The suite saga 134

Blue, Ocean and Will wake together and Ocean is a bundle of energy. Blue takes him into the studio for morning yoga.

“Can we have ice cream for breakfast?” Ocean asks once they’re done.

“We could have yogurt with fruit. We have lots of cherries and bananas left.” Blue says.

“What do you have for breakfast Will?” Ocean asks taking the glass of milk will offers.

“Toast and poached eggs, some days I have avocado and others peanut butter.” Will says.

“Are you vegetarian too? Can we have eggs Blue?” Ocean asks.

“We can have eggs.” Blue grins.

“Sit down. I’ll cook a champion breakfast. I am not vegetarian. I have turkey or chicken most days and I usually have tuna salad for lunch.” Will says.

“Me and Blue are pescatarian. We eats fishes but not many. I like bananas best. DeShawn eats big chickens, he sometimes has 2.” Ocean says incredulously.

“I know. I like DeShawn he is very, very tall so needs lots to fill him up. We’re little so don’t need so much.” Will says.

“If you marry Blue will you be a vegetarian? My mom cooks the best vegetarian food and Blue is second best but he cooks the best cheesecake.” Ocean says.

“I can’t wait to try it. I might be a vegetarian when I marry Blue.” Will says with a grin and a wink and Ocean delighted at his match making winks back and giggles.

Chris, Andy and Clara arrive just as Robin and Gervais emerge and soon the kitchen is bustling with activity. Roe and Katelyn arrive and it’s a big squash.

“I have to go. See you tonight.” Will whispers kissing Blue’s cheek.

He then picks up Ocean and throws him in the air. Ocean squeals in delight and hugs Will tightly before letting him go to the gym.

“Is he your new man? I like him.” Chris asks.

“No he’s just staying here for a couple of weeks.” Blue says.

“Spence has vetoed anything even though they are super cute together.” Robin says.

“He did what?” Andy asks.

“Spence asked me not to take things further with Will. I respect that, it’s hard to see someone you like with someone else. Especially when your ex is moving on.” Blue says quietly wanting that to be the end of it. He hates how everyone is in his business right now.

“Well I think Blue could marry Will and have lots of gymnast babies.” Ocean says.

“He is really cute Blue. You should go for it.” Katelyn says.

“It seems you have universal support on this one.” Roe smiles.

Cheryl arrives to collect ocean and stops to chat for a while. Blue is happy to be with his whole family, well Bea isn’t missed but to have Cheryl and Roe and his mom around is nice even if it is just

“I have fruit and cookies left from last night if you want them for the car. They are banana toffee filled so they might be a bit sweet.” Blue says.

“Uh hum. I think those have my name on them.” Andy says and everyone laughs.

“I’ll take some. They sound good.” Katelyn says.

“We’ll leave the rest to you boys.” Roe says with a smile.

“There is pizza too if you want it.” Robin says.

“That sounds good.” Clara says.

“I did the toppings.” Ocean grins.

“Well I hope you take after your momma.” Clara grins.

“When I am done being a gymnast I might be a chef and a yoga teacher.” Ocean grins.

“Just like Blue.” Chris says and Ocean nods with a smile.

“Well junior masterchef we have to go and get you some school clothes.” Cheryl says and Ocean hugs everyone goodbye.

“Gervais you look a lot better than you did at Christmas. The tan suits you and you seem very relaxed.” Clara says.

“I had a great summer. No drama. No death. Lots of therapy. Lots of time with the kids. Lots of cooking. I feel myself, finally properly myself.” Gervais says.

“You do look good.” Blue says and Gervais grins.

Robin looks at the pair and wonders if Blue is pushing Will away not because of Spence but because of Gervais.

“We best get on the road.” Roe says and they all have their goodbyes.

“Do you need anything else for the house? I’m planning to go clothes shopping today but I can pick anything else up if you need it.” Blue asks once they have waved the car off.

“I’ll come with for clothes.” Chris says.

“Lets hit the outlet together. Make a day of it.” Andy says.

“Sounds good.” Gervais says.

“I’m in.” Robin says.

“I need to shower. Can you guys load the dishwasher?” Blue asks.

“Sure.” Robin smiles.

