The suite saga 132

“Wow this place is so cool.” Will says as Blue shows him round.

“I’m just camping out in this room while I wait for deliveries and work out what I need.” Blue says.

“I wish I lived somewhere so nice. I lived out last year in a shared apartment with other athletes and it was a mess. I hated it. Back to the dorms for senior year.” Will says.

“One of my friends is an athlete and he got a special room in our suite which was so nice.” Blue says.

“DeShawn right? I’ve hung out with him and Spence and Magnus a little.” Will says.

“Cool. So do you get special treatment?” Blue asks.

“No, Male gymnasts are bottom of the heap. School loves to shout about our international medals and years on the national squad but we’re made to feel like we’re lucky to have a gym to train in. It’s tough but I love the sport so much.” Will says.

“I need to go grocery shopping. I don’t even have any milk. You’re welcome to stay here, I need to give you the wifi code, that is up and running.” Blue says looking round for the box.

“I’ll come with you.” Will says.

“I should get another air mattress too.” Blue says tentatively.

“Oh come on. No need to pretend to be chivalrous. I want to share your bed and you know it.” Will grins.

“I didn’t want to be presumptuous.” Blue grins back.

“I could barely say hi to you. You’re so hot.” Will says.

“You too. I keep wanting to touch your shoulders to check they’re real.” Blue says the hearts still flashing in his eyes.

“Oh yeah!” Will says flexing. Blue tentatively reaches out and Will pulls him into his arms for their first kiss. It is pure magic, everything Blue has ever wished for. Like his first kiss with Gervais but with a lot more certainty behind it.

“We could go out for breakfast.” Blue says.

Will answers with another kiss.

“I need to shower.” Blue says and Will grins.

“Me too. Good job you have lots of bathrooms.” Will grins he has never felt such a connection before.

“Here I bought new towels today.” Blue says pulling them out of a bag.

Once ready the pair look at each other shyly for a minute before Will pounces on Blue. They kiss and kiss and Blue enjoys sucking on Will’s perfect pink penis. It is average side, a little thick and Blue loves swallowing it.

Will fucks Blue good. They are both full of stamina and they switch positions frequently, getting rougher and rougher, and the pounding pops the mattress right before they cum.

“I can deal with one night on the floor.” Will laughs as the last of the air expels.

“I hear I am very comfy.” Blue grins.

Will snuggles on to Blue and confirms he makes a great pillow.

Will is quite tiny really, he has big muscles but isn’t that tall and his hands and feet are the cute size Blue loves. He is smitten.

Will can’t believe his luck. Blue is the type of guy he loves, big and tanned and not too hairy but not smooth. Will leans up to kiss the stubble on Blue’s jaw. Will can’t believe he’s found this hot, sensitive guy. That the Blue he heard about from Ocean and Spence is a real guy and even better than their description and single and likes him back.

It has been a really long time since Will has found someone who liked him back. He knew Spence had a crush this summer but he didn’t even want a summer fling. Spence is hot but to Will he’s not throwdown hot and he really enjoyed their friendship and would love to work with him again in the future.

He looks up at Blue again and his butterflies start again. Blue grins at Will and strokes his hair. Will knows in that moment they are having the same feelings. Longing, spark, lust and a niggle of frustration that this can only last a few weeks.

Blue tilts Will’s chin up for a final kiss and they drift off to sleep.

“Ouch.” Blue and Will groan as they stretch in the morning.

Blue moves into his morning yoga while Will cracks and stretches. They grin at each other every few minutes. Will has enjoyed stretching with Spence all summer but this is different. Wow Blue is flexible, they need to work each other out more.

“I need to get to practice.” Will says.

“What about breakfast?” Blue asks.

“I will grab something on the way.” Will says.

“Okay. I’ll do groceries this morning. What do I need to get in for you?” Blue asks.

