The suite saga 136

“Where are you going?” Blue asks Will as he steps out the bedroom.

“I need to jerk of before going to bed with you. So I can keep some sort of self-control.” Will says hoping for an invitation.

“I’m sorry, its shit. Today has been really lovely. I adore being with you. You take this bed I’ll go in the spare room.” Blue says.

“Blue, no I don’t want that.” Will says but Blue has gone.

Blue beats himself up all night. He knows he shouldn’t have been so affectionate with Will. He really likes him and they have such a strong attraction. He shouldn’t be leading him on. Feels so nice to have a hand to hold though and a warm body to wake up to.

Blue realizes just how lonely he’s feeling, even though everyone is friends again. No one wants to live with him and no one needs him. He’s back to being the group chef. Blue grumbles to himself, full of self-pity. He misses Birch. He misses having Robin or Gervais to share a bed with. He misses being there for Andy and Spence. Even momma stayed with Andy and Chris rather than him when she was here. He feels useless and passed over.

He goes downstairs early to have breakfast and Chris is there with his bags packed.

“I’m going to go back to school early. I can stay with some teammates and train with them. This is just too hard, for both of us.” Will says and Blue nods defeated.

He helps Will pack up his car and shakes his hand, not able to speak, he’s so miserable. He messed up and so another man has left him. He doesn’t deserve anyone.

Blue spends the day moping, barely moving from the sofa. He tries to snap out of it, has a shower and goes to see Gervais, hoping Spence will be at work. He knocks and opens the front door and hears the sounds of Gervais having sex. And the even more distinct sound of Spence cumming.

Blue closes the door and runs home. Locking his doors. He can’t face anyone. Blue can’t be with Will but Spence can be with Gervais? Seems wildly unfair to Blue and shows him just how little even his closest friends think of him.

He can’t stay here. He can’t stay here.

On Saturday morning the garden things are delivered for Andy. He and Chris take through what they need for their place to the back and head over to Blue’s. They knock but there is no answer. No cars are there. Andy looks around the street and sees Blue’s car is outside his house, how had he walked passed it earlier. Was it there yesterday? He scratches his head.

“When did you last talk to Blue?” Andy asks Chris.

“Monday when we had soup.” Chris says.

“No texts, no calls?” Andy asks.

“No. Nothing. Did you not tell him we were doing the garden today?” Chris asks.

“I texted him to remind him last night but he didn’t reply.” Andy says.

Chris looks through the window of the house.

“Good morning, are you my first couple?” A woman asks behind them.

“Sorry?” Chris asks confused,

“Are you my first couple coming to see the house?” The woman asks.

“It’s my brother’s house. Do you have the right place?” Chris asks confused.

“Ah, oh dear, I guess he hasn’t told you he’s selling up.” The woman says.

“You’re a realtor?” Andy asks shocked. Where the hell is Blue?

“I’ll go call momma. Go see if Gervais or Robin know anything.” Chris says worried.

Andy runs up the street and bangs on Spence’s door and then on to Robin’s and does the same. Calling Spence on his phone as he does it.

“It’s too early, what’s up?” Robin says coming out.

“When did you last see Blue?” Andy asks agitated.

“Uh not all week. We went out Sunday, I messaged him but no reply and I’ve been kind Of snowed in with homework already. What’s wrong?” Robin asks.

“He’s gone, his house is empty and a realtor is showing people round.” Andy says.

“What the fuck.” Robin says shocked and calling Blue’s phone.

“I don’t know what to do. Chris is calling Clara.” Andy says.

“Number not in use.” Robin says chilled that his best friend has left without a word.

“What’s going on?” Spence asks coming out in his shorts and flip flops with Gervais, both clearly just out of bed.

“Blue has gone.” Robin says.

“What do you mean gone?” Gervais asks worried.

“What about Will? Are they together?” Spence asks.

“Can you call him? Maybe they are.” Andy says brightening.

“Why don’t you all come in to mine and we’ll go over everything.” Robin says.

“I’ll go get Chris.” Andy says.

“Clara wasn’t in.” Chris says running up.

“Spence is calling Will, maybe he followed him to school.” Andy says.

“Oh that make sense. Though he could have leased the house, no need to sell it.” Chris says.

“If he needs the money maybe he is in trouble.” Andy says worriedly.

“He would come to us if he was in trouble. Come on let’s go and see what the others have found out. Then we have to get this stuff out back.” Chris says.

“Will left on Tuesday morning. He and Blue agreed it was too difficult to be around each other and not together. He spoke to him Tuesday night once he was settled and said Blue seemed down but as Will was feeling shit himself he didn’t think anything of it.” Spence says.

“It’s your fault. You stopping them being happy. He had put his car keys in my mailbox saying he hoped I enjoyed the freedom. Do you think we need to call the police? Is he a missing person? Do you think he’s suicidal?” Andy asks in increasing panic.