“What is the lowdown on the Spence situation?” Andy asks as soon as Blue is out of earshot.

Robin explains.

“I’m going to go and see him. It’s crazy. I’ve not seen that much chemistry since I saw you two together.” Andy says motioning Gervais.

“Right and Will seems like a really great guy. He was so patient with Ocean last night when he asked hundreds of questions about gymnastics. And he was always sneaking looks at Blue. He really wants to fight for Blue.” Gervais says.

“About time someone did. My bro is a catch.” Chris says with a grin.

Andy head up to Blue’s room to talk to him while he gets dressed.

“I wanted to properly apologize for before break. I was an idiot.” Andy says.

“I wasn’t paying attention to everything you had going on. We should have talked it all out instead of me cutting you off.” Blue says ashamed of being so immature.

“Its fine, you were going through an awful breakup and we all just left you to it. It was terrible. I left you out to dry and made it worse. I won’t let you down again. I promise. Chris makes me a better man. I don’t know how the two of us walking disasters do it but we make each other better.” Andy says.

“It is so weird seeing you together but you’re both so happy. I don’t think I’ve seen you this happy, ever. I am so sorry I wasn’t there for you when you had to deal with your mom trying to move Katelyn out your life. I’m glad it all worked out. How is Chris doing given what his grandparents tried to pull?” Blue asks.

“He’s fine. Given he hasn’t seen the money and he’s lost his parents he’s doing remarkably okay. Clara is a better mom to him than she is to you. I hate saying that because I love all three of you but she is and I hope it doesn’t drive you and Chris apart.” Andy says.

“Mom and I are doing better. We had years of a good relationship that you guys didn’t get to see.” Blue says with a smile.

“Have you spoken to Bea?” Andy asks.

“No, she’s a grade A beeeeotch and that was before her parents screwed her over. We haven’t spoken for a month.” Blue says.

“I hate her.” Andy says surprising Blue.

“For leaving Chris to deal?” Blue asks.

“For not saying thank-you to him for getting her things or dealing with court and getting Clara on side to pay her living costs. She’s done nothing, had everything handed to her and is complaining that Clara won’t pay for her to stay on at Spence’s place.” Andy says.

“Maybe she’s more material than Chris underneath.” Blue says.

“Chris is still seeing her and they’re getting along, despite all that. He’s as bad as you are with me. You should have kicked me away long ago.” Andy says.

“As long as you know that, I’ll take you back.” Blue says and stands up and gives Andy a big hug.

“Ready to go?” Robin asks.

“Shall we do two cars?” Gervais asks.

“You two are tiny. We can manage in Blues car no trouble.” Chris says.

“Says the guy who will be in the front.” Andy grins.

“Hey I have long legs.” Chris grins and Gervais smiles.

“You two are good together.” Gervais says.

“I know right?” Chris says.

“Keep each other in line. I love it.” Robin says.

“Are you okay with Magnus and DeShawn?” Blue asks.

“Sounds super-hot to me.” Andy says clearly totally unaffected.

“I was kind of nervous about facing you guys but you’re all being nice. It’s kind of weird.” Chris says.

“However weird the situation was, Gervais insisted that you were a good boyfriend until the end and then it was your character that turned him off. Of course you did turn psycho after that which was hard for us all to get over but if Gervais and Blue have forgiven you then I can too. I am Andy’s oldest friend and I can see he’s happy. If that changes then I change.” Robin says.

“Spence won’t be so welcoming but he’s on our shit list right now.” Gervais says.

“Mine too. He was amazing this summer, so nice to Katelyn talking to her and buying her a ton of things which she adored. He pretty much clothed every teen girl up there and some of the boys. I don’t get why he’s punishing you.” Andy says.

“He is protecting himself. It is fine. I get it even if you guys don’t so please leave him alone. Anyway he’s saving me the heartbreak of losing Will in a couple of weeks. Far easier to stay in touch as friends.” Blue says firmly.

“I still want to talk to him.” Andy says.

“Well I hope you do it in an understanding way, especially if he has been there for you this summer.” Blue says.

“Have you spoken to Bea? Her apartment fell through and they are scrambling for dorm rooms.” Chris says.