“Avocados, peanut butter, whole wheat bread. I have protein powders already. Whatever fish looks good. I know you’re veggie do you mind getting me ground turkey and chicken breast? I’ll pay you back later. I’ll eat whatever veggies you get.” Will says.

“I can get all that. What sort of peanut butter?” Blue asks.

“Crunchy whole nut please. If they have any almond butter that would be good too.” Will says not at all embarrassed to ask, he’s already that at ease with Blue.

“Okay. Lets get going, I need to be back by 10 when my deliveries start.” Blue grins.

“I’ll be back about 6. I’ll call you.” Will says with a grin.

“Good.” Blue says and they kiss goodbye.

Blue is worried that yet another relationship has gone full domestic, before it is even a relationship. Nice to have someone to take care of. He’s going to be lonely in the house alone so having Will for a few weeks will be lovely.

Spence looks up at Will coming in to the gym munching on a hardboiled egg. Eggs Will thinks and texts Blue who replies the/ re already in the cart and Will grins, he really likes Blue.

“You’ve got a big grin on your face.” Spence says.

“I do. I met someone and they’re super cute.” Will grins.

“That’s good.” Spence says happy for his friend and a little disappointed for himself.

Ocean then barrels in to Spence back for the final intensive week of training before school starts he sneaks a big hug with his coach before the other kids come out.

“He’s one affectionate kid. It’s nice he’s not embarrassed or anything yet.” Will says.

“He’s great.” Spence grins unable to stay upset when his little bro is around.

Blue fills the kitchen with everything he has bought. He makes up a window box of herbs and keeps sniffing the air enjoying the fragrant basil.

His mom, Chris and Andy come by just before the first delivery is due.

“Blue would it be okay if I built some raised plant beds in the back yard to grow vegetables?” Andy asks.

“Sure. That would be really great, maybe in both yards.” Blue says. His mom has told him the basics of Andy’s summer and he’s decided to let everything go.

“Well that was easy. I thought it would be weeks before you two were talking again.” Chris says.

“Robin pointed out to me that while Andy and I might not be friends right now we are still family. We’ll work it out.” Blue says and Andy grins.

“I am sorry for telling people about you and Birch without getting your side. I was so dumb.” Andy says and Blue smiles and then steps forward and gives Andy a big hug.

“You best get next door. The beds are due any minute.” Blue says.

“You better have got us a super king size.” Chris says.

“2 super king and I double for your house. I have linens and things here. You get to choose your room as you’re here before Dylan and George. You are okay living with them?” Blue asks.

“Yeah I think us having space is important.” Chris says.

“And I love those guys.” Andy smiles and the couple head next door.

“That was big of you.” Clara says.

“I’m happy momma. Really happy. I had a great summer and Robin and I are friends again, properly how we used to be. Gervais and I are friends and he is doing so much better. It feels like a waste of energy to hold a grunge against Andy and Spence. They have both been there for me in the past and I need to let things go.” Blue says.

“Does the same go for your sister?” Clara asks.

“No. We tried a couple of times but she doesn’t think family have to apologize and she thinks how she behaved over winter break was just her way. I checked with Robin, I mean they were dating, he knew her better than me and he had my back, said she did her best to make me as miserable as possible. At least with Chris, awful though he was, his motivation was always close to the surface. Maybe because Bea is smarter I still don’t see why she dropped me so harshly and then stamped on me over and over. Maybe she had no reason. I don’t know but I do know she won’t apologize, even if she doesn’t mean it. She won’t meet me part way, at all.” Blue says.

“Okay. I believe you tried. I was disturbed by her behavior over winter break and I’m afraid I think I wanted to see how far she’d go and you bore the brunt of it. I thought you’d see my methods at work and understand. I didn’t know how difficult you were finding things and you weren’t thinking clearly. She has worked hard with Chris though to reset their relationship into something more functional.” Clara says.

