Spence’s summer

Spence and Will have dinner a couple of evenings a week and Will hangs out at the apartment some evenings, just chilling and watching TV. He makes use of their bath tub as his studio only has a shower. They never talk about relationships and Spence locks his feelings deep away.

Magnus and DeShawn are blossoming together. They really enjoy each other’s company and whether they are out at one of Magnus social events or chilling watching a movie they are perfectly content.

Their bedroom antics have settled a little, they still do a scene or two each week but the rest of the time its loving vanilla s and they are both fully satisfied. DeShawn feels he shares an intimacy with

Magnus that he didn’t have with Deke and Dylan and is enjoying exploring that.

Spence comes home one evening to find the pair on the couch, DeShawn’s huge feet in Magnus lap where he is massaging and occasionally kissing them. Both blissfully happy.

Spence feels a huge pang of regret and jealousy. He’s give anything to be sat in their place. With someone he loves. He thinks about the last few weeks hanging out with Will. It’s been fun but he’s essentially been hiding himself away. He needs to get back out there. Re-launch his search for a guy.

He flicks through the apps in his room and sees Edwin on one of them and wills another pang for what he missed out on there. Then remembers that it would never have worked out. Feeling a little lost Spence tries to call Andy. Miraculously he’s there.

“Hey Spence, you just caught me back from my café shift.” Andy grins.

Spence can see Chris lying on Andy’s bed playing with his tablet.

“Just wanted to hear how you are. It’s been weeks since I heard from you.” Spence says.

“Yeah we work a lot and go camping on the weekends or to the city. We’ve both got legal stuff going on. We both had lawyer meetings a month ago and then we ran a stall at a farmers market, which was so cool. Totally motivated me for the future. We’re doing it again this weekend.” Andy says.

“We?” Spence asks.

“Uh Chris and I are together.” Andy says and blushes as Chris reaches out his hand to squeeze Andy’s hand.

“Since when?” Spence asks shocked,

“Since about a week after we got here. We pretended it was just s for a couple of weeks but it’s more.” Chris says smiling.

“Does Blue know?” Spence asks.

“Yeah, he’s good with it.” Chris says.

“Robin not so much. Hey is there any chance we could have a room in your house? Robin won’t have

the two of us because of Gervais and him not trusting Chris.” Andy asks.

“Uh I’m sorry no. I don’t want to live with two couples while I’m single. I’m sorry but it would just

suck for me.” Spence says honestly. No way he wants to live with Andy being all cutesy with Chris it

would break his heart.

“What other couple?” Andy asks.

“Magnus and DeShawn. They’re a really great couple.” Spence says.

“l guess I don’t need to worry about Magnus finding out about me and Chris then.” Andy says with a


“You’re going to have to make up with my bro.” Chris says and Andy looks pensive.

“Have you heard from Blue?” Andy asks.

“No. I talk to Gervais a little, when I speak to W. I’ve had some postcards from Robin. How is Ocean

doing?” Spence asks moving things to neutral territory.

“Great, we took him camping one weekend and I usually take him to the lake on my day off. He’s a

great kid.” Andy says.

“Are you moving on to Deke’s uncles place?” Spence asks.

“No, it’ll cause too much friction as Deke’s older brothers are living there now. I’m going to be

carrying on at Deke’s place 2 or 3 days a week just working on the heritage plants then spending the

rest of the time doing Clara’s work and starting on my land. I’m trying to make it a project with

Katelyn but well things are difficult between us.” Andy says.

“Did she get the things I sent? Willow said she needed swimsuits and summer dresses. I sent a bunch

and some lipgloss and nail stuff. I’ve not heard from her.” Spence says suddenly remembering.

I Il ask. That gives me an in which is good.” Andy says. Chris gets up, kisses Andy on the neck and

leaves, knowing Andy needs some alone time with Spence.

“What’s going on?” Spence asks.

“Katelyn has decided to give things another try with Mom. Mom stays with her and Rue part the

week. Obviously this means things are awkward with us as Mom refuses to acknowledge I exist and

she is planning to petition to get hold of Katelyn’s trust.” Andy says.

“Which is why you’re not buying Katelyn’s clothes?” Spence asks shocked at all Andy is going

through, all he’s going through without calling him.

“l honestly didn’t know. I need to get a handle on that. Roe and Mom argue all the time over what

she needs and I know Katelyn feels stuck in the middle.” Andy says.