“He wouldn’t be selling the house if it was.” Robin says.

“I’ll call Cheryl.” Gervais says trying to breathe.

“He did talk to me before he left. He will call me once a month to let me know he’s safe and that is all I know.” Cheryl says.

“He didn’t say why?” Gervais asks.

“No, he seemed calm. He said he was wasting his time in college and just wanted to get started on his life.” Cheryl says.

“Please ask him to call me when you speak to him.” Gervais pleads.

“Of course. He’s sensible. Try not to worry too much, I am sure he’ll call you when he’s ready.” Cheryl says.

Once Blue got over the immediate shock of Gervais and Spence’s betrayal he went into practical mode and started planning his departure. Blue brought up his accounts and worked out his financial position. He fired up his school portal and withdrew, Clara will only lose the small deposit as classes haven’t started.

He spent the week returning and selling most of the items from the house, bought a different car, changed his phone number and found a realtor for the house. The other new houses have all been sold and she seemed to think Blue’s would be easy to sell.

He feels a little guilty taking advantage of Clara’s money but she was foolish enough to buy him two fancy houses. He won’t sell the other unless he has to but he will be asking for rent from next semester.

He plans to get away, find some harvest work to do and when the house is sold buy a smallholding and begin his life. He’s tired of the fakeness of his friends. He’s tired of being heartbroken. He needs new friends and a fresh new start.

Cheryl helped him get some letters of recommendation from yoga students and he hopes to teach a little once he’s settled.

As he drives across country he tries to put all thoughts of his friends and family out of his mind. He’s on his own now and never going back.


“I don’t understand why he didn’t talk to me. Surely Will leaving wasn’t the only trigger.” Robin says once Gervais relays the news from Cheryl.

“No one has seen him since Will left? It must have been that.” Chris says.

“He barely knew Will. He didn’t run off when he broke up with George or Birch or Gervais.” Spence says.


“He was really in to Will, they were falling for each other, it was really cute. I can see him going away for a few days to clear his head, I can’t see him selling up not without talking to any of us.” Robin

“Why wasn’t he with this Will guy? What was the big deal?” DeShawn asks.

“Spence asked him not to.” Gervais says trying to think of anything Blue has ever said about his future plans that might give a clue to where he is.

“He didn’t tell anyone he was going, other than Cheryl and he’s not telling her where he is. We need to respect that he doesn’t want to speak to any of us and doesn’t want to be found.” George says.

Robin’s face crumples. He can’t believe he didn’t make the time to see him at all this week. He thought he was having a love in with Will and that was why he didn’t respond to messages.

“We should never have let him live alone.” Robin says quietly.

“Uh I did say that George and Dylan should live with him.” Bea says.

“That would have been a nightmare for him. It should have been me.” Gervais says quietly.

“He’s always done this, run away. He’s a drama queen who runs away from his problems. I don’t know if it was Will or his new school or something else but we can’t do anything now. We might as well get on with life and wait for the eviction notice when he runs out of cash and needs to sell our place.” Dylan says.

The guys filter home. Robin agrees to let Andy and Chris put the second vegetable plot into his place and along with Gervais the 4 spend the day working on it.

“Can I move back in with you? I don’t want to be around Spence right now. I feel like if he had let things happen with Blue and Will then he’d be here.” Gervais says.

“But you’d be leaving Spence alone.” Andy says.

“He chose not to live with DeShawn and Magnus. I get that he is in a bad place but I have worked really hard for the last few months to get myself into a good place and I don’t want his selfish actions to undo all that. Robin and I have to study together most nights any way our new classes are rock hard.” Gervais rants.

“Gervais and I were supposed to live together and we want to. Frankly I need the support and I know G does too. It’s like living alone being with DeShawn and Magnus anyway.” Robin says firmly.

“I had sex with Spence. I worry Spence told Blue and that’s why Blue left. I’m pushing all my anger at myself on to Spence.” Gervais admits in bed later that night.

“Why would you do that?” Robin asks.

“We were lonely and horny.” Gervais says.

“Spence would not have told Blue. If he had Blue would have told me, he would have come to me. I worry that it’s my fault. I can think of reasons he wouldn’t tell any of you guys he was going but not me. I might sound arrogant but it’s true we were as close as we’ve ever been.” Robin says.

“You’ve done nothing wrong.” Gervais says.

“How could you and Spence? I mean why would Spence be with you after telling Blue he couldn’t have Will. That was cold. From both of you.” Robin says.

“I didn’t think of him. I never do when I want something.” Gervais admits.

“I told him over the summer that the two of you could never happen, not really, after Chris and he would never answer. Those things you did, the Chocolates at the hotel, the movies and headphones. He loved all that. I thought that you’d be waiting at the airport when we got back with a bouquet of roses and a ring. I think he thought you’d be there. Maybe he has realized you’ll never happen, given how you pushed him at Will. Maybe he had to get away from you, from disappointment.” Robin says.