Blue can’t reply as the deliveries start. He thinks on his momma’s words all morning as he directs the furnishings and other items. DeShawn and Magnus come by with a truck full of the items from storage and Blue is reunited with his favorite kitchen things. He gives them a hand unloading at Spence’s house too.

“You guys should take the TV.” Blue says to Andy and Chris.

“Really?” Andy asks.

“It’s just me here. I’ll use my laptop.” Blue says.

“What are you doing with the studio?” Andy asks.

“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll keep it as my winter yoga room as it has the big window and view to the woods,” Blue shrugs not wanting to think about Birch.

“It’s been a long day shall we go to Cheryl’s for dinner? We can make up a list of what we still need then.” Clara says.

“Are you going back tomorrow?” Blue asks.

“Another 2 days. Roe and Katelyn are visiting old friends and then we’ll all go back together.” Clara says and Blue nods glad they’ll have time to pick up that morning’s conversation.

“Will will be here in 5, we’ll follow on together once he’s showered.” Blue says checking his phone.

“Chris let me walk through your place again and see what you still need.” Clara says and Blue smiles.

Spence pulls up at his house excited to get started. Like Blue he has a lot of deliveries lined up. He looks down the row and looks twice thinking Will’s car is outside Blue’s house. Then remembers Chris’s car is the same and heads inside.

“Should we ask Spence?” Andy asks.

“Yes call him.” Clara says with a smile.

Spence is happy to join them and walks down to share a ride.

Blue and Will walk in to Clara’s a couple of minutes after the others. The spark between them is striking. Spence is shocked.

“How do you know each other?” Spence splutters.

“We met here yesterday. Will is staying with me for a few weeks as his sublet has ended.” Blue says.

“You should have said. You could have stayed with me.” Spence says.

“I was going to stay with Cheryl, but Blue said he had the space.” Will says.

“Why would you stay with Cheryl?” Spence asks.

“He asked if he could put a card on the notice board here and I suggested he just stay with us.” Cheryl says.

“I don’t get why you didn’t ask me.” Spence says.

“You apartment is pretty full now there are 6 of you. I didn’t know you’d be moving.” Will says.

“Well now you do. You might as well stay with me. You don’t know Blue.” Spence says.

“I’m all moved in. It’s fine. It is only a few weeks.” Will says.

They all start eating and the atmosphere stays a little strained. Cheryl gets up to sort dessert and Blue jumps up to help.

“Blue can we talk outside?” Spence asks approaching him.

“Sure.” Blue smiles he wants to clear the air with Spence too.

“Look I know we left things on a bad note before summer and I know you don’t owe me anything but please don’t get together with Will. I know I don’t own him or have any claim but please it would just be too much on top of Andy being with Chris and DeShawn and Magnus. He’ll be back at school soon.” Spence pleads.

“I get it. It was hell when Andy was fucking Birch. I didn’t know. I mean I knew you knew each other. I couldn’t know you liked him. Why didn’t you go for it?” Blue asks.

“It felt weird me being a coach in the gym, even though he’s older than me.” Spence says.

“Yeah and its one thing being a gay coach and another being a gay coach with a boyfriend at the gym.” Blue says.

“Exactly.” Spence says.

“Okay. I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have if I’d known.” Blue says going back inside feeing shit.

Spence feels bad but better than he would seeing Will all over Blue.

“Why so quiet?” Will asks on the way back.

“I can’t do this with you.” Blue sighs.

“No! Why?” Will asks this world falling away. It’s only been a day but he had high hopes.

“Spence asked me not to and I don’t want to risk our friendship, given you’ll only be here a few weeks.” Blue says.

“So its not anything I’ve done? You’ve not gone off me? I like you even more hearing you put your friends first.” Will admits.

“I’m sorry. I think you’re amazing.” Blue says.

“Is it okay if I stay? Will it be too difficult?” Will asks.

“You can stay as long as you need. I start school next week and I expect you’ll be in the gym a lot.” Blue says.