“Is Clara not mediating?” Spence asks.

“No Clara is on the outs too. She’s helping me with the legal issues. I mean Katelyn doesn’t want the

money so is it so bad if my mom gets hold of it and blows it? I mean she’d probably buy a house for

them somewhere less rural and they’d have a nice life. I’m struggling with what is right.” Andy


“You cannot let that happen. Katelyn needs to be stable. She doesn’t need another step dad and she

doesn’t need wrenching away from Roe and Clara. You know this. She stood by and let you get

beaten half to death, she didn’t call the ambulance. She let us get run off the road and almost killed.

She has disowned you because you are g. You cannot let that woman take your sister full time. I

don’t care how much therapy and reprogramming she’s done. Clara might be a nightmare mother to

Blue but she has been amazing to Katelyn, given her boundaries and ambition and love. Dammit she

should be fighting for custody if Roe can’t, or you should. If you have to you can give up school and

live up there full time until she graduates.” Spence says and Andy nods his head and wipes away

tears. He needed someone who loves him to point out the obvious.

“l know. I know. Clara has backed off and I think she needs someone to give hera push. I wish one of

you was here, you or Blue or Gervais. Cheryl and Willow have been great but they are trying to stay

neutral.” Andy says.

“Please don’t let things go so long again. Call me any time.” Spence says and Andy nods and smiles.

Spence washes his face and goes to call Katelyn.

“Hey girl did you get the package I sent?” Spence asks.

“My mom wouldn’t let me have it, said it was all too adult. I’m sorry I didn’t call.” Katelyn says.

“She had no right to do that. It was all from teen stores, I didn’t send thongs or anything.” Spence

says rolling his eyes.

“1 know it all looked pretty.” Katelyn says.

“Well I have my half day tomorrow and I’m going shopping. Send me a big list of what you want and what you need. I’ll send it to Willow this time. Worst case you can keep things at her cottage. I need to send some things to Ocean anyway.” Spence says and Katelyn grins.

“For real?” Katelyn asks.

“For real kid. I miss you. Are you going to come down sometime?” Spence asks.

“I don’t know. Uh it depends what happens.” Katelyn says.

“I know its not really my business, especially now I’m not with Andy but I do care about you a lot. You love life up there. You love the freedom and the limitations. You’ve lots of good friends, close friends and your grades are the best they have ever been. You told me you felt at home the minute Clara showed you the house.” Spence says.

“I know but she’s my mom and she doesn’t have anyone else.” Katelyn says.

“Can you do me a favor? When the parcel comes go and talk to Cheryl or don’t even wait just go and see her. Tell her everything about how mixed up you are and how guilty you feel. She knows all of you and is probably the most neutral adult you know. I want to say a hundred things but I don’t want to guilt you further.” Spence says wanting to reach through the screen and shake the kid for throwing away Andy and Clara for her mother.

“Thanks Spence. Usually I’d talk to Clara but mom goes funny when I go there.” Katelyn says.

“Maybe you should invite Clara to try your honeycakes when you have a café shift. Maybe she can drop by with Andy. You know he’d eat the whole batch and ask for more.” Spence says and Katelyn giggles.

“I miss my brother. Roe has set up a few things for us to see each other but its hard when he can’t call me.” Katelyn says.

“Are you doing your café shift with Deke’s sister? Maybe you should ask her to switch with Andy sometime.” Spence says.

“Thanks Spence. I really don’t know what to do sometimes.” Katelyn says.

“Call me anytime. I’m at work all day but I can call you back at lunch or on my break. You can call Gervais too and if you want someone really outside the situation call Robin’s mom.” Spence says.

“Thanks. I’ll send you the list soon. Can you get some things for my friends? I’d love it if I could give them cool birthday gifts.” Katelyn asks.

“Of course. Give me a full list, clothes, makeup, shoes, toiletries, candy, craft stuff whatever you want.” Spence says feeling a little sad that he hasn’t made more effort with Katelyn since the breakup.

He calls Willow knowing Cheryl won’t have anything with her. He isn’t sure if Willow has wifi at her cottage he’s in luck, she’s running an evening at the café.

“Can I talk to Cheryl?” Spence asks.

“Of course babe. I think Ocean will want to speak first if that’s okay, he saw your name.” Willow grins.

“Sure, not that I didn’t want to see you too.” Spence grins.

“Of course.” Willow grins not at all offended.

