The suite saga 133

“Will we can’t.” Blue says sadly moving away.

“How will anyone know? Come on Blue we’re amazing together. been alone for 2 years and I find someone who likes me back despite me being short and a gymnast. You even let me top for goodness sake. A big guy like you. And you’re nice and loving and sensitive and smart. This feels like it could be something really special.” Will says frustrated.

“I much prefer to bottom and I love little guys. That you are little and muscular is the sexiest thing in the world to me. I am totally in lust with you. But Spence has been a really good friend to me in the past and although we’re no longer close I hate the thought of hurting him.” Blue says.

“But it’s okay for him to hurt you? For him to prevent your happiness? This never happens for me, ever. It is so hard for me to meet people, I can’t be seen in clubs or put pictures on apps. I was on the world team for Christ sake, I’m in the running for the Olympics. I don’t have time to look for a partner, but here you are. I want you and I want it to be more than a fling.” Will says.

“We barely know each other.” Blue says.

“Lets change that. Lets get to know each other, we have 2 weeks.” Will says.

“As friends.” Blue says.

“I guess I have 2 weeks to change your mind.” Will says gently. He’s not trying to push anything on Blue but he is frustrated at the mixed signals.

The next morning Will makes breakfast of poached eggs and avocado on toast for the two of them while Blue does his yoga. Will sees the delight in Blue’s eyes as he sits down and knows he has to make Blue change his mind.

In the gym Will can’t even look at Spence and works with a different group. It’s the last day the kids are in all day and he lets them know he’ll just come in for training for his last two weeks. He glares at Spence when he leaves for the evening.

Gervais and Robin are back and Blue has been helping them both sort out their things, the beds and other furnishing arrive for Robin and it takes all day to put it together. DeShawn and Magnus will move at the weekend and tonight Ocean is getting his sleepover so Robin and Gervais are staying with Blue.

“We’ll shower and come over in a minute. I have a pile of board games mom made me bring. He’ll love them.” Robin grins.

“That sounds perfect. We’re making pizza and ice cream for dinner. I have so much candy that you have to help me eat it.” Blue laughs.

“Pizza?” Robin asks.

“I have salad for me. I premade the bases this morning, we just have to put toppings on and I have cookie dough in the fridge ready to fire up.” Blue grins.

“We’ll be over in 30minutes. I have the cutest PJs.” Gervais grins.

Will cuts his session short. His anger is overflowing and he can’t focus, he worries he’ll hurt himself. He’s stayed in great shape all summer and is excited to start putting together his routines when he gets back to school.

He goes to Spence’s to have it out. He couldn’t say anything at the gym, not wanting to look unprofessional.

“Why are you cockblocking me? You have to tell Blue you made a mistake.” Will shouts as he pushes through the door.

Gervais listens from the kitchen, fascinated that someone else is so passionate about Blue. Like the others he thought Birch might be the one but the passion died so fast and Birch had zero fight. This

Will sounds like he has a lot of fight and he knows Blue likes him. Gervais really wants Blue to have a good relationship, selfishly one that lasts six months or so and ends mutually so Blue is ready for him. Gervais smiles to himself missing the conversation. He’s not sure whether he should walk in or not.

“I didn’t do it to sabotage you, I did it to save me from pain. Blue is a close friend and he understood straight away.” Spence says.

“Why should he be in pain for your sake? Why should l? I like him and he likes me and if you were the type of guy to be happy for others maybe you’d have someone.” Will says.

Gervais listens in and is forming a really good opinion of Will, calling Spence on his bs isn’t always easy, given how arrogant Spence can be.

“If you knew Blue at all you’d know that he hates to see people in pain.” Spence says.

“And you’re just some sort of psycho who enjoys it? Why would you begrudge us 2 weeks happiness? He won’t even be with me behind closed doors. Doesn’t want to hurt his so called good friend. Just stay away from me.” Will says and storms out. He swings the car down the street and tries to let go of his anger.

“Why Blue and not DeShawn and Magnus?” Gervais asks Spence.

“DeShawn and I were just friends with benefits, I didn’t have any issue with him and Magnus getting together. I just didn’t want to live with a couple while I’m single, not long term.” Spence says.

“So Blue has to be miserable. Even though you were a cunt to him before break and he wasn’t talking to you. What gives?” Gervais asks annoyed.

“I really like Will. He’s only around for a couple more weeks. I’m hardly stopping a wedding. Are you not hurting that Andy and Chris are together? Would it not kill you to see Blue with Will?” Spence asks.

“I couldn’t care less what Chris does. If Andy is stupid enough to date him more fool Andy. I want Blue to be happy. I want him to have a functional relationship with a man who adores him and will fight for him. Seems to me that Will is that guy. Would it really have been so hard to avoid them for 2 weeks? You avoided Blue for longer last year.” Gervais says.