“Thanks. I’ll talk to Spence if you like. Tell him that it was never going to happen for me and him.” Will says.

“You don’t need to hurt him. Let me help you make your bed.” Blue says.

“Let me stay in yours. He won’t know.” Will says.

“I don’t know.” Blue says wanting nothing more.

“We’ll just cuddle. We were going to watch that movie anyway.” Will says and Blue smiles.

They snuggle together and watch the movie and share the briefest of kisses before going to sleep.

The next morning Will is cool with Spence in the gym.

“We won’t need you tonight Spence.” Will’s coach says as the kids go home.

“Is everything okay?” Spence asks.

“Yeah it’s fine. You’ve been great all summer. I’ll see you tomorrow for the kids class and we’ll sort out your shifts for semester starting tomorrow too.” The coach says and Spence goes home upset but accepting that Will wants some space.

Spence is alone in the house. DeShawn and Magnus are not ready to move in yet. He’s kind of dreading it. Being single is really getting to Spence. DeShawn chose Magnus, Andy is with Chris and Dylan and George are solid as anything. It isn’t fair that the cheaters have boyfriends and he’s alone.

He can’t live with DeShawn and Magnus. He just can’t. Knowing Will is still at the gym he goes to see Blue.

“Let’s call Robin and Gervais and see if they are okay to have them.” Blue says.

“But then I’d be alone.” Spence says.

“You might find someone to share with. Put an ad on craigslist for a roommate.” Blue says.

“Hey Robin. You’re looking tan.” Blue says.

“Mom and I had a spa day and I got a spray tan.” Robin grins.

“It looks nice.” Gervais says.

“You look good too. I like your hair all spikey.” Blue grins.

“Thanks. I like it too but it takes effort so it might not last.” Gervais grins.

“Would you guys be okay to have Magnus and DeShawn at your place? I am feeling utterly single and can’t face living with a couple right now. They are easy to live with and not in your face or anything.” Spence says.

“Sure. I mean we have a spare room now Andy is gone but its not that big for a couple.” Robin says.

“Gervais could stay with Spence. So he’s not alone. Given you will have a girlfriend 30seconds after school starts.” Blue grins.

“I’m okay with that. I do best with less people.” Gervais says.

“What if Gervais gets a boyfriend?” Blue asks suddenly worried that Gervais would end up homeless as he knows Gervais wouldn’t live with him if it happened.

“It’ll be fine I’m sure.” Spence says.

“I’m planning on staying single a while longer. Will you be okay living alone?” Gervais asks.

“I don’t want to live with couples either. I’ll be okay. I have Will for now.” Blue smiles.

“Is he still living with you?” Spence asks aggressively.

“Yes but we’re not taking things further.” Blue says sadly. Gervais catches the look on Blue’s face and worries. He and Spence weren’t talking before summer and he doesn’t really get why Blue is trying to make Spence’s life better, especially at the expense of his own.


That night Blue and Will slip into bed together to watch another movie.

“Spence isn’t happy that you’re living here. I am. I don’t want things to be awkward for you.” Blue says.

“I love living here, with you. I just want to be around you all the time. I think we should just carry on like this, being snuggle buddies. It’s not like Spence can find out. You have heavy drapes.” Will says with a smile and as Blue grins back Will kisses him gently.




139 thoughts on “The suite saga 132

      1. Good question. Someone he can spoil, someone who appreciates his life/career goals (and is interested in them…maybe not involved with them, but interested), someone who has compatible future aspirations, someone compatible in bed (of course), and someone spontaneous (for fun, so things aren’t boring). Oh, and he doesn’t need to be an absolute hottie…Spence could use a bit of humbleness there…there is more to a relationship than just looks…too hot and things burn out quickly.