“Hi Spence, I did my exercises every day. I am super strong now and I can walk on my hands all day long.” Ocean goes on about everything he has been doing, barely pausing for breath.

“Wow you’re good doing all your exercises. I bet you’ll be the strongest on your team when you get back. Don’t forget to do your leg exercises. I want to see huge jumps from you when you get back.” Spence says.

“I do. I do lots I can jump really high. I can play volleyball with the big kids now.” Ocean says.

“I bet you can.” Spence grins and lets Ocean tell some more stories before Cheryl comes over.

“Still full of energy.” Spence says.

“Yeas he is. He’s so happy here though.” Cheryl says.

“I suggested that Katelyn comes and talks to you. I couldn’t say what I wanted to her because it would just add to her guilt. She needs a kind ear.” Spence says.

“I have tried not to interfere. I don’t want to be seen to be on Roe or Clara’s side in this. But I can be on Katelyn’s side.” Cheryl smiles.

“Thanks. She’s sending me a list of things she needs. Her mother intercepted the last parcel so I’m getting it sent to Willow. Do you need anything?” Spence asks.

“We’re fine. We have all we need which is very little. Thank-you for thinking of us.” Cheryl smiles.

Not 15minutes after the call ends Clara calls. Spence is surprised as they did not get on at Christmas and he and Blue are no longer friends.

“Thank-you for trying to help Katelyn and for sending clothes before. I didn’t know her mother had stolen them. I’ll make sure she repays you.” Clara says.

“I would never have bought her anything too revealing, it was all far more conservative than she probably would have wanted, but it wasn’t just the swim suits I sent nail polish and things too. I thought it safer to send the next parcel to Willow than you.” Blue says.

“It was a great idea. Willow has slotted straight in up here. She’s getting the retreat back into shape.” Clara says.

“I imagine she loves is. Moonlit yoga on clear nights, hot yoga on rainy days.” Spence laughs.

“Yes. She’s breathing life into everything. I called not just about Katelyn but the houses too. I hear the roofs are on and they are available for a walk through. Could you look at Blue’s houses when you go to yours? I know you’re no longer close but I thought it wouldn’t be too much bother.” Clara asks.

“Of course I will. No problem. Do you need anything sending up?” Spence asks.

“No I’m fine. It means the world to Katelyn you doing this. I saw her and Sara bent over a tablet picking things outside the cafe just now. I don’t usually like to see kids spoiled but she’s having such a rough time and needs something to snap her out of her funk. There is only so much I can do from afar.” Clara says.

“She’s a great kid and after talking to Andy I just wanted to remind her that I’m here. I wanted to remind her how close you two were and throwing you and Andy away is a terrible idea but I imagine she already knows and feels guilty enough. She’s going to talk to Cheryl.” Spence says.

“My goodness in one evening you’re sorting everyone out.” Clara says.

“I’m really sorry for how rude I was over break. I wasn’t myself, I was a total princess.” Spence says.

“It’s not for everyone. Andy and Chris, well you’d think they were born here. They fit in and you didn’t and that’s okay. It wouldn’t stay our sleepy town if everyone wanted to live here.” Clara says.

“Are Andy and Chris serious?” Spence asks.

“I think so. I’m not sure that they know for sure. I know this must be very hard for you.” Clara says and Spence nods surprised at how someone he has seen be so awful to her own son can make him feel so noticed and understood.

“I want Andy to be happy. I don’t trust Chris but I trust that Andy has good judgement. They still can’t live with me.” Spence says with a small smile.

“Goodness no.” Clara says with a smile.

“Thanks for calling. If I can do anything for Katelyn I will and if you need me to see your lawyer or anything I can always switch a shift at work.” Spence says.

“Thanks for everything.” Clara says.

Spence shuts his laptop surprised at how the evening has gone. He can’t get his head around how it’s all gone wrong for Andy’s family or how Andy and Chris have become something more than casual.

Spence doesn’t trust Chris at all. In any way. The way he sought out Gervais. The way he didn’t want to know Blue. How he bribed Elliot, showed no remorse. How he’s suing his parents. Awful. Andy must be in a really low place to have gone there at all.

The next day Spence finishes work at lunch and takes Katelyn’s list to the mall. He calls her to show her color options and things he likes that are not on her list. He hasn’t had many blow out shopping trips since he got his trust. He’s been frugal all summer and it feels so nice to be spoiling someone.