“Do you hate me?” Gervais asks worried he’s losing Robin too.

“No. I think you were stupid to sleep with Spence but I get the loneliness and the other. In the privacy of your home no one would know. I’m more mad at Spence than you. You’re not the one who stopped Blue from going after a good thing. You encouraged him and you were being a really good friend. I can see how hard you’ve worked and knowing it was to get your friend back and not your boyfriend actually makes me appreciate your actions even more.” Robin says.

“I want him back of course I do but I know I am a year or 5 from ready. I need to be settled in my life and stable in my head before I can be with him. He needs to grow up too, to learn how to not smother me and to let me make my mistakes.” Gervais says.

“I guess that is what he’s doing. I’m scared to death but also I am really proud of him. Shows some guts selling the house Clara gave him and taking off.” Robin says.

“Yeah, we’ve all been toxic for him. Good for him for doing what he needs to. I’m proud of him too. I wish he’d shared his feelings but maybe he didn’t want us to talk him out of it.” Gervais says.

“He trusts Cheryl, and we trust Cheryl. She’ll let us know if she thinks he’s in trouble. Hell you can afford a PI to track him down if it comes to it.” Robin says.

“I am going to buy his house. He loved it, he made it a home instantly, the kitchen is to his spec and the studio he made into a yoga room so easily. I’ll stay here with you if that’s okay and lease it out or something. Damn he invited me to do yoga there and I didn’t go. If I had gone…” Gervais lets it hang in the air.

“He chose to go. Lets not beat ourselves up over what we could have done. He made his choice.” Robin says almost to himself.

“He made his choice. Yeah you don’t sell a house on a whim.” Gervais says.

“You mean it about buying it?” Robin asks.

“Yeah. Why not? It’s a beautiful house.” Gervais says.

“Cool.” Robin says and they snuggle together and sleep, worried but happy to be facing it together.

Both Robin and Gervais are loving their new school and while they are snowed under with work they both appreciate that they are learning a lot and they can see the two years at their first school were not a waste, they don’t feel behind and their motivation lifts them above some of the other students.

They join a gaming club together and there is a climbing club which the figure will be good to meet people and keep active in a way they love. Walking through the sports center to the climbing wall Robin is distracted by a cheer squad working out in one of the studios.

“We’re just warming up for tryouts. You guys should come in and see what we’re about.” A girl says noticing Robin’s interest.

“Will you come with me?” Robin asks feeling unusually shy.

“For sure. I’d love to see what you looked like cheering.” Gervais says with a grin.

They both fill out the forms and join in the warm up. Gervais figures it’ll be a laugh and he’ll be less conspicuous joining in than watching.

“You are both so cute. Did you cheer in highschool?” Another girl asks.

“I did, Gervais is a beginner. I’m Robin.” Robin says grinning.

“I’m Carlotta. Lottie. Are you freshmen?” Lottie asks.

“No we’re juniors but we just transferred here.” Gervais says.

“Are you a couple?” Lottie asks.

“No, we share a place and are good friends.” Robin says.

“Well we are happy you are here.” Lottie says.

The warm up turns into the first round of tryouts, basic choreography and Gervais soon relaxes seeing others are far worse than he is, he copies Robin who is doing a great job. A few people are cut and they are put into smaller groups.

Gervais and Robin seem to pass each challenge. Robin’s tumbling is rusty but he manages what is asked and while Gervais cannot complete the pass the flips that he has learnt from Ocean are enough to show promise.

“Gervais you best sit this round out as you are not trained in stunts.” Lottie says and he grins and takes a chair with a couple of others who also opt to sit this round out.

Gervais sits and watches the squad do their thing, Robin looks like he’s always been part of the team and is utterly solid as a base. As they finish up a couple of the bigger guys ask Robin if he can fly and they set up a stunt with him. Gervais can hardly bear to look but they execute safely and Robin is exhilarated.

“We want both of you, I’m Jeremy by the way.” Jeremy says introducing himself.

“Yeah two smaller guys would give us some balance. Gervais you’d have a lot to learn but you’re light and flexible. We all think you can.” Lottie says.

“We’d love to.” Gervais says without asking Robin.

“Really?” Robin asks.

“You love this, and you’re amazing and I need a new challenge. Lets do it.” Gervais says and Robin grins.

“You heard him we’re in. I can work With Gervais on the basics but you’ve seen his natural talent.” Robin says.

They go out to dinner as a group. There are 5 new girls who were selected and the rest were in the squad before. Gervais feels pretty good that he held his own against the experienced people.

“You were amazing out there. Think you need to do some yoga with me in the mornings though, but I know you love your sleep.” Gervais says at home later.

“I loved every second and I am so proud of you joining in. wow babe your shyness all gone and you went for it.” Robin grins.

“I know. Hey I loved climbing but we’ll never be able to enjoy it without thinking of Blue. This is new to me and you’re a bit rusty but clearly sooooooooo talented. I guess it’ll make you think of Jenna but I imagine fondly.” Gervais says.