        Too much to ask? Lol. Just off the top of my head…I am sure I could think of other wishes for a beau for Spence.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh. Jealousy isn’t a good trait for Spence. He should just kick himself for not going after Will during the summer, and move on. I mean, Blue is always forgiving, so I knew he and Spence would be talking again…but Spence shouldn’t walk all over Blue just as they are beginning to speak again. Spence will be alone for a while I would imagine…alone with his thoughts. He is also being a bit of a princess with the living arrangements…so what if there are couples; it’s not like he didn’t have the opposite bliss when he and Andy were together, always flaunting their togetherness. Maybe he should be in therapy like G to work out some of his issues.


    1. Spence has no idea how to be single or how to date. Given he was with Andy from age 15. He’s struggled and had enough even though he’s barely put himself out there. Because he almost always gets what he wants.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Too true. Being single for a while isn’t that bad…but it takes getting used to. Spence did have all summer to get used to being single. Seems like the summer didn’t really do much for him in terms of personality adjustments. Lol. Back to spoiled, me-first Spence.


        1. Right he threw away the relationship with Andy, didn’t put the effort in with Edwin and didn’t get out the gate with Magnus. Despite his friends relationship issues he acts like another will fall into his lap. He is hot and wealthy so he will attract guys but maybe not the ones he wants and he can’t handle that.

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          1. Well, I don’t think he can change enough to find the right type of guy for him…at least not for a while yet. He has a lot of work to do; he used to seem like such a great guy…always a good friend. Maybe it was just superficial, and deeper personality problems are beginning to surface? He needs to deal with himself…single for a while, pining, sulking, and a bit depressed isn’t a bad thing for him for a while. And…he needs to start doing proper things for Blue, otherwise Blue is sure to just forget about him being more than just a neutral (because Blue forgives easily) acquaintance.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Spence goes through waves of being self centred and waves of being a great friend. He gets ultra focused on what he’s doing and forgets everyone else, even Andy at times. Then he clicks in and remembers his friends for a bit and then back to all him again. I think its kind of typical and he’ll come out the other side okay and be a great husband.

              Liked by 1 person

                  1. look how much Blue helped Spence and Andy during the Andy was a cheater to Spence phase and when they got back they literally dropped him like a hot potato 😦

                    Liked by 2 people

              1. I hope so. He is going through a rather tough phase right now though…he seems really lost, and is acting out as a result…I do hope he picks up the pieces he has broken apart in terms of friendships. He can be a good friend, and I do think he is genuine. 😊

                Liked by 1 person

                  1. I guess he needs to realize that isn’t healthy before he can change. I have always been a Spence fan (well, he is #4 for me right now)…he is messed up, and needs to figure things out.

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  2. First of all, great chapter!!

    Secondly….if Will looks like that….he’s now my new JO fantasy lol. Good Lord. Blue deserves that little hottie in his bed with his cute little feet. I’m kind of surprised that Spence acted that way. It seem a bit harsh that he has no issues with All of the others dating and never asked them to cool it. He only holds Blue to that standard of friendship, when he really isn’t even a friend right now.

    Love how you have so many layers built in. You effortlessly weave betrayal, forgiveness, deception, and openness together. What a pleasure it is to read!!!! 😘

    Liked by 2 people

  3. So Spence thinks he does not have to appologise correct me if I am wrong I never read any remorse from him for ignoring Blue etc and even believing the Blue was a cheater gossip. So basically he is like another Bea ie on one hand will not appologise and on other hand thinks Blue should fall in line with his demands in what he wants and fuck how Blue feels.


                  1. To me its almost like he thinks if he can’t have a guy no one else can have that guy either. What right does he have telling blue he can’t see Will. I thought Chris acted like he was entitled but Spence is being an ass. He needs to go and get laid wait for Andy and Chris to break up and beg on his hands and knees for Andy to take him back.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. He has asked for Andy back and despite being there for Andy when he needed it Andy is getting serious with Chris of all people. Spence must be feeling pretty fucked right now as usually he’s only show weakness in the bedroom

                      Liked by 3 people

                    2. Is it wrong I am happy to see others go through turmoil for a change and happy to see Blue still on a high after a great summer holiday and being close with Robin and Gervais once again?