“That sucks. Is she looking to live with Grant?” Blue asks.

“Nah he and Birch already found somewhere near their school. They did contemplate taking on Spence’s place but its crazy expensive and Grant’s grandmother said no way to his share.” Chris says.

“Sucks that Grant and Birch have ditched her.” Robin says not meaning it at all.

“She was all set with the girls from her dorm and so told them to do it. Blue I know you’re not getting along and I know I shouldn’t ask. Andy doesn’t want her but we do have a lot of room in the house and it wouldn’t hurt.” Chris says.

“Are you insane?” Robin asks.

“She is my sister and she’s come home to find our parents and grandparents won’t talk to her, which is my fault not hers. She only has me and a strained relationship with Clara.” Chris says.

“Her fault.” Robin says.

“Not all of it.” Gervais says quietly.

“Her situation isn’t like yours.” Robin says.

“No but it is so, so hard coping with a parent who has no interest in you and always trying to please them and failing. She has that three times over. Worse she has to cope with all three of her parents preferring her brother and her grandparents preferring her cousins. Chris used to take advantage of being the favorite and he knows it. It was easier for him to get himself on track, he knew he was loved as a child. Of the three of them Chris grew up loved and Bea and Blue didn’t not in the way they should be. That Bea has a horrid hard shell, manipulates people and walks all over them is nasty to deal with but I can see why she is like she is.” Gervais says and the others are flooded with guilt.

“And that boys is why Gervais and I dated for so long. He has one huge heart and I didn’t want to let that go.” Chris says and turns to give his ex a big grin.

“Oy.” Andy says.

“No need to be jealous we are not in love now.” Chris says.

“I know. I just like to remind you where to focus.” Andy grins.

“I won’t object if Dylan and George don’t.” Blue says quietly.

“Thank-you.” Chris says.

They pull up at the outlet mall and Chris steps away to call Bea. She is thrilled and humbled that Blue has backed down, or at least given an inch. Things have soured with Grant and she’s happy not to have to move in with him and Birch.

The five have fun shopping. Gervais and Robin realize they are perfect shopping companions both being so small and having similar tastes. They are both regretting not living together and are certain that they will be having a lot of sleepovers at Blue’s house.

Blue is fascinated watching Andy’s bargain hunter traits mesh with Chris’s expensive tastes. Andy is determined to find great deals for Chris more so than himself and they are very cute picking things out for each other.

As usual Blue is pretty clueless for himself. Gervais and Robin are more than happy to take over, knowing what they both like to see Blue wear.

“This is just about the gayest day I have ever had. 5 boys shopping for clothes.” Chris laughs.

“Way to stereotype us. I can’t believe we’ve got so much.” Andy laughs.

“How about I cook us dinner tonight? I totally want to make a big lasagna or something.” Blue says.

“To say Andy missed your cooking this summer is a major understatement. He brought it up all the dang time.” Chris says with a smile.

“Nice to know you were thinking of me.” Blue grins and kisses Andy’s cheek, the frost has melted so fast between the pair.

“He did more than that. He stuck it to mom whenever she dissed you.” Chris says.

“So did Chris and Willow. We had your back.” Andy grins and Blue can’t help but tear up.

“Let me make the lasagna, you make dessert. That food court lunch has evaporated. We need a big supper.” Gervais says.

“I’ll do the salad.” Andy grins.

“Someone call Spence, we can’t not invite him.” Blue says.

When Will gets home he finds the house smelling amazing and the 5 working away in the kitchen.

“I got you a nice tuna steak as I thought veggie lasagna was no good for you. I hope you can have a little bit of dessert though.” Blue says to Will as he comes through.

“It’s like walking in on the gay Waltons.” Will laughs.

Will sets the table and sorts out drinks. Andy and Gervais share a look they love how Will is just pitching in so naturally.

Spence arrives just in time to eat.

“I can’t believe you didn’t invite me shopping.” Spence says as they dish up.

“You hate outlets.” Blue and Andy say in unison.

“I don’t mind for tshirts and sweats for the gym.” Spence shrugs knowing they are right.

“Which is why we didn’t forget you.” Gervais says handing him a bag.