“Yeah. I was worried that climbing might trigger a panic for you, not having Blue there. As long as we have time it’ll be fun. I want to keep going to the gaming too, just as a way to zonk out.” Robin says.

“And because you really, really liked that girl Candice.” Gervais says.

“I really did. We have a date this weekend. And did Jeremy give you his number?” Robin asks.

“He did but I am not interested.” Gervais blushes.

“Oh I forgot, I heard from Antonio earlier. He and Tyler are staying out east. Their show is going to Broadway in the spring so they’ve deferred coming back for a year, the current run has extended for a couple of weeks which is why they can’t come back for a semester.” Robin says.

“Oh I’m so pleased for them. I saw the reviews were strong. That is spring break sorted.” Gervais grins.

“Oh for sure! Maybe just us? Not a big group thing.” Robin says.

“That’s not like you. Its me who usually wants the small group.” Gervais grins.

“I am tired of all the drama when you lot are together. This summer being just me and Blue in the main was awesome. I bet your summer was helped just having a few people around.” Robin says.

“We’re growing up.” Gervais grins.


“Has Clara called back yet?” Andy asks Chris in bed.

“No. She didn’t answer when Bea and I rang for our weekly chat even. Has Roe said anything?” Chris asks.

“No. Nor Katelyn. I can’t believe he just took off without saying anything. You two were just becoming proper friends and he’s gone.” Andy says.

“Not good enough friends for him to tell me he was dropping out of college and running off with a massive amount of money.” Chris says.

“You care about the money?” Andy asks.

“It feels like someone else ripping momma off.” Chris says.

“She bought him something and he’s selling it. Once she gave it it was his to do what he wanted with. He could have sold the car and given me half the money but he didn’t. He needs the money, he has a plan.” Andy says.

“He can’t start a vineyard on the money he’ll get for the house, if it sells.” Chris says.

“No but maybe he has another plan. I’m just worried then next we hear of him will be his funeral.” Andy says.

“He’ll be fine. Like you said he has a plan. A rash one maybe. I’d have expected him to have a goodbye dinner, even if he hadn’t told us that was what it was.” Chris says.

“Give me some lovin’.” Chris says wanting to distract Andy from his funk, sex or food always work.


Spence lies in bed alone and wonders what happened to his life. How did he end up single and alone? How did his crush on Will splinter his friendships? Why is nothing going right. School is boring, the gym have only given him 1 class a week and the other gyms are yet to get back to him. Maybe Will has blackballed him in this town.

Why did he give up on Andy? Why is Andy choosing Chris, a known liar who tried to hurt their friends, who causes chaos, who sued his own parents, why is he a better choice than Spence?

How can he get back on track?



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  1. OKAY, I just recently found out you continued the suite saga after hiatus so it took me a few days to catch up. As much as I love RUE, I need to admit I miss Spence and Andy the most. I liked having them as a stable couple in the story it kind of balanced all the drama surrounding them.

    I guess IM starting with the A NEW BLUE story. Wish me luck

    P.S. From now on IM staning for Spence (and Andy)

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    1. They have a long way to go. Right now Andy has Chris and Spence is a dick. I get what you mean though, they’d been together years and had ridden out a lot of storms so it’s sad to see them let it go.


  2. such a shame that we wil;l not be reading the furhter adventures of Blue and his friends it has had me gripped since chapter 1 🙂 mabe a spin off on blues new life but if u do please only bring back robin RUE for life lol

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      1. I’m sure it will be excellent! Just as the Alexander Series and the Suite Saga have been.

        I’m willing to ride along on any adventure you come up with because you are an incredible writer!!!

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  3. I’m sorry if I sounded little a needy little bitch if you decided to end it on this chapter its fine with me I love a good cliffhanger anyway. Whatever you decide to do I support you fully. Have a great day!


  4. Sam, I formally request a poll, to decide how the next chapter plays out. No matter how long we have to wait for the next one. I haven’t been this emotionally invested in quite some time. I want blue to be happy with Will. I want it to be a dream, a nightmare that he heard them having sex. This chapter feels like the beginning of the end, but if you must end it, if it is time, then let them all find some happiness. Let blue have Will, let Gervais have his new confidence and lack of panic attacks, let Andy and Chris have each other, let Bea have Clara, let willow have Clara too for that matter, let Spence have his dedication to gymnastics and coaching, let Dylan and George have each other, and Deshawn and Magnus, and let blue have his vineyard with his agent husband Will. Let there be one massive orgy before they begin their lives apart but never too far. I know that this was originally meant to be the story of all of them but we all, for the most part, fell head over heels in love with blue. He deserves his happiness, if this is the end or not. Please Sam, let us vote, or just give them all happiness. They don’t have to be rich and famous, super successful, skinny, or anything, just let everyone be happy. This isn’t true in life, but that’s why we read these, check for updates every day, we want something better than life, something that instills in us the hope that after all the shit and terrible things we go through, we can all be happy.