                      Liked by 3 people

                    3. weird thing is the other guys were ones he broke up with himself or never considered so why get jealous with them and besides it would be pretty unprofessional for him to get with Will since he is will trainer be same if Blue hit on his yoga clients

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. yes I want Robin back being in cheer squad remember only reason he left was bulling…. change of scenery no reason not to go back as I recall he really enjoyed it 🙂


                    5. shows how pathetic that university was 😡

                      Whats the latest with spence we know Blue, Gervais, Andy and Robin have changed but what about Spence?


              1. you are fiiine Sammy you know that with Clara its like I have zero expectations its not like she will run around gossiping about Blue but at same time she won’t praise him either she is just there so I guess in general I am just indifferent to her lol

                Altho a Clara bitch chapter like the first Chris and Andy summer chapter can bring my venom of her back to surface lol

                Liked by 1 person

              1. he needs to give Blue an act of kindness like Gervais did 🙂

                at this point it feels like same old same old so can be hard to believe the sincerty of apologies at times since these incidente are not exactly one offs 😉

                Liked by 1 person

                1. I’m surprised you have time to pick on Andy. Shouldn’t you be coddling Blue? He and Spence aren’t even on good terms and Spence took away a hot piece of meat from him. He needs a lesson in sass 101 :p


  4. I still don’t love Chris being brought into the fold, but I don’t have to love it. I don’t mind Will, and disagree with Jack that he was being bitchy. In my mind it was more of a let him down gently, letting Spence know that Will values his friendship but wasn’t interested in more. I suspect Spence’s hurt is really stemming from seeing Magnus and Andy in happy (for now) relationships and he’s jealous. Blue being happy in a short term relationship with Spence’s crush would be a crippling blow to his ego. I don’t like Blue sacrificing his happiness for Spence, who has pretty much shit on him and has yet to really make amends, but thinking of others is what Blue does. This whole Will / Spence / Blue thing has the makings for an interesting dynamic and will impact relationships amongst the core group. I’m interested to see where you take it.

    I think Clara’s kinda full of crap about the Bea over winter thing. She’s a crappy parent to Blue, mean and manipulative and I see this as just another bit of manipulation. Making it less about Clara letting Bea run roughshod over Blue and making it about Blue overreacting and not thinking clearly. In the summer bits it’s clear that while she takes care of the women that come to the retreat she’s really very self centered and doesn’t give a shit about how her actions negatively impact others. Of course, my opinion is quite colored by that tidbit from summer about her carrying on a long term affair with a married man. I know it’s mean, but I’d not be upset if she were run over by a bus.

    As always, Sam, excellent chapter that has me anxious to see where this ride will take us next. Junior year is on the horizon with new schools, new friends, new adventures.


    1. Chris is a difficult one. I think he’s still untrustworthy and Blue always needs to keep his guard up. Wouldn’t be surprised if Chris and Andy self separate from the group for a while. Or stick with Dylan and George.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think Blue needs to be wary of both Andy and Chris, especially when they’re together as a couple. I definitely see Andy & Chris forming a bond with Dylan & George living in a house together and basically ignoring the rest of the boys.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing would it. I mean really a lot of the time Andy sort of is the shit stirrer of the group. they could form the let’s fuck over Blue group.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I want a close friendship with Blue, Robin and Gervais again as last few months suite saga time has proven they are only two who will have his back and show with actions instead of empty words

              Still think Andy and Spence were let off hook too easy at least Gervais showed with his actions he wanted Blue friendship and has been working on it ever since. (not a criticism on your writing btw just my deep feelings that considered what they did they seemed to be let off hook easier than they deserved)


                  1. I knew it would. Blue has decided to let things go. That was part of his summer change. Other than Bea he’s written her off. Andy and Spence are back on their last chance. I like Spence and think he is a good guy and usually he would have done things in a better way but he is pretty down right now.