“Oh thank you so much.” Spence grins.

“Gervais needed to spend 250 to get the free gift he wanted so you benefitted.” Andy laughs.

“Lucky me.” Spence says and almost seems like himself.

Despite being upset by him Blue has been worried that his friend has seemed isolated and unhappy.

“So what are the 21st plans?” Andy asks Spence.

“I guess a party at the house and a celebratory purchase of booze using my real id.” Spence laughs.

“No special wine picked out?” Blue asks.

“I might go and visit it and pick some out Labor Day weekend.” Spence says.

“Special wine?” Will asks and everyone realizes Spence has kept his background from Will.

“I inherited a lovely collection from my grandparents. I’m storing it for now as I’ve been leasing my beach house out for the season.” Spence says and they all watch Will for his reaction.

“Well I knew you weren’t short paying for Ocean the way you do, but dang, you’re loaded, right?” Will asks.

“Would it have made you date me if you knew?” Spence asks.

“Probably not. I love you as a buddy but not that way. Makes me think more of you though. Toiling away in the gym long hours when you can afford 2 houses so probably don’t ever need to work.” Will says.

“I fell in love with coaching, with gymnastics before I found out about the inheritance.” Spence says.

“So what happened to coaching wrestling?” Robin asks.

“I love it but it’s not so much of a learning curve for me. Gymnastics has more variety and I started from scratch. I’m proud of how far I’ve come.” Spence says.

“You should be. You’re a talented coach.” Will says.

“Thanks. So we all ready for school? I cannot believe you have all deserted me.” Spence says shaking his head.

“You okay to stay where you are?” Blue asks.

“Yes. It’s good for the gym and I still have George and DeShawn. I can do the classes I need. I’ll cope.” Spence laughs.

“When are George and Dylan coming? I thought the/ d be here by now.” Blue asks.

“Tomorrow. They’re having a few days away together.” Chris says.

“DeShawn and Magnus moved in today. I gave them the keys. I just need Bea to move out and I can get rid of the apartment.” Spence says.

“She’s moving in with us tomorrow.” Andy says.

“Cool. She’s actually alright to live with. She at least cleans up after herself. She and Birch are easier than Grant and Magnus for sure.” Spence says.

“Oh great you’ve lumbered me with a slob.” Robin says rolling his eyes.

“I’m thinking we’ll be hanging out here the most. Blue is living alone and we’re going to be invading his kitchen anyway.” Andy grins.

“Oh I think Gervais is putting in quite the gaming setup at Spence’s you’ll soon leave me all alone.” Blue mock sobs.

“Wow this is good.” Will says taking a tiny bite of his tiny slice of cheesecake.

“Blue is the boss of dessert.” Andy grins.

“Gervais is pushing to take the lead on mains, lasagna was awesome.” Blue says.

“My sessions with Cheryl paying off. Spence you should have seen W’s face when he realized he’d eaten veggie for an entire week without noticing.” Gervais grins.

“He told me he opened the freezer to a health farm.” Spence chuckles.

“I’ll do the same at ours. Make a bunch of freezer meals for when you’re at the gym late and for when I’m not doing so well. That said I’ve had a summer without any panic attacks at all.” Gervais grins no longer embarrassed at his condition.

Blue gets up and picks Gervais up in the biggest hug and kisses him all over his face. All eyes are on Will to see his reaction, for sure there is a flicker of jealousy and then a huge grin. He loves how Blue is so affectionate with all his friends and how he seems to be so pleased when things go well.

The guys all help clean up. They have all missed Blue’s cheesecake, not a crumb is left and they want to make sure they are always welcome back. Even Spence pitches in.

“I’m glad you’re okay with Andy. I told him you were done over summer and I think it sunk in. I love him and I have you to thank for introducing us.” Chris says hugging his brother goodnight.

“You’re something together. I love you both and I’m happy for you.” Blue says and kisses his brother’s cheek.

For a second Andy looks at the pair and questions whether he is with the right twin. Then lets it go. Chris is much more flawed, much more his speed. Blue would have been an amazing life partner but it would always have been hard work. With Chris it’ll be easier and he gets to keep Blue as a good friend. Andy is super happy and wishes Blue and Spence were too.