“You don’t understand. I really like Will, I see a future for us.” Spence says.

“But he likes Blue.” Gervais says and heads over to Blue’s house.

“Gervais I missed you.” Ocean says as Gervais steps inside and runs to him for his hugs.

Will’s anger gone, he watches as Blue’s eyes light up for this tiny beauty that has just let himself in to the house. Will, Blue and Robin are sat at the island in the kitchen putting toppings on pizzas.

“Will this is Gervais my other bestie, he’s been the nanny for Spence’s family over the summer.” Blue says.

Gervais comes over and shakes Will’s hand before kissing Blue hello. Will is struck be a stab of jealousy.

“You two dated?” Will asks.

“Yeah. We were a disaster but we’re really close now.” Blue says with a smile.

“I love Blue with all my heart but we are best as friends.” Gervais says and Blue grins.

“Blue and Gervais are getting married and having lots of babies.” Ocean says with a big grin.

“What if I want to marry Blue?” Will asks.

Ocean’s eyes pop out of his head.

“Are you Blue’s new boyfriend? That is so cool.” Ocean says with a smile and a clear endorsement.

“Blue doesn’t want to be my boyfriend. Not yet.” Will says.

“Oh Blue you should Will is the bestest and you are the bestest. Please, please, please.” Ocean says.

“Come on kid we need to get these pizzas done and get started on the ice-cream.” Robin says trying to distract.

“Then we have a mountain of games to play.” Blue says.

“Can we make mango ice cream?” Ocean asks suitably distracted and wanting to be center of attention.

“Yes we can. Not banana?” Blue checks.

“No mango ice cream and then banana on top and cherries and chocolate sauce.” Ocean grins.

“Okay, lets do it.” Blue says.

Will grins at the group and joins in chopping fruit as if he had always been there. Ocean doesn’t seem to notice that Spence hasn’t showed. Happy with the 4 guys and the food and games.

Exhausted he almost falls asleep at the table and Blue carries him upstairs to get him ready for bed.

“You really like Blue. Dealing with Ocean’s questions. Watching us eat junk food while you have plain food, playing all those games.” Robin says.

“I really have the biggest crush on Blue. I am crazy about him. I never had so much chemistry with someone. I could not speak when we met. Then he turns out to be this awesome interesting man.” Will says and sighs.

“Spence is a douche and you should just go for it.” Gervais says.

“I agree but Blue is too nice. He won’t.” Will says.

“Spence has played on the things I did to Blue to convince him no doubt. He is worth it, don’t give up.” Gervais says.

“I don’t plan to.” Will says with a smile and Robin and Gervais grin back.

“If Spence had someone then he’d be okay.” Robin says.

“I met someone perfect for Spence but he lives 2 hours away.” Gervais sighs.

“Spence is a great guy, or I thought he was. He shouldn’t have that much trouble.” Will says.

“You three are such gossips.” Blue says coming back in.

“Is he asleep? I thought he would keep us up til dawn.” Gervais says with a smile.

“Out like a light. He’s a good kid. I expect this one wore him out in the gym today.” Blue grins.

“Would I do that?” Will laughs.

“Blue you two have to at least have a date. You’re so comfy together.” Robin says.

“You should. Spence will get over it and hell if he doesn’t so what?” Gervais asks.

“Look it hurt when Andy was with Birch and when you were with Chris I totally get where Spence is coming from.” Blue says.

“But he hasn’t asked Chris not to be with Andy. Surely that is what is hurting him, not you two. He just wants his miserable self to have company.” Robin says.

“I love you two already.” Will grins.

“I’m going to bed before Ocean wakes and starts looking for me. You’re welcome to stay over.” Blue says and goes upstairs. He has a big couch in his room and has made a bed on it for the night.

“We will grind him down for you don’t worry.” Robin says.

“Look if he doesn’t change his mind I still get 2 weeks hanging out with a great guy and if I’m lucky when I go he’ll realize he made a huge mistake, misses me, comes to visit and we start from there.” Will grins.

“Sounds like you have a plan. Good, because he is worth it. We both want to see him with someone who really appreciates him.” Gervais says.

“As long as you don’t end up like George. Our other friend, he went after Blue strongly right after Gervais dumped Blue and then turned into a controlling monster.” Robin says.

“Dark times. Blue attracts the bad uns.” Gervais says.

“I’m a good guy. I don’t have time to be anything else. During semester I train and study and volunteer, then during season I practically have to schedule my dumps. I have no time mess to guys around and no energy.” Will says.

The three go upstairs. Ocean has already crept out of bed and is cuddled up to Blue on the couch.

“Blue you might as well get into bed with him.” Gervais says gently. Blue grins and moves Ocean back into bed and gets in.

