A new Blue 7

Blue wakes on New Year’s Eve spooning Robin, Gervais is practically lying across the two of them. Blue grins to himself. He will always be super attracted to Robin and Gervais and it is always a thrill to wake up with them both all over him. He kisses them both on the forehead and wriggles out of bed. He takes his early morning walk through his garden.

Every day he sees something new that he’ll be able to use. Or has a vision of what an area will look like. Blue smiles to himself. His morning wood still throbbing in place he sits on a bench at the end of the garden and feels himself though his shorts. Blue never really minds the cold and is soon giving himself a good stroking.

“You’re such a naughty boy.” Robin says as Blue walks back in and blushes.

“You two rile me up all night.” Blue shrugs and washes his hands before taking the coffee Robin has made.

“I would have helped.” Robin says.

“You have a girlfriend.” Blue says.

“You serious? Is that why you’ve been hands off?” Robin asks.

“Yeah, don’t want to upset your girlfriend before I even meet her.” Blue says.

“You want to meet her?” Robin asks.

“Of course I do. Are you happy?” Blue asks.

“Yeah, super happy.” Robin grins.

“So why are you here and not with her for new year?” Blue asks.

“She’s gone home to Japan for break.” Robin says.

“Why are you coming here for summer and not there?” Blue asks.

“I really need to get serious and I need to get a real job.” Robin says.

“So you’re not that in to her. You’re cute together, she likes you, you have tonnes in common and the sex is plentiful. But you think you should be with her because you want a girlfriend.” Blue says and Robin sighs.

“I need you around more. I like her. It’s a good relationship and I think we could go the distance or at least graduation.” Robin says.

“But she doesn’t make you zing. I get it. I’d settle for less for sure.” Blue says.

“I’m not settling, she’s amazing. But I don’t get butterflies. But they fade right?” Robin asks.

“I still get them when I see you sometimes and my crush is long gone. My lust for you pops up from time to time. I figure that’s how it should be with a long term partner, sometimes the butterflies show up.” Blue says.

“I love you but I aint gonna marry you.” Robin laughs.

“I know. Just be careful, with her and yourself.” Blue says.

“I need stability and she lives in Japan, there was a sell by date on us before we even started.” Robin says.

“What you old women gossiping about?” Gervais asks coming in.

“Robin’s love life. As he’s the only one of us who has one.” Blue says.

“Hey I had a date with    Tad.” Gervais says.

“Yeah and you said it was awful.” Blue laughs.

“It was painful. I thought he’d be interesting, given he grew up on a farm and because he wants to carry it on but he all he wanted to talk about was sports. Specifically his records in high school sports. Yawn city.” Gervais says.

“Did you shut him up with your big dick?” Blue asks.

“Nah I couldn’t get out of his truck fast enough.” Gervais laughs.

“You be okay with him being here tonight?” Robin asks.

“I can handle him and I have you two.” Gervais grins.

“I can’t wait for summer, to have you both here full time. I promise, real beds too.” Blue laughs.

“We only need one.” Robin says.

“I think that would be confusing for Ocean.” Blue says.

“He’ll join us and keep us from doing what we want to.” Robin says.

“You are thirsty today.” Blue says.

“I missed you. It’s not just you getting riled up in the night.” Robin says.

“Yeah we’re all fit to burst.” Gervais says.

“I was thinking chocolate cream pie and strawberry champagne sorbets for tonight.” Blue says changing the subject, he’s getting all riled up again.

“Awesome. I will make a pot of curry and Robin can do some breads.” Gervais says.

“That sounds good. We have all we need?” Blue asks.

“Yeah we’re fine. Relax babe.” Gervais says.

“I’m going to get the desserts done and then get out in the garden for a while.” Blue says.

“We’ll help you out.” Robin says and the three whip the desserts up in no time and get out into the garden. It isn’t snowing today but the ground is hard. They work on clearing the worst areas, Blue has done a lot already and things are looking less daunting.

When the skies open they all run inside and get into the shower together. Robin looks at his friends big dicks admiringly. He never worries about his smaller one, it works for him but now he’s let himself admit he’s not entirely straight he finds cocks a lot more fascinating and Gervais and Blue have the best.

Gervais catches him starring and tugs on his a little to tease and Robin grins. The three share a lovely kiss under the hot water and then dry off quickly and get on with cooking the curry and bread.

“You were supposed to be a chaperone to stop me and Gervais getting it on and you seem to be encouraging us.” Blue laughs as he beefs up the fire.

“I’ve been away from you too long. You’re damn sexy.” Robin grins.