He wishes it was a boyfriend but Katelyn is a worthy substitute.

“Thanks Spence. This is crazy.” Katelyn grins.

“I know. You are totally spoiled and will be getting so much credit at the store when you take in your old things.” Spence grins.

“I will. That will help Roe out a ton.” Katelyn grins.

“Is Roe okay?” Spence asks as he stands in line at fed ex.

“Yeah it’s just with less people at the retreat she’s doing less classes. And with my mom needing her time you know?” Katelyn says and Spence nods.

“Now call me whenever. Okay?” Spence says.

“I will thanks so much Spence, everyone will flip out.” Katelyn grins.

“I’m sure they will.” Spence says and grins.

Spence heads up to the houses once he’s done sending the parcel and enjoys the walk through of his place. Seeing it in reality makes him super happy. He can’t wait to make it a home. As he walks through blue’s house and see the modifications for Birch’s studio and thinks of the paintings he bought for him he gets a pang of pain for his former friend.

They need each other.

When Spence gets home he begins a heartfelt apology email to Blue. Before he can send it will comes by and they watch movies together and get some take out and Spence forgets all about it.

Spence and Will have fun the rest of the summer working in the gym and hanging out. It’s nice for Spence to be with someone who has even bigger goals than he does and while no romance begins Spence is happy he has made a new friend.

He doesn’t play with DeShawn and Marcus any more but they get on well as roommates. He feels a little lonely at night and finds getting used to his own company an adjustment.

A week or so before school starts Clara calls out the blue. She and Chris are in town for his legal hearing and they need someone to get Bea’s car.

“Of course I’ll come. Whatever you need.” Spence says.

“What’s going on?” DeShawn asks as Spence gets ready to go.

“Clara and Chris asked if I could go get Bea’s car and school things. It was Chris’s legal thing today.” Spence says.

“Sounds like some muscle might be needed. Come on Magnus, road trip.” DeShawn says.

“Hey Chris.” Magnus says.

“Hey guys thanks for coming.” Chris says.

“No problem. Don’t forget we’re friends.” DeShawn says and Chris looks back and grins.

They quickly grab all that Chris wants and thinks Bea will want from their place and load up the cars. Spence chooses to go with Clara on the way back

They have a great heart to heart on the way back and she really boosts his confidence for finding someone new. He’s all set for the new semester and new love, if only he can find him.


35 thoughts on “Spence’s summer

          1. Life does that I guess…but he really does need to apologize still…he and Blue have a lot to sort out. I am still wary of Chris, and am with Spence on his thoughts from the past. Chris has done a lot to redeem himself at the retreat, and I think he seems good for Andy right now, but I still don’t trust him.


          1. I think Blue is in a much better place (hopefully)…he’s gotten a lot off his chest and stood up for himself. I think it’s in Spence and Andy’s court to make up w/ Blue.

            Liked by 1 person

                  1. Clara does not make sense sometimes as she is like she is tough on him as once he found out about his siblings he would be hurt so she tries to justify saying it was to make Blue stronger if we believe that angle why did she go full frotal after finding out and became much more cold, aggressive and less understanding of what Blue is dealing with if anything expected more I mean Blue has been mentally fried for a large part of the last year and was expected to still help everyone else with their problems meanwhile deal with his own snd literally gets kicked in the gutts when he can’t cope.


                    1. Guilt, shame, arrogance. And just plain not expecting Blue to get depressed even though many young gays do. Blue never came out at home so we know he knew something was amiss with his relationship with Clara, but he’d always presented a perfect front.


                    2. yep and when Andy saw Blue growing up home that first winter break suddenly everything made sence in his eyes when he thought back on Blue first year and I noticed the guys stopped teasing him about what he ate or did or acted at that point.


                    3. remember Jack, Marcus or I are not exactly RUE fans not saying we are only fans but most priolific?

                      btw between posting here snd nifty do you sonetimes get confused on email correspondance which one they are writing about?

                      I mean the stuff on nifty i can remember generally just not in great detail as I read that part sooo long ago lol


                    4. that will be soo epic since you send stuff to nifty once or twice a week we only had to wait 24 hours lol

                      Your poor email tho you may lose my important email when that happens due to tidal wave of emails that will hit you 😰


                    5. I has separate accounts. Mansam is just for the stories. Though I do view all inboxes on my phone and barely noticed a tax one from my accountant. Luckily I don’t have to pay it for months.


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