“You get in with them we’ll take the sofa, we’re tiny.” Robin says.

“I think we’ll all fit in the bed. It’s huge.” Will says.

They do but Ocean is such a wriggle monster that Robin and Gervais soon retreat to the spare room.


“I love Clara but I really want this place to ourselves and I don’t want George and Dylan to get here.” Andy says lying on Chris in bed.

“I know, she’s good at giving us space though. She’ll be gone tomorrow.” Chris says.

“You’re so sexy. I love this bed. I love how your ass looks next to the covers. I love your tan lines.” Andy says kissing them.

“Mmmmmmm.” Chris groans.

“You’re my sexy boo.” Andy says cutely.

“You’re all mine.” Chris grins kissing Andy hard and biting his bottom lip.

“I am. I thought there might be temptation all around for us both getting back here but I only see you. I didn’t even chub up seeing Spence earlier.” Andy admits.

“I’ve tamed you. I’ve never been a cheat. Ever. I won’t stand for it from you and I won’t ever let you fuck around at all even if we’re going to be apart for a year.” Chris says.

“I love that. I do. It’s too soon to be fucking around and why do I need to when I have you. I love your ass.” Andy says.

“Good because you would be out of here. I am not Spence. I am not Magnus. I am not a submissive skank in the bedroom.” Chris says.

“Chris I love you. I love you.” Andy says.

“I love you too.” Chris says. Andy makes love to Chris gently and they cling to each other all night.


“How are you really handling this Will situation?” Robin asks Gervais after they move to the guestroom.

“Is it obvious? I feel so torn. I want them to have a shot. I feel like I should be pushing them together but I know everytime he looks at another guy it could be over for me. He’s 20 and not about to get married but Birch was a close call. I was lucky he turned out to be an insecure dick.” Gervais says.

“Each one will be closer to just right. He’s learning so fast now and he knows Will is a good one for him. They have that energy between them and a strong trust after a day.” Robin says.

“I know. Blue looks at him the way he looks at me. And I trust Will with Blue’s heart. I do and I don’t know if that means losing him for a year or 5 or forever. I can see them working and I am delighted and terrified in equal measure. Honestly if I say I’m supporting then am I being fake?” Gervais asks.

“No. You’re not there yet. I know you’re close but you need more time alone. Mom says you’ve done an amazing job this summer but that you still have so much more to work through, new stuff.” Robin says.

“Yeah. I made a platonic friend. I learned about my mom, so much more about her. I did a great job with the kids and I got to live with a real family, see how normal parents are with their kids. Did your mom tell you her theory about my dad?” Gervais asks.

“That he was in foster care or a kids home. Yeah, makes a lot of sense. I kind of hope there was some reason he was such a sick bastard to you.” Robin says and cuddles his friend.

“Thanks. I love that I have you to talk to and not just Blue.” Gervais says.

“I love that we’re friends again. Especially as we’re going to school together.” Robin says.

“I love that you got in too. We are going to nerd it up.” Gervais says.

“I cannot wait.” Robin laughs.

81 thoughts on “The suite saga 133

  1. I love the spark Will has, and totally understand his need for discretion professionally. Why can’t Spence understand it would never work between them because of that and move on? Blue needs to have more fun (Australia was an eye opener for him…he needs MORE!), and Will is perfect for him, short term or long term, Spence can’t continue cockblocking him. Blue is such a pushover with Spence. Will needs to romance the socks off off Blue. He won’t be able to say no. Spence needs to sit in the naughty corner for a timeout. His jealousy has made things much worse.

    Another fantastic chapter Sam! My heart melted when Will showed he wants to fight for Blue…So overdue!

    And G? Wow. His patience is showing maturity…and growth! Is he going to bother trying to hook Spence up anymore?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. OK Will is third on my list for longterm Blue romance right behind Adi. Don’t ask who number one is I have a feeling you already know. I loved the passion he had for being g with blue. But my baby get em tiger. Maybe Danny could move and get Spence. Chris you go boy but I get the feeling Andy ain’t going nowhere this time.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. WOOOWW Will!! He just bursted on the scene and I am already starry eyed. He went and put Spence in his place. Any man that does that is a keeper! Blue better lock him down! He is so passionate and knows what he wants…god. I think I’m in love lol. 😍😍😍😍😍

    Gervais is getting so cute now too. How he sassed Spence was completely epic. I truly resonated with him in that moment. I don’t know rather to root for him or Will.