“My two best friends are the hottest guys I have ever seen.” Blue grins.

“We are so fucking tonight.” Gervais says.

“Maybe you and Tad can try again. I bed he can suck you in deep.” Blue teases.

“He isn’t for me. I swear he was so cute and sensitive and I thought with him being veggie we had at least that in common. Sure his biceps are impressive but he didn’t as me one question. He treated me like some highschool chick he wanted to impress.” Gervais says.

“Maybe he was confused because you’re a cheerleader.” Blue giggles.

“Shut up. I am awesome.” Gervais says.

“Oh you don’t want to know how much I think about you two in uniform.” Blue says.

“I love how you two have relaxed around each other. You’re as close as I am to each of you again. Its so much easier for me.” Robin says.

“I’m glad you’re taking care of each other. I love that you’re studying and gaming together.” Blue says with a big smile.

“I just feel so lucky to have you both. It’s our year coming up.” Gervais says.

“For sure.” Blue grins and kisses both his friends. They get on with the cooking and open some wine. They have a lot left that people brought for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Tad and Larry soon arrive along with a few friends and they set up a game of risk on the kitchen table.

Blue and Larry sit by the fire and have a long chat. Tad is sat next to Gervais and flirting like crazy but it isn’t working, other than to amuse Robin.

“Did you talk to your dad?” Blue asks Larry.

“No, I have been hiding out at Uncle Wilson’s barn working on the furniture. I am planning to stay back a day after Tad goes back and telling him then.” Larry says.

“That sounds good. Must have been weird not to be able to introduce your boyfriend to him.” Blue says.

“Yeah but now it’s not so bad as I don’t have to explain the break up.” Larry grins.

“True, I introduced Gervais to momma and she ended up liking him more than me.” Blue laughs.

“I think that’s why we can’t date. The pressure to marry you and run the farm would be too great.” Larry laughs.

“Would that be such a bad life?” Blue asks.

“Farming isn’t for me. Not really.” Larry says.

“But you said before you’d do the backroom stuff.” Blue says.

“Oh sure, I also love what I’m doing with Uncle Wilson. I’d love to work on that sort of thing alongside.” Larry says.

“And you want kids and to raise them on the land.” Blue says.

“Yes. I want a bunch of kids and yes I loved growing up on the farm but I don’t want to do the work and its not profitable enough for me to be hands off unless I run it with Tad and he isn’t interested in an equal share unless I do equal grunt work.” Larry shrugs.

“Yeah you two will end up in a massive feud if you work together, that was clear the other week. When we had dinner that first night I thought he was the sensitive one and you were the brash one. But maybe I got you wrong.” Blue says.

“Tad is that sensitive guy, the vegetarian farmer. Its his thing now. He’s also the former high school football captain popular kid and that who he turns back into after a bit of time back here. I love him and he’s a great guy but he has a douche side.” Larry says.

“Gervais was confused on their date.” Blue says.

“Really? Tad said it went great.” Larry says.

“They didn’t even kiss.” Blue says.

“Shit. I guess Tad just doesn’t date men, he only has hook ups and so he thought he was being a gentleman, like he would with a girl.” Larry grins.

“Its funny that he behaves like a closet case and you like an out man.” Blue says.

“I guess. Can we go out sometime? After your friends go if you’re too busy with them here.” Larry asks.

“I’d love to. You need to show me the city. I bets get back to hosting, dish up some food to soak up some alcohol.” Blue grins and gets up. Gervais smiles and slips into the chair Blue leaves.

“He’s a really good guy.” Gervais says.

“I know. I love being around him. I don’t want anything serious, its nice to have a friend.” Larry says.

“Good. I’m not marking my territory. I told you before but I am watching out for him. Just like you do with Tad.” Gervais says.

“You should give Tad another shot. He has no clue how to date a man. He has fallen back into his teenage self this break and I’m sorry that is who you ended up on a date with, you need a date with college Tad.” Larry says.

“It was awful. I don’t think I could manage another 5 minutes alone with him. Even tonight he’s talking at me. I get he was the high school stud but tat shit doesn’t impress me, I’m not a fifteen year old girl.” Gervais grins.

“I’ll talk to him. Dad wants you all up for dinner before you go back.” Larry says.

“Uh can you find an excuse to stay over without him? We’re planning on some extra fun, you’d be a nice addition for Blue. Maybe skip the curry.” Gervais grins.

“Sounds good. I’ll think of something. I’m not drinking so maybe I can drop him home and come back.” Larry grins.

“Cool.” Gervais grins and heads over to Robin.

“We have a forth.” Gervais grins.

“Awesome.” Robin grins.

