Back soon-ish updated

Not sure if there will be anything new today but I’ve not given up 😁

Came down with a cold/fever Friday night, had lovely day out on Saturday but paid for it Sunday and my head is still a bit foggy.

Wrote 1/3 a chapter yesterday then deleted it as was boring.

Hoping to have something by Thursday at the latest. 

I know what Gervais has bought Blue for Christmas but not what Blue is getting Gervais, any ideas? What about Robin? Should Robin have a gift to unwrap or something more physical?

95 thoughts on “Back soon-ish updated

  1. Hoping you feel better soon handsome!! Scratchy throats are the worst. If you need so,etching to suck on to keep your throats from being scratchy, let me know and I can help you out πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’¦πŸ†. Or vice-versa lol.

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            1. I love your libido. I love your attraction to guys, how you see something sexy in everyone. It makes you, you and it doesn’t detract from your deeply caring and deeply responsible sides at all. You’re all that and a horndog 😘😘

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              1. I definitely believe the mind is the sexiest part of a guy. I’m attracted to that most of all. Physically, I have zero preferences. Just be able to talk with me about art, literature, politics, ethics, etc and my clothes fall off 😜😈😎


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