55 thoughts on “What do they look like 2

      1. He definitely is sexy!! Although I’ve always been much more attracted to older guys. What really turns my head is a guy in his late 40s or 50s, one who has a wealth of life experiences behind him, and is confident and intelligent. Even when I was in High Schhol and then in my college days, ive always been the guy who had a crush on the professor and not the other students. I mean I’ve had my fun with all ages, but if I ever choose to have another relationship, I know it will be a professor-type

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        1. I love an older guy who has just started to grey. I had a funny thing happen to me one day one of my professors had actually messaged me on grindr. I had him the previous semester. He failed me so I ignored him even though her was totally my type

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    1. is deke still around he is back at dorms so does not appear to be in story moving forward same as Antonio and Co.

      We didn’t even get a sex scene with Antonio 😭😭😭


                1. season 5 is probably my overall favourite season of it….. especially the episode where Cole links up with Avatars and tries to rewrite history of the charmed ones not getting reconstituted after Prue death.


              1. My favorite episode is the first time they travel back in time to before Phoebe was born. Still remember the spell to take them home
                “A place for everything and everything in its place
                Return what has been moved through time and space”


                1. My favorite episode is Oh my Goddess. That moment in the end when piper comes into the battle and is like, “It’s not nice to piss of mother nature” and epicness ensues… She was always my favorite 😍


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