“Do you want me to tell him your limitations?” Gervais asks.

“I think he’ll only have eyes for Blue. But I’ll let him know when we get to it.” Robin grins.

Soon it is midnight, Blue pulls Larry outside, out of sight and kisses him gently.


Gervais has to push Tad off forcefully and is pretty angry at starting the year like that. Robin pulls his hand and kisses him and Blue comes in a minute later and kisses them both. People start to filter off. Its been a nice low key evening. Perfect for the trio.


“You ready to get some?” Robin asks coming in to the kitchen from the shower once everyone has gone.

“I want to go shower again.” Blue says beaming he can’t hold out any longer. He knows its just sex, just fun with his friends and he can’t wait. He wants to show Gervais and Robin how much he loves them and adores their cute bodies. It has been too long.

As Blue comes back into the kitchen Larry arrives back panting.

“We thought you might need some variety.” Robin says.

“Fuck I am so hard just thinking about you two. I’ll cum before Larry has his clothes off.” Blue grins his underwear not hiding anything. Larry grins back.

The four move into the bedroom and Blue pushes Larry down on the makeshift bed and starts kissing him, he’s intrigued by this closeted farm boy and incredibly turned on. Gervais watches from the door way for a minute then goes and grabs supplies.

“Get naked you two. Come on I need my babies.” Blue grins taking a break and stripping Larry to his underwear.

Blue moves his mouth to Larry’s bulge and takes a good sniff before licking a little. Gervais and Robin are naked and making out. Blue looks at the pair and grins and wonders if they’ve been playing around since he left.

“They are so cute. I love those tiny feet.” Larry says admiring the pair.

“Want a taste?” Blue asks and grins.

“Fuck yeah.” Larry grins, he cannot believe the feast before him, the hunk Blue and the two tiny twinks, two big uncut cocks and one perfectly formed cut one and the three tastiest asses he’s ever been lucky enough to see.

Larry fits right in, tall, muscular, sprinkled with dark hair on his chest, a thick slab between his legs. Gervais is very turned on and kind of wishes things had gone better with Tad if that is what he looks like undressed.

Blue picks up Gervais and Larry picks up Robin they throw them down at the same time and grab a foot each. Robin giggles, hard and excited by the new experience. He moans as Larry sucks on his toes and then begins kissing up his legs lightly. He’s in heaven.

Robin looks over at Blue doing the same to Gervais. He kisses G gently.

“You two always look perfect together.” Robin whispers and Gervais grins and then moans as Blue nibbles on his thigh. Larry and Blue switch places, Larry is so excited to taste Gervais perfect ass. He feels a moment of shame for eating the cake that his brother wants but fuck it, he can’t imagine ever having the opportunity again.

Robin is groaning and moaning and close to his first orgasm of the night. Gervais begins to suck his friend and Larry looks up to see and joins Gervais lapping at Robin’s balls. Blue is as close as Robin and Gervais moves to suck his best friend as Larry sucks Robin down and drinks all he shoots.

“Fuck I love cum.” Larry grins.

Blue moves out from under Robin and fucks Gervais face pulling out and covering him. Larry licks Gervais clean and groans.

Robin kneels and starts to work expertly on Gervais cock as Blue does what he can with Larry’s big meat.

“Man I need cock.” Larry groans as Blue kneads at Larry’s muscular ass while sucking on his meat.

“I’m ready again or do you want Gervais?” Blue asks.

“I want you. I really want you.” Larry groans. The little guys are beautiful for foreplay but he wants to be fucked by this big guy. Blue moves to Larry’s ass alternating licking and fingering and making him moan.

Robin kisses Larry for a few minutes before moving to explore his muscular chest. He’s loving being part of the group, no one questioning it or holding back. The thought of seeing Blue fuck Larry is driving him wild.

“Get back on my face.” Larry says looking at Gervais who grins.

As Blue pushes in to Larry Robin watches transfixed. Robin moves behind Blue rubbing his hard dick against Blue’s ass as he pumps into Larry.

“You can fuck me if you want.” Blue says looking round and kissing Robin.

Larry is very like Blue, he loves to eat ass and he loves to get fucked. He’s vers, he thoroughly enjoys topping too and hope he can fuck all these guys. Blue’s dick feels amazing. It’s the biggest he’s ever taken and he’s proud of how relaxed he is. Fuck these guys are just so sexy.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck me. Fuck me!” Larry growls as Gervais rolls off his tongue and puts his mouth on Larry’s big dick sending Larry through the stratosphere as he cums harder than ever before.