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  5. I’m just hoping blue comes to his senses and let robin know where he is. Do you also notice how its always Andy to figure out that blue is missing. Seriously though just hoping it was all a dream with blue and will still cuddled up in blues bed while gervais is asleep tossing and turning while Spence eats himself into obesity and Robin thinking about some random chick


      1. One can hope. Its kind of like this one story I read on nifty called bens saga it was in the relationship section. A guy goes to work as a chauffer and falls in love with his employer and they start building a life together and live in the bermudan islands. Turns out on the first day he got hit by a car and was in a coma for 4 months. But when he woke up the employer was there waiting for him to wake up the whole time

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  6. And another thing how the hell could he leave robin behind that to me was unforgivable. Robin has been his only means of some sense of normalcy. But does he have the de envy to tell robin? No he is just as selfish as Spence and Gervais!

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    1. I guess he did not want to get into it that and Robin would likely tell others, try and work him over to change his mind look how he talked Blue into agreeing to share a house with him and Gervais over winter break even tho it was not in Blue’s best interests.

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    2. I think he was just done with all of them. He’s not running, he’s moving on with his life. None of his friends have ever followed up their words with actions. As for Robin yes he’ll feel bad about leaving him, but let’s face it- he never really apologized for not believing in Blue. His excuse was he was crushing on Birtch. This story is of the Suite bouts. Sam, I don’t see how you can keep them apart forever. Blue needs some me time though.

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    3. I think Blue needed a clean break from everything. Australia was supposed to be a break, and it sort of was, but upon return, the drama returned. He needed a clean break from everyone, including Robin.

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  7. If Spence wasn’t so loud while Cumming this might have never happened but in al reality it is all Spences fault. If he hadn’t acted lime a spoiled little queen and broke up with Andy then he would’ve never had sex with Gervais. Maybe gervais was in a fugue state.

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        1. That’s because he is. G takes absolutely no responsibility at the time he fucks up. It’s only when he needs Blue he realizes what he’s done. I can’t wait for that realization!

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      1. you’re breaking my heart sam. im gonna need a fuck ton of ice cream and sad music. i never would have expected this twist. but now all my RUE dreams are crushed. i still love you though, as much of a sadist as you are. ❤

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          1. honestly, it doesnt matter to me. i just love how their relationship has grown and how hard robin has worked to fix his fuck ups. i thought after australia their relationship had gotten solid again. i wish if anything Blue had written Robin a nice long letter. or maybe he’ll call robin to let him know hes safe then robin will search for blue and find and give him kisses and hugs and cuddles. if they were to date that would be nice, but more than anything i love their friendship. blue doesnt need any of those fake friends. he just needs Robin. im really sad he couldnt be with will though.

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                  1. No it wouldn’t be mean this time it’d be a lesson for whoever is dreaming maybe make the dreamer be Spence so he could see what a jackass he’s been sorta like a Christmas carol

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              1. Not the end of the world. I would do the same thing if I were Blue. Cut your losses, remove dead weight, and move on to better things. I wonder if he can finish school by correspondence?


            1. Blue needs robin in his life he is the only thing that has kept him sane. I just wish blue hadn’t ran. I guess it might be kinda psychological he never knew his father and he’s projecting the abandonment onto others

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    1. I got to say I for once wished Blue would have stood up for himself instead of run. He should have interrupted them and told them both off. Throw a vase at Gervais >.> somethin.. anything…then ran after Will and brought him home.

      Ah well. At least it isn’t my Andy this time. 🙂

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        1. I do believe yo man is Blue. You need to worry about him being out there all alone with no friends and such. I thought u was gonna cuddle him an make it all better. I don’t see this 😛

          Annnnnnnddd my baby was frantic trying to find Blue unlock some of them others. >.> Clearly he done well lol

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            1. I agree. I’d love it if Sam did an alternate ending chapter where Blue goes full sass on Gervais and Spence and then runs after Will and they kiss and fuck the night away.

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                1. Oh that would be so good. I love that idea. Next chapter Gervais is plagued by nightmares of Blue walking in on him and Spence, sassing them.. then over and over Will fucking Blue’s ass while Blue stares in Gervais eyes in pure ecstasy haha

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                  1. or better way is Gervais having dreams of having sex with Spence…. then visions of Blue looking at him in an emotionless way and walking off coldly.


                    1. I love that one makes him realize what’s important. Also thinking about it Spence letting George fuck him at his party knowing full well Blue didn’t want that to happen just how sucky he is

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                    2. spence has done some nice things bit overall hos bad stuff does outweigh the good stuff look how he pushed George onto Blue to take Andy out of equation even though Andy was never an option yet he got jealous about Blue and George and still got jealous when Blue did nice stuff for Andy.


