” Blue says fishing things out of his bag.


“Cheryl this is for you.” Blue says handing her a box.


“Wow I love this.” Ocean says bouncing the kangaroo Blue has given him all round the table.


“These too.” Blue says.


“What’s this?” Ocean asks.


“That is a boomerang. Don’t throw it in here but when you’re in a big field you throw it and it will come back to you.” Blue says and Oceans eyes are on stalks. He pulls on both the tshirts Blue has bought him at once too making Will laugh a big booming laugh.


“Oh Blue this is beautiful.” Cheryl says holding up a necklace with an opal pendent on.


“Oh mommy it is pretty, put it on.” Ocean says.


“I’ll do it.” Blue says standing up.


“Thank-you.” Cheryl says.


“I’m sorry about Willow.” Blue whispers and hugs Cheryl.


“Thanks.” Cheryl says.


Blue eats his dinner and Will stares at him the whole time. Blue blushes but loves it. He feels like he can’t look directly at Will he’s so beautiful.


“Ocean I will call when I have a bed and sheets for you to sleep in and we will have ice cream all night long.” Blue grins and kisses Ocean and Cheryl goodbye before grabbing a few of Will’s bags.


“I am sorry for being a gibbering idiot. You’re so pretty.” Will says.


“Same you’re incredible.” Blue says hearts in his eyes.





92 thoughts on “Blue and Robin take on the summer

  1. Sad if G finds him … but they had agreed before they were done for now… yay for Blue though! 😈😈🍆🍆🍆


  2. Read all the summer stories they were great. I loved the way they worked out this way with each having their own story. I know I said it once in one of the other chapter comments but glad you had a nice break Sam and found you were able to return. I love this story and your writing and I have loved the direction every ones summer has ended… Of course I would have loved Spences email getting sent but that wasn’t in the cards but he does have a draft to show Blue that he did make an attempt. Andy I wish he would get his crap straight and quit hurting Blue.

    Well you know how you want the story to go so if it’s meant to be then they will work things out when the time is right.

    I also agree with the others take your time and write and post on your timeline your faithful readers will still follow I know I will for sure.

    I mentioned once the college cafeteria here is open to the public and thought one time I saw a group there that depicted the 5. But I was there Tuesday for lunch and I saw Blue and Gervais omg I couldn’t stop looking at either of the 2 of them with the way I have them pictured it was completely like these two stepped out of my imagination. And what’s more they were hanging together… Makes me wish I was a few years younger and a college student this year lol… Just for the eye candy lol.


    Liked by 2 people

          1. this may be harsh but I think the room invite was more for Chris to use a metaphor Chris is the main meal and Andy is thay salad stuff on side that looks like furry leaves lol


              1. Does not excuse spreading malicious lies tho.

                Blue has a lot going on at least he has finally admitted its not coping that well really and is more burying his feelings:

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                1. Oh yeah. I just meant Blues instinct would have been to help Andy this summer if he had known how tough things were. Just like Spence tried to fix it all.


            1. Early in the summer. I think as time went on and he regularly stood up for blue with Clara he forgot they weren’t talking. Of course as yet Blue has no idea Andy was sticking up for him.


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    Great chapter!

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    As much as we all miss the regular updates you’re more important. Time to chill and relax is so important…. Says me in Majorca for a week…

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  5. Sam i love your writing. Your stories are fantastic. I love the change of directons suddenly it changes things up and makes the story more enjoyable to read. Step away for a bit and turn thewriting back into a hobby otherwise you will over do it and burn out or form a hatred for the storys and it will be a shame for that to happen after all of this fantastic writing. If we have to wait a month or even longer between chapters then so be it. The loyal ones will keep reading. Sending you love and hugs and hoping you repair your inner peace.

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    1. Thanks Todd. I do love it and will keep going but back to once or twice a week. Seeing the views and comments increase is addictive but I can step out of that mindset and get back to the story.

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  6. Didn’t Spence also question it was professional to do anything with Will in summer chapter 4 or 5 since he is like a trainer or something for Will class?

    If that is the case there would be no problem as Will would be offlimits.

    Besides in Blue defence this is different to Andy/Birch, Blue has no idea with Spence/Will

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  7. Well that was unexpected. Im a little mad at robin though. My baby is so sweet sending the chocolates it sounded like blue might have been feeling something for him again until robin opened his mouth. I think with Chris and Andy living with blue will be a good thing so he and Andy can maybe get back to where they were. Its a good first step. I have to say the wait made the stories even better. Maybe you should do a weekly. Remember absence makes the heart grow fonder.


    1. The ending? Chris and Andy will be living with Dylan and George in Blue’s house but not the house Blue lives in iyswim. The next chapter won’t be for a while. I know what is happening immediately next but not after so I need to work more out.

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      1. O OK I just wish blue and Andy could make up. I think Chris might be the catalyst to make that happen. And yess the ending was unexpected although I don’t think Spence would be to happy seeing how he had eyes on Will.


          1. Oh yes he’s was like I got no chance with this guy. Then blue comes along and wham bam thank you ma’am will likes dudes. BTW have I said I hate Bea and Birch? Because if I haven’t I hate Bea and Birch.

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                1. yep but its fine…. hated Bea since winter, hated Birch since he called Blue a pimp, hated Grant since he did his best to isolate everyone from Blue…

                  This chapter did not make me hate them any more than I did because lower and we would be in depths of hell it just reinforced my original feelings 🙂

                  Liked by 2 people

                    1. I think the effort was so Willow would not think so little of him.

                      what he said was waaay worse than Gervais at his worse.

                      The sad thing is in Blue house is an art studio set up for Birch so even tho they never lived together in Blue house that would be like a reminder 😦


                  1. I do think Birtch is broken in a lot of ways more than Blue. He’s not able to trust the person he loves. And that’s why he believes Beas version over blues. Either that, or maybe Birch was the idiot and his relationship with Joe?

                    Liked by 2 people

          2. Spence’s fault for pining too long…after most of the summer, he should have done/said something. Maybe Will isn’t attracted to Spence? I mean, sparks didn’t fly like with Blue and Will right away right? Oooh…pretty.
            More drama for sure. But, seeing as Spence hasn’t really reached out to Blue at all, they could just stay status-quo with no consequences really coming from Blue and Will together. Great chapter Sam!

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      2. Thank you! I loved it! Glad Robin is standing up for Blue – Birch is an idiot! I’m glad Blue have a good summer! Blue/Will! Let’s go on this ride! Great job Sam!

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              1. we don’t know him that well yet but I do like how Birch has not killed off the caring side of Blue…. time will tell altho Blue does like the look of Will 🙂

                Liked by 2 people

              1. so how is living with Blue directly I mean the originals were Birch and Jesse or was it decided later be George….. Sharing Blue living space is the one I am really curious about lol


    2. I think Blue and Gervais as besties works.

      Don’t hate on Robbin he has seen how each failed relationship has hurt Blue immensely and does not want to go back down that path again 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

      1. But do you think it would fail if they tried again. I’m pretty sure this time they would be going in with everything on the table. Also Blue was a little but quick on offering a room to Will. I mean even if Ocean is a good judge of character he could be like a serial rapist or somethhing


          1. I could see Adi being with Blue long term. I could see him and Blue running a vineyard alongside Gervais and Andy. Then we could add robin to the mix blinking his way around the Australian Outback. Really think they could work out well if B&G didn’t get back together. So BluVais or BlAdi either sounds great to me.

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