“Fuck you guys know how to please.” Larry groans. Blue lies next to him and kisses him. He hasn’t topped in ages and that was fun. Robin moves tentatively behind Blue and starts to play with his ass. Gervais looks on curiously, super turned on. Blue cries out as Robin’s tongue makes contact.

Larry grins and strokes Gervais dick and enjoys the smile on Blue’s face as he recovers a little. Fuck he’s feeling slutty.

“Shame to waste this big dick.” Larry says.

“Flip over.” Gervais says and Larry obeys.

“You gonna fuck me?” Blue asks Robin quietly as he comes up for air.

“I don’t know.” Robin says.

“I’m ready. Just go slow.” Blue whispers.

“On your back. I want to see you.” Robin says.

Gervais is slamming Larry doggy style and Larry is loving it. Two big dicks in one night he has lost all inhibitions and is crying out and moaning in delight.

Blue has pulled Robin on to him and is kissing him with purpose, stroking Robin’s rock hard dick.

“I want to.” Robin says kissing Blue and smiling.

Blue holds his legs high and grins. He knows this will be perfect. Robin pushes a finger in and then two, mimicking what he has seen before. Blue is in ecstasy. His best friend wants him. Robin leans forward and kisses Blue and then lines himself up and begins to push in. Blue is totally relaxed and excited he’s never wanted anyone more.

Robin holds his breath and tenses at the different feeling, not entirely sure this is right or good or amazing. Blue looks fucking hot. His big dick is twitching. So hot. The noises Larry is making turn him on further and he starts to go. Blue gasps and Robin stops abruptly.

“Its good babe, so good. Don’t stop.” Blue groans.

Robin smiles and lets instinct take over. He loves Blue’s ass. He loves watching Blue taking cock and watching him take his own dick and not Gervais or Birch is fucking amazing. He looks down at his dick and the up at Blue’s face.

Larry looks over, no idea what a monumental event is happening, it just looks hot, two big guys being fucked by two twinks. The four guys cum together in a loud sweaty pulsing group and lie back together panting and moaning.

“That was amazing baby.” Blue whispers to Robin.

“You were amazing, your ass. Fuck babe.” Robin grins.

“Can’t believe you finally did it.” Gervais says.

“Its been building.” Robin grins.

“I have wanted it for so long.” Blue groans.

“That’s for including me. That was amazing.” Larry grins.

“Amazing I am a puddle of mush. I need to pee but my legs are jelly.” Blue says.

“Really?” Robin asks.

“I knew you’d be amazing.” Blue says.

They all pee and clean up and lie back and chat about sex, their best and worst times. They drift off to sleep in a tangled bunch.

Blue wakes in the night and goes to pee. Gervais is getting a drink of water as he walks out.

“You finally got Robin.” Gervais says.

“I did. I was kind of sad we didn’t do much.” Blue says.

“Every morning when we come in here for breakfast I want to tell you to bend over the table and spread your cheeks. Fuck Blue I have wanted you and wanted you.” Gervais says and Blue walks to the table and bends over.



33 thoughts on “A new Blue 7

  1. 😀

    Some best-friendy RUE! Thank you Sam!

    Lucky for Larry and terrible for Tad… but if he was being a douche I guess it’s better he wasn’t there. Easier to take care of four than five anyway. I definitely would have liked to have seen the non-interaction between him and Gervais on their date, lol, or even better see Gervais get bossy and call him out on his shit before Larry took him home!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Impatience is okay… It’s not like we saw things with Tad going anywhere. I just hope the little romp with Larry that didn’t include him doesn’t cause any friction between Larry and Tad (and by extension with Blue) if they are all going to be in the same community long term after the bros finish school.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg such a great chapter. It brought tears to my eyes. Tears of happiness of course I have always been one that said Rue would never be a thing but sharing brotherly love is a good thing. Blue has wanted that for so long.

    Are you feeling better Sam? I hope you are being sick just sucks. I just got over it last week.


    Liked by 3 people

    1. I hope you filled in a few of your own, especially at the end. I like to think Robin and Larry woke due to the noise and Robin is on his knees worshipping Larry’s thick meat as Larry watches Blue get pounded. Just saying.

      Liked by 4 people

  3. Sam you atre naughty and I loved it this chapter was so much hotter than that rich pricks orgy ( I haven’t forgot his name just not saying it) RUE fans rejoice!!!! I guess my prayers today worked. Loved the chapter. Gives me something to thin about in the shower😈😈😈

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG! Now I know why you’ve been so freaking hornet!! That was hot! Sorry, have to go bend hubby over the island in the kitchen!!

    Liked by 5 people

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