                    1. Lol should take a pic of Spence and Gervais fucking, tie it to a rock with Slut scribbled across it and throw it through Spence’s window as he laying there contemplatin why he alone.

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                    1. Don’t worry I am getting sick of Gervais hurting Blue every time they appear to be on track again 😰

                      I so wanted them to get together again his actions here proove it would never of worked

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                    2. In this case it’s not so much running as finally stepping away from insanity. After all, insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly (forgive the asshattery and be nice, giving the shirt off his back Blue) and expecting the same result. He finally said “fuck this, fuck you, this is no longer a viable option” and took back his life. Removing himself entirely from the situation was really his ONLY choice to quit the crazy train as he knows he’s too nice and forgiving to stay there, or even in contact, with that lot and not repeat that same pattern. Blue finally cut his losses and put himself first. I say bravo, Blue.

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          1. Blue is my man you up for a road trip to track him down 🚗

            I will cuddle him when I find him

            Notice out of everyone Spence is least cut up about Blue fleeing what did your Andy ever see in that spawn of Satan anyway?

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            1. Submissive hot ass lol. That’s all they ever did. Fuck fight fuck fight. Spence’s character is very selfish. He and Andy did not work due to lack of emotional support. Andy has grown so far and Spence still is who he is since he was introduced for the most part lol

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                1. I don’t think so. Chris has been amazing for him. Tho that comment Chris made about feeling like Blue was ripping off his momma shoulda got him a slap. He has no right. Plus even if blue was ripping her off that is so small in comparison to the emotional damage she has done lol.


  8. Spence knew exactly what he was doing he said Blue could not be with Will yet he slept with Gervais and he would know how much that would destroy Blue the fact until that event showed how little he thought of patching up their friendship he deserves to be alone….

    Glad my Baby has gone off to do his own thing as clearly his “friends” don’t care for him I mean it took them a week to notice.

    Clara not contactable I wonder if this means like Cheryl she is in loop with Blue but not going to talk to others about it?

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      1. She probably just wants the money for the house. But Blue will make them pay rent. BTW someone needs to slap that little bitch Dylan I hate him almost as much as I do Spence

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            1. this is about 3rd, 4th or 5th time something like this has happened and every time they all say won’t let it happen again and guess what, they do like clockwork.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. OK maybe but when my best friend hadn’t texted me after onwe day I did everything too dfind out what was up I tried grindr Kik and Facebook. Turns out he got a new phone and didn’t tell me

                Liked by 1 person

  9. Omg!! I’m so heart broken! that is a nuclear option!!! I knew it was S&G. The best is they don’t know!!!

    I hope they’re CRUSHED when they find out! Hoes!!

    Amazing job Sam!! I loved it!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Wow. Just wow. I really did not expect you to go that direction. You’ve taken all of my predictions and blown them to shit. Hmm … I’m going have to sit down and try and figure out where I think you’re going with this. Please make sure you’re giving us Blue updates in coming chapter so we, your ever faithful readers, know that he’s doing okay even if the douche nozzles that called themselves his friends have no clue what he’s doing. That’s all I ask (and beg, and plead).


                1. He could have fought for Will, he could have told Spence to fuck off. He could have offered to help him out with that hard on. He should have begged him to stay bt he just let go. Wimp

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. I think it was honorable to put his friendship with Spence above a 2 week lust fest, but too bad it wasn’t reciprocated… I hope Blue finds happiness, strength and love!

                    Liked by 2 people

                    1. I think he will group with Robin as he seems to have always had Blue back like Robin is…. I think Robin has become collatoral damage in the fallout here 😰


                  2. we are now dealing with the results of four failed relationships and each one leaves him in even worse shape then we add rejection from family and friends and it just seemed he has no energy or will to fight anymore so I guess Blue figured fresh new start is only way to go.

                    Heck Clara spent more time with Andy and Chris than she did with Blue on her trip down to see them.

                    Liked by 2 people

            1. Maybe have robin do a search for him. Gervais ought to be ashamed how could he betray me after all the love and support I gave him. Why?why?whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?😢😢😢😢😢

              Liked by 2 people

                1. No he’s not dead he’s just disappointed me I understand being lonely but he could gave slept with anyone else but Spence and everything would’ve been fine.


                  1. He’s a mess – just like he said he only thinks of himself. He needs to be knocked down big time! I was ALWAYS a B&G fan, but this closed that door. I need him to feel the pain!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. But he had to leave his life behind. I’m of the opinion that it wasn’t Spence having sex, it was because it was G that he was done.


