51 thoughts on “Apologies and Poll

  1. Sam – I hate that you’ve struggled with yourself regarding keeping this blog up and feeling like you’re obligated to respond or perhaps feeling pressured from us to take the story one direction or another. I know my opinions are just that, and while I may root for a particular outcome I’m just happy to go along for the ride. One thing I do really like about WordPress is our ability to interact with both you (because you’re awesome) and other readers. It’s interesting to see others responses to plot points and opinions on relationships and goings on. I’m one of those that is happy to wait as long as it takes between chapters. I may cry into my cocktail when obsessive site refreshes yield no new material but that’s my own personal issue. Anyone that doesn’t understand that real life happens and includes jobs and mental health breaks is probably too young to be reading this and should be ignored.

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    1. I love it, I do, and I’ve always loved your opinions. I love hearing everything good and bad but sometimes it is too much. I need to work out how to step back and feel less obligation. Funny thing is in my personal life I have stepped away from the whole FOG cycle. I like to keep some pressure on myself to get chapters out but I do need to work the breaks in.

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          1. I still love the thought of RUE and love love love when they do their sexy time together. But I think I’m now more interested in Blue having a true friend, and wanting to make sure sex doesn’t come between them. I love the Blue/Robin friendship and think they both need one another. They seem to just get each other.

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