    Great chapter Sam. Got me all infatuated and torn now lol.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. It’s all Sam’s fault mhm mhm. He writes such sexyyy, enticing, just plain edible men and my body just ignites in a scorching fire just begging to be put out.. (especially by Andy mhm mhm but Will is fast moving to the top of the list.) XD

          Liked by 1 person

              1. Thinking the guys might have some road trips to see him compete but that wouldn’t be until the new year. It’s hard for me too as I’ve finally got a new character that you all like (actually I think Magnus was liked too) and are relatively united on being with Blue, but unless they do long distance for a year it doesn’t fit…

                Liked by 1 person

              1. Ikr? Who woulda thought it’d be Chris that would make Andy become loyal. I gotta admit though it was hot him telling Andy I’ve tamed you and what he won’t do. Though I disagree with the submissive skank part ok. Being a submissive skank in the bedroom is fun haha XD

                Liked by 1 person

      1. Will is HOT! Feisty, big muscles, limber, cute with cute little feet. He’s like the perfect guy. I’m curious what he’s packing “down there”. I’m hoping it’s surprising big so he can keep Blue happy and satisfied. Because I see them being so hot together. Now if I could just find my own Will……😘😘

        Liked by 2 people

                    1. I just think of Dramas that Andy has with his mother, Gervais with his family and teenage years, Robin with his questioning his sexuality, having to defend himself against perceptions as well as relationships seem to be bigger things than Spence has had overall.


                    2. Spence did live without his parents and has to deal with Fergus as a brother. I think he’ll always be the one who sails by. Even though he’s having a dry patch. His dry patch is self inflicted spending the summer with Will who wasn’t interested and not putting himself out there.


                    3. not to mention who dropped Andy or was that so he could have no regrets sex with Blue as I recall this was npt long after Blue and Spence were checking each other out lol

                      He dropped things with Magnus and Edwin was it before they even get started yet tries to block Blue from moving on.


                    4. He’s being a grade A dick right now. But Blue could have stood up to him and still could go and talk to him to let him know he’s going to be with Will. Or maybe Blue feels it’s too much hassle for a short fling.


                    5. Spence has preyed on Blue heartstrings he knew exactly how Blue felt when Andy was fucking Birch and how Blue felt when Gervsis was with Chris

                      Liked by 1 person

                    6. at least you are making Gervais nice and supportive.

                      talking about that is he on outs with Andy and Spence at moment just when he said to Robin its nice to have soneone to talk to apart from Blue?


                    7. Before break Gervais was firmly on Blue’s side. But he’ll be living with Spence (hmmmm). It was more Robin knows the whole story now of Gervais background and the others don’t. Robin is being a good friend, as he often is to Gervais. I think Gervais meant it was nice to be able to give Blue a break.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    8. And he gets a fresh perspective from Robin. I think Gervais will work on his other friendships next. I can see Robin and Gervais hanging out a lot at their new school. I can also see him making an effort with Andy/Chris because it will please Clara.


                    9. Spence and Gervais living together…..both single and looking for someone…..Gervais is a top and Spence is a bottom……hmmmmmmmm. Maybe they can help fill the void for each other until a real relationship comes along for one of them?

                      I don’t see it being anything long term since G isn’t big enough to throw Spence around, but those two hotties together could be some steamy encounters. Now that I love Gervais again (thanks to Sam being an incredible author) I want to see his hot little self getting laid haha.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    10. Oh yes you know it. Now stop it with the speculation and let me write it. Did I not give you enough material to dissect with the summer…….


                    11. i don’t think they would for one Gervais is very loyal to Blue and he was not happy with Spence and Andy before summer over the believing Blue cheated on Birch and now with Spence expecting Blue to sacrifice his hapiness just so Spence can coast.


                    12. Hopefully they would know what it would do to their relationship with Blue…intentional or not. They are only 20 though..not always thinking with the right head.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    13. What won me over was the Summer chapter. The way Sam wrote the character made me remember that we all have flaws, and we all have scars. I didn’t think it was possible to ever get me to like Gervais again, but Sam did it. That chapter really made me look inside and question several things. thats the difference between a good writer, and a gifted writer. And Sam is certainly gifted. Not often can we read a series that helps us learn about ourselves in the process. This series is really special.

                      Liked by 1 person

    1. in the past Andy has used the excuse they were apart in regards to him and Spence to rationalize his cheating ways so glad to hear Chris won’t stand for that shit.

      Liked by 1 person

            1. exactly got to a point he could not call him out on his BS without being a hypocrit but in the procees did become a doormat where Andy could pretty much fuck every and anyone 😦


  4. Ok..I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I LOVE WILL!!! Can’t he have a minor accident, get injured so he can’t do gymnastics anymore and move to be with Blue???!!! Ughh!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. But he only just got his house…,.

        Sidenote Andy came across as ungrateful in this chapter with expecting to get a house for themselves when the arrangement was that house was always going to be the one to help people who needed the accomodation from communities or whatever.

        Liked by 1 person

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