                    2. It was because Spence didn’t see how it was worse for him to fuck Gervais than Blue to fuck Will. And Spence didn’t even like Gervais, not his type in any way.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    3. Ive been in the situation before let’s just say I could’ve handled it with more tact. I basically outed my ex to his family and did the same to my best friend after they slept together. They always say revenge is a dish best served cold

                      Liked by 2 people

                    4. lack of fight I mean he was already down about losing Will in his eyes someone else to be anywhere but with him then he is confronted with this would of drained what emotional energy he still had left

                      Liked by 1 person

                    5. Still he needs to man the hell up all he ever does is run Dylan was right about that. Maybe the others should just forget about him I mean they slept together this isn’t the first time he was let down. Every time something doesn’t go his way he runs. Maybe if he finds out the others aren’t looking for him he’ll man up and confront them. Then they’ll get everything out in the open make up like they always do and have a massive orgy.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    6. As Andy explained to Clara over summer its all he has ever been exposed to ie women that run to clara with their problems Blue never really has seen a fully functional relationship even during his formative years.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    7. irony is with Blue around he won’t let anyone get alienated with Blue gone everyone else is basically running on their emotions without Blues guidance on certain situation its like screw the pooch and get fucked yourself


            2. Gervais is as much to blame. He knew Spence was be an ass asking Blue to not have a relationship with Will but chose to tap Spence’s ass anyways. He even said that he didn’t even think about Blue when he did it. He’s just as much of an insensitive, oblivious twat as the rest of them are in this debacle.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. Oh for the love all things good…..Sam you’re making me bi-polar lol. One day I hate Gervais, then you make me go and love him again, and now once again I want to feed him to a Shark myself! I’ve edited this about 10 times trying to cut out all the nasty words I want to call the little blonde tramp.

                Maybe Blue will eventually run into Peter and Alexander and be their personal wine maker lol. They have a lot of beautiful gay friends they could hook him up with. Alexander could get Blue a hippy cooking show and then all the nasty Suite Guys would choke when they saw him on television. Oh lawd, you’ve done made me mad so I’m plotting a thousand ways of revenge haha. But one things remains….still love you Sam, you cheeky little cutie! 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️

                Liked by 2 people

                    1. He’s not completely off the hook with me but I believe he is remorseful enough. I mean if he didn’t feel bad about it he probably would’ve went with Jeremy.

                      Liked by 1 person

                  1. I have probably the WORST track record of sleeping with people I shouldn’t, and for not thinking beyond the moment. jeez, just thinking about some the names, and some of the nameless faces I’ve woken up next to makes me embarrassed.

                    So I can see how it happens. But….still doesn’t make it right. I still hold Gervais and Spence responsible and I want revenge!! 😥😩😡😳

                    Liked by 4 people

          1. the way he was treated they have all received what 10, 20 chances they need to accept they took his friendship for granted and often used him


          2. OH SAM! You have to get them to somehow find out why. Maybe through Clara or Cheryl or Will? Maybe Robin or his Mom? That would give some closure for all of us who have followed for so long!(pull of heart strings). I do think eventually someone needs to find him and find out why. It’s too open. They all think they did nothing wrong. Gervais needs to pay! If he finds out that it was his fault – he hasn’t know bottom..he’ll hit it then.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I’m so out for revenge here! Blue did give up a lot. G& S need to know what they did to him!
              Maybe he’ll write DeShawn? I feel bad for Will.

              Liked by 2 people

                1. LOL! I’d love that! Sam, hubby thinks I’m’s OK. Just my 2Cents – I’d intermix. Cross overs eventually when the truth comes out, but just visits. Clara’s gonna lose her mind!! IS she going to dump Andy and G?

                  Liked by 1 person

                    1. Wait until she has to buy the house again! I don’t know…he is her son. For him to be gone and not know where he is? Might eat at her.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Clara may not see Blue again either as its not like he can go home during vacations now as the very people he is cutting out of his life he would cross paths with in that scenario….. The question I ask is would she care on a personrl level? The ego in her would care that he is not doing as he should be doing.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    1. I used to love Anne Rice. Also got hooked into the Harry Dresden series. Now I just read slutty stories…LOL!


                    2. Oops! That’s right! Now, but you’ve been up for a while. We went to the gym this morning early. I had siri read the comments to me. Funny thing – she couldn’t read them all – ‘reached maximum content’!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Cheer up honey!! 😘😘😘

                      That one person only thought it was the end. No one else. You were nervous we were going to be upset and I for one ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!


                    4. Always remember, we all have our opinions but we follow the story because you’re so damn talented!!


                    5. actually what I meant was if you were ending it wanted closure on everyone 🙂
                      I am not one to tell tou what to do its not how I work I just try and be supportive in any way I can 🙂

                      But we are all along for the ride and ultimately the decision is yours 🙂


                    6. sorry for the massive misunderstanding i feel so guilty I have upset you in such a way 😭😭😭

                      What i meant in the poll was IF you decide to end it can we have a finale as sooo many stories out there end things abruptly and just wanted closure on everything 😰😰😰😰😭😭😭😭😭


                    7. for the record I don’t agree with K, I think this is shaping up for a new exciting part in the charactets 🙂


            2. I know I’m probably not going to get agreements on this bhut maybe make Gervais feel so guilty he takes a bottle of antidepressants and slip into a coma. Maybe blue could come back and get even then. I don’t think blue has given up completely on gervais I think like robin he blames Spence. Spence has really been a thorn in his side since the third chapter

              Liked by 1 person

                1. I will shove the pills down his little throat myself!! 😜😡. ive seriously thought of so many ways to kill him off haha. I think I need a drink….or a pill…..or a dick. Maybe all three Hahahaha

                  Liked by 2 people

              1. I don’t want him to die. Maybe this will cause him to realize the consequences of his actions and really send him on the road to becoming whole? Especially when he realizes Blue is out of his life forever! LOVE IT!