“You know you’re making it really hard to hold back. Every day you do more things to make me fall harder.” Will says hugging Blue after the others leave.

“I know I’m not irresistible. I think you’ll manage for two weeks.” Blue says.

“I wish I was irresistible to you.” Will sighs.

“I have to use every ounce of will power not to tell you just how sexy I find you. How I want you to sit on my face all day. How I want to kiss you head to toe. Oh man your toes get me so hard. And you’re smart and housetrained and get along with my friends. You are amazing and I wish you were mine.” Blue says.

“You only have to say it.” Will says hopefully.

“Lets enjoy some cuddles and waking together. It’s not enough but it’s pretty good.” Blue says.

“Pretty amazing.” Will says.



136 thoughts on “The suite saga 134

  1. *eyeroll*. Bea still is managing to be manipulative through Chris even though she has put Blue and everyone through so much? I know Blue is a pushover, and Chris has gained a lot of trust with him, but I still don’t trust Bea…I bet Sam has something brewing with that side story😉. Bea is still too manipulative for me to trust her with any of the boys, including Chris with his newfound trustworthy and loyal ways (which I am still wary of…but enjoying while it seems to last)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. the difference was Blue always had his guard up around Chris since they never trusted each other from start whilst Bea basically lulled Blue into a false sence of security to the point where Blue lowered his defences big time and Bea took full advantage.

        Basically what I sm saying being attacked from Chris may of been easier for Blue to handle as he would of expected it but the way Bea did would of bern much more brutal as it came from conplete left field and from someone he thought he could trust I think that is my rationale for being much harder on Bea than Chris that and I am a softie for genuine apologies.

        Besides Chris knows if he fucks Blue over again Clara will cut him off which would mean he would basically be destitute.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Same. Neither have my trust. Chris has gained some redemption, but his personality is well known…he always has an angle of some sort. And well, Bea is just a bea-otch in so many ways…not many redeeming qualities, if any right now.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Lol. I will manage. Being emotional while reading your writing (sometimes crying, sometimes yelling, sometimes just saying “why” until I read further) is a big reason why I like reading your writing Sam. 🤗💕

            Liked by 2 people

              1. that is great then 😘😘😘

                I do worry Chris may revert back at some point (please don’t let that happen **looks at Sammy with sad puppy dog eyes**)


  2. This is the way it’s supposed to be. Every story needs the drama but these parts just make it so worth it. Granted Spence is still being a jack ass but they were all in one room together with no fighting and no major drama. Even Will complimenting Spence while telling him how he felt about him that nothing would have ever happened with them…


    Liked by 1 person

              1. I am at a serious crossroads with this. I go with my original plan (A)that I know most of you will hate. Have blue and will have a scorching 2 week affair (B) then go with (A), or I go with (C) long distance Will and Blue or (D) some excuse Will stays.


                    1. Do what you feel is right for the story. You are the author after all…I might moan/grown, but I will still read and want to read more of your writing! 😘💕🤗

                      Besides, drama is what makes a good story. 😂

                      Liked by 1 person

                1. Remember, we’re here for your story, not ours…whatever you do I’m glued in! It’s nice that Blue has someone who fights for him. He’s never had that.

                  Liked by 1 person

                2. I actually want A. Blue needs a scorching two week affair that is just pure magic. That will catapult him right where he needs to be. In a more confident, happy, eager for what’s next kind of place.. He needs to see he is very much capable of having true passion.. true connection in a healthy way with someone even if it is two weeks. That takes the heat away from the fact he thinks he is flawed and shows that if he can have that with will, he can do it again with someone else for a longer period of time. Will is the perfect antidote to let him know baby, you got it all. Gets him prime and ready for Gervais if that is his future too. 🙂

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. A is the current plan. B is the 2 week love affair. C is long distance and D an excuse for Will to stay.
                    I think he and Will will combust if they don’t fuck again soon. But Blue can be stubborn.


                    1. Aw…I guess we’ll never see Will again? I have so many thoughts going through my mind does he cheat even though they’re not together because he die? UGG I can’t wait! LOL! Have a great night Sam!