                    Liked by 1 person

    2. I love that someone actually said they disagree with me. And maybe I was misreading the situation or letting my über enthusiasm for Gervais and Blue cast a shroud of doubt over Blues potential beaus. I don’t like the sneaking around part. I actually agree about no liking blue sacrificing his happiness. And I don’t think Spence has apologized either. Totally agree would not be upset if Clara got hit by a bus.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I don’t like the sneaking around part either. I kinda hate that he’s being put into the position of choosing between being loyal to a “friend” such as Spence or being happy even though he knows it’s a short term fling.

        As for Gervais and Blue, keep holding that torch for them. However, keep in mind they both have a lot of growing up and exploring to do before either is ready to settle into forever. Perhaps they’ll find their way back to each other down the road and have their happily ever after.

        Liked by 2 people

            1. I didn’t either. Sigh. Nothing to do for it but continue slogging away at our day jobs. At least I get to look forward to a conference at Disney World in the spring.


  5. I kinda think Spence is being a bit of an ass. Of course Will isn’t much better either sure he’s hot and all but the way he said he’d let Spence know they wouldn’t have worked was kinda bitchy. I am glad Blue and Andy made up kinda figured they would. You can’t tell me that blue and Gervais arent made for each other. The way Gervais saw how blue felt you can clearly tell he loves him. Plus I’m apt to believe Blue sand Will are more in lust. My favorite part of this chapter was the unexpected part of Clara believing Blue about Bea. I was shocked to say the least. Can I also say thank you for not giving Chris a name that started with a B. I hate that crap. This is easily one of my favorite chapters Sam!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I love that Will sees Blue for who he is…a gentle loving soul…like you’ve said Sam, he’s naïve, but loves hard and pretty pure. Sad that Spence is all jealous and doesn’t want Blue happy – especially, since he let him and Andy off the hook so easily.


          1. I kinda do. I think he’s kinda sneaking around a bit. Why should Blue not be happy, especially since Spence had no claim whatsoever.

            Liked by 2 people

              1. Right…and thinking of it, it’s another example of how they all take, take, take from Blue – and ho they’re happiest when he does what they want him to do – maybe not what he wants – Clara (comment from Andy’s summer), Spence now – fuck Blue being happy – I liked Will and I don’t want you to be happy with him (even though we didn’t have anything going…I could go on..

                Liked by 2 people

                1. And…I’m amazed that G understands Blue’s side of things…why is B making life easy for Spence, when Spence hasn’t had his back? Drama’s about to hit and any way it goes, I can’t wait!!!

                  Liked by 2 people

                    1. I hope so…he’ll be jelly though…I think Blue – after all the shit he’s been through deserves some happiness – even temporary.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Gervais is just biding his time. I actually think Blue would make the first move. All gervais has to do is keep doing the little things like the headphones and movies, the birthday cake. Now that I think of it Bea and Blue never told each other Happy Birthday. I know Blue texted Chris that but don’t remember Bea even telling them that or Clara for that was like only three people cared it was his birthday.


                    3. Bea would have been off celebrating with Grant and Birch, Blue hasn’t spoken to her again or had any contact. Bea won’t apologize but seems to expect Blue to make all the moves.


                    4. I think it was inplied Clara sent her birthday wishes due to how she organized upgrades when Blue and Robin caught train to Darwin 🙂


          2. well since they are not really friends why does Blue feel loyalty towards Spence?

            Shame Spence never felt any lotalty towards Blue when Grant and Andy we’re running their mouth on Blue before summer and never attempted to get Blue side I mean like the others he knows Blue character quite well.

            Liked by 2 people

        1. that is the thing that is different with Gervais for all hos faults always wants Blue to be happy and soneone to treat Blue right look when he went after both George and Birch when they didn’t treat him right we may not see it all the time but he is extremely protective of Blue

          Liked by 2 people

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