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Hey I didn’t say die I said coma. I don’t think Blue is out of his life forever. I hope not maybe he could hire a pi to find blue and explain what happened and then get robin and runoff with blue. Leave everyone else behind


                    1. Yes but you can tell he regrets it Spence probably doesn’t. I think Spences problem is psychological too he feels alienated by his parents and therefore he feels its normal behavior to alienate those he cares about.


                    2. Is he going to buy Blue house as a shrine I see why Blue sold it tho and not just left it would just represent constant heartbreak and besides Clara said he could do with that one as he pleases its the one Andy and Chris are in that Clara stipulated he could not sell off.


      1. There’s an idea … keep the saga for the asshole squad and spin Blue and his travels off into their own story with occasional tie ins. I could get behind that. Or alternating within the suite saga. Whatever works best when you’re writing as long as you don’t abandon him. Please.

        Liked by 2 people

              1. they need to think of what they have done and would not be that hard to think of why if they really thought sbout it….. pretty much they have just been using Blue as someone to feed them recently.


  11. Why did my baby do that. I hate Spence he deserves to be alone. I’m crying right now if it wasn’t for Spence Blue would still be there. Poor Will he should bear Spence. I’m sorry Im a little miffed right now. I’m not all that worried about Blue. To me he’s pulling an Alexander. He just ran away again so I’m a little mad at him too. And yet again it took a damn week for them to notice. Seriously do people not know how to lock a door.

    Liked by 3 people

                    1. sorry but this is the ultimate betrayal from people who are or were supposed to be his friends I mean Blue did not progress anything with will when asked not to by Spence snd Blue obeyed yet spence had no problems having sex with Gervais soneone who Blue has struggled to get over.

                      Liked by 2 people

                    2. I am not surprised Blue left. I would have ditched the lot of them as friends a long time ago. Excuses excuses excuses…they always forget about Blue. No sense having friends that don’t think about you. I mean really…after all they have been through, and know about Blue, no one cared that phone calls and texts weren’t being replied? It took a week for them to put things together? Even Robin after their amazing summer? Wow. I am with Blue on this one, and I am glad Spence is spiraling…it is overdue. Using “I was horny” as an excuse is not valid. What was Spence thinking? I am happy Robin is starting cheer again, and that G is happy with something new. Maybe he can explain himself a bit more when he is ready.

                      I am not unhappy with this chapter Sam; things happened that needed to happen. Progress hurts; growing up hurts. I like how you were able to get everyone together to find out what happened with Blue…only to have no answers. The group means well when it is too late to really care as the damage has been done. They don’t care when it really matters. This has happened before more than once. They tend to be self centered and their egos (and dicks) tend to override any sense of caring for others.

                      Yet again, you surprise me Sam; good writing! 🙂

                      Liked by 3 people

                    3. lets recap times Blue has been neglected

                      First spring break
                      After Gervais put the breaks on a relationship with him when he issued an ultimatum in regards to Austin
                      After George Breakup
                      After Birch breakup
                      now this

                      so that is five occasions he had been left out of sight out of mind…. nobody should be upset I mean not like they noticed him when he was around anyway lol

                      Liked by 2 people

                    1. Are you kidding me???! This made my day! I had a feeling S&G were going to screw…I knew Will really liked Blue. Them not ending up together makes me sad, but I trust you and the story! It’s funny yesterday you said you were afraid of this…I love the fact he said f’ you to his so called ‘friends’ who continually screw him over and keep doing it over and over again. They do need to find out why he left Sam, it’s not fair compared to all the pain they ALL have caused. Please don’t make him go somewhere else and get shit on…he could’ve stayed for that! Thank you Sam!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. i think it will be karma for them to know why he left as if they didn’t know could believe their own delusions but in their face for some of them would be harder to handle.


                    3. Agreed…I’m just saying they need to understand the ‘action’ that caused him to leave…I’m stunned and I want them all to realize all of the reasons he left. Dylan needs to be kicked out of the house. LOL!

                      Liked by 2 people

                    4. true altho I am seeing possibly some battle grounds being drawn…..
                      Robin blames Spence because he had sex with Gervais
                      Andy blames Spence for cockblocking will with Blue


                      Liked by 1 person

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