                      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sam, you created a perfect chapter. It made me smile to see all the boys happy and enjoying each other. I think you’ve proven that true friendship, though sometimes strained, can be a forever thing if all parties work at it. What a happy chapter!!

    Oh yes, I do have quite a few scenarios for the hot tub 😊 Being 6’1″, I have found that my toes always end up in the seat across from me. Amazing what that can lead to. Next time I’m in London, I’ll demonstrate for you 😘😘😘😘.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. true I just meant he will make it that he hangs out with Blue whether be his place or at Blues place 🙂

        Besides Robin has Magnus and Deshawn not exactly untrustworthy tenants 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Everyone will be at blues anyway for food I look forward to those Sunday brunches. Maybe blue can teach Chris to bake some so Andy won’t be at blues all the time and have Chris start to worry.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Excellent chapter! I just hope Bea think this means she’s off the hook with Blue. She still needs to treat people better and apologize to Blue for being a bitch. I had a hard life and my parent like my brother(s) better is not a reason for being poor behavior.

    I actually kinda like Blue living alone. I think that being alone for now but close to the others is good for him. He’s not so far removed to be out of sight / out of mind but not in the thick of the drama either.

    I like Will and his awesome attitude and fit with the group. Maybe he’ll come back next summer, stay with Blue, and a relationship can bloom then. That’s my current wish, but knowing Sam he’s gonna have Will find love elsewhere or bring in someone else that I’ll like even better for Blue and poor Will will miss out. I also like his comment about only liking Spence as a friend but respecting him for working so hard at coaching when he could basically just rest on his laurels and do nothing. I think it shows Will’s character that even though Spence is cockblocking him Will can give him props.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Spence at that point should have taken the two aside and apologised for what he asked.
      I like Blue alone too, as long as he’s not out of sight/mind. I’m sure Robin and Gervais will stay over a lot. I think the three will eat at Blue’s, play at Gervais and hang out at Robins as you know he’ll have a nice tv with sound system.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Maybe Gervais and Deshawn will come over to Blue’s in the mornings for yoga / exercise / bonding like they did at the end of the semester? That would be a good way for them to keep that connection and friendship they built. Does Blue have a pool for their entire core work / yoga / swimming / breakfast ritual?

        Liked by 2 people

            1. Oh yeah. I can totally see DeShawn pinking up Magnus’s cheekes then nailing him in the bubbles.
              Or Blue with his 3 little cuties, Robin, Gervais and Will having fun splashing then smooching and more. I bet Oke has some scenarios. Who do you want to see? MY top choice would be you and MarkOz obv hehehehehehe

              Liked by 4 people

  5. Great chapter love having all the boys together. Andy finally properly apologized. Spence is off my hit list…..for now😈 Love how will is jealous. I actually can see why blue is keeping Will at bay not wanting yo deal with heart break I admire him for that honestly though if I had to be around Will that much let’s just say I wouldn’t have to do laundry except for some bedsheets 😁. Blue really is the greatest guy ever. I can feel a spark starting to reignite but I don’t think they are both ready yet maybe a couple of months more and they might be. Chris and Andy (or as I dub the!m ChAndy)are great together. Love how Blue and Chris are getting along so good. Love how Gervais made them see things from Bea’s POV even though she is is beooootch.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love the interactions between the twins these days and look how touched he was when he heard he was being defended to Clara when was not there to defend himself 🙂

      Liked by 3 people

          1. I agree…a bit “rich” for sure. I still say he needs to do a lot of sucking up to Blue to regain trust beyond being neutral. An apology would be very useful anymore as a lot of time has passed. It wouldn’t seem genuine in my opinion…but being a good friend and being supportive would be a good start…and giving up being jealous. Life is too short for petty emotions.

            Blue forgives, but look who is being left out now? Blue had to make sure someone called Spence. Spence needs to wake up and get out of his funk and be supportive of his friends properly before they really ditch him. I am glad he was at the dinner though…neutral ground to make his friends realize he does still exist. Lol

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Blue won’t stand for everyone punishing soneone for Blue issues ie George, Gervais, Andy, Birch etc he has never wanted isolated despite his own feelings towards them at the time.

                Liked by 1 person

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